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  1. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    FYI... I have a thread that can be used for a military mission. I am looking for more people to join Fierach and myself in fighting a kaiju in Weland. Have fun! Beat up Gojira! Get military points or whatever!
  2. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    I am going to take Kenshin out of the military, considering I haven't used her in a military mission. I'll just keep trucking on with Maira.
  3. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Maira wasn't so sure about this at all. With everyone working together to help the saevion she was riding with Alexa, she would do her part. Maira's body lowered in an attempt to reduce the drag that would slow the animal down. Then she saw something that made her lose all focus on helping the saevion. "Oh, shit." She said a little too softly to even properly convey her feelings. The explosion of energy at the ground caused her to grab Alexa's waist tightly. "We have incoming!" She exclaimed, using her weight to pull Alexa and herself off the back of the saevion. "I WILL DISSECT YOU ALL" She hit the ground first, cushioning Alexa's fall. Maira uttered a grunt of pain, but she didn't have much time to react to the pain and let it cloud her mind. With her slim body, she attempted to roll the pair so that she was covering Alexa with all of her frame. Maira attempted to cover the pair in the shadowy shell, but it was obvious that she didn't have the time or the energy. Make sure I don't get dissected. Oh, how ironic that would be! Her eyes were closed as she prepared to become zapped by energy. The orb hit the saevion they were riding along with the rival, and the ground between them. Maira opened her eyes and looked back, hearing the impact of the energy exploding from the ground. Her hand moved in an exaggerated motion as the shield of shadows never happened. The movement of her arm resembled an arch. And that is when she caught sight of her mangled hand. The metal around her hand had been bent out of shape. The crystal that rested in the palm of her left hand was missing. She uttered a groan before she realized pain. Tears stung her eyes and threatened to fall down her cheeks.
  4. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Yes, we do. >.>; The thread needs some life. life
  5. Wonderland Resort: Dunk Tank and Comedy Show!

    Ether was enjoying herself at the Wonderland Resort. She couldn't remember the last time she had decided to venture out, away from the safety of her woodland home on Terrenus. After all, her first home on Genesaris was destroyed during the Whispernight something or another. It didn't matter because when she came back from her vacation, her abode was pretty much destroyed. The second time that it was proven that Valucre in general was inhospitable for tiny pixies. After a few days of sulking, she had arrived at the Wonderland Resort feeling low. Very low. Until she hit the bar. And hit the bar, she did. After she peeled herself up from the surface of the bar counter, there was an outline of pixie dust where she had crash landed. She watched the guy on stage greet the sparse crowd. They applauded, probably out of respect for the man on stage because what came out of his mouth after his introduction got Ether fired up. The pixie had imbibed her fair share of alcohol before she flitted upwards towards the stage. However, she never actually stepped onto the stage. Her hands folded in front of her. Then came the banter. Ether shook her head. These were bad jokes. She sighed. "The food was great, but it lacked atmosphere." She quipped with a heavy sigh. Hanging in the air was a tension that she didn't know would happen. However, it was brief. "Is this all we're going to do? Just throw out some terrible jokes at each other?" Ether reached into the faithful never-ending fruit pouch she kept at her right side. The small pixie removed a single cherry tomato from the pouch. She took a bite of it and wrinkled her nose. Ether held it between both hands. The tomato in her hands appeared to be the size of a honeydew in average human hands. Putting all of her strength behind it, she launched the cherry tomato towards the stage with a tiny sounding grunt. The toss let out a flurry of pixie dust that dusted the surface of a table which began to float three inches off the ground. The inhabitants of the table seemed surprised about what was going on. "Dunk tank's the other way." A large woman of elven heritage from somewhere yelled at her. "I'm not here for the dunk tank. I'm here for the giggles! Where are my giggles?!" She yelled.
  6. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    Halia just pointed at Esben. "You know it, knife ears." Her voice was just oozing with just the right amount of sarcasm to be expected from someone of a demonic nature. "Can't stand those little sharp, pointy tips of your ears." She played with her own ears, which were similar to Esben's. "Wait." She pointed to the kid with a single finger. "You think...?" She couldn't help but crack a fanged smile. "You think I want to have sex with you?" Suddenly, she started laughing. "Oh, oh..." She looked upwards at the sky. "Souzou-sama! This kid has a sense of humor that is second only to the Regent's!" After another about three seconds of laughter, Halia wiped a tear from her left eye. "Kid, look. You're not that much younger than me. I was going to just make things easy. You sign a contract and this whole police business will pass. Hell, even that shoulder...mess...would disappear. But since you've already declined my offer without the whole speech, I guess I'm going to have to get right down to business." Halia sighed heavily. "This pains me to do this. I hope you know this." One thing could be said about Halia. It was that she rarely did a good deed without feeling the weight of it in her being. It disgusted her to do so. "Help! Help! The criminal is here!" She screamed, pretending to be helpless and terrified. She slunk into the shadows of the alley, letting her body become concealed. "I'm scared!" She whimpered. Of course, she meant to alert the Weland guards, which were normally on patrol in this particular neighborhood. Halia shrieked one more time for good measure. When she emerged from the shadows, she appeared to be a normal Welander school girl, wearing a uniform from the art school.
  7. Up to Chance

