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  1. Descent to Darkness

    The flat of her thumb glided past the skin of her hands as the anxieties of her past began to flood back into cognition. Though its been several years, she can still smell the soot in the air, the putrid sent of burning flesh, and the wincing screams of mothers and children. She remembered her mother and how she would make her a fresh plate of pancake and eggs every morning before she would train with her father. She remembered the burning heat of her surroundings as demons ravished her home. She remembered training with her father; teaching her everything she knew. She remembered watching her father fight to the death to protect her. Either way they were bitter memories now, no longer giving her joy or sorrow; those emotions were far gone on the matter. No, she felt an entirely new emotion: anger. She knew she needed vengeance, at the very least stop the man from doing such things to anyone ever again...but that time will come, this she was certain. For now she must prepare herself for the threats to come in a few months time She needed to get stronger. She supposed now was as good a time as any to inspect her pack for proper supplies. She placed her backpack on her lap and unzipped it. Water, food for a few days, and most importantly, a map of what's been explored thus far. It was not much, but it was something. And of course all her weaponry was with her, some summoning scrolls, her crystal orb, and her trusty spell book. She was as ready as she could be in the face of uncertainty. She gave an exasperated sigh and rose to her feet, tossing her pack straps around her shoulders and calmly walked out the cathedral. --- "Are you sure M'lady? It's a death sentence going in a group let alone alone." Said one of the gatekeepers fully armored in white metals with the Cathedral's insignia. Another, much older and fully bearded solider patted the man on the back, ensuring the other not to ask too many questions and do what the woman asks. Who were they to judge her intentions. With silent understanding they both pulled the levers and with a series of clanks and triggers the gate began to rise, revealing the baren lands of Yh'mi. The wind was immediately drying to Karuna skin, but she did not flinch, nor show fear, and apparently teh guards noticed, because the older one spoke up, as she passed the gates. "May the gods be with you." She nodded, a gentle smile to her lips. It would be a long journey; some prayers would be nice. At the very least, someone was thinking about her.
  2. Missing Youths (1x1, Fantasy/Mystery)

    I was going to use my character Karuna but if you already found someone maybe some other time!
  3. Missing Youths (1x1, Fantasy/Mystery)

    May I ask if this will be taking place in Genesaris or Terrenus?
  4. OOC: Marsh of Horrors

    Mwah. I'm here.
  5. Life is a Hideous Thing

    The shadow cloud suddenly dispersed in a burst of angry buzzing creatures, each grown in size and grossly misinformed more so than their original state. They were ugly, but they looked much stronger, and far more intimidating. The Madness that they have been inhaling for so long had sunken their demonic presence into their DNA and with Haze's fine touch in crafting such creatures, she was able to make Wasps large enough to carry at least two humans and dangerous enough to hopefully kill a Gutterfeind. About 4 or 5 of them torpedoed their way down, Haze standing on the first one ready to add insult to injury. She roared wickedly. "COME AND GE-oh it's dead." The mutated wasps stopped abruptly about 10 feet in the air, just around the time Haze and her wasp did. Their buzzing was loud and whisked the dried dirt on the floor like a helicopter. She flipped her floating hair as They all slowly descended to the ground. "Too little too late I suppose...What can I say, I'm a sucker for perfection" She cooed as she leaped from the main wasp to walk towards the group. The Controlled wasps bucked and hissed wildly but remained tame under Haze's control as she sashayed towards the group in her usual playful matter, her tail whipping in the wind. She passed Xio, who's stance, scythe and wound of the Gutterfiend was proof of the final blow. She Sized him with a smirk Before continuing. "Nic job kid. Maybe you're more man than I thought." She passed him with a wink before she laid eyes on Tegrash which sobered her playful attitude to a more concerned. Her grin straightened as she sped her walk a bit to the Warlock who from the looks of his weakened position, was unharmed. She relaxed and cocked her hip. "Sleeping on the job? How irresponsible." She mused as she turned to the Gutterfiend's corpse. Even in her calm state, One could tell that she was exhausted from this ordeal, her chest rising and falling heavily, but she still able to remain Coi. "So it's over then?" Haze sighed through her words as she looked back to Tegrash, her hand outstretched to him.
  6. The Marsh of Horrors

