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  1. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Monsieur Frond's attack seemed to be particularly effective if the sound of a woman screeching in pain was any indication. A scuffle ensued as the lizard climbed all over the woman's head, digging his sharp claws into hair and face alike; there was no opportunity to throw his homemade explosive without harming their guide. Another figure came into view, only partially, and assisted the woman with removing the lizard from her hair. This would be the perfect opportunity, both of their assailants right next to each other, easy pickings for the concussive blast. The little black and orange lizard leapt free of the woman, his arm tensed, the muscles flexing, remembering years of practicing the simple action of tossing a ball. Then, there was a pressure on his arm, the soft scent of a woman invaded his nostrils, and he realized that Aelyria was holding him back. How she had gotten to him so quickly was beyond him. "For the love of Kelseth, stop! Caliben's there also!" Caliben? Was that the other man? Now that she mentioned it, the man did have a similar stature to Caliben. Ted stopped fighting Aelyria, letting his arm go lax, and the woman turned to rush off into the brush towards the duo. Foolish, even if it was Caliben, they weren't fully aware of the situation, nor did they know anything about his new companion. He weighed his options, go with Aelyria and talk it out with Caliben and his new companion, cut his losses and blow them all up, or option three, the secret option. Obviously he chose option three. He jammed the orb into his duster pocket and began excreting more of his blood through the pores on his hands, packing more Red into the orb and condensing it, increasing it's power. While he did this, he exhibited an unusual amount of seriousness, and rapidly traversed the outside perimeter of the clearing the group had moved to, out of sight. He kept his palm firmly in contact with the growing orb in his pocket, and moved nearly silently, for all of his idiocy and social anxiety, you didn't work with a moderately successful thief and assassin for a decade without picking up a few tricks for going undetected. By now, he had circled around behind the group, the orb inside his pocket had turned into a rectangular box about the size of a book, enough power to destroy a single room hut. He crept up behind Caliben and the unknown woman, shaking his head at Aelyria in the hopes that she wouldn't flick her eyes in his direction, or say anything about his presence. The woman had just finished saying something, "....ore of you coming?". A suspicious question if he had ever heard one. Ted casually looped his arm around Caliben's shoulders, a friendly gesture. "Nope, just us." Sweat beaded his forehead, his skin pale, the toll of losing so much blood so quickly was painful and exhausting. Suicide wasn't an option that he normally enjoyed, but it would make a good bargaining chip if necessary.
  2. Grimshar

    In the Crossfire

    Thread Summary These events take place a week after the events of Slumbering Shadows. Forrest (Caliben) and Aelyria are recovering from the wounds and honing their skills. Unbeknownst to them, at Aelyria’s beckoning Renkor is approaching the town. After a two year absence, Renkor arrives back in Valjer and seeks out Forrest and Aelyria. Upon reaching them, the reunion between Aelyria and Renkor sours, causing Aelyria to storm away from Renkor and Forrest. Despite the awkward tension, Caliben and Renkor introduce themselves to each other as they trace Aelyria’s footprints. Aelyria’s prints lead them to the Valmer Manor, unknowing that Renkor and Caliben are following her, Aelyria intends to speak with Valerie. Aelyria enters the Valmer Manor and is shown to a foyer where she finally meets the full Valmer family. She learns of Bailey Valmer’s true illness, not just a crippling bone disease that’s rapidly destroying his body, but the deranged, blind faith in his religion (dragon god of Valjer) that he is using to justify his atrocities. After a brief and disturbing conversation regarding Bailey’s faith that their dragon god has returned to them, Aelyria leaves the Valmer Manor. During Aelyria’s time in the Valmer Manor, Renkor and Forrest engage in a spat with one of the Manor Guards. The trio leaves the Manor, heading back to the inn they habitually stay at, where Tom remains a faithful companion. Aelyria and Renkor bicker like children over a mutual misunderstanding before eventually reconciling and agreeing to help each other. Caliben meanwhile has been plotting in devious ways to reach his end goal of a white wolf pelt. The three eventually sit down over a meal and has out the details of laying a trap to kill the white wolf pack that has moved into the towns area. They plot to lure the wolves into the valley and engage them with traps and a melee while archers shoot upon the wolves. The three lay down for the night, Renkor slipping out under the cover of darkness. He stalks his way to the house of the guard that assaulted him earlier at the Valmer Manor. He steals his way into the house, poisoning the air and burning the house down, killing the two occupants inside. The trio awakes and departs in the predawn light, meeting up with the elite task force assembled by Valerie Valmer to head off the white wolves. As they leave, they see the smoke from the house fire and their idle chatter reveals that the wife of the guard who perished in the fire was pregnant with child. The revelation has significant impact on both Aelyria and Renkor, further widening the divide between the two and vindicating Aelyria in her own mind. Eventually they arrive at the location of their ambush and lay in wait for the wolves. After several hours of waiting the wolves finally arrive, and they are slain in the battle. The group returns to Valjer, excited at the prospect of relaxing after their hard fought battle, but return to only more trouble. Valerie Valmer beaten within an inch of her life, reveals Bailer Valmer as the culprit, she also informs the trio that he kidnapped their daughter Ysgrid with plans to use her as a sacrifice. The group attacks the main hall where Bailey is holding out and kill a number of the town guard, before Aelyria slays Bailey Valmer. As they work to cover up the crimes they commited, they are confronted by Valeriea, and the very group of people they had just slain the white wolves with. Valerie reveals she has been pulling the strings in the shadows, manipulating them into killing Bailey for her. They are banished, used as scapegoats, and Renkor parts ways from the two. Events of Note · The White Wolf threat has been culled. · Bailey Valmer is assassinated. · Valerie Valmer assumes leadership of the town. · The Deepdelve rangers remain loyal to Valerie. · The Wolfsbane Guard follow Valerie only because of law, there are misgivings about whether she should be the leader. · The cultists of the Forgotten God, previously led by Bailey Valmer, are lost in the transition of power. · A notorious kingpin of the Underground froim Union city begins attempting to control Valerie to gain control of the towns resources. Possible Roleplay Opportunities · Incite a rebellion with the Wolfsbane Guard. · Investigate the disappearance of the Forgotten God Cultists. · Utilize town grants to set up new industry.
  3. Grimshar

