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  1. Dull green eyes looked at the bartender with confusion. A bit of life sparked in those eyes and she turned to face the man generous enough to pay for her meal. She just offered a saccharine smile, which showed that some of her teeth had been modified to look more predatory. This took a lot of work, a steady hand, and someone rare in this world- a person she trusted. Mette stood, somewhat short for a native of Shawnee Glacier. Mette made her way towards the table with the woman and the generous man. Standing for a moment, she just tilted her head. Her first interaction with people in a while and she didn’t know what to say. After regaining her thoughts, Mette smiled. “Thank you for paying for my food. It’d be nice to have a properly cooked meal.” But perhaps she was speaking too highly of the food in this bar. “I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Mette Diotrephes.” Her voice was pleasant, but she held a thick accent. It was hard for her to try to trust people anymore. The truth was that she trusted animals more than people and there was a good reason for that. She expected for animals to be fickle and to just walk away when they got bored. She didn’t expect that of the people she loved. This isolation she put herself through, though, wasn’t exactly helping her cause. It had been so long since she’d been out in a place with other people. Instead of being outgoing, not that she was ever. The red-head was more reserved, more apt to observe the behavior of people. Within her cloak, her fingers traveled along her own arm. Despite having been out in the wild for months, the girl was clean. Her red hair was not greasy or matted. The princess had kept herself well-groomed, but not well-dressed. She had grown to not care for those types of things. There was more freedom in what she wore now. "So what is there to do around here?" The hope was to break the ice, so to speak.
  2. Kallias let out a soft sigh. "All right. The initial wave of psychos has disembarked. It's your turn, big guy." He placed a hand on Decimus' shoulder and then stepped aside so the angel could spread his wings. Unlike most angels that were familiar to humans, Decimus' wings resembled the wings of a hawk. Brown, splotched feathers spread winder than his body was tall. The powerful wings shot him upward and then after Rodan and his crew. Kallias was left with Mori and he was quiet. Unexpectedly, his own vision faded and he was seeing as Decimus was seeing. First, he sailed high in the sky, upwards to survey the area around the cave. There was nothing other than the odd, uneasy landscape and the feeling of decay. Kallias shifted, letting out a small sigh. As Decimus descended into the cave, Kallias noted that Decimus could see perfectly. The angel took some twists and turns, adding flourish as it had been far too long since the angel had taken to the sky on his own accord. Kallias, on the other hand, stood on deck. Both of his hands were folded in front of him. The one wing of his that was not shattered spread from his side. A single wing was half his body size and also strange like Decimus' wings. The wing of a blue jay moved slowly, but was unable to properly propel Kallias after the group. For now, he lived vicariously through Decimus.
  3. The girl had seen the destruction of her home. The barony was left nothing but a shell. She was a princess of nothing. And all she did was follow temptation. In a sense, she did fulfill that one desire to travel. Mette Diotrephes was a somewhat of a shell as well, having lost love and home. All in all, she was that wayward orphan who lived in the snow. However, her travels took her off the path she had pounded away at with her feet. This was new to her. She walked into the city, dazzled by the lights, but nerves overtook her. Delcore was entirely new to her. Her lower lip protrudes slightly as she thought of the last city she stayed in, Casper. Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. Some food and drink would be nice. The wild one entered the establishment and debated with herself. Her voice had been unused for so long. The girl that entered was dressed rather sparingly in the ripped hides of various animals. Had she not worn a large cloak fashioned from a goat that she had hunted, there would be little left to the imagination. The red-head sported a wild hairstyle, shaved on both sides and let to freely grow atop her head in unruly curls and waves. Her footsteps were soft as she walked in and took a look around. Hell’s Gate wasn’t a far walk from the site of her devastated homeland. And Delcore wasn’t a far walk from Hell’s Gate. She just looked at everyone in wonder. This one was too young to be in a place like this. With her mind focused on survival, she managed to keep, so far, from contact with others to only focus on one thing. She needed food and water. Her pouch held little currency, but she hoped it was enough for something. She sat at the bar. Her feet didn’t even touch the floor. She was incredibly short. In a thickly accented voice, she caught the attention of the bartender. “I would like some food and water.” But she wasn’t sure what she wanted and she also didn’t want to waste more time. “I do not have much to give.” Despite her wild appearance, Mette was educated. Her father believed highly that she and her other siblings be educated. However, she rarely got to see her father and her mother was dead. She placed a hand upon the bar counter and spoke without turning to the person she sat next to. “It smells of decay.” Her tone was quite frank. And Mette smelled of flowers. She always smelled of flowers. Even in the cold wastes outside Shawnee Glacier.
  4. And on the ship that day, so near, yet so far was a true angel. One who worked for a Herald of War. Oh, and Kallias was there, too. Decimus stood next to Kallias, tall and regal. In fact, the angel was about six inches taller than Kallias with a crown of maddening red hair and fierce golden eyes. The glow he emitted was dim. In fact, it was nothing short of a miracle that he did not get caught carrying the light weight fae through Terrenus towards Weland Gorge. With his arms folded across his chest, he appeared to be disappointed to be stuck on this boat of misfits. Kallias was different. Compared to the angel, he just looked even more like a faerie than before. Though he was quite a bit larger. His wing was still on the mend, but his bruises, cuts, and even burns from prison were healed minus a small marking that was left upon him in a spot that will not be revealed. The brine filled air was inhaled deeply like something he had longed for. He just was thankful that he no longer was being forced for answers that he was unwilling to give. That loyalty to the people he worked with won Decimus over. The angel hadn't managed to exactly look pleased with his new company. However, there was one member of the boat that he stared at in a mixture of abject horror and fascination. Diego caught his ire first. Then Decimus had moved from to disgust. Then Decimus moved from disgust to fascination. Kallias had ignored Decimus for the moment. "Cousin, perhaps the ones with wings that work can scout the cave and the whole area before we make a decision. As far as I know, we don't need to rush brashly into uncertainty. For all we know, this cave is some shitty tunnel. Decimus here..." He nodded to the angel. "Well, he can pass along the visions of what he sees to one of us so we know without even having to move. I have been working with him to develop his abilities. He was already strong, but there were some tweaks." Decimus was good at toying with his victims before removing their beating hearts from their bodies. Now he was more effective at manipulating emotions. "Whatever it takes to make this a success." Ah, the one thing Angel's lacked was freewill. They were willing to do most things that a leader type would tell them.
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    Terrenus Prison [bounty system]

