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  1. susitsu

    Something Strange is Going On in Andelusia...

    His web reached far. His gaze wandered the lands. This was a labor of passion. Of course he was going to find the Investigator. His was the sort that was tied to all the evil in the world, and yet lived for this. "Oh yes. This sounds very interesting," He spoke up after reading over the flyer, acquired by a contractor who road a boat to Genesaris for a two-day beach vacation before he went back to mail it to Hell's Gate from a port town in Terrenus. It was work for work, and if the man who gave Amraphensbane this flyer was paid for the information, a cut went up to the man from Andelusia. It was a worthy endeavor, for he lived for this. He was happy to pay them well, even again if he survived the job. They knew if he lived... He was on the first boat to Ursa Madeum. His figure drew all the wrong attention. On this day, the skull he bore changed for this trip. Massive antlers rose up from the pile of black fabric on the edge of the boat. He appeared to be wearing the skull of a stag instead of a lycan as he took in the ocean view. He still took all the wrong looks, a skull-wearing man in black robes looming over the sea silently. But it was how he best enjoyed the view of the ocean, and so intently he did. The spray off the side of the boat drew his attention from time to time, and any sea life especially caused him to suddenly turn his head. But he minded his own business. He was, after-all, on business. This was a trip to find a killer. He knew very well, the many methods of murder. But this one was new. "Haha...Ive never scared anyone to death," He suddenly said to himself in an utterly dull voice as his island destination drew closer. My, how it made the sea seem so dull. But he was not discontent with this fact, no. He was quite excited for the city of Andelusia. So much so he finally rose from his knees, and set his hands on the railing as his stag antlers now loomed over his fellow passengers. And yet he was an image of serenity, not minding anyone else as he silently studied a new world to explore. He tilted his head left for a long time, then right, before heading inward to change rather suddenly. He was around a corner, unseen for mere seconds, before no one on the boat ever saw him again. No one, except the captain who would be leaving soon. He had made his robes and skull-mask disappear into the air, into another realm of their own. Stored, simply put. His attire was now, perhaps, something more polite. Today he wore a black cloak to dress up the appearance of his chainmail and cover his weapons, with the hood brought down from his fuzzy, short black hair-growing in from what was apparently a recent shave. Today, his eyes were a sea-green, akin to the oceans he had been staring into. Today, his face was just a bit less scarred up, lacking in anything severe but small cuts and marks around that could never heal for some reason or other. His five'o'clock shadow had come in nicely over his angular jaw. Today, his skin was tan, altered from its pale complexion unnaturally like all the rest of his appearance. To say the least, he looked a bit more like a mariner than an investigator at the moment. But he was still well-equipped for the job. And he made his way immediately to the office of Maximilian Bridgeport, "At the West Andelusia Guard Post." He did have to briefly stop for directions, he rarely did go into places of authority. He considered that a personal testament to his abilities, and something he would keep to himself. Once he entered, he first presented the flyer, and found his man with a dully-spoken introduction and a polite bow, "Well-met. I am Amraphensbane. An Investigator who has taken interest in your case." He rose up, to meet his eyes with no expression to speak of. "This news traveled far to reach me, and I hope to be of assistance. But first, I would be inclined to learn more personal details about any suspects you have. Things that would help me to speak to them, and anything that might assist me to find a hidden meaning in their words." He was forthright, prompt, and concise. All important things to a successful businessman. 'And maybe I'll spy on them in the night once I know where they live,' He thought to himself.
  2. susitsu

    Happy Landings! (concept check)

