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  1. The Deus Ex Machina <-These grounds are within my own mind. Long gone are the trap doors for my pride to constrict me to. I have been time displaced, micro managed by hands that are not my own. I feel that each interpretation of myself has attempted to stop me from realizing my full potential. Whatever secret they know about my actions, I want to experience them as well and see for myself. It's ignorant to continue to stay a slave to what I've been told. A puppet on strings...no longer. No longer will I allow my peace to be stifled by regret and wonder. I have to release this blade, wield it with my own hands, take control, and pull the wool from over everyones' eyes. Once I do this, all the mercy I've shown will be undone. I am reversing a choice I am meant to live with. I am asking for both Eternals to go to war on this planet... The good news is...the pockets of space time distortion all about this world will open gates that restore a portion of the power I used to seal the worlds. These thresholds can grant me access to so much more. I cannot just taste true power and leave it buried. If I collect from the time distortions....I can become whole again...it'll be at the expense of peace on this planet. Well, I dont owe this planet anymore labor, anymore nursing, anymore passes! This is about me now and I want my glory back! This planet has taken everything from me and I can't prosper from it? I cant have the spotlight? No, my power is my own. I will take it back. This feeling has me trembling with excitement. I have never been so power hungry, but now.... after struggling to kill a single succubus...I want this....I fucking NEED this. Before I am spent...I believe it's time to bring The Deus Ex Machina back to reality..-> -Time distortions appear throughout the world as the sword is removed from the stone. Treasures, Ruins, strange creatures, mythical beings, and infinite amounts of possibilities pour out. Overtime lands were changing, some from peril, some from fortune. A day goes by before the conjoined worlds' curiosities became an attraction. -
  2. "Bite me if I'm wrong but, you had friends once...." Dandelion hues are guided by upils that flicker between lost emotions her world tore from her. The value of human emotions were warped and contorted, she abandoned these emotions due to the minuscule opportunities presented to her. The neglect of her former, most formidable self, has grieved enough crimson tears for the corrosion to settle in. It's a disgusting sight for succubus. Breeding isn't an option, they sabotaged themselves to ensure that doesn't happen. Morrigan is the exception, but that's her secret. "I had plenty of associates...at least, that's what the Shadow Oni allowed me to remember. You?" Jai's handle on his own condition has waned, the loss of his social prism is in competition with the absence of his friends. Jai was either work and business or fun and friendly. The final nail in his psychosis is the last breath his greatest friend took, in his arms, outside of his help. All of this struggle to obtain a respectful way to resurrect those afflicted by those 'blessed' and even those 'unblessed' and it's all proven as impossible to do. The joy in seeing someone again versus the knowledge that comes with what sins they bared which led them to their deaths....is why Jai gave it up. Jai had it, the ability to true resurrect, all memories aligned perfectly, no catch, no grim reaper, and a single question to answer that would shape the foundation of that individual's life hereafter, a question every being understands so well... "Do you want to live?" A soft white thin hand pushes into thick and straight strands of jade that neatly rest upon her slim shoulders. If she ever made a move in any direction, her hair seemed to be stylized to give the best results of her appearance. Flawless in only physical hypnotism. She was a guillotine posing as a pendulum. "Shit...you should've asked me that from the start." They share a laugh together, Jai facing the ceiling whilst Morrigan clings to her pillow pressing it up against his side. Jai notices her piercing gaze, those dandelion hues becoming less vibrant. He's not alarmed, he simply closes his eyes and awaits his reckoning. "Jai....I...ca...can't control....it much longer, you know you have to leave." Morrigan's iris loses all contrast, she slowly retreats as if a normal woman getting up to tend to something quietly as to not disturb whomever she's keeping company for the night. The darkness caresses the transforming fingertips on the window sill, the wilderness embodies her hair making it long and feral. Morrigan's body began to show definitions of power, power that would intimidate and petrify any man. There's a twisted grin with jagged fangs stabbing through her upper lip. She is the complete opposite of the beauty now, this is her sin flaunted in it's most influential state. 9 feet tall, just a foot away from the ceiling, she clearly towers over anyone stupid enough to get close. A single swipe from her claws with so much raw power could turn a body into a splash. "Just like always you're trying to kick me out...not this time. This time we're going to sleep together." Jai could smell an unnatural amount of fragrances. Each scent leading him to those people he's met earlier. His eyes snap open as he feels pressure on his abdomen, the bed breaks from the weight, Morrigan's tongue dangles from her chin onto her bosoms. Tiny needle like pieces of her flesh flare and slowly approach Jai's throat. His legs were bound to an trap spell as well as his arms, it's color of lavender is that of an 'blessed' exclusive spell, tailored just for him (information sapped from those people from before). Locked in a position to keep him stationary where it counts the most, he grits his teeth using the full power of his body to try and break the enchantment, yet with his powers it proves useless. He focuses on what he knows and the seals begin to crack when he arranges his humanity and channels it. In his eyes there is a lack of a specific form of fear, the kind of fear one should have before a beheading. This alerts Morrigan, for she has never known...fear of self.
