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  2. The new hososhi blinked taking slow deep breaths though her face remained pale, "I'm sorry," she looked first to Ruka, "I am not normally a violent person... I didn't even know that was possible." Her voice sounded slightly ashamed, "I heal... except... perhaps now I'm a killer... perhaps that was part of the deal." She looked away completely conflicted over what had just happened. She was glad she had been able to provide some healing to others and to make things stop for a bit. But harming the other girl. Well I suppose I've suffered for that. She looked at the long thorn through her calf. She reached down with a hand and attempted to pull it out but it only caused to flesh to pucker outward slightly. Her eyes popped wide and her mouth shot hope in a silent scream. She let go quickly and gasped for air in deep gulps. "I-I think... I think it might need to be pushed through...." she managed to get out in soft tones, "I haven't the strength to do it at the moment... I'm feeling drained." She looked back to Ruka, "You will likely be feeling drained too. What you drank earlier was temporary it offers a bit of a bodily boost but with the exertion this evening you are going to need to rest. If we can make it back to my home, the garden, I think we will be safe for a bit. These things do not seem to like the garden."
  3. He nodded slowly, “Someone will show you a room where you can relax and collect yourself.” He glanced to the door and an older looking woman with a massive ring of keys entered. The other servants gave her a rather wide berth. Her countenance was severe yet her appearance was impeccable. She obviously ran the day to day and bowed to Santino and slightly less so to Catherine. Rising he took the opportunity to take in the roadworn form before him. She was confident and was apparently trained to handle at least this portion of her family’s business if she wasn’t completely suited. With only this brief conversation to base this off of he would hold off any premature categorization. “Did your father suspect I would be difficult to persuade?” He tapped his chin only a short moment, “Based on the rumors I’ve heard I suppose that is not an unreasonable assumption to prepare for.” Turning to the older woman he spoke softly to her, “Of course, my lord.” Turning she walked off briskly and the sounds of others falling into step in her wake with a “Yes, mam,” causing a faint echo. Turning back to Catherine he placed his hands behind him clasping one with the other, “Areder’s nobility… Sounds like you speak of my parents who still slumber. Yet not even they could stomach what he was doing to the land. Still they sleep and I am left with both the failures and successes left since the incident. Many weren’t as fortunate.” he stepped closer, less than a foot apart. Still his tone didn’t change and his eyes remained locked upon her unwavering. Still something changed about him as he closed the distance, “To say I am one of those is most inaccurate. Noble though I be I don’t belong to them. I might work for them as our interests are aligned.” He nodded as she turned to leave and remove the dust of the road from herself and relax some. Picking up the ledgers he began sifting over them again carefully and sitting back down at his desk. When she left the room she would find the older woman waiting there, keys tied to her side and a single key in her hand. “If you would follow me Mistress, Lord Damonval had the house lady’s chambers set aside for you. They had been previously unused. It’s mostly a large sitting room with a large bath in it.” she began to walk at a quick, purposeful pace. “Fresh water is being heated. Even, Lord Damonval has maintained a few things that would be suitable for your use. I will take your things to be cleaned while you relax. If you wish I can have someone standing by for your bath and another should hunger come upon you. Anything else please do not hesitate to ask.” She stopped in front of the large doors to the spacious room as men lifted large pots emptying them into the large stonework that was the bath. Once finished they exited quickly. The young man from earlier and a young woman, of similar age stood on either side of the doors waiting for the next command.
