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  1. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Dolor's kinky.
  2. 1ionFang

    Lirrey Lines

    "Deal." Karuna chimed in, not entirely sure if Lunara was within earshot. She followed suit, looking back at the portal in blunt curiosity. were they suppose to go through that? Like, a victory to defeating the big bad boss? The thought was amusing, but it may very well be the case. Also what was up with Armor guy's response? Not that you particularly care or anything, but she most certainly heard a little emotion in his tone. As much as she would love to rub it in, she isn't too sure how he would react. And she's not exactly in a fighting mood right now. After a few flights of stairs, they were back out in a now, relatively safe Town square. Karuna forcibly smiled at a particular individual who greeted her, inquiring if she had gone to the harbor. She remembers slaying this one. She really isn't sure how she should feel about any of this to be honest. She murdered these people, do they even remember? What was gained from this? She convinced herself that it was a valuable lesson, albeit one tainted in blood... that at the end of the day, she has unfinished business, and nothing was going to stand in the way of that. Not even her own morality. She was not sure how far down the rabbit hole she would go, but when the torrent of guilt, anguish, and remorse settles, she will most likely, never be the same; as are most people who travel this far in the plains. Perhaps not now, too soon to really process, but eventually she would come to terms with her 'selfish' desires to survive at least until she can resolve her unquenchable thirst for revenge. But for now, those emotions will be kept to herself. For now, it didn't happen. Repression. yes, that always leads to healthy results. Good thinking. She shook her head, realizing she took pause for a bit longer than she should. She looks back up at Lunara who was assumed to be watching Karuna expectantly. "Sorry! Right. the spell. Um..." she ponders mumbling out loud. " Well...Fae beings usually have an affinity for magic, but seeing as you has this newfound Eldritch power, I'm not really sure what spell to give you that wouldn't blow up in our faces immediately... Then again, I almost blew you up so..." She paused for a moment her arms crossed in contemplation. "I guess it would only be fitting to teach you that spell then huh?" She takes a few steps out in the open, still within earshot, but enough for her spell to be cast. She turned to Lunara, removing her robe, leaving only a burgundy crop top to cover her upper body. She tosses it between her, and the party. "So the trick to this spell, is to focus on a particular location or object. The stronger the input of magic, and I'm assuming you understand how magic works since you can cast illusions, the larger the flame, but the more focused, the more deadly. Ensuring you properly pronounce the spell is important too. Mispronouncing can lead to...shenanigans... Keep your eyes focused, Know your intent. Do NOT take your eye off the target while pronouncing this spell I cannot stress this enough. a-nd..." She raises her hand towards her tossed robe. "Inferno!" Her voice echoed with the magic she imbued into the spell. the space the robe inhabited began to glow red before it combusted immediately into a torrent of flames. As if the air around it was the fuel to the controlled, yet deceptively wild flame, the flame did not relent, scorching the ground as the cape flopped wildly in the gusty fire. the flame immediately ceased the moment she lowered her hands. Though the area was scorched black, the robe remained without scorch, only sizzling along with the crackling earth around it. "Give it a try. Your arsenal could use some offensive magic, I think."
  3. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Apologies for the pause! I'll be posting tomorrow~
  4. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hey, would it be too much to ask for Karuna to find the Library she's been looking for over there?
  5. 1ionFang

    Lirrey Lines

    Frantic for the next enemy to approach her, the odd sensation of tendrils grasping Karuna's hand snapped her attention to Dolor who was being dragged towards the pool of blood. Her first reaction was to strike, but at second glance, she realized her ally needed help and it was then she began to find some sense of composure. With a mind still not fully comprehending what was going on, she ran towards Dolor with the intention of assisting in some way,garbing on to dolor's waist, but by then everything went slack. He may be able to feel the tremble of her adrenaline filled palms as she slowly came down from the high. Those she had slain, were back to their feet. the blood that soaked her was gone, but she could still feel her guilt looming over her but there was little time to process these feelings. As the orb of blood flowed midair, and then condensed into the form of Lunara, Karuna remained at Dolor's side, unknowingly holding his arm. The fluctuation of power shifting in the room gave Karuna to focus on, as Lunara took form, an uneasiness befell her. Still it was a relief to see her okay, more or less. She could feel the power in the Fae girl and as she approached, she honestly did not know how to feel. Should she leave? respond? Apologize? She inevitably decided to remain still as Lunara approached, and a quick joke was enough to ease her nerves. She took a heavy breath, still trying to compose herself. Just as she felt calm, the horrendous sound of the talking shadow creature brought her immediately to 100 as both fists engulfed in orbs of purple magic were pointed at the sound. Realizing who it was, she just fell to her knees groaning, defeated. "I don't know...how much more I can take!" She chuckled nervously attempting to ease her own nerves, but she was still on edge. "Are we done here? We can talk about what happened AFTER we leave this place?"
  6. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hey loves. Expect a post tomorrow!
  7. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    I'll be okay. I'll stay updated and should be good for next round
  8. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Hey guys. I know I haven't posted in a while, but some serious stuff has happened recently and it's really been bumming me out. Probably just best i get skipped this round to keep things moving. Sorry for keeping you all waiting.
  9. 1ionFang

    As Night Falls

    He's running out of time. The nightmares never leave him. And he is desperate. He was told that Yh'mi may have the answers he seeks. Hello humans! I would like to introduce my character Ashe to the world and what better way to do that than Yhmi? heh. Outcasted from the world, my character finds himself in the city of Inns'th, and desperate, he joins the White hand to understand the curse that's been plaguing him since childhood. Somehow this curse has lead him to Yhimi, and he believes there's a reason for it. He wants to investigate for himself but doesn't have power to go alone, nor the funds for a crew, which is why he joins the white hand. He's scheduled for going on his first scouting mission soon with a small crew and anyone else who would like to join them on this dangerous venture. Posts do not have to be lengthy, but paragraph style is what I'm looking for, roughly 2 paragraphs per post minimum. Besides myself, and @Artisan of Soul , I am looking for 2 others who would like to join. We are also looking for individuals that can post within 3-5 days of their turn unless an extension is requested. I'm not exactly a fast pace poster, but even I tend to go a little overboard on AFV'ing. AKA the rule is mostly for me~ It will be dangerous, gruesome, and some NPCs are probably going to die horrible deaths...anyone interested?
  10. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Nice. I really like where Yh'mi is going!
  11. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Karuna was heading in this direction anyway. All she wants is revenge right now and to do that she needs power. It's a road that will definitely change her and probably maybe make her decide whether to give up her humanity. At best, she becomes a neutral good, at worst....well, Im actually not sure yet lol.
  12. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    No please steal the show! With the direction she's heading, Karound would deff join. She would probably have to get used to the edge tho XD
  13. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    I think out of all of the divisions so far, Karuna would be most interested in the Erudite Arm of the Triumvirate, but more so with Hexes, grimoires. More magical things. Not sure if there would be a branch extension? But yeah, she would probably join if given the right opportunity! Her whole thing is revenge after all.
  14. 1ionFang

    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    Yeah, I was going for a warzone feel. It's her or them and its not going to be her. No time to feel sorry or question now is just time to survive at least for her. Ty <3