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  1. I'm phasing out my activity on Valucre. Whether I'll take on other role plays in the time it takes to finish my story with Antique here is something I haven't made a definitive decision on. It's been swell, but I think my time here is on its way toward an end.

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      Too bad to hear, wondered why our thread died. Take care.

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    OOC: Grey Gateway

    Oh! Got it. Yeah, sorry for not having been as attentive as I could have been.
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    OOC: Grey Gateway

    Sorry, I could've sworn I responded with my own assent here. That works for me.
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    Madness Loves Company

    Instantly, the other woman's question cut through Antique. Through the maddening sea of memories she couldn't sort, through any facade she might have worn at any time. Not even the Queen of Youth bore the arrogance to deny how deep it cut for someone else to ask one of the questions most core to her everlasting plight. Tears welled up in her eyes and for that place in time, it seemed like all the voices in her head, murmuring, shouting, screaming, droning, and otherwise all hushed to a murmur. Three memories passed clearly in her mind and her eyes traveled downward as she gathered her limbs close to her body. With the wide, manic gaze of a flooded mind and the hovering fingers that came with trauma and shock, she answered in her greatest moment of clarity since encountering Lun'Silth, and lacked the awareness to realize it. "Because I can't have both." She said in a shuddering breath. And on they traveled, as few would have chosen to cross their path. Yelstadt was armed and alert, and leading a large enough mass to dissuade most natural predators; certainly any that took note of them that day. As the sun crawled across the sky, above the pines which dappled them in shadows, Antique became steadily less coherent until she lapsed into an unresponsive muttering state. In time, Tobi's steps and the wagon truly did blend into a sort of white noise, and the veteran sighed some few hours after that. The light of the sun had grown orange and the shadows had grown long enough to prevent any reasonable progress henceforth. It was time to set up camp, and they did. Tobi was happy to be free of the weight of the wagon and indicated he had no desire but to eat and sleep for the evening, so Yelstadt fed him and tied him comfortably around a tree. Having walked all day, he was sore and tired in a way that made him worry for his animal companion, but nevertheless he found himself with his guests, not in a tent but in the back of the wagon, which he'd covered over with a canvas tarp. Beneath it, it was already much warmer than outside, and he easily found himself on the farther side from the two women. "Alright." He sighed, feeling so content resting his weary body. "How's Kaia doing, is she any better now that we're away from Yh'mi?" He asked, and later said, "We should trade watches. I don't think we need to cover the whole night, but it would be wise to cover some of the dark hours I think. Do you have any preferences with that?"
  5. I've cut down my stories and characters within Valucre. I will probably continue to write here for quite some time to come, but I don't foresee myself returning to the scale at which I participated before. I'll be keeping few role plays at a time, and seldom write characters other than Antique. This is not a goodbye though. Just a reduction in order to keep play-by-post role playing as a small hobby. 

    Thank you.

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    The Grey Gateway [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 1]

    In descending into the recess by Ezekiel's offer, Antique had taken her sword into hand by the blade just above the guard, and found its hilt with her other hand when unease beset the trio, so it was as such that she found herself when one of the horrific wolf pups leaped for her with its impossible maw so wide. Flinching seemed to serve her when she took a retreating step and struck its jaw with the pommel of her weapon, or at least, it seemed so until it recovered, and she had to gather her long, coal black ringlets with a fast and careless free hand to keep it from blinding her. She tried to kick it down, only to feed it her booted foot. Those many, many fangs not fully penetrating her flesh for the breadth of the material, though they still caused her to cry out in pain for the blood they drew, until she raised her weapon and plunged its blade through the small assailant. Doing so seemed to hurt it enough to release her foot and she changed her stance to withdraw the weapon and slash at its head, remembering from somewhere not to watch after she was sure her blade would land true. Why she looped her finger over the guard when she saw Dawen fighting off the rest of the nest would have been a mystery to her if she had noticed, but it did aid in stabbing at the one on the other woman's arm. She missed, sure, but she was close enough to have to widen the movement to make sure she didn't cut the elf, only to find the dangling monster's spine with the false edge on her next attack, cutting part way through its body and showering the both of them in the warm scarlet nectar of its yelping death. Yelping which had unlatched it from the elf's arm. In its last throes, she tossed it to the wall with a swing, and looked to Dawen to assess whether she needed further assistance, dropping her other hand from her hair to take the hilt of her sword in two hands.
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    The Masked Conjurer

