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  1. " So...M'Lady. I know that... you ain't the chief and all... And... ahhh... The chief is out of town.... so we was wonderin'.... since yer all smart..." Two men approached her. Jones seemed nervous as he stood next to her. "Plus, yer good...with the whole... sorcery thing." He wiggled his fingers in the air in front of him to denote what he thought were the motions needed to cast a spell. Gisela folded her arms across her chest, stepping forward as the rest of the village seemed to cower. The trolls that were handing out pamphlets were able to do so without much of a hassle. Normally, there was a slight hustle and bustle during the daytime in the village, but this day, the village was silent. The atmosphere was tense as the visitors were able to easily distribute their materials. The music flooded the entire area. The silent villagers were witness to Gisela's approach to the one dancing. Her eyes caught the new farming equipment. These villagers needed that. It took time, but she was sympathetic to their cause. Everyone had a place in the entire world. This wasn't exactly her place, but this was a good vacation. The wildly unpredictable nurse walked over to the floating gifts and examined everything. "It's your lucky day. I've been nominated as the chief because I know the whole sorcery thing." Her voice lacked emotion. Her face lit up as she began to realize what just happened to her. The tall blonde woman wearing a pristine nurse's uniform grinned from ear to ear. "Was that a mating dance?" She asked with a giggle. "You shouldn't have." A wave of her perfectly manicured hand and she spun around on one heel. The delight she felt was quashed as someone pointed to the sky and let out a scream of terror. The villagers are superstitious. What kind of game is this? Predictably, the villagers scattered, running away and into their homes to hide. From several of the homes, there were sobs of terror. The words "bad harvest" and "misfortune" and "famine" all were screamed at the sight of the black ship. Gisela couldn't hide her fury. She turned to Dredge, violet eyes glowing slightly. "What was that?" It was the most tactful thing she could think to say. She then turned to the entourage, the trolls, the ogres, Rin, the weird familiar, then upwards to the sky. She rolled her eyes, spinning once more. "I haven't had this much fun since Norkotia." She said to herself. "Do what the Welanders do. Bow." She bowed at her waist. Her motions were almost mechanical as the mad nurse rose to stand straight. "Say words of gratitude and flattery." She whispered. "Thank you for the gifts. I will never be as generous and gracious such as yourself, honored guest. My name is Gisela Valance." Her face split into the mad grin once more. Her eyes gave a mischievous glimmer as she asked. "Might I have your name, please?"
  2. By the time the entourage had shown up, the Royal Nurse, or the former Royal Nurse, had already had her claws within the citizens of the village. The atmosphere was peaceful and bucolic. Titles didn't matter to her in the long run. She only desired to have fun. Alverton was remote enough, quiet enough, out of the way enough for her to open her small medical practice. For all the knowledge she pretended to possess, she was easily able to convince the elders that they needed a medical practice. They gave that to her. Her days were usually busy, filled with visits for minor ailments and check ups. Gisela certainly did a good job of looking and acting the part of the nurse. The nights were when she had the most fun. Gisela Valance stood in front of her small cottage as she heard the approach of an entourage. From inside of the cottage, a muffled groan could be heard, which slowly died down to a soft whimper. Her violet eyes moved toward the side, as she smirked and walked into the cottage. Her eyes set upon her patient, the village leader's eldest son. The young man calmed down when Gisela pressed a finger to her crimson lips. "The village has a visitor. We don't get very many of those. Now, I am going to give you this medicine..." She lifted a syringe of glowing blue liquid. "Now tell me how this feels. I hate administering this. It pains me more than you will ever know." She injected the substance into the man's arm and unbound him. "But you wanted to be stronger, faster, and longer lasting." She added the last part with a wink. Gisela's back turned to him and she walked out of the cottage. "Too bad my appetite is insatiable." As two of the shamans, older and probably wiser than she was, wandered out of their homes in a befuddled state, Gisela found herself among them. She was not confused and didn't feel the need to flex her authority. The only thing that drew her out aside from the crazy haired troll was curiosity which was often her downfall.