    Tell me where you go and I'll join in.
  3. susitsu

    Sick, Old Man

    "Good. You said the next one was on the house?" He replied to her compliance, then switched to the bartender in one smooth turn of his seat from the dragon-man and Farren. The man was in the middle of polishing a glass, and froze up with a frown that said he hoped they were leaving, right now. 'Seriously, this was not the city to be acting so flamboyant in,' He even thought to himself. But there was no protest as he filled up one last drink for the wild-eyed Half-Elf, who was apparently presenting a capacity for social nuances all of a sudden. The man himself might have felt slighted by it if nonsense wasn't what a bartender dealt with. But he did wish this nonsense would stop. He could deal with gangbangers, knives, guns, glowing swords, but something about this trio was just raking his nerves over the fire. He might just start sweating at this rate, but he still set his drink down politely. "Yeah, on the house you inhuman..." He was stopping, and staring back at Lucas' narrowed eyes. The words had just slipped out of his mouth, and it had nothing to do with him being part Elf. He didn't really know what it was, but it definitely had to do with his shadowy presence and that red eye that offended the whole world. But Lucas didn't take offense. He accepted the drink with a quiet stare, sipping it briefly, before turning from him as he said, "You serve good stuff here. Try to stay in business so I can visit again in some years." He took another drink, clearly savoring the taste as he digested Farren's words, all while giving the half-dragon an amused glance, the emotion merely showing in the relaxed look in his eyes. "Do you think you're well-dressed enough to go soon?" He asked after a moment of eyeing her up and down. "I intend to change before we leave the city myself, and I'm not too concerned about our other travelling companion here," He gave Avaerus a nod at that. "...I actually just came back from the Shawnee Glaciers. I know the area well-enough to get lost in it and find my way out. Of course, there are innumerable dangers there. Tribes and druids alike, the most prepared of which would have killed me if the usual methods worked on me." He took another drink, showing no display of unnecessary pride, or any signs of intoxication. Well, maybe he was a lot more relaxed since he started chugging alcohol. And with a another look to Avearus, he said "And our threat range might be bigger than what I already draw. What say you, dragonkin? Will you potentially lay down your life to protect this woman?" Between the two mages, it was realistically an intrusive line of questioning under the thin veneer of conversation. "And, secondly, we do have one last order of business before we can leave here," He explained from his seat with his gaze still on the golden one that so starkly contrasted him by appearance alone. "I would like to know your name, dragonkin. I did say I wasn't leaving here without it."
  4. susitsu

    Chatbox or Status Update [poll]

    Oh my god we have a chatbox, I never noticed that link up there on the top right. Firstly, I curse widget for being weak. I enjoy watching status updates, but I'll actually be capable of realizing the chatbox exists if its in my face, so I'm voting for that due to pretty much Hummingbird's points.

  6. whose influence grows?

  7. I am ungodfully excited to be writing in multiple roleplays again.

  8. susitsu

    [Dead] Is it because of the name?

    A skulking, skull-faced creature of the night. This was only somewhat accurate, but it is what many thought when they saw his traditional garb; plain black robes with a high hood draped down over the clean skull of a werewolf worn as a mask by a strange merchant, or mercenary. He seemed to be peddling his services, selling his talents to the world and growing a small amount of fame. He had taken jobs that all tied to the same name; Amraphensbane. He served nobles and drug-lords alike. Perhaps they had even hired him in the past and he did not know it. They were The Dead, after-all. Unknown, unseen. He liked the sound of that. And it made quite a scene when the corpse approached him with an invitation; a corpse and a skeleton had just struck a deal. "I will accept these conditions," He calmly replied with a singular nod. "Your organization has a reputation for being unheard of." He did what was asked of him, arriving half an hour earlier than scheduled, to case the area for fifteen minutes from the shadows before appearing as though he arrived fifteen minutes early for the arranged time. He was alone; this was fine. He didn't know if he was being watched or not, and he could be. Sneaky mages were beyond his understanding, but they almost all died fast. So that wasn't a problem. Appearances were everything. Therefore, he was early, even if there was no one watching, and a portal that only opened exactly on time. He was still early. And what a scene he was to behold. Simple in his dress of a robe and skull, seeming almost like a being with no arms but made of a mass of shadow. However, he so suddenly revealed his arms, draped in the black fabric of his robes and gloved, he reached up to push the skull-helm inside of his face. It vanished, and he bowed before his clientele as a polite gesture of respect and thanks for having hired him. He wore no mask now, staring them down through icy blue eyes as he examined them quietly. His hood was draped over short, black hair, brushed off to the left. Words weren't necessary to begin with, so content to even take orders as he sat once it was deemed appropriate; either he had to invited to sit or the social temperature was incredibly clear. He did indeed stand an awkwardly long time after his bow. Then, through the patch he had concealed safely on the back of his neck, their conversation began without introduction. He knew they knew who he was. But they held that advantage over him. They were unknown to him, but there was a tactical request, a necessity for conversation to breach this barrier. He didn't really need to know who they were, that wasn't important yet. This was a tryout, so he answered concisely, in his thoughts, in all their thoughts, 'If the sheriff is a particular issue, I would not be opposed to a hit-and-run tactic on Sebastian. Do you know, does he wear armor?' His fingers tapped thoughtfully on the hilt of his kamas beneath his robes, envisioning the openings where he might make one strike and leave a man to bleed out. If he didn't wear armor, I could easily take his heart from out of his chest without using these 'tools.' A last thought for himself, not projected to the rest of the party. A wandering hunger, something that left his mind with a look to the beautiful world outside.
  9. susitsu

