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  1. (continuing from ) “I’ve missed you, Ruka…” She followed Kazuhiko with the hint of a smile on her face. Their relationship was complicated. Ruka didn’t know how to describe it. He knew how to push her buttons and make her lose her mind. She knew better than to do the things he often told her were her faults. Ruka’s general feelings of distrust and mild dislike have faded to a dull emptiness. The negativity had disappeared mostly. Then it happened. That kiss. She couldn’t resist it. She returned his kiss. Her own breath caught in her throat. It was a surprise. The two old friends had a falling out. When the pair separated for a brief moment so that he could speak, she looked up into his eyes. An eyebrow rose inquisitively. What was it that Kazuhiko was thinking? “I… I’m afraid I’ve missed you, too.” She laughed, patting a hand against Kazuhiko’s chest. “Your mother and Kenshin make good teachers.” Ruka was embarrassed by her own words. I’m afraid I’ve missed you, too? Was that the best I could do? Perhaps escaping to privacy would help her become more confident. She hoped. Kazuhiko’s return wasn’t exactly unexpected. “Sure. Let’s talk in private.” There was a lot of protocol here. Protocol that she didn’t have to follow if they were alone. Teachings were drilled into her head and she wasn’t sure if her reactions were scripted, but the flurry of emotions was definitely natural. He was always good looking to her. He seemed charming except when they went hunting together. Then she could be just as happy stabbing him in the forehead. However, that was frowned upon and what he was saying to her wasn’t untrue. While he wasn’t gone for a long amount of time, he was gone long enough for her to reflect upon her feelings for Kazuhiko. Ruka realized she never did totally dislike him and her reason for being angry with him was not his fault. Ruka smirked. “I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things, Kazuhiko-san.”
  2. -scratches her head- Now I don't know what to do. I still want to poke around Patia though..
  3. I am hoping to get my thread started by the end of the weekend. I need to catch up on 2 weeks of stuff.
  4. Sorry for taking so long. Still trying not to be sick. And I am getting ready for vacation time.
  5. She was quiet as everyone fought around her. Maira’s shoulders slumped as though her shoulders were holding the weight of the world. Her face showed no expression as two members of the party left. Maira just sighed softly, turning to Nieve. While she in no way thought she was safe, she couldn’t go on feeling the way she did. However, her eyes seemed deceive her. Instead of making some sort of astonished exclamation, she just grinned like a child full of wonder at Nieve. Nieve told Maira to take her hands. Unsure of what was going to happen, she pondered what was the worst that could happen. She reached for Nieve’s hands and looked into her eyes. Maira’s tired expression didn’t seem to change. “I didn’t think of it that way.” Maira blurted out. “But it makes sense.” Her reply to Nieve sounded rather nonchalant, despite the fighting and the actions of the chhitten. “I accept the bond.” Again, what was the worst that could happen? At worst, this bond could be extraordinarily painful and even debilitating. At best, she would feel good as new. It had been a while since she felt as good as new, so that would be a win. Suddenly, and inexplicably, like an idiot, she just grinned. In the face of uncertainty, she’d at least take it with a smile this time. It was better than running for cover. OOC: I rolled a 43. Mental state- Exhaustion 2/3
  6. Past: Decimus had been arrested by the Terrenus military and at that point, there was no way he was going to be rehabilitated to become part of the military for the good of Terrenus. He was not that type of angel. He had stopped fighting his restraints which now barely held his thin form. Decimus still remained silent, a month after he had been arrested. However, this night was different from each night that stretched on. The heavy chains clinked heavily as he moved towards the window. Something was happening out there somewhere. But along the hellish landscape that surrounded the prison, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The chains were weighted for a reason, but that also could have been a bad plan on their part. He began to sing. His hoarse voice was raspy from such a long period of not being used. Both of his hands pressed against his head. Mother has come. Decimus’s vision went fuzzy. He became dizzy, staggering around his cell. With a clatter of chains, he fell against the wall. His wings moved forward as his back slid down the wet cell wall. Beads of sweat formed upon his forehead. The excitement was intoxicating. What won him over was the amount of blood it took for her to become satisfied. She no longer needed these weak little hearts. With all his strength, he pulled against the chains that were wrapped unceremoniously around his body. It had taken two weeks to come up with a plan and lose even more weight to be able to escape, but it happened. He ended up in Genesaris somehow. Present: Decimus sat at the desk that was never at all his desk. He fluttered his wings and folded them tightly against his back. His hands rested against the back of his head while he leaned back in the chair. A tall man that was obviously at one point of a very regal nature stared back at him almost daring him to do whatever it was he was to do. “Lesser Being, it is not quite as simple as me coming in to kill you. Mother Meryam is going to come here to attempt to harness the power of the Whispernight. You cannot save your city, Fairy…” He paused, attempting to come up with a better insult. “It seems they beat all the good insults to your kind out of me.” He ran a hand through his long, curly, red hair. The marks where Decimus was chained were evident upon his wrists, neck, and along his back where his wings were joined to his body. He never got this man that was the supposed mayor of this place. And it wasn’t so simple as storming into the estate and murdering his guards. However, when his guards were under threat of death, the mayor caved and became a hostage. “Now, watch as your city falls to Meryam’s wrath. I should keep you as a blood sacrifice. It is all you are worth to me now.” He whispered. “Or perhaps your allies will serve as the blood sacrifice while you helplessly attempt to suck at Mother’s teet.” Decimus played with a dagger before placing it on a table. “Iron is what hurts you folks. Luckily for you, you big Fairy...giant..thing.. We’ve got plenty of that.”
