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  1. I’m very sorry, depression is in full swing. I haven’t forgotten about this.
  2. Hello, apologies on my absence and delay. IRL was complicated and Ive been missing so much sleep I just click out of Valucre in horror at all the words. I am determined to post later today.
  3. The question evoked the oddest grin. No, he didn't need a taxi. Not tonight. He had just enough time, he had just enough time as long as he kept to himself. So in that case, a taxi would mean he had more time tonight. He had left his vehicle at work, which was much closer to home than Riker's, where they always went. A tie in between Gordon and the owner who he was personal friends with resulted in work celebrations always being held there. "Helped him with a case of the health inspector, if you know what I mean," Gordon had explained with an unappealing smile, another time, another place. Not now. He wiped the smile off of his own face and turned back, and lied to him. "Well, yes, I left my cellphone at work. If you could call one, I would appreciate it." He had it in his jacket pocket, and he reminded himself to silence it at some point. "That said, I'm not personally worried about him. It may as well be compared to getting hit by a car. Have you seen the statistics of that? They have statistics of everything." He personally seemed to enjoy this fact, temporarily distracting him from the topic at hand. He began to brush his hair back out of his face, taking a look back at their surroundings. Business went on for the store-owner, as if all was peaceful and not a sound was there to disrupt the night. Of course, this was another veneer painted over the thin distance between reality and perception. A man had died moments ago, and Mathias wasn't going to address it because it wasn't worth thinking about. "His brood is an unprecedented display of nonsense, but if you don't trouble him or his, you may just be left well-enough alone. So that is why I am still willing to strike out into this pleasant evening alone. One might say he is like a wolf that likes to wander alone, yet part of a pack that has nonsense for rules." All he could ever think about was how angry he became when having to witness any of Sheogorath's followers on a night of celebration. 'Like children,' He would tell himself. Somehow, his invested hatred of humanity seemed to dull in their wake and cause him to refocus with grit teeth. They seemed worse than humans, and felt like a problem that should be dealt with first. But over and over, he told himself that he did not have the power to do so. Not now, not yet. "...But he is still a wolf, and he still has a pack. Their loyalty-no, adoration for him is...well, if he died tonight, the police could never prevent the deaths his followers would cause in grief."
  4. 'I desire for there to be less problems. That is the only reason I am wasting my time-no, I do not waste my time.' He troubled himself with his own thoughts as he gave the younger man a hard stare, filled with a calm sort of rage that couldn't be ignored. He had not sprinted after the man, and yet his voice sounded shaky as he said, "Lay off? Your decisions may have seen several people dead." 'One of those people could have been me.' He convinced himself it was his self-serving pride that drove him to speak to Keith, visibly gritting his teeth whilst baring his incredibly sharp canines as he brought his collar down. The harsh look he was giving him did not find itself softening for any sort of sympathy as Kieth explained, causing Mathias to fold his arms over his chest. It felt like he might be dealing with his irresponsible son, a son he didn't have in this world. Another empty hole in his heart he couldn't understand. With a sharp inhale through the nose, he continued, saying "Look. You cannot go playing hero. There are bigger consequences for our actions, with men like him." He was starting to think more and more about it, and now his voice had calmed, but he felt more determined to tell this man of his missteps. "He, for some reason, chose to walk out of there, and maybe he will forget you. And maybe you will not see him coming next time. His ways are filled with 'maybes' that defy reason." He knew too well. Small businesses were devoured like meat on a slab as territory was ate up all across the city by this man. He helped, after-all. He would know just how many small business owners he had left miserable and destitute in the wake of his empire, probably enjoying the care of new owners if they didn't accept what felt like being owned by Sheogorath. "Do not regard men like him as cruel. See them as limitless and unpredictable. His lack of regard for limits is what makes him the most inhuman." It was strange, that he cared to lecture this man in part about the meaning of being human. He never did stop thinking about the inhuman things that enraged him, so it made sense from an objective stand-point he wasn't considering, just as a gunshot went off within a few minutes of their interaction beginning. Mathias slowly looked down the road, away from Kieth as the signs of anger vanished. After gazing into the pure darkness for what felt like a patient eternity, merely a few seconds in reality, he spoke quietly, and cautiously, "...The night is still young." These words felt like they echoed out of his very soul. "Use the evening for pleasure." That was his parting advice, with a composed frown. He took off his large coat and tossed it over his shoulder, before beginning to walk down the road. Home was a while away. It didn't matter if he had to walk five miles, ten miles, or a hundred as long as he made it on time.
