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  1. I'm back! Sort of... Not able to start writing again yet, but back in town and keeping an eye on things.

  2. Lost memories

    Gore grunted her affirmation, and then they were off. She settled into a comfortable run, Zafira and Lucky trotting behind her. The weight on her shoulders was uncomfortable, but bearable, and after a little bit she could almost forget that she was carrying it at all. She had removed her helmet somewhere near the beginning, while it was a great tool to have in a battle, it was rather stuffy to wear. Fortune smiled upon them, because the man on her back groaned a few times, but never seemed to work up the strength to move much at all, probably the broken ribs. She let herself be lulled into a content existence of one foot in front of the other by the surprisingly comforting sounds coming from whatever instrument Zafira was playing, Gore hadn't gotten a good look at it, and now that she was moving she didn't want to sacrifice her momentum to find out. She was satisfied in the knowledge that it was string based, probably a lute, or a lyre. Whatever it was, it helped to ease the passage of time, and before she had even realized that time was passing she could see the tops of the buildings poking their way through the tree cover ahead. The discordant sound of a snapping string jostled her from her trance, she winced at the sound, she hoped Zafira's fingers had been quick enough to escape harm. She slowed to a trot and finally a walk as they neared the edge of the town, "Zafira, I'll drop this gentleman off with the Marshall, then find a room where I can leave my gear. If you want to head to the market square I can join you there, that way we aren't seen arriving together. I'll shadow you from the crowd and when you get ready to dismount, signal me by bowing to the crowd, then I'll know to head to the building you affixed your rope to."
  3. Homesteading Old School

    They traveled the full length of the tunnel back up, the Alpha widening the path as they went. He spent a good portion of this time inspecting the Alpha, watching his movements, studying the way he refused to interact with any of the other Hammerheads that followed them. It was painfully obvious that the Alpha was the same type of creature as the Hammerhead Titans, the proportions and features were identical in some ways, and only slightly dissimilar in others. It could walk in the traditional style of the others, knuckle-walking bipedal, but it tended to prefer the upright posture of a humanoid. The way it behaved, though, was what brought about the distinction between them. It was silent, stoic, never interacting with the others or making any noises besides its movements, whereas the others chirped and bellowed like a herd of cattle moving through a pasture. It was as if this Alpha Titan was solely here for whatever they were now doing, or it was like the Silverback Gorilla of his group; a fearless and iron-fisted leader that guided the group when it was necessary but stayed apart from necessity. Another curiosity he had observed was that despite being made entirely of charred rock, obsidian, and magma that still flowed about its body, the Alpha didn't radiate an unbearable heat. He was able to get relatively close to the Alpha before it snorted and shoved him away 'gently' with it's claw. He didn't know what magic the creature seemed to be unconsciously employing, but Teclis was thankful that he didn't have to constantly keep himself cool around the Alpha. It probably also helped the Alpha conserve a large amount of the heat and energy that it needed to sustain itself, a handy byproduct no doubt. Everything about the Alpha, and the Titan's in general, seemed to transcend the laws of physics, their gigantic size, relative speed and dexterity, manner of consuming magma and obsidian to sustain themselves, it was all so bizarre. When they did finally arrive at the spire it was just about as empty as he had last seen it. Thousands of the little bugs still wandered around the spire, performing their tasks as the ever faithful little slaves they were, but the tens of thousands he had seen moving through were no longer present, moved to another spire or deployed somewhere in the mountain killing the native species no doubt. Things quickly devolved into chaos after his first glimpse of the spire, the Alpha let out another of his bestial roars and charged up the ramp towards the top of the spire, the hundreds of Hammerheads followed suit, some breaking off at varying levels of the spire and rampaging through the various rooms and soldiers that rallied. Soon enough the rumbling crash and boom of rock and stone collapsing and crushing together filled the chamber in a staccato beat that drowned out noise. Teclis sprinted at his top speed, his ring actively pouring energy into him to allow him to keep pace with the Alpha as it climbed through the spire.
  4. Homesteading Old School