  3. Decimus and the priestess of Gaia collided with a loud crash. Decimus descended from the air like a hawk upon its prey. The woman regarded him with a smug expression as though his attack was meaningless. His fists definitely landed against the women's flesh. Her head even snapped to the side on contact. He felt the force of his punch. As the angel pulled his hand back for another blow, ice spears pierced the air towards him. Decimus scrambled to get out of the way of the ice spears. His boots slid against the floor as one spear smashed against one of his wings. The other narrowly missed the top of his head. The wing that took damage was not shattered, but several feathers were shaved clean from his wing. He looked upward and out at the ice that threatened him. The ice had stopped in its trajectory towards him. Decimus was entirely focused on holding the ice away from him. The priestess had readied her attack. Vines erupted from her hand towards Decimus. His vision focused on the priestess as he became restrained by the vines. On the ship, Kallias began to draw on the boards of the ship. Blood trickled from his nose, which he used to draw a set of runes. The entire time, the Unseelie whispered softly to himself. He hated feeling useless. He hated how he could not help anyone at all. He continued to draw on the deck, staring straight towards the first cave where the group had come from. Both of his wings moved, twitching from the energy that was being raised.
  4. Decimus smirked at his fae companion. Fae were remarkable creatures like none he had ever encountered before. Marvelous. He looked at the one that instructed them to eat the moss. So he did. The problem with angels was their lack of willpower. Angels did not often think on their own. They simply were soldiers, made to follow instructions. And so as he shoved his thumb with the moss into his mouth, his face seemed to denote his displeasure at the taste of the moss. He cringed as he swallowed, unsure of what this moss would bring. After a moment of regret, he continued on. “Prove yourselves worthy, or die by your own memory’s hand.” With that instruction, he looked up. His eyes narrowed slightly. Perhaps seeming as though he was a bit more ancient than the others, he simply stared at the one who caused him to bristle internally. She looked so ordinary in this instance. A pious priestess of Gaia stood with her hands folded in front of her. Decimus tilted his head. It was as though this woman was Gaia herself as she raised her hands towards Decimus. A smile played at her full, pouty pink lips as she hummed a hymn devoted to Gaia. Decimus quietly recoiled in both fear and anger. With a snear, he hovered in one spot, a sword of light appearing in his right hand and another appearing in his left. His chin tilted downwards slightly as he watched the woman attempt to beckon him towards her. The temptation was great, but he knew what she wanted. To cleanse this area of those that do not follow Gaia's path of peace. I am an angel of war. A follower of Meryam. But you could be so much more, Decimus. It would seem as though their conversation was silent, but both were beginning to radiate light. You will not defeat me, child. I have millions behind me. For one of me, there are thousands more. It's a fool's errand to try to defeat thousands of you, but you were the most important to me. And with that, the pair were to begin their battle. The light dimmed as the pair flew towards one another, one brandishing swords, the other brandishing a pair of bladed war fans. .
  5. <“Uhltor’s might will make you cower for your insolence….”> As the beast fell and he basically swept aside the flying creatures, Decimus joined the rest of the group. The smell of the antiseptic was the only thing that lingered of that experience. The small fae creature flew towards him and he couldn't help but grin foolishly. "My name is Decimus. It is nice to meet you." When asked how the pair met, Decimus gave a bit of pause before he answered. "We met in prison. He freed the goddess I served from her prison on the moon." He could have expanded upon this, but he chose not to. It was rude, after all. "Oh, we have been threatened." From the ship, Kallias exhaled a long sigh. "Mori is researching this Uhltor. I will join you momentarily. She is quite talented." Kallias turned to watch Mori for a moment before he sat down and closed off his mind to Decimus. The angel was on his own with the others. "Kallias said he'd be joining soon. I am not sure what that means or his plans, but I sense a certain amount of greed for some power. It is a dangerous path." Decimus had proved to be more of the neutral path, not exactly harboring goodwill towards the living, but also not containing the feelings and penchant to cause suffering inherently. Though, he did have a fascination with the hearts of lesser beings.
  6. The angel hovered in the air, swatting at the bone flyers that were trying to latch onto him. He was, in fact, covered in lacerations which leaked a glowing blue substance that would be similar to blood. He finally let out a yell in frustration. What could he do? Each one he grabbed, he threw at the ground as hard as he could. The bone golems shattered on impact with the ground. The thought that Kallias could probably feel his own pain never entered his mind. He freed himself, finally, and flew straight ahead towards the rest of the group. This did not happen before he was doused with anesthetic which he had accepted. He didn't know what it was, to be fair. Did angels even need that substance? No. Probably not. They weren't flesh bags parading around with magical whatevers. The still beating hearts of the flesh bags still were fascinating to him. Don't get sidetracked by your heart fetish. His focus was past the Cerberus. What was the thing that controlled this? Probably something he had yet to see. Decimus was young when he came to Valucre. He watched as the beast fell. He didn't seem amazed. His focus was on the mission. Whatever the mission was.