    Karuna heard the Tad lash out at the woman...unfortunately, she sided with him. It was a kill or be killed kind of world, Karuna was that aware of that at least. But Karuna had never killed mercilessly. She had never watched a creature suffer for her own benefit. It was truly an adrenaline filled experience but there was not much she could do then, and there is not much she can do now...but continue moving forward.Karuna heard the Tad lash out at the girl...unfortunately, she sided with him. It was a kill or be killed kind of world, Karuna was that aware of at least. But Karuna had never killed mercilessly. She had never watched a creature suffer for her own benefit. It was truly an adrenaline filled experience but there was not much she could do then, and there is not much she can do now...but continue moving forward. "Life is motion." She quoted to herself. It was in that moment she hear a cawing sound to her right. Turning casually, she noticed a Crow Which stared at her unmoving...and for some reason she felt a familiar presence. In this moment she had not realize Tad had caught up to her so quickly and and the presence was gone. She continued moving forward, not actually responding to Tad who mentioned a better view of the terrain. It was not long after that Tad would again trigger a trap. There was a snapping sound in the distance, and next thing they know, a tree trunk was reeling in their direction. Tad had stood in front of her prepared to risk himself for her safety. But she is much more concerned for the safety of others than herself. She did not have much control of her energy just yet, but she had enough to get them out of this situation. Teh mana flowed within her muscles and veins and increased her physical aptitude for motion. She spun out of the way, and whilst grabbing Tad in the process, dragging him with her. The motion was swift, but clumsy for she fell and so to did Tad, she on top of him. Though most would find the situation awkward she thought nothing of it, merely getting up once danger was no longer immediate. She offered a hand to Tad and if he were to look in her eyes, they would be just as cold as they were before, as if they were not nearly crushed. Perhaps he would also notice her change in energetic presence. It was...slightly darker. At worse case if lacking in sensory skill, He woudl notice a change in mood of her. "And here I thought Zara would be the liability." She said numbly. She continued on to the cliff once she confirmed that he was okay and waited, her arms still crossed.
  7. OOC: Marsh of Horrors

    I wanted to know if it was okay If I post first so Karuna can stop Tad from getting fucked by a tree trunk and then yell at him later. For reasons.
  8. OOC: Marsh of Horrors

    I live I live
  9. OOC: Marsh of Horrors

    I'm currently dead inside from finals so no troubles over here.
  10. The Blairville Were-Witch

    Karuna flashed a look at the other woman as she helped her pick up some of her trinkets. She seemed spooked from something, as if seeing a ghost. She turned to see what the other was looking at, but all she saw was the mundane crowd of customers, bargaining for lower prices. By the time she turned around a majority of the trinkets were on the counter and the woman was behind the counter, firmly yet nervously...waiting. Unsure of what was happening, she continued to pick up the remainder trinkets when suddenly a towering figure cast a shadow far past Karuna's lithe frame. Staring at the shadow for a moment, she slowly turned her head to meet a pair of firm legs under the cloth of pants. Following this she trailed the man's body up to see the extremely intimidating male who had not seemed to notice Karuna's presence. How could he? He was a giant compared to her! Since the man was more interested in the shop keep, she silently continued cleaning the mess from the floor whilst eavesdropping. She knew in her heart she would help the woman if need be so she remained calm for the moment; no reason to cause a scene yet. In her psudo-oblivious eavesdropping her eyes go wide in surprise as the man mentioned her half breed nature. So like...a were-witch? She had never known one could be both. It made ehr ponder how exactly she became to be. She had a lot of questions actually that she probably would not be able to answer right now so instead she observed what she could decipher. She understood that they had history. She understood that the woman needed help. and she knew that she could help. The real question was should she? From her time of knowing her, she has been nothing but kind to her, but even Karuna can sense the carnal energy lurking within her. She obviously had secrets that; secrets that she ought to know if she were to commit. Still...she rose to her feet, coughing lightly to purposely bring attention to herself. She took off her hood, revealing her charcoal black dreads which arched and curled down to her shoulders. She placed the remaining trinkets on the counter before consulting the man. "Maybeee, I can help?" She had a hard time looking at the man who was incredulously close to her due to him not noticing her crouch. She took a step back for less strain on her neck. "M-my father taught me everything I know about magic and how to track it. I certainly wouldn't mind helping if you would let me." T.C was met with a maid of some sort who tugged ion his clothing rather informally. Just who is this guy? In any case, it seemed he wanted to help, so whether or not he allowed him to is up to Jo. Chuckling, she turned to the were-witch. "See? look at that, you already have a team." She crossed her arms confidently before flashing a look at the taller man an relaxed her stance to that of a more submissive appearance. "I-f that is okay i mean."
  11. ~Heal and Reveal just Who You Are~