    Part of Elvish education and lore was that everything in the world was alive, and held in a strict balance. If something got thrown out of balance, the world would right itself, either directly or indirectly. It was one of the main reasons why Wood Elves were so hateful of the other races, very few of the other races actually respected the balance and continued to fight against the world in order to skew it into their own favor. For the ultra conservative Wood Elves, it was as if the other races were raping the world for their own benefit. For example, a forest was alive in a multitude of ways, the trees, the birds, the local animals that lived there year round. Over time, a forest maintains its balance because of these plants and animals, they shape it in a natural and unobtrusive way. As far as the sentient races are concerned though, more aggressive measures tend to take shape. A forest that is invaded by humans might start spawning dryads, wolves, and all manner of aggressive creatures that attack the cancer that is invading it. Sometimes nature is successful, other times not so much. It usually depended on a multitude of factors, from the size of the area, to the types of local animals, the age of the land. Usually when a sentient race occupied the land in harmony, it strengthened the land to be able to resist the corruption, much more so than a land left alone. At least... that's what Teclis had been taught by his mother, whether or not this was fact remained to be seen. It was with this backing of knowledge, passed from his mother, that he realized the implication of what was happening with these 'Hammerhead Titans'. They were the physical manifestation of the mountain, the power that it contained, like the antibodies of a living being. That would make these elementals, mountain elementals? Magically charged constructs with the power of nature itself fueling them. Another thought struck him like a lightning bolt, was that why the Xer'Orian Queen was trying to kill off these Hammerhead Titans? Was she trying to kill the land itself? If so, he needed to help ensure that this Hive Queen died, lest her quest become true and the land itself begin to die.
  5. Homesteading Old School

    When he got to the final terrace, the last one before he exited the cavern and went back up into the tunnels where the Xer'Orians were, the Alpha was still in the second to last terrace where the obsidian farms were. It was picking through the pile of hardened rock, pulling out the glossy obsidian, and consuming it. At least, that's what he thought it was doing, it was most definitely an action that mimicked eating for nutrition. The other Titans had begun moving, albeit at a much slower pace and with a wide berth given to the Alpha, as if they feared it was going to lash out and harm them. It was fascinating to see the behavioral difference of the other Titans around this flaming beast, and to see the difference in attitude and demeanor of the Alpha. It was fearless, rude even, pushing the other Hammerhead Titans around and doing whatever it pleased regardless of how the others felt about it. It remained there for some time, alternating between consuming the obsidian and stealing magma from the other Titans and consuming that as well. He didn't understand the need for all of the obsidian and magma, was it simply 'hungry'? Did it get some form of nourishment that it was driven to get through the stuff? Eventually it seemed to finish and stood, stepping up onto the final terrace and pausing there. It regarded the tunnel in the wall with its normal stoic look, then sort of growled. It was a deep noise, the kind that was so loud and so deep that for a minute you couldn't tell if you had gone deaf because there was no other sound. It began stomping, alternating its feet back and forth, throwing its weight into each foot fall. The ground groaned, the walls nearby trembled with the power of the blows, the entire cavern itself seemed to roar in response. No... the entire cavern was roaring in response, more specifically every Hammerhead Titan was roaring in unison. A mass exodus started, the largest Hammerhead Titans began moving towards them, dropping whatever they were doing and making a bee line for the Alpha. There must have been over a hundred of the creatures that were forty feet plus in height, skyscrapers of living stone and raw elemental power. It took a while for the furthest creatures to finally lumber there way over, maybe half an hour if his internal clock was correct, and when they finally arrived the Alpha turned and walked towards the tunnel. He wasn't quite sure what was going on, because there was no way that they would fit through the tunnel, it was way to small for them, but in that he was wrong. There was a surge of energy from the Alpha, he could feel it in the air, it felt like someone had tapped into a Leyline of power, it was ancient and raw. The earth reshaped itself, in a way very similar to how he manipulated the stone, widening the tunnel enough that the Alpha was able to simply continue walking as if nothing had changed at all. Teclis shook his head, trotting after the Alpha and the Titans, doing his best not to get squished. He was beginning to think that perhaps he hadn't stumbled upon a creature at all, these weren't simple beasts, they were Keepers of the Mountain.
  6. Lost memories

