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  1. The Hermit, rekindle the flame?

    Karuna was beginning to pick up on her Master's energy signature, she was curtain of it now. After several minutes of flying Karuna had finally reached her destination. Perhaps Dradiro would hear the wind wisp as Karuna had made her landing. The house was nothing special, nothing in comparison to the mansion Karuna trained in when she last met Dradiro. She inhaled deeply as she dusted herself off and walked towards the entrance. She actually had a lot to thank Dradiro for. Not only did she learn umbramancy from him, she also learned a bit more about her mother's lineage and what she was capable of. She learned that, as a witch, she held the darkness of her mother's lineage inside her, and because of this, she was loosing herself. She also learned of her familiar which has been helping her from the inside control the darkness ever since, but she hasn't the slightest clue on how to contact him. With ever question solved three more seem to take it's place, but none of it would have happened if it weren't for Dradiro. She wondered if he even remembered her, or if he even cared to see her again. regardless, she knocked on the door and took a few steps back, nervously waiting.
  2. The Hermit, rekindle the flame?

    Even when faced with unfamiliar territory, empty streets and ominous alleyways have yet to deter this particular witch from strolling the streets of Izabal, book in hand. Her spell book, as usual, buried in its words, learning whatever she could, memorizing it's pronunciation...but she started to get a headache. Trying to learn new things whilst surveying her surroundings with her minds eye was extremely tiring, but good practice she supposed. Sighing, she tucked away a stray dread to behind her ear before she snapped the burgundy book shut in her hand. She placed it in a holster on the side of her purple jogger-like pants, opposite to the crystal orb on the other. She folded her arms on themselves as she finally decided to take in her surroundings with her actual eyes. It wasn't that bad, but it did look sketchy from this particular angle. Barnicle encrusted corners, sketchy alleyways. It was probably because it was nearing the night that the town looked so damn ominous. Things started to brighten up as she reached the docks. Glistened from seashore waters and the orange descending sun, Karuna walked the cobblestone path, unsure of where it would take her. She had no real destination, in fact, the only reason she was here was due to the turbulent nature of every other city she had inhabited thus far. Apparently, sides were being taken and talks of battles and wars were numerous. Karuna wanted no part in either. Even here she would head occasional talk of these events by the men and women on the docks. None of her business really, but one rumor definitely peaked her interest. "I heard shady man just recently moved in here...", Said an older woman, probably in her 80's. She was talking to a woman of younger age, probably 60. "...with an entourage of servants too! Boy I tell ya, we need to watch out for these newcomers, they'll be the death of us!" "Excuse me!" Karuna yelled running up to the women. "Uhg, here comes one now...you got no business being here missy, why don't you just go on where ya came from." The older woman swatted towards the woman, gesturing she leave them be. Unthreatened though a tad irritated, she approached anyway. "Jude!" The younger woman hissed at her companion. "Please excuse my friend here, she's just been a bit on edge." She Smiled genuinely, enough so for Karuna to not feel the need to turn the old woman into a toad...if she could. "It's okay...you spoke of a shady man? You wouldn't happen to know where this man went do you?" There was a moment of silence before the younger woman elbowed the older one. She grunted as she pointed in a vague direction, though it was enough for Karuna. She thanked the two women and immediately took flight, leaving the two women disheveled with the gust of wind. Shady man in a coat? Servants? And it was nearing the night? It was a hunch, a pretty large one, but Karuna had to see for herself if it was really him.
  3. Who wants to assist me in my revival?

    Oh, I didn't mean I didn't want to join, I just assumed that it would be a lot of people to manage. If everyone is cool with 5 I would be more than happy to join!
  4. Who wants to assist me in my revival?

