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  1. Hello there! would you like to rp with me? I am new here. if you want feel free to send me a message.

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    T1 | REVEALED!

    MSN chats weren't really instant messenger. it was through some proprietary client they had. It's been a long time, so I don't remember it too well.
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    T1 | REVEALED!

    Note: Going back to the early 2000s, there was a distinction between T1 combat and 'freestyle' combat. T1 almost universally does not allow autos. Freestyle had less focus on logic and did allow autos. It was more similar to cooperative writing. It always baffled me how people fought with that style competitively. It was pretty prevalent on MSN chats before they became pay in 2003 and later shut down in 2006.
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    have you ever seen the rain?

    Vass watches with careful attention while Valentina works to fix the machine. His expression starts as anxious excitement, but quickly turns into not-so-subtle disappointment. It's taking her longer than it should, and he begins to shake his foot impatiently. When she asks him the question, Vass unravels his legs and stands, returning to hatch six. He peers inside. Most of the smoke has stopped, and the scent of burning oil has subsided. At least she's done something. "Valentina," he starts, placing a hand on her shoulder. It's sticky with sweat, so he removes it without thought. "You need to relieve the pressure on the wheel. Adding more lubricant to the mix isn't going to fix it if you don't address the core problem. You've added enough already, although I should make some when we arrive." With that, Vass swipes a flat wrench from his daughter, and crawls to the maintenance hatch. He presses it in between the disk that's pressing on the fly wheel, strains for a second, and then pops it. As he crawls out, he pulls the lever to restart the engine, and it roars to life. "Sometimes, you just need to put a little bit of muscle into it. You'll learn." With the machine working again, they continue on their journey to Ignatz, which takes another forty minutes or so. Vass does not stop at their home, but instead continues straight to the temple. Upon arrival, they meet an enthusiastic reception. Two generals and a high inquisitor are present. Vass knows the inquisitor, and one of the generals, but has no idea who the other is. He's a short man with a plump belly and big green eyes. He's the first to greet the inventor. "Toran Bulwater! It's a pleasure to meet you," he stammers. Vass glances over Toran's shoulders at the more familiar faces, raising his eyebrows, which is met with the same response from the other two, "Vass," he says. He turns over his shoulder, "Valentina. Why don't you go make yourself useful and see if they can use any help around the temple," he shouts to his daughter. On the surface, it may seem like Vass is being dismissive toward her, but the truth is that there's much networking to be done with the clergy, and if she's going to run the business, she'll need to be in their good graces. With that, Vass disappears inside to discuss the new prototype.
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    What is T1?

    The distance between them is twenty feet. Bill's spear, which is average, extends to about eight feet, plus the additional three foot length of his arm. That puts the effective combat distance between the woman and himself at 10 feet, if he wields the spear near its end. He can close that distance in a single lunge. And so he does. When the wall of sand approaches the woman, she brings her parasol down. Since the sand is traveling with a high horizontal velocity at all levels, that means she'd have to block her view of Bill, which is already partly obscured by the wall of sand. He lunges with the spear in his right hand, and extends it, not toward her center as she might expect if she hears him coming, but at the forearm of the hand that's hosting the shadow orb. The spear is set to over penetrate by about a foot, and he turns down his gripping palm while thrusting so that he can make quick adjustments if she does manage to move out of the way. If the spear does make contact with the arm, the power in it will shatter the shadow magic, effectively destroying both with his power break ability. But, the thing is, she'd still have a spear in her arm. If the spear does not make activating contact (that is, with the limb carrying the orb), the power break ability will not be burnt. While he approaches, the power in his barrier continues to increase, preparing for a possible counter attack. If she is able to somehow get off the raven attack, it'll break harmlessly on the powerful barrier that flares up as it approaches. Interrupt: Attack: Spear Lunge -> Power Break [1] Prep: Barrier [2]
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    What is T1?

    "Oh! I didn't see you there!" Bill shouts at the woman who stared at him without saying anything. He digs the spear a bit deeper into the ground before whipping it forward, releasing a surprisingly powerful spray of sand in the direction of the woman. Bill is partial to dirty tricks, and is therefore quite good at them. The sand is thrown in such a way as to create a half cylinder around him--that is, 180 degrees of sand coverage--with a maximum height of 7 ft. and a minimum height of 3 ft. It should reach the woman not long after she begins charging shadow energy into her hand. It maintains a consistent forward velocity, with the primary aim of getting in her eyes. As he tosses the sand up, the spear remains up and out at the readied position, and his body becomes wreathed in the same power that infused the tip of his spear. He watches her, memorizing each tell and extrapolating forward, just in case his plan goes awry. He's learned, through many years, to always have contingencies when entering battle. For now, though, he'd try his luck in close quarters. His grip tightens on the spear, and he readies himself. Preps: Infused Spear: 1 Barrier: 1 Note: Barrier blocks magical effects. Will also activate against kinetic or radiative attacks with energy density equal to or surpassing that of an arrow fired from an average bow. (Dunno if your character would know this, though, or even be able to see it).
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    What is T1?