    Horns, monster.. Those two words lingered within her mind. Halia's amused smile faded into a more somber look. This girl was clueless as to the types of people that ran around Valucre. Halia just sighed softly. Halia shut down. She didn't seem to want to give Katie more information and pretended to be completely disinterested in the foreign magical girl's attempt to interrogate her. Halia didn't owe this girl any information. Especially the information that she wanted to know. Instead of answering, the girl just shrugged. "Do some homework, foreigner. You'll find that the yokai are everywhere in this city. And that monsters...well, they are everywhere, too. It's this city. It's the fog. It's the street, the buildings, the people. Hell, it's not that hard to get people to their true potential. Just wait until nightfall, then the old yokai parade marches on by." She bowed. "I'm sorry, I can't be your guide. Farewell." Halia didn't hesitate as she attempted to get away from Katie. She wanted nothing to do with that strange, foreign girl ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruka smiled at Kathy's enthusiasm. She once had that kind of enthusiasm, too. Lately, she had become cold and less responsive. Each yokai that she did eliminate was killed in an exact fashion. She watched Kathy descend upon the dead yokai. Ruka followed suit. She had learned early that while her body can take a fall, it was much more gentle upon her body to crouch and relax. She learned to allow her body to follow the whims of gravity. When she landed, the sound was soft. Ruka listened for other yokai before instructing Kathy on how to extract the relic. She held up her hand. "Normally, I just dig my hand in there and fish out the relic." She allowed her hand to be coated in metal. The enhanced strength allowed her to just shove her hand into the yokai's chest. The blood that spilled out was darker than human blood. It did not carry many other characteristics that were unique. Ruka sighed. "You puncture the chest cavity or sometimes a yokai doesn't have a chest. You just have to get your hand inside the body. Or you can burn the body, but that can take a while sometimes." She moved her hand around, finding a set of beads on a strand. "Ah." She pulled her arm from the yokai's chest. The body began to decompose rapidly. Steam hit the night sky, blending with fog. The girl held out the bloody beads to Kathy. "A Hososhi is what we call a magical girl out here. We are chosen by Yomigane, one of the gods of this city, to help purge the city of threatening yokai. I can always see them now. And they are everywhere." Ruka explained. "We use the relics recovered from the bodies of fallen yokai to power our magic. I am fine with relics for now." She explained. "You can have this."
  8. Souzou, Enraged

