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  1. its been a blast folks I'm also not gonna migrate to the new site.  I've been through this before on other sites and It's too much hastle to basically start over.  yall have a great time and keep doing what yall do best.  its been fun.

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      I think I understand the gist of your words but if it's any consolation so far I haven't even started over on the other site! Just basically ported over the same threads in the same or similar settings!

    2. Noko


      Hey Vel, it's been great playing with you.  I wish you all the best.

  2. Velindrel considers the question itself. He nods calmly. "It has self refueling energy supply. Tis built on the cells I worked into and around the vakar ore itself." He tells her. Vel...they were at the nickname phase. He grins. He considers what else he needs to tell her. "The grooves in the pendant power ye's device." He explains to her. "As before I have writ ye some notes." He hands her the manual of operation. "I made sure my people would not have security footage of the...certain metal we used here." He explains to her with a nod. "I meant to ask ye, art ye a Slayer?" He muses to her. He knew there were certain people out there that hunted folks like the Vampyre near his client. "Ye doth not have to respond to the question." He says curiously, he was respecting her need for privacy. He further considers the situation. "The...metal you were able to produce leads me to think ye art connected, and well I might add ye see?" He says and continues. "Such connections would benefit me and mine employers quite well..." He says to her calmly. It was an invitation....
  3. Velindrel teaches by example. The clawed weapons sit on the work table in a fully repaired state a time later. The one Velly worked on has a notable glow to it. He'd used some of his power to augment the weapon. Once both of the weapons were service....He looks at the handiwork for a moment. "Ye's craft is a little rough around the edges." He says with a chuckle. "Nothing that time and practice won't resolve. Ye has a knack for this lad." He nods with approval. "I spoke to some of my team at the Lancy forge." He explains. "Later this week we can begin construction of your airship." He explains. "She'll be a stout thing, quite fast, but we shalt get it done." He explains to Exile. "We canst both take a break here." Velindrel said, he'd been working non stop for half a day...he was due a break. He looks at Exile calmly. "Once ye's sword is ready I'll have ye test it in the work area outside to make sure the comfort and feeling of everything works well. I took the liberties of adjusting ye's sword to your measurements." He explained, hinting at just how smart he actually was. "Things like reach and grip should be adjusted on the go, but hopefully the weight of the sword is perfectly spot on." He explains. "I was thinking of ye's build and worked it all from that. The weight of the sword and making it as aerodynamic as possible is what is important for functionality ye see. Otherwise what's the point if a sword be too heavy lad." He chuckles at that comment. He places his hand kindly on Exile's shoulder for a moment. "Come on lad. Let's go grab a nice lunch. An apprentice of mine should have a good meal in his stomach always." He grins.
  4. Most people react with a certain amount of fear towards Vampyre folks... Velindrel however, was an olde man considerably prepared to deal with such...clients. He looks at the Vampire for a moment. Frowns, but other than that he makes no other reaction....yet. He looks at the lass. Nodding towards her he explains the device. "Aye." He begins. "The amulet generates shield and with enough capacity can burn certain...types of people." He says with a wink. "I worked extremely hard on the device for ye lass." He says. "Adjustments will be made as necessary by the shielding can provide lethal force at adequate capacity levels." He continues. "You adjust with the control device on the amulet. Oh...I would suggest not testing it on your friend there he would need a considerable amount of sun block after." He says with a grin. He knew Vampyre types often burnt to ash when compromised enough. Vel continues. His face had a stern expression. "We can do field tests in here or outside if ye needs more room lass." He explains. "The shield's range can extend for several yards and a variety of capacity." He folds his arms across his chest. "The intensity of the shield can get the job done." He says calmly. "Tis one of my finest works yet." He says in addition to the explanation of the device. He looks at the woman calmly. "If you adjust the settings of the device ye shalt find various elemental properties of the shield. The repelling effect as we discussed and as a bonus it can burn certain type of idiots alive." He kept the grin on his face. The olde smith looks at the lassy calmly. "At ye's command we can test the device in here." He says making sure that he keeps a close eye on that Vampire fellow, if worse came to worse, he was ready to gut the Vampyre himself.