    Slumbering Shadows

    Thread Summary After two years of coma, Aelyria awakens. She is weakened and confused, her last memories hazy, Renkor saving her from an unknown assailant. With no knowledge of what happened to him, or herself, she sets out on the town to try and regain her memory. Almost immediately she runs into a stranger in town, a man named Forrest (Caliben), who claims he was sent to find a white wolf. The two talks, and Forrest insists that he should check back in with Aelyria again the following morning. They continue to talk and Aelyria ends up agreeing to help Forrest to find a white wolf. After some preparation and debate, the two decide they should scout the wolves out before they commit to a hunt. They head north, having purchased fresh horses, and immediately run afoul of bad weather and a lack of information. The wolves have been increasing their territory, moving closer and closer to the town to find food. The pair are attacked by four wolves, three children and an adult, only a few miles from the town. With no way to escape, the two decide that they must fight. A vicious battle ensues. Aelyria, weakened from her coma, is forced to draw upon a power previously unknown to her. She ravages the two wolves that attack her, but destroy their pelts in the process. Forrest harnesses the natural ability of his eyes to slow his perception of time and systematically pick apart the other wolf, while one chases their horse. With only two good pelts remaining, they resign themselves to having to return to the wilderness again, knowing that they don’t have enough. They are saved from the harsh weather by the timely arrival of Valerie Valmer herself, along with a few hand selected Rangers (the local police force) who remain loyal to her alone. They are escorted back to town and their wounds are treated by Valerie, who urges them to wait and go on a hunt with a few of her own Rangers to eliminate the growing threat of the wolves. During all of this, Forrest recalls the reason for his arrival. Despite having told others that he is simply there to retrieve one pelt for a fur trader who would possibly wish to establish an operation in the area, he is the groundwork for a much larger and much more devious operation. He is to eliminate any who would oppose Mr. Lyles, an underground kingpin from Union City hoping to gain control of the town. Events of Note · Aelyria awakens from her coma, alone and stranded in the town. · Aelyria and Caliben (who goes by Forrest) meet. · The two head into the wilderness and discover that the white wolves that plague the area are hunting ever closer to the town. · Valerie Valmer plans to eliminate the white wolves, claiming her husband wont. · It is discovered that Valerie Valmer is working against her husband, Bailey Valmer. Possible Roleplay Opportunities · Investigate the divide between Bailey and Valerie Valmer. · Hunt more white wolves to protect the town. · Investigate the mysterious figure known as Mr. Lyles.
  4. Grimshar