  4. Arabelle notice something coming from the shadows and in a reflexive action two daggers came from their concealed places in her sleeves and with deft steps put some distance between herself and the figure emerging from the shadow, her long braid trailing slightly with her quick movement. Eventually, noticing it was the man from the tea house, the one the previous woman was practically coming out of her dress for, the daggers disappeared back inside almost imperceptibly. She blinked and made to move around him but he blocked her path. Whomever took the coin from her likely returned it and this man sought some sort of retribution. The words came from his mouth. Threats and offers in the same breath. It was typical, in her experience for men and women of his cast to want or demand something under the threat of other punishment. With her blades away she offered a cordial smile, “I can honestly say I have no idea where your coin is, sir. I know that I do not have your coin. Though, perhaps if it isn’t on your person then it should be better secured and you should look for who has it. If it is on your person then I see no issue for which I should be repaying you for anything.” She said calmly her hands folded one over the other in front of her. She could blend in the shadows and go unseen when there was need. But often times blending with the public was far more useful in the day to day. Now, it was more of a matter of being cornered. “It really all depends on the scope of the work. I’ve worked for various wealthy men over the years, and a few women. The common ground they all have is they see that them giving me a job obligates me to… tend to other tasks not directly related to the job offered.” She looks him over and notes that he is not unattractive nor is he the prancing peacock. His stance is one many of his rank would have mastered Yet, the shifting look in his eyes from one emotion to another said something else. “As for what I observed in the Tea House already, it seems you aren’t in short supply of fawning fans. Though that doesn’t stop many. I do not wish to work for such a person again… yet I do not wish to kill any guards either.” She did not fold her arms nor did she look away. Her eyes were keenly aware of her surroundings. She cursed her previous lack of attention after letting someone relieve her of the prince’s coins. Her previous teacher and master would have had her “building character” for hours upon hours for such a slip. Now was not the time to dwell on such things. Her hands moved behind herself conversationally yet a single finger curled around what would look like a loose thread while she spoke. “The question is what sort of person are you really? You’ve already come after someone for something you have no proof of. Though I do suppose it might have been ingrained into someone of your status at an early age that they are able to do what they please when they please because of their status. After all shouldn’t we all simply quake in our shoes and quiver in our underthings because you graced us by simply stepping into our presence?” She didn’t say these things with a snapping bite but an almost tired expectation of what she would hear.
  5. She skidded to a stop and looked at her assailant and frowning deeply, "I don't believe I will be going anywhere with you. I most certainly won't be learning any... thing from you. Certainly nothing as depraved or lewd as you are suggesting." She stepped back keeping her distance, "You speak sweetly, but even in my garden some of the most beautiful and the sweetest smelling flowers can be the deadliest." She glanced to Ruka, "I know of the names you speak, but I have yet to meet them, I doubt they would teach one like me." She shook her head slowly, "I never should have left my garden tonight." The thorn covered bud pulsed more rapidly. Drumming like the wings of a humming bird. Something startled Caitlyn about this and she dove to the ground behind some rubble. Even as she did this the bud exploded in a green flash sending thorns and chunks of bark shrapnel in all directions. The remaining, large supporting trunk like structure groaned and creaked. The multiple strands uncurling and began to splay out war from it's previously unified position. Rapid impacting sounds from thorns and bark cascaded all around the factory. They hit and some broke around the stairs and door ways, shattered through any remaining glass. This was all punctuated by each of the longer more twisted trunks hitting the ground with a thud, very much akin to the thrashing tentacles of the yokai. Despite the churned dust and syncopated blows, Caitlyn's pain filled scream rang out as one of the thorns pierced her calf and she drew her good leg up closer to her. The injured one she attempted to bring up but the pain shot through up to her hip not quite able to draw that leg up all the way. Looking down at the thorn that was slender but nearly as long as her shin this time. Her face went a little pale and she looked away in an attempt to not pass out completely.
  6. Arabelle had been caught up with her inner musings. Normally this would not keep her from being aware of her surroundings but the events that her mind mulled over were that troubling. She usually kept such things fully locked away until she was in whatever location she was calling home for the evening. But the light contact on her hand and feeling the fingers slide between hers, snapped her back to reality. It wasn't a sudden jerk but a fluid motion sliding her fingers out from between the other woman's and her arm away like the easy movements of a snake as she spun with the steps of a dancer putting a little distance between them. Her skirt, of fine make spun out slightly, enough to rise and show not the fine slippers or fancy shoes one might expect to accompany such garb; but sturdy flexible leather shoes perhaps they were even padded. Her skirt settled again and hid them from view. "Prince? Can't he afford a few coins or is he a pretending pauper?" She maintained a distance from Eternity her senses alert now that she was going to be in a spot of trouble. "If I had to guess, he has his coins back since I no longer have them. If not, then speaking with the person who took them from me might be of more use. I don't intend on going back there just yet... so if you please, I will be on my way." Another few quick steps she backed out of the alley she had ducked into and began to turn and walk, with a purpose, away from the Tea House. Hopefully leaving the incident behind. Hopefully... though in the back of her mind she laughed at herself for such a hope. These things never ended so neatly. Especially not with puffed up princes and nobles.
