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  1. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    "I think this lass can handle an extra kick for some extra boom." Gisela leaned against the counter, examining both of the shells. She had an idea of what she came in to get. These little weenie guns were not what she was looking for. "Well, well, well..." She examined the shells, then took a step to the left to allow for Penelope. "What do you say?" Guns weren't really interesting to her. The Unseelie woman figured that maybe Penelope knew more. Her attention was fleeting. She looked up at the other wares of the shop. She sighed and absently swatted the ammo on the floor. The shells fell to the floor in what she could only describe as a continuous clanging of metal. Gisela gasped. "Oh no! I'm so sorry." She wasn't. Gisela knelt down on the floor to pick up the shells that fell. She looked up at Penelope and mouthed the words 'Grab the rifle you want', while she put shells in her purse. As if causing mayhem was a routine for her, she stood quickly and spun around. Using her taller stature to her advantage, she peered over the counter. The other man walking back hopefully gave them enough time to use this diversion as a distraction. And hopefully, they could make a quick retreat. "I am sorry. Do you want me to help you?" Her voice sounded as sweet and syrupy as molasses.
  2. PandaHat

    OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I'm fine with that.
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    Tabletop games 30 day challenge

    The idea of a Tarrasque is terrifying enough. One of the games I play in has two huge monsters that all the characters have to watch out for. One is called Black Winged Death. Btw, this game is a homebrew. Black Winged Death is a pretty scary dragon. And when your party is made up of little people (2 gnomes, a dwarf, and a halfling), it was even more imposing. But then....then we were introduced to Worldeater. A giant wurm that hunts Black Winged Death.
  4. PandaHat

    Rock and a Hard Place (Last Chance)