    "T-T-Taipan!" He stammered into his own earpiece. People were running past him to get into hiding. One man ran right into him, knocking him over. The pair tumbled about ten feet. Kallias was back on his feet almost immediately. He stood, then turned. The man's jaw dropped as he struggled to comprehend what was happening. He took a couple steps back. "It's getting closer. There is panic in the street." Kallias grabbed the hand of his cyborg shinobi and took off running. "We're trying to get somewhere higher." He said, not sure if that could be heard through the communicator. He pointed towards a building. The cyborg just nodded, staring upwards at the top of the building. "The fastest route is using the fire escape." She looked upwards. Kallias also looked upwards. Dread filled the pit of his stomach. He knew what he was going to find atop the roof of the building. Despite the feeling of complete dread, he took to the metal stairs. The rhythmic footsteps that caused the entire city to shake did not make it easier to climb the metal staircase. When the pair reached the top of the staircase, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the roof. From the roof, they could make out the distant silhouette of the... "Oh my..." He muttered. "Get this. Get this now!" He ordered the cyborg. The cyborg stood, staring at the creature. It looked in the background, nearly as tall as the tallest building in Weland- Okamura's Grace. It let out another ear piercing roar. "Taipan, I am transmitting some stuff to you." He said quietly. The man's voice was too calm for what was going on around him. However, it showed the creature simply walking, roaring towards the sky. The sound of the Regent's voice, pleading for calm as the guards escorted people to safety shelters. "Do you know anything from Weland Gorge?"
  9. Cult of the Damned

    Dude. I just want to play Ether. >.>;
  10. Cult of the Damned

    That is fine. Trying to figure out a character that would be a good investigator type.
  11. Cult of the Damned

    If possible, I'd like to be Quester 1. As a character!
  12. Into the Spider's Web, Weland A New Place

    "Oh and the market is just that way." The blue wolf's voice echoed, mockingly in the air. The shadows moved slightly, twitching to the left where Halia appeared. She stood with a finger pressed to her lips. Her head was tilted slightly as she approached the pair. Her finger moved from her lips and pointed to the injured, suspicious person. "I just saw the cops chase you around." The horned yokai was rather blunt. "I'd say that if you got into a fight, you lost big time." Halia didn't laugh to mock him. The former Hososhi did have a some sense of what courtesy was. "Now, the... person.. was right about the market." Five fingers were held upwards in the air, moving towards Esben in a shoo-ing motion. "Go that way or something." There was a touch of disgust in her voice. She didn't even know Esben. His presence was nearly a bother. "I have business to do, kid." She said to someone who was probably older than her by far. After all, the girl that was Halia was in just starting her university studies. She folded her arms across her chest, staring at Esben as though she wasn't going to start speaking until he left. Her bright green eyes stared down Esben. Her lips curved upwards, revealing a set of fangs. The yokai was pretty, minus the horns atop her head. With how corrupted she became, she was lucky. In other ways, she was unfortunate. Her long, faintly golden hair fell down her back, but did little to hide the fact that she was once one of the strangely costumed girls that "defended" Weland from the Yokai plague. It wasn't like she was coated in sparkles anymore. However, her powers had increased. Plus, she had an ability to draw yokai to a certain location. "So, kid, are you ready for a fun ride?"
  13. Up to Chance

    Halia just laughed loudly. "I like you." She pointed at Katie. "Well, good for you with your independence thing." Halia shrugged. "I'm not going to hurt you. I've no reason to. I could care less about you hunting yokai on Ruka's turf." The girl's gaze never left Katie. She was studying the girl. How strange it was to be greeted by another girl from another world. Especially one that was on the same team as Ruka and the others. Though there weren't many others to begin with. It wasn't as though Halia hated others. Halia was just different, unwilling to bend to the demon prince's rule. "So, if you're not from around here, then how did you find your way here? It's not the first time I've been called cruel or a monster." She used air quotes when she said monster. "Also, realistically, I have no reason to fight you. I guess you can say that I help the girls anyway, even though they don't appreciate my brand of help." Halia rolled her eyes. "I get them the yokai, they get the relics. Rinse and repeat." She shrugged. "So what powers your magic?" Halia was no where near as defensive as before. What made these other girls tick? ======================================================== Ruka also took a few steps towards the edge of the roof and peered down at the Yokai that was lifeless on the ground. "It is an honor to meet you as well. I thank you for your help." She scratched her head. "You were sent to hunt Yokai?" The question held a hint of disbelief. It wasn't everyday when someone showed up claiming they were sent by someone to hunt Yokai in Weland. However, the idea of selling off her extra relics for cash had never crossed her mind until Kathy mentioned it. Ruka was a prolific hunter. After all, to her knowledge, she was the only one who worked every night. "Well, here, we use the relics to help fuel our magic. You see, these yokai come from anomalies within the leylines beneath Weland. For some reason, if there is an area where a lot of negativity is present, there happens to be a higher chance of many, strong yokai. The more negative the energy, the stronger the yokai get." She gestured. "The guards rarely go in the Eastern Quarter, but that area is always going to be patrolled by Hososhi like me." She gestured. "And you, too." She added with a laugh.
  14. For the Greater Good (Justice)

