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  1. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Ted allowed himself to be dragged back to Caliben and Milde, rather indignantly if he had anything to say about it. Obviously he was annoyed that Aelyria was so insistent that they all be friends, he had no desire whatsoever to truly get to know any of these people. This was a job to him, or at least he was treating it as such, find Renkor, get out. As much as he was inclined to follow Renkor's wishes to include these two in the recovery effort, but the more time he spent with them, the more drama they became. He was amenable to returning for a deeper, more meaningful conversation about their tactics, headings, and etc, at least until Aelyria took it upon herself to apologize for him. His false annoyance and anger at the woman, his whole act in order to get them moving in the right direction, turned into real, almost tangible rage. His words caught in his throat as Aelyria continued, almost like a gust of hot air caught in a low pressure zone, bubbling up in his throat, but just barely unable to escape. His fingers twitched, curling into a fist, the anger manifesting itself in a physical way. It was all he could do not to interject himself into the conversation and cut Aelyria off, but somehow he was able. The conversation flowed back and forth rapidly, and he was able to keep his emotions contained until Caliben's niggling comment, "If anyone can keep this mad man under control, it's you.." Deep within his mind, the rational, logical part, he vaguely realized that he was no longer fully aware and in control of his faculties. There was a sort of haze, his focus becoming laser sharp, his peripheral vision shrinking as his rage intensified. "No." He whirled on Aelyria, "Fuck you. Don't treat me like a child, you overstep your bounds. There are forces at play here that go far beyond what you know. Just because you see something with your eyes doesn't mean that's all there is to it." Normally this outburst would have lessened his rage some, but today seemed to be different. He turned on Caliben next, "And fuck you too! Mad Man? You don't even know me, nor could you possibly understand me, too focused on what's right in front of your nose." He scoffed, the rage boiling underneath his skin. He glared at the two, his hands curling and uncurling from their clenched state, practically begging to be used. He gave into the primal need to lash out with violence, jamming his hand into his pack and grabbing the first thing that his hand clasped, ripping it free and throwing it against the ground. Unbeknownst to him, he had actually grabbed the journal sized explosive he had drained his own blood to create, and it had cracked on the ground, the viscous liquid inside oozing out with a hiss. His ire turned finally to Milde, and it dulled slightly at the sight of her, he was annoyed at her presumptuousness to be sure, but she hadn't truly done anything to invoke any extreme response or disrespect from him. "You are welcome to join us, I have no problem with that, just behave yourself and give us basic courtesy. But, I will not be following you, I will be following our guide, as he was provided for us, and knows the path that lies before us well." With that said, he spun on his heel, heading back in the direction that Monsieur Frond had indicated only minutes before, shooting Aelyria a venomous glare, daring her to try to stop him. Any protest falling on deaf ears as he fumed. Or maybe that was the ever increasing hissing sound coming from the now broken open explosive laying amidst them.
  2. Grimshar

    An Iron Grip

    The smoke in the stairwell was thick, almost a like breathing in a soup, the particulate was large and gritty. It was all Ted could do to follow Kaur up the stairs without passing out, the opening of the door allowed a rush of 'fresher' air down into the staircase, and the roar of flames below intensified as the oxygen fueled them. The staircase seemed to spiral up and up forever before finally arriving to the door they were looking for, a giant 'P' stenciled on the outside, penthouse? The door opened for them easily, Kaur stumbling through and falling to the floor where the oxygen was cleanest, Ted came through close on his heels and slammed the door shut, preventing the thick black smoke from consuming the room. Kaur pulled himself up, his breathing returning to a closer to normal state, "This is it, the room next to this office should be an old storage. We should also start thinking on how we plan to get out of here once we retrieve the documents we need." Ted nodded, a storage room sounded like a good enough place to start, considering the difficulty of navigation in this horrid place. "I'm not sure about an exit strategy, though, I usually just wing it." He left Kaur there, and moved into the adjacent storage room. The walls were lined with older style file cabinets, stretching from floor to ceiling. A table sat in the center of the room, upon which a large leather bound index resided. The filing cabinets were all labeled with a letter and number designation, the nearest the door being labeled 'A', with the drawers being labeled by number, further along it trailed into triple and quadruple digits (AA4, AF1, etc). Ted stepped forward and flipped open the index, the first few pages were a table of contents, outlining sections of the city by street addresses, he found the section he was looking for easily enough and started flipping through the book as Kaur caught up. His finger traced the pages rapidly, sliding across the smooth paper to help his eyes track the various street addresses until he found the one he was looking for. "There, Q2, it should be in cabinet Q, drawer 2. If those plans are in here, it'll be in that section." Time was ticking away, faster than he would have liked.
  3. Grimshar

