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  1. Her weaponry, reforged with his art...rested on his work table. They had that tremendous ethereal glow to them, and the old black smith had poured his very soul into the weapons. He nodded his greeting to the woman. "Aye the good lady hath returned." He says calmly. "Thy weaponry is exquisite. I hath seen such weaponry before once in my early youth. Was an honour to work on these." He says to her calmly in his gruff Casper accent. He hands her her fully repaired swords. "I tempered them with elemental energies." He explained. "I would very much like to smith those weapons again in the future. Was an honour to work on such quality." He explained to her. "I'd like to keep upkeep of those weapons. If you have need of repairs in the future...I'd like to be your smith." He smiles calmly. "Now....there is the matter of coin lassy. How were thou intending to pay for thy repairs?" He asks her calmly. He was a Casper businessman and they were always willing to haggle a good price down...want of coin was a simple enough desire. "If the lady finds thy weaponry in good shape then we can conclude this business in true Casper fashion...with change of currency of some sort." He says calmly. Business conducted could be conducted with any form of exchange after all....
  2. "No artist should be without the tools for their craft." The old blacksmith said calmly. He looked at the weapon's aesthetics....there it was again, the weapons had a familiar aspect to his wizened old mind. He could not quite place where he'd seen their craft before...but it was there. Fate oft intervened when one least expected her to. "Aye, the repair should be simple enough. Come back on the morrow morn lass." He says to her, the kindness was definitely there. He looked at her gear. "But yes lass, come back on the morrow. I will put full attention to this project you hath arrived with." He looked at her gear and got to work right away on the two swords. *** The familiar aspects of the weapon was there, he likely had met the blacksmith of the weapons at some point in his long life. He begins by repairing the hilt of the one sword...swords were like bedroom partners. You became intimate with them, and got to know them until they became a very extension of one's very life. He tempered the weapons with his ancient craft. He knew she asked for repair and polishing... But that familiar aspect of craftsmanship was there...it was an honour to work on such weaponry. On every craft he put his very soul into the tempered steel. He used his elemental powers to help repair the hilt and augment the part of the weapon. By the time he was done. The two swords had an ethereal glow... He'd sharpened it well into the sixth hour of the morning that next morning non stop. His passion could not be doubted, nor could his skill. He tempered the metallic properties of both swords, with his elemental powers. Once they were finely sharpened and polished...they were ready. The old smith had performed his art.
  3. He was older at that point. The smell of sweat and fire filled the forge. It was a smaller forge in comparison to the one in the city, but he preferred it. There he could concentrate on his craft. News of his skill level had spread outside of Casper. It filled the blacksmith with pride... He heard the call of the interesting new customer. The weapons the woman held on her back seemed heavy with burden and purpose... Their craft had a familiar aspect to the old smith's eyes. The aspect made his eyes twinkle with interest for a moment. He spoke with a deep Casper accent in response. "Aye what doth the good lady needeth?" He asks in exchange. "There is always time for an exchange of coin." He says calmly to her. He wears his long platinum coloured hair lose at that point and is covered with sweat. His hands are calloused with hard physical labor...but he seems a gentle soul. Though he is not the type to deny the truth of it...weapons were more for war. His long Elven ears gave away what he was, an unusually physically strong Elf. The Gods rarely made them like him those days...
  4. (Open to one person who needs repairs/gear upgrades. Come with a payment plan this aint the march of dimes lol this is Casper) Velindrel's house was located outside of the port city itself. By that point the estate had become a mansion, and his name grew vastly more known as time went on. He was a blacksmith of Casper, combining old world crafting with potent engineering of Casper's magitech. It was a nice day out that day, a Tuesday, the temperature was a little chilly that day. The cold air often came off the ocean waters. Creating a milder and more temperate climate zone in general that often got cold and harsh winters. Casper folks were a hardy lot. Velindrel himself was a physically strong Elf, they rarely made Elves that muscular. Currently, he worked in his personal forge. While servants and apprentices worked in his mansion on various projects. Learning the magitech science had been a huge boon for his old world sentiments. He was a reasonably tall Elf and his face had angular but serious features. He had long platinum coloured hair by that point in his long life. He was working on an order of swords that needed repair by the local police force. Casper's safety and security was taken seriously always especially by The Empire. Velindreld sleek, tech infused blacksmith hammer worked his personal forge...he waited to see what the day would bring him. His business was open for customers...
  5. okay folks here we go.  later today I'm going to post the first of the blacksmith projects.  only two people on this site I'm not interested in rping with at all and you two know who you are.