    Species: Human, fae and draconic ancestry. Given Name: Soris Family Name: Talra Titles: (Formerly) The Masked Conjurer Hair Color: Brown Hair Details: No facial hair. Long head hair, shoulder-length, which he keeps tied to the rest of his hair behind his ears. Eye Color: Green Complexion: Tan Age: 57, still prime of body. Height: 5'10" Weight: 167 lbs. Body Build: Muscular, wide shoulders Magical Aptitude: Very strong Magic Details: His magic manifests in the swords he's created, and the Mirror Blades he uses, which are glowing white manifestations of swords with incredibly sharp edges. He's forged his own set of powerful weapons with names and unique abilities. Special Abilities: Dabbles in many sword forms, and wields them with seldom-matched skill and familiarity. He is also supernaturally strong and resistant, but not extremely so. Party Role: Fighter Social Status: Wanderer General Behavior: Dutiful, and intentional in his mannerisms. Alignment: True Neutral Clothing: Favors nicely cut clothing and fine cloths. Weapons: His arsenal of Nine Swords have yet to be fully revealed. Armor: Often wears light armor that's comfortable for everyday wear, including but not limited to gambesons and mail shirts. Artifacts and Magical Objects: His Nine Swords. History: Soris Talra grew up in an unconventional way. He was taken away from his loving family when he was very young, and since the time he was able to lift a sword, he trained under a man he only knew as the Eyeless Emissary. He was raised to serve as an assassin for the Order of the Faceless, and they forced him to hone his abilities both as a swordsman and a mage. The Eyeless Emissary directed him even from the first day toward skill with the sword, and made his training in it so rigorous that his other magics suffered for the specialty, but now, it has produced incredibly deadly results. He was considered ready to serve in his late twenties, and did so as the Order's assassin in his home dimension. It was only recently, some thirty years later, that he was relocated, and raised to a position as one of the Four Masks on Valucre. He served his position for roughly a year before his contemplation brought him to a position of disagreement with his peers, and he sought to leave freely. They, however, attempted to prevent him, and he felt he was forced to slay them in order to earn his freedom, and so he did, leaving the pocket dimension they operated from stranded and silent, filled with the corpses of his once-friends. Details and Notes:
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    Thelan, the Druid