  3. Jai "Kazehikari" Nifarious There's always a problem you can't fix. No matter if I have world breaking powers or if I am living amongst mortals; I am always the last one standing. I've been torn apart, reassembled, possessed, hated, exiled, punished, tortured, betrayed, and still I stand here thinking about what little time I've spent filling my sorrows with good memories from kind faces. Times have changed, the people are not my people, the land is not welcoming, and I feel....I feel so out of place. "Immortality...immortality..." He chants to himself, dissecting a hymn he'd once heard. Jai keeps himself at a distance from socializing with the "unblessed". There's an alienation between him and mortals now, a rift that he's formed after finding out the truth of their origins. The many secrets of violence and war ravaged his attitude towards them, it made him less human each interaction. The burden of knowledge has carved up what tiny hope he's had in humanity. The clothes he wears are actively a contradiction and yet a mocking of their fashion. It is not of this world, but it's what is considered "acceptable". His eyes are like solid white spheres, he's been passed off as blind to keep others from acting on their evil instincts and it's garnered the kindness of many. It's deceptive, but it's the only way he's gone on this far without losing it. "Excuse me, sir, you dropped this." One man says to him handing Jai an leather like wallet with several compartments. <-"Ngh"-> Jai thinks to himself. "Hey buddy, your shoe is untied." Another kind person says while placing a hand on Jai's chest to stop his stride. <-"Tch"-> "Mister you're really tall." a young girl says peeking up at him as he uses the collar of his jacket to hide his embarrassment behind. <-"Stop..."-> "Hey handsome." A slim woman runs a hand across his back. <-"She's got a reputation on her. She flaunts it ferociously. It's that of a succubus."-> "Well, you smell like everywhere....and yet nowhere. If you strike out on finding what you're looking for, ol' Morrigan will keep you company." She says blowing a kiss to his back, making sure he hears her moan. <-"Not a chance....not tonight."-> The moan sinks into his mind. The influence is too weak for his mettle. He proceeds strongly through the streets. Hours of wandering and thinking about as many people as he could remember. Jai pays respects to their memory, for he knew not where the graves lie. There is a swelling kindness that's becoming more dominant in his facial expression. Like he was trying to restore something lost. Something groundbreaking. <<-"mmmmwhaaa"->> Then it happens. <-"What? Green hair, small wings, soft fair skin, luxurious lips, plump frame..the succubus's curse...no...her invitation."-> <<-"Ol Morrigan..."->> <-"An accent...a place of pleasure...mmmm get out of my head!"-> Jai places both palms against the sides of his face, fighting the temptation. This pleasure he seeks is not of the flesh, yet this succubus has forced it's way through to redirect him. His hands fall from his face and he comes to a complete stop peering into the street ahead of him. <-"......Should I go?"-> l<-"As long as you bring me with you."->l <-"Deal."-> Jai's hands slip into his pockets and he spins around, heading back the way he'd came...a grin on his face.
