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  1. Lawman

    General chat thread

    Y'know, you're not alone on this. Mythcreants certainly thought writers can learn a few things about storytelling from roleplayers. XD
  2. "See? Told you the view's better up here," Alice purred as the cabbage got onto her shoulders where it sat safe and secure, as the cat girl gave the intelligent plant a grin and a thumbs up. Or at least, she interpreted its excited beeps as a sign of happiness. "The trees?" Alice wondered as the cabbage once again got her attention and gestured towards some nearby trees, some of which were currently in their fruiting season as their branches bore a bounty in freshly-ripened fruit. "Let's go then, nya," she added as she reached up and gave the cabbage a pat before heading towards the trees. "Better in the shade huh?" She wondered as she stepped under the shade of the trees with her 'passenger' in tow. Though upon hearing a "hello" from nearby the cat girl would turn her head in the direction of the voice, looking at the elegantly-dressed lady who addressed her. "Hi," Alice replied, giving the other woman a bow. "Heh, glad that I'm not the only one who likes it, nya," the cat girl added. "I bought it from a tailor that's several stalls down this lane located near a gazebo overlooking a koi pond," she continued, gesturing in the direction of the koi pond. "It's hard to miss it - the tailor's a jorogumo, so she's impossible to miss." "Name's Alice Schrodinger, so how shall I address you, lady?" The cat girl asked in return. Although before Koharu could reply she would hear a comment about a lettuce on her shoulder. "That would be a cabbage, nya," came her retort as she turned her attention from Koharu to Ruiser. "And yeah, I don't know what's his name over there," she commented, gesturing to the cabbage on her shoulder. "But I just call him cabbage." @supernal @vielle @Spooky Mittens
  3. "That was unexpected, but thank you," Alice Prime remarked as she found help in the most unexpected of places in the form of a healing spell courtesy of Lupin - and it couldn't have come at a better timing; the cat girl was pretty sure that she'd about reached her limit at this point after being ragdolled around for much of the fight. But thanks the Lupin's assistance she was now able to get back on her feet as she gave her ally a nod and a thumbs up, before glancing out of the window she'd crashed through earlier. "Tell me I cooked his goose, nya," Alice Prime commented as she tried to discern Ógurligr's position amid the smoke and dust, a grin crossing her face. And her grin quickly faded though, at the sight of the scorched but still very much alive - and enraged - Ógurligr. "Oh dear; only medium rare," the cat girl mumbled as the armour-clad behemoth let loose what sounded like simultaneously a deep, bellowing roar and a banshee-like shriek that caused her to stagger and put her hands over her ears in an effort to block out that most dreadful noise. "Just what is this guy made of? Adamantium?" Alice Alpha gasped as she picked herself up from the ground, caked in dirt and her own dried blood. "Perhaps we need to find a way to open the can to get at its contents, nya," Alice Beta chorused as she extended her claws, a faint humming noise coming from them as the high-frequency field engaged, turning her natural weapons into a set of vibro blades. "Well, looks like the only way out... is in!" And with an angry hiss and screech the two copies of Alice would charge straight at their opponent, forcing their broken bodies along as they transfixed Ógurligr with wild-eyed stares and flying droplets of drool as the duo went feral on him, although Alice Alpha would suddenly come to a screeching halt to thrust out her left palm to conjure and sling a fireball Christmas pudding and throw it right before their opponent's feet, not targeting the juggernaut but the ground in front of him to create a cloud of smoke and dust. Almost simultaneously, Alice Beta would springboard off the shoulder of Alice Alpha, the movement of her vibro-claws leaving a faintly glowing afterimage in her wake as she leaped into the air to dive down at Ógurligr, attempting to thrust her claws into what hopefully might be a chink in his armour - specially looking for any spaces between his helm and shoulder pauldrons where there might be joints to allow for movement. Meanwhile, Alice Prime would fire shots from her gun to provide suppressing fire - taking care not to hit her own facsimiles - but not exactly banking on being able to score any hits on her opponent either, with the aim of her shots being to provide a distraction, and force him to choose which cat girl to go after first. @HollowCipher @Thotification @Hurttoto
  4. Lawman