    An Iron Grip

    A gust of wind brushed past Tad as he crouch walked his way through the office space, avoiding the worst of the smoke. Panic jolted through him, a gust of wind in a burning building could only mean one thing, back-draft. He turned, expecting a wall of flame and smoke to be rushing towards him, only to find Kaur hurrying towards him. Tad nodded to him as the man hustled them both into the next room, helpfully revealed by the fresh air the man had brought. As they pored over the slightly charred map, a godsend if there ever was one, Tad realized the man was right, he had totally bypassed any and all methods of getting up to the next floor. With haste being of the essence, Kaur identified a crack in the ceiling, albeit a thin one. Tad stepped forward as the man started casting about for something heavy enough to throw at the ceiling, taking him gently by the arm and pulling him away. "I've got something, clear the area and I will get the ceiling open." He grabbed a nearby desk and started dragging it over, positioning it handily underneath the crack in the ceiling, it would help them in the climb through the hole as well. He placed his foot on the desk and hiked himself up, then reached out with his right hand and started spreading his Red substance across a three foot strip of the crack. The Red was darker than earlier, almost black, and hard like dried sap. This Red wouldn't burn, it would explode, the force wouldn't be much more than enough to cause the natural fissure in the ceiling to give way and create a hole large enough to pull themselves up through. He pressed his palm to the Red, channeling just the smallest amount of energy into his palm to create a spark with the rune on his palm. The surface of the Red lit up like it had been dunked in lamp oil, burning merrily, and Tad retreated to safety with Kaur. No sooner had he arrived before the main part of the Red exploded, it was a dull 'whump' of a noise, the pressure in this enclosed space ringing his unprotected eardrums and causing his heart to skip a beat. The clatter of stone falling to the floor revealed his success before it became visually apparent, and he jerked his head to Kaur. "Let's go." He jogged lightly over to the still warm hole in the ceiling and pulled himself through, before turning back to pull Kaur up. Only six minutes left.
  4. I guess technically me and my group are still active in Taen? We had to take a hiatus, but the thread is still open and we plan to finish. Rescuing a friend of ours who got lost in a mountain, plenty of shenanigans.
  5. Grimshar

    An Iron Grip

    The doorway opened easily, and as he stepped through he was relieved to find that there was a fairly low amount of smoke. Good, that meant the fire hadn't spread too far out of control yet. The room itself was a pretty standard office space, desks, chairs, papers, etc. There was no one in the room, likely the few that the other gentleman had warned. Now that he was out of the thick, choking smoke that clouded the foyer, Tad took a deep, even breath. There was a stairway to his right, the spiral kind you usually saw on a warehouse floor, a bare metal railing adorning them. There was a landing above, blocking his view of the second floor, and the haze of the smoke didn't make it any easier to navigate. This wasn't the room he was looking for, that was certain, the question was; Which way to head next? Should he continue on the ground floor and look for a basement, where most companies would keep an archive or storage facility? Or follow the path that led up? Hoping that there was some kind of project management or security operations room where there would be live copies of the security plans. He figured he would start low, a basement was almost always more secure than an upper floor, where anyone could scale the walls and break in. He pushed through the north door again, and found himself on the main warehouse floor. Equipment racks lined the walls, soft training mats were spread across the floors to create small arenas where individuals could train, strength training equipment was huddled in a corner. The spacious room just oozed a sense of dedication to ones fitness and skill. Fortunately for him, it was empty, the normal denizens of this place having either fled when the fire started, or were out on a job site. A cursory look around the room revealed no stairs or entrances to a lower level, so he jogged a quick lap around the several thousand square foot floor. He shuffled a few mats around, but found nothing except for smooth stone floors. It was during his jog around the room that he noticed the western wall was beginning to burn through completely, flames licking up the inside of the wall and further reducing the wall to ash and charcoal. In fact, the entire western wall appeared to be in flames, and possibly part of the roof. With time running short, he decided to leave the warehouse floor and proceed up into what he assumed to be more offices. He returned to the previous room and started climbing the metal staircase to the second floor. The staircase was well secured into the building, and didn't rattle or shake when he climbed it, a boon in most cases. He found himself now in a larger office, filled with a variety of cubicles, workbenches, and conference areas. He rifled through a few desks as quickly as possible, almost looking frantic, but didn't find any useful information. It looked like a common work area, but unless he got lucky and found one of the files that he was looking for just laying on a desk this wasn't the place he needed to be either. There had to be a storage room somewhere, so he kept as low as he could and rushed off in search of a doorway that would lead deeper into the building. The smoke was so thick now that he couldn't see the ceiling, and the heat was nearly unbearable, every pore in his body slick with sweat.
  6. Grimshar

