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  2. [Sector Eight] Assault and Battery

    Donovan hummed in thought at the plan. It was simple enough to understand and follow, but he was wondering about just demolishing the entire building himself. However, he wasn't here to plot anything large, he just wanted the chaos to ensue for an optimal recruiting environment when all had lost their homes, hope, and willpower. In that moment he could swoop down and offer his hand as if a merciful king to his soon-to-be subjects. The land pirate would nod, and turn his head towards Morrin who began to speak until. CRASH!   Cracks formed in one of the already ragged walls. Two large formations disfigured the stone, and after a brief investigation of the damage, Donovan would follow his temporary comrades out. "Thinkin' that was a coincidence from all the hell breakin' loose, or an aimed attack?" he'd wonder aloud as his heavy footfalls crunched against the gravel outside. His head would turn back to the damage, observing the destruction from outside the building - much more significant looking. He'd trace the imagined trajectory of the grapeshot, staring into the distance passed a few buildings, but couldn't make out anything. "Where the hell would it even come from?" he'd murmur in a deep voice.   "Well two can play that game" a wicked grin crosses between his mutton-chop ends, and his hand lifts with a pistol in hand, loaded with a flare. With a swift pull of the trigger, that flintlock would launch into the air with a spark, a trail of smoke, aimed slightly off towards where the oncoming fire was assumed to have originated. A brightly lit red star would add itself to the sky, and within minutes random cannon fire would add itself to the mayhem already existing in town. The first of the barrage would hit bout four houses away, and several more would continue in that general area.
  3. [Sector Eight] Assault and Battery

    Donovan would shrug his shoulders nonchalantly as his ship is brought up. "She'll be here by end of day. Just had a little hold up" he'd explain, his gruff voice not exactly re-assuring of his word, but his eyes could tell no lie of that. Those amber hues would then travel from Kim to the rest of the temp-crew. To each he'd nod with a slight grin, particularly to the word demolition. Respect might be the word one would use for such a job. With the introductions done he'd follow them inward the crumbling structure where the mission could better be discussed. Further discussion would ensue, and finally Scrapjaw seemed to fall into the gran scheme. "Kemosabe? That boy can carry however much he likes - that's crystal tech for ya. Just depends how many we can fit onto 7 feet of standin' room" he pauses in thought to estimate how many people might fit on at max capacity. "I'd say somewhere around three or four can fit on somewhat comfortably, maybe a total of six if you don't mind touchin' shoulders." a single shoulder bobs and he nods in agreement with his own assessment. "Yeah" he finishes.
  4. [Sector Eight] Assault and Battery

    The captain had been making his way into the depths of town overhead, forming only a silhouette against the brightly lit sky, and other times he'd seem invisible behind the cover of smog. Alas, the woman who had sent out a message for  co-operative chaos seemed to be calling to him just below. As he descended from the sky his mode of transport would become more apparent. It was a brass, bronze, and steel construct that looked much like a large, flat, metal spider with four legs. On top of that there seemed to be a kite-surfing attachment, but customized to allow flight. Engines on either side of the attachment propelled the man and his robotic companion along air currents where the attached sails and wings could direct them better. Donovan stood atop the stretched out spider. Two of the mechanisms legs were forward, and another two behind it. Both eds acted as a surface for the large man to stand on, and when he was called for he'd lean sharply to his left, almost hanging upside down, and would quickly turn downward for a sweeping motion. The dive was rapid; even more so when the sails where retracted, and the wings bent to allow only a slight hovering feeling. As the two neared the ground, he'd yank up, tap a button on the steam golem's head with his foot, and just like that he'd come to a landing next to the small group. He would listen quietly to the woman's run-down of the situation, nodding his head as the major points were brought up. Only after she finished would he speak up. "So, I seem to have landed in the right place" his amber eyes glance to what could only marginally count as a room. "Where the hell is everyone else?" speaking again as he detached the wing-set from his golem, deactivated both, and began flattening out blue prints. Both devices would then seem to be absorbed by the paper, turning into bright white matter, disfiguring and stretching, and finally disappearing into the blue slips which would quickly be picked up. The left over hovering crystal would also be retrieved and spoken to quietly. "Good boy" then it was returned to a hollow point in his mechanical arm.
  5. [Sector Eight] Assault and Battery

    The day was young, and the sky was filled with sunshine, clouds, and fake clouds. Both smokestacks aboard the Mudskipper where billowing out thick white smoke that trailed behind the land-ship as it ventured through a forest. At least it was a forest. The process of pushing such a titanic vessel through crowded greenery meant simply getting rid of the greenery, hence the large buzz saws arching just in front of the bow. Wherever the Mudskipper traveled, trees where ahead, but stumps were behind.   "Ameesh!" the captain howled to the rear as looked onward from the fore. No answer.   "Ameesh!"   "Yes, Captain?" a young, dark skinned boy would burst through double doors of the top-side cabin. He was dressed almost entirely in blue and black ethnic clothing. Compared to the other swabbies on deck the boy seemed regal, and was clearly the youngest of anyone there.   "How long until we reach this damn Lessertown place? the larg man's head snaps to the side, looking over his shoulder as Ameesh ran into conversation distance.   "Well, sir, it should be just over these..." all thought is halted by the pillar of smog that leaped into the air from the distant town "-hills". The young man would turn his amber eyes to the captains own, but where Ameesh held a grimace, Captain Scrapjaw's grin would stretch wide.   "A fun bit o' havoc, and opportune recruiting times? It must be my birthday!" the man snorts and bolsters a hearty laugh before he's interrupted by Ameesh with a raised finger.   "What?"   "Captain, we can't really-"   "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, DONOVAN!" a woman stomps out from below decks. She's covered in soot, sweat, and a bit of blood on her right hand. As she makes her way next to the captain and Ameesh, she makes sure to grab her red coat, throwing it over her tank-top and overalls. "This ship isn't going an inch further until I can get repairs done! You've nearly turned our saw blades to saucers, and the engine is overheating!".   Scrapjaw merely rolled his eyes, but as soon as they faced front they were met with both the angry set of Echo, and the meek ones of Ameesh. "Fine! Damn, can't even run my own ship when I wanna. Someone grab my golem, set up the wings, I'm gonna have to fly into town."   With that he'd leave the woman and boy to their own devices. Echo smashed her heavy boots against every step down into the bowls of the ship, and Ameesh returned to the navigation room, while Donovan prepared for his short flight in his quarters. As he paced around his desk he'd tap his metal left appendage against the wood, grabbing his hat from one portion of the cabin, his modified cutlass from another, and his pistol and holster from the table top. Everything was holstered, sheathed, set in place, and just as he finished a swab would call for him.   "Showtime"