    Wolves in Sheepskin

    Thread Summary Renkor, a native of the Cold South (Known now as the Imperial South to the Loyalists) and Ranger of the Wilderness, is traveling to the town of Valjer with the intention of deposing the current mayor and inserting himself as leader of the town. On his trip he stumbles across a woman named Aelyria, a foreigner to Genesaris, lost in the recent snowstorm that had descended. He offers her assistance, and a lift to the next town, which happens to be Valjer. On their way to the town he convinces Aelyria to pose as his wife to better insinuate himself within the community. They arrive in the town, gain lodging, purchase supplies, and plan to challenge the leader of the town for mayor ship, while taking care to be seen around town together. The challenge is one deep rooted in Valjer history, dating back to the time when the native people of Valjer emerged once again from the Deepdelve. A white wolf hunt, whoever kills the most White Wolves in a week’s time is crowned the mayor. Renkor reveals to Aelyria that his desire is to bring wealth and stability to the impoverished town through a political coup. As they go to issue the challenge Renkor realizes he has made a chronological error, and he arrived too early, he can’t issue the challenge until the following day. The two spend a day bonding, and further preparing themselves for whatever might happen during the challenge. During this time Aelyria manages to convince Renkor that it would be more beneficial for them to work with the existing leadership as an influential outside factor than an internal violent force. The day to issue the challenge finally arrives, but the two are caught outside the town in a massive Magestorm that rages across the land. During the Magestorm a pair of assassins show up and tried to kill the two, they manage to escape and defeat their enemies by a narrow margin. During the scuffle something happens to Aelyria, and she loses consciousness and slips into a coma, perhaps because of the Magestorm. Renkor send her back to Valjer on the back of his own mount, and chases after her own horse that had fled during the incident. He wanders for a short time, before eventually finding the horse being held captive by a mother Ice Dragon as food for her babies. He steals the horse back, fleeing form the dragon, and narrowly escapes with his life, and a stowaway. He leaves Aelyria in the care of Valerie Valmer, healer and wife of the town Mayor. Fearing that these would be murderers are after him, he leaves Valjer in an attempt to draw them away from Aelyria. Events of Note · Renkor and Aelyria meet, and together plan on deposing the Mayor of Valjer. · Aelyria convinces Renkor that assassinating the Mayor would be against his best interest. · Aelyria and Renkor are caught in an Icy Magestorm, where an assassination squad show up. · Aelyria falls into a coma, Renkor escapes and flees Valjer, leaving Aelyria in the care of a healer. Possible Roleplay Opportunities · Expand upon the tradition of mayor ship by the hunt of White Wolves. · Discover who is hiring assassination squads in Valjer. · Investigate the appearance of the Ice Dragon.
  5. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Ted's mind was still reeling from having seen Renkor standing so close to them, so soon after they arrived in Taen, when Aelyria threw him the rope. He fumbled with it for a minute, the thick and sticky mud clinging to the rope and making it difficult to hold onto. He was forced to wrap it around his arm and then drag himself forward, before wrapping the newly created slack around his arm again. Aelyria, the ever helpful one, just sat there and stared at him in silent contemplation. It was clear to Ted that she was as troubled by the sight of Renkor as much as he was, though perhaps her reasoning was different. His body finally pulled free of the muck with a loud sucking noise and a wet pop, and as he finally dragged himself up onto the more solid earth his chest heaved like a bellows. It was as he lay there, sucking down air like his life depended on it, sweat drenching his entire body uncomfortably, that he swore he would murder whatever god had decided to create a land as vile as Taen. While he lay there in misery, Aelyria cleaned her rope, muttering under her breath in distaste, though it was unclear if she was complaining about him or the situation in general. With her rope clean, her bed roll tied down, and her pack back on her shoulders where it belonged, she stomped off into the underbrush in the direction they had come. Ted scrambled to his feet, grimacing at the extra thirty pounds of mud clinging to his overcoat, and dashed after her. If Ted had thought himself to be agile and adept at traversing the terrain of Taen, Aelyria put him to shame. She trotted through the thick jungle like she was simply strolling down the streets of Mezthaluen, in fact, he hadn't even seen a leaf in her hair or a bramble stuck in her shirt. He was a bulldozer in comparison, preferring to simply push through any obstacle that he could, only changing his course when there was a vine, bramble, or log that he couldn't push past. Consequently Aelyria was a good twenty feet ahead of him the entire time. This prevented her from seeing the orange and black lizard previously identified as 'Monsieur Frond' scamper out of a bush next to Ted and jump on Ted's back. Ted stumbled slightly as the lizard hissed and started climbing him, the lizard may have been small but he was heavy. "Monsieur Frond, there you are! I was worried that you had forgotten about us." The lizard hissed in his ear, now perched on his shoulder like a parrot, his head flicking around to look at the jungle around them. "Wait, what? I told you three, three people guided to Lunaris for a Merlin." The lizard hissed more, followed by a guttural clicking sound. The frown on Ted's face deepened, the lizard seemed confused, which was odd considering he hadn't been wrong about anything yet. Ahead of him, Aelyria's posture changed, and Ted realized that while he had been talking with Monsieur Frond he hadn't paid attention to Aelyria's meticulous tracking of Caliben. Her entire demeanor shifted from annoyed and inquisitive to hostile in the blink of a eye. Ted stopped in his tracks, despite being so close to Aelyria the jungle was extremely dense with plants, preventing him from seeing most of Aelyria's lower torso and anything past her. Since he was behind her, he couldn't read any more than posture, and he wasn't sure if she was talking or saying anything, but she wasn't making any hand signals behind her back. Deciding to err on the side of caution, Ted slunk into the jungle, heading perpendicular to the path they had been traveling on. He took extra care to travel stealthily through the underbrush, choosing his steps carefully, avoiding overhanging branches and vines like the plague. Even Monsiuer Frond had fallen silent. They curved around slightly, aiming back towards the area where he vaguely remember Aelyria to have been standing, hoping to flank whatever it was that had given her pause. His pace had slowed to a slow crawl, predators (humans included) were better at spotting motion than they were at spotting and object standing still or moving slowly. If it was a person, they would be extra sensitive to spotting the human figure, so he kept his body hunched over to try and break up the easily recognizable figure of a human man. He halted all movement when he spotted a form through the brush, it wasn't Aelyria or Caliben, but their face and lower body was obscured by foliage. His eyes followed the direction the person was facing, and spotted Aelyria's legs, still standing thankfully. Monsieur Frond wiggled on his shoulder, and Ted nodded, he knew what they needed to do. Ted held his hand out, and Monsieur Frond scurried down into his palm, the large lizard spilling over and barely able to fit. When he was situated, Ted pulled free a small red orb, one of his explosives, the size of a golf ball. The explosive would be painful, if it made contact with the figure it might shred some of their flesh, but it was meant as a painful distraction rather then a killing device. He heaved the lizard back and threw the creature at the unknown assailant standing in the forest. "Go Monsieur Frond! Attack!" The lizard flew threw the air, screeching and warbling his battle cry. Ted hefted the red orb, ready to throw it when the lizard moved clear of the area.
