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  1. Anima

    Neither New, Nor Returning? Weird.

    And what direction might that be? :3c
  2. Anima

    Neither New, Nor Returning? Weird.

    It's possible, but I couldn't say for certain, haha. ^_^;
  3. It's kind of a weird limbo I find myself in, having made the account, but never really put it to use. Recently got the itch to roleplay though and I remembered this site existed, so I figured I'd swing by. Give it a shot. Y'know? Anyway, hi, I'm Anima. Or Valkyrie. Anima's the old name, Valkyrie's more recent. Ish. I knew some folks who used this site, but I've no idea if they're still around. Even names are kinda fuzzy at this point. Uh. Yea. >,>