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  1. Velindrel is my character and I had him go through a lot of personal stuff to become a mastersmith as I completed threads with him. He took up a trade profession under one of my NPC's to become as good as he has and that has allowed me to get certain other stuff done. I'm working on getting a lot of lore stuff completed as well which is on the way. But yeah I had Velly gradually get good from a lowly apprentice to like a master smith status and eventually beyond. I wanted to show the gradual progression of how he became from zero to hero basically as the MMO trope goes. But yeah Velindrel's education is constant and he started up shop recently so that should all be an on going process, at least for me anyhow. I gotta get a hub thread going at some point but that is also coming.
  2. It happened like all stories did...from the beginning. Velindrel was lost in thought at that point, he was a physically strong and well built sort of an Elf...which was a deviation from the standard tall and lithe types. Him, he was contrary to his people, a rebel of sorts. He'd learned the crafting arts from a master blacksmith there in Casper, a man simply calling himself The Maester. Velindrel turned towards the general direction to look at the well carved road beyond. He looked up ahead and saw a stranger in black clad armour of sorts, that he'd never seen before. Must be Empire technology... Was the most immediate impulse that Velindrel had. He knew most of the high technology on that world came from Lagrimosa herself. But that fellow's black clad armour seemed...somehow different. He wasn't sure what it was but something about that fellows armour didn't strike him as anything familiar. It might not be Lagrimosa in nature... Velindrel thought to himself. He was studying the fellow for a long moment. He felt strangely at peace around the fellow and didn't feel any hostility from the black-clad individual. Velindrel was built as a muscular man might be, and he had platinum coloured long hair. He had no reason to hide his face as he was a business man from Casper. He had a soft expression on his angular face. The tell-tale sings of his people were though, he had long and pointy ears. He wore his silver coloured hair in a ponytail that day, as he normally did. Velindrel waved towards the stranger. Given the mysterious nature of the man's armour...he assumed was a man of some sort He folded his arms across his large chest, the pectoral muscles bulged in kind and he nodded as the man slowly came close. "Welcome to Casper!" Velindrel had not minded the strangers coming off the road and stopping by his house...he'd developed a sort of reputation as a blacksmith. Velindrel looked forward with his green eyes, he had fierce intellect in them. That came from his chosen profession of being a blacksmith. Immediatley, Velindrel considered what was going on. The black-clad stranger was likely the start of a new story.
  3. Outside of Casper's city limit. Casper is a port city. ALSO...there is wilderness surrounding like a forest if memory serves. But yeah pretty standard stuff and if you wanna wing stuff like a nearby mountain range/etc is totally fine. But yeah wilderness surrounding. It's not fully cultivated land in other words yet. But will be some day hahah Velly has respect for the land and nature. But yeah that the house and its well outside of the city limits Id imagine there are a few other houses nearby too but nowhere as close in distance/etc. But visible I suppose. Yeah I figured there would also be other houses in the area nearby too. For people who dont like the noise of a seaport/etc. Hope that helps I'll add maps/etc of Velly's house at some point once I have that all done for ya too and for Velly's personal lore.
  4. BOOM youre up buddy take your time with posting as I am also a patient dood. All is ready for ya Vellys just outside of the house so feel free to arrive however. Note: Velly is not a PVP character so keep that in mind. Though he does make weapons/equipment/whatever for people. So should be a good time either way.
  5. (Closed to a certain Alien. This takes place about a year IC after the current completed projects thank you.) It started like any other day for him. He kissed his two women on the forehead as they slept peacefully and he slid out of bed. He sat there skyclad, he never slept with any clothing on. His angular face was at peace, content with all that had transpired for him. He stretched for a moment or two longer and then got up and got dressed, an impulse gnawed at his inner thoughts. He wasn't sure why but something told him that something needed to be done...and as was the blacksmith's nature...he never liked leaving things undone. He stepped outside of the old house and turned to look it. The fine Casper architecture was there...it was an old white painted three story house. It was refurnished by Velindrel and his two wives. Velindrel's tribe practice polygamy in a very open fashion. As long as nobody bothered them, they would not bother anybody else. As he looked at the house, and how far it had come along, he remembered the first days arriving at Casper. The old house had called to him, and he initially just wanted to buy the most crappy house so he could be left alone. Something else had happened instead, he'd found his destiny and found a place to call home in Casper. He'd become a son of Casper and found his own destiny. As he stood there he looked for a moment longer. "Thank you." He said calmly to the old house. "You helped me find my way old friend." He said to the old house. As he stood there he felt the chill afternoon wind, it was always somewhat colder in Casper. Due to the port city being not too far away and the ocean yonder. The wind carried an ocean scent with it and the promise of another adventure with it. Velindrel had been quite busy setting up connections for his own enterprise as a crafter, and reputation for Lancey Inc. His corporate backers, the guild that had pledged resources to help him build his forge in Casper. With all that done, he situated himself in the pages of Casper history and that's how he liked things. He was a simple and hard working man, not caring for the wars of the world. Or the politics of the world for that matter either. As long as something needed to be made...his hands would do the making. He would be a creator for that time periods Heroes...he would be the one who made the legendary weaponry the Heroes of that time period would use. Regardless of where they came from...or even if they were Valucre born or not. That would not matter to him...he would be the guide for kings someday...
  6. right on mate good morning by the way I'm working on the introduction to our thread now should be up in about an hour or so give or take I am trying to make it a good intro! So yeah hopefully in the thread we can get a lot done.
  7. You might find this useful!