  4. Treasurer's Cameo Self-Reflecting within his own reflection swells the copious frogs in his throat. Several speeches could've raised the morale of his auspicious community, selfishly he laid waste to strengthening their foundation, all from a mere lack of title and reputation. The damnation displaced his comfortable face, with a scowl, loaded and locked onto strangers. Disappointment within can reign outright. Expressions were becoming more bothersome with each experience. It wasn't long ago when he was grimacing from torture. The pain from any experienced caliber sparks a flame that latches onto his memories' wick and chases it through his mind to that fateful event. Had loneliness came with further torment, he would abolish his role here, and dismiss his binding past...but Daimon is not bred with cowardice, he seeks more adventure, it's an irreparable idea that he cannot be killed by conventional means... Augmentation took place a decade prior to the experimental horror he'd face, ahead of that dark time, were lighter times, but darker moments. Setting the goal of annihilating worlds that do not oblige him of terraforming. Daimon sought out safe havens for worlds at the tipping point. He formed up with several brave souls to ride the raft of planetary migration. Stars had blinked out of existence and the guides to evolution had pages torn from it. Minor squabbles are considered major to those whom lack knowledge of the universe's inhabitants. There's an colossal war for dominions more enticing than heaven and hell happening all around these adventure stricken beings. In this fiery haze, there is no good and evil, there's a thin line between the opposing factions, so lukewarm in heft, that at times of action they harmonize. Daimon has played both sides of the fathomless coin. His augmentation comes as a compatibility gift from his homeworld, the expeditions it took to allow them to create an adaptable technology is thousands of years old. The mission is to lengthen the existences and exterminate otherworldly invaders. Selecting to assist possible legends is a mere fraction in the grand scheme of things. Such brilliance in weaponry and items is meant to be the cutting edge on the planet. These materials are from the greatest alloys this world has ever nurtured. Daimon has built enough reputation to be trusted on sight. No out of line fights or unnecessary skirmishes reap positive recommendations from his resume. Daimon is in a position of comfort to open a self check on his environment's condition. This information is transmitted from wireless internet (or Wi Fi), it tugs on the strongest signal, if not it'd create a channel through the electrical currents running rampant about the luxury resort. Some slight manipulation of the elements for conditioning wouldn't harm the foundation in the slightest. A simple update and a headcount is all he seeks. He may even find some commandeered electricity to connect to, if the current is too unearthly.
  5. The Treasurer's Cameo Daimon came here without a single piece of reputation to keep the smug looks away and because of his choice to not wear shoes, he was constantly harassed, no matter how odorless they were, the staff insisted he wore something to cover his flawless feet. This all began at the entrance and lasted until the seller's desk. You see, The coin is what turned those frowns, mockings, and delusions of grandeur inward. During his stay here, he's went from "Stranger" to "Treasurer", none of this evolved because of his mouth, it's due to others looking into his past and seeking knowledge about him; or in other words seeking a reason to rob him of his funds. Daimon's real name is never uttered because he says absolutely nothing to anyone outside of whom he's seeking to share a bed with. He is here solely on business, but plenty a time, wives became thots in a light's flicker. The business aspect of his visits are either to form an alliance in a location nearby or to discover new upcoming businesses. He is the barricade between evil corporations and honest entrepreneurs. The resort never pried into his business ethics, they only saw coin and discounts to one their top tier customers. If they had a specialized card, he'd definitely have it. Daimon witnessed several people enter and was informed of odd visitors, because he requested that information. Unfamiliarity is a common sign that someone unique is here for pleasure, business, or combat. He has learned to read customers, a bouncer of some sort, one that simply shows up wielding either a high energy pistol or a strange katana in the other. He's only been sighted twice escorting people's faces to the pavement and introducing them to an unconscious horseride uphill. Today, he's been soaking his augmented body and skintight suit in the isolated yet, open window pool. He'd requested this area to be off limits for three hours and that's what the coin granted him. The staff were to question anyone who would attempt to enter (for security purposes). When it's all said and done, he'd leave this place. His arms are stretched out, his head pulled backwards to use his long white hair as a pillow, only relaxing with his eyes closed. He faces the main lobby so others can see him. It's a blatant ploy. He is in a gifting mood, all the person has to do is get an audience with him. Nobody is informed of his current state. It's simply a selfish ordeal that can end in a selfless act. There is one event that happened at this location of the Wonderland Resort, his eyes opened. Those silver hues pierced the room once and that reason was because someone he'd seen before had entered the resort. Daimon is not augmented for simple tasks, he's augmented to be a sensor and a seeker. He knows several medicinal concoctions, understands the creation of arcane favorites, and has memorized tactical strategies and vocal spells. Daimon has ties to special blacksmiths throughout the continent as well as miners. Currently: His worry is non existent, no one here has yet to display any actions that he'd condemn.
