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  1. PandaHat

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling 1d6 for hopefully not getting murdered. But if I roll like I did in D&D tonight, home slice is screwed. Update: Rekt
  2. PandaHat

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll 1d6 Because the struggle is real.
  3. PandaHat

    The First Day of the Rest of His/Her Life

    As he descended the stairway, he was met with a fist thrown at him with such force that he actually stumbled, losing his balance. His body hit the wall with a loud metallic clanging that echoed up the stairs. Involuntarily, he let out a loud grunt at the force that was completely unexpected. Getting punched in the head is a new experience for him no matter how many times it happened. Kallias could have sworn that his vision blurred, but he was able to shake it off in time for stare into Mara's glowing eyes with a pair of his own. He was impressed by her strength, but strength only got someone so far. "Don't tell me this is all you've got." He didn't respond verbally. He responded by quickly raising his hand to catch her fist within his palm. The sound was not the slapping sound of flesh meeting flesh. Her fist was dense. This wasn't exactly what he expected, but then again, he didn't know what to expect. With his feet no longer touching the ground, he figured that she wasn't what she seemed. Kallias's foot moved outward to kick her in the kneecap as hard as he could. One of his hands moved to grab the wrist of the hand she was using to hold him. Kallias found himself doing something he did not normally have to do. Struggle.
  4. Which is Miara's hometown / current place of residence so I can make sure she's part of the notable people section?!?!?!

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    2. supernal


      I have a terrible memory and say so often!

      Damn so those are the only options? Let me suggest just “She’s linked in Casper” as a model to follow next time. That way it isn’t a question for starters and is a lean 4 words to 25. It’s all that lawyering school making you loquacious af 

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      You should change my username to L. Ataraxy as an inside joke. 

      Loquacious Ataraxy reporting for awesomeness

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      Tonight is my first night of reliable internet in quite a long time. Maira's from Casper.

  5. "I've trained hard for this mentally and physically." BOOM. Then it happens. And "it" is always different. "I've been here before. So...yeah!" Then you get thrown off a thingie or eaten by chhitten or you run away from the devil...
  6. Hmmmm....... That's what they all say.
  7. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    The end game was satisfying enough. Taking time to herself while the others scrambled in the chaos, she was not noticed at all. After all, she had learned to silence herself when it was necessary. This chaos, it was so delicious. The pure white pixie emerged from her hiding place, straightening out her barely there clothing. The outfit she wore was lost in the blast, while Gisela fashioned some clothing for herself out of some wads of scratchy fur from some sort of infestation of animal. After a few moments, she left, disappearing from the scene. A couple of days later and she was still running fairly low. Gone was the large, imposing woman with Amazonian features. Now Persephone was greeted by a pixie of pure white skin and hair with bright, sparkling purple eyes. The one distinguishing feature was that her ruby red lips definitely stood out from her white and gray fur covered form. Nibbling upon her lower lip with impatience, she waited until currency was delivered. And it was delivered in the form of large bars that she, in her tiny, diminutive state, would not be able to carry. She heaved a sigh of heavy disappointment, but her greed was going to get the better of her. Gisela hovered around the bars, ignoring the others in the room. Upon closer inspection, she was able to see her own golden reflection before she leaned down to lick the metal. It was real enough to not burn her tongue and that was good enough of a test for her. Gisela sat down on her share of the prize. She grinned at Persephone. "I know I look like...way different, but I can assure you that I am the same crazy 'nurse/reporter lady' that you met before. I hope we do work together again." She turned at the door, thinking about making a new target, which quickly disappeared. She needed more rest and to get out of the foresaken hell-hole. "We will meet again." She waved with one hand, willing the bars to move after she stood. Then she forced the gold bars to disappear into the tiny bag at her side. It was quite a feat, but Gisela offered a wink. "My boy toy.. he makes this kind of stuff. If you want one, meet us in Genesaris sometime." She waved again and darted off as quickly as she could. Her destination was indeed Genesaris this time.
  8. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    As he spoke, she reached into her purse, removing a small pouch that looked like it contained a small recording crystal. Gisela didn't even wait for the shot to land before she lobbed the pouch onto the stage. Upon contact with the stage near the sheriff's feet, it let loose a powder that filled the entire stage area with a loud hiss. Then it exploded after a few seconds, sending sharp shards of shrapnel in all directions. Gisela's form was concealed the smoke. By this time, she had changed her form and was making her way, barreling towards the exit. The first few people took to coughing. Then, there was the sounds of the initial survivors gagging, trying to catch their breath. It was like music to her ears. But Gisela didn't stick around for long. She stumbled out, looking disheveled and distraught. However, her appearance had changed. She was now a he. In fact, that he was the deputy that was charmed the day before, only in plain clothes. He coughed violently before falling to his knees. This act was convincing. The diseased plaguing those in the town hall did not affect him at all. He pressed a hand against his chest as people scrambled to get outside of the town hall. Once one of the other deputies caught up with Gisela in her disguise, the facial features changed to something more non-descript. He stumbled back into the building to see if the job had been done. The slumped body of the mayor was almost unrecognizable as well as the non-existent body of the sheriff, only a shell of a uniform remained in the chair. It was difficult for her to contain her glee as she spotted what looked like pieces of flesh scattered around the stage. In a hurried pace, he departed the scene. Success. Maybe. Gisela's formed changed once more into a fae form, pixie in fact. The pixie with all white clothing, flesh, and hair flitted upwards towards the sky. "I believe we were successful." She whispered to herself.
  9. PandaHat

