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  1. Arcanist

    Settle a debate for us! Nurses or Maids?

    every time i check this website i see shit like this and leave for another five months
  2. My dearest,

    May I persuade you to take some time, when you have any free, to hit up OUR hard work in the Bestiary and edit your posts.

    Most of them that had weird coding issues with Bold were fixed simply by Editing > Submit without doing anything and they corrected themselves. Others, I'm not sure why produced weird AE" where the — should have been, which is ALT+0151.

    Alas, thank you. Sucks for this headache. I just went back through all of mine.

    The Legend codes have to be deleted. :/


    1. Syncopy



      If you can't get to this within the week, we'll just take care of it on our end. ;)