    1. Ganu_Candali


      Hey bro i wasn't even thinking of a mansion style thing but that could work for sure hahah.

      Again your imagination you think like two leaps way ahead of where I'm thinking.  But yeah a mansion idea could work but I was thinking of something far far smaller for sure! Though your idea can work here too especially now in the story as crowns (Whatever is V money anyway hahah) have exchanged hands by this point.

    2. supernal


      Think of it as a building generator. It doesn’t have to be a mansion. It can be a library, a dorm, a workshop, etc. It has a floor plan editor so you can even make a standalone tower(s) or separate buildings 

    3. Ganu_Candali


      Thanks for the tips bro I can also draw my own like crude maps but I will use both of these ideas for my own projects.

      I have a pretty good image of what Velly's house looks like picturing it as one of those old style houses but a fairly big one...just not mansion sized hahah.

      Either way though Ill mess with the map generators tonight and see what I come up with for sure.

  8. Hey buddy I been planning out the basics of the thread so far. So we're on the same page here, this will all take place at or around Velly's house. So feel free to arrive however you want to at the location of his property. So you know what's what its a whatever acre house with the house near the road...pretty basic architecture. Then like a workshop is out back. Velly lives with two other NPC's and is haunted by a third so you have some of the back story here. It will take place about a year after some of the current projects I am working on. As I mentioned earlier, I am pretty willing to roll with most stuff and I am a pretty chill partner to work with. So if you have preferences towards stuff you wanna do/etc let me know and I will include your style of stuff int he thread too. Either way the thread should be up no later than tomorrow afternoon and I will link you on here once it is all ready. Let's have a blast working together! So you know I'm also willing to make your character some gear given you providing mats/etc.
  9. Nice my bad i missed the veteran thing but like either way welcome back! I will get a thread started for ya today at some point will likely just be a social/development thread. I personally like working on more of a one on one basis anyway. But yeah buddy I am looking forward to writing with you I will start up a fresh thread for you tonight. Velindrel works from Casper in The Empire trying to master all of the related region lore/etc. So I decided to specialize in one area. But yeah we can write in Casper and work it like that. Vellys house is right outside the city limits anyway. So should be easy enough to arrive there. Once I have a thread up I will link you.
  10. Hey buddy I'm interested in hanging out with you. My character is a native Valucre Elf...but like he's a blacksmith/crafter type in general. So let me be one of the first to welcome you to the site! But yeah I would love to write with ya sometime. I have a current thread if you wanna check that out, but also I can start a fresh thread for you too and we'll sort it out from there. I roll with most things...most. 🙂 So yeah if you wanna team up to do some like shenanigans let me know. ~Pavel
  11. Welcome to the party looking forward to seeing what good stuff you come up with! Just have fun and roll with stuff and make the most interesting character *for you* that you can come up with. Thats the best advice I got for you and the big thing being just have tons of fun. The community in general is pretty helpful and Im one of them cats that also likes to help so feel free to ask questions here or in the help area people will help you out. I suggest getting into the lore on the site and trying to like situation one small hub at first and working it from there. My character is a smith/crafter type from Casper in Lagrimosa (Now the empire if I am not mistaken) but yeah I picked Casper for my own character. Tip is find a city or region that resonates with you and work it from there! I will be watching from the shadows with great interest.
  12. Okay folks class time.  I posted recently an interesting roleplaying resource that many of you guys seemed to enjoy so In light of that post I am going to continue to add more stuff yall can cross reference to improve your own writing/etc.  A lot of the times our own writing suffers when we become like unable/unwilling to adapt to a specific writing style or even improve a specific writing style.  We all have our styles and ways we have writing, and that's part of the fun of Play by Post forums.  We can often wing things in a much more relaxed way than if we were on the job and having to meet deadlines/cope with tight schedules from editors and such.  Anyway I have a few more interesting resources to link for you guys to peruse.  All these resources are mainly guidelines and like refresher type things for your own fantastic styles.  I am merely trying to remind us that we myself included often forget the basics in our writing.  So either way this time I am going to link a particularly interesting set of rsources:



     Hope you guys all learn useful stuff from this.  I know its been helping me tighten up my own postings studying up some of this stuff.  These are not my own tutorials/etc credit goes to the respective creators of them.  I am merely just linking useful resources I find that many of us myself included can benefit from.  Hopefully you guys enjoy these notes as much as I did.

