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  1. Lirrey Lines

    Karuna could not escape the hunting feeling she felt as darkness overcame her. It was as if her emotions went from nonexistent, to fury in a mere seconds. Like watching a scene from behind her eyes, her body simply acted on its own, or at least, that's what it felt like. At the same time, she did not see a problem with it, at least at the time. All she knew and wanted to know was wicked and evil. And then it stopped as soon as she grabbed hold of herself again. She could feel a chill from her spine at the thought of loosing herself again, but before she could finish her thoughts, the fey girl descended back to the group. was she was not with the group? Oh no, she wasn't. In fact, she was damn well near entrapped inside that hell bubble she somehow conjured. The robed witch had never felt so powerful, yet so demonic all at the same time. It excited to know how powerful she could become, only to be terrified at the thought of loosing herself like that. She almost killed the poor fairy. She turned to the fae as she addressed her. "I'm sorry...truly I am... I promise it was not my intention to hurt you. I was just caught off guard and I reacted....violently." If they looked at Karuna, she looked as guilty as her voice sounded. She found her hand holding her other elbow as she walked in submissiveness. She actually felt something; that reassured her, but it was not until the larger man spoke did she feel the drip of apathy set in again. She looked over at the man. She knew he was serious. But so was she "That...that is fair." She concluded after pondering mid sentence for the correct wording. "You have every right, and again, I truly did not mean to put you in harms way like that-" She looked back at the fey girl before turning back to the man with a more serious tone. "-but please understand. I do not take threats lightly. So by the law of equivalent exchange, I will have to make you regret making me regret...deal?" "She chimed this with a cutesy voice, in a way, mocking the mans threats. And though she heeded his words, anything the larger man would have said afterwards would not have been spoken upon as Karuna began to speak to the fey girl once more. "But let me make it up to you hun, it really was a shit thing for me to do. Maybe take whatever reward money I get? I honestly am not here for it anyway. Or maybe I can teach you a spell or two? I don't know, I've never really spoken to a fairy before, so I don't really know what kind of things you like." As they spoke, the plains, once flat, slowly showed signs of lumpiness and unevenness. Karuna would find herself calculating her steps to ensure stability, but at the same time, slowing her original pace. boy, did she wish she had wings right now. Then again, it must take some energy to fly, it could only be just as exhausting if not more. They were right, the lands do shift here because she did not remember this being here before. Or perhaps it was just in this specific area? She couldn't be sure. and after all this walking, Karuna would be lying if she said she was not thirsty...and very tired. She took a swig of water from her leather skinned water pouch before placing it back in her bag. This was not good. Dangerous creatures roam the plains especially at night. Even if they continued their journey without rest, it would be impossible to reach the furthest point in one day. Their first night would be the roughest and Karuna knew it. Not many fixtures they could use as a means of leverage, and they are vulnerable at all sides. It was then they stumbled upon a tunnel of sorts, sporting all sorts of holes filled with god knows what. Probably the most dangerous route they could go, but also the fastest... "Hmm..." Karuna thought aloud, alerting karuna's contemplation. "What do you all think?"
  2. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    She just has some kinks to work out guys shes a great person when you get to know her?.. XD
  3. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Perhaps such magical presence could grab the attention of creatures with natural anti-magic aura somewhere down the line? Or something magic resistant that hunts beings with magical presence?
  4. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hopefully this post is okay with you @Reinholdt , I can change it if otherwise.
  5. Lirrey Lines

