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  1. Lawman

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children 1 (IC)

    "Wow, you met gods? Kinda reminds me of the time I was tasked to investigate a case involving blood rain, and turns out it had something to do with a local rain-bringing deity having abdicated her post or something, nya," Alice remarked as Natalya shared a time when she encountered a god in Ceyana, and apparently caused some major disaster which resulted in the locals being displaced. And seriously, Heavenly Chainmail Bikini Armour? "Did anyone actually try to equip it or something? I can only imagine..." the cat girl chuckled, although if Natalya knew what Alice normally wore when not in school uniform, it would no doubt be a case of the pot calling the kettle black. "Well, this is turning out to be quite fun!" Alice added as Momo shared some stories of his own, along with a rather hilarious interaction with his digitised sidekick. "I can't see how anyone could forget to do so," she chimed in when Advi made a comment about reminding Momo to put his underwear on. "Having one's pants chafe like hell is a good enough reminder if you ask me," she mused, deciding to engage in the inadvertent low-brow comedy segment. "Hey, how about yourself?" Alice asked as she beckoned at Artesia. "Tell us something about yourself, nya?"
  2. Being also from Singapore I'm also totally down for Lunar New Year, Ramadan and Diwali reaction emojis! 😃 Also, I think a Hanami themed set might be a neat idea too? Like y'know, cherry blossoms, sake and assorted wagashi? XD
  3. Lawman

    What sorts of Herbs and Minerals exist in Valucre?

    I rather liked the writeup for Tangleweed, but if only because this particular segment sounds like a case of power perversion potential. 😆 "They will begin to spread out and entangle everything, and more specifically, everyone near them. It will entangle someone curling underneath their clothes and armor, and often growing outward and removing it all if allowed to continue through nonstop application of water."
  4. Lawman

    Hey, I guess

    Hello and welcome!
  5. Lawman

    Valucre music thread

    Venom's theme. (Chinese speakers might get the joke)
  6. Lawman

    Returned From The Dead

    As a returner myself, I too shall say, welcome back!
  7. Lawman

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    There were knights, soldiers, mercenaries and basically men and women at arms of every stripe. Yet among them, one in particular stood out - one that looked more at home being a domestic helper at some noble or wealthy merchant's estate, a young woman with crystal-blue eyes and teal-coloured hair sporting neither armour nor a military uniform... but a maid's dress. Not quite the employment contract that Kristall was hoping for - but without someone to call master she couldn't exactly afford to be picky. At least it looked this could pay well, and it was still something that fell within her job scope. "So it's indeed as desolate as the stories make it out to be," she remarked, speaking to no one in particular as her eyes scanned the distant horizon as she followed the formations of mercenaries and military personnel; it wouldn't come off as a surprise that the mere sight of such a bleak and cheerless landscape would bring a sense of despair and hopelessness. Though perhaps, this could also be an opportunity, as she wondered if there are any high-ranking officers among these troops that might be interested in hiring her services once this was over and done with. But for now, she followed those who were following Fidelitas' lead, keeping her eyes open as she surveyed her surroundings, staying alert for any possible ambushes. (Top Right)
  8. RIP: Stan Lee (1922 - 2018)


    First Jin Yong, now Stan Lee. The tail end of 2018 has seen some of the greatest minds in the entertainment industry and genre pioneers leave us. 


    Thank you, Stan. Though physically you're no longer with us, you live on in our hearts and minds and your legacy will no doubt continue to influence and shape the entertainment industry for generations to come. 

  9. Lawman

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children 1 (IC)

    "Nya?" Alice looked up at the sight of another girl who went right over to Momo's desk resting an arm on the head of the boy. Either way, she could certainly dig the way she carried herself - and not to mention, that Lady Natalya (according to her introduction) certainly sported a nice coat. And nice coats are always a plus in Alice's book. "Who said anything about claiming anyone, I was just trying to get acquainted with Momo there, y'know, new kid in school and all?" the cat girl raised her hands and stepped back, indicating that she wanted no trouble. Alice's ears perked up however, when Momo shared that he and Natalya apparently had quite a history between them, and had gone on quite a few adventures. “Heh, I'm no stranger to having narrow brushes with death myself,” the cat girl added, flashing Natalya and Momo a grin. “Maybe like, we could trade some stories? Would you like to hear about the time I had to navigate through an underwater cave network to find some ancient ruins? Or the time I was assigned to take out a high value target from a rival corporation who was so well-protected they even placed laser turrets inside the air-conditioning ducts, nya?”
  10. Lawman


    Welcome to Valucre, yo.
  11. Lawman

    You know what's funny?

    I joined Valucre back in 2013, ghosted a couple months in, but now I'm back! (And hopefully to stay) So yeah, welcome back!
  12. Lawman

    New to Valucre

    Hello and welcome!
  13. Lawman

    Greetings from a newcomer!

    Hello and welcome to Valucre!
  14. Lawman

    Character Art Request Plz!

    @supernal Thank you - I used to sit down for manga-drawing courses back in 2005-6. It's been ages since I last picked up a pencil, but recently I have discovered the wonders of sketchpad apps and a stylus and using my phone to doodle. :3
  15. I was initially thinking of throwing Alice in cause this sounds like an opportunity for her to rip n' tear, but I don't wanna A) spread myself too thin across too many threads, especially seeing how I only just begun dipping my feet back in and Valucre isn't the only place I RP on, and B) felt like I could let my current other character see some action too. ^^