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  1. Good luck with your interest check for this. It sounds like a fun project to share with other people. I'd encourage you to look into role playing within the Valucre canon as well! There's nothing really stopping you from exploring LGBTQ themes within it, and you might come to really enjoy Valucre and all that it is while you're at it. Of course, there's also nothing stopping you from developing modern lore here either, so if that's what you prefer, then have fun in that endeavor! Either way, welcome to Valucre, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help you get started here.
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    Crossed arms complemented the way that Thelan frowned through Thaddeus's dramatic declarations. He was paying mind to the man in all his grasping glory and the two arcanist women more than his friend or the captain. In fact, Tora was groaning and nudging him with his nose, which normally would have concerned Thelan, as that was how he acted in the face of oncoming storms, but he'd seen the skies and felt the forces about them, and he sent assurance to his friend that the weather wasn't amiss. His oversight had him off guard when the ship ran ashore, if there really was much shore to speak of, and he stumbled forward and almost fell next to Zara. Tora grumbled after regaining his balance and thudded his way to the edge of the ship and jumped off, presumably to protect Thaddeus, who appeared to be missing. Thelan took note of Karuna jumping off as well, but he busied himself offering his good hand to Zara, though she'd stood up by then, so he retracted his hand with a self-conscious smirk. He followed her to the mirror side of the ship and looked over. The mud looked pretty deep below based on what his saw of his companions, but the fall didn't seem terrible. He looked over to the noble lady in her pristine garb. Fine cuts and straight seams wouldn't mean much in the wilds, and he suspected she bore a reluctance to sully them by how she shifted and clenched and released her fists. He pressed his lips together with a huff for deciding to help her. He walked over to her other side and stood next to her, looking over to see if there was anything down there to rightly fear. Judging that there was not, he grew of his hand three seeds, which he tossed below with the bits of the mushrooms they'd come from. With a gesture, he raised three stalks of the plant he'd called Jackvine before. With intricate gestures and some pained grunts for having to use both hands, he made them grow twisting together, until he had them at a height enough that they slowly drooped toward the boat, and he caught it with a hand, passing it off to Zara. "Here. It'll resist bending enough to assist your fall." Was all he cared to say. He spared no further speculation for her predicament, and only one following thought, "'Fraid you've already decided." Meanwhile, Tora had landed in the mud and splattered Thaddeus as he stood from where he'd fallen. Not for further insult, but more as happenstance. He'd spotted pray in the grass, and he brought it up with a bite, flicking mud about as the snake thrashed and writhed as it bled in his jaws. The bear chewed on the thing and whipped it around by moving his head until it hung limp in his fangs. After it stopped, he grunted and waded through the mud to a hill of sorts, where the grass roots clumped the soil together enough that he could eat what bits of the short snake excluded its head and tail. Thelan jumped off the side of the boat and landed with a splash in the mud, lucky that he was not too close to anyone else to soil them with it. He closed his eyes in a frown as the his boots soaked through. They had been made with walking long distances in mind, and the wetness of the marsh made such loss of comfort inevitable. After resigning to it, he trudged to where his friend had chosen to take his meal and tentatively picked up the head of the snake with Tora's permission. He squinted at it, spreading its dead jaws and examining its mouth, though he had trouble identifying its like, its nature was obvious. It's venomous, but I can't tell what sort of snake it is. He told his friend. The venomous kind. Well, right, but... Thelan stopped his argument there. It was senseless trying to explain the importance of categorization and differentiation to a bear since it wasn't really relevant to his kind. You're fine. Might upset your stomach though. I am strong, Was the gist of Tora's response, and the druid place the head next to the rest of the thing's remains, then turned to the others. "Ready when you are, Marsh Conqueror Thaddeus."
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    Tora jerked when the woman landed on him, but after his grunt, he made little more of it. Her fear sated him, and he returned to his mental conversation with Thelan. No more petting. Right, sorry. He stopped touching the bear, who he'd truly been inspecting for wounds, and spared a glance for his own hand. He cradled it in his other to save it from dripping blood on the deck so profusely. Tend your wounds. Tora told him. I will. He told his friend. The bear wasn't angry. In fact, he seemed more annoyed with Thelan's concern than anything. After the lady sat down, the bear adjusted his seating to better view the others. The smelly one is wounded. Tend her. Tora instructed, and Thelan frowned. Obviously the smelly one was the lady who bore the lingering, toxic scents of perfumes, but she didn't seem wounded to him until he looked her over from where he knelt, and then he could only smirk. She's not wounded... He began to share, but he paused to hear what their leader had to say. Something about demonstrating powers. He figured he'd done enough of that and returned his attention to their conversation. She's shy. Or embarrassed. Or something. Human weakness? Tora asked. Yes, essentially. Now, I should be a part of this. He responded, stood, and turned to join the group, leaving Tora to nip at his paws and otherwise groom himself. Before he could give more than glances to the demonstration of flames and energy, which he understood better for how it drew from and displaced the natural flow of energy flowing through the world than the effects it produced, he had to adjust his hand. With a rough gesture, he snapped his mangled middle and index fingers closer to alignment, and with some rolling and popping as he gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, he had them set as the should be. He rolled his shoulders after that was done and tenderly reached in to his coat pocket, producing a roll of cloth strips he used to bind his fingers together. It had been a while since he had used those briers, and it showed in how much he had let it tear up his hand--of course, none of that was considering what his arm must have looked like beneath the coat, but he didn't seem to make much of it at the time, and