  6. "Have you been studying?" The man's voice echoes. The hospital door swings open without a crash, something is there, a presence invisible to the naked eye. The voice calling out to a hospitalized young teen who glances at a half opened tome on his food tray. With a faint smile, he leans forwards looking around his room for a sign of the voice. "No sir, but I've been growing." The young teen said, raising his arms above his head stretching, but wincing at the abdominal pain that shot up his arms. A mysterious figure manifests at bedside with a face filled with worry. The plums of purplish blue smoke signifies his aura and nature. "Are you alright lil bro?" The white haired man places a concerned hand onto the bed's surface. The young teen smirks to him and leans over whispering into his ear "Gotcha." The older brother grimaces and attempts to move, he struggles with his legs, and then his forearms. Locked onto him are steel chains of unnatural origin, he flexes his throat and swallows. "You are getting better, but sadly you did not go for the jugular." The young teen relinquishes his sorcery and allows his brother to struggle with the loosened chains. The two share a laugh as the older brother couldn't see the chains after the dispel, something a novice would be expected to have as a shortcoming. "You see that and you still wonder why I don't go for the kill shot." "You have to believe in yourself, I mean maybe....you're too afraid." "Maybe I just don't wanna see my brother being strangled to death." "In this line of work, you may one day get to see it." "Heh, for a one eyed man, you sure do like to use your third alot." "Just telling it like it is." The nurse enters the room, a woman in her mid thirties looking forty by day and twenty by night. When the older brother is around, she always manages to switch the time-frames for looks. There's no chemistry between the two, but the younger brother senses that if the formalities were dropped, he could see his older brother settling down with Mariah, his nurse. These two brothers have lost their parents to old age, one was injured in a work accident, the other is a bodyguard on resume, off resume he's a self-taught hunter. The hunter's name is Kaien (Kai En) or "Kai" for short. He is not a master hunter, but a hunter of masters. Masters can be anyone, they have their own signature way of dealing with day to day issues just like anyone else, only difference is, they have energy signatures. Some don't know that they are masters, they can go their entire lives not tapping into their power. His younger brother Saynt, is becoming aware of his limits as a master, the work accident was due to an doppleganger spell, one that'd do the laborwork as he studied the tome, unfortunately, the doppleganger decided to rebel and demand for payment for services, needless to say a fight broke out...guess who won? The tome is a gift from a gracious being known as Shadow Oni. There was a master that was pestering him and Kaien was in the neighborhood and took the funds offered. Handsomely paid, the two brothers were meant to hit the town for a specific and illegal bounty. Bounties such as these are considered illegal because it's a hit, not a capture or kill, it's demanding a final blow. These bounties are ideal for future master hunters and novices, reason being, doesn't matter what happens to the target, they're gonna die anyway.
  7. Hours pass the more he sunk into the contents of the detective. The way the character formulates his actions as if they were all destined to fail, the longevity of the decisions to come prepared to every situation, and the devotion to justice...it resonates with him on an spiritual level. This fictional character is who he needs to save his reputation and yet, judging by the characters littered throughout the world, he will never find anyone to stand by his side and help him become a flawless master. "Not with this much dirt on my name." The book closes, his left arm flexes, and he places two fingers onto his nose bone just below his eyebrows. sigh <"I gotta be the villain for a bit. Forgive me sister. For I may shame the family name once again."> Xrd stands, bending himself backwards until his back cracks. He leans forward and stretches his fingertips to his toes, does a squat, and bounces from one foot to another. Loosening his body up for the next step in his plan, he sits back down onto the bench and extends his arms out in front of him, fingers spreading to release pressure held within, his hands lower to stop just to hover above his knees. This causes a gust of energy to blow over in front of him, revealing what looks to be a instrument's outline encased in flame like energy for an instant...then it disappears. <"It's dangerous to leave a powerful man to his thoughts."> With a single finger pressing down, Xrd could hear the sound of music in his ear....and could feel the plates beneath him shifting....his energy signature entraps them earth, this is not to be confused with legitimate element manipulation, his energy only builds a path, it does not force shifting. This is akin to digging a hole for water to flow. Whatever he had building up, will become his greatest effort to become recognized.
  8. No matter where he treads, the reactions are all the same. A lone being that identifies as human in form approaches several others with a aura seeping through his body. To everyone he encounters or attempts to approach, he is a large red flag this afternoon. No rage emits from each turn down, no emotional spectrum is highlighted, it's simply comfort over opinion. He isn't lost, for he has no home. He isn't starving, for he has no appetite. He is craving the words of someone brave enough...to point him to the nearest bar. "Assassin" A man mutters and scurries away. "Heretic" another says retreating. "Civilian" the authorities called him. There is a simple exchange of words between the masked man and the guards of justice, then after a finger point towards the north, they part ways. An hour of travel and the masked man is at it again, searching for another guide, he asks questions about directions to several landscapes, makes his way there, and continues on. No GPS, just plain old fashioned touring. "This is where out of work masters go?" He says to a random woman passing him by at a monument. The strangers keep themselves complacent. "Isolation" is the nickname his inner demon has given him. All of his hard work has led him to being dismissed from school, out of a job, and now on the road seeking a new course. His latest breakthrough has yet to undergo tests. He is very eager to demonstrate his power...but to what cause? A white wooden bench in the middle of the town. A nice place for him to unclip his "Dark Knight Awakens" book from the back of his belt and start his first chapter this sunny afternoon.