    "I didn't know this was some sort of a themed bar." Maira blurted aloud without even thinking of taking a moment to hesitate. She had seen the woman with the mask and now noticed the man pouring them a drink was also wearing a mask as well. It all seemed suspicious to her. She placed a couple rhodium on the counter. "Thanks." Ceneric smiled a very warm smile as he took the drink. Corellian whiskey, eh? Hanava fruit juice? "What is a Hanava fruit? Is that like an orange or some sort of a citrus fruit?" He had assumed that the Corellian whiskey was from some part of Genesaris or some outstretch of land in Elendaron. "Typically, we don't water down out whiskey where I am from, but...Ah!" He responded to a sharp elbow jab from Maira. "Now, now... these citizens have been through a lot. Stop giving this one a hard time." She sighed. "Damn Fae. Always trying to start trouble." Maira rose the glass to the bartender's rather large form. She gently clicked her glass against Ceneric's glass and took a rather dainty for a soldier's sip. Ceneric was not quite as dainty. He did laugh. "This is strong for a ch-" Another sharp elbow jab taught the normally reserved Fae to shut up. He just smiled. Clearly, he was not from Valucre either, but he wore his disguise fairly well. "I enjoy this." He rubbed the left side of his body just below his ribs. Maira took a look around the room in silence. She was casually sipping her drink. It wasn't bad. A bit strong though. Ceneric sighed. "You know, Hector was telling me that Ether got some letter from a person named Amaranth. I don't know. She seemed pretty nervous and it is a bit suspicious." Maira just nodded once. "She is the one that was around Predators Keep? The one you say lived in a dwarf's beard?" "Yes, she is a pixie." Ceneric added. "You know, small. But strong." He sighed. Once the pair were done their drinks, they continued to speak. "You ever thought to explore any of the other continents for the same type of energy as here?" Maira shrugged. "I've only been to Genesaris once. It was a brief visit." "You know, Genesaris is not bad to visit, I guess." Ceneric motioned for another round. "I used to live there. Your knowledge of things can be beneficial to everyone." "I don't think it's a good idea. You know they hate us there."
  5. Unfortunately for Amaranth, the letter was absolutely massive compared to her small size. She read it word for word, then ran her tongue along her upper lip. She looked up and then shrugged. "What do you think?" She asked a crystal that was larger than her entire body from head to toe. She stared up at it. "How did this person get my name?" Oh, it was probably from Predator's Keep in Terrenus. Well, that was awkward. "I don't like it, Hector. Not one bit. I haven't been alive for this long minding other people's business." "Oh, sure you haven't. You've served the king quite well. I'm sure if you asked the king, he'd tell you to go there and snoop around like you always do." Ether sighed. "I know. I know." She crossed her legs and produced a blueberry from the pouch at her side. She tore at the blue skin of the berry and then grabbed handfuls of the soft green flesh. She then jammed the flesh into her mouth. The green flesh was so soft that she didn't even have to chew. Hector could hear the slurping sounds she was making as she devoured the fruit. The blueberry was the size of a large grapefruit in her hands. Hector sighed softly. "I wish you had more...you know... manners." "I'm a pixie, boss. I'm not known for having manners." She said after swallowing the sweet fruit. "Anyways, I will leave as soon as I feel like it." She yawned. "I'm gonna be flyin' on an airship! I don't have ta'use my wings." She bragged childishly. Hector was not a stranger to airships, but she typically flew everywhere using her tiny wings. "You should probably disguise yourself, Ether. You've got a distinctive appearance." Ether shrugged. "I ain't wanted by no one, so it shouldn't matter, but I will disguise myself so I can at least get onto the ship." Three days later and she was sure that the people that she needed to rescue were probably dead. No matter. The disguise she chose was simply a much larger version of herself. And by much larger, she was the size of a small child. The fully grown pixie wore a plain green cloak over her the furs and leather she covered her body with. Ether had made her residence in colder climates, after all. As she headed towards Farenheit Celsius, she looked around. Where are the other passengers? Was this supposed to be a private ride? Ether reached into her pouch and produced an orange, which she quickly peeled, dropping the peels on the ground as she walked. She took a large bite out of the top of the fruit and looked around before walking towards the airship.
  6. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    Gisela walked in with a smile. She was looking around with a gaze of wonder on her face. "Wow, this is very impressive." She was grinning like a kid in a candy store. "This is one of the most well-stocked shops around, I'll tell ya!" She exhaled sharply. Her eyes were on the gun rack for a moment. She was eyeing one of the Norkotian guns. "You ever been to Genesaris?" She asked softly, tilting her head to the side very slightly. It was clear that she was giving him all of her undivided attention. This was a feat in itself. Her violet eyes held him in her gaze. With the slightest tinge of the Fae brogue, she spoke. "I've got one of these. It's a pocket watch. I'm looking for a gun. The lady I walked in with has never had the pleasure, say, shooting cans off a fence. Either way, we're looking for one of those. Also, it might be a collector's item outside of here." She pointed towards it with a well-manicured fingernail. "And we've got the money and goods to pay with. How much is this worth, by the way?" She gently held it out to the men. "It's a Fae piece." She added. The watch she held out was very well crafted. It was made of silver with small sapphires that were arranged decoratively into a star. She pushed in the tiny dial and it popped open. Once it popped open, a display showed up, showing a simple compass which was pointing in the general direction they were facing now. She pushed the button again, and it displayed the time. "There are like 3 more settings." She said before closing the watch and placing it on the counter. The idea of a simple robbery wasn't going to go over well enough. Although she could overpower one, she couldn't overpower two with guns. After all, she came mostly weaponless. "Would you be interested in contributing to our little documentary, by the way? It will be great for advertisement." She grinned, holding up the same crystal used to interview the other people in town. She smirked.
  7. PandaHat

    Rock and a Hard Place (Last Chance)

    Her hand fit neatly in the grasp of the taller, larger in build Seelie fae she walked with. He smiled down at her, as though she were a project he had finished. In some ways, she was. The Colonel's walk was slow. Ceneric smiled down at her warmly. She narrowed her eyes at the bar. Ceneric stared straight ahead. He tilted his head. Maira noticed it, too. Except her senses were significantly weaker than those of the man next to her. Maira shook her head and, in a loud voice, she declared. "Come on. I'll pay for a drink. It's the least I can do." Ceneric laughed. "All right. We can try that one over there." He pointed towards the nearest bar. "I haven't been to one of these in a while." He stretched. "Neeehhh.. " Maira replied, leading him to the bar. She wasn't going to forget the battle. She furiously built up the wall only to have everything go blank in a flash of light. There were faint markings where she had been burnt on her legs. Both of her arms were wrapped in bandages, denoting that something had happened to the cybernetics in both of her hands. However, both of her arms worked thanks to some last minute tinkering by the Seelie King and the Crown Prince. However, she had to pledge her life to the Seelie. It was a no brainer, seeing as she was getting particularly close to their flamboyant Crown Prince. Nothing had changed. She was going to help protect Terrenus as best as she could. Ceneric smiled. "Come, let's go. Maybe you won't even have to pay anything at all with a cute... face... like your's." Compliments weren't his thing, but she knew that he was being truthful. Maira's cheeks turned bright red as she walked into the bar under Ceneric's outstretched arm that held the door open. "Wow. I never thought I'd get a drink at all in Last Chance." Maira muttered with a shrug. She walked up to the bar. Ceneric's smile never left his face as he sat at the bar. The man inhaled sharply. "Foreign magic." He whispered. It wasn't like they were not foreign at all. Maira wore a dress made of the light cottons of bright colors and patterns found in Weland. Ceneric was dressed in what could only be described as navy blue business casual. Button down shirt, slacks, a watch, and an amulet around his neck. He looked more like a human in disguise. He was tall, over six and one half foot tall. Short curly black hair seemed to have a mind of its own as he rarely styled it. Maira was more of the prim and proper, pulling back her own violet colored hair. "Hello!" She greeted the bartender warmly. "My jolly gigantic friend and I are looking for a drink." Ceneric's expression deadened for a moment as his tongue drew across his lips. "Make it something special. The pretty lady is paying for me."
  8. PandaHat