  6. Donovan "Scrapjaw" Shoalman

    Captain Scrapjaw Name: Donovan "Scrapjaw" Shoalman Age: 34 Gender: Male Family Line: The Shoalmans -History: This bloodline is known for a long history of fisherman, whale hunters, crab and lobster netters, and naval soldiers. The name has carried on for a while, and though not famous the world round, many a passerby along coasts may recognize the name - whether they are fellow seamen, old business rivals, or just a friend of a friend. Upuntil more recent events that the Shoalman name seemed to have quite literally dropped off the map, however. These last two generations have gone through life in relative silence, save for the occasional use of their family crest in various vandalisms and robberies on the waters. Now, even those simple crimes have paled in comparison to the new favorite of the surname: Donovan and his deeds. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Visual Description: Height: 6'2" Weight: 220 lbs Eye Color: Amber Face: Donovan has an elongated box shaped head. His jaw is flat-bottomed with little curve to it. He's got over all jagged, rough, features across his brow, nose, and chin. The jut of his brow makes him seem almost barbaric or animal-like in appearance, and his extreme mutton chops add to a wolf-man look. The chops stretch down his sideburns, and across the edge of his jaw-line with about a 3" gap at his chin between the ends of each chop. His lips are thin and tense usually, but when speaking they seem to part into a gaping maw full of stained teeth. Eyebrows are untamed, frayed in parts, and cut through in others where scars have left hair scant. Hair: This pirate has messy, wavy, and even matted various shades of brown hair while his mutton chops are an almost fiery red shade at the ends. The body hair down his chest and arms share the same color as that on his head, though the hair is thicker. The length of hair atop his head is about an 2-3" all around, except the back of his neck and lower head are shaved down. His mutton chops' hair length grows longer the closer to the chin it gets, reaching up to 5.5". Skin: The captains' skin is tanned by a life of travel outdoors, dirtied by coal and debris, thick and callous from years of labor, scarred from battles both on land and sea, and is basically the furthest thing from a super model. Notable scars include: two long his left brow which distort it's shape a bit, a circular scar through the upper part of his right pectoral, and various nicks, cuts, and scratches on his left lower arm and hands. Body: Donovan is an intimidatingly large man. His figure describes a life of hard work in itself with a wide barrel torso, muscular upper arms, and an overshadowing height. His legs are also built, but aren't quite as defined as his arms. He doesn't naturally have an entire right arm, (it ends just passed the elbow) but his left hand is bulky like the rest of him, with a callous palm, dirty digits, and thick nails. Metal Arm/Hand: Scrapjaw's right hand and lower arm are mostly made of brass, copper, and portions of steel. The system holding the arm in place are entirely leather, brass for the locks, and a patch of cloth for the comfort of the elbow. Overall the arm's silhouette reflects that of standard flesh, but that all stops at the wrist where a ball joint and pincer shape make an evident difference. This device is held to the captain's frame by a sleeve of leather straps and locks as well as a pair of shoulder pads that keep the sleeve hoisted. The sleeve, more specifically, is a cylindrical shape made of four encircling horizontal strips - three of which are straps with buckles - with two straight vertical strips parallel to one another on the anterior and posterior sides of the sleeve, and finally the elbow of the sleeve is a circular frame lined with brass on the inner rim which has white cloth stretched across it. The metal appendage begins with the pit that Donovan's arm-stub fits into which is split into two pieces on a hinge allowing the shell to clamp firmly to him. Further down the prosthesis is a more solidly built section which holds the inner workings of blood magitech. Among this mid-section is also an ejectable cylinder that raises from the dorsal side of the arm. Finally, there is the complex hand which is made of two fingers and a thumb shaped into a pincer shape most of the time. There are only two joints for the fingers, and one for the thumb. Each joint is accompanied by a rune-inscribed quartz disc upon the knuckles and an additional one is on the back of the "hand". Motions of the wrist are made with a combination of a pivot and hinge joints, while movement of the fingers and thumb are simply hinge joints, except for at the base of the fingers where a rail exists to allow them to move closer to or further from one another. Clothing: All of the captains' clothing are weathered to some degree, being torn the most towards the feet, and a little more pristine as you work up. He never likes to get his hat dirty, and has kept it in the best shape it could maintain in his profession. -Blood Vial Necklace: About as literal as it gets. A cheap twine necklace with vials of blood dangling from it. The vials are a little bigger than two inches long, and have metal screw-on caps that have loops for the twine to go through. There are typically three vials on the necklace. -Hat: A light grey wool top hat. The crown is raised to an average 6" while the brim is nearly 4" which is broader than usual. Along the crown there is also a brown leather band with a gold coin held in place at the center-front; it has his family crest etches into it. The brim of the hat is also curved rather than flat, creating a bend downward at the front and back, while curving up at the sides. -Bandanna: Simple white bandana. It's tied up in the usual manner, though the knot is tied more to the left of his head where he can tie it better with his good hand. -Shirt: This is a simple, long sleeve, drawstring-neck linen undershirt with folded button cuffs and a wide collar. The cuffs are frayed along the folds, and the bottom hem is tattered unevenly all across. It's stained with all manner of blood, oil, and other muck that just wont wash out. Donovan's sleeves are usually rolled up, particularly on the right arm where his metal-work replaces actual flesh. -Trousers/Suspenders: A pair of dark khaki high-waist trousers with a placket covered button-up groin. They have a pair of deep pockets on the sides, but none on the back. Donovan will sometimes be seen tucking his pants into his boots, maybe to keep them from getting wet, but it typical for him to without a tuck. The suspenders are a navy blue color, jacquard woven fabric in a checkered pattern, and are about 2" wide. They have an X-back and use black leather for the crosspatch and the attachments leading to the finger clips. -Boots: Donovan's loves his 12" high shaft cowboy style boots. They are a dark brown tan that have been dulled in color by time. The dip of the boot is short, the toe boxes are squared, and it has a 1/2" roper heel. These boots also have some intricate stitching: the quarter stitching is made to look like a heavily stylized compass rose with rolling waves all around, while the stitching on the vamp has a few straight lines, and below it a few basic fish-shaped loops. -Coat: The coat is a navy blue color, though it's desaturated from years of being worn. The collar is the usual large shape of a captain's coat with a prong in it as it comes to the split of the coat, and it's the same white as the inside of the coat which has worn to a vanilla yellow-white. It is also embroidered along the edges with various bands and loops. The right shoulder of this coat is adorned with age old epaulet which has had it's rank torn off and replaced with a wax seal showcasing the Shoalman