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  1. Valucre Discord downsize

    This conversation's getting meta.
  2. Valucre Discord downsize

    Seeee... people say that [IT'S ALREADY BEEN SAID] and then I ask them to cite examples and they either fail to, or do so and it's not at all what I say. So I usually discredit that out of hand. No offense to you of course! And I understand that internet community services where someone isn't paid can still be a massive undertaking. That's not my problem though. If it's too much of a responsibility, don't do it. If you're going to do it, accept criticism. Which I'm sure they're able to do, I've yet to be private messaged with Supernal or Paro breaking down in tears.
  3. Valucre Discord downsize

    Hm... would it be I that should create a Community Discord for Valucre Users not approved by Valucre? A... Haelucre..?
  4. See, yes. However..
  5. I'm trying to dress him up in a cool shark outfit but, alas. Korean MMORPG. I've got to decide if being a dank shark with an afro is worth $40. My sense of basic responsibility says no, but...
  6. Valucre Discord downsize

    Sure. But most people, and I'm paraphrasing, go "good for you! (heart emoji reactions as Likes) it was hard work, thanks Valucre!" See: the first 3 pages where there was at best mild disagreement. That's nice and heartwarming but IMO, useless. I want to give actual feedback, not just stroke egos. I'd like to see Valucre exist at its best and with more members in 4 years time, not make Supernal & Co smile at my posts on the subject. Because no offense to them, they're a relatively minor piece of why I participate here. The service, the community, the end product - is larger than they are. So my commentary prioritizes it. If they don't take it to heart or think my feedback is misguided, that's entirely their right. "Frustration" shouldn't even be a word that enters the conversation though. Nothing here is difficult to deal with. A service was ended. People talk about it. Some like it, some don't, some are indifferent. Even for Valucre standards, that's a fairly tame subject; "The End." If anything, you're precisely demonstrating my point. They don't need defended. They're adults. They've got it covered.
  7. Valucre Discord downsize

    That's just a theory.
  8. Metty. Don't you... enjoy NapalmMan? You're not... discriminating against him for his cool mustache, are you?
  9. Valucre Discord downsize

    Dun.. dun.. duuuuuun! Mind you it all bleeds together but I do recall a period of time where you were having borderline seizures on your keyboard every day at the Discord server Ishnaelyr. Of course, I'd never insult furries. I just tell them they have no souls. If they're fine with that, it's not my (un)life to live.
  10. I, Haelikor the Great, will bless this horrible thread with something magnificent. You're welcome. Beware. Let NapalmMan Barsait and his beautiful visage enter you. Penetrate your chaste soul. Become one with you.
  11. Valucre Discord downsize

    You should name names though. Because even if they patched things over with you, that means in the heat of the moment, they could've been taking action unjustifiably against other users in the past. Of course it'd be preferable if you have screenshots/proof of any of this and I admit that'll be a bit tougher to scrounge up what with the quattuorvigintuple number of channels hid/purged on Val's Discord.
  12. Valucre Discord downsize

    I admit that has me curious as well. Even chat-only moderators are "first party" in so far as they're Valucre members picked by Valucre administration to dick with a Valucre topic on a Valucre themed use of the Discord service.
  13. Valucre Discord downsize

    You did it once kid, that's pretty good (minus the surrounding rabble, ax that out) - let's see if you can twopeat this in the future! But no, I'd thought it fairly obvious when kneejerk is used, it's referring to "automatic and unthinking;" that is, you taking an uninformed action. You can't post-humorously make an action informed. You guessed, went to see if your guess merited what you did, and by pure chance it did (I suppose.) Which isn't bad in itself, but there seems to be a fair bit of speculation / commentary / rebuttal crafting taking the place of that investigation phase. And that can drag the process out needlessly; no, not can, does drag it out needlessly. So a lot more "work" - let's call it what it is, a lot more time investment was made with no more or less results you can tangibly provide evidence of. And that's just an example. If your common complaint is "this takes too much time investment," for the sake of refining a future model of something like a Valucre Chat service, my key recommendation is to trim the process down. Not just on your end, but reminding your staff there's better things they can spend their time on than talking with a non-site participant on how bad a site-participant's character is as a random example that definitely never happened I promise!
  14. Valucre Discord downsize

    Dere ya go! And your example with Roen.. doesn't back up what you claim. In fact, your own words were highly contradictory just now. What you're stating is, you kicked him, then spent a lengthy period of time "investigating" it afterwards. Which means... the decision to ban him initially was a kneejerk reaction. Else there would be nothing else to investigate, non? So you gave him the chopping block treatment to eliminate the situation further escalating (whatever it was, the actual specific offense isn't relevant to this talking point!), then spent time as you had available to cement precisely what the details of the matter were. Almost precisely what I'm advising, with the caveat next time, I'd recommend involved moderators not chat about it like gossipers with seemingly random users in a derisive tone for days on end! Probably contaminated that investigation a little bit and wasted their time which.. could be conflated with "work" I suppose. Both would feel frustrating I'm sure.
  15. Valucre Discord downsize

    Right, but I again stand by my earlier statement that you guys did create more work for yourselves than either necessary or effective. I won't name details to spare us all but, just a few examples off the top of my head that had several day fiascos for no (IMO valid) reason: a harassment campaign, A Jaeger, etc. You do yourselves a disservice as much as you do your users when you try to treat an administrative task like a Sierra game from the 80's where you're a detective and your cobble of goon friends are nearby with crowbars and fedoras. SWIFT. DECISIVE. ITERATIVE. You do the retrospection and deeper discussions on the general policy, not on the individual moderation. Else you'll have a 24-7 work log.