    5 is a cluster fuck of people so I'll stay out of this one, so if you want to play I can join your next rp.
  5. Descent to Darkness

    Karuna's eyes slowly opened to the sound of hollow winds rustling the trees around her. Wait, was she not in Yhimi? There were no trees where she was and from where she last slept, she should feel no wind. The sudden realization shook her to wake fully. She immediately pulled herself to her feet, scrambling in preparation for what was to come. But nothing came, only the sound of her breathing echoing in the wind. The floor was just as hard as the dirt of the barren lands of Yhimi but the Trees and winds were certainly a foreign touch. The leaves which occasionally glide their way down the tree were more so associated with Petals than leaves. But the main curiosity were the charcoal black color they had. The black pedals littered the floors as if autumn leaves, they even crunched under her feet, similar to brittle stone when she stepped on them. There was a path that lead both in foreward and backward, both consumed by pitch blackness after a distance. "What is this?" Karuna inquired, her voice echoing unnaturally into the void sky. She turned her head towards the forestry of black vegetation, then the road, trying to make sense of it all. "This must be a dream", Karuna verbally thought.. But in a strange land such as this, she could take no chances, the safest route was to assumed everything was real to some extent. That being said, she pulled out her spell book and ventured forward. With each passing moment, she could feel a stronger and stronger sense of dread, as if this land was telling her something. She began to feel a familiar sensation, a presence that she has had ever since her trainings with Dradiro, her Past teacher. At this realization, there was a bit more pep in her step...still, she could not shake this uneasiness. Just as dread was at it's peak, a pedal fell from a tree, but this one was an autumn red color, it glowed like a light in a sea of darkness. She cupped it in her hand and felt its warmth. But that swiftly changed as she watched it whither into black dust, and with it, the feeling of dread taking it's place once more. Something was wrong. Her steps became a bit more rushed, step after step, until she was running into a full sprint down the pass. It was only a few moments before the trees turned from bitch black leaves to bright autumn red. A pedestal could be seen in the distance. Once she arrived she ran up the familiar steps onto the platform and at it's center, a familiar winged man in black leather and chains strapped across his chest could be seen restrained to the platform as if a prisoner. "What's going on? What happened." Karuna yelled, her voice echoing in her forest. "You shouldn't be here..." The man grumbled, a deep raspy voice grumbling from his lips. "Why are you chained up like this? Who-" She ran around him to pull the chains off of him. He immediately looked up at her, the chains going slack as her thrusts his hand into her face, enveloping her face in his palm. "This is for your own good." In a swift jerking shove, he launched Karuna through the auburn red leaves and everything went black for her. In this limbo of black she hears in her head. "You have bigger problems to deal with right now." Her eyes shot open.
  6. Karuna vs Şivan

    By the time Karuna had realized where the man was, it was already to late to react accordingly and she flinched from his sudden appearance. 'How can anyone be that silent...' Karuna had thought to herself as she folded her sleeveless arms, her book now circling her in the air. "Those better be rubber bullets." She pouted monotonously as she sized the man for any equipment he may have openly on him. She knew that whatever weapons the man had on him may not be all he had to offer but it was always in good routine to check anyway. Meanwhile she took mental note of her equipment: her pouch which held her crystal orb at her hip, her deep purple robe which draped on her shoulders and down to her knees and her arsenal of spells she had in her spell book. The crisp sounds of pages turning rapidly rang in the air with arcane presence as the spell book turned to the desired page. "I didn't ask you to come here to back off now. That's not very polite." She smirked as she straightened her stance and raised her relaxed hands towards the man in preparation. Mana Prep - 1
  7. Karuna vs Şivan

    @Providence The wind was calm, dusting the leaves tenderly as they swooped across the land. Sounds of leaves flowing in the wind spread throughout the entire forest, as if the wall of curving trees marking her pass had come alive. It was very tranquil, yet, for some reason unnervingly quiet. Every bush, every Tree, remained unshifted besides the winds. All the animals seemed to go silent, there presence unfelt. Karuna, the young woman who walked down this pass could not help but feel watched, as if someone were stalking her. Pulling her hood from over her head, she pulled out the remaining dreads from her robe, allowing the coils to bounce freely. While doing so she turns and looks into the distance behind her, scanning the vicinity. Someone was watching her. "Who's there?" She yelled as assertively as she could. She reached for her spell book.
  8. Descent to Darkness

