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  1. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Tiredness all around, huh?
  2. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Just to be clear it's @Aleksei's turn
  3. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Sorry for the low quality, this is kind of all the editing I could bear to do. Life stresses and such yadda yadda. If it's unreadable let me know so that I can take the post off and rewrite.
  4. Cinder

    Redeye Ruckus [Quest B]

    As Angus dashed through the streets, the sounds of his pursuers died down. There was no point for him to look back, because he had no idea what they even looked like, but the young man did so anyways out of habit. He glimpsed the lady whose attention he was trying to get, earlier, but there was no sign of angry people after him. No sign of disorder, either, so it would seem that he only got one person from all his hard work. “So much for not having to go to a tav- Guh!?” As he absentmindedly jogged forward, he turned too late to see an intimidatingly coutured woman grabbing him in a lock. He instinctively flinched away, baring his teeth in a fight or flight response. “Watch where you’re going!” An irate porter yelled behind Angus as he collided into him. “Ah, sorry, sorry! The streets are a little crowded, isn’t it?” He turned to the woman, as if he didn’t snarl at her a moment earlier. He groaned a little, rubbing his fortunately-cushioned-by-a-hat head, before blinking at the two strangers towering over him. “I ah- Yes! Indeed! I have need of brave adventurers to aid me in the capture of a criminal!” Even as he stood on his feet again, it was obvious that he was much too loud for someone so diminutive. If it wasn’t for the brass-shaded daggers on his belt, he might even be confused for a rambunctious teenager. A very loud and intense teenager. “-A criminal by the name of- of…. uh,” there was a blissful few seconds of silence as he rummaged in his bag, producing a parchment, “Red-eye Torek! A dangerous criminal mastermind, indeed, one who had orchestrated a raid on the Daius’s weapons! Now, he intends to give this looted firepower to the rebels.” Angus made an attempt at what may be a confident grin, but only a glimpse of his sharp teeth was seen before he remembered about them, and settled for an amiable smile instead, “It is our duty, of course, to prevent that from happening. The Daius would reward you handsomely for your help!”
  5. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Expect a post from me before Wednesday, by the way.
  6. Cinder

    Izral - Seeking Bounty Hunters!

    Looks good to me. You can find the OOC thread in this thread's first post... which leads to the IC thread because this is totally an accessible UI. You can post now and I'll post after.
  7. Cinder

    Izral - Seeking Bounty Hunters!

    That'd be great, I think we've settled around one week per post, but I'd really want it to be faster if possible. Which character would you be using?
  8. B - Redeye Ruckus - Bounty; Rescue - A thief and renowned gambler, Torek Redeye has delved into the arms trade after a run of bad luck at the gaming tables. Torek somehow came into possession of military grade weaponry and is looking to sell. The rebellion is, no doubt interested. Stop the deal, detain Redeye and eliminate the rebel scum. Return the weaponry to Daius HQ. OOC: We need one or two more characters to get things moving. Stuffs.
  9. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Gonna be recruiting more people before malaise does me in.
  10. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Wait, I got confused, @-Lilium- is next.
  11. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    Expect a post from me before https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180409T10&p0=179&font=cursive
  12. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    That's fine. Also, I guess I forgot to recruit for more people to fill in for Lilium for now... EDIT: Well, seems like she's no longer AFV anyways.
  13. Cinder

    Izral Quest B - Redeye Ruckus [OOC]

    @Rin poke
  14. Cinder

    House Uldwar Rises

    I kind of wanted to write some closing post but I feel like there wouldn't be much content, so I suppose I'll keep that for when another Uldwar-related RP come up.