    This wasn't right! Kenshin was a hero. A do-gooder. A righter of wrongs. She triumphed over evil and monsters! Now, she was sitting there with a look on her face that read uncertainty. Perhaps she wasn't as heroic as she thought. Then, as quickly as it came, it passed. She nodded to what her interviewer had said about not really knowing much about a person. But what was twenty years? A drop in the bucket for a fae. She stood once the man left and walked out, eager to begin the second phase. With only a very small briefing as to where to go find people, she set out on her own. The pale lass was a stranger to Last Chance. Her rudimentary directions weren't going to get her anywhere alone. But perhaps that would be good enough. She waited for further instructions before heading out to find others or to do the typical thing that a nosy fairy would do. Kenshin would meddle! Once she set out, the knight was full of purpose. The purpose of attempting to contribute to the mission somehow. In some way... She had good looks. Sure, but that could only go so far. Kenshin was able to understand any language. But Kenshin was so old. The knight spent too much time underminding herself. When she finally realized what she was doing, she forced herself to focus. Good old fashioned detective work was what she needed to do... Collect clues from nothing. Yeah. That will work. How did Maira ever do that?, she wondered.
  15. Souzou, Enraged

    Souzou was not just a drow legend. He was a Weland legend. He had been asleep for the past few decades, just like all the other gods. Recent events had caused the others to awaken, so why would Souzou remain asleep? The god himself bore the resemblance of one of the native drow that lived under the ground. Kallias was not one to deny his own vices, but this was no longer the time for this. He turned, tilting his head slightly. One of his operatives, a cyborg woman knelt down at his side. He beckoned for her to rise. There was quiet panic in the streets of Weland. Despite the recent tremor, most of the buildings had remained standing, only swaying slightly. It seemed that Weland was built for such tremors, even though they weren't common at all in the valley. The woman rose and stared at Kallias for a moment before speaking in her monotonous voice. "Kallias-san, I bring news." She began. His hand moved to beckon her to speak as he adjusted the obi around his waist. This flesh suit did not blow his cover as he hid in Weland's population. Neither did the cyborg, she appeared to be a fresh-faced woman. "The drow oracle at the hospital has awakened and is fearful of Souzou's anger. I am not sure what that means exactly." "Souzou is the old Welander god of creation." He explained. "Everyone here knows that." "So sorry. I am only programmed to observe. It is rumored that the Gorge hides a creation of Souzou's. The drow society that has lived beneath the city has been eliminated. The body that the two drow were dragging from under the ground was their matron. The search continues for survivors, but there have only been various body parts that have been found. The tremors that Weland is experiencing are centered in Weland Gorge." Kallias tilted his head. That was where Mori was now. "There is a woman in Weland Gorge who is not part of the Terran military. Make sure you send warning." "Very well." She bowed. "Anything else?" "The Regent has sent a team out to Weland Gorge to explore the area. The team has transmitted footage to her office." The cyborg reached upwards to place her hands at either side of Kallias's head. The woman brought Kallias down to her level and they both stood, staring each other in the eye. What she shared with him was a glimpse of an inexplicably large clawed hand reaching over a cliff face. The claws swiped at the party and three of them immediately were brushed aside like they were playthings. It was then that the moment between cyborg and her master were interrupted by a loud, screeching roar. "I thought it was coming from the gorge." He uttered stupidly as the tremors turned from normal tremors to the rhythmic shaking of footsteps.