    The feeling of entering the barren plains of Y'mmi never seem to dull, as the mere atmosphere seemed to change as they passed the gates. The familiar crunch of the cracked soil echoed an unnatural coo in the air, carried by whatever ominous force that compelled the land to acted in such a way. What was first encountered however was the pungent smell of putrid flesh and burning organs that caught her attention and a hand swiftly met her mouth and nose in response. It smells exactly how it is described: like rotten flesh set ablaze. The paladins from The White Hand were few and far between as they attempted to dispose of the carcasses that littered the the area, but surely not enough to remove this disgusting order any time soon. It was not all bad though, there were species Karuna had not even seen before, and it took a lot for her not to examine them closer, mostly deciding not to because of the smell. Besides, she was certain she would encounter more. And it was then that the shifting carcass of the Chitten Magus sprung free 5 Horrid creatures which almost immediately taking flight after bursting from the things body. The shriek was enough to make Karuna cringe, taking a step back from the flying monstrosities. as they approached something triggered inside her, something...heinous. The flying predators would find themselves running into a film of purple wall conjured by Karuna, both arms outstretched towards the diving vultures. Her eyes went half lidded as her open palms and fingers began to curl, extending the shield around the Raakes into an entrapment bubble. They cawed scratched and shrieked but their muffled pleas meant nothing to the witch as the bubble began to increase in temperature. It was visibly notable how hot the bubble was becoming because the beasts that were once trying to escape the bubble were attempting desperately to avoid touching the heated film, the hiss of flesh touching hot iron audible with each moment of contact for the birds. Anger swelled in her; anger and disgust and apathy for the creatures. She would watch the creatures suffer in her tormenting bubble for probably 30 additional seconds before speaking her spell. Those who could sense energy may have noticed a spike of dark energy in the woman. "Inferno." she clenched her fist, and in a volatile instance, within the bubble a typhoon of flames swirled, exploding so violently, the bubble's diameter increased slightly, nearly bursting at the seams. Even with the torrent of flames, one could still hear the desperate shrieks of the birds of prey, before finally succumbing to the blaze. The flames subsided and within the bubble was not visible, only blackness. It wasn't until the bubble faded that the content of the orb was revealed: nothing but black ash and stone, dust in the wind. It would take Karuna a moment to realize what she just did. A quick hushed gasp of air entered her lungs as she blinked back into reality. She looked at her hands first, surprised she was capable of such malice. Then she looked at the surrounding civilians who volunteered to help. the looks of surprise, some of terror, were just as evident on their faces. She looked back forward, not bothering to look at her teammates. "We should keep moving. Can't afford to get sidetracked." She placed her hood over her head once more and continued. Embarrassment? shame? confusion? perhaps a mixture. But Karuna could feel it in her gut that something was very very wrong with her. This confirmed it.
  6. Lirrey Lines

    As Karuna just about finished her search in the barrel of goods, she felt the looming eyes of Agony on her body once more, this time more blatant than the last. it was bad enough that his eyes would silently fall on her at all, but there was something about his gaze that made Karuna uncomfortable. The fact that she had no idea what the man was thinking. A potential threat? Sexual predator? It added a whole new layer of complication to the mission if that were so...be that as it may, she would not react in a way ill mannered as she would flip her satchel shut and simply leave the room. Before she did so, she would actually shift her body, just enough for him to see just about her ear and cheek, but then continued her venture to the exit. She did not want him to think those wandering eyes went unnoticed. The sound of fairy wings chimed as they approached the cloaked witch in her stride. She also noticed the group following behind her; she supposed this made her the line leader. She listened to the fae woman, turning her head to 'Dolor' at the sound of his name. her eyes were emotionless yet analytical, sizing the man in a mere 2 seconds. Then she would notice the Shadow creature's immersion into Dolor's larger shadow. She supposed that made sense, it was a walking shadow, though she wondered why it choose Dolor. She would gaze into the red eyes of Dolor for a split second before she would face forward once more, silently allow the flying creature to finish her piece, smiling at the comment of their attire. That mouth of hers will get her killed one day. Maybe that's just the carefree nature of Fae creatures. This is the first she has encountered...and yet she feels nothing towards it. "Nice to meet you Lunara...Dolor." She would gesture to him, deciding not to look at the large man behind them once more. "If you ask me, Yh'mi is a trap on it's own, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it was. I've ventured to about...the Furthest point. Seen only a fraction of what that hell hole has to offer but... can't speak for this Lirrey place. I didn't even know it existed up until a few days ago though it may be what..." She shook her head, disregarding that last statement, "-Anyway, to answer your question, I haven't a clue." She shrugged goofily, shrugging her shoulders and hands. "And you are probably right, I should wear something a little less revealing, what do you think Dolor?" She inquired as she spun her heel to walk backwards raising her arms to a 90 degree angle to lift her teal poncho and inadvertently displaying her body blatantly to the group behind while her over cloak shrouded her from behind. "Am I not wearing enough?" She would scan his reaction and turn before he could give a response to her face. "Kidding." Is all she would say as she continued onward. It's just research. They had just about reached the gate and bore witness to the wake of destruction after an invasion of Yh'mi creatures. "Looks like a lot has happened since I've been here." The idea that intelligent life exist out there capable of waging wars was disconcerting to Karuna. A power that strong put into the wrong hands could be devastating to all of Terrenus. One beast at a time she supposed. It was then that they would be halted by a fellow guard with an exceptionally large mustache. it was almost comical to Karuna but she was sure the man held it very dear to him so she would refrain from laughing dead in his face. She did take note of where this Jasmina character resided, most likely someone with more authority than this 'stache clown. "I like the mustache...We are actually here to speak with Damian...do you know where we could find him?"
  7. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hey, I recently took a trip to another state so I apologize since I havent been very responsive. Contemplating things, figuring things out, but I think I've got the works down pact. Give me until tonight when I get more time and I will make a post.
  8. Lirrey Lines