    An Iron Grip

    It took only minutes for the fire to spread across the outside of the building, the red substance he had spread acting as the kindling for the flames, creating quick heat that ignited the wood and turned it to glowing coals. It devoured the dry exterior of the building like a wildfire, causing the small trickle of smoke that had first licked its way up the side of the building to turn into a billowing cloud that choked out the alleyway. Shouts of alarm rose from the pedestrians around him, various people telling others to alert the city guard of the fire that now raged. City fires were dangerous, they could spread easily from building to building due to the proximity. The city firefighters would arrive at some point, but in a city this large, even though it was the capital, he could expect at least fifteen minutes before they were actually notified and arrived to battle the flames. After that, he would probably have a half hour to an hour to search through the building and then escape undetected. A particularly brave passerby ran into the building, Tad positioned himself close to the doorway, as if he was unsure if he should go in as well. He could hear yelling inside, and the sound of running feet on hardwood floors. The door burst open and the very same man came running back out, hacking and choking on a haze of smoke that followed him. Tad grabbed him and pulled him aside, out of the path of the doorway and to safety. He questioned the man as his coughing fit subsided "Did you warn them? Are they coming?" The man's eyes focused on Tad briefly, his mouth opening and chest swelling as if he was going to speak, but another bout of coughing racked him. All he could do was shake his head weakly. As this was happening a few people emerged from the building in similar states of distress, having obviously run through the smoke to get out, and inhaling it. At this point, Tad was getting a bit worried, he hadn't expected the fire to progress so rapidly, nor had he accounted for the amount of smoke that the people were inhaling. He would have to actually try to get people out while searching the building. A thief and mercenary he was, a senseless murderer he was not. He brushed the few people milling at the doorway aside and darted into the room, falling into a low crouching run to avoid the worst of the smoke and heat that was now roiling out of the building in thick clouds. The first room he came into was a foyer, a sort of meeting room where guests and employees would meet before branching off to whatever area they needed to visit. There was a large, ornately carved desk sitting in the center of the room, a reception station of some kind he guessed. It was empty of any living souls, which was fortunate, and he scrambled over to it as quickly as he could managed from his awkward crouch. Shuffling through papers rapidly and searching every surface of the desk revealed no building map, with his hopes dashed he turned to search the rest of the room. There were three more doors leading deeper into the building, one on each wall. He definitely wouldn't be chancing the left door, the west one, because that was where the most smoke was coming from. Which left his choices to heading north into the heart of the building, or east to skirt the inner wall. He decided to just dive into the heart of the matter and pushed forwards, towards the north door.
  7. Hello all. I've started a thread in Aelindra, the sole purpose of which is to steal a prototype for my character. My plans for the thread are pretty low key, and open to everyone. I imagine there will be some infiltration, some fighting, and a speedy exit from the town (see: fleeing from the authorities). For a more in depth breakdown of what I plan on doing please scroll to the bottom, otherwise, here are some keywords to give you an idea of what this thread will be like. Cooperative storytelling Mid level fantasy, with Magitech. Mild Powers (important!) Casual Thieving/Heists Low Impact - no/minimal killing, emphasis on low property destruction. Strategic - Not just a fight, I hope. If you are interested, check it out, here is a link. Otherwise keep reading below if I haven't captivated your interest yet. This thread is open to all, but will be low/no turn order. I wanted to try a new format, I will be the 'anchor' so to speak. I'll be posting a minimum of once every three (3) days, sometimes more often (but no more than once a day). Everyone and anyone else who would like to participate is encouraged to post in between these times, pushing the story or interacting with characters however they want. I think this might either provide an interesting freedom of choice and action, and I can bring everything back together to drive the story when necessary. My only request is that you don't post multiple times between my own posts, to prevent the thread from derailing, or stepping on other people who want to participate. No runaway trains here. From what I have read on Aelindra I imagine it to be a rather modern city, bustling with an enormous amount of people, and driving innovation. My character, Tad, has come to Aelindra in search of a piece of prototype technology. He is resolved to stay in the town until he has taken it by any means necessary. He plans to first steal the security plans for the building that he wants to burgle, followed by burgling the building itself, and finally escaping with the prototype. Since this will be illegal activity, our characters will be actively hunted by the town guard, and unable to use any of the more regulated means of public transportation, such as crossroads, airships, etc. So long as nobody kills anyone, the risk should be pretty minimal, no risk of character death. Mild powers are required for this thread, preferably the lower end of mild powers to keep things interesting. Magitech is more than welcome. Since I will be posting on a regular basis, and anyone can join at any part of the adventure, anyone who shows up will be part of my characters premeditated plan. This is just to help gloss over any awkward timings and introductions, that way we can keep the story flowing. Nothing like joining in the middle of fleeing the town guard to make things awkward/difficult to write. If you need or want to leave, feel free to write yourself out, anybody who doesn't return will be assumed to have contributed their part to the plan and have returned to whatever they were doing before. Again, this is just to keep things flowing. I'm not a fan of when threads start to stagnate as you wait on one person who might have another obligation or doesn't have time to post for a while. Genre: Mid-Fantasy/Magitech. Location: Aelindra, Genesaris. Idea: Stealing a prototype from a heavily guarded building. FAQs: None yet. Feel free to post any questions, as I am sure I have missed some detail or made something unclear, or jump on into the thread. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  8. Grimshar