    Join the best criminal organization on Valucre

    Alright! For everyone's reference, here is Amraphensbane:
  10. susitsu

    There's Something Strange Going on in Andelusia

    Alright, this is your friend for the event. he's v friendly
  11. FOR HIRE: Amraphensbane - Killer, Detective, and Security Adviser. Looking for intensive work which can be fun or challenging for employee. Excels at investigation, tracking, organizing your defenses, and assassination. A free risk assessment will be made upon taking any jobs. Should payment not meet risk standards, an adjustment will be requested on completion of any risk assessment, which does mean should a job prove more dangerous than the initial risk assessment, such a request for adjustment will be put into letter should the employer not have taken the initiative. Work will always be done to the letter, and handled quietly and efficiently. You can hope for a scandal free job when hiring Amraphensbane, one in which necessary cover-ups come happily and free of consultation. Most risks can be bypassed by giving them a quick death and the ease of such will result in a discussion on retroactively reducing payment. "Silence is golden." CHARACTER'S FULL NAME: Amraphensbane Reason/Meaning for Name: One whose words are dark. Character's Nickname: Amra Reason or Story Behind Nickname: Feeling no attachment to his name of old, he allowed another to rename him "better." ---------PHYSICAL APPEARANCE---------- Age: 24 Weight: 190 lbs. Height: 6'0" Eye Color: Blue Iris Structure: Almost canine in nature. Body/Build Type: He has a lithe frame, with wiry muscle for feats of dexterity, though even those are difficult to discern beneath his clothing. Special Note, Facial Features: His appearance has been witnessed by a handful of people and often reported to be different, even his hair and natural skin color. Is s/he Healthy? Incredibly. Clothing: When not actively on a job, he is adorned in an eerie skull-mask with milky white cloth covering the eyes that clearly belongs to no normal beast. Particularly, it is the head of a dead, shifted lycanthrope with the jaw tweaked to hang open ever so slightly as though it were a terrible smile full of the void. In combination with this mask, he is dressed in plain, black robes with the hood up. Beneath this are his work clothes, though the billowing form of it keeps them well-hidden before a job as well as synced with his grimoire. Meaning in an instant, the skull he adorns may be swapped with his black mask that covers only the top half of his face, primarily the eyes, a steel crusader helm, or nothing at all based on his preferences for combat or a job. His work clothes begin to reveal his basic forms of protection. Plate mail appears to protect his shins from the world of his grimoire at the beckoning of a thought, and he is revealed to be wearing chainmail beneath his black robes. Under is a long-sleeved black shirt, primarily for comfort beneath the chainmail. His source of warmth is oft the robes themselves. The chainmail can additionally be banished and recalled from the world of his grimoire. His utility belt features leather satchels, writing implements, a pair of kamas, throwing knives, a three concealed vials of poison, and a few copies of his business card. Held Personal Item: A strange, black grimoire that bears an emblem of a decomposing werewolf skull. A golden tassel that contrasts his attire either hangs from it or is used to wrap it to his belt. Aura: Cold malice is carried with each of his movements, in protest to his quiet. --------------FAVORITES------------- Favorite Color: Black Least Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Music: Rock, Metal, and Rap. He enjoys a contrasting outside stimuli to his thoughts. Least Favorite Music: Classical. He feels that he is already calm enough. Food: The flesh of warriors. Literature: He reads for information, or for high-fantasy romance. Primarily vampire novels. Expressions: He does not. Mode of Transportation: Preferring to stay within the system to move under its radar, he goes between cities and continents as though he were a civilian. He rides trains, warp-rails, boats, caravans, and taxis. ----------------HABITS--------------- Good Habits: He has a very well-maintained schedule, with downtime and open spaces left available for him to merely consider his thoughts or allow