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  1. Shit. Found an old ass Rp of ours from 2013.

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    Wake Up Call [Shawnee Glacier]

    His eyes narrowed on the act with a mix of disbelief and annoyance. He reached down to draw out his own dagger, one with a blue hue, but a clear blade. He raised it up and slammed the tip down into the stone, growling "Don't do something to disappoint me. I had just thought you weren't an idiot." The blade had easily cracked the stone and pressed into it far enough to stand on its own. Shown as he released his grip from the hilt and brought them together before himself again. Whatever that weapon was made of, it was obvious that it wasn't really his physical strength that allowed it to pierce the stone so powerfully. But otherwise, it was completely mundane. At least, not enchanted at all. "It sounds like to me you think you know balance. But know, every exchange must be even with me. Ive already given to you, and you have become armed. Meet what you now know, and then more, or you won't be making it back to your supposed organization." Every word now carried a commanding weight to them, stated in a fact-of-the-matter approach. 'I love it when you talk like that. It just makes me so giddy! 'Shut up.' And behind Mask, the darkness shifted and swirled. Gathering at the entrance. Lucas' gaze never even shifted from the man as it moved about in a manner that appeared to be of its own accord. It was forming at first what appeared to be but a dense fog, but as it blotted out the light that had previously shined into the room, it became a threatening cloud of power. Roiling at the foot of the entrance, little bits of the black mist breaking off to "Make your decision wisely. We can both walk away from here without having to take an inch towards each other...we just need some balance in the mix. So if you would politely...lay down your weapon and chat. Or rather, dismiss it."
  5. susitsu

    Wake Up Call [Shawnee Glacier]

    'Bother me not, now. I'm cross with you.' As the moments slipped by the pressure of the previous atmosphere alleviated from within the cave, something else became more obvious. It was like he held more weight to him than visible. As if his form was keeping something pressured within. Yet, as the man listened to Mask, there was no slip in his composure. No signs at all of anything abnormal. By all definitions, he looked reasonably normal, bar for the crimson color of his right-eye. No response even to his polite note in regards to sitting down. However, the slightest smirk played across his face for a precious few seconds. "Many have learned what a waste of life it is to kill me. You made an intelligent decision." His tone didn't sound condescending at all. Rather, it genuinely seemed like he was complimenting the Mask in his own, factual manner. It was now he began pacing around the room slowly, trailing his gloved hand across the masonry of his chosen resting place. His gaze remained upon his visitor, and yet his fingers knowingly traveled the grooves of the design. His eyes then narrowed, annoyance directed to Mask. "I was not speaking to you. You are no friends of mine. I have very few of those and the ones that aren't dead are living on within me." And there was something about his tone that made him seem very serious about this. It didn't seem metaphorical. And finally, he stopped. He placed himself on the opposing side of the coffin from Mask so that he might face him directly and grip the sides of his grave. "Now that one is pretty easy to answer." Casual demeanor on the flip of a dime. "Haircut, first of all. See how things are going, maybe check out the local party scene...in mortality, people always loved the magic I brought to the fun. Both...from my personality and the actual magic. Oh, and the crowd that always showed up when I was there. People love celebrity villains at their party." Was he joking? 'We never do what I want to do. Come on now, maybe he knows someone we can...administer some justice to. Ah, ha, ha...' "Great. Now the god is awake. Right, I'll just get to it. I do what I want as long as it doesn't disrupt the balance. The world is meant to move along a natural order, and I maintain that sometimes when I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. Any comments, questions, or concerns can be directed to a man named Seras Crystal. I'm sure you'll leave him with a satisfied mind." Maybe he wasn't entirely joking...
  6. susitsu

    Wake Up Call [Shawnee Glacier]

    "I'm going with Mask." 'Bowing. Don't get that often. So he's disciplined. Likely in a traditional fighting style to a certain culture...The blades would seem to be conjuration by that title.' A thin line was all that could really be said of his expression. Stoic in face, monotone in voice. A default state for him obviously, although the look in his eyes implied what would be normal for anyone else who had gotten a little too much sleep. Groggy and as he took in the visage of the man, he squinted quite often. Slowly, slowly, the gears looked like they were beginning to move. He raised one foot up upon the coffin and rose, unnaturally smooth as if he simply floated. Though as he moved forth off the edge of the coffin, he fell quite normally, but with a very gentle thump. 'Ready for a fight, but preferring talk.' Slowly, the situation was filling up in his mind. The facts being picked out even minutes later as he picked through the details just shortly after. "That would not be a first time...being tracked and all that." And so easily, his eyes shifted to the mouth of the cave. Fixated upon the falling snow, he muttered openly "I wonder how much has changed. How long..." And as he trailed off, his gaze returned to the now deemed 'Mask.' "Unintended...troublesome...friends interpreting me as they please. I will have to clean it up myself..." A slight frown threatened to stay, before swiftly his lips straightened out. His attention was easily wandering at the moment, that much was obvious. "I feel like I have heard this line many times before. Though, for the first time, I don't believe my immediate response will be 'go away.' Being as, I do not like leaving behind messes like this..obvious trails...through which people like you can find me. What a bother," The white-haired man explained with a slight shake of his head. "...I may still tell you to just 'go away,' though. Speak," He requested in a tired, but expectant tone. His head lulled to the side, but it would seem he had finally gained enough consciousness to retain his attention on this man. Even if he thought it was just a repeat of a hundred years ago. "The Harbingers were cute, weren't they? Really put up a fun fight. But you put them down easily enough."
  7. susitsu