  9. So, you're on the brink of death. Contemplating if you should walk into the warm light or run back into the darkness. I don't judge and I wouldn't blame you if you did run back into the darkness....I did. When I awoken, I was bound to a cross, bleeding, hands pierced, body in an all too familiar pose. I was crucified, they thought that could absolve me of my minor sin of existing. It was on my eighteenth birthday too. You know about magic, know that it's tangible for comprehension, it's not above humanity and it's not irrelevant enough to be below. It can still blow minds figuratively...and literally. Sometimes magic can create miracles such as this one. What you've been seeking is magic made from anger, hopelessness, and instinct. You're thinking of calling it Rage Magic. If you can combine your art with emotion, you could have unlimited reserves from the channel you've selected. I'm here to tell you....bravo. If you don't know by now, I'm that creation, but in this timeline, you created me first. Your thoughts say it all, you weren't expecting to paint new art on a canvas with one color. Good, you thought ahead, even if you did give it a half thought that's more than what other magics got before their inception. What was my name? It was an our originally, the first being to possess "Rage Magic" is roaming the lands as we speak. The form I take in reality and in your mind is to be akin to what he's wearing. Therefore, if you see someone with a red cloak and dark skin, you may have found my previous master. Seems like he inadvertently travels from dimension to dimension judging by how weak he's become. Don't worry, he can't patent what he hasn't created in this dimension and I have no desire of returning to his side. You are the founder, this victory is yours. Rejoice, though you are on the verge of death, you don't have to die here. Did I forget to mention that? How clumsy of me....on the ground level....doesn't that just piss you off? Clumsy people? How they just keep screwing things up at the opportune moment of your most joyous.......hm? Oh right. You wanna show respect to what I was originally called. Fine then...I highly doubt you'd ever meet him, but if you wanna honor his achievement then so be it. I am called The Pyroclasm. I can be whatever you are seeking to kill with. It's based on the imagination of what The Pyroclasm can be. A suit of armor because of my durability is of the hardest substance in that dimension, whether founded on that planet or not. In other words, if you chose that option, you can use me as currency to become wealthy. You can use me as a catalyst for your plan of becoming a master and satisfy your obsession with acceptance. It you asked me those options are too mortal, together, we are beyond that. Don't you wanna see who else seeks a goal to such an elite level of existence? As of now, just about everyone's life is a spec of dust to us, I can grant you any form of transportation; including flight and even bare speeds beyond escape velocity. You could survive in the vacuum of space, breathe underwater, withstand intense temperatures, just give me a feat and we can conquer it. Catch is, we have to understand it first, I have a long list of experimentation in a different dimension, but here, everything can either be the same or different and judging by the gravity difference....well...expect some nerfs. I am not infinite power, I am infinite possibilities. Remember this....we are bonded now and we can take care of your "chores" whenever you decide to awaken. Your luckless life would've cleaned out any sanity from a sane man. Glad you were insane to begin with, this makes breaking this final part to you easier. I have a issue with weaklings and if I become far too great to wield, I will kill everything you ever loved to erase the thought of you. So! Congratulations on discovering a new magic, becoming a schizophrenic, making a new friend, and cursing yourself and others around you. You can take your time deciding on waking up now. I really wanna see what this new dimension has to offer.