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character Name: Maira Pembroke Affiliation: Terran Military Location/Objective: Fortify the wall Allies: Terrenus military Enemies: The Away Team Maira chewed upon her lower lip as she helped the dwarves and others work on the wall. The wall was coming along fine, but the repairs were temporary. Golems lined the wall where Maira had instructed them to. A small vial of a sparkling liquid twirled its way in front of her on a chain. The vial itself was still sealed, but she knew that the contents of the vial was to only be used in emergencies. This raid, while intensely dangerous, was not an emergency right now. She tucked it back into the layers of her uniform. Her right hand man, Judical, stared at her for a moment, then continued on building another type of fortification with the team of dwarves and humans. Maira's hand rose towards the sand of the beach near where the tiny mechs had unleashed havoc upon one of their commanders. The sand began to move on its own, gathering at a single point. That point expanded to become a blob. Appendages shot out of the blob, moving downwards as the blob propelled itself upwards. The form was large, ten feet tall, similar in size to the rubble golems Maira had made earlier. The blob stood on four legs, forming a head that looked somewhat canine in appearance. Maira smiled, not paying particular attention to the gathering clouds. The form's head appeared to move as though it were howling, but no sound other than a rush of air emitted from the creature. She admired her work before Judical grabbed her arm. "Look!" He motioned upwards as the clouds gathered even more menacingly. The Colonel looked up and her mouth opened slightly. "Bullshit." She said under her breath. "Watch out!" She extended her hand out towards her crew that was working on the wall. A large ball of shadow leapt from her exposed palm. A gem swirling with purple fog shot out an inky barrier towards the crew. The barrier extended outwards, surrounding her crew in the safety of a darkened bubble. They would not see out of the barrier and she could not see them inside. Lightning struck the wall, but it was relatively chaotic. The wall was very much fortified by her golems, but she was not. As a bolt of lighting struck near her, Maira handed control of her body towards the forces of gravity. She was launched into the air from the blast, moving off the wall. The woman's communicator was still on, and her initial cry of surprise was followed by silence as she fell into the dense sand of the golem she had just created. The golem deposited her onto the ground before it went still. The barrier dissipated, allowing her crew to see her unconscious body. Judical ran onto the shoulder and climbed down to help his colonel. The fae was nimble as he moved towards her. "Take a look at what happened!" He yelled back up at the wall as he fell to his knees by his commander's side. He took out the vial from her uniform and cracked it. "I know this is an awful time, Highness, but we got ourselves a situation." He said, as he lifted the cork from the vial and pressed the glass container to his forehead. He thought about who he was going to summon. He thought about it for a very long time. The clouds had subsided. He checked over the colonel. She was still breathing. "I wish I could help the Colonel. She's hurt!" Judical yelled.
  9. PandaHat

