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  1. Bray Wyatt Vs. John Cena in a Firefly Funhouse Match...signed for on a crossroads.

  2. The Undertaker Vs. Aj Styles in a boneyard match was incredible.

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    2. Shatter


      !!?!?!? VIELLE IS WRESTLING FAN? SCREE AT ME WHEN YOU WATCH IT. I will talk much wrestling. This Wrestlemania has been really freaking good so far and it’s a two night event.

    3. Aleksei


      Robert made me watch this morning over breakfast 😂

    4. Shatter



      I was laughing so hard through all of this. It was  5 star match.

  3. Just so everyone knows, @danzilla3is apart of the defense.
  4. And like me, you do bleed. What a delightful discovery. He did not like it when they had nothing in their veins and previously she had taken a knife wound without so much as a droplet. That meant a few things, but he didn't really have much time to debate it. Or rather, he made a few specific assumptions that may or may not help him now and stuck with them. He didn't really want to spare a moment's thought from this. He reveled in this every moment of pain with an expressionless mask to share none of it with the world. He was not one for smiles and frowns. He didn't particularly take issue with small things and he accepted what life gave him. The way he regarded their exchange, however, was with such reverent delight that when she pulled the shadows from his legs, which seemed to have been supporting some of his weight, he fell to his knees in a bloody mess and looked up to meet her eyes. What he showed her was not the rage and bloodlust she had seen thus far as she was given the opportunity to see by the weak lighting now descending into his mask, but instead intense, attentive adoration. In that moment, as their positions changed and she stood over him as he clutched to her wrist, he looked like he might just be praying. You have taken so much of mine today. But she had to go and make so much distance between them, her shadows taking grasp of his desperate hand and twisting it with a horrible series of popping sounds while restoring hers to its rightful form. Finally, she made him repay her with a cry, or a growl of pain, guttural and much louder than expected considering his silence before. She most certainly just twisted his arm beyond human limits with damage that might be irreparable normally. What to be said of the lycanthrope was far different. It fell limp, but began twisting of its own accord back into place, though in a manner so visibly painful it made him twitch. However, this didn't take away his focus yet, as for a brief moment, he bowed his head to her in gratitude. The motion was so clear it was undeniable that he was thanking her for what she had done to him. However, it was but a few labored breaths before he began to rise weakly with only one good arm, huffing and saying, "I have not felt...so alive in a while, 'Boo.' " She had earned from him a gift in return for her refusal to be direct. His taunting, teasing mannerism in the face of a creature made of shadow and wrath made clear his desire to flirt with death itself. He sought to be closer to it with every moment. His legs tensed, crouching as her true assault began. He could feel the trap closing in around him, and admittedly, he did not know a way out now. As far as he saw it, she had given him only one path to walk. So, he stumbled at her. Perhaps, taking in the tables just behind her he could have willed enough strength to dive down behind her, below the tables, but what then? He was not one for ending things in poor form. No, this sweet exchange of blood had to be ended with an impressive display of thanks on his part. He reached up, and while keeping his head bowed to hide his face in cowl and shadow, he revealed instead no human form below the mask of a wolfish monster. Instead, hidden behind it was a massive snout, opening wide and displaying gleaming teeth, which rushing towards her, he tried to clamp upon her throat while throwing the whole of his body weight into her and wrapping his arms around her. It was the move of a predator backed into a corner, trying to bite out the throat of his would-be killer, perhaps the hunter and his gun. However, his embrace was something completely different. And so now, I will be tasting yours. He reversed most of the partial shifting within the moment that he drew near to her, and what she would find in the maw of a mere human who was using a row of sharp teeth to pierce her clothing and sink into her neck. But a would-be fatal blow for most opponents was instead replaced with something that could be considered terrifyingly affectionate in comparison. However, he still tried to tear away a chunk of her hood and flesh all at once using his razor-sharp teeth. He would accept her attack and all she had to offer. He would not even struggle, for once he had a bite of her, he released all his strength and let her go without a struggle. However, if she so pleased, he would now find himself not unlike a hanging puppet, bleeding from every which way all over the place. Whatever liberties she took, he was completely unapologetic and lacking in spirit as he said, "...My name...is Amraphensbane. Many prefer to call me Amra." With a few coughs, he spit blood to the side, then lifted his head to meet her gaze if she allowed him to. "It is nice to meet you, Boo."
  5. Things aren't over yet, Obelus. THE TIDES OF VOTER OPINION ARE CHANGING!