  5. Vel was in a self induced half trance when Exile arrived. The boy's voice entered his consciousness a few moment's later and he pulled himself into the mortal's world at that point. He opens his eyes at that point and sees Exile. "Aye lad. No need to feel shame. 'Twas a pleasure making ye the gift." He says calmly. The sword awaited in it's stasis tube, not yet ready to be wielded. "Right now ye's weapon slumbers. She will be a fine sword indeed lad." He explains. "I must make a few modifications to it before it is ready but it shalt be a fine art." He says to Exile. His eyes wander towards the boy's battle claws. "Upkeep...this shalt be ye's first lessons." Vel explains calmly. "Be ready to work lad." He stands up a moment later and looks at the boy's claws. "Aye. Worse for the wear indeed my boy. Together we shalt service these weapons to their true potency." He looks at weapon for a moment. "Here." He says and begins to use various tools to attach and repair parts to the claw like weapons. He shows Exile how to upkeep the weapons, leading by example. "Ye see, a weapon is no different than one's own skin lad. A lover one might take to one's bed at night." He repairs one of the claws showing him how do it as well in a simple and easy to follow sort of way. "Ye try now lad. Take your time and use the tools in the shop we start small. Upkeep ye's equipment and they shalt take care of ye when the hour is darkest." Velindrel explains. "Ye's sword will be ready in about a month. Tis but a canvas right now, but it's power sleeps within it and within you, the sword man destined to wield her." "If the Gods came down to our world, that sword wouldst cut them too...nice and sharp blade. The legendary weapons of our age." Velindrel says with some sense of pride in his work.
  6. not sure what im doing wrong with the preview image thing but there you go guys. enjoy my art.
  7. Hey guys just posting a small collection of my sketches and such. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OoZqd6 hope you guys enjoy.
  8. He worked hard that entire night. Without food, sleep or drink... The olde smith was driven by his need to have that sword constructed. As was his destiny. He was forever history's servant never meant to be a Hero himself. The olde man was okay with that he preferred to arm Heroes than be a Hero himself. He worked hard well into the morning hours of the next day...he made sure that he had the base of the sword constructed though the weapon itself would be completed at least a month or two later on down the road. The core was there though, comprised of Dlarun Ore ingots he knew this was one of his finest creations yet. Emblazoned with ice elemental energies at the sub molecular level, augmented with his own Chi. He burned a lot of his own energies to empower the weapon, which would be fit for the finest warriors. He built one of the first of the empowered weapons of that age he would make himself. At that point, once the basics was completed...like any masterful work of art...the canvas was set. What needed doing was fine tuning and adjustments. He works hard on the weapon, breathing in a very real sense of it, life into the weapon with his own energies. At the time Exile arrives, the weapon is locked in a stasis chamber for a moment...it still needs a lot of work but the basics are there. The sword has energy and cold air swirling off it in the stasis chamber and is asleep for the time being. Yearning for it's new master. It was a ironic matter, the olde smith made weapons for Heroes but was destined to never be one himself...that was his curse.
  9. He arrives at his side forge. The words of kindness between Exile and Velindrel linger between the two of them for that last moment and he nods with respect towards the boy. Once he arrives at the forge he prepares for a heavy work month. He knew his companion needed a sword, but not just any sword, an exceptionally well built sword. He cracks his knuckles at that point and gets to work. He's given his workers instruction to guide Exile to the forge when he was ready. Initially, Vel was going to give Exile a tour but he was too eager to get the boy his sword constructed. He looks at the inferno like forge for a moment and nods. He was ready. He begins by grabbing a pair of tongs from nearby the furnace like forge and he grabs Dlarun ingots that were pre made by him and his workers, for many months since. Taking the ingots he carefully begins to manufacture the ingots into a workable base for a sword that would be engineered by him. He begins the hard work of manufacturing the weapon... Once the base of the sword is constructed that night, he begins to cross engineer the Dlarun blade and attach a grip to it. The whole thing is constructed with the finest Dlarun ingots he has access to. Once the blade is constructed he begins the delicate process of augmented the cold elemental properties of the weapon with his own Chi. The blade would be a devastating weapon once it is fully completed...
  10. Put me down as interested in this. I wanna learn magic from more of a augmenting/powering up items point of view. I can join from a crafter perspective so hope that would be cool for yall!
  11. Hey! Thanks for the follow :bigsmile:

  12. He listens to what Exile speaks of. He couldn't know what horrors he'd seen in his life, but he had some idea. The goblets they drank from were simple cups, decorated with some markings or another depicting them as property of Lancy Inc. He eats with the boy and as they talk, he gets to know him better and understands the rough life he must have lead. "Aye lad, worry not about repayment. Just work hard and pay it forward ye see?" He says calmly. He considers that other point, must had been a good while before he last had a hot meal. "Take ye's time eating lad. Life on the run is not easy to deal with but ye art safe here." Velindrel explains. He was a little concerned of international matters, but he'd explain the situation to the higher ups. He just knew Exile was in trouble and needed a lot of help. He gets up at that point and hands Exile a small pouch. "Rhodium, currency of these lands lad. First pay under employ of Lancy Inc." He explains. "That's your first week's salary is enough to get situated with here." As he stands there next to Exile he nods. "My estate is a little ways outside of Casper proper lad, but we can make it by night fall if we hurry. Ye can eat as we walk." He explains. "There be matters ye need to be aware of." He explains as they walk. "Casper is a Guild city, lots of corporations big and small. Ye has to learn how to navigate that it can be intimidating first month." He says. "I'll show you the ropes." He explains. "Ye art a Lancy employee now so ye has to learn all this stuff." "Later this week I shalt make ye a suitable weapon. I'll teach ye how to upkeep it." Maintenance he was talking about, a blackmith needed to know how to upkeep his gear. "Tonight though, just rest and I'll give ye a proper tour tomorrow." He explains. They arrive at Rahnar Estate, his home. A several acre land that featured a castle style mansion in the center of the the estate. A side forge was visible that was constantly being supplied with work. There were a few hundred people living in the estate. He guides Exile to a empty bedroom nearby to his own bed room. "Here lad. Ye's home. I phoned and made sure they had the bed ready for you to sleep in. Bet it would be nice sleeping on a real bed and not the wilderness ground lad." He jokes calmly. "Ye settle in lad, take a load off. Tomorrow I shalt give ye a good tour of the estate." He nods. "If ye needs anything call on this communication device." He hands Exile a phone. "Ye can reach me on there whernever ye need. I have a few small matters to take care of tonight." He nods once more. "Tis been a pleasure Exile, when ye training starts I expect good things from ye." He takes his leave to go towards his side forge for a while there was work needed doing.
  13. Her request was not unusual. Some of the guards in Casper used such mechanics...sans the Vakar part of it. He nods to her, driven by lust or perhaps some other form of hunger. He didn't mind that she was wet, and left very little the imagination. He grinned at that. There was an adequate level of trust and she'd passed the unspoken test. He looks at the piece of Vakar ore. He whistles at that point and raises an eyebrow he nods calmly after a moment. "The lassy is quite well connected." He begins as he considers schematics and plans. "Aye. A month's time ye shalt have yer shield completely constructed." Reverse engineering of the Vakar Ore was entirely possible, he'd managed to work on the ore a few times in his life through other...completely legitimate means and practices. He chuckles a moment as the thought crosses his mind. "This all being said...return in a month I shalt have the lass's shield ready by then." He promised her, he liked her, there was something sincere about her. **** That immediate night. He begins to work in an isolated part of the huge forge. He instructs his allies to...conveniently shut off all security footage as per Lancy Inc rules on...black listed material and contraband. The old smith goes to work showing his expertise on such matters. He knows Rhodium buys a certain amount of protection and favours. As suspected when he starts to go to work, there is no recorded footage whatsoever of what he was doing in that particular room he ordered that on purpose. There would be no visual evidence of Vakar ever being in his possession. He goes to work. He takes off his shirt and begins to carefully construct the shield to her exact specifications...he was driven by his admitted desire for her, but a chance to work Vakar was too good to pass up. He decides the best way to project the shield she required was some form a precious pendant or amulet that could be easily reproduced to those who knew how. The amulet would serve as the basic control mechanism. He uses his knowledge of engineering and the olde arts to create the shield to her exact specifications. Very few people knew how his power actually worked...he was essentially giving up some Chi, or spirit energy to make the device for her. He did not mind, the reward of the lass's allegiance was well worth all of it. The last week of dedicated work, the olde smith was ready and prepared the device, a labor of love, for the woman. He'd worked non stop the entire time to create the device. He tested it, and ensured the shielding properties would be exact. They were. The last day of the month, the Olde Smith is up early almost as if he were to be reunited with an old lover. He didn't care he wanted to impress her. Further...As per his employer's rules there would be no video recorded footage of what took place, ever....
  14. welcome to the community mate! I have a few canadian buddies yall are pretty cool! Stay safe and I'll look forward to what you're capable of doing with great interest in your progression. I have some open projects (Shameless plug) if you're interested my character is a blacksmith type.
  15. He chuckles a bit at the comment. "Years of working the forge lad." He explains. He prepares the boy a meal himself, he was a fair cook. It was a good way to get the ball rolling. He sits down at a table in the kitchenette area. "Here have a seat lad." He gives the boy some good food, Casper cooking. Probably some style of grits and sausage. "Working the forge is not a bad life." He begins. "We oft get jobs from the local police force and militia repairing their equipment. Soldiers need gear in top shape ye see." "It is good steady work lad." He explains. "Ye work hard, I'll cover ye's room and board here. All Heroes need a good place to live, a roof over their heads ye see lad?" "We Casperans are known for helping blokes in need." He pauses pouring the boy a drink. "Teach ye our ways, I am certain ye has stuff to teach me too!" He chuckles. The wizened olde smith studies the boy's garb and attire. "Seen a vagabond in ye's attire once in my early youth." "Would say I was twenty ish by Elf reckoning." He nods at that point. "Today we settle ye in, I'll bring ye to my estate proper and get ye situated in a proper quarters. Ye must have been through a lot lad." He says calmly taking a much more serious expression as they speak. "I shalt have ye working the anvil in a few days." He says. "I know ye art probably eager to work, but I want to do right by ye lad." He explains. He hands the boy a goblet of the same drink he was drinking, a rudimentary ale. He drinks a bit of the bitter ale, it had a flavor and texture that grew on the drinker.
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