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  1. @Aleksei @Rin I don't think it's responsible for me to keep this going on since my schedules and the things on my plate kind of make it very difficult for me to ever really come back to Valucre fully and get things moving, so I'm calling it quits, sorry.
  2. @Aleksei @Rin Just checking in to let you two know I'm still alive and I'll try to get a post in soon. Are you two still interested in the RP?
  3. That's fine, I'm super busy because of medical school and hasn't been good about checking in.
  4. @Aleksei@Rin Sorry I've been mostly AFV, but are you two still interested in this? I'm completely willing to push things along.
  5. @Aleksei Whoops, I haven't checked Valucre for a while. It's your turn to post, by the way.
  6. @Aleksei @Rin Are you two still interested in this? Just checking in.
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