    Species: Half-elf Given Name: Thelan Family Name: Osinvi-Miri-Lephka Hair Color: Black Hair Details: Long, curly, often tied back. Has a thin beard. Eye Color: Gold Complexion: White Age: 1055 Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 lbs. Body Build: Thin, but not overly so. Magical Aptitude: Exceptional Magic Details: Magic limited to interacting with nature and animals. Carries many exotic seeds from different worlds he's been to, which he can grow and mutate. Special Abilities: Skilled in the use of swords and weapons, primarily trained with the rapier style of Holinsi Mountain, using ropes and nets and shields in the offhand. (More untold.) Languages: Tongues, can also communicate with plants and animals. Social Status: Outcast, Wanderer General Behavior: Secluded, prone to anger, violent Alignment: TN Clothing: Wears furs and homemade clothes. Weapons: A spear, a rapier Artifacts and Magical Objects: A pendant in the shape of a human hand. History: Thelan is the son of a woman of the Edian Realms and Tora Ovinsi of Holinsi Mountain. He was raised briefly by his mother, who by then did go by Antique, before she left him in the care of Lysian Holins, a high lord who had been close friends with Tora. He was raised as a noble child from there, but he took to it poorly, and when he turned sixteen, he was surprised by meeting Siwal, the god of the Edian Realms, in his dreams. He was instructed by Siwal as to how he could try to meet his mother again, and he woke the next morning clutching a pendant that would allow him to travel between worlds. Still, it took him almost a year to actually prepare and be able to leave Angradon. He traveled to the Successor Grove to try to find her, but found himself almost helpless among the exotic plants and wildlife there. He spent a week in agony, fumbling with magics and a knife trying to remove the Stone Bleeder briers without killing himself, but he failed. It took over most of his body by the time he came upon one of the Grove's guardians. The guardian, Maple, offered to free him of it, but he refused, warning her not to touch him. She convinced him to at least listen to her before leaving, and she told him that Eternal Ivy might at least fight it back and offer him benefits for it all if he wanted to be host to the plants there. He tried more to remove the Stone Bleeder, but didn't have the knowledge at the time. He was able to find the Eternal Ivy and let it fight the Stone Bleeder briers that had overtaken his body. It was shortly after that that Antique left that world, and he followed. He chased her for centuries. About three on Wattara, where he was continents away and took about 30 years alone to sail to where she had been, but no one knew her enough by her description to point him in her direction. He had encountered much trouble combating the armed forces in the place he'd ended up on Earth, and never made it to where she was. He later spent a couple centuries chasing her across multiple different planes before she finally ended up on Valucre. He's been searching for her in Terrenus ever since, but she recently left the continent and he is trying to follow. However, without a better way to pinpoint her than knowing whether or not he's on the same continent in the same dimension, he fears he might never truly meet her. Relationships: Alarin Dalier - He met this woman after a failed attempt to retrieve moss from the Haunted Glenn. He has a pact to contact her when he meets Antique. Antique - His mother. She left him when he was very young, and he's dedicated his life to chasing her across the multiverse. Thaddeus Bothwick XIII - Thelan accompanied this man with two women in an excursion into the Bloodstone Marsh. He sees him as lost in his ways, caught in egotism and fascinated with technology. Still, the man was kind, and he earned Thelan's respect during their journey. Zara Vikturian - One of the women who was there with Thaddeus in the Bloodstone Marsh. He also sees her as one who is too busy with the dealings of human societies to appreciate the true meaning of life as he sees it. Karuna Renala - The other woman present when he was in the Bloodstone Marsh. He respects her method of magic (the conventional way), though he finds it heavy handed. Details and Notes: Nature magic Fighter (Namely sword and spear) Bear Companion Smells like fur and earth Species: Black Bear Given Name: Tora Gender: Male Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Clothing: Wears saddlebags, but no saddle. History: Thelan's friend since his time on Earth, this bear is constantly at his side, and often lets his friend mount and ride him. Tora has enjoyed almost every place they've been since Earth more than his home. Details and Notes:
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    Madness Loves Company

    "Oh, we'll be on the trail for a good few days. The farm is Southwest of Palgard and we'll be cutting off the trail for a more direct route. Should take about a week to get there if we stay on schedule." Yelstadt did answer, sure, but he offered no further attempts at conversation, nor any reciprocating inquiries. He had already assumed a mindset fit for the monotony of travel. One where he was lost in his head, sorting things and contemplating and half ignoring the road before him, as he always did when he knew he had a lot of easy work to get through. It was just a matter of letting it happen and giving it as little direct attention as possible. He could walk and keep direction just fine without having to mind it, and he had the warmth of Toby by his side to bring him comfort in his stride. Antique however, dragged herself up to a sitting position where she could stare at the wood beneath her, having seemingly forgotten what had happened mere moments before. Going over a bump bounced the wagon and its contents, but did little to shake her focus. Her golden eyes were so wide, one might guess her afraid of it, like she were observing a venomous snake, but she had her hands flat on the floor and did little to recoil from whatever fear she'd attached to the wagon floor. "How many times..." She muttered to herself, that aspect of horror on her face creasing deeper. "How many people..." Sadness drooped her shoulders and felled her fearful looks as her eyes wandered down. "How..." Mumbling as she was, she spoke in disjointed phrases relating to things only she could see. "It's not right." "A planet in my hands..." "A kingdom, those wars, the gangs and survival, cruelty, jealousy, nothing since--" She gasped and held onto a part of what was happening in her brain, eyes raising up, "As many monsters but..." Speaking in a whisper, she fished out a necklace by the string extending beneath her collar, producing Avvercus's sigil and staring at it in the palm of her hand. "Not him." She let it fall and rest over her chest, dropping her arm to her lap and muttering again. "So much forgotten." She looked right at Rainza, her metallic eyes piercing the isolating haze about her. "Do you forget?"
  10. Wanderlost

