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  1. Going to create a single writer story. If you want to join ask or pm me, please.

  2. If you wish for me to join you in anything just ask!

  3. New day, New ideas!

  4. Bored bored bored Argh!

    1. Palmtop Tiger

      Palmtop Tiger

      Found an interesting and now I want to write a story. Hmm, but about what?

  5. Good day now reading a book waiting for the nightlife.

    1. Palmtop Tiger

      Palmtop Tiger

      Playing FF14 with friends......at 4am 


  6. Image result for taiga aisaka playing games

    Playing Final Fantasy 14 and my old vita collection having a blast!

  7. Palmtop Tiger


    Only if you make me angry like that Ryuuji. Thankyou Princeben07.
  8. Palmtop Tiger


    Hello SPacegy4 ! and thankyou Supernal!
  9. Palmtop Tiger


    Hello, I Taiga Aisaka have returned to the Valucre home sorry to vanish for sooooo long as I hope to make it up by doing my very best!
  10. Palmtop Tiger

    A Mass Effect roleplay.

    Anyone wish to do a Mass Effect roleplay? One large vessel and story similar to the mass effect series with original characters. Will explain more if a group is willing to join.
  11. Ready to start an RP anyone like to join?

  12. I AM NOT SMALL!!!!!

  13. Grrrrrr, so tired but have to catch the train.

  14. Palmtop Tiger

    Benny's ANIME Corner

    I am a fan of romance and comedy mostly. So I can agree with a few anime prince sama mentioned.