  5. Yeah, no problem. A man like him has a formidable vocabulary to use.
  6. I don't really have an issue with watching the language, though hating God is an intrinsic part of the character. As is, he doesn't know why, but the source of his rage is that he feels God took his wife from him and essentially cursed humanity to suffer while they watch from on high. I'm not really assuming it will even come up, but verifying that if the roleplay was taken in the direction of Christianity, Mathias would express feelings filled with outrage towards it. With the discomfort in mind, we could very well steer any possibility of this out of the thread should that prove to be too much.
  7. There was one more man in the drug-store... Disorder. Chaos. I can feel my teeth grinding already. He disgusts me. He is the worst of all the humans. And the man who was once known as the monster Dracula, was keeping in a corner, with sunglasses on at night, and a magazine up with his large brown coat's collars turned upward intentionally. He had acted fast. Did they know each other? Not exactly. But you don't get into business with the Shield without seeing what dirty things are going on. 'Hah! Don't you love it! They call it...Attorney-Client Privilege.' He remembered this man meeting with Gordon. He never did like how Gordon's pockets were so full of money from his clients; a selection based on payment up front most times. But the business was good, and all he had to do was not (get caught) ask questions? It had gone so well this far, but as a man who worked the legal system to earn a paycheck, he knew all too well the precarious situation he was in. After-all, he wanted to kill already tonight. Thirty minutes earlier... "Gods damn it, woman," He growled as a waitress carrying drinks had accidentally run right into him with a tray, when he himself hadn't been watching where he was going either. But the imposing frame and menacing yet attractive features struck her stammering. He was quick to use this as an excuse to leave the bar and his company on foot. He was fine to walk home. Five, ten, or a hundred miles seemed like a trifle to him so long as his schedule was well-maintained. And yet, he worked with the most offensive and wretched of creatures. Such was the way to gain power in this world, wasn't it? But it all irritated him. Human fallacy. He saw this whole world as a failure, and he seethed over the reasons silently, prepping himself for his next move, his next day, holding back his rage to keep it unknown to the world around him. He didn't quite know why he hated them so fervently. It really didn't take long for him to find himself picking up snacks for a rumble in his stomach at the most convenient location, the first store beside him as he recognized the need to feed. He settled for jerky, then mentioned to the cashier he might want something to read on his way home. He had been walking just long enough to barely be lifting up a magazine when he saw the worst sight walk in; a grotesque offense to his sensibilities, to control, to all he hated in humanity. The walking visage of his headache. So he quickly turned into the corner, brought up the corners of his coat, and slipped on a pair of sunglasses. His lustrous black locks and face might be hard to forget, but he wasn't planning on being remembered. He pretty much kept his back turned the entire time and his hair was a little mussy, so he might be very lucky to keep himself from becoming involved. 'Idiot human, what are you even thinking?' He was gritting his teeth unbelievably hard as he keyed in on the interaction. And shockingly, things played out well. He exhaled a sigh of relief, a tightness leaving his chest. Yes, there was this terrible killer instinct deep inside of him. He seemed to have the strength to kill men and an inclination for it, too. But that was not how you succeeded in this world, and while gun may not beat vampire, he was not a vampire, and neither did he have any clue he once was one. If he were not so ignorant of his past, he may not have chased Keith out of the store barely in time to stop him from mounting his bike and riding off. "Halt, I say! I wish to address your brazen behavior!" 'What am I doing?'
  8. @SteamWardenI want to say Mathias has seen Sheogorath doing business with the head of his firm, at times representing his clients in the court of law. He works in a dirty, dirty firm. Are you alright with this?
