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  1. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    With the amount of information that was given to the pair, Gisela just took notes. She acted interested, asking some basic questions from everyone about the quality of life, favorite things to do, favorite places to eat, what they thought of the city itself. When Gisela felt satisfied, Persephone was the one with the most information. She tilted her head, trying to formulate a plan. It was no secret that the press was not trusted by some of the older citizenry. Who could blame them? The rumor was that the press was corrupt, but the only thing Gisela had going for her in this guise was that she was a reporter from the Daily Weekly, which meant she had international reach. Well, at least that was what she could promise. "Well, if we show up to that meeting, bright and early, we would have time to set up. Unless we set up tonight." She said softly. "Something tells me that we may not get close enough as reporters together. After all, you see how the old folks avoid us like we've been touched by The Devil King. This is a perfect opportunity for us to get both targets in one shot." She thought out loud as she walked. Then she placed her fingers as though she were framing a shot. "Think about it. Mayor and Sheriff on stage. Of course, we'd need a press pass. I am not sure how easy we can get those." The fae's hands lowered. "Perhaps one of us distracts while the other takes the perfect shot." She said with a smile, turning to Persephone. "We should check out the building before we get there tomorrow." She tilted her head. "Let's go now." Three plans formulated in her mind all at one time as they walked. The pace was one with purpose. That particular location was not too far from the cafe where Gisela thoroughly enjoyed her sweetened coffee. The decaying town hall was an eyesore. Gisela hissed softly and shook her head. "A shame, really. I bet this was...an average looking building at one point." She turned the recording device on once more. "If you take a look around, I'll just go in and ask for press passes, Miss Marks." She passed a note to her partner. Check any buildings that may offer a view to this room. Check for secret doors, traps, and any areas that may be used for secret entry. Please be careful. You may destroy this note whenever you wish. Gisela turned. "I will be back in a bit. I suppose it will be hard for me to get two press passes with how the locals seem to distrust us." The fae reporter walked into the building.
  2. PandaHat

    Tabletop games 30 day challenge

    I have one that is in the College of Valor, which gives them more of the capabilities of a fighter and they can be strikers or tanks if you build them right. The idea of taking College of Valor is to make them more like...uuhhh...pro-wrestlers or gladiators.
  3. PandaHat

    Tabletop games 30 day challenge

    Favorite playable class.... Hmmm. See, I really like to play bards for the versatility. They can pretty much do anything they put their minds to. I currently have 2 characters that are bards, but with completely different builds and skill sets. Didn't realize we were on day 11. I ran a little Plane Shift Ixalan/D&D thing. It was rad. Dinos , vampire conquistadors, and Aztecs.
  4. PandaHat

    Party Favors (Open, Small Raid)

    He had happened upon the village raid in his travels. However, he was not just casually walking by. Or casually flying by. No, he was sent to explore the outskirts of things by the city of Weland. Sometimes jobs like this were incredibly boring and tedious. Tonight was different. This village was alive with activity. The unsavory type of activity that belonged to a raiding party. This particular young one was not necessarily a hero in the night. As he ran into the village, the hobgoblins actions reflected into the glasses that he wore. The sound of the yell of Dredge would be caught, recorded, and sent to Weland. They were smart to send a kid like Seiji. Then he caught it among the stench of death. The smell of another like him. Similar to him, but yet so far different. Seiji had to investigate that as well. When he left the Dragon Temple off the coast of Genesaris to go to the Gaian Academy, he had encountered very few that were like him. And now, he moved into action. He moved quickly, trying to avoid detection. It was not like him to save damsels in distress. His attention moved to Dredge's flames on the villagers. His lips pursed together and formed a thin, straight line. He couldn't let villagers get captured, but he was only one. He removed a small orb from his pocket and pulled a tiny pin from it. It popped open, rolling towards the group of hobgoblins trying to take Arashi. Seiji moved silently, flanking the group as best as he could. When the orb got within five feet of the group, it exploded with smoke that filled the area. The boy glanced around, then waited before jumping into the smoke to attempt to save Arashi.
  5. PandaHat