    General chat thread

    Yeah, but there are always those people who have a rather narrow view on what constitutes being a creator. Like, as roleplayers we are writers and thus, creators because we produce content. But these aforementioned people might say we "don't count" because "oh, only the people who RP with you view you as a writer". (i.e. the only consumers of your content are your RP partners - and other folks on the site who happen to be reading your threads) It's like a phrase I heard somewhere, think it goes along the lines of "if you write for one person, then you're only an author to one person. But if you write for a million people, you're on your way to becoming the next J.K. Rowling." I try not to pay any heed to such people.
  5. Pretty much anything that's found here. XD https://mythcreants.com/ But I'll handpick some of my favourites: https://mythcreants.com/blog/costuming-your-characters/ https://mythcreants.com/blog/the-problem-with-oppressed-mages/ https://mythcreants.com/blog/how-to-create-a-rational-magic-system/ https://mythcreants.com/blog/the-best-characters-eat-their-spinach-and-their-candy/ https://mythcreants.com/blog/five-bad-tropes-to-drop/
  6. Lawman

    General chat thread

    Because I've often heard smarmy 'advice' pieces like quitting one's day job to "live the dream" or "be a creator not a consumer" too many times, I feel this is something that needs to be said. Way overdue, man. https://medium.com/publishous/be-a-creator-not-a-consumer-thats-crappy-advice-97f19053dc19
  7. "Hmm... I'll take it that you know what I'm talking about, nya," Alice broke into a grin as Cabbage beeped in response and ran into her shin making a leafy slapping sound. "Tell you what, little fellow how about you stick around with me? This way no one's gonna step on you - accidentally or otherwise," the cat girl suggested as she bent down and beckoned to the creature to come to her arms - clearly offering to pick it up. "Trust me, the view up here's a lot better, nya," Alice added; should Cabbage take up the cat girl's offer she would pick up the leafy creature and allow it to rest on her shoulder - oh sure, it must've been quite the sight to see someone walking around talking to a walking cabbage on her shoulder - but Alice had been called a freak one too many times for her to really care what the others think. Besides, with all the other yokai and such walking around, they were probably considered one of the more 'normal' sights. "So, what would you like, little one?" Alice asked, just wandering around randomly for now. "Some place to eat? Maybe watch a show?" perhaps it might be tough to communicate with Cabbage seeing how the creature seemed to understand her language but not speak it. Still, if the creature saw anything that caught its interest, the cat girl figured it'd probably give her a beep and some sort of nonverbal cue. @Spooky Mittens
  8. @Spooky Mittens My kitty took interest in the cabbage. XD
  9. "They have cherry trees here? What a pleasant surprise, nya," Alice thought as she weaved through the milling throngs of Caleum; there was no mistaking the familiar sight of cherry trees in bloom, something that the cat girl thought she'd never see when she left Fusou; but turns out that cherry trees grow in Valucre after all, and here in Caleum, they too celebrate hanami. She couldn't help but wonder, if this was a result of parallel development, or perhaps people from Earth had come here at some point and specifically brought Japanese culture with them; not only did it take place at the same time, but there was no mistaking the familiar customs and aesthetics surrounding the festival. Shortly upon arriving, Alice had made it a first order of business to get herself an outfit that would be more appropriate for the situation - sure, 'modesty' is something that was more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule in the cat girl's book; but even she didn't exactly want to go browsing the various stores and partaking in games and activities in her usual jean shorts and black bra - and as such she would make a beeline to the nearest apparel store, before emerging from a fitting booth moments later sporting a spiffy pink kimono with sakura patterns. "Nya, better," the cat girl admired herself and her outfit in a full-length mirror before paying the vendor and stepping out among the crowds. "Oh hello there, little fellow~" Alice purred as a creature that looked like a walking cabbage scurried past her legs, and with her curiosity piqued the cat girl would follow the cabbage, her tail wagging as she kept her eyes on the creature. "I don't know if you understand my language, but a little guy like you shouldn't be scurrying around in such a crowded place - you could get stepped on by accident you know?" she remarked. In a way, the creature reminded her of herself before she broke free of Hinode's control - a creature who's consigned to living on the fringes of civilisation, forever skulking within the shadows, and it was due to this she couldn't help but feel a tinge of sympathy towards the creature. @Spooky Mittens
  10. If they don't possess some kind of fire resistance, the attack clearly isn't going to discriminate regarding who or what is within or near its splash radius, so yeah.
  11. It reminds Alice of her old home in Fusou, so she's coming.
  12. Well, it's big enough to turn the ground within a ten-yard diameter red-hot, and created a shockwave that broke windows within 30 yards. So I'd imagine ground zero of the explosion would be turned into magma, with a circular crater of glowing embers radiating outwards for ten yards.
  13. Avengers Endgame truly feels like the end of an era. Thank you, Marvel and Stan Lee.

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