  9. Alright, Ive done it. Be happy. Dracula is practicing to become a lawyer.
  10. There is another name I know is my own, but I know not its meaning. My name is Mathias Cronqvist, and I am Dracula. My past is a blank and I am surrounded by the squalor of a world I have yet to grow accustomed to. In this I am lost. I know few things: I know I am a man of some kind of science far removed from this time, I seem to find food quite inconvenient, and I hate the petty conflicts that mire humanity. Enter night, 7:30 PM. The city is busy with the rush of Friday night traffic. Some rules were eternal. Many were getting off from work just as others had the time to relax and prepare for a night out. It was the final large rush of the day cycles. It was the eternal rhythm of the modern era, the song played out as lights rushed across the world to find their bliss. On one such night, there was a simple work celebration going on at a bar called Riker's. It was like a requirement for progression. He hid a frown behind his glass as he tipped back the rough fluid. It didn't make him retch one bit. The discomfort seemed irrelevant. He felt like he could drink a gallon of whisky without hurling. "People here are strange, aren't they?" His boss suddenly asked, calling Mathias back from the edge of his thoughts. He slowly lowered his glass to the table and replied with a knowing smile, as if to say that neither of them knew the half of it. "At least work is never an issue, Gordon. I would go mad if I couldn't stay busy." He was an internet for a large law firm, devoted to protecting big businesses. His work was about as amoral as it got. 'Receive massive a paycheck for successfully using the legal system against other people.' He didn't care for it, but exploitation came so naturally as though it was intrinsically relevant to his lifestyle. He didn't really understand why, but he didn't waste time on settling into his new life without memories in a strange city full of mysterious inventions. Many other people came into it naturally, as if nothing was new. But he had been utterly lost at first, but filled with blooming curiosity. It didn't take him long to get comfortable as necessary. Or at least settled. Debts and part-time work were managed while he went to law school. But still, as the conversation naturally drew away from him, he went silent and distant once more, staring out across the bar with a drink in his hand. I must have done this a dozen times now. It already has become tedious to always go out with these men. Their interest is purely fiscal. They lack higher minded desire. He had spent all this time disconnected and distant from people, focused on the distant future. His answers. They were not here now, but in due time he could see to picking the mechanisms of this world apart. But for now, he drank himself tipsy, then went to the bar for more.
  11. Yiss, I'm actually sort of stuck on mine. Taking some time to work some things out.
  12. The other parents of my puppy weren’t feeling well, so I didn’t have time to post the past two days. Soon tm.
  13. I wasn't too concerned with the specifics of that.
  14. I'll see about a post tomorrow or perhaps later tonight. Just caught up on the thread I was lagging on.
  15. Oh yes. The order was given, and he was starting to be drawn from his thoughts towards the leader of this crowd. He didn't quite have an idea of how to regard this pale creature yet, but he was beginning to understand. Prior, he had been considering how interesting this territory appeared in conjunction with admiring The Dead's methods. It was a joyous thing, after-all, to learn of new work. New tradition, new glory, new everything. The change was something he enjoyed the most. And with an unseen, unheard jubilance, he answered the order, to adorn himself without touching his face. Today, was a simple mask for a face that meant nothing. He could have his face cut off for all he cared. I will be hunting the alpha today. What a treasure. Now, strapped to his face was a smiling theater mask, displaying his perfect frown of indifference to the world around him. All dressed up in his dark robes, this image could only draw recollection of horror stories. Whatever was concealed beneath his loose flowing robes, he looked like a panther ready to pounce or disappear into a mere shadow as he rose up with the others. But he did not disappear, for light entered the carriage from the door. He was ready, and did not require a weapon in-hand to deal with first contact. No, his hands were pulled back just a bit into his sleeves as his claws sharpened. He would strike for the throat at the first problem if he was the nearest one, following up on the rear of the group. This way, he could break away under the veil of their forms; the indistinct pattern of clothing on the wind would leave them wondering which way the piece of cloth he would be seen as went all while these seasoned marauders sought to claim their lives. What did some passing, robed stranger mean in the face of death? Oh yes. I will disappear. You are all the perfect cover. Five minutes. This was the ideal time-frame for his first job with The Dead. Complications happen. If it didn't go perfectly, this might be forgiven, for it may have only meant a greater chance at proving himself was given. But all the better I make good of our escape. He is sending me alone, which most likely means he would prefer this happens suddenly and instantly. No longer was he sparing a thought of admiration. No, he had recognized their professionalism and taken note of the division of units. Amraphensbane was notoriously a stealth specialist, excelling at taking his targets off-guard, either killing them immediately or first crippling their fighting capacity and breaking them down with swift hit-and-run tactics. This meant even if he didn't score an important strike, he keeps his own momentum going and tries to keep his foe from ever catching their breath. He wasn't exclusive to this, considering his own durability, but his inherent lycanthrope traits lend themselves to his talents quite helpfully. But this also carried a weight. If Cain wanted him dead fast, it meant he couldn't screw this up. He took into account every factor related to success, and that alone, to keep his mind clear and focused on the fast future coming at him with every step that he planned, all the way up to if he had to transform just to survive the fight for many variable of reason. He was damn well uninformed on his mark, but that hasn't stopped him before. 'I am ready. I will break to strike unseen when the chaos begins.'
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