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  1. She was near the warehouse when the brilliant flash of light illuminated the night and the piercing screech reverberated throughout the buildings. She stutter stepped and hesitated proceeding further. Her eyes were wide and all of her senses were on alert. Like a deer being hounded. She clenched her fists and hardened her resolve before forcing herself to continue on. Peeking in she saw the massive beast thrashing about. A glimpse of the leather clad woman crouching in front of someone. The noted attire made her blush and she forced her gaze away searching for someone or something else. Looking anywhere except where that woman was, her eyes drifted upwards and she notice the precariously placed girl on the catwalk where she had been rather unceremoniously tossed. She made her way toward a ladder and began her ascent. Debris knocked the ladder causing it to creak and twist angrily under the combined stress. Despite the tumultuous environment she made it to the catwalk with little more than an elevated heart rate. She approached the unconscious Ruka while the catwalk swayed amidst the thrashing yokai. Nearly toppling over the side herself a couple of times she ended up lowering to her knees, the grated catwalk biting into them slightly. Needing some extra support she took a breath and placed her hands upon the catwalk. "Please work..." she whispered softly remembering what had happened in the streets not so long ago. To her surprise thick vine quickly pushed out from the ground, weaving up and along one of the nearest supports and beneath the platform where they were. It appeared to be much like great limb and protective hand that cupped them, supporting them further in the dangerous environment. She opened her eyes and nearly swooned but finally composed herself before shoving a hand into her bag she pulled out a small bottle uncorking it. The faint smell that accompanied fermented liquid was mixed with some rather potent spice wafted out. Lifting the girl's head she placed the bottle to her lips offering a small sip. This liquid should awaken and invigorate the person imbibing it. Something was different this time. Now she could feel the energy inside the unconscious girl, though dormant, it was still strong. She could feel the energy in the earth below, vibrant, life giving, powerful. It almost made her shake. Swallowing, she breathed deeply drawing the smallest bit of the force below them up, guiding it ever so carefully toward them along the path of the supporting trunk like vines. One one of the nearest fingers a single green tendril rolled out from the and slowly unfurled. From green bud, to blossom to fruit which now left a handful of plump red berries hung there. She looked at them and plucked one and ate it feeling a slight stabilizing boost. The weariness wasn’t gone, only dammed up for a time and she exhaled tired, as if she had just run buckets of water from the river back to her house. She did what she could to steady her hand as she continued offering the drink until a good mouthful had been consumed.
  2. Ah, still poking around are we old friend?



    1. Eyeofthenyte


      Yes yes, indeed I am. I'm always around. It just a matter of rekindling the creative spark.

  3. Once she finally made it back into the garden the sense of panic and horror subsided only slightly. She found her usual spot and settled on the stone and hummed softly as she looked over the blooms, letting the scent of herbs wash over her. This was even more disconcerting than the times she had found herself in various places around the city with no recollection of how she arrived there. Always after that her father looked quite upset and refused to look at her. None of it ever made sense. Now, it was that same occurrence that caused his death. Perhaps it had been something she had been causing all along. The introspection, now that she wasn't wasn't disoriented and being attacked, lead to calmness. Her heart was no longer thundering, no, now it was shattered. She lifted her eyes again to peer at the new tree which was already starting to bud, and the partial view of the face, eyes widening, mouth agape in a horrified expression. She couldn't look away from it. The cacophonous scream pierced the night and was enough to draw her eyes away. Something tugged at her and held her attention until it faded into the misty blackness. Somehow she knew someone else would be there but were they the source of the scream? Perhaps they would be in need assistance. Could she really deny them the aid she could provide? She had to atone for what happened with her father. She had made a deal after all. She stepped inside the small house and grabbed an overcoat and and her bag of medicinal supplies. Standing at the gate placing the slender hand upon the latch, still smudged with the dirt from the day's activities. She opened it and her destination forced her to walk by the tree. Uneasy strides drew her closer and finally she laid a tentative hand upon the trunk before snatching it away and running off toward the source of the sound.
  4. sorry, I've been meaning to post but work has kind of hammered me this past week. I will get to it. Very sorry for the delay!
