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  1. TheRelicOfOwls

    The Gemini Mirror {Artifact}

    Donovan enjoyed the silence of the walk at first, but as the trek grew longer his nerves began to unwind. Those eyes darted between each of the robed freaks with a certain yet-to-be-earned hate. "We almost there or what!?" he finally broke, pushing a few of the members aside in a tantrum. Those on the side of his metal arm were unfortunate, to say the least. Luckily, as he asked the question there they were. The center room. It held a level of regalia the rest of the torn structure did not. Banners of various colors and insignia hung from the walls, and the room was brightly lit with wall mounted torches, chandeliers, and of course the candles being held by the cultists. And still there was a shadowy eeriness to the environment. "So we're here, but where's the rel-" A pinch assaulted his cheek, stopping the sentence in it's tracks. His eyes glide to his right to see one of the freaks grabbing at his face, and another reaching for his hair... and on the left one was about to grab his coat. In one quick motion, and a spark, his cutlass was unsheathed and pointed square at one of the cultists face. "Back off the coat ya little fucker" then using the hilt to back them all away with a quick, and commanding, bash.
  2. TheRelicOfOwls

    The Gemini Mirror {Artifact}

    Donovan entered the deep shadow of the ruins, where only flickering hues of orange lit the way. Somehow thirty members seemed like a lot more in the dimly lit area. The ease of the action was certainly nice though, and the captain thought nothing more of it. "So what's with the robes? You guys trying to seem as creepy as possible out tradition or something?" The bold Donovan attempts to make conversation as the gathering of three make their way through the rugged path. From the high ground of the ruins those same fire-lit eyes were staring intensely unto the two guests, silent as possible, and traveling in the same direction as whom was presumably the leader. The captain took note of the matter, but for the sake of relics would let it slide for now.