  7. Kenshin bowed her head at Ilyana and Sir Redford as they disembarked the carriage. Both of her hands were folded in front of her and she held a pleasant smile upon her face. She nodded slowly. “Welcome to Weland. My name is Kenshin Owara and I am the head advisor for the Regent of Weland.” Her voice was polished and smooth from what sounded like the slightest of a Sylvan accent. “It is an honor to meet you.I hope that your trip here was a safe one without much trouble.” Her gaze moved to Sir Redford for a moment, noting that he had some sort of hesitation. Then her attention moved back to Ilyana. “The Regent will be joining us later when we visit the Temple of Shouraku. She apologizes for her tardiness and asks that you excuse her in her time of grief.” The honeyed words slipped from her lips easily as she spoke them. It seemed that the Welander people were overtly polite, which was mostly the case in formal settings and Kenshin was probably the one who took decorum more seriously than most. “This building that you stand in front of is simply known as Okamura’s Grace. It is the home of the Okamura family, one of the founding families of Weland and the first family to bring Gaianism to the people here. As you can see, we owe a lot to the federal government of Terrenus and for now, we live in a time of peace and harmony.” She tilted her head towards the thirteen story pavilion with golden roof tiles and stark black paint to contrast the white building. “The old religion of Weland is a living religion, not all that dissimilar from Gaianism. However, the emphasis of the older religion is on harmony and balance. While it is widely practiced here, Gaianism is still the most practiced in our city.” The group had a view of the gardens which were more like a public park now. Children ran around, laughing and playing with one another. Adults took their daily walks. It was a serene scene of everyday life. The sounds of construction pierced the scene with a reality that life in Terrenus was not always this stable and while Weland had a beauty about it of its own, it had could easily be destroyed at a moment’s notice. And it often was. The building they stood in front of was beautiful in its own right. Sculptures of tigers danced along the eaves of each section of the roof to differentiate between the floors. This building was the tallest in Weland. Architects were superstitious about making a building taller than Okamura's Grace and most just danced at twelve or thirteen floors.
  8. Maira rose an eyebrow. She still had no idea what Lucius was referring to and warning bells were going off all over the place. Maira was quiet. She was debating her options now. For starters, she was in a strange carriage with a strange man in a strange land that she had to ride in a strange airship to get to. It seemed as though her decisions were not exactly the best decisions. She rubbed her temples as if to massage away a headache that had yet to manifest. “Look. I am not the most charismatic person. I’m not really a people person, one could say. It’s mostly my nerdy researchers, my robots, and me.” She laughed uncomfortably. It was forced. “Well, you never told me exactly what you’re doing that makes people think you’re evil.” Part of her didn’t want to know what was going on. She watched him pull out the papers, then exhaled slowly. “Are you brainwashing them?” She whispered under her breath, as he escorted her to the estate. He let her in and as he closed the door. Maira turned towards the door as it was closed behind her. When she was able to, she escaped to her room. Once she opened the door, she rushed in. She waited until she was alone before trying to contact someone. Her hand moved upwards towards her lips and she spoke. “Hello? Hello? Hello?” The recording crystal glistened, then went dark. “Helllooo?” There was no reply and the woman grew worried “Oh no. Oh no.”
  9. “Awww… I want the puppy. For my own personal means.” Kallias grinned. “Oh well.” He feigned disappointment before exploring his options. Boredom mostly. There wasn’t much that he could do from the ship, but the thought of attempting to transfer some sort of attack through Decimus had started to consume his mind. So much so that the red-headed angel could sense it from the ship. There was no turning back from the Cerberis. Decimus held a single hand upwards, raising bone fragments from their resting places. “My name is Decimus, small one. What are you called?” Unfortunately for Lunara, he did not get the compliment. It wasn’t due to him being rude. He was simply unfamiliar. Bone fragments moved through the air, colliding with the flying creatures. Decimus turned, closing one eye. He had paused in flight, hovering behind. He extended one finger outwards towards the creature. “Aiming…” He whispered. “Make me an undead puppy. Attempting to augment..” “Aiming..” A flying creature collided with him, clinging to the angel. The angel focused on one of the eyes of the Cerberis. He attempted to focus as the creature clawed him, almost breaking his skin. Without another word, he unleashed the torrent of bone as his smooth hover seemed to stutter, sending Decimus lower and lower. He was struggling, trying to get the creature off him. When he did, he threw it to the ground, provoking more attacks. The torrent of bone moved towards the Cerberis, but not where he had expected. The attack looked impressive, but that was all it did. It would hopefully serve as a distraction. Decimus was lagging behind, taking care of the flying things that clung to him. “These damned creatures!” He yelled.