    Gore shrugged, it wasn't in her nature to be needlessly cruel or wasteful with human life. She stooped down and hoisted the man upright and into a fireman carry, letting his weight settle onto her shoulders. "Honestly I would prefer not to kill him if we don't have to, I don't mind carrying him back to town, he's a lightweight." She winked at Zafira, humor twinkling in her eyes, though perhaps lost through the slitted helm she wore. It was true, with her very wide center of gravity, and Orcish constitution, carrying him back to town would be winding, but not impossible. Unlike Dwarves, Orcs were not natural sprinters, they were marathon runners. Didn't mean it wouldn't suck though. "As for my armor, I can take it off for a while, I usually only wear it when I am traveling or passing through town anyway, so it wont hurt to store it at an inn for a little while. Since I conjure my weapons, it's not like I will be weaponless, just unarmored and forced to brawl." A small smile crept its way across her face at the thought, brawling was fun. "I'll be just another spectator, watching the amazing Zafira perform acrobatic spectacles from dangerous heights. I'd be surprised is anyone would attack you while you were on the tightrope though, I doubt any of them would be able to make it out to you, and if the price is higher for your head alive then they wont cut your rope. Odds are they'll make their play as soon as you are off the rope and out of sight from the crowds." She rocked back onto her heels, eager to depart from this place, she idly wondered where she had lost the head of the other man, had she forgotten to take it out of Lucky's saddle bags? She shrugged, probably dropped it somewhere in the forest.
  7. Homesteading Old School

    The fiery Titan strode towards him with a scant few purposeful steps, closing a distance in moments that would have taken him thirty minutes. The sheer size of the titanic being dwarfed him, it was incomparable to anything he had ever seen before. Its presence seemed to blot out everything else, his entire field of view was reduced to the flaming and charred body of the thing. This wasn't a Hammerhead Titan, it might have been at one point, but now it was something else entirely, what stood before him now was a force of nature. It slammed its enormous fists into the ground on either side of him, shattering the millennia old stone and spraying him with rock chips. It accompanied this display of aggression with a roar that was tinged with sulfur and heat, the power of it so much that he was certain if he wasn't wearing armor his flesh would have begun to blister. He had seen this before, this was simplistic in its nature, a display of dominance, one that he couldn't dream of contending. So he did the only thing that he could think of, he knelt. His face pressed against the ground, the smell of the hot stone choking him like the fumes from tar. He exposed his back and neck to the Titan, the ultimate display of submission in most animal kingdoms, hoping against all hope that he wasn't about to be pasted against the floor like a troublesome bug. It was a shameful thing, and his face burned with heat and anger at being forced into such a position, the last time he had felt this way was in the Fire Lands of the Velhatien Desert. But, what could he do? Nothing, unless he wanted to die down here in a fight with a titanic beast literally made of magma. Another huff of searing air blasted down on him, forcing him down into the earth and making him gasp at the stifling heat. His world abruptly jerked and he was tumbling through the air, he smashed into the ground ten feet from where he had just been prostrated, his armor throwing sparks as he skid across the stone. The "Alpha" Titan was up and walking away, not returning to the magma pit, but climbing up the terraces towards the outer layers, where the obsidian farms were. He let out a ragged breath, if he was still alive then the Alpha was likely willing to tolerate his presence for now. Such a terrifying creature. If the mountains of Taen could hide something as monumental as this, he couldn't help but wonder at what else might be hidden in these caverns. He cast a longing gaze towards the Alpha as it moved, covering the distance quickly, he wanted to know what it was going to do, but he had no way to keep up with it. Giving up on chasing that route, he turned and surveyed the terrace around him, the lowest one, the one that contained the magma pit that had turned placid. He thumbed the spot on his armored hand where the ring lie, it was probably time to use it again. He took off at a sprint, feeling the power of the ring bolstering his speed, and moved across the terrace, examining anything and everything as he went. The floor was as smooth as glass, featureless, but littered with hundreds of smaller Hammerhead Titans that seemed to be dead. It must have been these that the Titans were throwing into the magma pit, were they 'burying' their dead? Or recovering valuable materials? He made a full lap around the magma pool, doing his best to stay far enough away that he could maintain the shield of cold air without expending too much energy, but occasionally moving closer when something caught his eye. There was very little that interested him now, after meeting the Alpha, but he figured he would check it out. The other Titans still stood around, almost as if waiting in hesitance of what the Alpha was going to do, tracking him with their eyes. It lasted for several hours, the Alpha apparently doing something of great interest up on the higher terraces, even from this distance the Alpha looked to be a full sized person standing only a few feet away. He just couldn't get his mind off of the Alpha, it was so radically different from the others around it, bigger, heavier, longer claws, higher intelligence, much more aggressive. A sudden thought occurred to him, was this animal hierarchy similar to the Xers? Were the other Titans workers? Was the one he saw now simply a warrior? Were there more? The thought of more of the Alpha running around chilled him. He decided that he had seen enough of the lower area, he could either continue the direction that he was heading, where he thought he could see tunnels that continued off into the underground of the mountain, god knows where. Or, he could follow the Alpha for a time, see what he was doing. It almost seemed as if Teclis' presence had awoken him from whatever task it was he was doing when Teclis had first arrived. More tunnels held little appeal for him, he raced up the terraces towards the Alpha, he wanted to know what it was going to do.
  8. Lost memories