    Somewhere in Nevad--the Wastelands: It's really hot, and Bill is tired of this shit. There's sand in his shoes, and he's not happy about it. Plus, there's a pool of sweat starting to accumulate in his nether regions that's threatening to create its own ecosystem. With the sun at precisely noon, Bill shoves his spear into the ground, wondering who the hell he's supposed to be meeting here. The spear doesn't get quite as far as he was hoping, so he asserts control over the power that courses through his body and gives it life, reinforcing the tip of the spear, so it sinks in per his liking. With that, he begins playing with the sand with his feet, and thinking about the nice steak dinner he's going to have once he finishes this job, but then gets a bit sour when considering the social implications of currency exchange and how Joe, his employer, makes him feel like a little bitch. He should spear him in the face, too. Prep: Infuse Spear.
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    What is T1?

    My guy: Bill
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    Name: Bill Height: 5'8 Weight: 153 Build: Average Powers and Abilities: Bill specializes in armed combat, but he is also well-trained in unarmed martial arts. His preferred weapons are the spear and sword. He is capable of channeling energy into his weapons or body, reinforcing them for special or stronger attacks and affording the them the ability to interrupt spell and spell effects. In the same sense, he can coat his body with this energy, which provides a protective barrier against external threats. Bill's senses are also especially acute due to a neural implant. He can see all wavelengths of light, in addition to magical energy of all sorts.
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    have you ever seen the rain?

    An old man and a fifteen year old girl coast along the finely crafted stone roadway. Many pass by in rotating gyrospheres and offer odd looks to the pair who are traveling on a long, winding machine that is driven by dozens of thin, jabbing legs and which fills the air with the aromatic scent of industrial lubricant. The reliable old machine, which he always refers to as Matilda, is one of Vass's earliest inventions. It uses charged elemental gems to power alpha configuration stirling engines in each segment, affording it unrivaled versatility and power, or at least it was unrivaled. He sold the technology that powers Matilda to the Terrans, who made good work of improving his design, for a hefty sum, which was impossible to turn down after the tragedy. He could focus on his work, instead. And focus, he did. Within twelve short years, Vass became the single largest supplier of intellectual property and weapons in the entire western half of Terrenus; in fact, that's why he's heading to the city. Attached to the back of Matilda, who measures precisely forty-five feet long, is a large freight container on wheels. It contains a prototype of a new armored exoskeleton codenamed Titan 3. As they approach, the city's reach grows in waves of increasing frequency. It's been a long trip, and the forgotten scents and sights of Ignatz usher forth a flood of memories. Some of them are good. "Valentina, my dear," he starts, turning his weathered face toward his daughter and apprentice, "have you noticed any patterns in the frequency of towns and industrialization in a ring around the city? Of course you have. It's a lot like the double slit experiment. As you get move closer, the frequency of the scattering pattern increases. Now, that's the relationship between distance from the screen and the distance between peaks?" He doesn't wait for an answer, and instead goes back to driving the machine forward. He does, however, hand her the book she's been studying: The Foundations of Optics written by himself, of course. As he does, Matilda lurches with a loud CREAAAAAAAAK and comes to a skidding halt, throwing the book from his hand and onto the ground at Valentina's feet. He rotates out of his seat with surprising dexterity and crawls along the top of Matilda, paying careful attention to not fall while he navigates the gaps between segments. After careful inspection of segment six, which is smoking, he shouts back to Valentina, "It looks like the flywheel has seized up. Bring my tool set and lots of VN-29! We'll have you fix it," he says while positioning himself to sit cross legged and armed in the adjacent segment, looking carefully over the open maintenance hatch of unit six, which is releasing a respectable amount of smoke into the vicinity.
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    F.I.S.T. Investigation of the Corpse Train

