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  1. Excitement welled in her chest and Kaia squeezed his hand after he took it. She felt a wash of warmth, calm, and happiness in that moment. It was exciting to be near this man. He was beautiful and gentle like a woman and he was strong and determined like a man--she realized he satisfied some of the tastes she preferred of both genders, more than differed from what she usually liked. On most men, such traits might be unappealing to her, but they fit him, and she liked that. She smiled at the fruit seller as Avvercus made his transaction and sampled a raspberry. She reached for her coin purse, but when she saw her companion pay him in excess, she settled for a curtsy. She took the fruit he handed her and examined it. It was unfamiliar to her, but she saw him bite into it and mimicked him. "Oh!" She tried to raise the hand he held to wipe her mouth and used the other after realizing it'd be both difficult and rude to do so as they were. "Mm, it's good. Star fruit? I'll have to have these more." She took another bite and scanned the crowd. There seemed to be many happy people about and waved here and there with her last three fingers in the hand in which she held the fruit. "It's a nice day--oh, hey. Is there anything an up-and-coming knight might need for his self or his home since we're here?" She asked over the crowd, then tried to give attention to another passerby before noting his scowl and clenched fist. Lord Praislin. A former suitor of hers who she had had to deny so often he had come to hate her; he even worked against her political goals. She turned back to Avvercus and pulled his hand toward him, encouraging him to take a turn in the hawker's maze.
  2. "What, like fear? Like your hair actually turned white from fear? Isn't that just a joke-saying?" Kaiaea asked through a smile. She stole glances as they walked and talked. How he caught his hair in his fingertips, the way he gestured, and the determined spirit in his eyes. She was practiced in timing them such that they would be hard to notice, but she kept letting her eyes stay longer than they should, and she gradually grew a blush as he noticed more than once. He paused and their eyes met, and he winked at her, causing her to catch the side of her lower lip and release it slowly while she glanced down, then to his eyes, and down again. She let her eyes trail down to the ground and tightened her arm around the crook of his. "Married? Would a respectable married lady be hanging on the arm of some pretty young knight? I think not!" She exclaimed, then cleared her throat. "Or be so bold, for that matter... "Well anyway, I spend a lot of time with tutors these days. I have the privilege to learn from the best in my position, and I make use of it. Other than that, I like taking days to myself, reading, and sleeping. And you asked how old and my full name?" She sighed and pressed closer against his arm, acknowledging the intimacy of the situation and embracing it. It felt good to be near him, and she rather liked him, despite Avvercus being an exception to her typical tastes. "Do I get to get away with saying you're rude to ask a lady her age?" "Well, I won't force you to answer. But uh...I don't think it's rude." he answered, looking her right in the eye with a confident grin. She hadn't pushed him away, so his advances weren't being rejected. Kaia met his eyes for a moment before she rolled hers and looked ahead, centering her weight away from him and picking at her nails. "You are a charming flirt, Sir Avvercus. If you flipped a coin, I'd say three hundred and three on one face and twenty three on the other, and you can make of that what you will." She looked up as she finished and turned her head to his with a look that asked that he didn't ask any more about it, then slipped her arm away from his so she could fold her hands behind her. "My full name is silly." She cast her eyes down and twitched the side of her mouth before she turned forward again. "But that's because it's from another language. So I'll ask you two questions, then I'll tell you your full name, and then mine... Okay?" "I promise I won't find it silly. Voxinium literally means soul seeker in Vulaerian. Ask away." "Hah, odd." She commented idly, then asked, "Okay, so what titles do you have, officially?" "I'm a Diamond in the Blade of Life school of Martial Arts, the current Champion of the Kalsin tournament, and an Acolyte of the Goddess of Fate. These are the titles I hold in my home world." He said, and she cocked her head. "Okay, those are a little longer than I'm used to, and they seem like status titles more than inherited ones. Hmm. What does it mean to be an Acolyte to a goddess where you come from?" "It means I am favored, and I am her direct representative. People that worship her show me respect and generally help me with whatever I need. Those that follow gods in opposition to her....have varying reactions. Sometimes they are violent. Being her acolyte basically means I am her avatar and I carry out her will. As for inherited titles...haha, nah. I wasn't born into anything. I showed up to Vulaer as a nobody." She stared at him as he spoke, watching his face and absorbing what he told her. So much so that she lost her place in the conversation. Her eyes widened and she scrambled for a short moment before it came back to her. "Right. Yes. Close enough to an emissary then." She said, "You'll have to tell me more about all this another time. Now... Well, I suppose you answered the second one as well. "Okay, so, in my language, your full name would be Siwailesar Avvercus Dahn Aiwal Voxinium, which is... Rather nice, actually. And mine is Siwaili Kaiaea Ri Aiwal Miri Lephka... But it's long and it's ugly. Everywhere else, it's better just to say Kaia Miri-Lephka, and I'm not wholly sure why I felt it necessary to share the whole thing with you." She brushed her hair behind her ear and smiled with a curtsy-like gesture to a passing noble, then looked ahead. They were coming up to a gate that stood open with a full detail of guards and many people travelling through in both directions. She'd hardly taken notice of passersby, and the commotion had not bothered her until then, but it was clear they had just come upon the market. "Well, are you brave, Sir Avvercus?" She asked, and let her hands fall to her side, turning her wrist out toward him in an inviting gesture.
