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  1. At earlier's conversation, I think anyone given the choice would take the billions (ignoring the statistical probability increase into the double digits of being killed by your own family above x winnings in the lottery) but, that's sort of the point of a Van Gogh situation. It's a posthumous honoring without input. Nobody except some very crazy & unique individuals want to be killed in the line of duty during wartime, but that doesn't change the accomplishments they undertook leading to them being given (an) award(s). They just failed for reasons of their own doing or not, to grasp that particular honor while they lived. It happens. That doesn't directly tie into the sociological or biological trait of greed (not to be confused with self-preservation as this is the aim of "thriving" not surviving, which fame then wealth as a byproduct with a capitalized upon brand facilitate). It operates without input from the person in question regardless of what they'd prefer. You can set out with very good intentions and business sense, still fail, then be recognized when you're no longer in the game; it's just more common for that to occur in the creative realm than it is something you can more tangibly compare and must tangibly demonstrate like a physical feat since that more often has a short shelf life. Likewise, role-playing is a social hobby first, all creative endeavors second. End of the day, no matter what you might present, there is always something social to be had in it regardless of how you brand yourself; and you're always hunting for it. Whether it's to appeal to a specific group or distinguish yourself from said group, or to "beat" people (while making sure to remind people you don't care about that! Looks cooler when you seem indifferent to success), whether you see the whole situation as one big interconnected and erratic video-game in text format or you think yourself a novelist writing about your steampunk robot skunk: end of the day, you are trying to obtain some form of "recognition." Be it for competency or malevolence as a sort of meta-role play within the role play, it's human nature. The only real exceptions I could see would be people who are better off writing solo as they don't grasp the social aspect of the game at play. Or something. 👺
  2. My best fencing tip: Most roleplay settings aren't historically accurate or strictly regulated to mundane arms nor capabilities. So when you first square up with your opponent and get prepared to adopt your fighting stance, drop your sword onto the ground and get out your gasoline fueled semi-automatic shotgun. Dispense ammunition until the opponent has made no less than seven mid-air momentum reversing dodges. Drop kick the sword in a rising arc into your opponent's lower torso, and then proceed to write that you are (menacingly) going to attempt to strike it further inside through vaguely defined weak points in their armor. At this point, your opponent should become busy in real life rather conveniently, making you winner by default. This is called The Detroit Shotgun.
  3. I made Duck Watch. @HoH: in a nutshell, it's a "nonlethal" lethal team tournament with an extensive set of parameters to it. I'd not worry about it being linked, I've been in it for years and I'd still give you a hearty do not even contemplate participating due to the inherent nature of Gaia's community. (There really isn't any nicer phrase for this, but the word "shit" really captures it well.) Or I suppose in politer terms, it's certainly toxic. Also quite inactive. However, the format itself is superb and can be scaled down to two man teams and keep many if not all of the same mechanics.
  4. Omi has many children. However, the women whom have always written them get impatient and through some kind of temporal time shenanigans, age them to adulthood instantly. So aside from one instance, Omi always assumes "Oh. They're insane. I see." and doesn't believe they had his child at all / regretfully acknowledges they must've had some kind of mental collapse and have hired some mercenary to play the part of their "child" to waylay Omi unawares.
  5. ? Well I can't even call that a matter of decency as much as... hubris I guess? If you disregard an opponent's post entirely and do a nuh-uh post in reply, chances are you'll miss some otherwise trivial detail that'll bite you in the ass. It can still lead to a good RP fight, just more akin to an anime style "the protag kills an unworthy goon" scene than what the roleplayer intends for. What they desire: a very flashy and hardcore display of their expertise. What they earn: Solves itself unless the event organizer facilitates it. And then you just go "oh well lol" and leave.
  6. Chocojousting. Hell, I'd participate in that.
  7. A horse race across all the Valucrian lands and even the oceans. To the death.
  8. Alright so, that's not what I said. On any forum ever, this one included, just being nice and not blatantly cheating won't magically translate to compelling fights. There are ingroups/outgroups in every community including this one, and what jives will vary event organizer to event organizer. "The system" in play isn't resource management like mana, it's "the preferred ruleset, the informal rules, what people have agreed to as part of an honor code in this particular group." Not all of that will be written down, and you not following it will punish you. Valucre isn't a magical exception to this. As for.. I think you have me confused with someone else. COUGH. Never did anything remotely resembling those things. COUGH. About my only participation here besides brief stints in a few tournaments was kicking off the plague events in Predator's Keep and tormenting Red IC + that random time I acquired a spaceship. That was fun. And I've also not to my knowledge ever been barred from any of the boards or any roleplay threads on this site. Unless you're speaking about your own experience, sorry, no clue what you're talking about. And if you are, you shouldn't do that! Cannon Towns sound horrifying, I imagine they're full of explosives.
  9. I got you. 2-a.] If there's no profile, then there is nothing to "adhere to" but a vague outline you can move the goalposts on. Make a profile. It's like a character sheet in D&D. Sure you might not be a metagaming, lying, treacherous degenerate-- but you might also be one. Having a resource is cool. 3.] You can satisfy both the above but if both your opponent and the event/system facilitator doesn't cooperate with you, guarantee you won't have a good fight. There are many unspoken rules you have to facilitate or you'll be having fun with good freeform RP somewhere else when you're eliminated or removed and can't tell why. Arguably if either your opponent or your event facilitator works with you, then you can bypass the other end being a blocker -- you can't get by scorning both. Which means there has to be more to it than just "be nice, don't cheat."