    Madness Loves Company

    The short answer to her question was yes, but Antique did not respond to Rainza's question. If anything, what cognitive presence she had had left her in response. A cascade of memories added itself to the rest of her past she was lost in. Her hand went over her chest and she became panicked. Staring through the blue woman, she began to hyperventilate and huffed. "No! No more silver!" She curled into a fetal position and clawed at her hair with her head in her arms, cowering at haunts only she perceived. Leading Toby on the trail North, Yelstadt only heard Antique's exclamation and he almost shouted back at them, but they were hardly far enough to be out of ear shot of the guards, let alone free from the clouds that hung above, though he could see proper light shining on the trail ahead through the pines above. If Rainza were to cross a line with his aunt back there, he wasn't sure what he would do. Starting a fair fight would be folly without a proper weapon, and fire didn't pack the sort of punch he assumed he'd need to fight such a strangely heavy little girl. All in all, he was in an ugly situation, and where they were going, things weren't bound to get any better. Kaia and Tawni never got along, and with Lucas passed an Derrin secluded in his own farm up North, his unannounced guests were bound to cause her quite an upset. He had heard Falstadt was supposed to visit soon. Perhaps if he was there it wouldn't strike her as hard, but that wouldn't be a sure thing to count on, so Yelstadt would have to be prepared for the drama to come... Fortunately at least, there was relative quiet from the wagon as he brooded over how to approach it with his mother.
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    OOC: Grey Gateway

    Well, I suppose that is a post.
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    The Grey Gateway [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 1]

    It was chilling, seeing both of her companions treat their swords so carelessly. Something in her cringed even seeing Ezekiel's sword unharmed after being plunged into stone, which in itself was a great display of strength. Antique was silent in the wake of the shifting of plates it took to half search for and half recall what was on her person. No shovel or anything to use as such. Fortunate that Ezekiel had a solution. Yet, she felt like she was only watching these things transpire. She was nothing more than mundane; just a woman with the knowledge and strength to fight, and not terribly well at that. She reminded herself that there was a reason she was here, and that it was important that she survive and keep it together, but that did not stop feelings of inadequacy dragging on what felt like her very soul. Holding her elbows in gauntleted hands, Antique shifted around to keep watch, surveying the mountain around them. Again, it was dark, and hard to discern what shadow was what, or whether any of the movement she thought she saw was significant, but she quickly found herself distracted as what she had thought was a flower on a rock not far from them took flight, shimmering of green and purple, and flitted away, out of sight, until a whole part of the mountain erupted in a silent cloud of green butterflies. They made off into the sky, high above, and surrounded a shape only made clear by the whispered about it, which disappeared slowly until the creature screamed and fell from the sky as a terrifying testament to the nature of these lands, though... The butterflies had been rather pretty, even if they turned out to be deadly as any other creature here. Coming back from her unnatural fascination with what she saw, Antique found nothing else of import around them and turned to face her companions once more, feeling a need to make herself useful in some way.
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    Madness Loves Company

