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  1. Square Two is a lot like Square One

    "Good." The raggedly adorned man spoke before Thelan could protest and they shared stern regards as he limped closer. In a rebuking gesture, Thelan's better hand landed on the man's chest before he could address Kalli. "Thelan and Kalli." He thumbed at the two of them. "I'm going to need your name and an explanation of how you became wounded. Are you bringing us trouble you'd be unjust not to notify us of?" He was terse of tone and demanding, but of all the things it might have sparked in the stranger, recognition was the thing that widened his eyes, and he seemed to examine the man's face. He didn't speak until his smirk faded back into a frown. "Not all of this blood is mine, Druid, and I am still standing." Then he looked around them around waist level, eyes seeking something he did not seem to find, even beyond the confines of the path. "You had a bear last we met." He met eyes with Thelan again, and found fury in the man. The golden-eyed one, who was taller of the two, thrust his hand out, his eyes widening in pain and anger as his fist formed around the man's collar and the briers surrounding it snaked and dug into his flesh. The warrior's backward step displaced him, however, and he was able break his hold and force the druid to the ground, controlling his range of movement by manipulating his injured arm. A flash of light accompanied the summoning of one of his Mirror Blades and he placed its point on the man's neck and spoke, "My name is Soris Talra and you've agreed to help me, Thelan. That is the only reason I haven't severed your head yet." He had gained the upper hand, but it was clear his opponent's Stone Briers had opened gashes around his collar bone and the sides of his neck. "That's all I wanted!" He conceded, and Soris released him, dismissing his weapon. As he recovered, he muttered, "Didn't have to be a fucking asshole about it." Which prompted the warrior to point a threatening finger at him. "You know nothing of the things I have to do." Defiance shone past the charcoal hair that framed Thelan's rugged face. "You know nothing of anything but fighting, do you?" He said, and silence set in. Soris glanced at Kalli, then back to Thelan, and he changed the subject. "I think I met your sister, and I know how to track her down. Perhaps that will be enough of a threat to dissuade you from insulting me like that again." The statement only really earned a confused response, as it should have. "I don't have a sister." "Are you sure? She looked just like you. Same soft face shape. Golden eyes. Similar, less brooding expressions? Long, curly hair? Short though. Maybe a close cousin?" It dawned on Thelan as Soris spoke who it was he was talking about, and it showed in his face. He should and did feel hatred and anger that he would suggest hurting her, but the reality of the situation bore a heavy weight, and the last thing he wanted was to further indicate that such a thing was viable as leverage against him. "It doesn't matter. You don't need to threaten me, Savage." Soris gave him mocking laughter. "That coming from a druid!" "Look, shut up. We agreed to help you. Let's get it over with so you can leave in the morning. We'll dress and treat your wounds. Then I need you gone." They both deferred passive glares to Kalli then, who had spoken of salves to share, and as Thelan judged, would be the pickiest as to where they slept that night.
  2. PSA in godmodding

    @Off Topic, I must commend your reply. You avoided being accusatory in a way I had only hoped to, and I found a lot to learn and appreciate in the points you made. So thank you.
  3. Heya!

    Welcome to Valucre, Athena!
  4. PSA in godmodding

    Sounds like you're writing with a section of the community that is rather aggressive, controlling, or competitive. Especially if this is a consistent enough issue to publicly vent about like this. I also think this post might not be advisable as a thing to refer to for someone on the lesser end of such an engagement. Your frustration comes through rather blatantly in your tone, and someone who's arguing with a writing partner about how they are handling a character that isn't even their own, who then refers to this piece, wouldn't effectively communicate any point you have to make here. I think it would just be inflammatory. That being said, I had an incorrect definition of god modding, and appreciate that you prompted me to look into that and correct it in my head. My incorrect understanding was probably due to my role play background prior to Valucre, and I might find use in having amended that. I sympathize with your grievances, but disagree with your delivery. What do you hope to accomplish with a post like this? Your formatting, capitalization, and wordings are abrasive and even rude. Saying things like, "Good for you, now don't do what the majority of pissed off comments on my last PSA did and get defensive cause trust me, you don't look very smart," Induced a knee-jerk, angry reaction from me, and I don't even belong to the sorts of people you're directing this at. So as for those you are directly insulting, they are likely to do as I did when reading the rest of your piece, and assess it with a negative bias against you, if they even finish reading it at all before reacting. This might be useful to consider if you choose to revise this to serve more effectively as a PSA. I think it would be more appropriate to call this a rant than a PSA, and I hope your future interactions with others in regard to this issue go more smoothly. Happy Monday.
  5. Square Two is a lot like Square One