    An Iron Grip

    Tad whistled to himself as he strolled through the crowded streets of Aelindra, weaving through the people like a minnow among his school. To an outsider it would look as if he was completely at home among the people, wearing a tastefully skintight button up shirt, and a pair of summer slacks, he was about as common of a sight as you could get during a weekday. He had eschewed the use of his normal equipment, the bulky protective gear would only serve to draw attention, and possibly suspicion, to himself. He carried only his clothes, a pouch of small denomination coin, and what he considered to be a socially acceptable weapon of self defense, a small dagger kept sheathed at his belt. Even in a city as large and wealthy as itself, there was always the risk of being attacked, it would go against all of his better sense to walk around unarmed. He had been in the city for a few weeks now, he had been staying in a small hotel on the west side, it wasn't as nice as some of the other places that he had seen but it provided him a good location from which to start his morning operations. Every morning after preparing himself for the day, he would use the crossroads to travel to another part of the city, where he would immediately queue up to travel to another location, he would repeat this a few times before going to his actual destination. This served a few purposes, it attempted to prevent someone from determining his actual destination by visiting several proxy locations in between, it also allowed him to monitor the people who came through the portals after him, anyone that he saw follow him through several hops was likely watching him. If there weren't so many locations in the city to hop to, the tactic might not have worked, but he had gone his entire visit without using the same portals within a three day period, hopefully avoiding the scrutiny of any of the portal guards. His purpose in this city was to steal a valuable prototype, one of several that had been created, which were unregulated by any governing body, and necessary for the survival of one of his friends. He had heard of a tech similar to it when he was traveling through Union City several months back, and upon hearing that the same company was developing a significantly more advanced version, had promptly greased a few palms to find out where they were being developed and tested. One thing led to another, and he found himself making a trip to Aelindra with the intention of finding out more; that part had been easy, the engineers at the company had loose lips that were eager to talk about their project. The past few weeks were all about information gathering, subtly talking to the people involved with the project, researching the building layout, finding out what company ran security for them, when the busiest hours of the day were (and conversely the slowest times of day). His destination now was the security company in question, they had the layout of the building, the number of guards, and the patrol routes, all in one convenient location. He had already run through his limited knowledge on counter surveillance and was comfortable to proceed directly to the building. It was more of a warehouse, squat, only a few stories tall, with large cargo doors and a plain grey exterior. A sign was fastened securely to the building, just above the visitors entrance, proudly declaring the location of "Aelindra Tactical Response". The building was a combination of steel, stone, and wood; it was actually a curious piece of architecture, the original building having been made from stone, and the later additions made from framed wood. Security was tight, as you would expect from a company that sells security as their service, armed guards at every entrance, on the rooftop, and likely posted in the hallways. There was no way that he could go in the building, and sneak past them all, or fight his way through them. The security was just as tight at night, something that had irked him, they must have some high value clients to warrant such extreme measures around the clock. So he would revert to what he did best, pyrotechnics. Fire, or rather smoke, was a huge concern in a building. If you got yourself trapped in a burning building, odds are you would either suffocate or burn to death. So he would light a fire to flush out the people inside, and hope that anyone left inside would be too busy hunkering down in a safe area to spot him. He had a vague plan too, enter the public area during the confusion and pretend he was returning to get something vitally important, sneak into the operations area, rifle through the files until he found the right one, and then get out. Easy enough, right? He slipped easily out of the flow of traffic, ducking into the narrow alleyway that ran along the western edge of the building, it was probably six feet across and bordered one of the wooden walled expansions. Foot traffic was low, the alleyway dirty, perfect for starting a fire. He would have a few minutes once the first started to move back to the south side of the building, where the entrance was, to wait for the rush of people exiting. He hoped the files he needed weren't on the second or third floor, that would complicate things, and he wasn't sure if there was a basement, which would be even worse. He placed his hand on the wall as he strode, casually laying a thick layer of his special combustible material on the wall in a thick stripe. His hand started going numb, almost like it was falling asleep, as the blood drained through his pores to create it. When the stripe was about twelve feet long he stopped, stepped back, and lit it on fire. The whole stripe erupted with a whoosh, flames licking greedily up the side of the building, the material would burn cleanly, the wood would not. He turned back towards south opening of the alley and trotted off, slipping casually back into the flow of traffic to await the subsequent discovery of the fire, and the panic. Then, he would enter the building in search of the files he needed.
  9. Grimshar