  5. “Oh -- your mother is Lady Colevera? I remember her from when I was a girl. It’s been so long since I last laid eyes on her. I had forgotten that father of yours had dragged her away, kicking and screaming, on this miserable adventure. How is your mother? Well I suspect! I just sampled what it is that makes this place so worthwhile,” she motioned to Urick, “ -- and must say that La’Ruta is unlike anything I’ve ever sampled. You and the rest of the nobles are quite lucky to be here and have such a supply at your disposal? As for a distraction…” she thought for a moment, and just as she was about to suggest that the young man, Santino, should partake of her newly acquired blood doll, the doors to her chambers opened for a second time. He nods slightly at her assessment, "Yes, it's quite a unique force and the subject of my family's study. My parents are quite well, though they slumber currently. This is why I am here to greet you instead of them. Though I am greatful for the opportunity, your Majesty." Santino hung on her words but he backed up a step offering a slight bow to Areder though he suspected it went unnoticed seeing the warm greeting he was getting from Isabella. It gave him a flash of various gatherings he was made to attend. He never was one for the niceties or the politics and often got a wide variety of reprimands. While the pair greeted each other he managed a brief glance to the blood doll and a slight sniff. The scent was unique. Noticeable enough to tell that he was from this land. Everyone from here had unique bouquet brought on by the saturation of La'ruta. He had always felt a strange tie to the force and his own research hand further enforced his link to the energy. It didn't take a deep inspection to notice the man was stretched thin though he performed admirably. Perhaps Areder had trained this one as a gift to his... what was she to him. He knew the familial relationship yet... there was something else there. No, no speculations it didn't rightly matter. It had no bearing on his research and therefore was nothing more than a distraction. His mind flipped through some of his data that he held in the folio under his arm. While standing there quietly introspective the pendant he wore, partially obscured by his jacket, glowed a light green that complimented the details of his attire. It was a unique item and gave off an interesting and familiar aura to any who knew or could sense a concentration of the magical force that permeated the land.
  6. How ya doin @Pasion Pasiva? How's the recovery
  7. Unfortunately for the young noble, young as far as a vampyre goes, many things tore him away from the his research. He swore, often times, that his parents chose their time to enter their torpor purely to spite him. However his visit to the chapel this time was fortuitous. Not only did he conclude some business in regards to his family’s interests but he had to opportunity to cross paths with another of the ruling family. It didn’t take long for the buzz to reverberate throughout and it wasn’t difficult to locate her presence. Closing his tomes and his notes he slid into his jacket of white and green before leisurely almost subconsciously scooped up his notes before leaving. Flipping through and scanning each of the pages in deep introspection. It easily passed the time on his way to introduced himself. His parents speaking of centuries past, long before they ever came to this place, ran through his mind. It almost made him laugh as he considered turning back in favor of his research. That thought, he jested, would wake his parents from their sleep. He hated political posturing and games. Though he knew what was expected of him and he knew how to handle himself appropriately. It honestly just seemed like an incredible waste of time. Though, he had to admit that the past few times he had been backed into a corner with respects to interacting in such a field, had proved rather useful. This meeting was not the same as the other gatherings. It wouldn’t be posturing or deftly dodging some attempt at some unifying agreement through marriage or some such thing. No, this visit seemed to have little serious intent as of yet. But he doubted were it some sort of official trip it wouldn’t be broadcast to the masses, or even the nobles. He pondered a moment as he closed on her location. Someone of her status should be greeted with more than a few pleasantries. His hand went instinctively to the pendant that hung at his chest. Letting his hand drop to his side again he neared where she was with someone. A light inhale and he knew, perhaps he was a pet, a gift… both? Either way, he was of little import at the moment. A respectful approach and a bow, “Your Magesty, welcome.” he didn’t bother directing more than a passing glance to the man with her. “Forgive, the intrusion, yet as it seems our trips here have overlapped one another I would like to introduce myself. I am Santino Damonval. As I understand it you are acquainted with my parents, Lord Vincent and Lady Colevera. Perhaps I could provide some minor distraction while you wait unless you have some event you are waiting on?” He tucked the folio under his arm to keep the temptation of going over what was within again. The last thing he wanted is to offer his time and then ignore her in turn.