    Other than that caveat we're open for business.

    I am a blacksmith for hire as I been explaining.

    I am open for one on one threads mainly and MAYBE small group thingies later on.

    I prefer more one on one rps anyway.

    So yeah so you guys know Velly is a elf blacksmith and he specializes in enchanted weaponry and armour type of stuff.  He's in Casper.  Be ready to haggle/be business like.  Hahah.  And yeah like I am willing to repair damaged gear too!!! Anything a blacksmith type would be open for doing, I'll do.

    Looking forward to rping iwth many of yall once more.  I'm around full time.

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    2. vielle


      Hey friend, might swing by your place to get some gear fixed! Hopefully can help build up your portfolio. 😄

    3. Velindrel


      Hey Vielle I am going to open up a blacksmith shop hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

      Keep an eye out when thats ready!

    4. vielle


      Will do! 😊

  6. By the way folks I am open for business I just been resituating myself around the forum. Velly is a blacksmith working in Casper so that should be a good starting point. I prefer one on one rp threads. Also...I don't PVP sorry. Guys for rp purposes be ready to pay velly with SOMETHING for weapon upgrades/etc. It does not have to be gold for you clever rpers out there. Money is not the only form of currency you know! And also...Velly is a Casper businessman and they do love haggling.
  7. hey guys yes i do! Velindrel is a blacksmith but Im currently not active atm. I'm just on a break right now. However I can take requests for threads as we go and get things done a bit at a time thanks for the heads up @supernal I will for sure take requests!
  8. Thinking of doing a massive rewrite for my main character Velindrel but I might keep the elf blacksmith idea I liked the direction that was heading in.  So any thoughts and suggestions about Valucre Elf lore on here would be very helpful to my needs versus making everything up myself I want to make a much more lore friendly character(s) and alts.  Any suggestions would be a big help.

  9. hey all I'm still around been rethinking stuff up for my main charcter Velindrel if any of yall wanna write some social threads/etc im your guy!

    just let me know what some of yall interested in doing!

    i dont bite much hahah.

  10. hey buddy hope you been okay we gotta rp together again sometime.

    im still around i just been busy with irl stuff but yeah hit me up sometime and well plan some new rps!