  7. With a slight tone that suggested that she was teasing, Chizuru grinned. “You never knooow…” She laughed. “Interesting..” Chizuru stood slowly. She turned her body from left to right. Her joints loosened and cracked audibly. “Ah, age does catch up to you after a while.” Though, she managed to age gracefully. This was largely in part to the Yokai influence upon her blood and the fact that her family members had routinely aged gracefully. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she looked at her son. “Why are you so worried about how she’ll feel, neh?” After her son left, she just sat back down. It was interesting to witness this moment. As the scones came, she took one and idly nibbled it. He was right. Ruka would he here soon enough. And Ruka was different from how she was before he left. She had mellowed out a lot. She thought. Her hunting style became more efficient. “The tavern is running well. She has help now. The tavern seems to be doing quite a bit of business, drawing in people from all over the world.” She laughed. “She was going to be only doing it temporarily, but for some reason, people equate her to being some sort of local hero. Much to her dismay.” As the mother and son caught up, Ruka was being led to the regent’s estate by Shinkan. Shinkan spoke to the guard and led Ruka inside. She turned to the girl and smirked. “You look great.” She said quietly with a laugh. The girl was led towards the room where Chizuru and Kazuhiko sat. Ruka bowed deeply. She wasn’t dressed for the occasion. She just wore a basic yukata. Chizuru turned towards the door, looking at Ruka and Shinkan, who was also bowing. “Good evening.” Chizuru greeted the pair. “Good evening. Thank you for welcoming me into your home.” Ruka greeted Chizuru. “Kazuhiko wanted to see you. I will let you guys have privacy. It is good to have you back, Kazuhiko-san. I’m going to retire for the evening. Good night.” Chizuru gave Kazuhiko a wink, then walked past Ruka and Shinkan, nodding her head to both of them as she passed.
  8. Kiku simply returned Raven’s smile with a shy one of her own. The elf folded her hands in front of her. As for a return payment, she didn’t really have one to think of. Seiji wasn’t going to speak on her behalf either. Kiku sighed, allowing a long sigh to escape her pale lips. This was a sound that Seiji was not expecting. Seiji just waved slightly. There was nothing formal coming from Weland. It wasn’t his place to make that sort of arrangement. But Kiku, on the other hand, was intrigued by the idea of repayment. “Just friendship.” She said with a shrug. Capri’s interruption caught Kiku by surprise. She didn’t know that Lyonesse wasn’t Raven’s as of yet. Her cheeks colored and she wanted to hide. Seiji simply placed a hand over her hand and allowed what had happened between Capri and Raven to play out like a theater performance. Only it was real, free, and probably less entertaining. Seiji took a sip of wine, but didn’t allow the young empress to take any. Kiku sighed softly. “Why go all the way to Terrenus for construction materials and such when we, already here in Elendaron, have them at your disposal? What sort of repayment is it that I ask for? On a personal level, I would love to have you as a friend and possible ally. On a financial level, it will bring more residents to this land and help Lyonesse grow to a city. This benefits me as well in the long run and perhaps we can become partners economically. We provide you with materials and workers, at first, for cheaper than you can get by outsourcing those people from Terrenus. If workers are something you don't need, we have plenty of materials that are, ah, unique to Bunmei City. And, well, we have steel and many of the other 'custom' alloys that seem to make all the modernization people a little bit giddy." “This isn’t a thorough course study in magitechnology. I am not looking to take Lyonesse away from you. Lyonesse needs to grow. Bunmei City needs to grow. Why not do it together?” Kiku rose an eyebrow. “You seem like a fairly charismatic gentleman, Lord Sithis. And the princess, she seems to be lovely as well. I am sure that people will no doubt come to live here. Have you ever completely explored this area?”
