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  1. Karuna giggled as she rubbed her nose. "Right of course." She responded bashfully to the shop keeper. Of course she would have known they were magic, they were hers after all. It was then the man with the armor frantically attempted to get the shopkeeper to take his armor, he even attempted to pay her to take it from him. Karuna squinted in scrutiny at the man and took a cautious step away from the man. She has seen was desperation can do to a man, and she did not want to be within crossfire. She was fairly certain she would be able to subdue the man if he were to go frantic, but she did not want to risk herself to be known to the public. She was certain there was still a wanted add out for her arrest, and she really didn't want another run in with that edgy cop. From the crowd of people selling and buying goods, some eyes began to wander to their location as the man became louder. She shifted her Teal colored hood a bit more over her head and ducked under her shoulders, as if trying to make herself smaller. Maybe, she thought, she could calm the situation with conversation. "Hey, hey, lets all calm down here." She said jokingly as she gestured her hands in a calming fashion. "I'm sure we can talk this out civil-" it was then Mr. Box Man began to speak as if the other had not even been there. He was truly strictly about business, and something about that was unsettling to her. Her brow furrowed as the man spoke in a prim and proper fashion and refered to her as customer to her face. It intimidated her, how he seemed to present himself as if better than everyone else and also irritated her, but at least he kept the conversation going. She leaned forward a bit over the table to force her gaze to be within his peripheral view. Demanding attention she spoke. "This 'customer' is right here and she has a name.", she said with an unenthused gaze. "And it's Karuna, Ka-ru-na. And don't talk about me as if I'm not here. I'm literally. right here." She straightened herself and crossed her arms. She still kept a minds eye on the man and his...mysterious armor.
  2. I just realized it isnt in my Profile, but Haze can fly, and can levitate others as well, so Xio is within her influence. If you want tho, since it isnt specified, it could be a black-magic carpet ride?
  3. Yee I love it. Alex just PM me whenever you get a chance about the post.
  4. She really shouldn't be here after everything that happened when she first left her home town, but she could not help but enjoy the culture and trinkets she found here. You would think after injuring an officer running from authority, and eventually being having a warrant for her arrest, she would be wise enough to steer clear. But How could she? This was her home of course! Shrouded in a comfortable cloak of dark brown color, with a nostalgic smile on her face she browsed the shops, meeting many interesting people and powerful objects of magical decent. Though the particular stall that caught her eye was not exactly valuable material, the woman who stood behind the counter was much more interesting. There was something about her that intrigued her. Her energy was...shifty, she supposed, would be teh best word for it; borderline unstable. Yet she is able to remain calm. Karuna brushed back her curly dreds from her face before joining the fray in the haggle. She heard the man speak of her poor art in presentation, but Karuna saw no issue in it. Though presentation was important, what truly what mattered was the merchandise. She smiled contently at the other two who haggle over a valuable chest, but what interested Karuna were the smaller items for sale. Technically being a witch herself, Karuna has always had an eye for potions, elixirs, concoctions of a wide variety, and is very knowledgable in the crafting of them. That being said, the smaller items the young woman posses may be rather useless on their own, but if used with the right ingredients, can become very valuable and powerful. "Pardon me for intruding, but, may I ask why you are selling these things? They seem rather valuable to just be giving them away. I mean." She looks over to some gems. These fire crystals are pretty useless right now, but that's because their dormant; You wouldn't even know they were fire crystals. But if you charge them within a volcanoes (any one) they should light right up!" Honey, you got some good stuff here, don't sell them!" She urged the other. "There is so much more you can gain from these and I'd be willing to help if you want. beats being reprimanded for 'bad presentation' ", she mocked the man with a goofy voice. "What do you say?"