  3. If you can't forgive and forget, forget forgiving and just accept that that's it.
  4. I am interested over here from Costa Rica! Wouldn't be able to do much until the 26th. Maybe Red Itil will fit well.
  5. *Glares.* I don't like you, new friend. You smell like leather.
  6. Yes, what the Tessarekt said. It's fine if you came from a non-forum background. I role played on Kongregate to start out with, and later some other IM stuff before I saught a more serious/mature environment to write in, and that's when I found Valucre. We have a lot of people who came from Gaia and other places too. So, you've role played before. What brings you to Valucre? What kind of genres do you prefer when you role play? Are you familiar with our lore? If so, don't go and try to read all of it. It's better to read what's relevant to whatever role plays you jump into, so as not to get overwhelmed. Do you have preexisting characters entering Val with you, or do you plan to make new ones? Is there anything else I can do for you besides ask a bunch of questions to help you elaborate on order to assist in you getting started? Happy writing, Art
  7. "Class" is just a descriptive category for characters. If you think you have a character who fits the Warlock archtype well, then you could say that's their class, but there's no set, hard RPG system supporting Valucre RP, so there's no need for that kind of thing to be rigidly defined. Combat does tend to require rules between players, and we have T1 as a default for that, but you can use what ever system you and your fellow writers agree upon.
  8. We're all equal Except for you 'Cause you're an asshole with an ugly point of view! Your insecurities Can't you see they're driving me insane?
  9. Welcome to Valucre! Enjoy your time here and happy writing.
  10. She sniffled. "I guess I did, didn't I?" She remarked, "Seemed normal at the time... That's odd." Antique responded to his comment. She prepped her bedding, only for Avvercus to offer her padding far finer than the utilitarian padding she carried. "No, no, that's okay. I have my own." She tried to say, but he insisted, and assumed she wanted to be alone, and while she thought she did, something in her chest twisted in protest. For a breath, she choked down words that would have asked him to stay and be close. Dangerous words that did not guarantee that she'd remain in the somewhat more comfortable state of emotional independence, despite her fluctuation. She did, however, keep them from passing her lips, and she thanked him and took the bedroll. She unrolled it not far from him, such that if she couldn't sleep, she could turn to watch him. She was thankful, at least, that the blessedly comfortable bedding was padding and not a blanket including, such that she could still keep her somewhat damp cloak over her for the comfort and familiarity it provided. "Goodnight, Avvercus." She said. Antique climbed into her bedding and faced away from Avvercus, and for some time, she just stared at one of the few sparse trees and paid attention to how the moisture hung in the cold air, and thought about all they had done that day. She had her cloak tucked against her chest and tight around her shoulders. She smiled, for it was nice to have been so adventurous, and despite being dangerous and frightening in the moments against the leviathan, it all seemed a bit bright and whimsical. Fun, she thought the word must have been. Did I have fun today? She asked herself, and she wasn't sure. Thankfully, to her mind, she was roused from such contemplation, and other things her mind had wandered to when her companion got up from his sleeping bag. She tried to listen, and assumed he was seeking relief for the night until green illumination lit from his direction. She turned over then, and watched him in what she gathered was prayer. He spoke soft words to a goddess of fate, which she had trouble discerning the meaning of over the tones of his voice as her eyelids came down of there own. She blinked them open, but it was not long until listening to her friend lulled her to sleep. I'm not dreaming this time. That's a strange way to start a dream, Thinks another voice in my head. What is going on? That is my thought. Kaiaea, I freed you, but I need you again. My voice, in my head, thinks my thoughts, but they are not mine. I want to wake up. I am floating, neutral in a substance I wish not to fathom. I'm not breathing, but there is air in my lungs. I open my eyes, and wish I had kept them closed. Everything around me is pulsating and breathing. Shining gold ore veins pulse with shining whiteness in stone organs that float about me. They are much, much larger than I am. I shall send an emissary to retrieve you. If you obey, you will be rewarded. If you flee, you will be punished. Again, the involuntary thoughts. From one of those veins flows liquid gold. It takes no shape until most of it has been excreted into a large blob, and then I see it's a golem forming. When you see the golden man--follow. Antique woke with a start, her heart beating rapidly. She pulled the cloak around her and tried to get the chanting phrase, "When you see the golden man--follow," From her