    "There are songs..." Antique muttered in the place of the veteran's response. He huffed and said, "Because she's my aunt, and she's been missing for four years. There is much we must do to help her. And much her presence can do for my uncle..." And though he may have called her his aunt, it would be quite a feat of poor observation not to notice with his beard and stern face, that Yelstadt appeared older than she, but they walked on. Before they approached the gate, he had to fetch his horse and cart from the stables. When he'd arrived, he'd had enough food that it had flown over from the cart and into Toby's saddlebags, now it had been emptied in sale to the very order whose gaze he now evaded, and he was thanked verily for such a service. He treated the animal with care and fed it before leading Antique into the back of the wagon and sitting her down in the back. "Hardly a throne." She said, frowning at the wood around her and crossing her arms huffily over her chest. "This will do." She said, staring straight ahead without making eye contact with either of the other two. To that, the veteran only shook his head and jumped off the back of the wagon, turning around to bite his lip over the spectacle. He glanced around, and then addressed the Aldrak. "Alright look, this should be easy. They won't question me leaving with company. Probably. If everything goes as planned, they won't register as anything more than lost in thought. Maybe sit with her and I'll do the talking." Regardless of what the little lady actually did, he led his horse to a walk by its reins and they eventually came to the gate. The man guarding the gate out of Inn'sth looked over the sight of the two women then looked to Yelstadt. "You've got new company." "Yes, hired help for an issue on the farm." The guard looked doubtful. "And you hired women for that?" "Yes, it's something of a botanical thing." "Ah. Very well--you!" He beckoned another passerby and Yelstadt bowed before leading them onward.
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    OOC: Grey Gateway

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    Madness Loves Company

    Yelstadt carefully observed the childlike woman and her shocking blue aura. Though it was the color of her hair and eyes, it seemed to reflect all about her, and he assumed it was some strange magic he didn't know. Whatever she was however, he assured himself that he was strong in his own right. Strong enough to have served in the military like the rest of his family. So he raised his eyebrows in a condescending, questioning way and spoke, "Fine. Lady. Woman." He planted his hands on his hips, then removed one to count off his answers to her questions on his fingers before putting it back, "No idea. Somewhere safe and familiar to her, and no. I'm a veteran, meaning I no longer serve, as should be evident by my lack of equipment. If you'd like to come along, you may, but having come up in the state she's in after a few days outside Inn'sth, we're not going to dally here for the Order of the White Hand--bless their souls and their hearts--to take her from me." He paused with a dry chuckle, casting his eyes away in a glance. "Funny, I'd turn almost anyone else over to them under these circumstances." He looked back to Rainza, "But she's different, and has always been a strange one. I refuse to believe that Yh'mi did this to her." "It didn't." It was Antique who responded, staring as distant as before, and it visibly startled the man. "I did this to myself," Her eyes wandered across everything in front of her, over Rainza in a cursory fashion and onto Yelstadt. In this strange moment of lucidity, she looked defeated and tired, even to the point of drawing her breaths differently. "I didn't expect you to be here in the end though. I thought I had lost everything, everyone to this..." Her eyes fell back to the camp around them, seeing ruins that haunted some small part of her past. Corpses and the very city itself laid to waste by incredibly weaponry, torn asunder by actions she had very carefully led a man to do, whose corpse came back to her in a moment of horror that widened her eyes and made her stagger back. All at once, she remembered him begging. Weeping and crying when he realized the truth of what he had done, and that every reason he had had was a lie. He just wanted to die. Wanted her to shoot him, and that's exactly what she had done, with a cold pit in her stomach where she denied the fear and the sadness in favor of heartless cognizance. The veteran watched as his aunt turned from horror at the very ground to shock at them and the rest of the camp, to a confusion as her eyes darted about. It looked like she was trying to make sense of some shifting myriad of scintillating colors, and it proved whatever had come to her had taken its flight. Yelstadt, seeing her now subdued from her strange episode, sighed and tried not to overthink the the state she was in. He slung his arm around the woman's shoulders with a grunt for the dent in his plate and walked her toward the gate to the North. As he walked on, he watched the short, blue-haired woman to see whether she was to follow.