    The Devil's Backbone

    "Blood before Honor..." Grim paused, the leg bone of some small fowl clutched gently between his fingers, morsels of food littering his hands and thick beard. He swallowed the food in his mouth, enjoying the greasy flavor of the meat, then wiped his face with his forearm. The half eaten leg dropped onto the plate with a meaty clatter as he leaned back in his chair, resting his hand on his inner thigh, a relaxed pose. He raised his eyes to the woman across from him, drinking in her features, the high cheekbones, drawn face, pointed ears, she was assuredly an elf, and the Lyles family tree had no elves. It was odd that she would spout the Lyles family Creed, more unusual for him to encounter someone who had taken to the families dogma. Most of the people that he encountered on the fringes of the organization were there for the money, which wasn't bad, rather than any greater sense of purpose. He cast a critical eye over her person, examining her stature, attitude, the glass of wine she was drinking, the book she was reading, and came up with nothing. He could feel the annoyance roiling up in his chest, the muscles constricting uncomfortably. It took a considerable amount of willpower not to lash out verbally at the woman. His anger frequently got the best of him, he was fortunate that this wasn't the case now. His curiosity was piqued as to why the woman was bothering with the formalities, but brushed it aside and decided to steamroll past the topic in a way that was better suited to himself. "Enough of that shit, wayfarer, I'll not be wasting my time with any of the usual Lyles family bullshit. Lyles himself has never failed to have someone send a missive before my arrival, and I'm sure this isn't the first time you've dealt with another member of the organization. Honestly, the less we know about each other the better, but, you can call me Grim, that should suit our needs well enough." Grim grabbed the mug of dark stout and gulped some of it down, wetting his throat before continuing. "Now, Lyles only sends someone like me out for one of two reasons; To break things, or to break people. So again, why am I here? Is the town revolting against Lyles control? That's the most common occurrence, and quite honestly the easiest to deal with." He stared at her expectantly with his red orbs, curious if she would bristle at his words or accept them and move on.
  10. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Ted inspected the dirt underneath his fingernails as Caliben and the woman who now identified herself as Milde chattered back and forth, completely unconcerned with anything going on around him. Only looking up briefly as the woman made a snide remark about sneaking up on someone, he feigned confusion, his eyes flitting back and forth between the two, pretending not to know what she was referring to, if only to try and irritate her more. He returned to inspecting his nails, there was an aggravating spot on his pinky that just wouldn't clean no matter how hard he scrubbed. He zoned out for another minute or so as they continued to converse, or something... He wasn't exactly sure what the dynamic was yet. What surely got his attention was when the newcomer, Milde, decided to take an aggressive stance, spreading her feet wide, leaning forward slightly, finger coming up and pointing bellicosely at Caliben, then Aelyria. At least, that's what Ted was telling himself, maybe he was the one itching for a reason to fight this woman, he wasn't sure. She irked him, throwing around accusations like it was her job, when she had captured their friend. By rights he should have blown her up and continued on his merry way, no less the bothered, and he would have, if Caliben didn't seem to want to foster some kind of good will with the woman. "Enough." He charged his voice with the authority he usually reserved for dealing with a crew of deadbeats from the slums, with the tone that stated anyone who acted out would be punished. Projecting his voice so that it filled the clearing with it's presence, if only momentarily. He stepped forward, placing himself between Milde and his companions, invading her personal space antagonistically. His breathing was slightly labored, the toll of losing blood rapidly to create his now book sized explosive visibly apparent on his waxy skin. "You arrogant little shit, who the fuck are you? How dare you treat us like this, like we are second class citizens? After kidnapping one of our friends. Honestly, I should go straight to Lunaris and report you as a criminal for the stunt you have pulled here. I demand to know the name of your supervisor!" His chest heaved with the exertion of yelling at her, and for a moment he felt light headed and dizzy. Silence reigned across the small clearing, the local wildlife and perhaps even the wind, lay dormant. Milde looked as if she was going to say something, but he shoved his hand up in her face, open palmed, clearly indicating that he was not finished. "You know what, I can't be bothered to put up with this, you aren't worth my time. I won't even get into the fact that I just saw someone dear to my heart who may or may not be in trouble!" Ted huffed angrily and spun on his heel, tromping off towards what he vaguely believed to be the direction of Lunaris, flashing Aelyria and Caliben a surreptitious thumbs up and a grin, he had pulled off his 'angry middle aged white lady' routine perfectly! Time to top it off with a dramatic exit. "Come Monsieur Frond! To Lunaris!" The little black and orange scaled lizard scampered out of the bush, climbed up Ted's overcoat, and perched on his shoulder, hissing wildly all the time. It glared momentarily at Milde and the others before turning his head in a northerly direction, seeming to indicate where Ted should travel.
  11. Grimshar