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  7. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Ted grunted as yet another thorn branch caught on his chest plate, snagging him in it's embrace, as if scolding him for getting too close in the first place. He pressed forward, straining against the green appendage momentarily, before breaking free with a series of rapid 'pops' as the thorns snapped off their branch. The clearing that had been his first experience to the realities of Taen was deceptively pleasant compared to what he was now trudging through, where the clearing had been relatively free of snagging vines, plants, and brambles, the jungle wouldn't let you take two steps without trying to tie you up in something. He was seriously regretting not springing a little extra money for a decent machete to clear the jungle plants, and as he became more and more annoyed he started pondering if burning down the jungle wouldn't be a service to the natives. Now free of the pesky thorns, he was able to take several more large strides forward, ducking underneath hanging vines and leaping over detritus from the trees with a grace born only of years of fist fights in dirty streets. That bastard Monsieur Frond was seriously fucking with them, running off like that, pretending to be a lizard, it was like the guy wanted his new 'friends' to think he was a few muffins short of a basket. Well, if Ted was being honest with himself, he really only worried over Caliben's impression of him; Aelyria was too much of a stick in the mud. Speaking of sticks in the mud, Monsieur Frond scampered across another clearing in front of him, his unique pattern of black and orange scales flashing in the sunlight. It wasn't until he was hip deep in mud that he realized he had stumbled upon a hidden mire, and that Monsieur Frond - that little bastard - was able to run across the surface. An explosive sigh escaped his lips, "Fucking lizards." He squirmed for a moment, trying to pull his legs out of the clingy muck to no avail. The sounds of rustling leaves and snapping shrubbery behind him was growing closer, and he had to commend the two for being so quiet, even in a jungle. Nothing like his elephant like stampede. He craned his neck around, unable to turn around in the muck, as Aelyria came bursting into view through the shroud of the jungle. She halted, seeming to realize the danger of the mud that he had found himself stuck in. He saluted her, sarcastically of course, a broad grin shining up at her. "Hello there! Our guide just ran across this mire, do you happen to have a rope..." He trailed off, she wasn't even looking at him, her eyes focused on the other side of the mucky clearing, a strange look in her eyes. Fearing the worst, Ted turned slowly back around to face the direction Monsieur Frond had ran. Several emotions assaulted him, surprise, confusion, anxiety. Across the clearing from them, no more than thirty yards, was Renkor. He looked different than the last time he had seen him, but it was shockingly obvious that it was Renkor. The startlingly golden hair, the swirling birth marks of a Sylph, even the stature. But, he wasn't wearing any of the outfits that Ted had seen before, this was a glaringly basic set of adventuring gear, no mask, too colorful. It threw him off kilter. Renkor stood there for a moment, silent, staring oddly at them. As he turned away, back into the forest, he said one word, "Aelyria...". The word was almost gasped, a tortured sound that was laced with pain, with fear. Then he disappeared into the jungle like a specter. Ted realized that he had been reaching out for the man, and a deep sense of confusion settled into his bones, a sickening feeling coiling in his gut. Ted turned back to Aelyria, fear shining in his eyes, "What the fuck was that?" There were so many questions running through his mind, and only the cold feeling of the muck pressing against his legs and hips brought him back to the present. He looked at Aelyria, desperation shining in his eyes, "Do you have a rope? Or something that you can use to get me out of here?" He paused mid thought, trying to figure out what was wrong with what his brain was seeing. "Aelyria, where is Caliben?"
  8. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    Ted had been idly carving stick figures into the trunk of the fallen tree when Aelyria emerged from the portal that led back to the Blue Hills. It had only been a handful of minutes since he had sat down, so the stick figure army that was amassing to wage war against their neighbors was looking woefully sparse in men. Their odds didn't look good. The sound of Aelyria almost hyperventilating broke him from his reverie on who would win the arms race of his two dimensional drawings, his eyes snapping up to focus on her prone form. The sickness of traveling through a dimensional portal taking a similar toll on her mind and body as his own, he could sympathize. He remained on the log, staring coolly at Aelyria as she worked through the sickness, not from a lack of caring, but because there was nothing that he could do to make her feel better. That and he figured going near her right now probably end with another threat of dismembering his genitals. After a few moments, a few heartbeats really, she seemed to be over the sickness, and awkwardly rose to her feet. She brushed herself off of the sticky earth and regarded him with a look of distaste. "Well, I lost that bet. Here I was hoping that somehow the portal would malfunction and somehow you'd end up tossed into a sun--preferably one far, far away from here. Eh, no such luck it seems. Where's Caliben?" He chuckled, his eyebrow quirking up in an expression somewhere between amusement and questioning. He opened his mouth to respond, when Caliben chose that exact moment to come flying out of the portal like a demon possessed. Whereas Aelyria's exit had been smooth and graceful, a natural transition from one place to another, Caliben's exit appeared as if some cosmic god had thrown the man through the portal. He had flown past Aelyria and himself, impacting the ground with a sickening thump, and slid several yards across the dirt and moss that covered the ground. Ted wasn't sure, but that didn't seem normal. He wondered what gods Caliben had managed to piss off. He watched as the man went through the same sickness that he and Aelyria had gone through, before pulling himself up and wiping away the blood and tears that stained his face. He looked pretty roughed up, the ground having been a brutal mistress, his face was scratched in a few places, the palms of his hands as well. He wasn't having much success cleaning his face, the blood from his scraped hands just adding to the blood on his face. But, it seemed as if he was able to get enough clear to see where he was going, and made his way over to Aelyria. Standing unified against him, much like it had been ever since he had first approached them in the Bumbling King Tavern and Inn. A frown tugged at the corner of his mouth, the only indication about his thoughts on their continued abrasiveness to him. Caliben waved at them both as he approached, "I finally arrived, wasn't so bad." Ted didn't believe him. In fact, Ted believed that Caliben's own trip through the dimensional portal had been significantly worse then either his own or Aelyria's. He dismissed the thought, standing up proudly, puffing out his chest and striking a heroic pose. "Yes! Well... while you two were taking your sweet time getting through the portal, I secured a local guide to take us to the only town in this forsaken land." He sidestepped, as if to show someone who had been standing behind him unseen. He smiled smugly, basking in his own pride at having found someone so quickly that could keep them on track. At their confused expressions he turned to look, only to find that his guide was in fact, not there. "Wait a minute... he was just here, I was having an engaging conversation with him about the local bug life before you all arrived." He cast about with his eyes, then jumped down behind the log and poked about in the shrubs there for a second as if expecting to find their guide there. A lizard the size of a dinner plate rocketed out of the bushes, stopping for a moment to turn and hiss at Ted. The lizards skin was tough and covered in interlocking scales, alternating black and orange, with frills along its jaw line, and daggerlike teeth. It clearly did not like Ted. Satisfied with its hissing, the lizard scurried off into the jungle. "Wait! Monsieur Frond! We can't run that fast!" Ted sprinted into the forest after the lizard, pausing only briefly to wave the others forward. "Follow our guide now! Make sure to keep up! We don't want to get lost." Then he dove into a group of ferns and disappeared after the little creature.
  9. Grimshar