    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    Yessireebob. And you're welcome.
  6. PandaHat

    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    I don't want to hunt my own dudes. Can I hunt someone else's?
  7. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    I am fine with that.
  8. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    After a light, feminine chuckle, her coffee and Persephone's tea arrived. She seemed thrilled as she smelled the coffee, then she tasted it. A soft wince and she ended up dumping more sugar in her coffee. As she seemingly mindlessly scooped sugar into the hot beverage, she just nodded slowly. Dumb and tedious, it was. Without looking, she began to stir her sugar loaded coffee. Now, if there was any sign that the being that sat across from Persephone was not human, this was it. Her coffee thickened to almost a syrup. Gisela took a sip, then nodded. She understood what her next course of action would be. There was nothing to debate. Their planned was laid out beautifully. "Well, it would be a shame to cause a fuss. We will start figuring out what we can find out about the leadership of the town. If anyone could give us some wonderful appeal to this city, it would be their leadership after all." Gisela took another sip of her sickeningly sweet beverage. She turned, looking for the waitress. When she spotted the woman, Gisela made eye contact with her, then looked back at the menu in her hand. The waitress walked up, looking down at the pair. "What would you like?" The waitress asked with a false sense of friendliness. "Ahh... I'll take..." And Gisela started naming items off the menu. A variety of items and the waitress gently waved a hand. "Are you sure, ma'am? This is a lot of food." Gisela thought for a moment. "We have some people that have just arrived in the city." She said softly, then she lit up as though she had some sort of inspiration. "How would you like to be a part of a worldwide broadcast about places to go that are sort of off the beaten path? Everyone will see it. Even people in Genesaris...Alterion. Everywhere." She smiled. The waitress hesitated, then leaned in. "My boss would fire me." "You could be famous..." Gisela tilted her head, raising an impeccably groomed eyebrow. "What do you say??" "Well, aw.. I've never been on a broadcast. I guess it's okay. We just have to go somewhere else." "How about we film out front? Get this place some publicity." She grinned. "Sure!" The waitress seemed enthusiastic enough. She turned to Persephone. "Would you like to order anything?"
  9. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    "Of course, Miss Marks." She nodded again in approval. This one was amazing. She gestured as though she didn't spend time in the area already. In essence, she did not. Not as Janet Carteret, the butt of that douche bag narcissist's jokes. The woman clenched her jaw for a moment, just hearing his voice in her imagination. Suddenly, she relaxed. There was a job to do, people to woo, a sheriff to kill. One way or another. The walk was a short one. Just long enough for her to plan her next step, but not long enough to come up with the whole scheme. "Be wary, Miss Marks. The people around here don't seem to take too kindly to foreigners, so I am not sure how successful this piece will be. But wouldn't it be marvelous to put Norkotia on the map?!" She laughed. They were guided to a table. Gisela sat down and smiled. A waitress offered the pair menus, which Gisela accepted happily. "Thank you, ma'am." When the waitress left, Gisela leaned forward, then produced a small recording device, which looked just like a crystal in a small lighted base. She gently pressed a button on the thing and it seemed like nothing had happened at all. "This is a recording device that they use in Weland for security measures. I was able to actually purchase one and I use it when I go out in the field. This probably looks weird to people, but let me tell you. The picture is crystal clear...no pun intended.. on this thing. It records moving pictures and the sounds of voices. We should interview a few more of the locals, so as to not draw suspicion." She waited for the waitress to return. "I'd like a cup of coffee with sugar. No cream." She looked at Persephone to see what she would order. When the waitress seemed satisfied, Gisela went back to fiddling with the device. "I'm aiming to ask our waitress some questions about day to day life. How do you think we get to the sheriff? Just keep poking around doing dumb, tedious stuff like this?"
  10. PandaHat

    Promotion Celebration [Terrenus Military]