  10. Ummmm... Maira = Useful Nerd. Chizuru = Apparently scary, but elegant? Kallias = Maybe some sort of trickster. Kind of an asshat. Ether = Fun sized Snickers.
  11. Her eyes closed slowly as she inhaled deeply. Incense burned, lightly scenting the room she sat in with the distinctly floral fragrance of jasmine. Both of her hands were moving slowly, almost as though she were gracefully swimming through the air. Her body spun, pivoting her hips as she turned full circle. Her left leg stepped forward fluidly as she pivoted one more time. Her right leg swung outward with an agile kick. A recording crystal played soothing music, relaxing the Regent. Rotating her entire body once more, she crouched low. Chizuru’s hands extended outward from her chest as she exhaled. One of her hands moved around her head as she spun once again. All the while, her silver, canine eyes remained closed. She was in her own world, and this was not an ordinary dance. Her clothing was loose, so as to not obstruct her relaxation exercises. Her mind cleared, letting go of her regrets for the moment. Those weighed down on her immensely. It was starting to show. During her time of being silent and withdrawn, she managed to fight her own demons. Her rage that seethed for the longest of time. That same rage was turned to forward momentum. The grief over the essential loss of her family transformed into determination. Part of her job shielded her from what she truly felt, but she learned to accept her losses over time. Day by day, the struggle became less of a mountain and became more like hills that were easier to climb. Slowly, her eyes opened. The sensation that she was being watched had caught her by surprise. The fae bowed to her gracefully. “Your Majesty, I have a letter.” The red-haired fae held the note out for the Regent, who walked over to her and gently plucked the note from her hands. Chizuru read this note and smiled. The fae’s body language changed and Chizuru handed her the note. “All right. Kenshin-san, I wish for you to be their escort to bring them here. However, take them on a tour. I’ll meet them at the Temple of Shouraku.” Chizuru said and bowed her head slightly. Kenshin bowed at her waist. “As you wish, Chizuru-sama.” She said softly, turning on her heel to exit the room. Chizuru’s gaze lingered for a moment longer on the fae before returning to her exercises. And so, when the carriage arrived, it would be the Regent’s closest advisor that would greet the travellers. Kenshin dressed smartly, wearing the light pastel colors of spring flowers within her clothing. Azaleas decorated her sleeves as the fae’s own magic seemed to make the colors of the flowers that blossomed around her just a little brighter.
  12. "Athentha." The flyer had slipped her fingers and fell to the table. Her back was to a small gathering of researchers as her eyes focused on a map of Valucre. The Colonel tilted her head and squinted, eyeing the smaller islands. "Does anyone know where this place is?" None of the researchers rose their hands. "Well, there's an airship waiting for me somewhere here." She pointed to a blip in Terrenus. "It's supposed to take me directly there. I will lose contact with you over the sea. No doubt about that." The small woman turned to face the researchers. "I wish for you to continue your research on the constructs while I am gone." While she was in Last Chance, a group of miners had discovered a small army of constructs of a foreign make buried within the area around the dam. The researchers nodded and they departed to continue their duties. It never took long for her to pack her bags and leave. She never knew when she was going to be going off to some other exotic destination of Terrenus. An hour later and she was on her way to the destination that was agreed upon. She boarded the airship and slowly began to relax. In fact, she was so relaxed, she even fell asleep. The ride seemed to take an eternity. When she wasn't sleeping or writing little notes to herself, she was pacing. Eventually, when the airship did land, it was raining in this weird land. Maira disembarked with her single pack of belongings. She appeared to be quite casual compared to the man that greeted her. She offered her hand for a handshake. "Well, thank you for your hospitality." Her hand was covered with a bandage that loosely covered the burns she had received in the battle for Last Chance. She got into the carriage without much more small talk. As she listened to Lucius, her mind was bombarded with questions of what exactly he was intending. "Well, I do appreciate the flattery. I am curious as to what you are doing that is considered to be 'evil'. Sometimes people view the unconventional as being evil, but that's not entirely the same thing." And there she was. The violet haired, icy blue eyed fae was being reassuring to one who probably didn't have the best of intentions. "I don't think I can take on such a responsibility yet." She held out her hand and offered an uncomfortable laugh to his suggestion at being his right hand lady.