  9. While Elenweeb was working on some elaborate introduction, it was clear that Ruka was not having any of it. She looked down at Caitlyn after taking the berry she was offered. The look on her face was grim. “Sometimes,” She answered. The art of brevity was one that she had mastered. Ruka’s eyes were fixed on Hana, who was still prone to the attack from anyone at that point. “There.” She gestured with a nod of her head towards Hana. Then she spotted Elenweeb going after the girl on the stairs. Ruka did not prepare any speech. She reformed the shards of armor around her body. Compared to when she first became a Hososhi, Ruka was able to control the shards like they were an extension of her soul. In a way, they were. “Either we do this together or we split up. That girl needs help and that girl on the stairs is going to need help.” Ruka looked around for a way to get off the catwalk. A tentacle lashed against a set of stairs violently and a ladder was ripped from the catwalk and thrown haphazardly about the factory. Ruka gauged the fall from the catwalk. She could make it, obviously, but she wasn’t sure about Caitlyn. Her eyes rolled upwards in thought, then she acted. “We need to get down there.” Then, Ruka simply jumped. Her armor would shield her from the impact, though, she’d feel that once the transformation wore off. She landed on the floor of the factory with her body compact as possible. After standing, Ruka was almost knocked to the ground by an arm. “Die already.” She whispered. Her pace increased once on the ground, with a few minor close calls with tentacles brushing against her and a close encounter with a grabbing hand. Ruka wasn’t exactly trained for agility, but she was surprising herself until she reached Hana in the pile of rusted metal. “Tai No Sen!” Her armor fragmented around Hana, but left Ruka exposed as a grabbing hand held her tightly, separating her from Hana in the pile of metal. For now, the armor shielded Hana.
  10. I am just catching up on stuff. Give me, uhh... some time.
  11. Halia turned to Katie with a blank expression. Was this another one of Kazuhiko’s students? No, it didn’t seem so. This girl seemed different from the other girls. First off, there was no presence of Yomigane on this girl. Halia shrugged. The Yokai wasn’t something that she controlled, so it wasn’t as though she herself couldn’t hunt it down. But it was not her place. “My name is Halia.” Her head tilted slightly, showing her horns in the streetlight. “I used to hunt those things like that upstairs.” She gestured upwards. “Now, are you here to bow to the new Demon Prince and his little knights of the round table?” She ran a hand through her hair. “Or are you here to just hunt the Yokai, no questions asked?” Truthfully, she wasn’t around to start trouble tonight. Her strange appearance had often caused some unwanted attention which would often cause her to lash out in anger. However, she’d keep her temper in check, so long as Katie did nothing to try to harm her. --------------------------------------- Ruka looked at Kathy as though she were crazy, but she appreciated the help. Her eyes watched as the weapon fired at the beast. She couldn’t help but allow her jaw to drop. “Whoa. I have got to get one of those.” She muttered under her breath. However, the thrill of killing something with a bunch of blades would have been gone. The Yokai screeched loudly into the night. It fell forward, falling on the rooftop. It was dead. Ruka looked at Kathy. “Nice to meet you, Katie. My name is Ruka. You want that?” She pointed to the dead Yokai. “The relic is your’s. I’ve got plenty.” She added. “This is your first night, right?” Brushing her hair off her shoulder, she smirked. “Man, this is a mixed up bag. If you want the relic, you better get moving. That scream and that mess are going to attract others.” The armor shards began to reform into the thin armor that coated her body.