    I have never had anyone sketch my characters before so that sketch was cool. ❤️
  11. Unfortunately for Esben, Halia was not alone. She stood, back to a wall, speaking with a pair of drow in front of what looked like a dilapidated building. The building itself was guarded by a large bone golem. The drow were completely concealed by heavy cloaks, and it was obvious by the way they clung to the shadows that this meeting would be short. Halia was just listening while one of her companions spoke with a raspy voice that hissed a list of items. It seemed like a strange grocery list of very morbid ingredients. "The ritual requires a copious amount of blood from a surface dweller. That is what we use to contact the God himself. I have yet to receive my payment. Also, a strip of jade, hair of the yokai queen, the fang of a white tiger, the ashes from a phoenix's death, and the scale of a crystal dragon. Who knew we would like in a time when a crystal dragon inhabits this city?" The drow woman smiled a fanged smile herself. "Well, I have managed to collect most of the items minus the copious amount of blood and the crystal dragon's scale. But he isn't that hard to find. You would think that blood spills regularly around here when you don't want it to. When you do, the city is peaceful." Halia said, adding a shrug. "This thing you ask will be done. One way or another." "You said this the last time." "These things take time." Halia explained. "Now, Janarra. Doesn't my soldier protect you well enough? We owe each other favors." With a toss of her own, the drow just waved a hand dismissively. "I dislike dealing with you." "The feeling is quite mutual." The meeting broke up and Halia was at a loss as to what to do at this point.
  12. PandaHat

    Souzou, Enraged

    Souzou moved towards Kallias, but his lumbering walk was slow as predicted. He looked up and hissed softly at himself. "Well, damn. I knew I couldn't hide for long." Wings spread from his sides as he took off running. One of Souzou's steps was worth a regular morning's short run for him. He practically sprinted before his wings took over, providing gusts of air that propelled him from awkwardly sprinting to taking off into the air. "Meryam, this is not the time for silence." He whispered under his breath as he tried to escape from the area along with whatever people and animals were hiding with him. His arms moved as though he was swimming as though the flapping of his own arms was going to help his wings propel him faster. However, it wasn't the giant that brought him to the earth. He heard it before he saw it. Souzou's aura brought with it a high-pitched screech. It was something he had not experienced with Meryam and he wasn't sure why this one was so much different. As he spiraled down like a leaf from a tree in the wind, he was thinking to himself about Souzou's possible power and then about Mori, who was on her way towards the city. "Taipan, I am somewhere near Renmin Square, heading south." He had heard the shots from more of the military's airships. The ammunition was heavier, slightly more effective at slowing him, but it was even more effective at making him angry. This gave Kallias the chance to escape. And that is what he attempted. He stopped falling and started to steady himself. "Man, I am going to puke." He landed, kneeling on the ground. Renmin Square was empty. The people who weren't dead were safely hidden under ground. Kallias looked up at Souzou for a moment before taking off running. "Damn, damn..." He whispered. That was when the cyborg's voice came in, full of static at first. "Strange disturbance.... near big temple... That direction..." Big temple? What big temple ? He seemed confused for a moment. "The biggest temple in town is in the Southern Quarter. That makes sense. Keep us posted, cousin." Kallias looked up at Souzou, who appeared so much larger than he could have ever imagined looming over him. "Daaaamn..." He added, taking off running, like he was going to outrun that. He turned, hearing a vehicle in the distance and Kallias took off flying towards it. There was only one person he was sure that was crazy enough to come into the city and that was Mori, aka Taipan. The man until he spotted the vehicle and he attempted to land directly on the roof. "Taipan, I am right over you. I think. We need to head to the Southern Quarter, avoiding the center of the city." The large temple was silent for a moment, while Chizuru processed what was happening around her. The kid that had attacked her was enraged and Kenshin was attempting to protect the Regent. She stood with her right hand crackling with lightning. Her eyes burned with intent on zapping the girl with lightning. When Kenshin's arm extended, her palm flexed outward. Lightning leaped from her hand towards the girl, knocking the girl back and causing her to drop the iron rod with a loud clang. The girl's body shattered the wall on impact, and the air went still for a moment. Then moments turned to minutes as Kenshin worked now on checking to make sure that the Regent was fine. Chizuru was, and she sat up quickly. Chizuru was at her feet, pushing Kenshin out of the way as the girl sat up. The pieces of the wall that surrounded the girl were lobbed towards the woman that hit her with lightning. However, instead of hitting Kenshin, Chizuru was attempting to deflect most of the pieces of shrapnel with her own use of force. It was weaker than the girl's. The girl's purpose was already accomplished. The retainer could see the pain in her Lady's face. Chizuru hid pain rather well for the most part, but she had a piece of wood sticking out of her shoulder. Kenshin was at her feet once more. "Stop!" She yelled at the girl. The girl flicked her wrist. A piece of wood hit Kenshin directly on her forehead. She doubled back for a moment. "I said stop!" She yelled, unleashing another torrent of magic. The wave was stronger than that used for the lightning and it was simply used to form a prison of sort over the girl's body, holding her in position as she dove to reach for the iron rod. Kenshin held her there.
  13. PandaHat