  13. (Conclusion Post) He felt a peace within himself he had not felt in a very long time...not since before his daughter was murdered. He looked at the maid carefully who observed him the entire proceedings. Velindrel nodded carefully. "I am wondering what your thoughts are here." Velindrel said to her casually with a soft smile on his angular face. The maid rubbed her chin for a moment as if deep in thought. "You handled yourself very well. You have become an adequate son of Casper." She said in an actually exceedingly pleased tone of voice. "There is a potential within you, Velindrel Rahnar, to unite our worlds yet. Me and you we are not so different We want what is best for Casper." She explained. Velindrel started to clean up the work space as the spoke. "Before I arrived that night...I was running for a very long time. Maybe, I too, can have a place to call home." "You are already a son of Casper." She explained. "Though you may have resisted early on...you have adapted to our ways quite well. That is part of why I admired and respected you so much." The maid said, she was trying to word her feelings towards the blacksmith. He nodded carefully. "I helped someone...I proved that also I can help someone." He said calmly to her. "Maybe the running lead me up until this point in my life. Where I also can help someone." "Drakon respects you you know." She said to him. "You have a way with people, you change people in a very subtle way of doing things. You changed him and I suspect he changed you as well." She was explaining. "Yeah I noticed it too. In helping him I found my purpose for being here..." He looked at her calmly. "I am glad that you are also my friend." She nodded. "Maybe someday we can be more." She smiled softly at him. The End.
  14. Hey all...

    Hope you cats (Meow) are doing well today.  My mom did the tests recently for Covid-19 and she turned out completely negative according to her test results.  Me and my family did the best we could to protect her and keep her safe from the virus as best as we could here.  So thats first part of all of this.  Some of you guys know my family, primarily my mom, means a lot to me.

    So I self isolated just to keep my mom safe.  So that part of all of this was handled well.  Tomorrow, Monday, I am going to get my own testing done and get my antibodies taken care of.  I want to help contribute to a cure to the pandemic.  I know like I have been thinking about life a lot of late...how we grow as human beings, as people.  To me its has been interesting to see myself from a non-biased perspective as I have grown.  This year I have been through a lot of challenges personally and I have handled most of it very well.  I parted ways with a community that had become exceedingly toxic towards me, and me towards them, so parting ways was the best outcome for me there for my own sanity and well being.

    I met several personal goals for myself.  I lost weight and work out very regularly now.  I am now at 160lbs and I was at 200 lbs which is very big for my height and body size.  It was already causing me a lot of health issues.  I am writing this stuff to you guys because I want my story to inspire someone who is maybe having a bad day, or a rough time of all of this.  I have psychological problems, I'm schizophrenic.  I make no secret of this at this point but I DID get help for my situation many years ago and have been getting help ever since.   Its been an on going process.  Some of you guys in the community know me, some of you guys don't yet know me.  But I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible going forward.

    The main point of all of this is you guys who are having a bad day, or a rough time, I am here for you.  Yall need someone to talk to come talk to me.  My doors are always open and I am making myself available to you lovely cats.  I know a lot of times some of what many of us need is just a friend to listen to us, and be there.  Just listening you know? I am trying to be that friend.  Hope the day goes great for each and every one of yall.

  15. It begins like all stories do... Velindrel was scribing the chronicles of him and his people. He'd been writing for hours already. ...From the very beginning is where we start our story together. He scribed with a fountain pen he made himself. Inks and pigments gathered from the local wild lands that were provided to those who knew where to look. As he scribed the fountain pen almost moved of it's own accord, the words came naturally to him. A chronicle of his people, all that he had learned he was intending to make a written record of it all. The visions were fresh in his mind...he was the last survivor of his clan. What he knew he felt compelled to tell the world. As I write this...I am asking for one thing only...that we are never forgotten. That my people are never forgotten. He tried to recollect exactly, what he was told by the single priestess he'd discovered. His eyes were narrowed in concentration. As he wrote the notes down, he was considering the severity of what he'd learned. They locked my memories from me and exiled me because I liked to partake with other races of mortals... He tapped his chin for a moment with the fountain pen. ...They saw me as a threat. He wrote carefully, as the priestess instructed him to do so...a chronicle of his people. We begin with the accounts of Rahnar Clan...the legacy of my people. Velindrel was trying to make sure he had the words exactly correct. It started with a pact the progenitor of my people made with a goddess... The words came naturally for him. He was having a rather easy time of writing the words he thought he would have difficulty doing so. The text was scribed in perfect Casper language, their common language. Using the slang and way of writing that a typical son of Casper would use. And he wrote the beginning portion of the Chronicles of Rahnar House.
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