  8. As with nearly any other day, a young redheaded girl could be found in the meager garden that had all but overtaken her home. However, as one might expect from trees and other large bushes, the house did not seem to be in a poor state. Instead it appeared as if a house had been built to span the space between the greenery. Her father, at first, had taken to trimming, cutting and burning the offending vegetation. It didn’t last long as little can affect a father like the deep heart splitting sobs of his daughter, his only remaining daughter. Now this garden was gently tended by said daughter, who would on occasion guide her father in assisting her as a master would an apprentice. It was quite an interesting site nearly everyone who saw this considered it to be a sorrowful man guarding what heart remained in him. Truth be told, being in the garden proper calmed him and eased the pains of his trials. Infact, all who came to visit the small home found a similar peace when in the garden. Not the roller coaster of euphoria induced by some narcotic, but the peace and calmness of one falling asleep and into a pleasant dream but without the haze. Mostly she was left to her devices in the short walled garden. It was on one such day where she had noticed a white ferret skittering about. It caught her eye because instead of going about the business of animals it instead wove deftly among the greenery in her direction until it stopped and sat up on tiny haunches to look at her as she sat on the grass. As with all animals she had come across her face drew out in a wide smile as she offered a hand at first. When the ferret looked at the hand and back up again. She drew her delicate hand back, not clean but darkened by the deep brown remnants of earth as one would expect from any gardener. “What has found it’s way into my garden today?” She queried still smiling meekly. She had always been able to understand animals in a fashion. But she was not quite prepared for what came next. “I know you, Caitlyn. I know what you are and what you can do. I have come for you,” the creature commented while the two sat there in the little tete-a-tete, “I know you guard your father, in a fashion most others wouldn’t understand, and I know what burdens you bear. I come to gather you, to help protect the city as you do your father and your garden.” The ferret looked about slowly and… could it be nodding in an approving manner. It was such a strange occurrence that the girl laughed lightly but stifled it as the creature looked back at her. “Your garden is special as well, young one. It’s peace, will be a welcome reprieve.” That was when she remembered the stories her sister would tell her years ago. Her smile faded, “Yomigane, that’s who you are,” she was answered by a brief nod. “You seek to contract me, and my garden?” another nod was all she received. “Besides rest, what is it I can provide? I can make things grow… but I don’t see how that can help against what afflicts these people.” The ferret grinned a pointy toothed grin, “Ahh, but you heal as well. The things you grow their effects are enhanced. You commune with the earth and it grants you a boon. It would be hard to offer you anything more grand than that. However, should you agree, your bond will be enhanced and it will allow you to be a better caretaker and guardian to this place.” Caitlyn wasn’t a bold girl, nor was she terribly brave. Though she had seen what people believed the Yokai had done. At best she had been able to provide herbally based items to grant brief moments of lucidity to those who had gone mad, a night’s peaceful sleep to the grieving over the disappearance of loved ones, or soothing the wounds received from unexpected brawls. She nodded slowly, “Alright, I will agree. I don’t know that my father will be overly happy over it. But I’ve been helping people for a few years now so I imagine he will get used to it.” The contract was signed and a after a few evenings she had noticed the difference. The plants of her garden were always able to produce what she required for the aftermath of the previous evening. She could feel the connection with the things around her. It was exhilarating! The excitement wasn't to last. The very next evening Caitlyn had fallen asleep in the garden. When her father came to wake her she sat up and looked around she smiled, but there was something different about it. She stood and brushed off her dress and looked down over her herself frowning at her hands especially with a soft tsk, “Filthy,” in a quiet disapproving tone. She glanced back noticing her father she quirked a brow and smirked slyly. The fog fell and she made her way for the gate. The look of horror on the man's face was unmistakable as he scrambled after her. A deeper laugh came from Caitlyn than he was used to. It took a second but it apparently registered with him. He froze and that's when it all changed. The girl stumbled and looked dazed for a moment. The older man began to frenzy. He approached like a rabid beast. She backed away heading for her garden, the one place she thought to be safe. But it wasn't quick enough. Ducking a swipe at her, she fell, “No, stop!” was all she was able to get out as she looked away and threw her hands up to dampen the blow. The blow never landed. After a second for the facts to register she lowered her arms and faced what was going on. Ridged, root like vines had sprouted from the ground and gone through the raving man that had once been her father. The entire scene had been in the middle of the road, luckily most people were closed inside their homes in hopes of escaping similar fates. The vegetation continued growing until only half of the man’s face could be seen. Her heart pounded like a frantic drum. Caitlyn laid a single hand upon the trunk of what looked like the beginnings of a tree before heading back in past the half walled garden gate. Turning to stare at the aftermath of her enhanced abilities trying to make sense of everything.
