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  1. It's beginning again. I got the credentials to the whole set!

    Here we go Magnus.

    2017, 2018 -- let's try 2021!


  2. You best remember.

    Remember if it was me I'd beaten ya up.

    But it was MeanbladeXL.

    1. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      What is it that I am meant to be remembering?

  3. Comrade. They ... did Nazi that one coming, did they. Hoh! Hohoh!

    But now I got all the credentials. 

    Operations begin Sunday.

  4. Heh heh.

    That COVID bout was terrible. But I didn't waste the time I had off, let's put it that way.

    Took some fiddling but I got in. Changed a couple things. They didn't notice.

    Good times are coming! Feeling ice 🥶 with what I did. Hell, think that flu's fading away already.

    Anyway, let our mutual acquaintance on the inside know I'm sorry it took a few months longer than anticipated but the show's about to get rolling!

  5. Excellent work Ryan. I think he was a bit "shocked" we pulled that off. 🤯

    But there's still a bit more to do before we unveil the finisher and get them all at last. Revenge is a dish best served cold, is it not. Let's see, this time... let's try... Saturday, 5pm PST.

    Again, great job as always. That information was invaluable.

  6. The first wave went well, I don't think they noticed what we did.

    Now it's time for round two. It commences tomorrow, at 6pm pst.

  7. It's time. The initiative begins in the morrow.

  8. Well well well.

    Got me a few fun ideas I do.

  9. I enjoyed Gundam Wing. I do prefer the Universal Century timeline (ie the "old Gundam" and its sequels) only because they have a broader universe, a more down to earth if depressing take on war, etc. But Gundam after its initial popularity boom began making spinoffs of varying quality that basically co-opted entire genres and moods of anime. Mobile Fighter G Gundam being the Street Fighter/DBZ infusion into Gundam to celebrate the series with constant mech cameos. Of those spinoffs, Gundam Wing's a pretty solid entry. On the topic of Heero's abilities, it's actually a sad thing they diverge from the mainline here as they actually explain why kids are capable of being these super legendary pilots there. Namely a forced and potentially devastating psychic evolution of mankind known as the Newtype + advanced learning systems in the mobile suits taking veteran pilot data and basically acting as an extremely advanced aim assist so even a novice pilot can get up and kicking to a certain degree. In Gundam Wing, Heero's explanation is that he's been gene manipulated and self-trained to be really talented. Which does seem a bit more edge-lord but then again. That's part of why Wing's so good. Meanwhile Seed/Seed Destiny and its contemporaries are really hard to stomach as a long time Gundam fan. No dirt on anyone who enjoys them or grew up doing so but there's just such a budget difference between them and the surrounding UC OVAs + absurdly poor characterization. It comes across more like a generic anime of its time in the off season that happens to have a Gundam in it than something of quality or even something particularly hammy to enjoy. Compare Chad Heero and Virgin Kira to see what I mean.
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