brand. The dangling golden ropes of the epaulet also have been extended and knotted to fit rings, necklaces, and other trinkets taken from various government officials and enemies. The sleeves on this are also folded inward, and are meant to be buttoned that way - another aesthetic choice which shows off more embroidery. There is also a single pocket on the outside over the left portion of the chest, and down the middle of the coat there two columns of seven brass buttons on a single hem which button onto the opposite empty hem. Usually the captain only uses the first button and wears the coat much like a cape. Finally there are two more pockets on the inside of the coat - these are buttonable unlike the one outside. They are also much larger, and are able to hold things around the size of four baseballs each. -Baldric: This is an intricate leather set consisting of a holster, a sheath, and two small pouches. A large belt straps diagonally across the chest with the upper strap resting on the left shoulder while the large pouch and sheath set settle next to the right hip. The sheathe hangs lower, while two pouches are just above it, and both of which rest on a base piece which connects them to the main strap. Finally a pistol holster is made into the main strap just under where the buckle is. Sensory Description: Impression: Just by looking at Scrapjaw you can tell he's a man with a mission. He has a strong, and determined fire in his amber eyes. Just by standing he may seem like a giant to some, creating an imposing shadow over most people, and his physique is competitive. The scowl and vague scars upon his face also make him look less than friendly. Even the way the man walks is confident, sturdy, purposeful, and a little impatient. Smell: The captain doesn't necessarily reek of body odor, but he does carry a distinct scent of charcoal, oil, singed fabric, a bit of sweat, and oddly enough; plums. Sound: Due to his large height and significant weight, Donovan will likely not be sneaking about very often. His foot falls are noticeable from a distance due to the combination of iron soles and his size. The low hum of blood magic, and the rattle of metal parts from his arm can be heard when closer. There is also the case of wind blowing at his long coat, or his baldric moving around too much. Accent: He has a southern drawl which, depending on the situation, can make him seem friendly, but most of the time his scowl prevents such an assumption. Aura: To those able to read and understand such, the truth behind Scrapjaw's personality becomes more evident. He's not wholly evil or set on destruction, he feels he works towards a just cause. People who see this or even read minds / see someone's past may find him more agreeable, be significantly more tolerable of the man, or even pity him. Full Picture: COMING SOON ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Possessions: Summoning Blueprints: The captain has always been infatuated with enchanted and magical materials, but these are by far his favorites. These blue papers with white grid lines are specially designed to hold an entire device within to be called at a whim. They are locked with a blood seal, and imprinted to Donovan's' blood obviously. He uses these to hold his various crazy contraptions. They are stored all over his ship, but he tends to carry one or two on his person at all times - usually in the belt of his hat. Sword - Gutlass: As the pun-drenched name might hint, this is a cutlass. It is specially designed by Donovan to fire shotgun shells, hence it's name. The steel blade is fairly normal, other than a thick back-end which also functions as a barrel, while the brass hand-guard portion forms an 8 slotted revolver for the shells to be placed. A trigger is on the slightly curved hilt. It should be noted that this device is significantly heavier than the typical cutlass due to it's mechanics, and it's blade ends up being more like a machete thanks to the thick back side. Pistol - Lady Luck: This particular flint-lock was stolen from a gypsy who bartered for her enchanted goods. Lady Luck, while old and outdated by most firearms, continues to be faithful thanks to it's enchantment: it never misses it's mark. Just load her up with an old fashioned metal ball round, prepare gunpowder and such, and fire. Wherever it's user aims is almost guaranteed a hit. The projectile can be deflected or stopped by thick enough surfaces, but the round flies towards the intended target like a homing missile. Golem Heart - Kemosabe: When Donovan's ever loyal dog companion began dying of old age and various wounds, sit spurred the captain to scour the lands and sea in search of a way to keep his good friend one way or another. Finally he found a cove told to hold a life time of treasure. Many assumed there to be riches and gold there, but Donovan saw through the riddle. There wasn't any wealth to be found, but instead a grove of twisting crystals which could hold someone's soul, and give them a second chance at life. The soul crystal, also known as a golem-heart, had indeed extended the life of Kemosabe but he was now in the simple form of a floating, glowing crystal, with limited ability to really speak or interact. The captain makes it possible for his best of friends through various inventions the heart can posses. Ship - The Mudskipper: Donvan's ship is unlike any other. It is a large wooden, and amphibious design - meaning it's meant to go upon, and stay on land. This behemoth is made more like a boat, train, and tank had a child. Powered by wind and sail on sea, and steam on land this beast can travel almost anywhere it will fit. With two smoke stacks in place of where masts might be, and very large treads to each side of it, this monster of ingenuity plows through rubble, trees, and has enough power in it's treads to run up a sizeable hill with little problem. It comes equipped with the usual things you might see on a nautical ship: Cannon set ups, crows nest, hook shots, a flag, but it has an extra feature or two that would never be seen on it's water dwelling kin. This ship has large saw blades meant to come out of it's bow to allow deforestation and a clear treading path. Finally the bow shape it's self is made like a plow: it curves inward, and shoves dirt to the sides with it's spade-like point. When on land this piece is lowered to do it's job, but when at sea it moves upward to operate like a proper boat. -Size: The hull of the ship at it's highest point is about 23 feet tall, but when on land it stands at about 28 feet due to the large treads. If the smoke stacks are added to the height it reaches closer to 50 feet tall! It's widest point is about 18 feet at the back-end of the ship, and it's smallest walkable point at the bow is around 5 feet wide. The length of the ship is around 80 feet across it's longest portion. -Speed: The speed of this ship changes dramatically based on where it's at, but generally on flat land it can move at about 25 miles an hour, and at sea can move at a consistent 20 knots. On hills it's speed may drop to single digits, but it will move at a constant speed, and rarely fall back. -Saw Blades: These handy blades come out of the sides closest to the bow and swing in an arc to cover the front and sides. They swing low as to make leftover stumps of trees passable for the Mudskipper's treads. -Cannons: There are ten iron cannon sets to each side of the ship, five on the deck, and another five below. Each cannon can be set with various artillery: --Round Shot: Used for penetrating other ships or buildings effectively. They are simple large iron-cast spheres placed into the cannon. --Canister Shot: These are used against infantry or other people unfortunate enough to get in the way. They are Cylindrical cans loaded with smaller iron spheres that break open when fired. Effectively a large shotgun. --Napalm Grape Shot: Easy to make, but dangerous to use, this shot is made to catch a ship or town ablaze! Downside is that it may also have a chance of catching the Mudskipper on fire as well. --Exploding Shell: Used to completely demolish building foundations, or destroy ships. Expensive to make, and rarely used, but effective. It is essentially a large grenade that scatters shrapnel on impact. -Boarding Hookshots: There are a total of four hookshots on the ship, two to each side typically, but they are wheeled and can be moved to most any spot on the deck. They fire off of large crossbow mechanisms with a rope attached to the hook and the wheeled portion of the device. When it's grappled onto something, crew members can then climb across to whatever they've landed on whether it be another ship, a building, etc. The length of the rope can be tightened or slacked as needed, but the maximum distance of the shot is around 50 feet, and the rope is around 60 feet all together. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Capabilities: Physical | Metal Arm: Donovan's metal prosthesis is powered by blood magic. This makes it require 'imprinting' which allows it to identify who is in control of the arm. To do this one need only insert a vial of their blood into the device, but it will only last so long! Another added bonus to the arm is it's added strength, it can squeeze with up to 400 pounds of pressure. For comparison: that's a little over the bite strength of a rottweiler whom are recorded to have the strongest bite strength of any other dog. -Limits: The captain's arm can be loud and foretelling of his arrival, and it operates on blood magic which has it's own downsides. Imprinting can be washed away, or obscured by bad blood. In other words: being sprayed with water, or going for a swim can sever his control over the arm. Being poisoned or even drunk can make the connection fuzzy, and blood magic also uses up blood over time, so the same vial will not last forever, it must be replaced. On a single vial the arm can go for about six or seven hours, but starts to lose connection by the eighth. It also takes a moment for the blood magitech to start up, requiring about a minute to three (about a post in RP) to become operational on a new vial. Physical | Body: The captain is used to hard labor, and is thus rather fit and able. He does not have any form of super strength, but can lift near 50 lbs with his one useable arm alone. If He's pulling dragged objects he can tug around 3600lbs with his good arm depending on the amount of friction. The amount of damage his body can take is just above average, he is naturally thick skinned and strong boned and tolerant of pain. He can take quite a few small shots and not feel a thing, shot gun shots on the other hand will leave him in agony like any man. Simple stabs will also not phase him, but will cause the usual internal damage, same with blunt trauma which up until it starts shattering things he can shrug off pretty easily. The man is very strong willed and stubborn to a fault. -Limits: Donovan has an intolerance for various magics and poisons. His diet leaves him with less than an amazing immune system and negative karma, curses, and voodoo he's encountered over the years have left him with increased vulnerability to arcane arts. A sad fact considering he enjoys enchanted artifacts so much. Another downside the captain has is the obvious lack of an arm which cuts his ability to lift weight by quite a bit, and makes grapples complicated as well if his pincher isn't locked onto someone. Tools | Blueprints: Scrapjaw's summoning blueprints are what allow him to carry a lot of his various inventions in convenient pieces of paper scrolls. -Limits: The Blueprints can only hold things up to a certain mass, so no ships, buildings, or massive weapons of destruction will be coming from these. Also depending on the mass of what is able to be stored in these, the summoning can take anywhere from a few seconds (for the simple and light) to almost an hour (for heavy and complex). For the sake of translating this into RP lets say this means simple things can be summoned in the same post, and more complex things can take up to 10. -Summoned | Rigged Explosives: This is a rather simple summon. Basically these are satchel charges that use a long pull string to detonate. They are almost purely concussive and leave behind little shrapnel damage. In appearance they look like wooden barrels or kegs with a portion that protrudes copper piping and a lighting mechanism with the pull-string attached. The string can be used from up to 15 feet away. (2 Turn Summon) -Summoned | Hookshot: More or less the same exact hookshot from the ship. It is able to be rolled into place, it has a locking and rotating mechanism to allow it to change the angle of a shot, and has 60 feet of rope just like the ones on the ship. It's pretty bulky, and cane take time to set up, but is extremely effective with it's 50 foot shooting range. (4 Turn Summon) -Summoned | Vault Buster: This is one of the very few devices incorporating steel that Donovan has created. It is essentially a pneumatic ram. The main structure is wooden and bronze, but the actual ram is pure steel. When pressure is fully built this device can easy break through thick iron doors with as little as three impacts, and can even smash down other steel doors given enough time, though it might sustain damage in that case. (4t Turn Summon) -Summoned | P.I.A.D: The Paralysis Inducing Acoustic Device is a machine that builds high pressured air in an iron container which is then forced through multiple brass whistles which are set to frequencies that can potentially cause people to black out, become paralyzed, damage the ability to balance ones' self, or at the very least impede concentration, hearing, and distort vision. This device operates in rapid pulses rather than a constant whistle, but it's effectiveness is hardly stunted by the fact. Those who have ear plugs or other ear protection can nullify the effects entirely. Hands on the ears will hardly help, though. (6 Turn Summon) -Summoned | Automated Turret: (Requires Crystal) This design requires a crystal to operate due to it being able to swivel, rotate, change angle and lock on to targets. This is all possible with steam-powered tech thanks to the sentient soul within the Crystal that operates all the parts. The turret is mostly brass with bronze parts, and an iron barrel. It has a magazine to feed it the musket ball rounds it fires. The rate of fire is around 1 - 2 shots a second, and the magazine holds up to 80 rounds. A lot of cog-work, pneumatics, and built in pyro technics go into this thing, making it one of the most complex devices Donovan has made to date. (8 Turn Summon) -Summoned | Steam Golem: (Requires Crystal): By far the single most advanced piece of technology the captain has ever come up with. This golem was made to be a new, fully functional, chassis for the soul of his long lost companion. It's a four legged, almost spider-like creature. It's main body is a rough, thick, cylindrical brass disk with a section to insert the crystal, which also operates as an eye that can see 360 degrees around the golem simultaneously. On the outside it looks pretty simple, but the sound of it's pistons and cogs wurring will deter anybody from thinking it's a simple design. The function, however, is simple: Fill the role of just being a useable body, and work potentially as a scout. As such there are a few utilities built into the little four-legged spider to allow this: --Dimensions: This golem is a mere 2'6" when usually standing, and can stretch up to 3'8". When laying flat it can get to as little as around 6 inches! This allows it to get around into many different places. Perfect for scouting. When laying flat it's leg length is stretched out towards it's front and back, causing it to become rather long - at least 3'6" long, and at max almost 7 feet. The main body (the disk) is about a foot and a half in