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  1. Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    Norkotia... And she missed Sector 3 already. However, ever since the lab was roaring to work on some new innocuous drugs and weaponry, the Royal Nurse went on the hunt for mostly adventure. However, she had an underlying purpose as she walked into the city. It was boring. Not just any sort of boring city. It was a really boring city. The kind when there was nothing to do but hang around convenience stores at night. When you went to the grocery store because you did all of your chores and you just wanted to get out of the house despite the fact that you had no money. The funny thing about these towns is that they hid things well. Gisela Valance had been wandering around Norkotia for three days before she met everyone at the address. Sure, she looked out of place compared to everyone else. The woman was tall, very muscular, with a shapely figure, pouty lips, and blonde curly hair. She didn't have the look of a hardened criminal. Instead, she wore a permanent smile upon her face. It was as though she had won some sort of prize and was not going to tell any of these souls. Gisela was not one of the first people there. She was the last person to arrive. As the man explained the mission that was lying ahead, the woman's face lit up even more. Kill the mayor? Kill the sheriff? Check. Check. What flavor of death shall the Royal Nurse give them? Her violet eyes glanced upwards as her lower lip slid beneath her teeth. She had give it a thoughtful chew as she daydreamed what the flavor of the day would be. Her hands clenched together. Intimidate townsfolk? Double check. Gisela sighed softly, like a child listening to the adults speak. Finally, she rose a hand. "So we can do anything to intimidate the townsfolk and maybe do a little bit of damage?" She asked. "Anything at all?" The question of "do you know what I am capable of?" had not come up at all. "Well, aw shucks. I'm excited." While everyone else seemed to have some sense of gravitas, the free-spirited Unseelie was ready for some action. Unlike most of her race, she could not come up with many cool magic tricks beyond glamour magic and some mind control. She had particularly honed her skills in physical strength, but in Norkotia, she was weak. Though she was still definitely strong enough to withstand a human's blow, but a bullet would definitely stop her. "The demands are we make something up." Gisela said quickly. "We free the town from their pathetic, corporate slimeballs of leadership and maybe something will get better for these people. Or maybe things will just be the same. Or maybe some bigger, stronger, meaner person will move in and own this town." She definitely had the means to do some serious damage to the town if she needed to. That was the disturbing thing about this Amazonian woman. One could both know and not know what the fae was up to.
  2. Suspicions of High Treason

    Maira sat still while the other fae attempted to fix her arm. While she was on a mission in Yh'mi, the weapon had gotten damaged after a fall from a Saevion and with Maira being away from her tools, she could not fix the damage effectively. The male's fingers gently pressed against the palm of her hand. Using a crystal, the male was able to magnify what he was working on while Maira guided him verbally. He sat, nibbling his lower lip in concentration. "You know, when you made this thing, I didn't think you were going to fall from a beast that would be travelling faster than you can run." He chided her gently. "When I made it, I also wasn't going to just let my team members die on missions in lieu of breaking it...." Maira's voice trailed off. She stared out, watching the skyline of Weland with an uninterested eye. Her legs crossed as she seemed to zone out. The laboratory where she ran various experiments was silent. Her mind wandered as she thought of the city and how it seemed to be getting strange to live there. For starters, teenage girls and young women were turning up dead in random parts of the city. There was nothing that tied all of the girls together aside from their age. The Weland guard had found their fifth victim apparently mauled to death in an abandoned factory. The first four had all died just as cruelly and just as painfully. All of the crime scenes were different. She sighed, shaking her head. It was a shame. One of the girls was an honors student at one of the high schools that all the rich samurai families sent their kids to. Two were sisters. That was difficult. These crimes were just ramping up. What was this leading up to? Her communicator buzzed. There was a call from someone waiting for her. She answered the call. "Colonel Xanathi..." She was silent as the voice on the other end gave her the message that Hawk had meant for her. Maira just nodded. "Understood." Something had shifted over her face. It moved from a sense of deep contemplation to an urgent tension. "Hector," Her voice softened. "I need to go. I appreciate your help." She helped him close the mechanism that covered her hand with a strangely soft, flesh like material. With the flesh material over her hand, she flexed her fingers a few times before she stood. Maira just gave Hector a quick bow at her waist before leaving in silence. As she walked, she spoke in her comm device. "Hey. Get me that Delistair kid. I need someone like him on this mission." Not that Maira was old at all! She was just older than him, but not necessarily wiser. "Tell him we're going on a field trip." She said as she paused in front of a construct, then sighed. "All right. Let's get ready to go." She twirled her finger in the air and retreated to get ready to get out of Weland Gorge. Once the good Colonel arrived in Ashville, she once again followed the directions which led her to the room where everyone else was waiting. Maira looked around at everyone, using the lens that she had worn over her right eye to get a read on everyone. As basic information displayed across her vision of those figures that could be identified, she introduced herself. "My name is Colonel Xanathi. It is a pleasure to work with you." She said, giving a very short introduction as she waited. This wave of nostalgia hit her square in the chest. So much so that she exhaled slowly, then smiled, starting to relax.
  3. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I potentially lied as I just spent most of my day either at work or puking my brains out. Or both.
  4. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I will be responding hopefully by Thursday.
  5. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

  6. I would like to do mission 2 with a character. This one will do.
  7. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

    Oh man!
  8. Getting started; anyone like Joust knights?