    Gore snorted, this woman had an odd fascination with daggers. "No, I think throwing daggers, especially upside down from a tightrope would be inadvisable." She readjusted her armor, it had started to chafe her lower back where the cuirass had gotten shoved up against her during her fall. She had a long run ahead of her, and she wanted to make sure that she would at least be comfortable and wouldn't suffer any blisters. "Back to town we go! It's quite funny, I almost feel like my old self - if I could remember who that was - but I imagine this is what I would feel like - I wonder what else I could do?" Gore couldn't imagine what it would be like to have lost her memory, such a personal thing. She was after all, the sum of all her memories, without it, she would be nothing. She shuddered, trying to mentally disperse the cloud of gloom and mortality she had summoned down on herself. "I'm sure you might remember more than you actually realize, the subconscious governs our actions more than we think." Zafira seemed to think upon that for a moment, kicking a defenseless rock that just happened to be within her reach. The rock seemed to roll across the ground and in an act of defiance stopped right up against the man who had kidnapped Zafira. "I forgot about the idiot! What do we do with him? Just leave him?" Gore shrugged, "We could leave him, but it would be as good as a death sentence. My recommendation would be bringing him back to the town Marshall, have him arrested and put on trial for his crimes. Of course, if that's not something you would be interested in, it would be more merciful to put him out of his misery here." Gore didn't think Zafira would be interested in killing the man instead of bringing him back to town, so she readied herself to carry him on her shoulders.
  9. Homesteading Old School