    The Devil's Backbone

    Spring had come and gone in the Imperial South, bringing about the usual changes like the thawing of the snow, the rivers, and the trees. Then it left, as fleeting as a swallow, only to bring about the much more pleasant temperatures of summer. Though, most wouldn't consider Valjer temperatures to be pleasant, forty degrees in the dead of summer was still chilly to most; not even that could break through the permafrost that kept the ground rock solid. With the summer in full swing, and the roads mostly clear of deep snow, travel once again became possible, the remote villages received merchants and family that could only visit during the significantly more hospitable time. The south was a brutal place indeed. It was through this fresh summer melt that Grim lumbered, glad that he was taller than most, as the snow didn't reach his knees. He had been forced to forego his normal mount, Mammoth, since the beast was known in his current destination, Valjer. He couldn't have any kind of connection to the man who had borrowed the horse to come down here. So he had walked, and hitched rides on a few of the merchant wagons willing to berth his enormous bulk, seven hundred pounds of man and metal were a lot of extra weight for a horse to pull on an already full wagon. As he dragged himself up the last ridge before the valley that housed the town of Valjer, he wondered idly if he would have any trouble finding his contact, Mr. Lyles hadn't exactly been forthcoming with information, just the name of an inn he would meet them at; The Valjer Inn. A woefully rudimentary name if he had ever heard one, it was as if it was the only inn in the entire town. He scoffed at the thought, his eyes narrowing at the little hamlet nestled in the valley below him, neatly bisected by a rapid flowing river, he would see how long it would take before he grew tired of them. In truth, he felt little for the town, he knew why Mr. Lyles wanted to take over the town, it was filled with a work force capable of harvesting the valuable ironwood that surrounded it. Grim was familiar with the tactic, and he had agreed with his companion, Renkor, that something needed to be done regarding the man. So he had infiltrated his organization some months ago with the intention of learning more about the way it worked, hoping to work himself into a position where he could disrupt it. It had worked, sort of, he had risen within the ranks of Mr. Lyles enforcers, enough so that the man had entrusted him with a solo mission out to his latest 'investment'. As he started the trek down the hill into the valley he rolled his shoulders, adjusting his pauldrons slightly, the metal edge blunted by leather but still digging into his flesh. As uncomfortable as it was to wear his armor for such long periods, there was no way he could have fit all the necessary supplies needed to make the trek into his pack along with his armor and weapons, at least he had an exaltis fire crystal to ward away the cold. The fiery little orb on a chain around his neck housed enough power to keep an airship running for two years solid, and it worked exceptionally well as a space heater, it was the only remnant he had taken from the firelands, and the only way he was able to traverse the frozen wastes without freezing to death in his armor. As the miles passed beneath his feet his mind wandered back to the missive and briefing he had received from one of the officers of Mr. Lyles operation, he was supposed to travel to Valjer, find his contact, and help them in any way they deemed fit. Not much else had been revealed to him, as was common in Mr. Lyles organization, and he could only assume that the contact had some kind of actionable information that required an unscrupulous assistant who could knock some heads around. That was something he could do, he was a born and bred fighter, and he loved every minute of it. The pain reminded him that he was alive, that he was doing something to fight back against a world that had bent him over a barrel over and over again without remorse. Distant hoofbeat drew his mind back to the present, breaking the thrall of reverie. A group approached him, the hardened kind of men who looked like they fought White Wolves even in their dreams. They were dressed in scale hauberks, leather and fur, and conical half helms. They wielded long spears of ironwood, with short swords at their hips. The steeds they rode were shorter than your average horse, covered in thick hair and hide, insulated from the cold and capable of traversing the rocky and treacherous mountain pass. The horses slowed as they approached, the riders slowed the horses to a stop some yards in front of him, their spears pointed towards the earth below them. The lead man raised his hand, "Ho there traveler, have you business in Valjer?" Grim paused in his stride, considering the men before him, it wasn't unusual for a town to have roaming guards that patrolled the outskirts of the town. He reached up with both hands and lifted his barbute helmet free, allowing the men to see his features clearly, something he had been told humanized him. With his head now exposed to the elements, he ran his gauntleted hand through his hair, grimacing at the feel of the grit and grime rubbing uncomfortably against his scalp. Fortunately he tended to keep his nearly salt and pepper hair short on the sides, only longer on the top and swept to the side, so he could deal for a while longer. His beard bobbed in his peripheral vision as he spoke, his voice a gravelly bass that carried easily, "Yes, I'm meeting an associate of mine." The men waited as their mounts stamped and snorted the cold air, he thought they might be waiting for him to continue, to elaborate more upon his purpose in the town, but he wasn't particularly inclined to do so. There was tension in the air, but not much, more of a suspicious tension than hostile. Whatever the case, it seemed as if he had passed whatever criteria the men had for people they allowed into town and they waved him through. He resumed his lumbering trek, though fortunately this low in the valley it was warmer, the snow long melted off the ground, making his gait an easy one. He made good time, entering the small town when the sun was on the backside of the horizon, just beginning to dip behind the mountain range that enclosed the valley. As the sun finally finished it's descent, bathing the the valley in a deceptively warm glow, he pushed open the front door to the Valjer Inn, bent practically in half to fit, and stepped through. The ceilings, despite being blessedly high, were still too low for him, he had to stoop slightly to avoid scalping himself. The wood of the floor groaned as he put his full weight on it, it looked to be ironwood, so he had no fear of it breaking despite its age. He couldn't help but notice the beautiful marbled pattern of iron that streaked through the nearly black wood, no wonder the stuff was so valuable. There were only two people in the room, an older man who had the look of a barkeep, and a woman who looked a few years younger than himself, he only idly noticed the pointed ears that marked her as an elf. She was brave then, coming into the Imperial South as a non-human. Surely she knew that if any of the Emperor's soldiers caught her, she would be killed, if she were lucky. He shook himself once, freeing the snow from the luxuriously thick crimson cloak that adorned his shoulders, and made his way over to the table where the woman sat. He pulled out the chair opposite of the woman and carefully lowered himself into it, sighing contentedly as his legs relaxed. Almost as soon as he sat down a woman approached, only looking to be in her late teens or early twenties, delivered a plate of steaming meat and vegetables to him, along with a mug of something dark and musky. He stared curiously across the table at the woman, she had fantastic timing. He waved his hand at the barkeep and his wench, the leather of his gauntlet creaking, "Leave us." The tone of his voice brooked no arguments, and promised pain should they not comply. As they turned and scampered away, he returned his gaze to the woman sitting at the table across from him. "I assume you are the contact I was sent to meet? What is it you need done?" He dug into the food voraciously as she spoke, appreciating the flavor and heartiness of the meal, even if it was lacking in portion.
  12. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Monsieur Frond's attack seemed to be particularly effective if the sound of a woman screeching in pain was any indication. A scuffle ensued as the lizard climbed all over the woman's head, digging his sharp claws into hair and face alike; there was no opportunity to throw his homemade explosive without harming their guide. Another figure came into view, only partially, and assisted the woman with removing the lizard from her hair. This would be the perfect opportunity, both of their assailants right next to each other, easy pickings for the concussive blast. The little black and orange lizard leapt free of the woman, his arm tensed, the muscles flexing, remembering years of practicing the simple action of tossing a ball. Then, there was a pressure on his arm, the soft scent of a woman invaded his nostrils, and he realized that Aelyria was holding him back. How she had gotten to him so quickly was beyond him. "For the love of Kelseth, stop! Caliben's there also!" Caliben? Was that the other man? Now that she mentioned it, the man did have a similar stature to Caliben. Ted stopped fighting Aelyria, letting his arm go lax, and the woman turned to rush off into the brush towards the duo. Foolish, even if it was Caliben, they weren't fully aware of the situation, nor did they know anything about his new companion. He weighed his options, go with Aelyria and talk it out with Caliben and his new companion, cut his losses and blow them all up, or option three, the secret option. Obviously he chose option three. He jammed the orb into his duster pocket and began excreting more of his blood through the pores on his hands, packing more Red into the orb and condensing it, increasing it's power. While he did this, he exhibited an unusual amount of seriousness, and rapidly traversed the outside perimeter of the clearing the group had moved to, out of sight. He kept his palm firmly in contact with the growing orb in his pocket, and moved nearly silently, for all of his idiocy and social anxiety, you didn't work with a moderately successful thief and assassin for a decade without picking up a few tricks for going undetected. By now, he had circled around behind the group, the orb inside his pocket had turned into a rectangular box about the size of a book, enough power to destroy a single room hut. He crept up behind Caliben and the unknown woman, shaking his head at Aelyria in the hopes that she wouldn't flick her eyes in his direction, or say anything about his presence. The woman had just finished saying something, "....ore of you coming?". A suspicious question if he had ever heard one. Ted casually looped his arm around Caliben's shoulders, a friendly gesture. "Nope, just us." Sweat beaded his forehead, his skin pale, the toll of losing so much blood so quickly was painful and exhausting. Suicide wasn't an option that he normally enjoyed, but it would make a good bargaining chip if necessary.
  13. Grimshar