    Oh man.
  9. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    Let me know when this shindig gets started!
  10. "That's the spirit!" She gestured to Morgan. "You like to make a good wager, but I'm not particularly a fan of violence. Not really anyway." But Halia had a streak of murdering new Hososhi, which she did not openly confess to doing. There was an uncomfortable pause, the silence settled between them. Her eyes narrowed for a moment as she seemed to zone out. Her left hand clenched into a tight fist around the cubes of plastic. She was daydreaming. Her hands pressing against the other girl's back as she whispered sweet words of encouragement into the girl's ear. "You'll be a hero! You'll be the greatest hero." The yokai's sloppy, predatory grin widened at the prospect of fresh meat. The girl's mind shifted. She wanted to become the hero. The girl would run straight into the darkened room, into the clutches of a predator. The girl's screams were cut short by the crunching of bone. The squelching sounds of the girl's body being torn apart without any sort of reason other than the forceful will to survive moved to her ears. She listened for a while until the yokai let out a satisfied sigh. Halia silently revealed three sets of two die a piece. She looked at the pair. "This will only work if all parties agree to whatever terms are set forth. You know. For fairness." Her voice was thick with the sound of desire. The desire for something...violence... Gambling wasn't going to be enough. It didn't matter. She looked at both of them. "The tension is high. I have better terms." Her expression darkened. Her smirk transformed into something more. "What kind of slaver are you if you're so afraid of a small gamble?" She giggled. And when she walked in, there was nothing but clothes and blood. So much blood. She knelt down in the blood. Her fingers ran through the warm, thick liquid. It was her life. Giggling all the while, she began to lick blood from her fingers. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to let these two fight. She could scoop up the scraps and no one would be of the wiser. Esben did not want to fight. Halia was indifferent. She had no qualms in killing and perhaps consuming Esben. Or Morgan. Though, she'd probably feel a little guilt over killing Morgan. But Morgan could not be as ruthless as she was. She placed six dice in a cup. "Blue." She pointed to Esben. "Yellow." She pointed to Morgan. "Red." She pointed towards herself. The yokai began to shake the dice around the cup. "Isn't this fun?" She chuckled, bearing her fangs.
  11. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    Kickin' it old school, like we goin' to destroy half of Casper trying to solve a mystery.
  12. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I am also in for another 3 year mission with the ol' Detective and Maira.
  13. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    OMG OMG OMG #MakeMairaGeneral
  14. Attention Board Leaders of All Levels!

    Weland Gorge has Phoenix Grass, which is used as a cure for diseases. Weland itself has bioluminescent flowers in the garden outside Okamura's Grace. They serve no other purpose than looking pretty at night. During the day, they're just pale white, pink, or blue. There are a few different kinds. The flowers in the garden are EZPZ to get. Phoenix Grass is an adventure. There is a tribe of carnivorous lizardfolk and general dangerous living, dense swampland to trek through to get to it.
  15. Souzou, Enraged

    He watched in silence as the gigantic monster swatted at airships that were shooting at him. With a huff, he just shook his head. By now, the streets were mostly abandoned. He expected the regent to make her appearance at any moment. However, that was not the case thus far. It was someone that was alarming in a different way. Instead of the retreat from law and justice, he contemplated retreating from this newcomer who was not panicking. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Explosions sounded throughout the city. In Kallias's mind, it seemed silent. Eerily silent. The monster made its way through Weland, coming closer to where the pair were talking to each other. "The Regent, cousin. Doing the same as the Regent." His voice took on a sharp tone as he didn't miss a beat in his thought process. "This is a date all right." Excitement crept up in his own being. Like someone who had gone completely mad, he grinned. "Destruction has come to Weland. Witness as the one who created the entire city destroys it all." He spoke in the communicator. "We have company." His golden eyes stared at Lunara. "Taipan, might I be so bold as to propose a plan?" Without waiting for a response from Mori, he continued. "We need to stop her somehow. We need her. I'm not exactly sure how she tamed Meibatsu. He is the god of retribution. He shouldn't have been so easily tamed. She is the only one that would know. It's hard to get these Welander gods to bow down to someone." He turned to Lunara, then contemplated for a moment. Whatever had happened that night between Chizuru, Meibatsu, Tamashi, and Makoto along with the other jabronis that they had gathered was something that was just between them. The regent had her secrets and she typically kept them well. His thought train was interrupted by Souzou smashing a building with one closed, monstrous fist. "The Good Ol' Terrenus Military doing what they do best. Shoot 'em up!" He gave a mock salute. It was a small world. While Chizuru met to save Weland, which she did, he met to destroy part of it. Kallias gestured to Lunara. "How good are you at scouting?" "Taipan, it's getting too dangerous to remain in the city. The target is too unstable." The moment he said that, Souzou was on the move, heading towards the Southern Quarter. He was heading towards the medical district.