    With a good 15 to 20 more minutes of sunset light, she assessed her bodily status. With a grunt she leaned forward and pulled her leg closer to her to reach her leather boots. Pulling her purple baggy pants back to her calf, she dutifully untied her boots and slid them off along with her socks. They were red, sore, but not particularly injured but the rush of relief was intoxicating; she quickly did the same to the other foot, and allowed them to feel the air. Rubbing them a bit to ease the soreness, she placed her socks and boots back on her feet before she placed them on the ground. With feet planted on the ground, she rose from her sitting position and took a few steps forward. She reached to her side and from it her spell book. She turned its pages for a moment, occasionally backtracking a couple more pages before finding the right one. She sighed. "I really didn't want to use magic if I didn't have to but..." She raised her right hand as the other held the open book near her chest. Eyes infused with indigo magic she directed her extended hand a few feet in front of her. "Carbaf", Her voice echoed with magical ominous as the floor she directed her hand to began to liquify. into mesh. with the spell still in effect, she began walking in a wide circle, the solid ground in the direction she was walking turning to mush as well almost a moat in appearance. With the moat of clay sludge, she walks to the center of the circle, where she was originally, and raises her hand to the sky. The sludge immediately begins to rise in a consistent circumference until every side met at the center in the very top, making a makeshift dome house. Releasing her hold on the spell, the sludge immediately hardened back into the hardened stone-like sand it originally was. It wasn't much, not her best work but it was something to separate her from the outside. She mentally popped a few holes in the ceiling for airflow before sighing plopping on the floor once more. A simple orb of purple energy was what she used to see inside the dome, though there was really nothing to look at. It was mainly there so she could set up her nap sack. Once everything was set she rest her head on her cloak/pillow and closed her eyes. "oh" She sat back up and pulled out a satin scarf from her sac. She skillfully wrapped her hair in the silk and tied it to protect her hair for the night. She laughed at herself and her priorities before laying back down and dozing off.
  9. Descent to Darkness

    "Shit." Karuna hissed. Pulling her Teal hood from her head, she took a look of her surroundings. The once golden sun slowly turned its hue Blood red as it descended halfway past the horizon line. The skies that were once a grayish blue were now scorched with blood orange as the Sun dropped lower and lower; Twilight. The Furthest Point was nowhere to be seen, but Karuna had expected this. However, she did not take into account as to how truly barren the land was. No fixtures, no mountains. Nothing that would keep her away from them; the monsters that go bump in the night. And with each step Karuna made became harder and harder to make as she progressed. Her thighs and calfs were on fire and clung to her baggy pants via copious amounts of sweat. As if they were weighted, her strides gradually became sluggish, and it wasn't until she tripped over herself did she realize. She could not go on like this. Her stumble was casual, no ungraceful fall or weak legs that cannot go on, but it became, more and more apparent to karuna that that was the route she was going if she continued through the night. She needed to rest. brown-amber eyes scanned the perimeter once more, this time for something more...alive. It was no longer a matter of where will she rest as it was where she can rest that provides the most safety. She furrowed her brow and grit her teeth in the frustration in knowing nowhere is really safe in these barren lands. She looked around a bit more, making a gradual 360 rotation of her parameter, before looking straight down. One could tell by the amount of dust and grime that rested at the head and sole of her shoes, that she had been walking for miles in these plains. The ground was cracked and dry, disks of hardened dirt crunched under her petite boots...but that was all she had for miles more. She supposed that was as good as it was going to get. So she parked herself where she stood, flopping her backpack on the ground carelessly. She leaned back, propped by her arms as she let her faltering legs lay motionless in front of her. The mages dreads dangled behind her as she tilted her head back, her face facing the sky. With clenched eyelids a sigh of relief was gasped into the air, a rush of physical tension rushing through her entire body. Her legs felt like noodles and she could feel the soreness in her feet.
  10. Descent to Darkness