    In the Crossfire

    Thread Summary These events take place a week after the events of Slumbering Shadows. Forrest (Caliben) and Aelyria are recovering from the wounds and honing their skills. Unbeknownst to them, at Aelyria’s beckoning Renkor is approaching the town. After a two year absence, Renkor arrives back in Valjer and seeks out Forrest and Aelyria. Upon reaching them, the reunion between Aelyria and Renkor sours, causing Aelyria to storm away from Renkor and Forrest. Despite the awkward tension, Caliben and Renkor introduce themselves to each other as they trace Aelyria’s footprints. Aelyria’s prints lead them to the Valmer Manor, unknowing that Renkor and Caliben are following her, Aelyria intends to speak with Valerie. Aelyria enters the Valmer Manor and is shown to a foyer where she finally meets the full Valmer family. She learns of Bailey Valmer’s true illness, not just a crippling bone disease that’s rapidly destroying his body, but the deranged, blind faith in his religion (dragon god of Valjer) that he is using to justify his atrocities. After a brief and disturbing conversation regarding Bailey’s faith that their dragon god has returned to them, Aelyria leaves the Valmer Manor. During Aelyria’s time in the Valmer Manor, Renkor and Forrest engage in a spat with one of the Manor Guards. The trio leaves the Manor, heading back to the inn they habitually stay at, where Tom remains a faithful companion. Aelyria and Renkor bicker like children over a mutual misunderstanding before eventually reconciling and agreeing to help each other. Caliben meanwhile has been plotting in devious ways to reach his end goal of a white wolf pelt. The three eventually sit down over a meal and has out the details of laying a trap to kill the white wolf pack that has moved into the towns area. They plot to lure the wolves into the valley and engage them with traps and a melee while archers shoot upon the wolves. The three lay down for the night, Renkor slipping out under the cover of darkness. He stalks his way to the house of the guard that assaulted him earlier at the Valmer Manor. He steals his way into the house, poisoning the air and burning the house down, killing the two occupants inside. The trio awakes and departs in the predawn light, meeting up with the elite task force assembled by Valerie Valmer to head off the white wolves. As they leave, they see the smoke from the house fire and their idle chatter reveals that the wife of the guard who perished in the fire was pregnant with child. The revelation has significant impact on both Aelyria and Renkor, further widening the divide between the two and vindicating Aelyria in her own mind. Eventually they arrive at the location of their ambush and lay in wait for the wolves. After several hours of waiting the wolves finally arrive, and they are slain in the battle. The group returns to Valjer, excited at the prospect of relaxing after their hard fought battle, but return to only more trouble. Valerie Valmer beaten within an inch of her life, reveals Bailer Valmer as the culprit, she also informs the trio that he kidnapped their daughter Ysgrid with plans to use her as a sacrifice. The group attacks the main hall where Bailey is holding out and kill a number of the town guard, before Aelyria slays Bailey Valmer. As they work to cover up the crimes they commited, they are confronted by Valeriea, and the very group of people they had just slain the white wolves with. Valerie reveals she has been pulling the strings in the shadows, manipulating them into killing Bailey for her. They are banished, used as scapegoats, and Renkor parts ways from the two. Events of Note · The White Wolf threat has been culled. · Bailey Valmer is assassinated. · Valerie Valmer assumes leadership of the town. · The Deepdelve rangers remain loyal to Valerie. · The Wolfsbane Guard follow Valerie only because of law, there are misgivings about whether she should be the leader. · The cultists of the Forgotten God, previously led by Bailey Valmer, are lost in the transition of power. · A notorious kingpin of the Underground froim Union city begins attempting to control Valerie to gain control of the towns resources. Possible Roleplay Opportunities · Incite a rebellion with the Wolfsbane Guard. · Investigate the disappearance of the Forgotten God Cultists. · Utilize town grants to set up new industry.
  14. Grimshar