  10. "Boy!" A Thunderous roar violates the scene with overwhelming spiritual pressure slumping the assailants into the ground. Alive, but mere imitations of a past threat, the animals cradle their final moments with loud cries that become guttural sounds. The ominous figure appeared from a hole in the black skies, carrying with it a mass of violent intentions that corrupts the brain into believing the sky is as red as blood, as if a god had pierced the clouds from the epicenter of the universe to bring armageddon. The yelling figure is shrouded in a grey tint of blur with a purple tail. The instance of witnessing it's arrival and registering it's presence would sync with the first thought of godhood, the second would be that of "Hades". The being crashes into the center of the battlefield, electricity crawls instantly through each mana inspired construct, the land evaporates as if being deconstructed at the beck and call of the latest summon. This is not Hades. This is not a god. This the very representation of the mana sphere's full potential. The surroundings of the field are contorted into six transparent translucent shades of color and wonder. The surreal has merged with the probability of Xrd's survival. The bleak atmosphere is accompanied by the threat of a negative temperature and the lack of air. Intensity of the color spectrum impaired Xrd's visual prowess, making it nearly impossible to concentrate on moving a muscle. The last sound that would echo through Xrd's head is the monstrosity calling out to him. Silence now reigns. The absolute shock of something beyond his power instilled Xrd with so much fear that he falls flat onto his back collapsing. He could only describe so much during that moment when he could see. Unfortunately, Xrd is awake, conscious yet unconscious; a state of comatose. All that he could dream of is how much of a success he is going to become. Yes, he was instilled with fear before collapsing, but that does not mean he can't psyche himself out of it. Every fiber in his being exerts one single thought to the front of his head, overriding all for one purpose...to awaken. His vision returns to him, yet his eyes remain closed. Another thought is pushed through memories, forced to commandeer his body just to breathe. Another thought, he opens an eye. Another opens the other. Another...another...another.. Xrd accomplishes standing, his own body is tattered and beaten from the hours of abuse, but without fear it can never be broken. There is no blood pouring out like from before, he merely imagined them to be absent and that became visually so. The presence filled with such otherworldly power is sitting in the center of the field like a meditating monk, with it's back turned a clean attack could end this and set him free, and yet, not a single thought of Xrd's is plagued with such a peasant idea. Xrd is determined to meet the man in the middle. Another misfortune is having the thought that....he could. "Tch. I feel humbled. A meager favor and it turned out to be a lesson. Aiya...are you there?" Xrd stands on the very battlefield he was attacked, everything that was mana induced no longer felt real, it felt to him as if it were all child's play. He had experienced a new depth of existence, it seemed to have mentally overcome him and set the battle on auto-pilot. It was his berserk, he blacked out and unveiled his true nature, but not at the extent of attacking anything, it had focus, a purity to keep his life clean. "If I can wield that very power at will. I may be able to achieve my goal." The subject looks about the area for his sister and could not locate her before the pain of battle settled into his thoughts. He drops his newly attained weaponry, he recognizes the blood on his body as his own and of magical properties, he is beyond believing the impossible is possible. "Look at that. I can see through it all..." Xrd's left eye twitches and his body alerts him by having him cough up a chunk of mucus, then blood pours like a stream from his nose. He could die here. Without anyone to heal his wounds, this could very well be his end. Like a jinga with too many pieces missing, he wobbles back and forth, but none the less attempts to make his way to the mana terminal. He knows it recorded his steps, he could take the footage use it to learn. Even as death is approaching he wants more of what is killing him, not a single step is to be taken, he is destined to fail at the first step he goes to take.
  11. "Increase the stress levels." The subject's name is Xrd; The self proclaimed first of his bloodline, he sports a highly durable body that has withstood the same feats as the legendary Hercules at the expense of his relationship with his first girlfriend. The relationship was torn asunder when he was exposed to poisonous toxins in his sleep from his then bride to be. He's shown heavy obsession with his own personal experimentation which would be considered self mutilation, if not for the abundance of white magic. Xrd has had trouble with making friends, he believes it's because at a younger age he went into a berserk state that took four mages to subdue him, the damage he'd caused is still being paid for by his adoptive parents, even after their deaths. He blames himself for their deaths and the misfortune their daughter Aiya has to endure just because he exists. Terrenus has abandoned him for constantly getting into unprovoked fights and deescalating them aggressively. Unfortunately, his previous job at handling construction released him in turn of his association with a rumor that terrorists were on the rise and that they have the