  5. "We have a new ally. I have already impressed upon him the consequences for betraying us, and betraying my trust is not something you do without regrets." She shifted at the comment, surprised that Rainza was still taking shots at her. Though she took little offence, she at least felt the need to straighten herself to a mere hip tilt at the comment. It wasn't as if she asked Tegrash to do what he did when they awoke, or ask to be mentally fused with the man. Surely when it is intentional to trigger the Aldrak she does it, Haze thinks, in the most tasteful manner: flirting with the man, casual sensual motions that she knows Rainza sees as an attack on her 'relationship' and so forth. Though looking at the situation she was in now, and the reactions she got from them...perhaps she went a bit too far. Perhaps Rainza was beginning to feel a bit more insecure than she would like her to be. Perhaps Tegrash was beginning to get too comfortable with he seductions and this disheartens Rainza. That isn't what she wanted,not to this extent...she would keep that in mind for the future. Her attention turned to the man known to her as Tarin as he responded to her inquiries. She was still a bit weary of newcomers and their intent, but for the time being she would play nice. Her eyebrow did however arch as the word succubus came from the man's mouth. She couldn't blame anyone for thinking her this since she has, in fact, lured men and women alike to their death with the promise of sex in the past. She has, of course, never engaged in the act in order to get what she wanted; with her kind of power she didn't need it. She prided herself in the fact. That being said, her head lowered at that moment as a low snicker came from the feminine fatale before it rose once more to meet the eyes of the assumptive man. "At this point...I'm not even sure what I am." She replied bluntly, " But I'll be damned before I become someone's sex toy." She then shrugged , "I'd be damned for far worse I assure you, but I have some pride in how I get there." She looked to Tegrash for a moment, wondering what she saw was real or not or if he remembers, but she looked away just before they made eye contact. He patted Rainza on the head and whispered something to her before he drained the sky of its energy and parted the clouds. She followed him outside to witness the hoard of beasts just on the edge of the horizon. She went silent for a moment before blinking out of her trance of awe. "well...they don't seem happy." She noted as she rushed out the house, ripping of the cloak she used as a blanket. She smirked at the comment Tegrash made about the distraction. Just before she was going to make a sly comment, Tegrash interrupted her with more orders. "Isn't that obvious slick." She joked as she clasped her two hands together in preparation. Blood-red light began to ominously illuminate the inside of her clasped hands before she parted them, revealing the audibly bubbling crimson cluster of almost organic energy forming between her hands. expanding further, the cluster took form of something more of an elongated shard than a staff before it solidified. It was similar to that of a red crystal, and those with an understanding of magics would know that it was of demonic origin. It was something unique to her, and as far as she knows, only she can do it. She grasped the spear and spun it a few times before stabbing it into the ground, the earth around it growing red veins in a small diameter from the impact. "He needs to get Rainza away from here then. For the time being we may be able to hold them off, but I doubt for long. We may have a better chance when she come's back." She glanced a look at the younger man of the group and smirked. "Put on your big boy pants kid, play time's over." She began to hover as she extended her hand out to the scythe wielder. If he were to accept her ride, just before his hand would reach hers, he would levitate off his feet and with a mischievous giggle, launched with her into the sky in the direction of the hoard. "Jokes aside, the plan is to distract, NOT engage, do you understand?" Her body was shifted to the side and her knuckle on her temple as if she were laying on her bed, " We don't need any casualties this far in. We are fighting a new enemy and we don't know what he's capable off. Stay sharp and play it cool. But I don't think you will have any problems doing that now will you?" She 'booped' him on the nose again.
  6. My witch character is a lil short on cash nowadays. I would be interested in putting my character Karuna into the fray. (In the description).
  7. Her eyes would slowly open from her momentary daze as she would lock eyes on the skeleton once more, or rather, eye sockets. She crawled back against the tree as the man spoke his last statement. She was more frightened that he was a walking skeleton as opposed to him talking to her. She shakily rose to her feet, still pressed against the tree before regaining some composure. "I...I apologize. Twas...rude of me." She coughed a bit in her fist and wiped her wet face once more, not realizing her wings were still out. "Rare for...I mean to say...I have never encountered a skeleton before-could you...perhaps sheath thy sword?" She inquired, obviously put on edge that a skeleton in such close proximity to her has his sword drawn. "I mean no ill will, and you seem to mean well perhaps?" She pulls her long white hair back with her fingers and places her hands in front of her lap. "My name is Solaris. Tis pleasure making your acquaintance". She gulped, hoping the other would not try something.