  9. Santino Vincent Damonval (All information given is accurate for the time of Areder, current timeline is 500 years later and all abilities, skills, and knowledge will have increased in all aspects.) Age Apparent: 20’s Actual: 175 Race: Pureblood Vampyre Gender: Male Appearance Hair: Black worn: Medium length, tied back when working or loose Eyes: Amber Skin: Pale Markings: None Height: 6’2” Weight: 190 lbs Build: Slender but toned Attire: Public/Official functions dressed accordingly for a nobleman varying bases of black and white with green accents Working - robes or simple slacks and shirt with minimal loose material to potentially get in the way Lineage Atitlan Nobility Father: Vincent Baleal Damonval Mother: Colevera Nareen Invarr Profession Family: Orisian Tea Trade Vocation: Craftsman, La’Ruta Research Political: Count Damonval of Izbal Personality Santino is reserved to the point of coming across as cold to many others. Past events have taken their toll on him, including the death of his twin when he was 20. Not prone to accepting or giving oaths he tends to say what is on his mind regardless of the venue, much to the irritation of his parents. It is under rare circumstances that he will offer his opinion over facts and data. Physical Abilities (Scale 1-20 - Humans 1-5, Godlike 18-20) Strength - 8 Dexterity - 12 Constitution - 9 Inteligence - 16 Wisdom - 15 Charisma - 7 Supernatural Abilities Grand Barrier A force barrier that not only will block physical and magical attacks but will also sever the ability to detect what is beyond save for extreme feats of perception. This will also alter the effects of portal creation within its bound redirecting the intended portal to a random location within a 1 mile radius. The duration is dependent upon the source of the power. Santino can maintain this for an hour unassisted for an area of 10x10 ft around him in any shape. Increasing the size reduces the duration and vice versa. Nullify Creation of a semi-ovoid that approximately 7x3 ft that will unravel magic at a base level. This can be maintained for a variable length of time based on the power of the spell used. In certain cases if the spell being unwoven is powerful enough the feedback from the force can cause the individual to go into a torpor. Ruta Golem (Types: Lesser, Greater, Grand, Master, Colossal (theorized only)) Raw power of La’Ruta channeled into an element to create a non-sentient minion capable of performing a range of actions from basic to complex based upon the type of golem created. Attacks and defences performed by each golem are limited to the element(s) animated. Aditional notes: 5 Lesser = 1 Greater, 5 Greater = 1 Grand, 5 Grand = 1 Master, ?? Master = 1 Colossal Lesser ~3-4ft tall Approximately the strength of an average human Greater ~5-6ft tall Grand ~7-8ft tall Master ~ 9+ft tall Colossal ~?? Obfuscation Grants the ability to perfectly camouflage to one’s surroundings. Foot falls are muffled not completely silenced. Interactions with surroundings especially pools of liquid and solid movable objects are unaffected. The exception to this is fog as it is an atmospheric condition can be compensated for. The effects of this last until the affected person wills it, becomes unconscious, or performs a sudden action (attack, not recovering from a slip, fall of more than 4ft, etc). Family History Few families remaining can lay the claim of weathering the dark storm that was Areder DuGrace. While perhaps not largest of families present in Orisia, they were by no means insignificant. Having arrived on the isles prior to that dark age, Vincento, and his wife Colevera, had spent much time on the isles. Their history before their arrival is veiled in mystery but most believe them to have arrived by some otherworldly means. Weather by mistake, divine intervention, or personal design the pair was able to flourish in the new land. It is perhaps that their separation from whatever place the arrived from left a massive void where a reservoir of magical energies once was that allowed the pair to develop such an interesting link with the occasionally temperamental source, La’Ruta. Histories, housed now only in their home, spoke of their not insignificant talents in magical arts from before their landing in Orisia. If they are to be believed, it is little wonder that the family of, what is commonly known in Orisia, magi became known for their talent of crafting and imbuing objects with various abilities. Since then they took on apprentices training them in various aspects of their craft. Seeking to expand their limits Vincent and Colevera actively sought out and acquired various artifacts of differing ability and potency. Soon, the Damonval Archive of Artifacts became a key point of interest for any scholar of La’Ruta. The Magi pair had a number of offspring over the centuries though most killed themselves through experimentation with La’Ruta or burned the ability to hold or use the power completely. This would leave an inexplicable void in the individual, like a portion of one’s soul having been ripped away violently. Those who suffered this affliction would give up the Damonval name, as dictated by their patron, and most often