  13. Decimus had very little time to react as the creatures shot forth towards him. Razor sharp claws and barbed tails moved towards him almost faster than he could perceive. As a reflex, he seemed to bat one of them away with a hand bathed in golden, holy light. The angel hovered in mid-air, using his normally powerful wings to make slow strokes. A light took shape as claws attempted to dig into his flesh. They met resistance and light leaked from his body. Kallias let out a soft grunt as scratches appeared on his body. "You're doing this on purpose." He hissed to no one. But at least Mori was there. From this light in Decimus' right hand, a sabre formed and the angel used it to defend himself from his attackers. The angel pressed his holy presence, giving him the appearance of an aura that spread out from him, combating the magic these bone flying creatures relied on. "Do you not thrive on his, faerie brother?!" Decimus yelled at no one in particular around him. "I have sensed this energy within you." Kallias was silent, but was smiling slightly. He nodded. "I do." Decimus had disposed of that which bothered him with a series of deft sabre blows. "The magic of decay was my old gig. So familiar. So much nostalgia. This is the land that I once called home. And there is a reason. I left something here. Something important. It was a long time ago. I need to be healed." Kallias was growing restless. His useless wing drooped at his side. He seemed frustrated with himself as he walked away. He could still see Decimus wrestling to eliminate more of the flyers.
  14. Dull green eyes looked at the bartender with confusion. A bit of life sparked in those eyes and she turned to face the man generous enough to pay for her meal. She just offered a saccharine smile, which showed that some of her teeth had been modified to look more predatory. This took a lot of work, a steady hand, and someone rare in this world- a person she trusted. Mette stood, somewhat short for a native of Shawnee Glacier. Mette made her way towards the table with the woman and the generous man. Standing for a moment, she just tilted her head. Her first interaction with people in a while and she didn’t know what to say. After regaining her thoughts, Mette smiled. “Thank you for paying for my food. It’d be nice to have a properly cooked meal.” But perhaps she was speaking too highly of the food in this bar. “I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Mette Diotrephes.” Her voice was pleasant, but she held a thick accent. It was hard for her to try to trust people anymore. The truth was that she trusted animals more than people and there was a good reason for that. She expected for animals to be fickle and to just walk away when they got bored. She didn’t expect that of the people she loved. This isolation she put herself through, though, wasn’t exactly helping her cause. It had been so long since she’d been out in a place with other people. Instead of being outgoing, not that she was ever. The red-head was more reserved, more apt to observe the behavior of people. Within her cloak, her fingers traveled along her own arm. Despite having been out in the wild for months, the girl was clean. Her red hair was not greasy or matted. The princess had kept herself well-groomed, but not well-dressed. She had grown to not care for those types of things. There was more freedom in what she wore now. "So what is there to do around here?" The hope was to break the ice, so to speak.
  15. Kallias let out a soft sigh. "All right. The initial wave of psychos has disembarked. It's your turn, big guy." He placed a hand on Decimus' shoulder and then stepped aside so the angel could spread his wings. Unlike most angels that were familiar to humans, Decimus' wings resembled the wings of a hawk. Brown, splotched feathers spread winder than his body was tall. The powerful wings shot him upward and then after Rodan and his crew. Kallias was left with Mori and he was quiet. Unexpectedly, his own vision faded and he was seeing as Decimus was seeing. First, he sailed high in the sky, upwards to survey the area around the cave. There was nothing other than the odd, uneasy landscape and the feeling of decay. Kallias shifted, letting out a small sigh. As Decimus descended into the cave, Kallias noted that Decimus could see perfectly. The angel took some twists and turns, adding flourish as it had been far too long since the angel had taken to the sky on his own accord. Kallias, on the other hand, stood on deck. Both of his hands were folded in front of him. The one wing of his that was not shattered spread from his side. A single wing was half his body size and also strange like Decimus' wings. The wing of a blue jay moved slowly, but was unable to properly propel Kallias after the group. For now, he lived vicariously through Decimus.
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