    One of his wings was still broken. Some of the bones were shattered when he used his wings to block the blows from that raging half-cyborg psycho. Kallias seemed to always be in rough shape in prison. He didn't escape unscathed on his first few days of prison. It all started when he tried to take on the toughest guy that was in the yard. It ended with him splayed out on the floor of his cell, moaning softly. "You asked for this, brother." The hoarse, familiar voice of Decimus whispered to him. "Stand up. You look weak. There is only one place in here for the weak and that is beneath the strong. You will be preyed upon." Decimus helped Kallias to his feet and studied his body, checking to see if anything was broken. "You could have told me that the strongest guy in the yard was a damned minotaur." Kallias muttered as Decimus's hands moved across Kallias' torso. "You needed to do what you did. I needed to see for myself what you could do." By now, he had been in prison for two months and Kallias knew that there was no end in sight. He spent days and nights, trying to come up with ways to break out of the prison without being caught at all. Without telling Decimus, Kallias wanted to break him out, too. For a while, he was allowed a visitation every once in a while, but the rest of the time, he just sat and read. He was learning new techniques. New magic that he wanted to acquire was just being revealed to him. However, he was forced to wear a collar similar to the one that he wore in Genesaris. This one suppressed his power. When he tried to take it off, he was shocked, then the collar burned his neck. He was no better than a slavering human. Decimus trained his body each day. He did not host a great ability to learn new magic in the way Kallias did. He was also suppressed by a collar, but Decimus had the time to train. He was solely focused on vengeance. Kallias honed in on this desire early enough to sharpen it into a fine weapon. Like a knife in the hands of a trained chef, Decimus was coming along perfectly. It had been a while since the last dinner fiasco. There were more guards to trick. They had to be careful. Kallias informed Decimus that he would be using the plan during his next visitation. It took another three weeks before his next visitation. This time, he was visited by someone he didn't want to see. His ex sat in front of him, arms folded across her chest. "You're going to tell me what you know." She said simply. On cue, one of the other prisoners burst from his chair, shattering the glass that protected him from his visitor. Then another and another. It was like a chain. Kallias heard a click from behind him as the collar fell off his neck. He spun to see who had freed him and he spotted the familiar face of Decimus, holding a specialized key. Decimus had absolutely gone crazy, grabbing a guard during meal time and beating him until he was unconscious. Another weird fight had broken out in the cafeteria and almost all the guards were there. After beating the guard unconscious, he was able to liberate the keys and he stood, black-eye and all, to hunt down Kallias. Kallias smirked at the panic in the woman's eyes. "You've seen nothing." He said simply. Decimus repeated it and it seemed to have more emphasis. Kenshin's expression went blank as Decimus sent visions to Kenshin which made start screaming. The pair took off running. Kallias used his powers to hypnotize guards along the way and Decimus stupified many of them in the same way that he had done to Kenshin. The pair were free, taking to the air. Decimus carried Kallias away from prison.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll 1d100 for Decimus breaking out of jail. Same as before: higher than 85 is a success
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Roll 1d100 for breaking out of jail I am a derp and I forgot to say that if it beats 85, it is a success. >.> That was for Kallias
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    Calling Characters Established in Weland

    Hmmmm... I used to run Weland.
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    Legion of Doom S2 Ad (for reals this time)

    I don't read things all the way through. You know this. 🤣
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    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    I will join periodically to mess up whatever posting order you've established.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

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    The First Day of the Rest of His/Her Life

    Kallias was very oblivious to whom he was dealing with. His kick was rather futile. This woman was not exactly what she seemed, which was demonstrated as she held him by his throat. He was practically pinned to the wall. Instead of trying to stop her from forcing his hand into the wall, he decided to force himself to relax. The Unseelie wasn't much of a fighter, right? More of the pretty face? He reached out with the hand he was clawing her with and went for her face. Using his right thumb, he attempted to shove it into Mara's eye socket as hard as he could muster. He felt dizzy as the stairway was beginning to close around him. Of course, he suspected that his face was now turning a borderline blue or purple color. He could hear his own heartbeat echoing in his eardrums as it quickened from adrenaline and terror. This was the second closest he had been to death. Every movement he made seemed to quicken the process that made the world close around him. His lungs ached for air and his head was throbbing as the only thing he could think about was to allow a breath of cool, refreshing air into his lungs. Apparently, this was not going to happen soon enough for him.
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    AFV: I'm leaving for good?

    You are not allowed to leave. You must stay and continue your quest.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling 1d6 for hopefully not getting murdered. But if I roll like I did in D&D tonight, home slice is screwed. Update: Rekt