no blood was leaking through. He wasn't quite surprised by Karuna's demonstration, but he was pleased knowing there was one person in company he could trust to resemble his estimations. Hers was the way of a number of mages he'd encountered. Clawing their way through magics rather than guiding them, they had a tendency to brute force things to take the shapes they willed for them. Which wasn't to say it lacked skill or wasn't impressive, because it was, but rather, it didn't need to be done that way, and it left impressions on the world of the sort that could be detrimental over time, or even be tracked. Although, he'd tried out tracking arcane disturbances in trying to find his mother, and it took a level of finesse and attention to detail that he certainly lacked, and he'd certainly never done some of the fantastic things their way had a knack for. His way was subtler. Not quite illusions or such trickery, but he chose to take the opportunity to tie in tending to his wounds with his moment to demonstrate, which had not yet come. A shine took to the corner of his eye as he smirked at the illusion. He forced the expression from his face and resumed his stoicism after a few moments, but the look had been there. Watching her play with her spell, which certainly left less of a mark on the world around it than Karuna's had, he couldn't help but wonder what things she'd done with it in her noble home. What trickery or mischief could a child with an aptitude for illusion magic get up to? Certainly enough to anger cooks and bakers. It brought him back more than a thousand years into the past. "Really? A thousand years?" He whispered without moving his lips, quiet enough that he wasn't worried about anyone hearing him over Zara. Memories from that long ago were hazy. Fading images of scenes he'd treasured as part of who he was painted scenes he remembered less for themselves, and more through previous recollections. He blinked and shook his head as the attention turned to him. He looked to Zara to see if she was still speaking, and seeing her waiting on him had him raise his eyebrows and chin and give a curt nod to no one in particular. "Right, well, I've given some sort of demonstration. Nothing comprehensive." Thelan said, keeping his eyes from lingering on anyone directly to avoid disruption. "There are things about me I won't share, but in the interest of your own knowledge and assurance, I will share some." He adjusted the rapier that rested on his belt of bone and leather, seeing no need for further emphasis upon it, and he didn't even gesture to the spear on his back. Instead, he stepped forward, and extended his good hand, careful not to take the heads off of the mushrooms growing harmlessly out of his skin as he rolled his fingers outward. They were not of any discernible type, and perhaps the reason was evident in his explanation. He said, "These are rather easy to grow. It only takes the slightest encouragement, and if I focus, I can grow the seeds of almost any plant I've learned enough about in them. There's not really much point in using my magic on anything else." He made a fist and ground the mushrooms in his palm. Opening his hand again, still holding it where they could all see, a handful of different seeds were spread among the bits of fungus. Then, with a guidance of natural forces, he caused those seeds to grow and bloom into a state that could be harvested, sprouting leafy herbs of different types, though one was particularly spiny. He pointed to each of them in turn. "This is aloe vera, earthcrown, red tilda, and tea flower. Obviously I can make things like those Jackvines back there, but it does have more uses than that." And then he picked some of the leaves from the plants with his pinky and middle finger, and looked around, puzzling how to set about making the poultice he intended to create. He turned back to the others to survey them, then gave them a tight lipped smile and a nod. "That's enough." He said, and moved to sit down in front of the bench Zara had favored, laying out the materials meticulously. He produced a small mortar and a pestle thereafter, both of stone, and set to his work, eventually producing a substance not unlike oatmeal, which he spread on the inside of his cloth strips after unwrapping them before he rewound his hand, and it was after that that he returned to the group, standing a few more feet away than anyone else, clasping his wrist and offering his attention to whoever took the initiative to speak.
  11. For context: This song has never come up before until this conversation. Fucking @Avvercus.
  12. Cool idea! Good luck with your recruiting. I'd note that Iselyr is archived and no longer exists on the face of Val. Happy writing.
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    Thelan gave the woman his attention, his resting glare deepening when she called his friend a mount. He was about to say something, but she was distracted with the state of the boat, which he too looked over with concern. Well, it won't be worse than landing on this continent. He mused at his friend. He had to dismount Tora so that they could both board the ship and they did. Distant commotion in the crowd disturbed his stand-offish assessment of the captain before he and Tora both sat down. He wouldn't raise verbal complaint--he'd seen drunk people do amazing things, but, he'd also seen them fail miserably at simple tasks. He hoped that manning a floating mass of dead wood was among the former. It was as he was sitting down that the guards burst through the crowd and started shouting. Words of, "Young lady," And, "Running away," Which meant nothing to him next to, "Put that bear down," Because that shot him full of rage. He jumped up onto the dock as Tora positioned himself defensively. As a guard was drawing a bow, he shot his offhand forward, tearing the object in half with the briers that extended in bloody kind and pulling its remains over the water before he retracted the thorns. As he did so, he grew seeds in the palm of his main hand. Scattering them on the dock, they took shallow roots and rapidly bloomed into flowers, which in turn grew into thick vines. One guard was lumbering forward and was caught in them as they grew. Not impaled, but certainly trapped by the thick stalks. It was then that Thelan returned himself to the boat and kicked it away from shore. He had avoided killing the men over the idea that the less the cities knew his face, the better, and if he were to simply cause a disturbance, that'd be different than killing people... Right? The drunken captain scrambled and tripped his way to heading off, and he had them listing away from the town in a decidedly lethargic fashion, leaving the guards plenty of time to cast arrows from the dock after they'd cut away the vines. Leading Tora to cover, Thelan asked him if he was alright, and spared a glance for the wellness of the others.
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