diameter, and only 6 inches thick when the eye is retracted, about 9 when it's out. The Legs can vary, but usually only carry the body around a foot from the ground, but the full height due to the bend int he leg is the 2'6" listed. --Retractable Grapples: There is one in each of it's four legs that allow it to climb nearly vertical surfaces with ease, and given an opportune location can even hang upside-down. Another launchable version of the grapple is also on the bottom of the main body, allowing it to repel from a hanging position, or even use it to painfully apprehend people. --Retractable Wheels: Kemosabe can take up a layed-out position with two legs foreward, and two backward that then transforms him into a miniature vehicle. With the wheels out the golem can reach up to 40 miles an hour. --Gaugeable Telescope: Even though it can see around it's entire body at the same time, only towards the front does it have a set of magnifying glasses that can be used interchangeably or over one another to provide varying scopes of view. With every glass set-up Kemosabe can get as high as 15x Optical zoom. He, however, does not see in color due to being nothing more than a crystal. Weapon | Gutlass: The Gutlass has a revolver with 8 slots for 12-gauge shells. They can devastate a body up-close or tap someone several times at mid-range. The blade alone is also fairly sturdy and thick. It's less of a cutlass and more of a heavy handed, fancy shaped, machete. -Limits: This sucker is extremely rough on the hands when used due to the power of the shell used. Even a single shot can leave the captain's hand tingling, as he can only fire it with one hand. Two shots and Donovan's hand would go numb and likely not be able to even pull the trigger again. A Third shot in a row might even break his wrist. It would be recommended to only fire once every 15 minutes or so (translated to about 3 posts) to avoid damage. The shells used are also very expensive, and the Gutlass will rarely be fully loaded. Weapon | Lady Luck: This flintlock pistol simply never misses it's mark - at least if it's not interrupted. The ball round launched from this weapon will even fly around walls and other obstacles to meet it's target. The round can travel nearly 120 yards (360 feet)! -Limits: Lady's shot might not be guaranteed to hit it's target if it exceeds a distance of 35 yards (105 feet). The projectile can also be actively deflected with fast enough reflexes, but is not likely to be dodged, as the projectile will change it's trajectory. Another obvious down side to this weapon is that it's a flintlock, meaning reloading can take the Captain around 30 seconds to a minute (a whole post or two, depending on pace) and the weapon can be prone to not igniting properly to fire, as well as not being able to fire after being dampened. On top of this it requires significantly more maintenance to keep it in working condition than most fire-arms that use a cartridge system. Combat Effectiveness: Strengths: -Sturdy: The captain is a big man who's heavy on his feet. He's hard to put down in a fist fight, or even if shot, stabbed, or brutalized. The damage is still taken, but he can sustain a lot of it without succumbing or just outright dying. -Strong: Donovan isn't inhumanly strong, but he is well above average strength thanks to all his years of labor as a natural life-long work out session. He can lift somewhat effectively with his one good arm, he can tug around a respectable amount of weight, and a punch from him could shatter a jaw hinge. -Strategic: Scrapjaw isn't just a juggernaut of a man, he's also pretty bright, as one would have to be to lead a crew. He is able to typically predict actions, and plan accordingly, at least in battle situations where his mindset is most effective. -Utility: The captain has a device for almost everything. From a need to break down doors, paralyze a crowd, burn down a forest, put someone to sleep and so on, if you can think of it, he probably has at least an idea for something to make it happen. Weaknesses: -Stubborn: Scrapjaw never turns back on his word, his honor, morals, or mission. Even if it ends up getting him killed -Tunnel Vision: The captain oftentimes looses sight of things around him when a particular mission is at hand or he has his sights on some sort of treasure. This can lead to ignoring reason in favor of simply rushing towards the end goal. This happens most often with enchanted items which he has a strong favor for. -Unpredictable: Donovan is a little bit crazy at times, and there's no telling what his intense moods might cause him to do. If mad, he may happen to break his own inventions or damage the ship, if envious he might burn down an entire town just to piss off the one person he's jealous of, and if he's somehow scared he might leave behind a large portion of his crew. In short he can be fairly dramatic or intense. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality: Donovan is a brutal man that follows what he believes to be a just cause. He is determined, and stubborn in his beliefs, and will take anyone who supports nobility, royalty, or large businesses, as a threat to said beliefs. He is someone who simply cannot be reasoned with. If he has stated something will happen, it typically will end with the goal achieved or his own death. The only grey area allowed is for such cases where he's allowed his crew to take decision on something as well, and his crew is his family. The captain can even be protective of his underlings, even the swabs, so long as they are loyal. He's been known to take a bullet or a slice for a crew member time and time again. The man can also be hectic, or even insane. In the past he's become so zealous towards a cause or a feeling that he's leveled entire towns to find a single man, leaving hundreds of innocent dead, injured, or at least without a home. His goal is not to aid the people though, only to destroy the corrupt system they live in. The captain also enjoys the company of women far too often, leading to possessiveness as a common staple aboard the ship. Sometimes he kidnaps unfortunate ladies, though he's a romantic type, and is just looking for a real love rather than simple pleasures. That doesn't say much for the rest of the crew if he decides the woman is staying aboard despite a lacking return of affection, though. In many cases of rejection he'll throw a destructive tantrum in the form of deforestation via napalm, or just snapping the jaw of something nearby. Scrapjaw enjoys many things: engines, metals, enchanted or magical items, women, fish, and a proper brawl to name a few. In fact, the captain sometimes clears out the dining section of the ship to hold fighting tournaments for entertainment. There are usually bets on such occasions, and Scrapjaw isn't even the champion! That title actually belongs to the Boatswain, and she has held it since her entry onto the ship. Some of the things he dislikes include: cowards, disloyalty, weak-will, laziness, easy profits, nobility, royalty, businessmen. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ship and Crew: Mudskipper: Old Mudskipper has a comparably small crew to other ships of it's size: 60 members. This is mostly due to the large mechanic parts that take up a significant portion of both lower decks in the center of the ship. Majority of the members were originally common farmers, fisherman, iron workers, mechanics and such. All men of some sort of labor that Donovan could appreciate. A few were also temporarily hired mercenaries that would come and go. However, there were six whom where more specialized in other tasks and acted as superiors second to to Captain Scrapjaw. -Maxim "The Guillotine" Zolnerowich - Quarter Master: A pale behemoth of a man standing at almost 7 feet tall, seems thick as an elephant, and heavy set like an ape. Donovan recruited him from a war prison. He was not a prisoner, though, he was the executioner. His job entailed decapitating noble scum that had been captured by citizens of long oppressed towns, hence his nickname. The two kicked off great thanks to their shared views of most nobility and people in power, and the juggernaut came aboard to continue his own personal mission. However, he doesn't just decapitate now. He is the ships head interrogator, torturer, and quartermaster. He even outshines Captain Scrapjaw himself in his ability to get people to talk. The man has dark brown eyes, almost grey sickly colored skin, and what might be considered a flattened mohawk for hair that usually folds over to the right and is colored salt and pepper. --Clothing: Maxim dresses much like one would expect a man of an impoverished past to dress. He wears a tattered black cloak that he holds closed with three different utility belts, which also help carry his assortment of knives. He rarely wears the hood to the cloak, but does prefer covering his disgustingly burned and scarred maw with a ragged piece of dirtied white cloth. He has no undershirt, and his pants are only a step up from burlap harem pants, and they still share the same color. he'll most often go barefoot as well, but on occasion will wear heavily worn sandals that have dark brown straps and minor padding. The rest of his attire is made of various straps to hold whatever weapon he likes the most that day. --Weapons: This man loves his weapons. He's always got a huge war-axe with him as his favorite, but often also carries barbed wire, an assortment of knives, thick nails, a dual set of scimitars, and occasionally a mace. He is always collecting more, so there's no way to list everything in his possession, but he does have an affinity for things that chop! -Ameesh "Moonlet" Kapoor - Sailing Master: This young man is tiny compared to the quarter master, and even the captain. He stands at only 5'5" but is intimidating in his own right. He has dark brown skin, jet black hair, and the same amber eyes that Donovan has, with the same fire and determination in them. The boy has only just turned 20 years of age, and he comes from an educated lower-middle class family. He is far and above the most intelligent person on the ship when it comes to history, geography, most mathematics, and anatomy as his parents were both doctors. He's even somewhat knowledgeable with mechanics, but the captain has him beat in that by a long shot. Still, it was his willpower and knowledge that separated him from the many other assassins. He fled his old life at the age of 12. He might have been well off, but he was sick of studying so hard, working his brain into the ground, to know that he could never be more than where the system put him - the lower class. He wasn't any laborer, but nobility and royalty were practically birth rights - nothing he could ever achieve, and he sought to tear that idea apart. The kid was also already a prodigy of sorts when it came to intelligence, but his skill with a knife was even more impressive. His nickname, "Moonlet" comes from the meaning of his last name that he unfortunately told the crew: "descendants of the moon". The crew members decided to make a pun of it, his size, and his job. Rather than just "Moonlit" like he often was when killing particular targets, he was "Moonlet" because of his short and slim stature. --Clothing: Moonlet dresses about as well as the captain, maybe even a little better. He has comparably expensive tastes to the rest of the crew, and barely the funds to afford it. Most of his clothing is made of various hues of blue with black and gold mixed in. He likes his navy blue shawl the most, which is very intricate in it's stitched geometric, almost floral design. It has a wispy look to it in the wind, with it's scarf/cape like length. When he's wearing a top it will either be a plain black vest with gold trim, a midnight blue long-sleeve, short-length, sherwani cloth shirt that has gold colored embroidery in various swirls, or both together. His pants are actually harem pants unlike Maxim's, and are the same slightly desaturated black color of the vest, with a gold trim belt-line. His shoes are midnight blue, leather jutti with the usual intricate designs on them, but branded rather than being jewelry. --Weapons: His arsenal is simple, and made of only two different weapons, but he is highly skilled and technical with each. First he usually carries 6 chakrams on him. This is a circular blade with a handle in the middle, and the sharpened edge of the blade on the outer rim. Each is about 6" in diameter with inch thick blades, and can be used in melee combat, or be used as throwing weapons. Second and last, he has an urumi - a whip sword. This particular urumi has a usual sword hilt and cross guard, and then has what can either be a normal sword, or a whip with sections of double edged blades. This is possible thanks to a pullable wire that goes can be tightened from the pommel to pull each section together and make a normal sword, or extended out to transform it into a serrated whip made of the segmented blade. It can even be sheathed and held to his side with a rope when shaped as a typical sword. In combat it is extremely hard to use without hurting oneself, but Ameesh manages it as it's second nature. -Echo Karvounis - Boatswain: Echo, and yes that's her real name, is the daughter of a mining family. Both her father and mother worked within caves, but whenever either fell ill she had the chance to help out as a little girl. She quickly grew into the work, and with forthcoming technology she even helped develop more efficient mining methods for the family. Her tech intelligence rivals the capatain's, but her passion far outweighs his. Metal work, cogs, steam engines, and the wurring sound of everything working properly was what she lived for, and where Scrapjaw could invent stuff, she could vastly improve things. The Mudskipper as it is today is entirely thanks to her. The original design was the captain's but once Echo was recruited she took over work as the Boatswain, keeping the entire ship in top shape, but especially the engine and massive treads of the ship which she adored. In fact, it was the very sight of seeing a hulking ship stride among the land that made her join the crew. She has auburn hair, fair skin, and green eyes with a hazel center. She is 5'8" and has a fit and slim body type. Due to the various forms of labor she puts herself through, she is also rather fit, sporting a slightly sculpted set of abs, and slightly built arms as well. Not someone you want to casually flirt with unless you want a bruised face. --Weapons: Echo works with magically enhanced technologies, making her designs far superior to the captain's save for his steam golem. Her favored device is a mostly bronze exoskeleton with a complex rune-cog system set upon her back that allows control of the powerful limbs. With this set-up she is capable of lifting around 1000 lbs with some effort, and a max of almost 2000 lbs. It also let's her run at high speeds nearing 60mph. Almost as fast as a cheetah, and she can maintain the speed longer too. She can also jump onto the deck of the ship from the ground - which means she's leaping a little over 28ft. A distance jump could just barely clear an entire football field if she ran at full speed. She also carries two percussion revolvers. --Clothing: Her clothing is fairly simple. She wears mostly mens clothing, which is oversized for her, but at least allows the amount of pockets she likes. Its' full set consists of: A short-length coat, undershirt, overalls with belt, re-enforced boots, a sun hat, and a long handkerchief. The undershirt is of simple white cloth, and clearly used to be long sleeved before she ripped them off, creating a tank top. The coat is made of red, black, silver, and gold fabrics. For the most part the coat is red, and only the trim is gold, and there are various silver stitched designs. Gold is also on the rounded collar design that moves towards the front. Black is seen on the coat in the form of stringed flares that are knotted and then frayed at the ends, and are located at the bottom of the coat and the sleeves. The overalls are dark grey, and she doesn't wear the straps on, but rather ties them in a knot behind her. Her reinforced boots are actually just fisherman boots which she implanted shaped iron pieces into. They are black leather and come up high, stopping just below her knees. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ History: To understand Scrapjaw's story you must first look to his families' history. The Shoalmans have long been noted along coastlines the world round for their nautical lifestyle. Many were crab-netters, fishermen, spearmen, or some other sea bound hunter. Others were map makers, tradesmen, boat builders, and repairers. The rest were either never heard of due to leaving the family trades, or were part of the navy. Donovan's father: Alroy, was one such man who joined the navy at a young age, wishing to do his region good at war. He fought through seven battles, each ending worse than the last, and by the end of it his platoon was all but three men. His luck had run out he figured, and it was time to retire with whatever luck he had left. After settling down near the coast, like any Shoalman worth the name, he started a family with his wife: Gisela. The first child: Daniel was born during their better years, but soon Alroy's life would take a turn for the worst. As a fisherman and tradesmen, Alroy found himself about every coast line in Terrenus, and for one particular shipment he had to travel miles inland. This customer was a duke of sorts; He was wealthy and had influence over local politics, and probably even in the grander scheme of things. He demanded to remain anonymous and sent a small crew to fetch the shipment at a location of his choosing. Alroy had no qualms with such demands considering the payment that was offered, though the haul took some time to catch. Alroy returned from that venture in a casket with a snide note that read: This is all the pay you deserve There wasn't even time for Gisela or the Shoalman's to mourn before forces weighed in on their homeland taking it for their own and quartering troops to establish order before the inevitable uproar. It wasn't before long that the waters were poisoned and polluted by the invading forces, and the landscape was stripped barren of crops. What was once a peaceful settlement was now a war torn countryside with cannon fire blemishing the now crimson painted land where the only hills that remained were made of bodies. This was the world Donovan was born into, and too early at that. He was berthed relatively healthy save for a missing arm and a slight issue with bone density due to growing too fast, but such were the side effects of the tainted water and foods his mother had to consume. He was kept by neighbors while his mother helped finish out the battles that would eventually fall in their favor. Those in power apparently felt the land was now a waste of their time and resources and retreated after another two years, and by that time the Shoalmans had evolved. They were now anarchists to such corrupt establishments; they were pirates. Gisela, now known as "Lady Dead-Eye" had gathered a force of neighbors, old friends, and every Shoalman she could to form a traveling menace to corrupt governments. Donovan was brought along at the age of five and learned the ways of his one-eyed mother, as well as to help carry out her mission: Find who killed her lover - his father. Donovan's other brother, Daniel had already left to form his own crew, and Donovan would do the same when he turned twenty. For a while he roamed the sea's like the rest of his family, searching for his father's killer, but he'd come to have his own cravings in life as well that drew him on the land. He converted his ship for amphibious needs and became impossible to keep track ever sense.
  7. Life of a Nomad

    Waykla found a spot on the spread out quilt for herself, only pausing to allow her new sling to be set up. Once settled she'd look about her hammocked arm with some amount of degradation before lifting her pink gaze to Mahina with a thankful smile. Still, she'd give no words, and very little expression. Hell, her attention wasn't even entirely with the group as the various animals came out to observe the gathering of strange people in the garden.   She might be able to appreciate the sunset and it's colors if it were possible for her to see either light or color, but to her eyes the only thing that told her of the passing from day to night was the temperature, but even that was new. As the chill of the eve took over, Waykla would tuck her legs closer to herself, and her arms would hover closer to her core. This planet was so very different from her home of sand and eternal day.   At least the gathering of critters gave her something else to think about for now. 
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  9. Life of a Nomad

    Waykla stared at a far away wall, holding a jerking feeling in her chest as she held back tears and sniffles. Nothing had gone the way she had wanted ever since the accident that brought her here, and she felt that the world would sooner come crumbling down around her before the warmth of her desert home would brush her skin again. At least she was given some comfort by the rubbing on her back, though she didn't know who it was, and didn't care to turn her tear streaked face in the direction. In fact her long sleeves would roll over her face to prevent any sight of it.   Then as one body walked away, anothers' voice would ask about her condition. Her answer was quiet, and no longer in the common tongue.   Sorry   the apologetic reply, even if heard, might not be understood save for the tone of her voice. Her vocal cords were strained and wobbly from holding back, but she was able to say that one word in her native language before falling back into silence. Even when the offer to go outside came she'd remain quiet, but after wiping her face and looking over her shoulder she'd finally crawl up to a stand. She didn't need the chair, but her limply hanging arm might imply a sling would be helpful.
  10. Life of a Nomad

    The various scents of each tea mixed in the air like the different flavors of a bakery, and once they had filled the room entirely Waykla could be seen stirring in her rest again. Her brows furrowed, but lifted soon after as the smells strangely reminded her of home. One in particular brought back the sanguine desert in her eyes, the sandstone mountains which spouted steaming water from their tops, the warmth of two suns and eternal day. She'd breath in nostalgically before attempting to get up, but a pain struck her in arm again bringing her back to reality. Those pink eyes would be unveiled as her lids slid open, and a lost, confused, and saddened look would express itself in those bright hues alone.   Looking down she'd notice what appeared to be her own tea-cup, and she'd happily lift it to her mouth - with her left arm of course, as the right one couldn't even handle the pressure of sitting up. As she drank the delicious concoction she'd immediately feel a surge of vitality creeping back into her damaged arm. Muscles and bone felt as if repairing themselves just beneath the skin, and yet it didn't hurt quite as much as if she had patched it up herself. Strange magic, indeed. Upon finishing the mug, Waykla would sigh contently, but still stare into the finished beverage longingly, at least for a long moment before looking up to the group who no doubt noticed her getting up.   She was quiet again, saying no thanks nor acting high and mighty. She was simply mute in the moment, though a tinge of regret and apology were in her features as she looked amongst the elves and wolves. Then... she just laid back down, turning the other way.