  12. Gisela sighed softly. The Royal Nurse, if one could call her a nurse, ran a hand through her hair. It was true. There was a high probability that in Arashi's state, she could die. Eventually. She already knew what it was that ailed Arashi. With a finger, she motioned for the female to move closer to her. She didn't say anything, but the look on her face might have been characterized as being seductive. "The first thing I'm going to tell you to do is to come here." She, of course, was fully expecting the unpredictable dragon to attempt to claw her face off. "The second thing I'm going to tell you to do is to calm down. The rate at which your heart is pumping that poison through your veins is going to have to dead in no time." That was a slight exaggeration. "The third thing I wish for you to do is to follow me so that I can administer your antidote. It's another needle." All the amusement of toying with Arashi, for now, was gone. It was time to get down to business.
  13. The sound of another carriage approaching went mostly ignored, but she knew that it was Trydian’s carriage. Chizuru had taken Roen’s hand and nodded her head twice as though to acknowledge the gesture. In her mind, there was an internal countdown to this day. Though, Roen’s appearance and relatively affable nature was not met with immediate comfort. She simply obliged with a similar warmth, albeit with rigid, formal decorum. “Well met,” Chizuru said with a small smile. Despite this, the regent was not content. But, like a guest in her home, she had fixed for the first round of tea to be served. Once Trydian joined them, she’d smile at him and tilt her head slightly. “Hello, Trydian-san.” However, her attention moved to Roen once again. She moved a hand out towards Trydian. “Roen, this is my husband, Trydian Xanathi. And, Trydian, this is Roen from Patia.” She met Roen’s gaze with one of her own. The woman was known for her stubborn nature. She was known to be tough to deal with. Then again, in her mind, all strong women were tough to deal with. One could ask Trydian, who somehow figured out how to deal with her. The waitress had bowed once more and served tea to the trio. Chizuru lifted the cup and tilted her head as though she were examining it in the palm of her hand. It wasn’t the imported stuff from Casper, which was something she could appreciate. After all, Chizuru had a lot of pride for Weland’s craftsmen and their goods. “Of course, this is my doing.” Chizuru owned up to her pickiness with no hesitation. “As you are a guest, I would want to treat you with the same hospitality that I would expect someone, such as yourself, would treat me. Even if one were to just randomly show up at a tea house.” She added the last part without a hint of annoyance. However, she was not exactly delighted that this day had come. “My, ah, informants are many and capable. I believe highly that information is more valuable than all this china and all this tea.” “What is it that brings you to Weland, Roen?” She dropped the honorifics she used for Trydian. Not like she didn’t know the answer to that very loaded question. Chizuru only wished to hear the words from the Devil’s mouth. Inhaling sharply, she took in the slightly medicinal scent of the tea she held. The same tea that Roen was served. The minty aroma coaxed her into a sense of false relaxation. The tea was derived from herbs that grew in the city’s gardens. These herbs were known to calm the nerves. Usually, when animals ate its bioluminescent flowers, they’d experience euphoria and could be found rolling in the grass or stumbling around like a business man after a few too many drinks. In beings that were bigger than small rabbits, they would just feel relaxed and calm. The tea helped to bring focus.
  14. “Tch.” Seiji replied to Kazuhiko’s comment. He turned to face Kazuhiko. A smile threatened to appear on his face. He just let out a long, exasperated sigh. Seiji rose both of his hands and shrugged his shoulders. There really wasn’t a good reason to be here on Bi’le’ah, other than the possibility of finding an artifact. He also failed to mention that there was no reason to race against one another. Or that this was possibly some elaborate plan made to draw the pair away from Weland, but a little adventure wouldn’t hurt anyone. Right? “You seem tense.” It wasn’t as though Seiji and Kazuhiko had never sparred. Seiji was quite familiar with the Prince’s mastery over the shadows, so he knew that he couldn’t utilize his own shadow abilities. They were fairly weak compared to Kazuhiko’s abilities. However, Seiji held a mastery over the element of water, which seemed to be relevant here on an island in the mist. “No, no. Your mother did not send me here. I came here of my own accord. Exploring the world.” Seiji looked over at his cousin. “Relax. I’ll make sure you smell the artifact when I get a hold of it.” If there was one thing that he did well, it was egging Kazuhiko on. In a way, he promoted Kazuhiko’s abilities as well as his own. He pushed his buttons. Without saying another word, Seiji took off, showing off his own physical strength and agility as he lept over fallen pieces of a city that was torn asunder to look for an artifact that could have literally been anywhere.
  15. Seems fine to me as well.