    He spent several hours wandering around the cavern, he had begun to refer to them as 'The Obsidian Fields', because of the large number of Hammerhead Titans that were essentially farming the substance. He hadn't quite figured out what they used it for, but he knew they were partly composed of the material. It was possible that they were using it to replenish or replace broken and chipped claws, the massive blade like appendages would certainly warrant such a large production of obsidian. After spending half a day wandering the upper terraces and finding all manner of interesting things to examine, and partaking in a short nap, he turned his eyes down towards the lower levels of the cavern, where the ever churning magma pit resided. As he traveled lower and lower, the heat began to rise, the churning magma causing the temperature to rise to levels that weren't reachable on the surface. Fortunately, he was skilled in both wind and ice magic, and he was able to cause a cold cross breeze to kick up around him that cooled the air to survivable levels. With the heat issue successfully avoided, now he just had to avoid being stepped on by one of the immeasurably heavy Hammerhead Titans that moved about with a grace and agility that belied their size. You'd think that something that heavy stomping past you would just cause miniature earthquakes, but they somehow managed to remain light enough on their feet that there was just a strong vibration when they passed. The lower terraces were littered with what he assumed were Hammerhead Titan corpses, most of them were smaller, not reaching the titanic size of the ones that wandered around him. It caused him to pause and wonder, examining one of the dead creatures, just how old were the ones that roamed around him? How did they grow? His mind recalling the vascular system that he had seen on one when he had cut into it, it was almost as if that system was able to transport material around. Without being able to examine a living one, or even one that had only recently become deceased, he probably wouldn't ever know. There were so many questions that he had about the creatures, where had they come from? Did they reproduce? How were they created? Were they simply a natural product of the world? Stone given life by the strange energies that caused this land to flourish? He pushed these questions aside and continued towards the magma pool, the Hammerhead Titans were doing something around the pool, ignoring the magma that splashed on them. He hadn't been able to tell what it was they had been doing earlier, but now it seemed as if they were scooping up bits of the floor and throwing it back into the magma. It took him the better part of a day to finish his trip down to the lowest terrace, the widest terrace by several hundred yards. The temperature this close to the magma would have air fried his skin if he was without magical protection, reaching into the hundreds of degrees. As he leapt off the ledge and his feet touched the ground, the cavern groaned and shook violently, bits of rock and dust falling from the ceiling. He stood from his crouched position, having landed rather roughly from the nearly twenty foot drop to this lower terrace, and looked around. The magma pool had stopped churning completely, it had turned as placid as a lake in the early morning. Every Hammerhead Titan in the area had stopped moving completely, all eyes had turned towards the magma chute, the silence was deafening. He had been alone in a field of giants, now he was standing amidst a forest of stone boulders that were as lifeless as the ground he stood on, the change was startling. The surface of the magma pool erupted, throwing an enormous amount of the molten rock out over the surrounding area. A massive hand, just like the Hammerhead Titans around him, but blackened and charred like a piece of wood long in the fire, burst from the edge of the magma pool and latched onto the ledge of the pool. It was followed shortly by another, then a head, shoulders, and finally the rest of a body. He gawped at the thing, it was half magma, and half of a stone and obsidian mixture, taller than the Titans around it by a third, and stood on its back legs in a staunchly bipedal stance. The dimensions were the same, the only difference was the head, it was much more human than the other Titans, two eyes forward facing, a mouth of normal proportions, and forward facing horns that almost looked like hair. The creature finished pulling itself free of the liquid rock, magma sloughing off it like water. It stood fully erect and its head turned in his direction, its eyes locking onto him. For a moment they stared at each other, fire wreathing the creature in a whirling tornado of heat, and then it started moving towards him. "Oh Fuck." And fucked he probably was.
  10. Lost memories

