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  1. Tia [civil war]

    Hey guys. I'm still alive. I'm still going to post. Been meaning to for days, but I'm having some real life issues and I've been sucked up in that and trying to run away from that. Kinda put my creativity in the shitter. I'll post tomorrow. Wanderlost#0957 on Discord. Harass me about it if you feel like it. It might help. Thanks for understanding.
  2. OOC: Marsh of Horrors

    I'll go run Dark Tower in the mean time. See if I can get a genie servant to do the trick.
  3. Who Am I?

    Cool character. Can we hear about your experience so far as a role player, and your interest in this site? We'd like to meet the writer behind this little fae too! Either way, welcome to Valucre and happy writing.
  4. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    Then write a post. It's an open role play. Anyone is welcome to join. For those of you who have posted already, I was going to give this another day or two for people to join in before I do my next post.
  5. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    @Hurttoto, Hey man. Glad to have you on board. I just read your post, and, well... Look, short posts are one thing, but two sentences is a little extreme. Can you flesh it out and do at least a paragraph please? You could do more than just establish that you're there, like go into why your character is there, or perhaps more about what they're doing it you'd like, if you weren't sure what to do with the post. Thank you.
  6. So, I'm not dead... yet.

    Welcome back. I know exactly what you went through. Not the hospitalization, but the growing fear of returning even though you want to. I've gone through that a couple times myself. You may even find yourself going through it again until you finally figure out what it takes for you to stay. For me, finding a writing partner was the thing. Without @Avvercus, I wouldn't keep coming back to everything I'm working on. At some point, doing it on my own, I'd lose steam and drift away from it for one reason or another. Having someone to plan everything out with, or just generally talk with about it really helps. Good luck with finding what you need to make that happen, and I hope you enjoy your time back on the site. :)
  7. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    Up to you. People here don't write terribly formal
  8. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    Cool! Glad to have you two on board.
  9. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    As many of you should know, @Red the Ambivalent has recently announced the Scarlet Submarine Company and three new cities along its route. One of those cities is an island. Baaj Island, and this is one of the first opportunities to write there! The setting is simple. Soris, the new reagent, taking some time for contemplation on the shore at night, not long after the first submarine or two dropping off tourists. It's an open role play that anyone can join. I'm still working on crafting things to do on the island itself, but keep in mind that it is a fully writable setting, and you're free to do your own role plays there as you wish. If you have any questions, whether it regards this role play or Baaj Island itself, let me know. Happy writing. Edit: As far as posting structure is concerned, I want to keep it loose without having this role play get out of hand. If it turns out that a lot of people are interested here, let's keep it down to 1 post per person between each post of mine, as I am the one who started the role play. I figure it'll keep it structured without being a strict order.
  10. [Baaj Island] A Night on the Shore