    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    IGisela paused and quietly shook her head slowly. "Shit." She muttered. "Well, there has to be a gun place. However, we may have to charm a person out of their firearms." Which was unsavory business, just short of killing people. With a heavy sigh, the realization of what she felt she was implying had fallen upon her. "You know... if there is no gun place." Like how hard could it be to get a gun in Norkotia? Right? But it wasn't like an average person could get a gun as she found out. "I don't want to charm people." She whined under her breath when the goddess provided her with a nice, young deputy just heading to his vehicle. Gisela looked around. Well, well, well.... look at what we have here... She mouthed the word "Jackpot" then walked over to him. Gisela appeared to fumble around her purse as though looking for something. "Excuse me, sir. May I trouble you for your time?" Gisela mustered the same reporter demeanor. "My name is Janine Carteret and I work for The Daily Weekly. The Daily Weekly is the most widely read and viewed news publication in the entire world." She moved a hand through her hair. "My partner, Miss Marbles, has been gracious in showing me around town. I was wondering if I could, however, get an official tour." "Well, ma'am. What do you mean...'official tour'?" He asked and turned to her. "Ya see, the locals have been complainin' 'bout these two pretty ladies bein' nosey and snoopin' 'round town. You wouldn't happen to be those pretty ladies, now would you?" After a few moments of silence, Gisela thought of a response that was as vague as possible. "Sir, I apologize if we have been disturbing the peace, but we were simply doing our jobs." "Y'know, they don't take too kindly to the press 'round here..." "We are quite aware. Like I said. We don't want to cause any trouble. I know of the, ah, reputation of the reporters in this area. How would you like to be a part of this special report?" Gisela began to weave her magic. This was more subtle than her glamour spell. With just a twinkle in her eye, she reached out her hand for a hand shake. "We will not air anything without your permission. Also, we will make sure that you and your superiors watch this footage after it gets edited and what not." The deputy hesitantly shook Gisela's hand. He just smiled and it seemed as though his entire demeanor changed. "Well, if you don't mind, one of you is just going to have to ride in the back. I'm sorry, I never caught your name, Miss...." He turned to Persephone. If Persephone looked into the deputy's eyes, she would see that his pupils were dilated. He appeared to be infatuated with both women. The tour would go smoothly as he showed the pair what was around town, including a pawn shop that collected all matter of weaponry, jewelry, and other valuables. The deputy pulled over in front of the shop. Gisela opened the door to get out of the car. She motioned for Persephone to join her. "Look. What do you know about robbing a store?"
  10. PandaHat

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll 1d6 Roll for tool time (bounty hunter thread)
  11. PandaHat

    The First Day of the Rest of His/Her Life

    Kallias's eyes narrowed, not giving Mara the chance to get her shot. It was a narrow launch. She almost didn't make it into the air. The bullet did not hit where Mara had aimed, but instead hit some feathers. The long feathers of her right wing were damaged, but not enough to be too detrimental. Man, did that hurt! Kallias uttered a hiss, as she clumsily launched herself onto the roof of a building. She kept low for a bit. "What am I going to do about these damn feathers?" She whispered while moving away from the edge. Except her voice was the youthful, accented voice of Kallias's male form. He was slowly dropping his glamour spell. What was he going to do now? The roof was a strange place to be. He didn't want to risk rising to his feet. After all, the Unseelie fae was tall. He was taller than most humans. He was also pretty noticeable in crowds. He looked for things to launch off the roof. What he found was a bucket, a rake, a couple of brooms... While he crouched low, crawling along the ground, he concentrated on the bucket first. With a gesture of his hand, he launched it off the roof and down into the alley. He did the same with the broom next. Kallias kept it moving, as he moved to the stairwell. The women's kimono he was wearing was tattered for the most part. Patches of colorful, silky fabric covered his torso as he attempted to make a break for it once more. "Damn psychos!" He yelled as he attempted to fix his feathers as best as he could. Individual blue feathers fell to the floor in pieces. "That damn psycho...bitch!" He hissed.
  12. PandaHat

    Dice Rolling Thread

    roll 1d6 Roll for bounty hunter thread
  13. PandaHat

    Suspicions of High Treason

    Maira listened to the plan in silence. She studied the hologram of Ashville. There was a moment when she wished she could peel back those layers of security. The Colonel was not a hacker in any sense of the word, but she did have a few tricks up her sleeves. She needed some sort of schematic of the building. With another half-baked, crazy idea brewing, she couldn't exactly hide what she was thinking. She had taken a folder and shoved the top of a pen in her mouth. Maira chewed on it thoughtfully as she looked at the paperwork. "Hmmm... if worse comes to worse, we can try to figure out how to make it so these people cannot leave. Are we able to get plans to the building?" She closed the folder, but still chewed on the pen. "Specifically underground. I have my ways of moving undetected. But I also would like to figure out a way to get our own surveillance in there unnoticed." Maira turned. "Perhaps before the meeting if possible. I personally don't feel confident in my ability to take on a bunch of super skilled FIST agents alone." She looked in the folder again. There were some names of suspects but none that she knew. "What is their protocol if they lose power... completely?"
  14. PandaHat

    Super Nerd

    COOL! 😄 Thanks. I am also going to uhh.. spend time to get more familiar with roll20 because I have pretty limited experience.
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    Super Nerd

    Newbies are welcome! I am going to make a group on roll20 and the sheets will be posted on DnD beyond once I make a campaign and there will be a club here for the people who are in the campaign.