    The Final Beginning

    The shift from dimension to dimension was not an easy one for Ted, the sudden change in atmosphere, climate, surroundings, all in the blink of an eye, was extremely disorienting. Traveling through the portal wasn't anything like simply stepping through the doorway, it was so much more than that, it sucked your body into the pulsating void as quickly as anything he had ever experienced, spitting him out the other side all at once. There was no transition, he just simply was. So when he appeared in the land of Taen, decked out in all of his well loved (worn) adventuring gear, he stumbled for a moment before losing balance completely and ending up on his knees. As he lay there, practically sprawled out on the ground, gasping as he tried to keep himself from vomiting, his senses returned to him. A cacophony of noise washed over him, the chitter of insects, the howl of animals, the violent rustling of leaves in the canopy overhead. Not even in Mezthaluen was there quite as much raw noise. As the sickening feeling of bile rising in his throat finally abated he was able to relax, he hadn't realized how hard the transition had affected him until he unclenched his fists, releasing torn moss and rich black earth. Taen truly was a lush and beautiful land. Everywhere he looked was bursting with life and color. He pushed himself up, his knuckles sinking slightly into the thick, cushy layer of moss that covered the ground as far as the eye could see. Once upright he patted himself down, checking that he still had all of his important gear; knife, helmet, tent, sleeping roll, rations, spare socks. Satisfied that he hadn't lost anything during his transition he utilized the blessedly peaceful few moments without his traveling companions, Caliben (whose name was revealed to him only after a few days of traveling together) was amicable enough, but Aelyria, Goddesses teat was she insufferable, her whole "holier than thou" attitude along with the stick lodged firmly up her ass had made the past few weeks of travel almost painful enough to consider jumping out of a moving airship. Shoving those thoughts firmly from his mind to prevent himself from stewing on the issue more, he withdrew a small, hand-drawn map that he had purchased from the last town before entering the blue hills. It was a rough sketch of the land of Taen, detailing only one major city and the rough outline of the known land, which was divided into four quadrants of distinctly different climates. If the map was to be trusted, he had come out of a static portal only a few miles south of the main city known as "Lunaris", the first place that he figured they should stop to look for Renkor. As he studied the map in the suffocating heat and moisture that was a vibrant jungle he became acutely aware of his companions absence, they had been right behind him, was there some kind of time dilation that he needed to worry about? Did things happen at a slower pace inside Taen? Or were they just chickens? Ted thought it was the latter. He set about exploring the small clearing that he had found himself dumped in, grumbling about a lack of infrastructure. If this was supposed to be a permanent portal between the two lands, wouldn't there be some kind of road, or buildings? An outhouse would be nice, a bench even! As he poked about the clearing, scaring away small lizards and birds alike, he eventually found a decent looking fallen tree, root ball exposed to the elements, and plopped himself down on it to wait. He would wait a few hours, hopefully enough time for them to arrive, otherwise they knew to head for the nearest town and look for him there. While he waited his mind wandered to Renkor, a frown marring his face as his brain ran rampant over the information that he had. The last time he had seen Renkor in person, they had argued, quite viciously, about why Renkor was going to come to the land of Taen in the first place. It was actually the object of his recent ire, Aelyria, as well as Caliben, that had caused Renkor to desire to become a hermit. Ted had been intentionally vague regarding his knowledge of what had happened in Valjer, but he knew quite a bit more than just the general events. Aelyria had given Renkor conscience, regret, rage, emotions that Renkor had previously kept in check. She had driven him to Taen, inadvertently, because of these conflicting emotions. The man had looked lost, unable to come to terms with the changes. This coupled with the murder of an unborn child at Renkor's hands had brought him to this untamed land, beyond the fringes of civilization. The last correspondence he had received from Renkor had placed him somewhere east of Lunaris, in the mountain range, exactly where was still a mystery, but it was the only lead that he had. Renkor usually kept his correspondence brief, factual, but recently they were becoming something more, there was a distinct change in the way that he had been writing, but Ted wasn't able to pinpoint what it was. Whatever the case, he knew that something had changed, that Renkor had changed. The question was, was it for the better?
  10. Grimshar