    Soris Talra stared out over the waves of his island. After the people had gone home, it seemed their god Kai'mana had waited until the revelers were done before weeping for the controversy that the Scarlet Rule had brought. Their eyes had been locked on him if not averted, wide in anger, awe, and confusion in different combinations when he had made his way to the beach, opposite of those looking to retire. One had pulled him aside. He was under a spell, a gift from his advisor Thorald, that allowed him to understand the native language. The man had to recast it each morning he was to deal with the public. He was still in the process of learning the language naturally, and it was a useful tool he appreciated. It was what allowed him to hear the man's grievances with that hand balled in his shirt. "Why must you and your people make everything so complicated? Can't you see we were fine before? There's no threat that we need your supposed protection from! Leave us to our ways!" He had shouted at Soris. The foreigner-turned-reagent found his hand cupped over the man's fist. "We have your interests at heart. Please excuse me." He had kept it brief, unhanded himself of the man, and walked on. In his trail, the man shouted, "We don't need you!" Before he turned and went home. It was only a faint drizzle that had extinguished the dying fires, but it was quick to soak through the rather thin shirt Soris had chosen, and though he didn't mind, it did cast a certain mood over the night. The air was warm, even as the cold of the night cooled it, and the water felt nice. He'd doffed his boots and they weren't far away. The ends of the waves reached out and grasped his ankles before receding back into the sea, gentle and harmless. His school was complete. He was in the process of electing a final addition to his government for Baaj Island. There was to be a prince and princess. Natives elected as liaisons between the people and the government. He'd have it passed down by blood and they would be treated like royalty. It would solve his issues dealing with the public, and those who were not happy with all the unity and wealth that was being brought by the Scarlet Rule. They would be able to have audience with those officials and offer their complaints, and rather than having to sit through long displays of sorrow and frustration and anger, he would only have to hear the important parts. He had Malligard vetting the locals. The man would find the people appropriate. He had told him that he'd prefer leaders of former tribes of the island as the ones to act as their superiors. Everything was coming into order, it seemed. He had held many counsels with Thorald and Ferrin, who he had named Head of Security, trying to figure out how best to settle the conflict that had arisen with the sudden introduction of their rule and disestablishment of their tribal system. Informing a whole population that they were all united under people so foreign to them had been forceful, at first, but they were trying to show an open hand, and despite an understandable amount of pushing back, many of them had come to accept it, as they did little to interrupt their day-to-day. A few weeks ago, the first ship bearing tourists had come in. They had all been executives or other orderlies under the Scarlet Rule. Many of them had, and they were raving of the food and the weather and the scenery. There was much talk, mostly joking, of a migration from some of the queen's less location-bound officials to this new paradise. Now, the first few submarines had started their routes. Regular, wealthy vacationers and strange travelers were joining the natives on their beaches. Many of the faces he'd seen walking to the beach had been more familiar. Genesarin and Terran respectively. They were doing good, but he found himself tired. Ferrin's policing force made efforts to blend in and appear hostile as little as possible. He hadn't gotten many complaints from the citizens since they had put out a fire next to Akoni's Knife that might otherwise have gotten out of hand. There were few but the most fundamental laws to break. Theft and violence were prohibited, but Soris made sure there would be no conflict with the peoples' regular activity so long as it wasn't particularly harmful, and the natives weren't hostile toward the guests on the island, mostly thanks to welcoming traditions holding their roots, so the guards went pleasantly unneeded for the most part. And still, it took a lot of work to keep everything going smoothly. How other reagents went about running whole cities with little help from others baffled him. Or perhaps they simply offered their compatriots less rights as part of the governing body. He found his mind wandering as he swiped some tangled hair from his face in denial of the gentle breeze. If Red were to die, would the people demand that the prince and princess of their little island be a potential contender for the throne? Would that be an easy issue to solve? ...Would he want to try to take the throne? A fight to the death with Leandros wasn't an exciting idea. The less he fought fair fights, the better these days. He thought he had had his share of violence. And then other concerns came to him. Would The Faceless Man truly hold to his word and leave him be, despite all he had done against his Order, so long as he remained confined to his island? And how long could Soris stand the idea of simply leaving them to their actions? How many important people would die at their hands? Brooding on his concerns, those few vacationers who stayed on the beach into the night were lost to him. He was consumed with his thoughts, the sea, and that constant, fickle hint of rain.
  11. "I've seen thinks you people wouldn't believe."

    Glances around the room. Nervous. Clearly. Uh. Right. So, welcome to Valucre. Your presence here predates mine, clearly, but it's still awesome to see you back. I haven't really bugged Carlos enough to have cool conversations about you. But then again, I'm only just now, after years, starting to get involved in anything regarding the politics of lore. Mostly, I've been figuring things out and working on my beloved Antique. That being said, I'd be interested in collaborating with you if you haven't already figured out a plan for your future returning to the world. It's year 18,596 now, if you haven't come across that already. Fun fact. Either way, happy writing.
  12. Carpe Noctem

