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  1. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    But even if you blow up cities... It's activity! and activity is good!
  2. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    PSH. Where was she when us degenerates summoned an "evil" goddess into Dougton? Really, the only people that -may- do stuff are like.. the Peacekeepers. >.>;;
  3. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    Most of the major cities in Terrenus frown upon vampires and demons. But that doesn't stop them from existing or doing things. It's not like Gaia's gonna do anything. Amirite?
  4. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    Demons and vampires are allowed to go anywhere. It is just some places frown upon their existance more than others.
  5. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    That should be fine for me. As long as it isn't like once a day.
  6. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    I can DM. But be warned. I am not speedy.
  7. The Devil you know...

    Kallias did immediately as he often did after stirring the pot. He left things to swirl until things settled down again. His escape was to a place that was all too familiar to him. Granted, when he first arrived on Valucre, he was renting a room from an old couple for physicalabor in this very city, Dougton. In the chaos, he disappeared to Weland. He had left without addressing the others. Lucian left him with the impression that his presence was not desired. While it took Kallias a long time to catch a hint, it took him long enough to free the goddess of destruction and get what he wanted before he left. Of course, this was not without strings attached. Essentially, his soul belonged to her. She promised to keep his soul safe, so long as he served her. Off he ran, clumsily flying into the night sky. This was different for Anafeliz and even Meryam, the goddess. The goddess wandered the streets, without much of a single care in this world. She moved away from the Lords of Purgatory, going about her own way. A small group of angels surrounded her while the others dispersed, having yet to receive orders from either Meryam or Lucian. Anafeliz's response to everything was only a shocked silence. If it was possible for the Seelie to become Unseelie, Anafeliz was not one who knew the answer. But at this point, she could not face her King. She could already see his disapproving face in her imagination. It was also futile to keep her actions a secret from him. Ceneric always knew. For now, she had no choice, but to turn from what she knew her entire existence and forge on. Hopefully, she could repent at some point, but that is not now. As she made her escape with Lucian, her head was bobbing along with the ride's bumps. She clenched onto her robes. The ones that displayed her faith in Gaia. She had put her faith in gods and goddesses her entire life, but none were as absent as Gaia. Hell, even her King could have been a god compared to her. Anafeliz looked down at the floor, hiding the turmoil she was feeling. The silence was uneasy enough. "Don't forget about the angels." She muttered softly. The angels, of course, were damn near mindless beings. They circled around Dougton providing nothing to the conflict on the ground anymore. They would only do as they were told. Beautiful creatures, but utterly clueless without leadership.
  8. Starting Over

    Benny can show you the world Shining, shimmering, spendid
  9. Quest: The Bold and Unwritten

    HiHi. I want to join to shake the rust off. And maybe actually complete a quest so Maira can become general or something. I dunno.
  10. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

  11. I guess it's okay to say that I am back. Maybe not like full force, all the time posting, but posts will be happening more frequently. I am still learning how to do my job and it is like a career change for me.
  12. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    IS YOUR CHARACTER READY?! ARE THEY?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU! because you're on a computer and so am I. Yay. Computer people.
  13. Kallias had landed in the nearly abandoned outskirts of the Eastern Quarter. Its state of affairs was mostly his doing. He had indirectly had a hand in the deaths of thousands of citizens, most of them being from this particular quarter. A low moan escaped his lips as he forced the magic to bind his wings. His wings moved involuntarily, struggling against the confines he had forced upon them. To an on-looker, it would look like flesh colored ropes wrapped around his wings and forced them toward his back. In this moment, he was prone to the things that prowled the Eastern Quarter. The man placed a hand upon his chest as if that motion was going to slow his heart's racing beat. After a few moments of the man's pure agony, the magic continued to weave itself around the man's body. The clothing around his body fell down his shoulders, bearing his shoulders. The masculine features that once defined Kallias faded and dulled into feminine grace. Her eyes remained the same color as Kallias's eyes. If anyone knew what he looked like, it would be relatively noticeable. She took a deep breath and stood up. She took two shaking steps. Her long legs were always awkward no matter how often she changed her body. The clothing that hung off her body was being held by her own hands in a haphazard manner. The woman looked like a typical Welander woman, except- thanks to the blood of the Unseelie- somehow more intriguing and mysterious. The woman looked around with a confused expression on her face. "I saw that." A flat voice laced with the slightest of accents greeted her. The red head walked around the corner of an abandoned building that appeared to be an old theater. She unsheathed her katana slowly. "I didn't think you'd be dumb enough to show your face in Weland again." Kallias turned, recognizing the voice that greeted her. Her tongue moved across her lips. Her mind went blank as she let go of her clothing, readying to defend herself in case she had to fight the red-head. Her voice was hoarse as she greeted the other woman. "Kenshin. Or Kana. What is it this time?" The tension between the two was almost tangible.
  14. Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    Names: Rinoa Alikylan Sakimura-Tachibana Crimes Committed: Lucian, Black, Kallias, Rin- unleashing an evil goddess in Terrenus and destroying a Gaian Temple in Dougton causing many casualties and injuries Lucian, Black- Mass murder and destruction in Casper and other places Kallias- unleashing a plague upon Weland, ties to the destruction of the lightning rail in Weland Lucian Petros: wanted dead(er) or alive Jack "Black" Hayter: wanted dead(er) or alive Anafeliz: wanted alive, possible hostage scenario Rinoa Alikylan Sakimura-Tachibana: wanted dead or alive Kallias Apollanaris: wanted dead or alive
  15. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Maira smiled as she moved through shadow. The path through shadow was not exactly as effortless as Maira attempted to make it. Eventually, she would have to stop to rest. For once in the young woman's life, she felt like her steps were lighter than normal. She felt a spring in her step. She did not know where she was going to hide. She only knew that whatever was coming was coming in strong and fast. As long as the pair kept to the shadows of night, they would be safe until, hopefully, the Saevion would pass. Maira dashed quickly, hoping Alexa would join her as she let go of her hand. The lightning would, predictably get closer, but was still a fair distance away. The shadows did nothing to mask scent or sound. Only sight as they would appear invisible to the naked eye. Maira's shadow walking allowed them to travel fluidly through light and darkness. Not just fluidly, but quickly. She tilted her head to an outcropping of stones and brush. Maira reached for Alexa's hand to pull her close. For that moment, she wanted the girl at her side. For love's sake, as though the Colonel was some sort of valiant knight.