    The Ties Left Behind

    Ted did give Forest a smug grin, a shit eating grin might have been a better description with how many of his teeth were showing. He positively oozed vindication. He regarded Aelyria with this same grin as she approached the table, stiff backed, flinty eyed, simply radiating annoyance and fury. Hell hath no fury... right? Despite all of his bravado he truly didn't know what Aelyria's reaction would be, he could guess at the things that she cared about, Caliben for instance, and try to play off her emotions to manipulate her into doing what he wanted. But, he feared he had gone too far this time and it was about to come back to bite him. When she slammed her hand down on the table and leaned into him, his grip tightened on the red, grapefruit sized orb he had palmed under the table, the creak of skin on the sticky material quiet but audible. All noise and chatter cut off abruptly, all eyes turning their way. "I swear, if this is just some elaborate ruse--whether it be of your own device or of both you and Renkor for whatever reason it may be--I will cut those little marbles that you call balls off your member and string them on a pretty little necklace for you to wear so that you will always be reminded of who not to fuck with." Ted tittered, clearly amused by her statement, his expression relaxed to a more serious and neutral one. "That means you would have to touch them first." He tittered some more. He waved the two men away, a generic hand wave along with a myriad of body language signals dismissing the men. The scrawnier man casually snagged the hawk off the tabletop and the two men turned to walk away, staring at each other with a calculating gleam in their eyes. He shoved them from his mind, dismissing them in much the same way he had done physically, they were of no more import. "Trust me when I say that this isn't some elaborate ruse. If I didn't think that Renkor needed our aid I wouldn't be here, you would never know I existed." Ted's eyes flicked to Forest, the gears in his mind churning at his statement. It was spoken pointedly, as if it was supposed to mean something to Ted. "I've read reports of the events that occurred in Valjer, I know of your parts in them, the important bits at least." At this he gave Forest a pointed glare of his own, he knew Forest wasn't as innocent as he looked. No, a much more duplicitous man lurked beneath the surface. The bartender finally brought Forest his drink, a mug of some brownish ale or mead that looked like it might have just been swamp water. Ted raised his own glass and clinked the rim of Forests, then threw back his own drink, draining the rest of it in a few large gulps. He slammed the mug down on the table, burping quietly, then stood and slung his arm around Aelyria's shoulder, practically hanging off of her. "What say we go visit that cache, hmm? It's hidden underneath one of the water docks to the North."
  11. Grimshar

    The Ties Left Behind

    Ted's eyebrows rose in interest as Forest ran through a gambit of emotion while he spoke, trying to intimidate the two men who had apparently decided that physically restraining him was the best way to go. Though Ted didn't have any moral ground to stand on, since the very few people he had been assigned to kill or capture had wound up vaporized in one way or another. He grimaced as his mind wandered back to the most recent occurrence, he had never professed subtlety or finesse. "Now, I can not answer for my travelling partner. I've never been able to predict what she'll do. And if I tried, she'd do the opposite of what I would have expected. So if I HAD to answer, I would say no." Ted nodded, the woman was impulsive, emotional, as was evident by their brief interaction. But, there was something to be said about Renkor, about his ability to attract people to himself. It was obvious even to Ted, that the man had some serious issues, but he couldn't help but like the man. Or maybe respect was closer to the mark, he respected the man. That respect drew him to Renkor, made him want to do things for Renkor, and he was pretty sure that anyone who had spent as much time around Renkor as Aelyria had, would feel something about the man. "Forest, I think you will be surprised to find our friend Aelyria to be far more attached to Renkor than you suspect. The man has a way of getting under your skin." With that said he sat, waiting for the woman to return, confident she would.
  12. Grimshar