  10. I'll reply primarily to this since it's an interesting observation. I agree to some level? But then we have to look at the next step before we start slapping on bandaids: Why? Writing circles tend to be the least directly/inherently exclusionary towards women I've seen. To the contrary, they tend to -- for reasons of varying legitimacy -- have a sort of soft moderation power even if not in a moderative role. I've known plenty of women who are in the same weeby backgrounds and have the same general conflict themed vices. I theorize maybe it has to do with demographics? So there's, let's say ... 3:1 men to women in a given group or site, and there's more of an inherent leniency towards women due to a mixture of benign intentions and legitimate sexism, so they don't cultivate the same mindset ecked out of having to argue your way out of a paper bag for years on end sections of the men do? It's not wrong, I've always wondered why a female roleplayer fighting is rarer than a unicorn and as long lasting as a snowflake on the nearby radiator. I'm just unsure if a concentrated push towards for a lack of better terms, catering to this social dynamic is going to magically create an Eden of harmonious combat.
  11. I posit that it's impossible to reconcile freeform roleplayed combat with narrative writing in the sense that the former's attraction is that PvP aspect mixed with "unpredictability" people desire to experience. You come close to mirroring my perspective actually. Only I don't call it bullying, as that is just one facet of what is happening. It's informal debate theater. You are demonstrating why your opponent is wrong, weak, or undesirable to third parties. Convincing your opponent this is true as well- that's desirable but not necessary. The problem here lies in the misunderstood notion you need your opponent to agree with you, or that to "win," you must shout them down. You can calmly, repeatedly, informatively, deceptively, and decisively demonstrate your foe is inferior --- via wording errors, internal logic inconsistencies, misuse of resources and abilities. To that end, your options are limitless; should then the winner be subjective because third parties are unreliable and let's use an overly simplistic term, biased -- that doesn't show an error in the system itself but in the individuals involved in that instance of said system. Over time, with the right skills, you will win be that by virtue of being the last and loudest or by breaking your opponent's spirit until they're a caps lock shouting, drooling mess, more often than the average. Narrative combat meanwhile, lacks that wildcard factor which I'd argue is the spark of even having roleplayed combat outside of scenes by necessity to further plots and transition scenes from one point to the next. It is even more subjective than the already wildly open to interpretation world of two different individuals creating two different takes on a world then trying to force their canon over the other's. It becomes harder to differentiate criteria for what is desirable, be that sentence structure or the vague notion of "interest," from a simple yay/nay like a judge at a food contest. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a bad idea. In fact I've seen similar done before on sites other than ValueGaya. There are mentalities that would do better with this than the unspoken rule set of opposed combat which requires a desire for two forms of conflict, one OOC. Yet I doubt it'll ever replace that opposed combat and I dispute it's "better." It's more likely the hobby at large will die to technological trends shifting away from writers gathering over a fixed bulletin board software website like this in favor of instanced apps on mobile phones with flashy ad-laden gimmicks, than something like cooperative best friend narrative RP judged by your buddy will replace people clashing their egos. The demand for adversarial role playing will always exceed the supply.
  12. They damned well better be dead with all the event ducking they're doing or they'll wish they were! ?
  13. After 1,000 years, I'm free! Predator's Keep/Roen/Red Yusuke all died yeah? What's the new hotness that everyone's pretending to post for?
  14. Updated with a huge expansion, and didn't even link it to a Patreon. HEAVEN'S BLOCK IV: SHADOWSTORMSTINGERS. War wars on once again another time.
  15. Haelikor


    HEAVEN'S BLOCK IV: SHADOWSTORMSTINGERS. You thought this was a one off joke. You thought I'd forgotten about this for over a year. You thought I'd basically forgotten about this website entirely and-- lazily didn't even keep all the images for this roleplay hosted offsite, didn't you? You thought someone linked a thread here to me absentmindedly, reminding me this website even exists, and that's the only reason I'm even here huh? Well you thought wrong. Coming from the hit creation of WAR, the expansion: HB4:SSS. New Races! -NPC: Yes, the online culture war derogatory slur has became a race all its own. Advantages: Complete immunity to Computer Hackers, as you already have a programming routine that is ironclad. Something something orange man bad. Disadvantages: Widely considered a hate symbol. As such, shops cannot allow you to enter them. Even if they are staffed by NPCs. -Alexei Joneses: A menacing deviation of human that can see hidden properties in water, at the cost of their sanity. Advantages: Any chemicals in water are immediately identifiable, and you can purify said water with your raw virility. Disadvantages: You must scream a conspiracy theory about anything you can readily observe in your environment at any lifeform you meet, such as condom wrappers or mail. New Class! Tacomancer! Advantages include a lack of need to eat food, as you are forever capable of regenerating your body by consuming your own flesh or offering yourself as subsistence to your comrades. Disadvantages however, include that you are inherently a communist, and as well also are made of taco meat and soft shell, meaning you are effectively a walking source of diabetes for Construction Workers who will consume you on the spot without hesitation. And, Traits?! Yes. If you can believe it. I've added yet another original roleplaying game mechanic never before seen. Traits. Born under the Stranger: Your parents were considered "swingers" in their youth, and that didn't change with your birth. Disadvantages: Low ability to perceive those sneaking about you, due to assuming it's normal to have 30 people in a room you don't know. Advantages: You have a higher diplomacy ability due to being almost creepily close to people you are conversing with in distance. One millimeter from their flesh perhaps. Strong Arm, Supple Wrist: Valucre won't allow me to explain this trait's acquisition, only that rest assured: you worked your wrist often. Disadvantages: Your dominant arm is always tired, making it less effective at wielding weapons or making food. Advantages: Your non-dominant arm is well rested, capable of performing unnatural feats of dexterity. Weapon of Peace: You carry a Quran with you, the holy text of the religion of peace. Why I don't know, but it makes people extremely uncomfortable when writing their characters attacking you. Disadvantages: None. Advantages: All physical and mental stats are increased significantly. Praise be.
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