    The rush of the fight had faded. Now, Antique laid on the floor of the alley, clutching her chest and wheezing. It hurt so bad. Every glancing blow, and even where she had been forced down, and especially her chest. Her ribs--however many were broken--turned every forced breath into an expansion of that pain, shooting out from that point, seemingly enveloping her before settling back down to the constant pain that was more centralized, causing a false sense of relief to be hastily dashed in repetition. She watched the world through a hazy, rolling tube it seemed. Glancing back at the alleyway, she saw people she hadn't noticed before. They were gathering closer to the alley. They must have been watching from afar before. Some of them looked like they wanted to kill her. She understood, and supposed in that moment that she couldn't stop them if they chose to. But when she thought that, she was still in the right. Antique thought they had just attacked a child. She thought their blind fanaticism had driven them to a point of insanity, but she was wrong. So very wrong. She let her gaze drift back to the wall across from her. The man who had shared that last look with her was now slumped and lifeless against the wall. His gaping neck wound leaked a slow stream of syrupy redness, but with no heartbeat, it seemed to be stopping. Then, Antique was distracted by someone walking past her vision, and something confusing about it that she didn't fully perceive. Following that direction, she saw wings sprout from the girl's back, and a stray quote from a speech she had once heard found its way from her lost memories. "The Devil lays buried partly in all of us, and we must be clean of the Sins He wishes us to commit! But-- The Devil also wears the flesh of other men, and you must be wary that you are not victim to His tricks and games, lest you find yourself in His Hell at the end of your days!" Conviction and a thick accent echoed in her head as she realized the truth of the horrifying monster she had saved. What could she do? She had saved a demon and killed her kindred in the process. Well, she thought she could start by standing, but that was her First Labor. She managed, with a hand clutched over her chest, and she stumbled toward the beast. The Second of her Labors was to find her bearings. She wanted her dagger for the Fourth, but there was no time, and the Third was to move. Quickly was a relative adverb for the limping woman hurriedly bracing herself against the wall by a hand, but she found herself upon her Fourth and final Labor before she could really figure out where she was in the line of things she had planned to do. She was not so tried by the gods as legends were, and thus were her Labors only Four, and also mundane, but to her, injured and dazed, they were each feats of will and strength worthy of such glorious detail. Fourth had her arms tight around the monster she had freed, reminding her of some distant legend, if only by name: Pandora, and a perplexing thought that was hard to shake. Why such an analogy? She kept thinking, I'm sitting on a box I should never have opened, but I'm not heavy enough to close it. And variations thereof. Antique knew her strength. She had arm wrestled and sometimes won with large commoners in the past. Those she had known to be powered most often outdid her, but she was not totally weak. Though, compared to the thing she chose to attach herself to--which was a terrible twisting pain to press her chest against--she could not have been the one in favor. She just hoped, while she forced her knee into the back of its knee and pushed it forward, that the dainty features of the girl that it had once born might still be evident in some way. Either way, it was her effort, and her Fourth Labor, to try to undo what she had done, and subdue that which she had mistakenly freed.
  13. Tia [civil war]

    So like... I may have forgotten to update my thread tracker when Amenities posted. Otherwise I probably would've posted by now. Sorry guys. Maybe tonight. Probably tomorrow morning.
  14. Hey Everybody

    Well, Shadiversity is incorrect about half the time, and highly opinionated. Skall is a great source for an entertaining exposure to HEMA and historical "fandom" if you will. Check out Scholagladiatoria. He's a fencing master who mostly teaches English saber from the 18th century or so (may be off. Relatively modern swordplay), as well as some of Fiore's dagger play. He is a great source or information. Roland Warzecha is cool too. Regarding establishing your own city, hopefully @supernal will have something to say for you there
  15. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    You'll want to set your washer to "Existential Wash" to clean your genes. That's most easily done by inverting the dial. Valucretins, Valucreans, Valucreatives... Something like that. Anyway, I can help with questions too when they arise, if you like. Welcome to Valucre.