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  1. Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    Welcome, recruit! You should check out Weland Gorge's Military Base. @EdoMinx
  2. The Boys (and Girls) Are Back in Town

    Okay. No rush. There are still openings if anyone else wants to join. =)
  3. Getting Yourselves Together

    No. You can be a human/elf/drow.
  4. Getting Yourselves Together

    DEFINE FUN. *makes random loud, funny noises*
  5. A series of unfortunate effects [maddening mists event]

    Maira heard the second rumble of thunder. She rubbed her eyes and quickly began to grab her things. She watched as Volentia voiced her concerned. Saevion seemed dangerous. Just the name seemed dangerous. And to that, Maira closed one eye, winking at Volentia. She pressed a hand over her lips and blew a kiss towards the Paladin. "I have this under control, pretty lady. You don't have to worry about a thing." She looked down briefly. "Not. a. thing." She said between gritted teeth. "Oh, come on!" She sighed, slinging her pack upon her back. Maira had grown frustrated at her lack of shadowy powers, and it was quite visible. Finally, she seemed to just give up. "Who's next?" She pointed at Alexa, then smirked. A finger curled towards her form and the Colonel was now uncomfortably close to the other woman. "Hello. Would you care to join me as we run away from thunder hooves?" Her voice lowered and dramatically, she swept her hair from her shoulder. "I promise that we will not get caught up in that ambush." She pointed downwards. "We can travel by shadow. Just take my hand, princess." She smirked. This personality change was different from normal. Normally, Maira was too mission-oriented to get caught up with flirting with other party members. She also generally did not flirt with women, but that was now a thing for her. If Alexa took her hand, Maira waited for a moment. Their bodies would be bathed by inky black shadow hands. It would seem that Maira was the perfect gentleman as she gently waded through the shadows. Normally, shadow walking was a rapid process that caused her to move quickly from one place to another. The soldier was taking her time so as to not lose her company. She moved seductively through shadow in the direction that Volentia had suggested. @Maverick
  6. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Okay then. I will be posting after I get home from work.
  7. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    So are we going to pretend like the others weren't there or how are we handling this?
  8. The Tenpo's Festival

    The man stared at the automaton as though he possibly did not understand what was so wrong with offering at a drink, considering that the drink was more like a concentration of mana. He just nodded once. His actions were motivated by curiosity. What would the drink do to a being that was not human at all? His hand moved to his chin in thought. The drink was meant to bring out a being's true nature. Even if it was for a moment. Somewhere further in the caravan, music began to play. The rhythmic drumming was luring people to dance. The crowd around the drink cart thinned slightly to check out the dancing. The woman turned to Mette and Archimedes, but only nodded at Mette, who had paid. The man shoved a coin towards her, covering Archimedes' bill. She shrugged and went back to business. Mette found herself gawking at Archimedes. She had been in the glacier for so long that she hadn't really ever seen an automaton. The air around Mette was cold. Exactly like the glacier, but not cold enough to chill the entire city. The drink had uncovered Mette's nature. She had some sort of connection with ice. Part of her was wary. What if he became some sort of killing machine? "Eh, well. There is plenty more to check out, Little Ice Princess." The man spoke. "I will have you know that I am not a child and you don't have to speak to me as such." Mette was annoyed. In all of her seventeen years, she was treated as someone lesser.
  9. The Dark Spirit

    Kallias had landed a few days ago in a small village. This was like a vacation for him. He hadn't escaped Terrenus for long. He walked around the village with his hands folded behind his head. It was obvious that he had just come from Weland. And despite the wings upon the Unseelie's back, he did not use them to get to these islands. Goodness, the amount of energy he'd have to figure out how to acquire would have been ridiculous. A tavern filled the air with a welcoming scent. He smirked entered, looking around. A soothing warmth filled his body. Kallias took a deep breath and sat down at a table. He had been getting whispers of some sort of curse. As he ordered his food, the whisper of the word "Curse" had filled his mind. Both of his hands moved to his head as he lowered his gaze. "Curse. Curse. Curse." He whispered to himself. "Curse. Curse." Kallias looked up as a group of people began to leave. "Is it my wings?" He gestured. "You know..." He muttered, then shrugged. The waitress returned with his food. She leaned down. "How about we stop scaring the other customers? Can you do that, buddy?" He reached up. "How about you tell me about this curse I keep hearing about? And whatever else you know.." He placed a hand gently on the woman's forehead and sat, reading her thoughts. Kallias pressed into the waitress's mind, trying to find out what she knew about the land. Meanwhile, he shoveled stew into his mouth. Thoughtfully, he chewed his food and met the woman's gaze. "Ahhh.." He ended the bond by asking, "This meal is free, right? I mean, this place is crazy cursed." @Deviant @Echo
  10. The Prince Returns

    Ruka entered without making much of a scene. The servant that had been sent to fetch her did not have to travel far. She walked in, smirking slightly. So what was the prince planning? Why did he ask for all of his girls to gather in one place? Ruka's hands folded in front of her. The sleeves of her kimono slid over her hands. Ruka's gaze was downcast, as though she were amused by something. She approached Gwendolyn and Rin. She looked up at the pair, then offered her warmest, friendliest smile. "Greetings, everyone. My name is Ruka Okamura." Ruka bowed her head slightly. "Well, I'm glad to see there aren't fifty of you like the Prince had suggested." She said off-hand. Her hand moved slightly. She peered over to Yue and smiled. She was good. Very good. Her tongue ran along her lips in thought. Ruka turned to spy the arrival of the Prince's mother. Chizuru walked in and looked around. She rose an eyebrow, inspecting the Prince's hall. Behind her, Kenshin walked in, but she kept to herself. The fae would busy herself elsewhere. Ruka immediately bowed deeply to Chizuru. Chizuru simply nodded her head. Ruka straightened. She looked over at Ruka and patted her shoulder. Kenshin sighed, introducing Chizuru to everyone. "Introducing Chizuru Ryuzoji-Xanathi, Regent of Weland." She sounded more full of life than her face had showed. Ruka rose an eyebrow. "Oh, this is going to be interesting." "Welcome to Weland. Some of you have been here before." Chizuru's gaze was on Rin.
  11. The Tenpo's Festival

    Mette's eyes opened the moment someone had touched her. Her skin was cold to the touch. She immediately sat up. The woman selling the drinks stopped selling for a moment as people moved from her. The new dwarf child pointed. "Look! She's blue!" Mette looked at the guy (Archimedes) who had attempted to help her. "Am I?" She asked. The woman walked over to her. She knelt down. "Yeeeah. These drinks are supposed to unlock your true nature for a while. Most people just turn into...that." She pointed to the kid that was a dwarf. "That sounds like some weird magic." Mette sounded like she didn't believe the woman, but the way that the crowd was reacting was true. Mette got to her feet. The man with the guitar stood suddenly. He approached the knight and the woman. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's fae magic." He said. "It really is temporary." He looked at Holden, then with a mischievous grin. "Do you want some of the drink?" Women and children began to gather around the blue Mette and the man in shining armor as the wolf-like fae man began to motion a set of different colored liquids to be taken to the group.
  12. The Boys (and Girls) Are Back in Town

    Yiss. Work life ate my rp life. I am going to be working on posts tonight. After I eat all the rice and dumplings I made.
  13. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    I reckon I can rp.