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    This promise

    How long has it been since he’s laughed? It’s a strange sound to him now, the foreign language of joy and happiness he’s all but forgotten since his exile. And yet, standing before his beloved sister, Cornelius feels the fog lifting from his memory. Slowly, but surely. He can’t deny that of all his siblings, even precious little Darim, he has always shared a special bond with Lyonene. They are the last of the lion’s blood, their golden manes as long and proud as their mother’s, and he can see their matriarch in the soft curve of her chin, the fullness of her lips, and intensity of her emerald eyes. “You shouldn’t have come here, Lyonene,” he says again. Yet the resolve is gone from his voice, chased away by the soft laughter of her childish insult. Cornelius approaches, sheathing his blade in the earth and snow, and sinks to his knees before her. A rough, calloused palm cups her cheek, soft as silk in comparison. With his other hand, he brushes away some of the dark golden hair that has clung to her face so that he might see her properly. “But, I’m glad you have.” To feel warmth in his blood; to feel his heart beating. Cornelius pulls her close, deep into his embrace, and kisses the center of her brow. It had to be you, he confesses in the privacy of his thoughts. Who else but her could have stirred these things inside his chest, exhumed these memories of love he’d buried beneath bitterness and snow. Who else but her could have reminded him of what he’d truly sacrificed that night their mother had plunged his blade into her stomach, forsaking her young lion to this cruel life. It is a long moment before Cornelius dares to release her. But when he rises, he carries her with him, leaving only their imprints in the snow. “Come,” he says, holding her hand tight. In his other hand, he takes up his blade. He leads her deeper into the wintry forest. “We’re not far now.” He cannot call the wooden cabin he’s built home. A place to sleep, to eat, to dwell in solitude—not a home. But as he glances at his beloved, feels her delicate fingers laced with his, he can’t help but feel a spark of hope. “How long will you stay with me?” The spark of hope smolders in his tone.

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    slithered here from eden

    “Here and there,” Quinton replies, gesturing his hand left to right in emphasis. He has no intention of revealing his secrets to her—not yet; perhaps not ever. The very nature of his business is an acquired taste, and he’s found there are a limited number of people in the world capable of stomaching it. It will be better for all parties involved—decided after their first meeting—that she remains ignorant of the evil growing long in his shadow. “I’m afraid that self-preservation prevents me from answering you further. If I were to reveal my secrets to you, well, you’d have no reason to seek my opinion on these matters any further. This way, I can be confident that I’ll see you again. And please, call me Quinn.” Moving closer to her, forcing whatever separate personal space might have existed between them into a single entity, he turned on his heels and presented a bent arm to her. “Your timing is quite impeccable, really.” Lightly flicking his chin ahead of them, he seeks to draw her attention toward the mysterious frame, draped in a curtain of black velvet. “Had you arrived a few hours sooner, that wouldn’t have been ready for you.” Quinn guides her toward the mysterious piece, larger than a small child by far. There’s no hurry in his pace or eagerness in his steps. Rather, he appears to enjoy having her by his side, their bodies in stride alongside each other, more than the gift itself. He uses the time to gauge her, to measure how her body works when guided by his, learn her in these meticulous ways that are only possible in the ephemeral encounters so many dismiss. She’s a beautiful woman, regal and lithe, with strong values, a powerful name, and sterling reputation. Yes, she will do quite nicely. “I hope you like it.” Pinching a corner of the cloth with his free hand, he tugs it away with a grand flourish. The gilded frame is sleek and angular, shaped into clusters of orchids at each of its four corners. Inside is the rendition of her likeness, as if he’d reached into the past and imprisoned the memory here. It’s the first time she smiled at him, the blush she’d hoped gone still on her cheeks, a bouquet of white roses in her hands. Every detail, perfectly in place.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    Personal weapon.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    I do. The relic system has changed since then. I'll have to contact you about some updates.
  7. 03/13/2019 A relic update. There has been a slight change to the rules regarding the Genesaris Cornerstones. In an effort to avoid players circumventing a large portion of nature behind the stones' system, quest threads for the stones are no longer subject to meaningful interruption. Threads that go without posts for too long will be considered defunct and the stone in question will be made available for other players to obtain via questing.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    My apologies for the delayed response. I didn't even see this message. So, there's a lot up with that. The artifact system has undergone a slight change. All relics/artifacts are now linked per-player, which essentially means the relics themselves are now all on the same wavelength in terms of strength classification. Even though I haven't finished crafting the sub-legendary/sub-exotic relics, if you compare the power of the three lost swords to other s-class artifacts around the forum, they are incredibly powerful. They also retain this level of power across the board (meaning they're just as strong in Terrenus, Renovatio, or Genesaris). I feel that when set beside other "certified relics," as you put it, they're more than deserving of their limitation. It's clearly stated this is not the case with the cornerstones. The Cornerstones are only able to reach their full potential inside of Genesaris-- in which case I am the authority on that matter. Beyond that realm of interaction, a cornerstone's strength could very well be halved, or reduced even further (depending on the board leader's prerogative). That being said, the stones-- like all of the relics I've created --are subject to change. So, there's no need to panic. And, of course, there's no need for you to participate in a quest you don't want to. Hope that answers your question.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    No. That isn't what the sword does, lol. Yes, if you have an item or device that lets you harness energy from things. There are plenty of airships that do it.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    They're extremely volatile. There's a high chance that they would explode inside said character, killing them.
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    Patience is Power [Artifact Quest]