    Karuna sat back as the Doctor began to give her the answers she requested. She took very little reaction at the rephrasing of her words pertaining to the map. It was actually a fact she was not aware of. She could only imagine what magic would allow such movement without some sort of reaction from it's surroundings. Or is it possible that the Plains that seem so barren were actually alive themselves. And this village they were to go to. The more she invests in explaining what can't seemed to be explained, the more she desires to know more....at the same time, she knows what she came here for and what she was after; everything else should be second priority...no that doesn't sound right. The greater the numbers the safer she would be out there. so the protection of her teammates would inadvertently be her priority for now. In the midst of these thoughts, the conversation turned to more of the shadow creature;s ability to fend for itself and apparently it could. It's relieving to hear she would not have to baby sit the being, though something tells her the creature has more to say of itself than is let off. and so it seemed the shadow creature became the peak of her interest. Secondary to her interests were the sanctity of her makeshift party. Scanning them as the Doctor spoke she wondered how long it would take before one of them become a liability. The larger man holding the fae girl seemed capable of fending himself, though it does bring up the question as to why he was holding a fairy in the first place. a body guard perhaps? that in and of iitself is a liability, so Karuna expected the large man to prioritize the Fae's safety. She then remembered a point in their encounter where the larger man looked her way, but she was not sure with the shroud of his helmet- he could have been looking anywhere. And the man with eyes of a beast seemed capable himself, though she has little to go by besides the fact that he was not completely human if at all. She rose from her seat, satisfied with the information given to her. while rising, a whisk of her finger sailed the letter in a loop into her hand with ease. "That's about enough information I need.", she began to tuck the letter into the inner pocket of her cloak as she took a few short steps to the barrel of supplies. She took a few of the materials into her bag, mostly the food and water, leaving more than enough of the supplies for the others to pack. "I do have more questions but I think by the time this little journey is over, I will have most of them answered." She smiled with what seemed to be a genuine one, taking one more glance at the team. She would walk out the establishment, waiting just outside until everyone was prepared.
  9. Lirrey Lines

    Dark brown eyes silently stared down the man under a hood that trailed behind her from her shoulders to the bottom of her seat, dangling just before the creaky floorboards. Her gear comprised of a deep red crop top revealing her stomach, a pair of purple pants which bagged out at the side of the thighs before tightening up going to the calves then tying in to her black boots, and a teal poncho-like garment which drooped to the side of her to her knees. The brown-skinned witch looked about her 21 properly postured in her decrepit chair, her one leg over the other. She would have perhaps flinched or heaved in disgust once upon a time had she witnessed the bloody man, but her breaths remained steady, and her composure seldom faltered. She contemplated what sort of experiments this doctor executed and wether or not to deem him a threat to her safety, but other than that, she remained calm. She felt...colder, more distant, and detached from her emotions. Whatever was changing in her, she took notice. But for now, she supposed it was a blessing in disguise. She did tense as the creature from the shadows arose from seemingly nothing but it was more of a flight/fight response than actual fear. What sort of demon was she witnessing? She had practiced in umbramancy but she had no idea creatures literally lived in shadows. She would have to do more research on the subject. Maybe she could get some answers from the creature on their journey as well, though how he spoke of the creature, it most likely did not have heightened intelligence. And guessing from the man's coldness towards speaking of the creature's punishment, it must be punished often. There was a sliver in Karuna that felt pity for the creature, but also a need to know more about it. And whatever he wants the creature to do, it must plays a vital role...very interesting. What was he up to, and better yet, should she care? She mundanely tucked a few of her shoulder length dreadlocks behind her ear before she spoke up. " I've been through the Broken Plains before, it isn't exactly a, 'go south' kinda place. I would hope you at least have a map to spare? and what about resources or are we to acquire those ourselves too?" Why was she acting like this? This wasn't like her at all! She would await his response.
  10. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

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  11. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Does it matters who posts first?
  12. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    If we run it by you @Reinholdt , are we able to obtain certain rewards for our characters at the end?
  13. Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    I would like to throw myself in this with my character Karuna. I've been meaning to have another rp in Yhimi with a group!
  14. The Hermit, rekindle the flame?

    Karuna was beginning to pick up on her Master's energy signature, she was curtain of it now. After several minutes of flying Karuna had finally reached her destination. Perhaps Dradiro would hear the wind wisp as Karuna had made her landing. The house was nothing special, nothing in comparison to the mansion Karuna trained in when she last met Dradiro. She inhaled deeply as she dusted herself off and walked towards the entrance. She actually had a lot to thank Dradiro for. Not only did she learn umbramancy from him, she also learned a bit more about her mother's lineage and what she was capable of. She learned that, as a witch, she held the darkness of her mother's lineage inside her, and because of this, she was loosing herself. She also learned of her familiar which has been helping her from the inside control the darkness ever since, but she hasn't the slightest clue on how to contact him. With ever question solved three more seem to take it's place, but none of it would have happened if it weren't for Dradiro. She wondered if he even remembered her, or if he even cared to see her again. regardless, she knocked on the door and took a few steps back, nervously waiting.