    Gore chuckled heartily by the small fire as she argued with the dog, somehow managing to convince him that it was a good idea for him to go stand by a tree where she could throw rocks at him. Her chuckle turned to howling laughter as the dog ran and hid in the forest surrounding them. "I think the dog has a point, I like my body to be whole, without sharp objects being lodged inside of my flesh." She seemed undeterred though, and when the dog apparently suggested that she do... something... with a rope, she almost dutifully climbed the tree to tie the rope up, and leapt the distance between the two in an impressive display of athleticism. Gore watched the woman with an appreciative eye, why would she even want to throw knives when this could be her act? With a final heave to make sure the rope was tight she was running out across the rope, Gore's breath caught in her throat as the woman stood unabashedly in the middle of the rope, swaying gently. She jumped and Gore closed her eyes, a gasp escaping her lips. Fearing the worst but not hearing any screams she opened her eyes and was stunned to find that she was upside down, hanging from the rope by the backs of her knees and grinning at her with excitement. "Do you think I could throw daggers at you like this?!" Gore laughed, hysteria tinging the sound. "No you daft woman! Just do that!" She gestured animatedly towards the rope and the woman. "If you just bounce around on that rope like you've done here, I can guarantee that you will garner a large enough crowd that whoever is looking for you will know exactly where you are." It was probably true, Gore herself would hesitate to walk a tight rope, let alone bounce around on it like a child who had eaten far too many sweets. It was an impressive sight to see. "Now come down from there, and lets head back to town, I don't suppose you could juggle torches, could you?"
  11. What a fun little thread! I can't wait for the next chapter. I'll leave it up to you though -- there is a Broken Chant Tavern, and I play the resident NPC bartender who could help give your character some direction, we could go straight to gabriela meeting with him again before he starts his mission, or you can just take off and start on your own adventure. Whatever you like! 

    1. Grimshar


      It was fun! I'd love to start an actual RP in Orisia proper and go through some of the motions of actually planning for this whole thing before I really get started, see if I can use the time to pick up a few interested parties before getting on to the actual meat of the story. I'll probably kick a can around the Broken Chant for a few days/weeks real time and see if I can lure anybody in with promises of adventure. If that's alright with you? Then if you are feeling crunched on time I can make an excuse to get Teclis out of the city without another meeting.

  12. To Protect and Serve

    Teclis absorbed her words as she stood from her seat, subtly smoothing her dress from where it might have bunched up, and walked confidently around the resplendent desk to stand in front of him. He still couldn't help but regard her warily, and when she extended her hand to him he nearly jumped. He mentally admonished himself for his wariness, she was only offering him a handshake. "It was a pleasure to meet you Teclis Huro -- I am looking forward to our next rendezvous." He extended his own hand, grasping hers in a firm handshake, feeling again the unusually smooth and chilly skin that was apparently her trademark. "It was indeed, a very unexpected pleasure. I hadn't known what to expect when I was brought in, but I'd like to hope that everything turned out for the better." He gave Gabriela a slight bow, enough to show his deference to her as Queen of Orisia, and then turned to leave her study. A wry grin split his face as he stepped out of the room, he truly hadn't expected this outcome, a job offer and a promise of roaming a new countryside he had never seen before? That sounded like more than a fair deal to him, especially since he got to remain free and alive. What did a few progress reports matter in the grand scheme of things? As he stepped through the doorway he nearly collided with a young blonde man, it took him a moment to realize he was the steward that had heralded his arrival in the Black Queen's study, and he reached out to steady the man as he frantically fumbled with a tray laden with steaming tea. Teclis slowly released his grip on the man, making sure that he was fully balanced and capable of supporting the tray without spilling it. "Young Master, would you be able to escort me from this lovely castle? I must depart." The steward seemed surprised to find him walking freely from the office with no cuffs, and peered over his shoulder into the room, obviously concerned for the well-being of the Queen. His features softened at whatever he saw, and he nodded once, raising the tray of tea as if to indicate that he would complete his task and then return for him. The man disappeared into the room, shutting the door behind him, and a few moments later returned with free hands. He guided Teclis from the castle, handed him a list of names, and even went so far as to provide him with directions of how to get to the 'Broken Chant Inn'. Teclis decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and slipped quietly into the night, reverting to his years of experience in navigating a thriving city unseen. There was a definite seditious vibe to the entire meeting that had taken place, and if anyone had been spying on or watching him, including those two guards who had first escorted him in, exiting the castle unseen might prevent anyone from assuming that he had left alive. A long shot, but that was what Renkor had lived for, long shots.
  13. Lost memories