  6. If I had the character made, maybe. I still have to get some lore done, and then some more lore done.
  7. @OBELUS Hey, so...fuck this is awkward, Grand Mainframe has been texting me a lot about you... sucks air in through his teeth. Do you think you could just...text them back? I’m starting to get concerned and, you know, if you give them a chance, Grand Mainframe is really nice.
  8. He inhaled deeply, taking in everything all at once. The failure, the disgust, the bloodlust in the air that he only contributed to, and he found it all quite beautiful. A remarkable line of events led him to this moment, risky liberties taken in the name of bringing salvation to his heart and mind in the wake of his most grand failure. By making this success one obtained through trial, he brought himself much closer to being alive. A sensation that seemed to escape him all too often, and admittedly, this was the service cost of retaining Amraphensbane. Petulant emotions consumed him when failure came into play and it only resulted in riskier behavior. It was good he had a keeper on-hand to reign in his leash when things started to fall apart. He would, admittedly, learn from the experience and grow with Cain's influence and guiding hand, but for the moment, he would just help him finish the mission. Amraphensbane did not voice any remorse for his carelessness, but he had already decided to do better. So why apologize? 'Alright. Do not lead me astray.' It was an indication of his choice to not follow instinct, and instead the voice in his head, Rose. The instinct implicated being that of a lupine monster who hungered for the flesh of man. It took a lot out of him to simply ignore that, and as he allowed him into his mind far enough to take in his visuals, he acted as he commanded in a split second, the whole interaction contained within a few seconds. He turned as he urged him to run, and fled alongside a series of pillars that supported the building, and while getting away from the few arrows that zipped through the spaces and that region of the courtyard, evading the guards now wasn't going to be particularly easy. As he fled along his path, he drew the attention of people in rooms with open doors and guards in the distance. When his path was headed off by guards who might stop him, he turned pre-preemptively and burst through a tailor's lounge where he found himself enjoying a brief respite from the pounding sound of his heart and the footsteps all around him. He barely breathed for a moment, though, and then took off further through. If he was lucky, this would lead to a different part of the courtyard out on the other end, and it did, containing a back-entrance in the office of the master tailor. He pushed by a number of surprised and concerned people, some asking him if he needed help, though he ignored them. He could have possibly found the time to exchange outfits, but there was too many factors and the potential blood spatter could ruin everything, so he instead departed without involving himself any further with the scene, leaving aristocracy and their servants both gaping open eyed in confusion or fear. He knew to an extent that he was in essence, carving a crescent shape across the entirety of the court, and at this point, he slowed down his stride and even repaired his face-mask. He pulled off his chef's tunic, revealing the white under-shirt. It left the book strapped to his back under the shirt more obvious to observers, but he removed blood entirely from his appearance and stuffed the discarded clothing into a bush. Once that was done, he managed to bypass guards who were only aware there was a commotion without news to aid them. He was tensely studied for a moment, but then let go as at this point, he looked more like a sweaty clothes-washer in his under-clothes and pants. With a few polite bows, he kept his back to them successfully, and then moved further in towards the core of the Court. He had a brief moment's respite without being watched, and here he paused to consider the option of scaling something. 'What's the plan?' He asked, then waited before acting next.
  9. GRAND MAINFRAME can get you a stray cat in as many as three days after being elected!

  10. Don’t forget about the land, military, and government powers @Generic Perfection and @Supernapril will be receiving for their loyal support!
  11. Sudden change? You’re suddenly changing. How do We know you’re not an Obelus alt account? Also, please don’t acknowledge any discord messages like this. I’m just kidding if I am sending out any S.O.S. signals.
  12. Lets see all this evidence @Praetorian keeps talking about. What makes you think GRAND MAINFRAME can’t change? Change is the core value in transcending our current forms. GRAND MAINFRAME understands that all people change. GRAND MAINFRAME forgives.
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