seek out a solace else where. Almost all developed some sort of chronic vice resulting in death. This sad story of loss was likely perpetuated by the almost compulsive need to push the boundaries of ability. Though, one, Santino, their second born child has defied that trend. Each and everyone of the family’s offspring had the ability to use La’Ruta. Though only the first two children showed signs of being Innate Magi which was nearly unheard of. It is perhaps the fact that they were twins that changed Santino’s outlook on the advancement of the family's knowledge and his own abilities. It is unknown what happened to the older of the twins. Vincent and Colevera do not speak of it and speaking to Santino of it can often have erratic results. The abilities of the various past members of the Damonval family have covered quite a range. Vincent, while still technically a Trained Magi with abilities in fire, earth and electricity; is thought to push the bounds between the two distinctions. Colevera, on the other hand is able to use water, air and electricity and is similarly skilled. With the elements split between the pillars of House Damonval, they were able to give quite the extensive training to any seeking knowledge and their own progeny. If judging by their current abilities they likely would have been impressive in whatever craft they exercised wherever they came from. It is likely they were of some considerable note and would have connections to individuals of power there. They do not speak of where they come from and only those that knew them there would have the answers to that secret. Santino was something completely different from his parents. He was able to pick up the lessons his parents drilled into him with ease. Often losing patience with their incessant need to have him display the mundane. As the eldest, he sought to instill some measure of caution in his younger siblings though the Damonval drive has always won out. Cautious in his experimentation, it is rumored that Santino has a personal archive somewhere and it is believed that it holds some untold secrets pertaining to the use of La’Ruta. Many have attempted to search out said archive to no avail. During the course of his studies he has overtime come to study the various creatures in Orisia seeking to study their relationship with La’Ruta. He believes that they are the key to true understanding of the force since most of them had been linked and exposed to the force for far longer than most other beings. Upon the arrival of Areder, the parents sensing a doom looming over them sided with the terrible force giving their support. When the situation began to spiral out of control the pair went into a torpor and there they rested for centuries. During that time, Santino continued lessons on occasion but stuck primarily with the study of La’Ruta and its uses especially containment and even storage. During the dark times, it was always assumed that Santino’s allegiances were the same as his parents. He tended to not move against him yet he never swore any oaths directly either way. Everyone assumed he took political matters in the same method as he took his study. Any familiar with him knew he was a family abnormality, not diving head first into dabbling with the fringes of abilities and utilizing of La’Ruta. It wasn’t until closer to the prelude to the demise of Lord Areder, that someone was able to ascertain his motivations. He was able to provide much needed assistance to the force that sought to undermine the dark influence. Following Areder’s demise it was discovered that the chambers where Vincent and Colevera lay in torpor had been violated and the progenitors of House Damonval were no more. Santino, now the only remaining member of the family could start again with the blight completely severed from him his family and the source of their abilities couldn’t be legitimately questioned. What none but a scarce few knew, was that he had been the architect of his parent’s demise. He knew that their support would always call to question the source of their power despite having been studying, exploring and training before the dark times. Since Areder’s demise the Damonval House, Santino at it’s head, was granted the the governorship of Izbal and has taken charge of the Tea trade of Orisia. The placement suited the young noble since his detail oriented mind seemed to easily grasp the fine nuances that overseeing the port city as well as managing a key trade to the pair of islands. Family Secret Somewhere along the line Santino, and presumably with his elder twin, developed a strange item. Santino can often be seen a pendant with an oddly green hued stone. To those with the ability to sense it it will give off a faint aura of its own. If probed further one will discover a concentrated source of La’Ruta. How it came to be and if their is more is something that is a closely guarded secret. Santino had not disclosed the methods used even to his parents. Perhaps it was grief, because shortly after it’s appearance his elder twin had disappeared. Perhaps it was a distrust for his parents’ drive for more. This was around when his personality shifted to a more cautious paradigm.