  7. Santino waited as the Queen and the lord left. But something tickled at his senses. Glancing down an to the side at the blood doll he quirked a brow, "You'd do well to wait a little longer before exerting yourself like that. Lord Areder has consumed much of La'Ruta and I am uncertain as to what sort of link he as with it." he looked a head as the pair apparently left, to do what? He didn't really care such goings on never really concerned him despite it being all the buzz among other nobles... including his parents. Taking his folio in one hand and turning to the man. "A lesser human would have succumb to the feeding that you endured." He tapped his chin lightly, "Perhaps, her majesty might be inclined to lend her gift for a test or two." Tilting his head first to one side and then another examining, though most of what was going on was internal than taking in what he was observing here. "The lifeblood of the land is an amazing force to behold. I have seen more of what it can do than most can imagine and even I am continuously amazed by it's intricacies." He offered an amused smirk before nodding slowly, "Tell me, did you learn this talent or were you born with it?" He finally expressed though it was difficult to tell if he was voicing a thought or actually asking the blood doll an actual question. What was certain is he opened his folio and flipped to a page and with a few quick motions made a few notes, "Either way, unique opportunities should not be squandered." Turning to step toward the door he said the first thing that could actually be discerned as being directed at the human. A glance, his vibrant amber eyes fixed upon the man, one could almost see the cogs turning furiously. To what end would his machinations drive toward? Many had woven quite the story from assumptions and his lack of expounding on others suppositions had made him out to be the sociopolitical puzzle to unravel. To the young Lord Damonval, that was quite tiresome.
  8. She backed away a couple of steps looking at the more than amply endowed woman. The display was blatant and it made her blush slightly, "I've made one deal this evening... and I'm not sure I enjoy the actual outcome of this deal." she swallowed and glanced about swallowing nervously, "I don't enjoy inflicting pain and suffering, so no I would not enjoy that in the slightest." She spoke meekly at first but building to an irritated confidence that she didn't especially feel. The finger like branches curled around her forming a large bark covered teardrop shaped bud with a loud creaking sound as the tips curled around securely. What was not readily seen was internally to the multi-trunked summoned construct and where Caitlyn stood began to shift. It almost swallowed her sending her form and what she was standing on downward to the ground level where it parted slightly forming a small arch where she was able to run out of. Now she was beginning to panic again and what she had left behind began to pulse with an ominous green energy, spikes bubbled out of it all along it though especially concentrated upon the large bud. The pulse began to speed up in an uncontrolled fashion, "No... stop stop... this is too much.... stop." But she did not stop running as she made her way toward Tsu this time.
  9. Arabelle was light on her feet and fluid of motion. She had seen the people approaching and wove her way through them. She was able to brush closely to a few men and women and add to her haul for the day. Once past the small group she paused. Her eyes narrowed as if weighing something on her mind. Instead she was actually weighing the differences of her hidden pockets. It was off… and there was a bag of coins where there hadn’t been before. She grumbled and turned around to look back but the leper had, by this point, gone back into the tea house. Blue eyes darted between the people still left walking outside. None of them that she could see. She remained calm on the outside. Inside her mind was working. Someone had noticed her. Someone had been watching her. Perhaps she would have to do another “job” before anything else. She’d been targeted before and that situation… well… it wasn’t pleasant in the slightest. Her arms laid one over the other in front of her stomach. One hand slid against her side remembering the encounter not so fondly. It hadn’t ended at all as planned. Though the one targeting her wasn’t a problem anylonger… for anyone. The relief came at a high price. What would she lose this time if it went down the same route and history attempted to repeat itself. She had only one brother...