  8. It may take me a day to soak in all the info there, so ill give you a response in the morning tomorrow.
  9. Hm. Ill read up on it!
  10. if you want, I can use my character Haze. She's in my sig.
  11. She made one last gasp as she looked around for the sound. Whoever the man was, he was was speaking of her wails. Were her sobs that loud? How foolish of her to think she would be the only one in the forest. She quickly tried to wipe her tears away but it was quite obvious from her wet face and red glossy eyes that she was, in fact, crying her eyes out. She remained on her side with her hands grasped on the tree, hoping he would not find her. After a few more footsteps, she figured it was useless trying to hide. "I...M-much apologies fair sir." She stuttered with an attempt to sound like someone who was not just in tears. "Fancied flora-fauna ney speaketh man's tongue, or shan't rather, thus complain not mine tribulations. If knowing not thine presence had to hear that." She tried to say it more similarly to the native tongue of the land, forgetting where she was for a moment. It was strange finding simpler ways to say things, but she supposed she would have to get used to it for the tie being. Still out of the startled young Fae's sights, she continued to look around until the man suddenly appeared from behind a tree within the light of the sun. From the angle he was in, She was only able to depict his silhouette. With such a broad chest and slim waist, she thought her eyes deceived her and the 'man' before her was actually a 'woman'. But upon stepping into better view, she deceived herself for the woman/man was neither at all. But rather...a skeleton. He spoke about her relations with the tree but she was more concerned that the undead was in front of her. Talking to her. With a sword drawn. This was her first experience with an undead, considered the most wicked of magics in her kingdom. Her eyes gazed into the empty sockets of his head, and the angular shapes of his worn bones. Then to the sword he had drawn just for her. Her heart was pounding, and all the training she had in combat suddenly flew out the window as her skin began to grow brighter and brighter as her mini panic attack ensued before she 'fizzed out' and fell unconscious on the forest floor.when the light dimmed, it would be revealed her glowing fairy wings would be protruding from her back with gold-ish white energy that seemed to fade as it reached her back.
  12. Sounds intense 0_0 No prob take your time
  13. There ya go!. Sorry about that, school gets a little hectic around this time. xP
  14. It was the early presence of dawn when the golden lights of sun had seeped through the autumn trees and leaves. The air was flowing and peaceful, and the sounds of wildlife chirping and rustling through leaves added audio to the picturesque scene. The bronze and yellow leaves that fell and continued to fall cast shadows during their decent, giving them a sort of halo effect before reaching the ground where their golden colors magnified their brilliance against the sun. The leaves scattered naturally upon the forest floor crunched under the light steps of a female traveler whose boots were too oblivious to avoid them, too busy focusing on the next step. This woman held herself, hands clasped to opposing arms, and kept her head low, uncaring as to where her direction was taking her. Her bleach white hair would sometimes flow daintily with the subtlest of breezes and she would occasionally pull a strand from her face behind her ear. Her half-lidded eyes watched the autumn leaves pass her by as if to distract her from her thoughts, or perhaps to focus on them to make sense of what she was doing; her purpose. It was ironic that such a beautiful young woman whose literal completion glows in the sun would display such a cumbersome visage. The young woman by the name of Solaris was lost. Yes, she was quite literally lost, but also in a different sense. She did not know what to do next; where to go, who to talk to. As the banished princess of Luztria, she was extremely far from home since she was in Terrenus, and even if she could somehow get there, she would be killed on the spot by the one whom she called friend who took over the land. She thought about the friends she has encountered since she entered this foreign land who tried to help her, but it only reminded her that they are long gone. She held herself tighter at the realization that at this very moment, she was completely alone…and she broke down. She collapsed onto the nearest tree, her arms grasping the wood as she slid to the dirt floor. She needed this, she needed to cry. She has not had a moment to herself to actually weep since she came here. She was too prideful to allow others to see her weakness, too prideful to allow others to believe she was actually a swirling vortex of emotions bottled up in a petite frame that was her body. But now that she was alone, and actually able to listen to these emotions, she couldn’t handle it. Her frail body shook as her sharp gasps rattled her chest with air and echoes subtly into the forest. Her hands dug into the bark of the tree, barely penetrating the sturdy oak. She was alone…she was finally alone.