    The Ties Left Behind

    Ted strode back into the Tavern part of the Inn with all the confidence and swagger of a man who had little care in the world. It was still early in the day, morning by most peoples standards, but a chilled glass of mead sounded quite refreshing, so he took a detour towards the bar. After a brief inquiry the bartender confirmed that they did in fact have mead, and it would cost him three chips for a pint. He agreed and the bartender sent one of his staff to fetch it from the cellar with promises of delivering it to Ted's table. So he returned to the table that he had sat at before, Aelyria and Forest's plates still lying untouched. He sat down with a sigh, and wiped the sweat from his brow, the morning was quickly shaping up to be one of a stifling scorcher. The bartenders assistant ascended the stairs at the same time the front door of the tavern opened with a bang. A crowd of pedestrians from all walks of life rushed through the open door, all eagerly trying to cram their way through the doorway at once. There was a brief scuffle, and more than a little bit of cursing, as the group figured out the order of entry. The crowd surged forward, filling the small room rapidly, the bartender watched in alarm, holding his tongue only because Ted waved the man down as the group approached his table. The sea of people parted and Forest appeared, he was dragged forward and dumped unceremoniously in the chair across from Ted, held in place by his arms. The bartenders assistant arrived at the table, placing a glass full to the brim with mead in front of him, along with a freshly sliced lemon. Ted nodded his thanks to the man and took a small sip of the sweet drink, then unhurriedly picked up the lemon and began squeezing the juices into the mead. A man stepped forward, skinny, nimble fingered, a poorly kept goatee adorning his chin, he placed a Hawk on the table, within Ted's reach, and then stepped back slightly and waited. Ted eyed the crowd again, then inspected Forest, he seemed a little roughed up, but relatively hale. Ted grabbed the glass and took another sip of the now much less cloying mead, and used his free hand to open his coin purse and pull out two merlin's, he tossed them to the man who had brought him the hawk. As he placed the glass back on the table the group began to disperse, already bickering and fighting with the man he had paid, demanding their fair share. Ted pointed at one man in particular, a burly dock worker who looked like he could lift a man over his head, "You." The crowd hesitated as everyone looked back at him to see who he was talking to. "And you", he pointed this time at a smaller man, one who looked like he had endured a hard life, and fought tooth and nail to survive doing all manner of odd jobs. "Attend me for a moment will you?" Both men hesitated as the crowd returned to their bickering, Ted suspected they were wondering if it was worth giving up their share of the two merlin's to see what he had to say. Their curiosity must have won out, they returned to the table as the crowd filtered away. "I am expecting another associate of ours." He nodded his head towards Forest. "If you were to remain and ensure that our friend here stayed with us until then, I'm sure he would be willing to give up some of his pay. Assuredly more than you would get from that rabble." The Golden Hawk glittered on the table, remaining untouched by Ted's hands. "Now, Forest, I think perhaps we have gotten off on the wrong foot. Let's try to get past that and work together now? Hmm?" His lips quirked up in a saccharine smile. "Do you think Aelyria will come back for you?"
  13. Grimshar

    The Ties Left Behind

    An aggressive sigh escaped Teds lips as the two departed rapidly, one after the other, their camaraderie something to be commended. He reached out to scoop the returned and rejected Hawks back into his hands so he could store them when he noticed one was missing. He grinned, the Forest was making this easy. At least, he assumed it was Forest who had pocketed one of the coins while pretending to return them all. He turned in his chair, trying to see if the man had made his way out of the door yet, and of course, he had. Aelyria was nowhere to be seen either, which meant that she had probably departed before Forest. Was this their plan all along? Had he been conned? Probably not, they had seemed too surprised by his suddenly showing up to have run a con so quickly. He sat in the chair, stoicly waiting for an appropriate amount of time to pass, before standing up, pushing the chair in, pocketing the coins, collecting his papers, and turning for the door. Renkor had specifically requested them, so he would make sure that they came. His plan certainly came with risks, everything that he did came with risks, but with risk, came reward. He shoved the papers haphazardly into his backpack as he walked, keeping only a single sheet out for his own reference, and gave a happy wave to the bartender as he passed. The man nodded a greeting in return, but there was no recognition in his eyes. He opened the door to exit the Tavern, and stepped out into the stifling morning heat, the sun so bright that his eyes had to adjust for a moment. Once they had done so, he scanned the crowd, searching for Forest and perhaps Aelyria. Aelyria said she was heading for Aelindra, which mean she was probably heading towards the Northern docks, so he checked there first. Luck was with him that day, Forest's unkempt mop of hair was easily spotted amongst the thin crowds of the morning, he seemed to be bobbing and weaving through foor traffic in an attempt to catch up to Aelyria, who was further ahead of him. Ted cleared his throat, took a deep breath, and yelled at the top of his lungs. "Thief! Thief! That man stole my gold!" He gestured frantically in Forests direction, and brandished his sketch of the man above his head for all to see. Several heads turned his way, and he hoped there was still some sort of guard or presence. He hoped against all hope that they hadn't gotten a good enough look at him to be able to pin anything on him, and that the more immediate threat of a gold thief would be a priority. Perhaps even a few enterprising citizens would be persuaded to take action against the man if the reward was enough. "Two Merlins to the man, or woman, who brings that man and my Hawk to The Bumbling King Tavern and Inn!" Hopefully someone would find them and bring them, or perhaps just try to kill them and take the Hawk for themselves, either way he was sure the two would come back to him for some revenge.
  14. Grimshar