    "I highly doubt it." She worded lowly as she continued onwards, her steps slow and cautious. "My kind have not touched outside land in eons. In fact, no one really knows how long we have remained secluded from the world, not even the elders...however." She crossed her arms as she continued, "I ended up here via link from my home...which means, either, the link that brought me here was that of old and has been functional for eons through some miracle...or the elders have not been as honest as I'd like to believe." She looked back at the man with a weak smile, "And I never saw the elders as a source of reliable information." At that moment the sound of an object whistling in the air could be heard for split second before an arrow composed of blue light shot into the floor in front of them. "Halt" Yelled the voice of a woman, strong yet feminine. Following the direction of the arrow, Solaris found herself locking eyes with a hooded figure in a bluish hood and baggy pants which tied at the ankles. Her eyes were a bright yellow, glowing under the shroud of her hood. Her hair, though hidden within the hood could be seen poking out from her forehead. The woman, with wings similar to that of a translucent butterfly descended to the ground, her wings pumping with blue mana. each flap of her wing was almost silent, and unlike Solaris' wings, her wings were material, jointed near her shoulder blades. In the woman's hand she held a wooden bow littered with arcane writings and an arrow radiating with blue energy. She drew back the arrow preparing to strike again. "Return from whence you came." She bellowed, not a drop of fear in her eyes. Solaris took a step back but then took 2 steps forward, her hands in the air just below her head. "Please, we mean no harm. I am Solaris, Fae-Born from the Kingdom Luztria, I just wanted to-." A scream yelped from her lips as the arrow went zooming past her cheek and into a tree in the distance. "Did I stutter?" She barked, her ebonic accent apparent. "I know what you are... I know who you are. Now leave, or I make you leave." She growled her last statement, Causing a shiver to run down her spine. She shook her head and took a deep breath. "I-I cannot do that." She stepped forward, her confidence faltering. "What did you just say?" She yelled back annoyed. "I- um. I said-" "I heard what you said!" She shot another arrow, except this time, was aimed at solaris' chest. Unlike last time, she held a bit more resolve and blocked the arrow with a film of yellowish light magic. The arrow dug into it, actually piercing through the shield slightly. Solaris gulped. "Oh dear."
  12. ~Heal and Reveal just Who You Are~