  11. Velindrel is my character and I had him go through a lot of personal stuff to become a mastersmith as I completed threads with him. He took up a trade profession under one of my NPC's to become as good as he has and that has allowed me to get certain other stuff done. I'm working on getting a lot of lore stuff completed as well which is on the way. But yeah I had Velly gradually get good from a lowly apprentice to like a master smith status and eventually beyond. I wanted to show the gradual progression of how he became from zero to hero basically as the MMO trope goes. But yeah Velindrel's education is constant and he started up shop recently so that should all be an on going process, at least for me anyhow. I gotta get a hub thread going at some point but that is also coming.
  12. It happened like all stories did...from the beginning. Velindrel was lost in thought at that point, he was a physically strong and well built sort of an Elf...which was a deviation from the standard tall and lithe types. Him, he was contrary to his people, a rebel of sorts. He'd learned the crafting arts from a master blacksmith there in Casper, a man simply calling himself The Maester. Velindrel turned towards the general direction to look at the well carved road beyond. He looked up ahead and saw a stranger in black clad armour of sorts, that he'd never seen before. Must be Empire technology... Was the most immediate impulse that Velindrel had. He knew most of the high technology on that world came from Lagrimosa herself. But that fellow's black clad armour seemed...somehow different. He wasn't sure what it was but something about that fellows armour didn't strike him as anything familiar. It might not be Lagrimosa in nature... Velindrel thought to himself. He was studying the fellow for a long moment. He felt strangely at peace around the fellow and didn't feel any hostility from the black-clad individual. Velindrel was built as a muscular man might be, and he had platinum coloured long hair. He had no reason to hide his face as he was a business man from Casper. He had a soft expression on his angular face. The tell-tale sings of his people were though, he had long and pointy ears. He wore his silver coloured hair in a ponytail that day, as he normally did. Velindrel waved towards the stranger. Given the mysterious nature of the man's armour...he assumed was a man of some sort He folded his arms across his large chest, the pectoral muscles bulged in kind and he nodded as the man slowly came close. "Welcome to Casper!" Velindrel had not minded the strangers coming off the road and stopping by his house...he'd developed a sort of reputation as a blacksmith. Velindrel looked forward with his green eyes, he had fierce intellect in them. That came from his chosen profession of being a blacksmith. Immediatley, Velindrel considered what was going on. The black-clad stranger was likely the start of a new story.
  13. Outside of Casper's city limit. Casper is a port city. ALSO...there is wilderness surrounding like a forest if memory serves. But yeah pretty standard stuff and if you wanna wing stuff like a nearby mountain range/etc is totally fine. But yeah wilderness surrounding. It's not fully cultivated land in other words yet. But will be some day hahah Velly has respect for the land and nature. But yeah that the house and its well outside of the city limits Id imagine there are a few other houses nearby too but nowhere as close in distance/etc. But visible I suppose. Yeah I figured there would also be other houses in the area nearby too. For people who dont like the noise of a seaport/etc. Hope that helps I'll add maps/etc of Velly's house at some point once I have that all done for ya too and for Velly's personal lore.
  14. BOOM youre up buddy take your time with posting as I am also a patient dood. All is ready for ya Vellys just outside of the house so feel free to arrive however. Note: Velly is not a PVP character so keep that in mind. Though he does make weapons/equipment/whatever for people. So should be a good time either way.
  15. (Closed to a certain Alien. This takes place about a year IC after the current completed projects thank you.) It started like any other day for him. He kissed his two women on the forehead as they slept peacefully and he slid out of bed. He sat there skyclad, he never slept with any clothing on. His angular face was at peace, content with all that had transpired for him. He stretched for a moment or two longer and then got up and got dressed, an impulse gnawed at his inner thoughts. He wasn't sure why but something told him that something needed to be done...and as was the blacksmith's nature...he never liked leaving things undone. He stepped outside of the old house and turned to look it. The fine Casper architecture was there...it was an old white painted three story house. It was refurnished by Velindrel and his two wives. Velindrel's tribe practice polygamy in a very open fashion. As long as nobody bothered them, they would not bother anybody else. As he looked at the house, and how far it had come along, he remembered the first days arriving at Casper. The old house had called to him, and he initially just wanted to buy the most crappy house so he could be left alone. Something else had happened instead, he'd found his destiny and found a place to call home in Casper. He'd become a son of Casper and found his own destiny. As he stood there he looked for a moment longer. "Thank you." He said calmly to the old house. "You helped me find my way old friend." He said to the old house. As he stood there he felt the chill afternoon wind, it was always somewhat colder in Casper. Due to the port city being not too far away and the ocean yonder. The wind carried an ocean scent with it and the promise of another adventure with it. Velindrel had been quite busy setting up connections for his own enterprise as a crafter, and reputation for Lancey Inc. His corporate backers, the guild that had pledged resources to help him build his forge in Casper. With all that done, he situated himself in the pages of Casper history and that's how he liked things. He was a simple and hard working man, not caring for the wars of the world. Or the politics of the world for that matter either. As long as something needed to be made...his hands would do the making. He would be a creator for that time periods Heroes...he would be the one who made the legendary weaponry the Heroes of that time period would use. Regardless of where they came from...or even if they were Valucre born or not. That would not matter to him...he would be the guide for kings someday...
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