    "I have a little left. I bet I could negotiate to get some throwing daggers or knives for a decent price - especially if we promise them front row seats to the one and only death defying act! Watch as Goruza the sharp shooter throws daggers at Zafira the brave while she plays a merry tune! Perhaps you can even psych some folks out with those vanishing daggers of yours." No, this was a terrible idea, did Zafira have a death wish? Gore had almost no experience with any sort of ranged weaponry, or throwing weapons in general. Good aim was not part of her skill set. "Uhh... no I don't think I should be throwing anything at anyone I don't intend to harm. I think I agree with the dog on this, you should definitely not have me doing this." The dog barked again, and Zafira seemed to take the sound to mean that the dog was expressing concern over the well being of her head. It was odd, the noises that the dog made were so similar, and yet could mean so many different things. There had to be a telepathic side of Zafira's ability to communicate with the animals. "I wouldn't trust my aim, not in a situation where it was important. But, tell me more about this plan of yours? Dagger throwing? That's pretty flashy."
  14. Homesteading Old School

    Teclis finally pulled himself together and started moving towards the edge of the initial terrace, it was several hundred meters long, and bare of anything besides Xer'Orian corpses. The trail of corpses stretched to the edge of the terrace, and looked as if it might have continued down to the next level, but he couldn't see the immediate ground afterwards and had no way of knowing without walking further ahead. The only reason he could see anything at all further along in the cavern, was the slight sloping gradient of the terrace, allowing everything to drain towards the central pit. The coarse grain of the igneous rock that covered the terrace grated against his boots as he walked, and the sound mixed with the sensation was something akin to walking in snow. He reached the edge, the drop much higher than he had expected, over ten feet, and more Xer'Orian corpses littered the next terrace down. It looked as if the combat had started here, the piles of dead bugs larger than in the tunnel and upper terrace, the tell tale glint of his stormwrought weaponry was mixed into the pile. He wasn't surprised at the lack of rock golem corpses, he couldn't even begin to imaging being able to kill one. Judging by the nearly pasted corpses below him, their strength was incredible, or at the very least their weight, and their bodies were made from solid rock, they were practically moving fortresses. The nearest rock golems were moving on the second terrace down, stepping carefully around dark patches on the ground, he was shocked to see them carrying bathtub sized handfuls of magma around, before depositing it at the edges of the dark spots on the ground. They were a few hundred feet away, and he couldn't make out the dark material on the ground, but it was obvious they were performing some task as there was no immediate reward for them placing the magma there. Despite their distance from himself the creatures were so large, it looked as if he should be able to just reach out and touch them from where he crouched. Curios as to what they were doing, he turned away from the mound of Xer corpses and walked the edge of the terrace in the direction of the two laboring rock golems. As he walked he idly mused that he should assign an easier name to them, something catchy perhaps? Hammerhead Titans? It certainly fit, their size, distinctive look, and general lack of interest in fucking around with the Xer'Orians seemed to lend itself to the name. He liked it, it sounded flashy. As he neared the two working Titans, they finally noticed him, his diminutive size apparently lending itself to him in this and allowing him to go mostly unnoticed. The closest one saw him first, and sort of chirped at him, he called it a chirp because the action was very bird like. The things head tilted back, its beak opened, throat swelled and flexed, and a sound not unlike a cannon shot echoed from the things maw. He hadn't sensed any change in the wind, the creature wasn't breathing, something internally must have happened to cause the noise. He froze, staying where he was, and tried to impart a sense of calm and safety to the creature, it would be a terrible thing if he made it all this way just to be squashed by the Titan. The Titan stared at him for a few minutes, his partner continuing its work on the mass of black, and Teclis assumed the chirp was more of a warning or noise of curiosity than one of danger, since he wasn't dead and the other Titan hadn't stopped what he was doing. Eventually the Titan must have deemed him to not be a threat and turned away from him to continue its work with the magma. With the intense scrutiny now lessened, he sat himself on the edge of the terrace and watched them continue to pack handfuls of magma onto the pile, pulling fresh magma from a lower terrace when needed. He was impressed at the length of time the magma was able to stay hot, usually it cooled pretty quickly when exposed to air, but this stuff still oozed for half an hour after it was removed from the magma vents. Eventually the creatures deemed the pile to be large enough, or round enough, or some criteria he couldn't tell had been reached, and they started bringing forth handfuls of spring water from lord knows where, throwing it on the magma. Steam gushed forth in an explosion as the water hit the several thousand degree molten rock, and a revelation struck him as he watched them work; they were making obsidian. His assumption was vindicated when a few minutes later one of the Titans reached into the pile and withdrew a chunk of obsidian, placing it to the side of itself before reaching back in and fishing around for more cooled chunks of magma. For every one that the creature pulled out that contained obsidian, he discarded five that were simple igneous rock. The method the creatures were using was inefficient, cumbersome, they needed to cool the magma faster for it to reliably form obsidian. He allowed himself to slip down to the terrace that the creatures were working on, moving closer to the pile of cooling magma that radiated head like an oven. The creatures ignored him, continuing to fish through the magma, pulling out chunks. He raised his right hand, focusing his power there, a ball of ice forming rapidly. He tossed the ball in an underhand toss at the surface of the magma, and it splattered over it in an explosive puff as it changed forms from a solid to a liquid, then finally to a gas. The effect worked though, the magma cooled down much quicker than through the mediocre water method they were using. The creature turned its massive head towards the disturbance and plucked the beautiful, shiny obsidian smear from the hot magma and chirped in what he hoped was appreciation or happiness. He chuckled and started tossing the little ice balls at the magma pile as quickly as he could, the energy expenditure was pretty large, it was quite hot standing this close to the pile of magma, but he considered it worth it for the amount of enjoyment he received.
  15. Lost memories

