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    Karuna would assume that this step in the mission would be easy: simply get on the boat and sail off to god knows where. But of course nothing for her is ever easy. It seemed something a guard said had truly enraged the man with which he had to take action. The sudden movement staggered Karuna as the boat began top shake and she fell to her knees. Opening her eyes from the stumble she noticed the lack in cleaning the boat has actually been through and reflexively stood in disgust. Just as she wiped her hands from stumbling her attention immediately turned top the sounds of screaming that could be heard on the docks. Next thing she knew she bore witness to the blatant assault on an officer and inane disturbance of what was considered peace in the town. "Does this make us felons? I don't think I have ever been a felon before..." "Yes. Yes it does." She sighs, just before she intercepts a stray arrow from hitting Zara with a swift flick of her wrist. A film of purple energy formed just in front of the woman then, the mana shield taking the full impact of the arrow as opposed to the woman's face. It vanished as soon as it materialized, the sturdy arrow falling onto the wooden floor with a hollow thud. "Well that counts two cities I am no longer allowed to show my face in again: thanks for that by the way." She complained nonchalantly as she eyed the man. And as Tad bushed off the incident and continued to speak of presentation of powers, she sighed, walking over to the nearest seat. "Oh, so we're just going to let that slide? cool. No problem here." Karuna sighed under her breath, not loud enough to interrupt tad, but loud enough that those closest to her would hear. She spectated with intrigue and eventually got over the other's actions. She found the concept of Tad's powers interesting, and wondered what race of being he was. What kind of pellets he could produce and what they are capable of. She continued to wonder how his seemingly natural ability would effect her magics. Something to inquire for the future, she thought. But at this point, Tad was more interested in what the others had to offer, and since no one was speaking up- "I suppose I'll go first, again." She smirked, as she walked over to where Tad was to present her power. What spell should she use? how does she begin. She supposed some basic magic would suffice since the spells she knows are not exactly boat-friendly. "Well in a nutshell, I can control the essence of mana." She raised her palm to about the height of her chest and from there it began to glow and eventually resonate with the same purple mana from before. "And from that, I can control basic elements." The purple energy converted into a purplish flame to a more natural gold reddish flame. The flame converted back into a purple flame and whirled around her hand with a bluish white color, similar to a snow storm. Breathing deeply, she stopped the display, waving her hand to dispel the magic from around her hand. "I'd show you more, but mana conversion is uh...very difficult." She coughed into her fist again before continuing. "I can also caste spells: mostly attack spells, some defense and maybe one healing spell...Kinda...technically. Um..." She contemplated if she should continue. She could be here for quite some time explaining all the minute details: Her training with a vampire and learning to go toe to toe with him with use of enhancing her performance with magic, learning umbramancy and mana siphoning from a crazed and potentially perverted warlock she fought to the death with. She realizes she has a pretty long resume, and an odd one at that. It also made her realize how much she has truly learning throughout the duration of her short life. There was a pause for a moment as she realized this but shook her head and continued with her attire. "I prefer to travel light, being a sorceress. My cloak has some magic resistance and my scarf has tolerance to impurities in the air. That's...about it." She walked back over to her seat and refused to make eye contact with anyone on the ship. She felt like a show off.
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    Though she was using her minds eye to navigate through her surrounding while reading her spell book, she did had not realized that someone had been following them up until Thelan mentioned something about it to Tad. Focusing on absorbing knowledge from a book and avoiding obstacles and thieves with one's minds eye was already a tasking job, knowing when someone was following her as well seemed to be completely absurd. How was she suppose to know that she was being followed throughout this entire endeavor? The thought immediately came to mind that if she had not been trying to focus on so much at once, this slip up would have never occurred. Her life could have been potentially lost, or at least, that's how she would like to think it. Maybe reading and walking in a crowded area was not such a good idea... At this realization she coughed in her fist and closed her book once more, placing it in her bag for safe keeping with a sense of embarrassment in her face. Luckily she was not the center of attention. She focused her senses on the stalker at this point and to her satisfaction, it truly was nothing to be alarmed about. It was the same woman she had passed when joining the party, the same woman who she assumed was joining with them in the first place. When they began their journey without her, she assumed that the high classed woman was too shy to actually commit and Karuna thought nothing more of it. Who would have thought she would be following them? Tad yelled a rather lewd remark to the other, which surely triggered the woman to engage the man more personally. Frankly, Karuna was more concerned that the woman would get hurt on this mission or even get someone else hurt. Her eyebrows furrowed as the potential situations played in her head, all the potential dangers that she probably was not prepared for and possibly get the party into. She seemed more of a damsel in distress type of girl, and though Karuna usually does not go with stereotypes, she has noticed from her past journeys that this was usually the case from those within high class. She sympathizes with the girl though. She seemed weak, but she does not seem like the type of woman to take a task such as this without reason. Something must be driving her, and Karuna can respect that. Respect aside, Karuna herself had no idea what she was getting herself into, but at least she could defend herself. The woman before them appeared to be scared of her own shadow, imagine face to face with an actual threat. Still, was eventually regarded as an ally and Karuna had conflicting feelings, but she remained silent. "Well, I don't like being criticized without you elaborating!" This caught seemingly everyone in the group off guard. Tad who seemed more interested in talking to the woman seemingly noticed, and ignored for the time being. Karuna on the other hand, watched the man as he turned without giving proper explanation. Why did she always travel with the crazy ones? He seemed so normal at first, they all do, and suddenly they are absorbing the life from their environment and using it to cast hallucinations on her. She would keep a watchful eye on him, and his seemingly docile bear. For the time being however, she was relaxed. She had not worried too much about the task at hand. Perhaps out of cockiness of her abilities, or her obliviousness to the dangers, she was ready for whatever would come before her. And then she saw the boat. She was surprised Tad did not fall into the wood flooring as he climbed onto the boat. She cringed as she imagined how terrible this experience was going to be. The leaky floorboards, the unstable hull... how would this ship fair if under attack? Just as though things could not be any worse the so called captain of the mess of a ship had revealed himself. He looked just as crazy as the boat, which she suppose would explain it's state, she thought. Just as she inhaled preparing to sigh, she whisked in the pungent spell of whatever the hell the other man was drinking. It quickly caused her to cough, nearly doubling over in the process as she wafts the air. "Oh, this day just keeps on givin' huh?" She said to no one in particular. She would be the first one to enter the boat, and cautiously at that. Each step was filled with suspense and expectancy to fall under the very floorboards. It did not help that Karuna was not exactly a sea girl. The shifting waters made her somewhat nauseous but she dare not puke on the first day on the job. She would manage. She would lean on a nearby pole and waited for the rest of them.
  10. Hey! Sorry guys I'm here now. Things have been very hectic lately but I will finish my post now. Let me just read up on what's happened so far. Thank you guys for being so patient. <3
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  14. Okay guys I just posted. I am not very adjusted to long posts so if you have any corrections let me know so I can do better in the future.