    The Ties Left Behind

    Ted nodded at Forest's request, it was reasonable and not unexpected. If there was one thing that Ted could appreciate, it was having well maintained equipment, there was nothing worse than finding a hole in your coat when you were trudging through a rainstorm. There should be a few sets of clothes, probably the same style that Renkor usually wore, with some basic equipment, maybe a wetstone to repair weapons. If that wasn't to Forest's desires, he was sure there would be enough money in his slush fund to purchase a new set of gloves. Aelyria was succeeding at making herself the problem child of the trip, from his perspective, allowing her emotions to rule her decisions to an extreme level. At least Forest was willing to see the profit that could be made in this trip. He decided that he should address Forest first, since he was already the most receptive of the idea, from what Ted could tell. "I understand completely, it is rare for Renkor to want someones help. From what I understand he usually prefers to hire people, some kind of strange complex he developed I guess, hasn't let me do anything for him for free, ever. I don't know what kind of man you believe Renkor to be, or what your impression of him is." At this his eyes flicked over to Aelyria, pointedly. "But, Renkor is a good man, deep down, if not conflicted. He is about as close to a real father to me as anyone has any right to be. My true father abandoned me early on, leaving me and my mother to scrape out a living in the slums of Scales. Without Renkor, I would probably still be a no name pickpocket in that very same town." He reached into his jacket and pulled out his own coin purse, a more modern one, utilizing a zipper rather than the traditional drawstring. He scooped up Forest's coin purse, placing it in front of himself and opening it. He unzipped his coin purse and proceeded to pull out five Hawks, golden coins stamped in the Genesaris seal, one by one he placed them in Forest's coin purse, taking great pains to ensure that the man could see what he was doing, then slid it back across the table to him. "Two months pay, plus hazard pay to cover medical expenses should you be injured, if the trip takes longer you will be reimbursed when we return, let's check out the local cache for equipment, if you can't find what you need there we can purchase it at the local market." He turned to Aelyria, and placed five coins on the table in front of her, unconcerned at the extreme value of the gold glinting openly on the table for all patrons to see. "I know Renkor has his issues, we all do, but if you think Renkor would make a mistake in something as important as this, then you are not worth bringing on this trip. This is not something that was cobbled together at the last minute, this is part of something much larger than just me and Renkor. These decisions were made over months of contemplation, and I have my own standing orders with Renkor, as well as the rest of the members of our... group. Do not take this money as purchasing you, the choice is ultimately up to you, it's simply compensation for the time that will be spent away from your normal lives. Do not be so jaded, lest you end up like Renkor." A thought crossed through his mind, taking in Aleyria's dress again, the edge in her voice, the jadedness of her eyes. She resembled Renkor, in a way, a younger Renkor, one more conflicted. But, this was only a snapshot view of the woman, and it was possible that there was much more depth to her that he had yet to see. "Either way, I would need your answer now, we should depart from here as soon as possible, lest we have to wait until tomorrow to catch an Airship to Terrenus. So, what will it be?"
  15. Grimshar

    The Ties Left Behind

    Ted jumped in his seat when Aelyria slammed her hands down on the table, startled, the table jolting like it was possessed. His eyes completely missed the knife in her hand, the implied threat, his eyes instead immediately flicked to the orb, tracking it. It had jostled free of its position, and was now rolling across the tabletop towards the edge. A flash of heat ran up his neck, past his ears and into his scalp, tingling as it went. Fear, of the thought of what would happen should the orb roll off the edge of the table and shatter on the floor. He lunged for the orb, snatching it from the tabletop and cradling it in his hands, stroking it like a beloved pet. "Who the fuck do you think you are, walking in here with those portraits and throwing that name around?" He blinked up at the woman, was she taller than him? No, don't get sidetracked. Was it not obvious that he was a friend, or associate of Renkor's? He did say that Renkor had sent him... right? "Okay. Okay... Let's track back a bit. Start from the beginning. Who are you, how did you find us, and how do you know Renkor?" Ted turned questioningly to Forest, confused by the woman's sudden violent outburst, but he didn't seem overly worried about it. The man seemed to be more interested in the room around them, perhaps searching for an unknown threat, or just nervous. Either was possible, the telltale shaking of the table and gentle trembling of the floor boards under his own feet indicating that someone was bouncing their foot, perhaps out of fear. He turned his attention back to Aelyria, meeting her gaze and searching her eyes. The gentle dusting of red on the bridge of her nose and tops of her cheeks, the slightly creased brow, she was embarrassed by her outburst. An amused grin tugged at his lips, this was going to be fun. "Who am I? I am Thaddeus Bothwick the thirteenth, but most people just call me Ted. I'm a mercenary for hire, specializing in reconnaissance, destruction, and breaching operations." He gave a short seated bow. "As for how I found you? That was the easy part." He leaned against the table, exuding arrogance and mischief. "I paid a visit to one of your 'associates' back in Union City, convinced him to give me some info on where you were headed. He was rather reluctant at first, but I was able to convince him that he should give me what I wanted." He struggled not to giggle, his own joke too hilarious to himself, the implication that he had tortured someone to find them. When in reality he had simply used Renkor's deep pockets to bribe the man with an absurd amount of gold, true loyalty always lies with money. With a shrug, he relaxed back into his seat, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes remained. "As for how I know Renkor? We ran together back in Scales Village, must have been a decade ago now, back when I was still a greenhorn. He's saved my life more times than I can count, and kept me afloat during some hard times, though I imagine it was more for personal gain than any true attachment." He sat in silence for a few moments, mulling over old memories, the amusement fading from him slowly. "Either way, I am indebted to Renkor, and I aim to to settle that debt." He reached forward with one hand and plucked another piece of paper from the pile, sliding it towards Aelyria, as she seemed to be the most interested (demanding) of answers. "These are my instructions from Renkor, to find you two, and come to his aid. They're a contingency that neither of us thought we would ever need to use, but often our best laid plans go awry." Thaddeus, Enclosed are bank statements, personnel files, and storage locations, these assets are at your disposal. There are two profiles, one for Aelyria Tywen, and one for Forest. Please gather them to assist you. See you soon my friend. "I need the two of you to accompany me, Renkor has gone missing. I last heard from him six and a half months ago, he had been in a new land called Taen, in Terrenus. Renkor has allotted funds for us to use, more than enough to cover airfare, food, equipment, and incidentals. There's also a cache here in Mez, should you need to peruse a selection of gear before we depart. If you are reluctant to join me, I can offer you some very generous compensation for your time, hazard pay included." He eyed the two of them, his normally bubbly and oblivious facade having slipped away in the light of such a serious situation. The thought of Renkor locked in a dungeon or rotting somewhere enough to sober him.