    "Literally not from this world...hm." Solaris rubbed her chin pondering his words, and searching for a truth that could match. She supposed she could just tell him a bit more about her race then. "Well, I am t'what is considered Manadite Fairy: fairies made almost completely of energy." She blushed. "A bit hard to explain, I'm afraid." She took a deep breath and in a flash of light revealed her yellow tinted wings, decorated in tattoo-like designs. They began to flutter and she lifted only inches pff the ground as she spoke to him. "See?" She giggled. But then she reminded herself as to why she was here. Ignoring the games rules she continued with her story, floating back to the ground. She turned, walking normally. "I lived in a kingdom known as Luztria, a radiant place, life and energy bountiful in supply..." She sighed. "And as heir, my greatest shame is that I lost it to another. Overthrown by...I hoped that perhaps in Moonwood, I would find allies to help me save my kingdom." She looked back at the man to scrutinize his reaction before turning back. "humorous- well- more sad than humorous I think, perhaps due to seclusion laws binding us further away from whatever history we had outside of...well...it is uncertain that we even have history outside homeland...I have never actually met another fairy other than my people." She pondered those words before nodding to herself. "Yes..more sad than humorous." She looked back at the man again. "Kel'Anar, yes? I am nervous. Very nervous. But I am running out of options, and I fear my kingdom's sanctity." She sighs heavily. "I just-" She stops as she looks off into the forest. She had not noticed the forestry had become thick and her steps had become lighter. There was also an overwhelming amount of magical energy floating in the air. Kel'Anar could feel this as well, depending on if his human form could be effected by such things. "I think this is it...but." She looks back into the shrubbery. "Why do I have the sudden idea that...we are not welcome here."
  13. The Marsh of Horrors

    “Mask your emotions huh?” Karuna held herself a little tighter, staring at the massacre of goblin around her. She forced herself to look, hoping that staring at them in detail would make it less traumatizing for her…she could not do it. Her eyes clenched and she exhaled harshly. Had she really been holding her breath? In the midst of her internal conflictions Thelian arrived, his bear covered in blood. The sight had not traumatized her, no more than the situation before her. It was not the blood she feared, not alone anyway. She payed little mind to the man, not out of disrespect, but merely from the inability to present herself in any stable way. It was then that Tad began to interrogate the creature. He started with yelling at the creature, questioning it’s ability to speak, and apparently it did not. It spoke another language, on unknown to the group. Blood flickered from its bloody teeth as it annunciated its hostile words. She cringed at the sound, rubbing her shoulder for comfort. “Look, this isn’t getting anywhere so why don’t we ju-“ Horrid screeching filled the woods around them as Tad jammed his finger into the open flesh of the creature. Karuna’s eyes widened and as Zara took a step forward, Karuna took a step back. There was a mixture of sympathy and horror inside her and it shook her to the core. At this moment her throat felt dry, in able to speak. Meanwhile the torturer continued as if casual talk, insisting more pain the more the creature refused to speak english. Does he not see that it cannot speak human tongue? Why does he continue? Her heart dropped as the blade was unsheathed and she could feel the air become tense. No one spoke. he removed the pinky. The screams were hysterical, luckily enough to hide the whimpers slipping from Karuna’s lips. It was obvious Tad was not going to stop. He was not taking no for an answer. He brought the knife closer to the creature once more. Karuna couldn’t take it anymore. She spoke up, taking rushed steps forward her face wet with tears. “Just tell him what he wants dammit!” She screamed. And just as she did this the creature spoke…thank god it spoke. Her wobbly legs gave on her and she dropped to the floor, her legs folding naturally. She could feel her heart thrashing against her ribcage and her shaken body made it hard for her to breath steadily. And he was unmoved by this. He did not care for the creature, and to be honest, she woudl have felt the same. She hated Goblins, feared them even. But she found a new fear, one that triumphs any sort of goblin… Torture. And though the fear in her heart was still there, she could not help the overwhelming sense of guilt and sympathy she had for the creature for despising it. It was still a living being, capable of feeling. How horrible a fate to go through this, and how cowardly of her for not standing up. Still on her knees she contemplated her next step. The Tad gentlemen was ruthless, he most likely would stop at nothing for what he desires, and this made Karuna question the morality of this mission. The tree must have been scared for a reason no? She shook her head. No, she was in this for the long run, se could not turn back now. She rose to her feet, and without a word, went in the direction Tad had mentioned. In her stride she looked at her hand and clenched her fingers into a fist. A spark of mana emerged from it; her magic was back. Her mind felt numb, but her magic was returning. She supposed she ran out of emotion to feel.
  14. OOC: Marsh of Horrors

    I should be making a post by the end of the night. Its halfway done now!