    The barren lands were cracked, deprived of any and all forms of moisture. With each step the girl made the floor crunched as crisp as crackers. She would occasionally look back at the great wall that being gate doors for some means of sense of direction; it at least assured her she was not going in circles. However, her brow furrowed at the disheartening sensation to have watched the gates grow smaller and smaller only to see nothing but plateau when she turned. It was maddening to most, concerning to Karuna at least. Repeated patterns of crumpled earth and unturned stone followed by the idea that beyond the walls were nothing but death did not sit well purple mage. And with only her bright teal poncho, burgundy-red crop top, and dark purple baggy pants which slit by the outer sides of her thighs, did she weather the limbo-esque storm. Unfortunately about 10 to 20 minutes after she lost sight of the Gates she originated from, she was unsure as to where she was going. She knew that directly across this wall was south, and from here she knew her east and west, but now she was unsure. A compass would have probably been a good buy but it's too late to speak of it now. She would attempt to focus on her surroundings instead, the sky, blue yet tinted with yellow, the winds few and far between. If the sun had a voice, it would be screaming upon this deprived land. There were no signs of life and it did not help Karuna to look at it. But it's all she had to look at. And if she did not keep her wits about her, she would surely perish at the hands...or disjointed appendages of another. Her book placed securely at her side as if a pistol, she was prepared for any ambush to whip out her book immediately, and if need be, she told herself she would use her crystal orb in her pack. She looks back a her bag, wondering if the crystal truly had sentience. She could still feel the crystal orb in her hands the day she acquired it, pulsing in her hands as if a heart beat. She could not recall a time where this happened since, but she has a hunch that that rock was alive. But she supposed it didn't matter so long as it was on her side. Or was that selfish of her? If it is sentient, why did it choose her? What does it want? Thoughts such as the casually floated through her head as she took yet another swig of water. "Not a single source of shade..." Complained the young woman, though she suppose she count herself lucky. She has not encountered the horrors that those before her has, at least not yet. As of right now it was just mild inconvenience rather than dire danger. She knew from research that the creatures who roam this land are formidable to say the least. Some are so dangerous, it is recommended by even the toughest of fighters to avoid them at all cost. Just based off of stories, she could be stalked this very moment, just waiting for when she finally put her guard down. She would not be surprised with how docile the lands appeared on the surface. But Karuna could feel it, as if the land was actually a coiled snake ready to snatch her up from under. She took a deep breath as she continued. The screaming sun began to descend, and darkness would soon take hold of this land. She had to find the Furthest Point soon before it were too late.
  11. Descent to Darkness

    The flat of her thumb glided past the skin of her hands as the anxieties of her past began to flood back into cognition. Though its been several years, she can still smell the soot in the air, the putrid sent of burning flesh, and the wincing screams of mothers and children. She remembered her mother and how she would make her a fresh plate of pancake and eggs every morning before she would train with her father. She remembered the burning heat of her surroundings as demons ravished her home. She remembered training with her father; teaching her everything she knew. She remembered watching her father fight to the death to protect her. Either way they were bitter memories now, no longer giving her joy or sorrow; those emotions were far gone on the matter. No, she felt an entirely new emotion: anger. She knew she needed vengeance, at the very least stop the man from doing such things to anyone ever again...but that time will come, this she was certain. For now she must prepare herself for the threats to come in a few months time She needed to get stronger. She supposed now was as good a time as any to inspect her pack for proper supplies. She placed her backpack on her lap and unzipped it. Water, food for a few days, and most importantly, a map of what's been explored thus far. It was not much, but it was something. And of course all her weaponry was with her, some summoning scrolls, her crystal orb, and her trusty spell book. She was as ready as she could be in the face of uncertainty. She gave an exasperated sigh and rose to her feet, tossing her pack straps around her shoulders and calmly walked out the cathedral. --- "Are you sure M'lady? It's a death sentence going in a group let alone alone." Said one of the gatekeepers fully armored in white metals with the Cathedral's insignia. Another, much older and fully bearded solider patted the man on the back, ensuring the other not to ask too many questions and do what the woman asks. Who were they to judge her intentions. With silent understanding they both pulled the levers and with a series of clanks and triggers the gate began to rise, revealing the baren lands of Yh'mi. The wind was immediately drying to Karuna skin, but she did not flinch, nor show fear, and apparently teh guards noticed, because the older one spoke up, as she passed the gates. "May the gods be with you." She nodded, a gentle smile to her lips. It would be a long journey; some prayers would be nice. At the very least, someone was thinking about her.
  12. OOC: Marsh of Horrors