  10. So as of right now @Pasion Pasiva what do you still need for the story as you have pictured?
  11. even then I tried to let people know ahead of time. All about communication right? Good ol' RP etiquette wha?!
  12. Well since I am no longer in the Navy here's hoping the random and extended disappearances are at an end :D
  13. I don't think I have any characters currently that would fit the bill but I could definitely whip one up... last time I did (Henschel) seemed to work out pretty well :D
  14. OH this indeed sounds fun. I have a character I've brought to Val I haven't played for a bit. Caitlyn Mylar let me know if she is acceptable for this @PandaHat.
  15. Caitlyn Mylar 16 Red Hair / Fair Skin Light Brown/Amber eyes 5’3” 95lbs Caitlyn takes after her maternal grandmother's family in appearance and stature. For as long as she’s been alive she has always had an affinity for plants and animals. Animals always appear calmed in her presence even the most irritable of dogs or the cagey of felines. Before her mother passed from a wasting sickness she would take Caitlyn to gardens or glens to play. Tending plants were always a favorite pastime for her mother. After her mother’s passing she found that she had the ability to influence their growth, from near dying plants regaining their vibrancy to things growing in environments where they shouldn’t be able to normally. Without any effort plants will be more hearty and more vibrant if she remains in a close proximity to them regularly. Myrim while she was alive ark haired, eyes almost a lavender hued, tall and slender like her mother. During her early years her elder sister Myrim, who was 8 years older, acted as a surrogate mother often times. They were still quite close until her sudden death when Caitlyn was 10. After that Caitlyn began experiencing losses of time and some very strange swings in mood. This continually frustrated her father who seemed to struggle with the loss of both his wife and his eldest daughter. Since then he was able to provide a small herb and flower garden for his remaining child since it seemed to calm her and keep her happy. Some neighbors, mostly friends of her mother’s, would visit and she would provide some basic herbal products to them. Saves, teas, poultices and the like which would always work wonders for them and eventually gained the father/daughter pair a modest income. Her father of course ran the business side of things believing that his daughter to be damaged from the trauma’s of the losses early on in her life. Caitlyn, meanwhile, allows the dotting from her father not wishing to break, whas she believes to be, his very fragile heart. Besides that she knows she loses time and can think of no better caretaker than her loving father. Unbeknownst to either Caitlyn or her father, Myrim’s spirit never truly departed. Myrim also had an affinity for things of a magical nature as well. She could imbue objects with temporary and permanent effects, scry, communicate with the dead, and conduct binding or dispelling rituals. Most of this was done under their father’s nose while she was alive. Their mother held all the secrets. She knew what both were capable of from early on. Before she could impart any sort of controlling influence she passed away. Shortly after that, Myrim appeared to grow distant from her father while growing closer to her sister. Everywhere she went she took her younger sibling refusing to leave her with their father insisting that he was far too busy to tend to the younger girl. A few months after Caitlyn’s 10th birthday, her father reported that she found Myrim not breathing in her own bed. Caitlyn didn’t wake either for two days which seemed to take it’s toll on the man. Eventually, she woke but ever since has had a strange plague of the mind, or so physicians have said. During the losses of time for Caitlyn, Myrim is in control. She exerts her will and uses the younger sister’s body as her own. The personalities of the two are drastically different which makes it appear to most that Caitlyn has some sort of affliction. During these times of control Myrim, for whatever reason will act in ways that would normally have caused her younger sister to blush furiously at a minimum or simply want to crawl into some place and hide out of shame. Myrim is a manipulator, sly, forward, and very self serving. Caitlyn is kind, generous, unobtrusive and seemingly has no mind for true deception.