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  1. Job Title: DevOps Engineer Description: My job is to shorten the distance between when a programmer writes code to when it shows up in front of the customer. DevOps stands for Development and Operations, and I exist at the intersection of their concerns. Developers want to get things out fast, and Operations doesn't want anything to break. Their interests are not always aligned. This whole manufacturing and logistics process requires a combination of technical and people skills to get it done; sometimes I write automation to simplify how things are done, while other times I must persuade people to let go of their stranglehold on information and rubber stamps for the betterment of us all. However, for someone in my role there's substantial freedom: it is bleeding edge stuff, and not many people know what the right answer is for the company. That's why they hired me to spearhead that discovery, after all! Experience/Certs/Degrees for entry level: - Bachelor's degree in something computer-related - Show technical aptitude, either by being proficient in a programming language or having experience with certain industry tools. They may sometimes ask in job descriptions for specific baskets of skills and tooling, but many of them cannot afford to be that picky. They need someone with a willingness to learn, teach others, and to think about the big picture. That could be you! - Expect to learn a lot. For each of these capabilities there are many tools, but some of them are more prevalent in certain environments. For example, if you're in the AWS Cloud instead of Microsoft's Azure, you will deal with Linux VMs way more, necessitating getting familiar with bash scripting and that specific ecosystem's quirks. - Possible technologies: - Repositories - Host configuration management - Build automation - Automated testing - Automated deployments - Code analysis - Provisioning - Containerization The good news is that much of this is open source so you can download and experiment yourself for free! There are also many useful sites for figuring things out; anyone who says you can't google the answers has not actually worked in this field and doesn't realize that everyone must google. Best method for members to contact you with questions: - Discord tag is in my profile!
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