  11. Rose colored glasses...

    Mogul would briefly glance to Delilah as she gave a similar answer to his own as to whether or not they carried any food on their person. The answer from each was rather unfortunate, but just like the cold, it didn't seem to bother Mogul as much as might actually be affecting his aged and fragile form. His persistent smile may seem a calm beacon to some - as if making a statement in itself that if such an old man could bare the storms, so could they. Although, what they didn't know is he had a few upperhands in dealing with a variety of such cases.   Before the old man could make any more conversation he was already being handed a coat. It wasn't much for the weather they were in, as the wolf-man had said, but it was better than the thin robes he currently wore that were designed for a desert terrain. This section of the world was honestly a stark contrast to the home of Mogul, but that was also partly why it interested him so much.   "How very kind of you. Much appreciated" he'd say graciously despite his life perhaps being threatened by the mans carelessness earlier. No point in holding grudges for this one.   Then just as sudden as the projectile from earlier had arrived, so did a fairly well built home of metal; straight out of the wolf-man's hand. Mogul could only observe the action with squinted eyes of intense interest. Such abilities were somehow similar to those in his world, yet were done in such a way that seemed impossible. He'd simply hum curiously and step on in.   Just after entering the abode, Mogul would turn to thank the man yet again, only to find he now had a deer in his maw. It only took a split second for the entire kill to happen. Seemed the odd lupine enjoyed sponteousnous.   To the meat the elder fellow would wince and grimmace, raising a palm to the offered kill, shaking his head.   "Oh no thank you, I'm actually herbiverous" he'd explain another difference between him and the typical inhabitant of this world which were omnivores.
  12. Life of a Nomad

    When Kronos first removed the spear-like object from Waykla's arm it would cause her to stir with eyes furrowed and a grunt in her unconcious state. Obviously not matter how such a large object disappeared it was going to cause some disomfort, not to mention open the wound more now that there was no longer pressure holding her blood in. If not for her earlier spell that created a scarlet bubble next to her, that lack of a blockage might have made her spill out and die right there. Luckily she foresaw such an event happening and set the runes to return what blood she gathered when the javelin was removed.   The bubble would pace in the air around Waykla, as if it were waiting for such an opportune moment, and when such arrived it stretched into an elongated form, connected to Waykla's wound, and forcefully made it's way back to her body with even more evident discomfort. Hopefully someone would apply pressure shortly after, and then the trip to Grandma's house would be rather smoothe save for the onset of an infection.   Upon arriving to the old woman's house, Waykla would still be very much unconcious, but a little more reactive to her surroundings. She was in a fairly comfortable state while being carried on air, though the wisping winds beneath her did seem to irritate her ear-tips. Hardly an issue for someone dying though. As she was finally layed somewhere more solid and at last treated she'd continue giving small signs that she just wasn't enjoying her time being worked on. The scalding liquid poured on her might have made her cringe and tear up if she were awake, but in the moment she could only sweat, and create more grunts.   At a point she'd be able to open her eyes, recognizing those around her as she lifted her head to get a better look, but exhaustion shoved her right back down against the pillows, and a small, content smile would bubble to the surface.
  13. Life of a Nomad

    Waykla could only briefly open her eyes, but her focus was shot and everything seemed like blurred sillouhetts. Her body was growing paler by the minute, and the blood bubble the hovered around her body was becoming grotesquely large. Each of her limbs refused to move at will, and fatigue had set in long ago, now she felt nearly paralyzed by the blood loss and pain. Ironically, there was so much pain that it muted her rather than causing her to scream.   The wound wasn't quite fatal, not yet, but without proper care it might cause permanent damage to either her arm, or even her brain without proper flow to it - that would take a much longer time though. The real question was really: how do they get the darn item out? On one hand it hadn't pierced all the way through, and would travel a much shorter distance to be pulled out, but because of the barbs that would case a lot of tearing of muscle. On the other hand if pushed through to prevent damage to flesh, her bones very well could be shattered by the shear size of the opposite end of the weapon. Even if any of them could somehow remove the object with minimal damage, there's also the possiblity of infection - the spiked chunk of metal did come from a back-alley after all!   Nothing was looking very up for Waykla right now, and she lacked any sort of control over the situation in the present moment. She could only enjoy the rest she was given for now, feeling somewhat at peace recognizing the voices she could hear around her.
  14. Happy Reunion

    Waykla had indeed halted her giggle-fits, but not for the reasons one might think. In her mentally wasted state she was hardly capable of seperating an angry face from a happy one, much less the seriousness of a situation given vague context alone. That was just too complex of a thought-chain to process at the moment. No, what she had realized was the music getting progressively louder as the song's climax came around. The magically enhanced instruments even seemed to be stressed under the burden of such volume, and such bolsterous tunes became painful rather than enjoyable to the other worldly girl.   Her right hand would lift, and her gold enveloped index would unfold and point at the band. With little hesitation she'd activate the piece of jewelery and it would instantly jut forth a pink whip of light that slashed the strings from the bass, guitar, and harp, and at the same time entire flutes or other metal wind instruments would fall apart as slices of it's former self. Yeah, she didn't much care for the entertainment now.   "ugh..." groaning at her previous stupid acts, and the headache that was now left over by the music. However, here sense of balance, vision, and proper hearing where all returned.   It was around the time of this quick recovery that she'd realize one of the vampires had darted over. She had just missed the surge of energy, as she was still 'drunk' then, but his inquiries were definitely heard. Now that her mind was clear the threat was immediately recognized, and she casually leaned back over the table to 'doodle' .
  15. Happy Reunion

    Typically might actually be more inclined to dance when not in this altered state of mind, but as it where complex hip motions, and even simple balance was just out of the question. Standing still even seemed to be a chore. Waykla was pretty fidgety, other than her ears that is. Her legs wobbled every now and then as if they forgot they were meant to hold up a body, her arms moved to clasp each other behind her back, then in front, and her head constantly quirked one way and the next. At the very least she was enjoying the music with a delighted grin.   Then there was a sudden yank of her body into a triad of curvy bodies. For the average Waykla this might have been an awkward moment, but to the current one it was rather amusing, leaving her with a giggle-snort and then a short drop of her form before remembering how to use her limbs again in following fraction of a second. The cause for such compression of the girls was unknown to the red-head other worlder, but even in this dumbed state she was able to figure out that there was something up with the male that came over based on her friends' reactions.   As the three danced in a close circle Waykla would try to focus on the vampires - she had of course heard of them in her time in the world, and even ran into a few, though those seemed to be far friendlier. These folks were apparently something to be feared, and the doped up Waykla of the present had to know immediately.   "Are those gentlementlemen gonna eat us?" her posh english accent had deteriorated closer to cockney with a few changes in vocab. It was horrid.