    A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Maira stopped in her tracks as Xerxes was practically beaten up by the land. She winced, then sheathed her sword, moving away as fast as her shadows could carry her. Quietly, she shifted her focus. Buford. She tilted her head, trying to come up with a strategy as she walked towards Marigold. "While what you did hurt people, you can redeem yourself. It was this mist. This land. It does something to a person. It exploits their fears and it toys with them. It makes you angry. And more afraid than you will ever be in your life. Do you want forgiveness?" Her expression was stern. The Colonel's face was determined. There was a faint glow that she would have never noticed in her eyes before. "I am not going to tell you to move on and forget. I am telling you to move on and live with it because it happened and it's a part of you. Plus, until we figure out whether we fight or we find a way out, we are stuck together." Maira looked at her arm once more, thinking that she should at least make a sling or something. She removed her jacket and started to fiddle with it. "Anyway, if you really want forgiveness, Doc, you stay with us and help us. Or Gaia help my sword strike true..." She stared at him for a moment in silence. Then she continued to try to fashion a sling out of her jacket. "Apparently, we have an extra dimensional being. No big deal. This isn't my first rodeo." As she turned, she spoke. Maira sighed softly as shadows formed around her, trying to help her as she walked. They licked at her body, travelling through her, surrounding her with an aura almost. "Come on, Doc Danger and Pally Paladin!" The Colonel remembered to keep her distance from Alexa and averted her gaze towards her target. Without a word, she moved, unsheathing her blade once more. The motion was slow and deliberate. "All that suffering..." She muttered.
  14. PandaHat

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll 1d100 for Yh'mi effect
  15. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    Gisela waited patiently for her companion. She was surprised to see how she looked so much like a reporter. Persephone took what she said to heart and Gisela admired that. The fey just smiled, greeting Persephone in a voice that lacked a trace of the accent she once held. Her accent was neutral, perhaps something from Genesaris. After all, that is where she first lived before she moved to Terrenus, then eventually setting in Tellus Mater. A world traveler, a nomad. She had experienced all different types of people, though recently, she kept the company of addicts and cyborg nurses. Actual company with their own freewill was a change of pace. Just like her companion, she wore her own tasteful attire. A simple dress that dropped at her knees. The dress was, of course, her favorite color. White. However, the blazer she wore over her shoulders was not white, but instead a tasteful forest green which seemed to bring out her violet eyes. She carried a bag that was filled with papers and the food that she had just acquired. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips were still ruby red, as they often were. The woman wore tasteful, comfortable footwear. She looked at Persephone. "Perfection." She said with a smile that brought dimples to her cheeks. She was the stereotypical good girl. The kind a man would bring home to meet the family. The kind that was hard to find anywhere in Valucre. She was so vanilla and that is what set her apart. Gisela looked vulnerable, which was what made people lower their guard. She offered her hand and walked with confidence and grace. "Hello. My name is Janet Carteret." But even with this full on disguise, she was still obviously Gisela, in the very least by scent and aura. "I've been on a couple of late night shows brought to you by the Daily Weekly and Rainbow Bridge. But the bridge is gone, so this is my life. A travel journalist. And you are?"