the moment to take him. Such a thing is an invitation for fate to strike while he's not busy. Meaning, he is a lot more likely to get involved with something trivial if he is on his 'downtime' between jobs and self-care. He often smells of a recent cleaning, the signs of such in the herbal scents that come off of him from time to time. Bad Habits: He has impulses that he allows to dictate his actions; a simple hunger for a bit of fun that is left without too much thought. He hosts the image of perfect health, but his mind is far from it. His hobbies are entirely nonexistent, he does not attempt to build relationships with other sentient beings, and he has no emotional ties whatsoever, leaving him disconnected from the very idea of humanity. Hobbies: Work. Daredevil or Cautious? /Why? Both. He doesn't like the idea of compromising his reputation as having a perfect work ethic, always devoted to doing the job to the letter, and cleanly at that. However, if a job requires he risk his life to complete it, there is a very short internal debate about the thrill versus the value of losing his life right now, and that usually leans in the direction of thrill-seeking. How do they spend a casual day alone? Cleaning his tools, spying on his marks, and sometimes reading. Amraphensbane prefers to work and do these things inside a schedule, however. ---------------IN-DEPTH THOUGHTS--------------- Life: "There is nothing to it." He gave a simple answer, one that the director didn't know how to respond to at first. He asked him, if there is no meaning to life, then what of death? It had been a long time since Amraphensbane had laughed. Theology: "A right to power. We the chosen have been given it as a gift, of love, of charity, and self-benefit. To all the chosen, it is bliss. Those whose faith is lacking in their gifts are exterminated." Romance: This question provoked a long pause from him, which the director took note of. "I don't think I have time for that," He simply replied. Pedigree: A question of blood. Thought it could not be seen beneath his helm, he smiled. "It can mean everything. To no one has my noble lineage meant anything, but in the world, I have been forced under a boot-heel in acknowledgment of another's blood. Thus, I think that some people are worth more than others in this world as a fact the god's made." Humanity: "My fellow humans? Elves. Orcs. Gnomes. Those with the ability to love and hate at the same time. Sentience. This is the meaning of humanity." Bureaucracy: The director then asked him how he felt about paperwork. Another dry laugh. "I love it." ---------------ABILITIES-------------- --------Main Abilities: His is the body of a natural born werewolf, enduring and regenerating nigh impossible wounds for a normal human. This features the powers of full and partial transformations, bloodlust, and heightened natural senses of hearing and smell. His incredible discipline keeps his lycan urges at bay. -------Secondary Abilities The black grimoire hanging from his belt allows him to enact far range communication, instantaneous personal item translocation, self-transfiguration, and the ability to petition magical favors from his patron. This tends to be his answer to complete dead-ends on nigh impossible investigations, acquire various resources, and magical tools both through the book and delivered to set locations when need be. -------Combat Technique: Speed is death. He is trained seemingly in a monastic discipline, wielding a pair of kamas or fighting hand-to-hand, priding himself on exceptionally accurate blows and exploiting weak points in his target's defenses, whether there originally or created through the course of a battle. In pursuit of this, he is a master of stealth, tactical misdirection, and spatial awareness.
  12. susitsu

    There's Something Strange Going on in Andelusia

    I should have it done today. It's a remake/import, so I already had all the details in mind.
  13. susitsu

    There's Something Strange Going on in Andelusia

    I'm interested, but I'm going ahead and send a message about the character I'd like to introduce as to make sure the concept suits what you're trying to do here.
  14. susitsu

    General chat thread

    i like to think my living again is new
  15. susitsu

    What emotion best describes your character?

    Lucas Black is angst. Amraphensbane is contentment.