    Dice Rolling Thread

    roll 1d6 to not get punched in the throat
  10. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    She spent her time preparing herself mentally for what was going to happen. She demonstrated how the bomb was to go off without actually detonating the thing. As night fell, Gisela walked around town for a bit until she decided to settle down. She didn't need to sleep, but it would have been strange for her to wander around the city alone at night. What was she going to do by herself? When the next day arrived, she was up early. "When I raise my right hand, you fire." She said softly. "I don't want to do the job too early. We let them get comfortable. After you fire, I lob this on the stage and change my appearance in the confusion. If I can't, I will be injured in the process or possibly dead. But probably not dead." No calculations were needed and she was among the first to be allowed inside of the town hall meeting. Gisela sat up front. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap. She awaited the moment to strike, but so far, there had been little notice of her interviewing civilians. She crossed her legs and waited for both the mayor and the sheriff to take the stage. Although Persephone did not join her, the plan was in motion. Gisela, the reporter, did not seem at all frazzled by her partner's absence. Gisela wasn't sure what to expect when the town hall meeting took place. As the mayor and sheriff went on to discuss why they were there, she waited patiently. When they were asking if anyone wanted to ask questions, Gisela rose her left hand, giving the signal to Persephone to fire.
  11. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    Gisela continued to smile, commanding the attention of both men on her. Once Persephone left, she sighed, holding up her hands. "Ugh, she has been like this all day. Well, I apologize for that. It seems that my clumsiness is starting to get on her nerves, but sometimes, you know." She laughed uncomfortably while blushing. "I'll take that half box. You will definitely get a good review from one half of this duo." She giggled. The woman took the half box of ammo and turned to the shopkeeper for a brief moment before turning to the assistant. "I've got to hurry up and get going. She's getting antsy. I'll take this one. Do I need to fill out any paperwork or anything?" She kept her tone very syrupy sweet as she pointed towards a basic rifle. Maybe two guns will throw them off. If there was none to fill out, she'd shove a recording crystal towards the assistant. "Is there anything you want to tell the world?" Once he finished, Gisela pocketed the crystal and grabbed the items she had traded for. She then took her leave. "Have a good day." She put her rifle and the ammo in the car before getting in, herself. The deputy drove off with his two passengers. Without saying much at all, she thought about what they needed to do next. "What should we do for the rest of the day?" She asked. The tour would continue and end with dinner. "Do you want to do anything else?" She asked Persephone.
  12. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    I am going to post tonight.
  13. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    It's terrible. ;_;
  14. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    I will get going tomorrow because I have to go to bed. Being responsible. Ew.
  15. PandaHat

    The First Day of the Rest of His/Her Life

    Kallias descended the stairs as quickly as he could, hoping to get a head start. The loud crashing sound of the door echoed in the mostly empty stairwell. He stopped descending the stairs for a moment and waited. His breathing slowed as he stopped. He heard nothing as he cautiously descended the stairs. He couldn't afford to be hasty anymore. Kallias knew he had to come up with a plan before he met with the psycho that shot him. It was also known that even though he appeared to be a human male in a tattered woman's kimono, he would stand out. It didn't matter at that point. At that moment, he braced himself to defend himself once he made it down until the second floor. The look on his face was full of apprehension and his body was full of adrenaline. Instead of attempting to cling to the scraps of colorful kimono on his body, he grabbed at the amulet around his neck and whispered into it. It didn't matter that he was now very flashy and standing out from anyone in Weland, except for the damn regent herself. Golden armor appeared upon his body. The armor was made from thin, metallic looking scales. He clenched one of his hands as he made his way closer to Mara, not even bothering to be quiet at all. His mad dash to the lowest floor slowed as he realized he made too much noise. However, once Kallias made it to the lowest floor, he didn't seem to immediately see her.