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  1. Actually, I like the website itself. It's the forums that are fucking with me. If I had to pinpoint something about it, feels like the page views lack contrast. Too much darker purple. But I admit for a color scheme I'm usually not fond of, it's not bad. Incidentally, probably drawing close to the last time I'll be checking either site unless I nostalgia dive here assuming the archive holds, myself. You be safe and stay away from DeviantArt, Scalar.
  2. I was inactive and ineffectual enough to actually afk until Valucre's closure. 👺 Oddest thing but, I think the only account I was subbed to on Twitter for a long while was @Valucre. Ah well. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, definitely had vivid memories on here. Only a cursory read in this thread and my peanut gallery's unwanted two cents: it's fine to have attachment to the name and the "location" of Valucre. Hell, I already see people pitching this new deal as a mere version 2.0 thereof. But I suggest you instead see this as an opportunity to begin fresh and invite new names into the writing fold, rather than any form of loss. Try bold new things, take new stabs at the game. When I have a clean desk or a fresh slate, that's when I'm at my peak productivity; new venue has the same feel. Don't be a jaded golem of nostalgia like me that doesn't roleplay, and don't let a domain name change halt a hobby you either enjoy or once enjoyed. Think I'll sink back into the recesses of the internet myself. In general: good luck to those involved in the new project!
  3. Oh it's you boy'o.

    While I'm able to remember this place exists, Magnus was asking about you a day or week back. You should check up on him.

    Au revoir.

    1. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      I posted something on his profile recently!

      I don't use Discord anymore though, so this is really the only point of contact.

    2. Haelikor


      Makes sense. I'll let him know that.

  4. Good shit. You remind me. I've wanted to find a cheap artist to do a proper rendition of Faces of Roen. I ever remember to actually do it, I'll fire it at ya.
  5. It's beginning again. I got the credentials to the whole set!

    Here we go Magnus.

    2017, 2018 -- let's try 2021!


  6. You best remember.

    Remember if it was me I'd beaten ya up.

    But it was MeanbladeXL.

    1. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      What is it that I am meant to be remembering?

  7. Comrade. They ... did Nazi that one coming, did they. Hoh! Hohoh!

    But now I got all the credentials. 

    Operations begin Sunday.

  8. Heh heh.

    That COVID bout was terrible. But I didn't waste the time I had off, let's put it that way.

    Took some fiddling but I got in. Changed a couple things. They didn't notice.

    Good times are coming! Feeling ice 🥶 with what I did. Hell, think that flu's fading away already.

    Anyway, let our mutual acquaintance on the inside know I'm sorry it took a few months longer than anticipated but the show's about to get rolling!

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