head. "Follow, follow," She was whispering, and she stopped herself and forced her attention to the world she'd woken to. Avvercus was climbing into bed after his prayer had been completed. She felt a need to speak, to hear other words that would hold her mind. "Hey," She spoke up, and flinched at the volume of her own voice in its contrast with the stillness of the night. "Sorry, uhm... Sleep well, Avvercus. That's all." She said. Avvercus also flinched. He wasn't expecting her to still be awake. "Sweet dreams, Antique. I hope they are more pleasant than usual." He said, fully unaware of the short exchange that was slowing fading into the back of her mind. "Yeah. Me too..." She said. "Would you talk with me for a little, or would that keep you up?" "I cannot sleep. Chat away." "Oh, well, why can't you sleep?" "I am thinking about you and I. Our past. I suspect you are still awake for the same reason?" She paused before responding. "Uhm, yeah. That is heavy on my mind. Has anything new come back to you?" Avvercus dragged his bed roll over so that it was parallel to Antique's, and a few feet away. He climbed in and got comfortable before replying. "I'm afraid not. But if the faint feelings I'm getting about you are true, then...I am convinced you were not a bad person. Not when I knew you. " Antique closed her eyes for a second and smiled. "You have no idea how relieving it is to hear that," She said, and rolled onto her back, folding her hands over her chest atop the cloak she used as a blanket. She had her legs up and her knees together, and she blinked wearily at the stars. "You've done so much for me, lord Avvercus. And in just one day--there! I said it again! ...Are you even a lord?" "Haha, in some places I hold that title. But...I would say no. I don't consider myself one at least. Helping you has been my pleasure. As you heard... I consider it part of my duty as an Acolyte of fate, to help everyone fate has me cross paths with. I feel especially compelled to help you, Lady Kaia.... Kaia? Hmm?" "Oh? I've been called that before. I guess it's my name. Kaia. Kaiaea. Some long gibberish that amounts to Kaiaea Miri-Lephka, but... Something about it doesn't seem to mean as much to me anymore." "This is the first I can remember hearing it. One thing that is more clear than anything else to me...are golden, rust flaked eyes. Deep, intelligent, beautiful...they promise to hold centuries of experience. They are yours." He told her, and she looked at him with an unenthused glare before looking back up at the stars. "Will you tell me a story? Or just talk at me? I want to fall asleep to..." She thought on what she was saying, "To talking." "Tell me your favorite color. Mine is green" She looked at him again, and rolled to face him and closed her eyes. "I don't think I have a favorite color. Maybe red or some shade of purple, and I like silver and gold." "How about we just play twenty questions? Do you have a favorite food or flavor? Mine happens to be Star Fruit. I've been craving some for a while now...perhaps I will seek some out soon." he said, turning his head to face Antique. She at least looked comfortable now. "That sounds like a lot of questions. I don't know if I do. I haven't really tried much. Mostly bread and water and soups. I had venison at one point. That was good... Usually I don't like to hunt for food though. I dunno." She opened her eyes some and shifted to get more comfortable, stashing her hands between her thighs and keeping Avvercus's eye contact with her own golden, tired gaze. "Why do you like swords? I think they're beautiful, and they're symbols for things like justice and honor and stuff, and some of them have the shiniest laced metal hilts--I like ones like that, but not rapiers as much, because those don't cut very well... I trust myself more with knives." Avvercus giggled a little bit. Perhaps she was getting sleepy just from the conversation? "I will have to treat you to something delicious then. Tomorrow, I have a treat for you." he promised with a sleepy smile. "For me, the sword represents...much. The sword is how I have lived my life. Through it, I protect, I destroy. It is the medium through which I carve my path. I have no talent for the blade. My prowess has been earned purely though sheer hard work. So, in that, it is my passion. I pride myself on my swordsmenship. It is the one thing I am egotistical or competitive about. As for me...I believe currently, the Jian is my favorite. Elegant, swift, unriveled control. It is a beautiful and deadly weapon." he rambeled a bit, yawning in between and tucking into his pillow some more. "Would to learn? I can teach you starting in the morning. I'll be doing my daily training routine either way." Antique smiled as he spoke to her. He was finally rambling about something, and it was nice just to hear him speak while she closed her eyes. "That sounds nice," She mumbled her last words for the night as she slipped back into unconsciousness.
  11. From what I can tell from this post, you've got a pretty strong grasp on the language. Welcome to Valucre! Look forward to seeing you around.
  12. Thanks. Maybe I was exaggerating, but it was still bothersome.