    Drip Drip Drip The light in the tavern has been completely extinguished. The younger brother hadn’t anticipated returning to this place; actually, he didn’t want to return. The food and service were bad. He had told everyone he knew how bad it was, actually. But still, his lack of desire to return to this shack of a tavern was overshadowed by his desire to not have peacekeepers trying to play touch butt with him. Except that new one, Lisa. He had a thing for her, even before she was a peacekeeper. It’s why he only shot her a little bit. Not the whole way, which he could’ve done. No, he had a plans for that girl. Drip Drip Michael is pressing a woman by her throat against a support beam. She looks like she may outweigh him, but he’s holding her almost a foot off the ground without any effort. Her eyes are bulging and her lips are blue. The interior of the tavern is littered with dead bodies. It happened so quickly that the bartender didn’t even see it occur. At one moment, the tavern was a bustling venue and the next, people’s heads were suspended from the ceiling, their bodies were turned inside out, and some of their arms are arrayed like bowling pins, where the man who was now holding her neck was using the head of a young woman as a bowling ball. It didn’t roll well, so he got frustrated and crushed it under his foot, sending brain matter splattering everywhere. “What’d you tell them?” he asks. It isn’t that he doesn’t know. He’s well aware of what she said and to whom. He can see into her mind like it’s his own, which is why this line of questioning is so attractive to the younger Tullin. The terror it creates gives him the best half chub. Or three quarter. “The sign…” she muttered. Michael’s eyes light up. “OH! That was great marketing, wasn’t it? I didn’t think we’d find someone so quickly.” “Please… let me go.” Michael shakes his head and digs his fingernails into her neck. A trickle of blood runs down his hand, but turns away as if coming into contact with some preternatural force before it can touch his sleeve. He backhands her. “DON’T BLEED ON ME, BITCH!” Drip Drip Drip The woman looks toward the source of the noise in the low light of the tavern. There’s a bisected upper half of a body hanging from one of the rafters. The spine has been forced into the victim’s mouth, giving the appearance of autofellatio, but with a spine. Michael thought it was cute. “The dripping is distracting, isn’t it?” It stops. “What else did you tell him?” Before she can answer, there’s a low rumble and the ground shifts just enough for the torso to fall off the rafters and onto a table with a loud splat. “He…my mind.” “Oh. That motherfucker,” Michael mutters. With his free hand, he pulls the revolver from its holster. The women’s eyes explode with fear and she starts struggling to get away, but it’s futile. The devil’s grip is too tight. She can see the shadow rising off of him, further darkening the place she had called home for so many years. Why did it have to happen like this? Who will take care of Bobby? “Oh. I’ll take care of your son. Don’t worry. Also, you're terrible at your job,” Michael says. He puts the gun to her head and pulls the trigger. It explodes in a torrent of purple energy, and her entire body disintegrates into nothing. Michael gestures with his hand, and the entire establishment bursts into flame. He exits the building and, later, Casper, leaving many more fires scattered throughout the city. If one were to take an aerial view of the flames in question, they’d see the carefully crafted image of a bird of prey. A hawk.
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    SUUJALI Type » Animal (Quadriped) Temperament » Hostile (Creatures that exhibit extreme aggression and senselessly attack or lock onto their targets without breaking pursuit.) Sapience » Constructed Size » 4m avg height; 9m avg length Weight » 4 tonnes Location » Wastelands Environment » Desert Organization » Pack Special Abilities » Magic resistant and ultra-durable carapace Drop Items » Dagger sized claw (1-69%); Armor sized carapace (70-80%); Suujali pup (81-99%) Suujali are species of wolf-like quadripedals found in the wastelands of Terrenus. They are extremely large and aggressive, which is part of the reason why the travel into the wastelands is prohibited. They range from ten to fifteen tall at the shoulder and typically weigh between one and two tons. Unlike wolves, these creatures have no fur, and their skin is described as being darker than the abyss itself. This makes them almost impossible to see at night, save for their glowing red eyes. Suujali are also said to have the ability to burrow into the ground. These beasts have three main weapons: their large claws [~five to eight inches in length], a whip like tail, and an almost indestructible carapace that covers their head. Suujali are completely immune to all forms of magic (including psionics) and fire, but are vulnerable when faced with conventional weapons. Due to their strong skin, only weapons derived from Vakar or any of its alloys are useful against the Suujali, at least in the hands of normal men. A large steel blade, if sharp and carrying sufficient momentum, would be able to cleave through the Suujali as if they were any other beast. Their greatest strength in melee lies in their massive size and agility. (Note that magical effects can still harm them, like a summoned rock storm.) The carapace is the most valuable part of the Suujali, because it retains its magnificent qualities even after the beast is killed [indestructible and immune to magic]. Vakar seems to be the only metal capable of cutting and therefore shaping the carapace. The skin, while durable, does not retain any extraordinary qualities and will also decay if not treated.