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  1. @Aleksei @Rin I don't think it's responsible for me to keep this going on since my schedules and the things on my plate kind of make it very difficult for me to ever really come back to Valucre fully and get things moving, so I'm calling it quits, sorry.
  2. @Aleksei @Rin Just checking in to let you two know I'm still alive and I'll try to get a post in soon. Are you two still interested in the RP?
  3. That's fine, I'm super busy because of medical school and hasn't been good about checking in.
  4. @Aleksei@Rin Sorry I've been mostly AFV, but are you two still interested in this? I'm completely willing to push things along.
  5. @Aleksei Whoops, I haven't checked Valucre for a while. It's your turn to post, by the way.
  6. @Aleksei @Rin Are you two still interested in this? Just checking in.
  7. @AlekseiAre you still interested in this, by the way?
  8. Angus Serzelcis ‘Gods, does he even know where the bastard is? Maybe Fred doesn’t actually know everyone in Itzal,’ Angus thought to himself, as the old tavernkeeper rambled on. His eyes darted around the tavern, looking for any random person he could bother for information. Maybe some of them here would be a mage, and they could just scry for Torek Redeye. Before his thought could wander off too far, Fredericks finally got around to giving them some useful info. Even better, it actually looked like Leoa was willing to actually pay for it. Angus certainly wasn't. He couldn’t help but notice, however, that the patrons were staring at the entrance, and the group of people having a tense negotiation with the bouncer. The bouncer was steadfast, bless them, but Angus couldn’t help but think about the kind of people would be barred from the Gorgon’s Eye. He knew that the tavern was known as a thief’s haven, and below the honest revelry here some folks were conducting all manners of illegal business. If you were barred from here, it usually meant that sheltering you would result in some very angry folks storming the inn. As he debated notifying Fred about the disturbance, the brawl broke out in full. A grin crossed his face. Now that was Providence.
  9. Fredericks Osferian The tavernkeeper hemmed and hawed, tapping his fingers on the bar as he appeared to be in thought, a tongue darting to lick a toothless part of his gum as he performed a mental calculus of betrayals. “It does depend on what ‘lowly bandits’ entail when it comes to my business,” The man made a vague gesture to his other customers, grinning mischievously, “And if you’re here for the bounty, then you likely have some sort of an idea already that you’ll be spitting in the face of the Rebels. Well. Some of them anyways. They’re not exactly a unified group, those fellas.” “But,” he said, “The Daius does hold precedence. Even in this part of the city, so I suppose I’ll point you on your way.” “However, I can’t say he’s an easy man to find, lady,” Fredericks said at last, “Else he’d be dead. Or maybe he already is.” He wiped the mug clean and placed it among the array of shoddy scrap alloy wares below the bar table. Another dirty mug found its way into his hands, as it were. Like a storyteller baiting his audience, the elder gave an experimental smudge on the inside of the mug before he finally began. “Word gets around fast, of course, with the Daius’ order. No doubt you’ll soon have competitors also coming for your man. It’s not every day that a high-profile bounty of a man not exactly known for his combat prowess shows up.” “But somebody’s been trying to kill Redeye already. The gods know who ordered the hit, but a fight broke out in the Segvyre- that’s a casino- and I’ve heard words that it was your man who stirred up trouble. After the fires went out he poached a few of bouncers with his newfound fortune and disappeared. It’ll have to be one of the havens. Places like the Red Harpy, or even the Gorg- Godsdamn,” Fred swore suddenly. Maybe it was the subtle shift in the ambient mana field that heralded the presence of a hedge wizard, the hush in the crowd, or his bouncer’s battle cry as they tried to throw off the two fighters ganging up on them, Fredericks suddenly realized he had unwelcome guests. “You asked for something extra? There. That smug asshole behind the men trying to force their way in is your mark. Never was much of a keeper of low profiles, he is.”
  10. Aaaaargh I'm so sorry for taking so long on this.
  11. Checking in to mention I'm not dead. Just... really busy plus bad at time management.
  12. I should be able to post before next week, hopefully.
  13. I have midterms so it'll take me a while before I can post, sorry!
  14. @AlekseiOh yeah I forgot to poke you.
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