    Gore nodded, a warning shot was probably wise in most cases, but she had learned long ago that if you wanted anyone to listen to you, respect you, you had to jump to extreme violence instantly. Otherwise you had issues like these, where you get kidnapped and taken for ransom to go knows where. Of course, she had grown up in an Orc tribe... "I say aye! To get them both there at once will be difficult." She said slowly, "I think if we set up a performance that should let them know I am there...I mean the first two kidnappers found me somehow - and nearly the whole village knows the troupe is looking for me - I am sure we could find someone to get a message to them." Gore was surprised, her plans weren't usually the first pick, her mind as a strategist rather dull compared to an army captain. She appreciated that Zafira was willing to go along with the plan, but remained skeptical that things would go smoothly. "I don't know if sending flames shooting into the air in a village is a good idea - I mean - what if I set it on fire?" A very valid point, starting a fire in the village would be hazardous, potentially fatal. Best save it for when they needed it. Gore turned away from the dog as he hacked on the piece of jerky, probably a bit more dry than he was used to, the sight of a tough piece of meat covered in dog saliva was enough to turn her stomach. "Do you have any throwing daggers?" The question surprised Gore, and Zafira looked like she was trying way too hard to remain casual. Unfortunately, she didn't, she would have liked to see what she wanted to do with them. "No, I don't carry traditional weaponry. I have a skill with creation magic, probably a side effect of my ability to heal. It lets me form physical constructs with my energy, and that's what I use as weapons, but it dissipates if I am not in contact with it, so no ranged weaponry." She demonstrated by forming what she imagined to be a throwing dagger, the small dagger sort of coalescing in her palm from nothing. It was a solid red color, emitting no glow of its own, but reflecting some amount of light. She drew her arm back and threw the weapon, the moment it left her hand it began to flake apart, and it barely made it two feet away from her before it had completely disappeared. She shrugged, nonplussed and still mildly annoyed that she couldn't make a bow and arrow. "We might be able to find some in town though, if you still have any money left from the tavern owner."