  10. He smirked at her amazement at his ability to sample something other the crimson fluid that carried so many subtle undertones. He took a cup of tea and sipped at it as if to sate her own curiosity. “Yes, I am able to sample a number of… unconventional treats. I do apologize if I have offended you.” he motioned for one of the servants to approach, “Perhaps one of these might be more to your palate.” The slender young man, perhaps eighteen, stood beside Catherine’s chair. “He comes from my home estate. They are rather… rich in La’Ruta there.” He smirked and sampled a few of the more exotic fruits while she explained her position here. “Well, I suppose it is the the parental duty to ensure their progeny are properly instructed. It is good to hear that you are empowered to make the important calls.” He nods slowly as he remembered some of his siblings that hadn’t survived. Most were strong willed and intelligent. He suspected his mother wouldn’t have tolerated any weak young. She was quite the strong woman herself. He wasn’t unfamiliar with professional dealings with the fairer sex. “Yes, I can see how your family’s trade would be quite lucrative. It would be logical to base trade from here… smaller shipping costs than from other locations… less of a bite out of these numbers here. Cascading effects of their presence… yes.” he said more thinking out loud than replying directly to her before looking up. “I have already met with a couple of rather wealthy shipping organizations that would likely be interested in such an export. One might… be persuaded to offer contracts to one or more of them. Exclusivity or perhaps limited exclusivity in exchange for lower fees.” he finished his tea with a smile. He sat back and relaxed in his seat. “I think perhaps an arrangement could be made. Though I might wish to take a more thorough look at your ledger here. You are welcome to a room, unless you are expected back immediately. If so, I can look over these more while you go and remove the dust of the road from yourself.” He taps his chin lightly his mind working over numbers, organizations, families… and a number of other things. The web unfolding in his mindseye. “I assume there would be some sort of contract or agreement that would make this a binding decision, Miss DuPolanc?”
  11. She had been in the tea shop for so long. Though she had learned painful lessons in waiting for the appropriate time, she was able to deal with the boredom. As people came and went mentally cataloging traits, phrases and other minute details was rather time consuming and distracting. So it was a pleasant change of pace with the rather loud interaction grew and finally erupted into a fight. Pleasant and ideal to make her way out and proceed with her day. The fight seemed to distract a great many. The woman in a quiet corner sipping at her tea had gone mostly unnoticed before was certainly not in anyone's mind now. It was perfect. Rising smoothly she wove through the other patrons. Deft fingers found purchase on a few valuable which disappeared into various folds of her skirts that carefully hid pockets. One such person she slid by, her auburn hair swept partially over her shoulder to obscure her face slightly as she barely brush Kazuhiko lifting only a few coins from him, the touch barely perceptible. Her deep blue eyes did not directly contact anyone else as she skirted the incident as she made her attempt at an exit. Being rather new to Weland she was not fully acquainted with the players yet. She needed to get established first and today's score would help greatly getting to that end. There were other jobs she could perform however she preferred not to default to such acts, but one had to do what they needed to survive. She would have to remember this place for the future. It was a rich little establishment and had frequent turnover of customers. A couple more places like this and she'd have a rather nice circuit. Before any more excitement occurs it was time to depart and relax before the evening.
  12. Caitlyn was about to suggest using the massive trunk like structure to slide down but the other girl lept off suddenly. She was so shocked that she was not even able to fully extend her arms before the girl was over the edge and on her way to the ground. That sudden burst of adrenaline seemed to wash away any instability that had been there. She had turned slightly and Erenweeb’s actions hadn’t quite registered consciously yet the reason she had been so exhausted was quickly revealed. One of the thick, branch like fingers shifted into the path of the whip where it was able to find purchase. A small tendril began to work its way down the taut length. The movement of the branch startled her and she hopped back just as the whip curled around. Her eyes darted to the wielder. She could feel the malevolence coming off of her. The laughter rang in her head and in that moment something spoke to her - drew her hand toward the the same branch that had defended her. Her hand placed firmly upon it. Large thorns grew from the barky surface and with a sudden motion sprang out like a cloud of darts, each nearly the length of a hand, flying at the lady. "I've had my fill of you creatures this evening!"
  13. Caitlyn smiled as the other girl rose but looked around also as she appeared to be concerned about something. When things shook again she let out a soft sound of startlement. She quickly gathered the last few berries and offered one to Ruka, “Here, take one it will help a bit.” She quickly scooted close to the other girl as the platform shook. Even as the shards of armor made a shield, Caitlyn winced, shrinking away from the tremor. Even as she flinched the finger like tendrils curled inward into a spinneret shaped dome. “I - I’m sorry. I can’t control it very well it’s pretty new to me… and I’m not certain this deal was a wise one.” She stammered slightly as she calmed herself, getting her nerves under control. She winced again, “I have someplace we can go to recover. Is there anyone else we need to retrieve?” She tried to peek around as best she could and remain on her feet. “Do they all take this long to die?” Perhaps the event with her father was a fluke. Perhaps she really had gotten herself in too deep this time when all she wanted to do was help. She enjoyed healing, and tending her gardens. She would have to adapt… or, the thought was tough to come to terms with, die. Her head spun a little and she placed her free hand up to her head. “Sorry again, I think the exertion might have been a bit much.” Slowly her head began to steady and the dizziness began to fade.