    Wake Up Call [Shawnee Glacier]

    "Lucas...we have a visitor. Wake up~" As a the beautiful, but only ordinary works were desecrated and the half-elf within revealed, there was no stirring at first. In the time this man had been in the coffin, the length of his hair had grown out messily around him. Something that, otherwise, was normally in pristine condition. Pale as a corpse, and as still as one all the same. There was not one single sign this dark-clad man was alive. "Come on now, sleepyhead. You're being rude to our guest. He said he wants to talk." One more mental nudge. And all at once, the world around him came to life as he did. Suddenly, the black mist began flooding into the cave and directly to the resting man's form. It engulfed him. Or at least, for just a moment, it seemed that way. Eyes opening in the darkness, a crimson colored stare was cast out from within the coffin. The black mist coming and coming, and eventually, vanishing all-together. The torrent of powers flooded right past the masked man and into the half-elf as he rose to his feet within the coffin. The whole time, the subtle glow of his right-eye fixated on this 'guest' through the shadows. Once it had all cleared away, the white-haired man looked properly upon his visitor. Outside, the shadows still lingered, but within the cave, the mist had faded. First consumed, and now being suppressed. As if a shield was cast over the entrance where that single light shown in upon the white-haired one. "I now see what he meant..." Lucas would mutter as he examined the masked man. But to what, on the surface, was impossible to really perceive. "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?" "I forgot," The other voice would respond coyly within his mind. "Tch." Annoyance crossed the man. Then, he began to look himself over. Gloved hands traveling to one weapon here, an odd artifact-looking object there. He brushed his outfit out, looking in every pack, and finally checked his hair. That is when a frown deeply crossed his lips. As he felt around, he was only just finding out how his hair had grown in the long time he was resting here. More than twice its previous length, the mess reached down past his shoulders. The normally luscious ivory locks, finding themselves in need of care and a cut. And in all this time, he had just left this masked man whom awoke him standing there. But not for no reason, ah, that's correct! "I do apologize for my disheveled state...I'm told you want to speak to me," He addressed to his guest with a raise of his head. His eyes finally falling once more on this mysterious man. "Hopefully Ive made the cavern itself more comfortable to be within. Though, I have a fair guess you are not a paladin of any sort. They do not wear masks. At least, in all my experience..." "I remember back when you wore masks. You should do that again. Remember, you had that outfit made and stored with all your others?" No response to the voice in his head. His focus belonged to his visitor.
  8. A cold, cold day, if it could called that. The sky had been a dark for hours now as snow gently blanketed the land. Greys overlooked the lands, watching the passage of time in this season. But not far along, there was a deeper sort of shadow clinging. The white snow turning touched with a black aura, and similar mist clung to the air. Slowly spreading out, a tangible darkness was spreading through an area of magical radiation. An unsettling presence presiding over the curious location. And it grew deeper, the black mist floating about in the area becoming hard to avoid. Not blinding, no, not entirely. But as it was moved about by the approach of any, it stirred and twisted, rushing at and away from them, giving the gentle touch of shadow and leaving a feeling as cold as the snow. Whatever was faced in the journey here, this place was devoid of any apparent life. Both predators and the tribes people having given the place a made distance away from the place. For a while now, this darkness has grown, ever since a being had come here to rest. Ascending through this shadowy land, one would rise and rise upon a hill. And as they neared the source of the power, they would find a cavern, open even to the sunlight outside. In the very center a large stone coffin. An odd thing, entirely out of place. No other architecture and among the ice signs it was dragged here. The overall design, grand and Gothic. Pillars rose up and formed a frame overlooking one end of the grave. No name, just a flame engraved in it. Two pillars, half the size on the other end, reaching out like a pair of claws. The lid itself was unnaturally large. No normal human could even think of lifting this. A flat, granite slab. How this coffin even got here was a wonder to behold. The coffin itself almost appeared to hum with life at the center of this disturbing shadow. And yet it all felt peaceful, a dreary sensation of drowsiness is all that was drawn from this place of rest. At least for a while now.
  9. Death is become me.

  10. I hope Off Topic realizes that he might give me a heart-attack from the fan-girl spaz-outs he's causing me.

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  11. Well, it's not like every negative and positive trait fits the bill. That's like saying you can only be a Virgo if every single thing that ever applied to Virgos applied to you. Think of it like this, which one has the most traits that suit you?
  12. Ive read all the books and seen all the movies and I am so very disappointed in you people.
  13. I feel like Ive got the outward mentality of a Slytherin, but I think like a Ravenclaw. So I feel like I should just yell insults, but my brain goes "Be mellow, bruh."