    Slumbering Shadows

    Thread Summary After two years of coma, Aelyria awakens. She is weakened and confused, her last memories hazy, Renkor saving her from an unknown assailant. With no knowledge of what happened to him, or herself, she sets out on the town to try and regain her memory. Almost immediately she runs into a stranger in town, a man named Forrest (Caliben), who claims he was sent to find a white wolf. The two talks, and Forrest insists that he should check back in with Aelyria again the following morning. They continue to talk and Aelyria ends up agreeing to help Forrest to find a white wolf. After some preparation and debate, the two decide they should scout the wolves out before they commit to a hunt. They head north, having purchased fresh horses, and immediately run afoul of bad weather and a lack of information. The wolves have been increasing their territory, moving closer and closer to the town to find food. The pair are attacked by four wolves, three children and an adult, only a few miles from the town. With no way to escape, the two decide that they must fight. A vicious battle ensues. Aelyria, weakened from her coma, is forced to draw upon a power previously unknown to her. She ravages the two wolves that attack her, but destroy their pelts in the process. Forrest harnesses the natural ability of his eyes to slow his perception of time and systematically pick apart the other wolf, while one chases their horse. With only two good pelts remaining, they resign themselves to having to return to the wilderness again, knowing that they don’t have enough. They are saved from the harsh weather by the timely arrival of Valerie Valmer herself, along with a few hand selected Rangers (the local police force) who remain loyal to her alone. They are escorted back to town and their wounds are treated by Valerie, who urges them to wait and go on a hunt with a few of her own Rangers to eliminate the growing threat of the wolves. During all of this, Forrest recalls the reason for his arrival. Despite having told others that he is simply there to retrieve one pelt for a fur trader who would possibly wish to establish an operation in the area, he is the groundwork for a much larger and much more devious operation. He is to eliminate any who would oppose Mr. Lyles, an underground kingpin from Union City hoping to gain control of the town. Events of Note · Aelyria awakens from her coma, alone and stranded in the town. · Aelyria and Caliben (who goes by Forrest) meet. · The two head into the wilderness and discover that the white wolves that plague the area are hunting ever closer to the town. · Valerie Valmer plans to eliminate the white wolves, claiming her husband wont. · It is discovered that Valerie Valmer is working against her husband, Bailey Valmer. Possible Roleplay Opportunities · Investigate the divide between Bailey and Valerie Valmer. · Hunt more white wolves to protect the town. · Investigate the mysterious figure known as Mr. Lyles.
  15. Grimshar

    Wolves in Sheepskin

    Thread Summary Renkor, a native of the Cold South (Known now as the Imperial South to the Loyalists) and Ranger of the Wilderness, is traveling to the town of Valjer with the intention of deposing the current mayor and inserting himself as leader of the town. On his trip he stumbles across a woman named Aelyria, a foreigner to Genesaris, lost in the recent snowstorm that had descended. He offers her assistance, and a lift to the next town, which happens to be Valjer. On their way to the town he convinces Aelyria to pose as his wife to better insinuate himself within the community. They arrive in the town, gain lodging, purchase supplies, and plan to challenge the leader of the town for mayor ship, while taking care to be seen around town together. The challenge is one deep rooted in Valjer history, dating back to the time when the native people of Valjer emerged once again from the Deepdelve. A white wolf hunt, whoever kills the most White Wolves in a week’s time is crowned the mayor. Renkor reveals to Aelyria that his desire is to bring wealth and stability to the impoverished town through a political coup. As they go to issue the challenge Renkor realizes he has made a chronological error, and he arrived too early, he can’t issue the challenge until the following day. The two spend a day bonding, and further preparing themselves for whatever might happen during the challenge. During this time Aelyria manages to convince Renkor that it would be more beneficial for them to work with the existing leadership as an influential outside factor than an internal violent force. The day to issue the challenge finally arrives, but the two are caught outside the town in a massive Magestorm that rages across the land. During the Magestorm a pair of assassins show up and tried to kill the two, they manage to escape and defeat their enemies by a narrow margin. During the scuffle something happens to Aelyria, and she loses consciousness and slips into a coma, perhaps because of the Magestorm. Renkor send her back to Valjer on the back of his own mount, and chases after her own horse that had fled during the incident. He wanders for a short time, before eventually finding the horse being held captive by a mother Ice Dragon as food for her babies. He steals the horse back, fleeing form the dragon, and narrowly escapes with his life, and a stowaway. He leaves Aelyria in the care of Valerie Valmer, healer and wife of the town Mayor. Fearing that these would be murderers are after him, he leaves Valjer in an attempt to draw them away from Aelyria. Events of Note · Renkor and Aelyria meet, and together plan on deposing the Mayor of Valjer. · Aelyria convinces Renkor that assassinating the Mayor would be against his best interest. · Aelyria and Renkor are caught in an Icy Magestorm, where an assassination squad show up. · Aelyria falls into a coma, Renkor escapes and flees Valjer, leaving Aelyria in the care of a healer. Possible Roleplay Opportunities · Expand upon the tradition of mayor ship by the hunt of White Wolves. · Discover who is hiring assassination squads in Valjer. · Investigate the appearance of the Ice Dragon.