same shade of skin as he, the job gave him a fabricated reason that he was under performing, even as his picture hanged from their wall with the description "Employee of the year." At this moment, Xrd is trying to keep a roof over his head by becoming someone that is irreplaceable and can go unquestioned; A Master. "Xrd. I don't want to do this anymore!" The subject's overseer is Xrd's own sister Aiya. She has assisted Xrd in exerting mana, deciphering ancient writing and relics, mastering berserk, but not without a sharp wit to match. She doesn't work for free, not even for her brother. She believes he uses brute strength rather than strategically positioning himself to be the phantom their parents advised him to be. Her title is a rank shy of a master, so she ranks high in Red magic manipulation or psychological warfare. She has several hidden tricks up her sleeves that not even Xrd has seen from her. She's watched his luck dwindle from the very moment she set eyes on him. Overtime she's learned to love Xrd for who he is. Aiya feels responsible for Xrd's actions and deeply thinks of herself as the monster of his life, but her deserting him would harm him worse. She hasn't revealed to him that her first encounter with mana caused her to inadvertently curse him. Aiya is plagued with guilt and continues to try and help redeem herself for all the wrong she has caused Xrd and their late parents. She is cursed with visions of the dead that she has not vocalized to anyone, except Xrd. She fears that the dead will one day, be able to materialize and take her to the Hell she feels she deserves. "I know Aiya, but I need this." "It's going on five years.." "Since they've past." "THEY DIDN'T PASS." "....A-Aiya?" "YOU LET THEM DIE!" "They died from natural causes." "They died from stressing over bills! A real son would've seen that!" ".....what are you saying?" "You should've ran away when you saw them hurting! They didn't want you here!" "You're tired...I'll finish up here. Get some res-" "No! I'M DONE. I'm sick of you pushing me around for your goals! What about mine!? My family! Oh just because yours didn't work out I have to suffer!? My time has to be absorbed too huh!? You damn selfish asshole! I won't be your lacky anymore in your worthless experiments and schemes!" "Worthless...." "I lost my family and I'm going to avenge them starting now!" "Aiya STOP!" Aiya syncs a barrier around the terminal. The terminal was hand made and infused with magic affinity. The terminal is a gift from Aiya's magic school graduation, it's meant to amplify magic, the very catalyst to Xrd's experimentation and the centerpiece for his latest goal. It's his final hope at becoming someone. The terminal has a sphere filled with mana at it's center in the shade of light blue (max mana color indicator), projections can turn into deadly constructs if enough mana is generated into the user or item of manipulation. With Aiya fleeing and the terminal going out of control, Xrd had no other choice but to stay to keep the projections from going awry and causing devastation to the city. The first to be animated onto this field is a full grown lion that immediately began teleporting about the field in erratic fashion. Xrd is in shock about Aiya and is trapped within a visual curse where objects are shifting around the field ruining his train of thought as he is not sure if it's really there or not. He's had no training against Aiya's magic nor this amount of intensity from a mana stone. This, to him, is as if two masters were out for blood. The lion approaches Xrd slowly, he is unaware if it had materialized into a threat or is just a fabrication of his imagination. Then he catches a whiff of the smell it comes with, he leaps backwards to gain distance but smashes against a wall. A wall that wasn't there and isn't when he turns to check his surroundings. The lion leaps for him and a wall shoots from the ground in front of him blocking him from the sight of the lion. Relief is but a millisecond as the lion phases through the wall landing on top of him. Xrd falls on his back with a thud and the lion begins to snap at his head seemingly to end it in one gulp. "I'm gonna make a rug out of you." Xrd's right fist pierces the chest of the lion and as it retaliates with wild thrashing, Xrd uses his arm to pull the lion above him as he went below it's mouth's reach and positions himself at an too awkward of an angle for the lion to claw at. The lion gives in and slumps into an unconscious state, it then dissipates into expended mana. Xrd sits up and sighs "Well at least it's just a bunch of cats..." Then they start teleporting and slashing from unpredictable angles. "Ugh. This could be a problaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh" Xrd is grabbed by his left shin and pulled to his back again, the lion teleports away just as Xrd sits up and strikes with a left jab. A gorilla manifests above him to catch Xrd during his jab recovery, Xrd's head is pushed into his lap causing him to bend uncomfortably and spring back involuntarily. The gorilla struck from above but dematerialized the instant after. Though he's considerably durable, punishment of this magnitude is bound to kill him at this rate. Xrd goes to stand, but the gorilla appears again and full nelson's him for a doppleganger of himself to jab him constantly in the stomach. Some attacks felt real and some didn't have any feelings at all. "The levels of chaos could increase tenfold at any time. I can't let you STOP ME!" He's never dealt with anything like this. This is more than he'd like to admit. What could he possibly do to win..
