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  1. Lawman

    Mood music requests

    I think this one gives a good party mood.
  2. Updated my post. Alice chose to claim Comet's power to summon meteors.
  3. Exactly what it says on the tin; just wondering if anyone who's run original RP sites ever published (or considered doing so) more 'traditional' - I.e. novels - stories that are set in their RPG's universe? (Or in this specific context, Valucre) Not necessarily has to be in a commercial capacity, of course - I.e. free to read web novels also fit the bill; but the bottom line is creating traditional, non-interactive fiction (I.e. novels, comics, etc.) that take place within one's original RP setting.So the question to Valucreans here would be twofold, namely...1.) Have you ever published (or considered doing so) stories based on your RP's setting?2.) Would you ever write on a RP whose admin has published (or intends to) stories based on the site's setting? (Say, imagine rewriting the transcripts of the latest sitewide plot into a web novel which is hosted on off-site blog, like for example, Wattpad)And also a bonus question...3.) If you're a site admin and a RPer on your site has been found to be publishing 'fanfics' (or is intending to do so) of your RP, what would you do?3a.) Do you consider 'traditional' fics based on your RP's setting as part of the site's canon? (I.e. The events of a fic providing the catalyst for the current site plot)
  4. Haven't seen you around before but regardless, welcome back!
  5. "Did we get him?" Slowly but surely, Alice would find herself coming out of her berserker rage as Santa fell to their combined final efforts, the cat girl slumping to the ground in relief knowing that it was finally over.... or is it? "Nya!?" she exclaimed as Santa got right back up, forcing her to reach for her gun; though his unexpected change in demeanour would cause her to lower her weapon just as swiftly as she drew it, being taken aback by the abrupt 180-degree turn in personality. "Wait... you seemed a lot nicer... now?" she wondered as instead of continuing to fight them, Santa would instead cast a powerful restoration spell over the group, healing them of their injuries and recovering their energy. "Ah, so that explains it," Alice added as Santa thanked them for beating what apparently was some sort of - she could only wonder - evil entity/curse/etc that was the cause of his earlier ornery behaviour. "Well, that's the Santa Claus I know and like," the cat girl grinned as they were presented with various boons and gifts for defeating his evil version and thus bringing him back to normal. And as a parting gift, he'd even allowed them to help themselves to Orgurligr's stuff - or as Alice preferred to refer to that armour-clad elven behemoth, the "Daddy of All Elves". "Dibs on the head-basher, nya," Alice remarked, pointing to the mace.
  6. Yeah, I should be able to get my closing posts up later today.
  7. Lawman

    Valucre music thread

    If there's one thing you can learn from Sabaton's songs, it's to never mess with Eastern Europeans. (I.e. 40:1, Panzerkampf, Last Dying Breath, etc.)
  8. Alice hissed in frustration as Santa grabbed hold of her leg and threw her aside like a rag doll - the impact would most likely break every bone in her body; but the cat girl would die painlessly, having lost herself to her bloodlust - that is, if it weren't for Dan's intervention, a blast of wind slowing down her fall to the point where it would amount to little more than tripping over rather than a bone-crunching collision with the ground. Not that she maintained the mental capacity for speech at this point, but she was still able to appreciate the move and would nod at Dan whilst purring, before shooting another death glare in Santa's direction. And with the command to hit Santa with everything they've got, an evil grin would cross Alice's face as she charged at him once again, a pair of pudding bombs manifesting in her hands as she ran; tossing the first one at the ground between them, to create a pall of dust and smoke in the air to obscure their vision, only to burst out from the smoke screen a fraction of a second later with her second, unexploded pudding bomb. "Die!" and that seemed to be the only word in the cat girl's dictionary at the moment as she thrust her palm right in his face in an attempt to detonate her magical explosive point-blank in his mug. (And yes, if one possesses the ability to see things in slow-mo they would witness the X'mas pudding going splat against his face before exploding in a conflagration)
  9. "Damn it, just what does it take for you to go down!?" Alice growled in frustration as her bullets found their mark - her distraction tactic having worked perfectly as Santa sliced the incoming makeshift projectile apart with his light sabers, only to take a trio of bullets from the cat girl, but despite being slashed in the back and shot, old Saint Nick didn't seem any worse for wear. While on the other hand, every blow the cat girl takes diminishes her combat capabilities, and at this point she suspected that she may be running on nothing more than sheer willpower - or lunacy. And then Dan and Shishi's attacks landed, eliciting a cheer from Alice. "Yeah! We showed him didn't we?" she remarked, grinning savagely. Although the cat girl's grin quickly vanished when the smoke cleared and revealed that Santa was still very much alive and kicking. And very pissed too, as he underwent a transformation that changed his physique from pudgy to buff. And he would retaliate by ripping out an entire chunk of the ground - large as a minivan - before hurling his earthen projectile at the cat girl. "Oh sh-" Alice's quick thinking probably saved her from becoming a feline steak tartare as she launched two pudding bombs at the incoming chunk, blasting it down to a more manageable size before crossing her arms defensively in front of her. The projectile shattered against her body into a shower of rocks ranging from small pebbles to hunks the size of a human head. While she managed to avoid getting splattered, the impact had clearly messed up part of her organs, as the cat girl collapsed upon the pavement, coughing up spurts of blood as she did. "Damn, I'm outta my league here," she muttered as she struggled onto her knees while Dan and Shishi accessed their own desperation super modes - if only she had a similar transformation of her own! "I don't have a super mode transformation, but I have... madness," Alice remarked as she extended the claws on her right hand, before plunging them into her abdomen, causing her to lift her head to the sky and cry in sheer agony. "Madness beyond madness!" the cat girl screeched as she entered into some kind of berserker state, driven by her near-death state as her eyes flashed crimson and an aura of red and black flames engulfed her body, delivering a barbaric yawp to announce her return to the fight. As Shishi came at Santa with a frenzied barrage of sword strikes, Alice would launch a pair of pudding bombs beneath her feet as she jumped, the explosion propelling her into the sky, before diving towards Super Santa's head, spinning like a demonic corkscrew as she descended, in an attempt to grasp his head in her hands and dig her claws into his skull, and should she manage to grab hold of her opponent, would continue to spin, trying to twist his head off like taking the cap off a bottle of soda.
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