  14. He pulled away from the blooddoll as the lilting query hit his ears. Offering a light pat, as one would a new pet, he turned to face his visitor. “She was well selected, and yes it wasn’t a far stretch of the mind to deduce the intent behind the gift.” he inhaled measuredly as he pondered for just a moment making only a cursory inspection of the woman in front of him before inspecting his books one more time and closing them. Steepling his fingers idly as she spoke of her father’s intent. “You want to use A port. Otherwise there would be little need for two offers. Yet, his daughter coming as an emissary would indicate that this might be a favored offer. Unless your father has more than one daughter to send to accompany business offers. What sort of trade does your family engage in?” He pondered out loud. Now that she sat he focused on her more directly. Which was a little out of character for him. He tended to focus little on the people as the information they relayed ran through his mind. Now she was among the few he actually took the time to actually pay full attention to, shelving whatever it was that normally occupied that space. He rose and move to the opposite side of his desk and sat in the chair to the right of Catherine. “You believe the increased revenue from your family’s business to be compensation enough? What will bind this agreement? The blooddoll?” he smirked a little, “She was delectable, but hardly something worthy to bind such an agreement.” Then, she began to speak his language. Numbers. “No, not wasting your time, however the self made proclamations of one’s own company’s worth is hardly something to judge such a thing by. Empirical and historical data, aside from first hand experience, is the most useful to see how worthwhile this will be for me. I have no intention to let any hold me hostage with a bargaining chip of unknown value.” Despite his words it was a refreshing change from the simpering puppets he had entertained so far. It kept a faint smile on his face. “Does Master DuPolanc, delegate these matters to his daughter? Or should I speak with the man himself about them?” A clap of his hands and servants attended with refreshments “One of the things I refuse to go without. Due to my business, before gaining this,” he motioned with a couple of fingers to indicate his new status, “Various items from my home estate offer a unique taste not found elsewhere,” the tray had tea’s and fruits all of which had been cultivated with varying exposures to La’Ruta, “Certain… essences make the taste more vibrant… more invigorating. Please,” he motioned ot the tray for selection, “enjoy while we discuss this matter further.”
  15. The years that followed the fall of Areder were tough. Much damage had been done to the land and the peoples of Orisia, apart from the massive scar that now marked the end of the consumed ruler. Since that day it seemed that further upheaval would take place, like aftershocks following a devastating earthquake. It was a credit to the remaining royal that she was able to see clearly enough through the settling dust of loss enough to put in place nobles in various cities to see to her interests and those of Orisia. One such placement was in the port city of Izabal and the surrounding lands. Being one of the few nobles who had not slept through the events; and hadn’t been taken with the exhausting task of jumping side repeatedly; Santino was rewarded with the title of Count. Today the sound of seabirds were carried on the cool on the winds, the smell of brine an ever present undertone. The new Count had sent ahead and it seemed that the message had been received as the various members of merchant houses, shipping companies, and guild halls were present and each wanting to secure deals ensuring their own interests are taken care of. He refreshed himself with a breakfast while the first of many were seen in. He spent time looking over the books and ledgers, no doubt just the ones they wanted him to see, keen eyes soaking in the information. He had no intention of drastically changing anything initially. He would have to get a proper feel for the flow of the city first. Much like his research with La’Ruta, everything had a flow and it was easier to make subtle corrections. He was patient, now, and the kingdom had experienced enough drastic change for the time being. Following the entertaining morning more were seen to either a sitting room or the vast room that would be his study. Drinks were served as he sampled regional varieties and imports of note. He let them prattle on endlessly as they indicated the tried to impress him with their “most valuable commodities” or the “imports of note”. They were so obvious about trying to purchase his favor it was almost laughable. But the numbers didn’t lie. They never lied. They thought they were being clever but numbers that were too neat were dead giveaways. The latest emissary was dismissed and he offered a slight shake of his head to indicate the others could wait. A new blood doll was allowed in, a gift from a merchant family, the scent of La’Ruta upon her was enticing more so than the physical appearance of the girl. Having a relaxing snack wash away the irritations of the weasel like representatives was a perfect reprieve.
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