  12. How was I supposed to cope? I tried living without looking back, I rejected any responsibility for her death. She helped me become the man that I wanted to be. She fought for my adoption and she made sure that I was in a position of power. We went from the strongest force in all of Realms and Sevenhells only to wind up on separate planes. I'm not talking airborne vehicles neither. I reversed my role as savior, as King, as father, as brother...I collapsed into what I remember as my fondest moment, I reversed the clock in my heart. I am a mercenary once more, nobody knows my name. I can do what I want on my own terms. I am free and yet the loneliness is never comfortable. There's a side effect to walking away from everything you've built. Especially with this dark energy I used to suppress through scientific measures. My daily doses from injections of the remains of celestials have concluded.A side effect occurred, but it's nothing I can't make normal again, besides a devil wing and a crystallized left forearm is a omen to most I pass. I can't even get a bite to eat without scrutiny. Feels like I'm giving off the right vibes to the mood I've been in. Perhaps it's a wicked reflection of those emotions, hm....nevermind. I told myself I would face whatever repercussions I am destined to. I've learned enough to know that if I decide on something, I have to see it through. Natives have been eyeballing me awfully hard this afternoon. These looks are not of hate, it's more of an indecisiveness. Maybe they've been scarred...just like I have. It's a suitable environment then. Probably, maybe, and might....the three thoughts of a damaged man. Should you be courteous, curious, or cautious? Trusting your innermost thoughts always guides a man to the threshold of a new beginning then the doubt sets in, escorting you off of the premises. I travel to ignore those thoughts, I go where I wanna go, I take a scene and mold it into what I want to happen. I am in control and I'll be damned if I lose it again. I wandered through many areas, some colder than others, but I haven't stopped to take in the scenery. I lost that feeling of something breathtaking taking my world and expanding it. It used to be an amazing feeling, to have discovered a new piece of information that can warp your entire outlook on life. Did I spoil this selfish vacation? I may have and yet....there's a specific piece of fabric catches my eye. Even if it's meters away, it stands out in my peripherals. My visual prowess used to heightened when enemies or familiar scents were around. So why does this feel new to me? I approach the royal blue scarf folded over a mannequin's right shoulder. A sharp pain in my chest and I step away from the glass between it and I. What am I forgetting? Why this type of pain? I didn't come here to feel emotional trauma damn it! *Crash* Now I've done it. In my frustration I lost my cool and an telekinetic shock wave exploded the waiting bench just outside of the shop. The owner is making her way over, I could flee, but...I can do more than be a bastard. The shop owner comes out nearly ready to yell at whomever she thinks is causing the ruckus. She's treated to the image of me sitting on the bench, it fully in tact, not a flaw in sight. My image darkened most people's days, but maybe it was my hunching over and peering into the distance that made her reject any confrontational words she may have had to a stranger with a tattered cloak and a over saturated odor of adventure. Moments pass and her customers leave. She finds me again beneath the streetlight, back against it with my arms folded, she says nothing as she closes up her shop, nothing, but "thank you." I didn't know what for and I didn't react....until her back was turned. Yes, this is her. This is the one. This is my first. I may carry several materials, but my abilities hinder sounds that may give my target the idea that I exist within their comfort zone, creeping ever so closely and yet so far as to not let my shadow loom over. Such a hefty weapon I carry upon my back, it's not, at least it's 200 pounds isn't a nuisance to me. When I grasped it this night, it felt absolutely heavy. I've felt this before, the first time of being nervous, I swallowed the nerve then and I can find the strength to do it again. Shh. You hear that? She stopped, but her heart is racing. She knows that I am here? How? I am not in sight. I have been careful...I...I see. She's making her final stand. She knew from the beginning. That I'd come for her. I leap out of an open window to a vacant home I used to bridge the lengthy gap between us. Second floor so the wind is my vessel, she feels the sudden breeze overhead and looks above, she then hears the sound of my blade making contact. She gasps as her body bends instinctively causing her to leap frighteningly into the building's wall. She forces herself to turn around to witness her last breaths...as a victim being taken away. There in the alleyway leading to her home she watches a centaur's legs go stiff. It always takes mythical creatures a while a to realize that they are dead. Soon after, I'm sure she recognized it's lack of a human torso. That is with me. It's only right I deliver the human half to the starving wolves. Don't worry, they won't get a taste for human flesh, it's in their digestive system now, they get a taste of mythical beasts and pledge their diets to the feast. They travel in packs and will only have enchanted fangs for piercing enchanted throats. This is my insurance to her. My first loose end. Her mother. I can sense her heart slowing, she's stable now. I'm sorry Miss Jayde, I didn't mean to startle you this night....have a good night ma'am...have good nights forever. The night is still young and there's still work for me to do before it's climax. Now that I think about it....did I just make a new breed of wolves? Mythical wolves at that....hm..I wonder if that is what I should call them...
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