    “W-who are you?” Rune doesn’t answer the boy. He’s bleeding bad from the deep gash on his thigh, spilling his lifeblood into the snow. The soft powder drinks it greedily, turning a deep shade of red. “Wha… what do you want?” The boy—and he is most certainly a boy, with no hair to his face and a young, thin frame that made slicing his artery easy work—is too delirious to scream, leaning in and out of consciousness. There are others around him, another group of five he’d put down before they even realized what was happening. It’s just a few minutes later than the boy lets his head sink into the snow, eyes open. Flecks of snow fall into his irises, giving the dark brows a cool, glazed sheen. Then they’re covering his face, his body, and in moments he’s hidden beneath of thin blanket of white. The moment stretches longer, and the bodies around him vanish, as well. These people have been here for so long they’ve started families, rearing children, breeding their own soldiers so they needn’t wait for reinforcements. It doesn’t bother Rune. All men must die – young, old, it doesn’t matter. He stalks his way down the heart of the ruins, slashing, stabbing, and breaking those that happen by him. He’s cleaning his blade on his sleeve when a baby’s cry catches his attention, bleating out into the wind from a hovel nearby. The work continues. Rune follows the sound to silence it.
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    slithered here from eden

    “Your parasol, Lady Hildebrand?” The young man offers his two gloved hands toward her. He is a native to the lands her family has governed for generations, as many of the men and women hired to tend to her business partner’s villa. He carefully takes the noble’s accessory and collapses its cover, setting it aside in a small alcove near the front entryway. Then, he gestures down the hall. “This way, please. Mister Quinton has been expecting you.” Like its exterior, the villa’s interior is dominated by large pillars and great arches. The tiled floors are polished to a bright sheen; the walls are painted a warm cream to offset the abundance of green foliage and bright, vibrant flower petals. A modern-day Garden of Eden, highlighted by the man’s more personal tastes. The man’s extensive historical collection has continued to grow here in the Hildebrand domain, their past now becoming his. In one case there are the shattered remains of a sword, little more than the hilt and several fragments of steel resting on a soft, black velvet cloth. It is said that it belonged to a knight from these parts that, during the Usurping, killed one of the Tyrant King’s great generals. Further down, a bloodied—or rusted—mace sat on display: the great general’s preferred method of killing. Here, there are the battered pieces of a woman’s armor – one of the first women to be knighted in the realm. There, several tomes said to be linked to an ancient order of witches that used to stalk ancient Ursa Madeum, preying on children found to be straying too far from their hovels. It is a gallery as enlightening as it is macabre, a blending of light and dark, good and evil, which has become his favored representation as of late. The servant guides the noble lady to a room near the back of the villa. It is a large and rectangular chamber without a southern wall, replaced with pillars instead, commanding an impressive view of the lands sprawling out behind them. These pillars are covered completely in a blanket of vines, leaves, and blooming flowers, top to the bottom. The room is minimally decorated, with a long table of polished dark wood stretching the length of it, lined with pillowed chairs. Situated in one of these seats is a veiled frame, tall as a child and wide as a man. Only a single cabinet adorns the wall, made from glass and that same dark wood, filled with all manners of ports, domestic and imported. “Lady Varda,” Quinton says from his position at the middle of the room, near the frame. “I’ve been expecting you.” The servant at her side bows and excuses himself to continue dinner preparations. Quinton approaches her slowly, eyes dancing over those beautiful details he’d not been able to forget, relishing them once more. There’s something different about her now, though he can’t quite put his finger on it. It’s a feeling, more than anything, familiar and yet foreign. He takes her hand, her left hand, and thumbs the back of it as a lover might in idle moments. “I’m glad you could make it.” They’re alone now, the only eyes and ears in this home well under his command. So he lifts her hands to his lips, takes his time gently kissing each of her knuckles lowering it from his touch. He holds her hand for a moment longer, their interaction well beyond inappropriate, yet testing her limits, her wants. Learning her, as he desired to. “So, what do you think of my home?” He finally asks, throwing his arm wide in gesture to the large structure surrounding them.
  15. 03/12/2019 A canon update. Infinite Potential: The Cult of power ascends a mountain in search of the Mind Stone.