    "Perhaps." He conceded to the girl's musings. "Or perhaps it could have happened an infinite number of places. It's hard to say." He fell into silence after that, which was initially contemplative before it lapsed into passive brooding, and he maintained it even after they gathered their things and returned to the road. Save for his pained breathing and necessary responses, he didn't speak much more during the rest of their travels that day. Not until the sun knelt into a graceful dusk and one of the many lengthening shadows that laid before them became discernible as one of a man dressed in dark clothes with hair similar to the druid's: long, curly, and black. Thelan stopped and placed a hand on Kalli's shoulder to urge her to do the same. The stranger seemed to be breathing rather heavily, and he recognized the scent of blood radiating from him before he recognized the man as wounded. His head came up like twenty pounds on a string, his hair dangling along with it. When it slid to frame his angular face, Thelan realized it was not a stranger at all. He had seen the man before, but he couldn't quite recall where. The man's dark eyes traveled between the two as a sight he had expected, yet regarded with reluctance. Distrust hinted at a sneer in his dour features and he said, "Glad you made it over the mountains, Druid." The statement sparked shocked realization in the man. When they'd first met, assailants of his had attacked him and Tora, and the man had later joined the ranks of people he had helped ferry across the sea from Draco South to the Cold Mountains. Their landing and the journey they had embarked on there had been suicidal--thus why so many prisoners were allowed to join them. So many had died that only he and twenty one others were left of them by the time they made it to Umbra, and he knew that the man had not been one of them. "As you seem to have been able to do alone." He retorted, leaving his displeasure at the man's silent departure as more than an implication. The warrior chuckled and eyed Kalli, as if trying to puzzle out her worth to Thelan. Then he looked back to the druid. "I need help. I'm injured, and I trust you at least know something about treating wounds." Thelan raised an eyebrow, but he looked to the woman beside him, deferring judgement of him to her.
  6. The Grey Gateway [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 1]

    Despite how her eyes shone, they did not offer Antique any glorious advantage in the waning, overcast darkness. Dawen spoke of an even greater dark, but following the shapes of the mountainside even in that light proved difficult for her. She chuckled and idly shook her head only a little at the warrior's dour optimism, but she did not surrender in the face of the task of finding one such location in the dusk. Fingers, metaphorically or metaphysically, lingered and dragged cold across her chest. The situation instilled fear in her, and nervousness as to the likeliness of their survival, but it only went so deep. Beyond that was resolve in resignation. There would come an end to her questions soon. She would either die or witness something spectacular, she was sure of this. "No." Quiet and subdued, she offered a delayed response to the man in company. "So unless our suicide is intentional, we should probably walk and find something." Weary hopelessness dragged the edges of her lips down as she regarded the other two. She fixated her eyes on their new member and watched her. Later she spoke and said, "You should lead us, Dawen. You seem to have an understanding of the land."
  7. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    I'll keep my eye on it, but I haven't decided whether I should involve one of my military characters yet.
  8. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

    I've sent you a message so we can talk further without detracting from the point of your interest check here. It seems there have been communication issues I was not aware of.
  9. AFV: 2 Weeks or Less

    Alright, I'm comfortable considering myself returned now. I'm working on getting some of these posts I've been owing out now.
  10. Regents. Rulers. Ect.

    I'd appreciate a PM discussing your plans with Baaj Island and Soris's potentially former regency. As far as I am aware, he's still its canonical leader. I hold little issue handing it over, as I haven't done much of anything with it, but it would help with my own stories. Thank you.
  11. Wanderlost's Music Thread

    Here we go. I played around with recording in Audacity and sort of used this as a way to figure out how to use the program. It turned out to be pretty intuitive. Had to run the metronome through my phone though, since it decided that headphone output would also be recorded. I'd especially like to get your thoughts on it, @Off Topic
  12. Wanderlost's Music Thread

    That was rather interesting, OT, thank you. It's interesting, I must admit, but I think I will start with Audacity and move to FL Studio, since both of those are immediately available to me.
  13. AFV: 2 Weeks or Less

    I've been switching focus with how I spend my time recently. Mostly focusing on school work, guitar, and some other priorities. For those it concerns, namely @jaistlyn and @King, I will still be available both through messaging on the site and on Discord. However, I'd like for people to know that I won't be writing in character for about a week. Maybe two, and plan to return in full swing by then. Mostly, I just need a break from writing while I focus on other things. Others whom it may concern: @Avvercus @Jotnotes @Pasion Pasiva @Eternity
  14. Wanderlost's Music Thread

    Thank you. The whole thing is in G Phrygian and I tried to structure heavier parts around the mellow core riff-thing.
  15. Wanderlost's Music Thread

    Yeah. I think I have a subscription laying around for FL Studio, but it is not a highly intuitive program past making basic beats or playing with the piano roll. Guess I'll figure it out one way or another. Thanks for this conversation.