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  1. All right. I will work on a list of who is who, which is something I normally do with threads. But uhh... *_* I didn't think this will get as much attention as it has. I just got home from work. @vyos is our last participant able to join this go round. I am going to have this thread be closed. Please use the Weland Magical Girls OOC thread to communicate.
  2. Currently, we'll say yes.
  3. There are a literal fuckton of Yokai out there that range in intelligence levels. Yes, there are human level intelligent Yokai. Robbie and Pura are going to be playing third party meanies that have some sway or attraction to specific Yokai and they can either know it or not know it. And there are super powerful Yokai, but more on that in a minute.... (as in it will be introduced later). Currently, I do not have a standard in mind, as I have been doing background research on types of Yokai.
  4. @Deviant@Puranetto Ueivuzu@Robbie Rotten@Mag@Eyeofthenyte@Galen Wolfe@Misty
  5. This is the OOC for the Weland magical girl rp. That is the link to the thread. Any questions? Comments?
  6. The Teka District was already known for being where unsavory folks hung out. It was no wonder that the place was infested with Yokai that wanted to take control of people's bodies or drive them to their deaths. The Teka District was also home to one thing that it held in abundance. It held plenty of abandoned buildings and hiding places for rogue Yokai to hide out, awaiting their next victim. It was nightfall and the fog had yet to settle in. It always rolled in from the South before settling in the North until the sun burnt it off the next day. The cool mist of the night made the air an uncomfortable, sticky feeling. Okamura Ruka, the daughter of the former regent of Weland, crept towards a door to an abandoned factory. A small white sprite sat upon her shoulders, telling her to be careful, but not really doing much else. She moved quietly through the factory, keeping her ears honed upon every single sound she heard. The armored girl had already transformed before approaching the factory. Her eyes scanned the darkness that surrounded her. Yomigane had given her sight to see the Yokai in Weland. Ruka just wished she could turn it off sometimes in order to be able to focus on things a normal teenage girl should focus on. In a way, Ruka felt like her life was over, as she was not the one controlling her life anymore. Her mind began to wander about as she thought of her own wish that made her this way. That night was dark. She didn't know what to do or where to go. The loss of her father and mother on the same day, a day when she was to end her own life, was devastating. While her uncle tried to do a good job of raising her, he was always cautious around her. Ruka just wanted her aunt and uncle to accept her and love her. Yomigane had a way with words and magic. In a strange turn of events, the Okamura estate was attacked by rioters who nearly killed the entire family. Ruka's wish was to defend her family from the attackers and it was granted. Now, as Ruka clenched her fist, she was someone who was able to take a beating without backing down. She was strong. Ruka was aware that there were other girls or boys like her. Those chosen by Yomigane and somewhat groomed to defend Weland from the Yokai that threatened its harmony. The wet sounds of sloshing sounded from a few feet ahead, behind some boxes. Something told her this was a Yokai and it was probably going to be an ugly one. Without making a noise, the silver armored magical girl cloaked her body in the metal that her armor was made from. Withdrawing a scroll from her breastplate, she moved quickly towards the one making the sloshing noise. There was no time to recoil from the disgusting sight. The girl nearly slipped in the blood that was pooling on the floor. The choked voice of a man, gurgling in his own blood, mouthed a plea for help, while one of his hands searched for the wound to close it. The girl looked around while the white sprite lept from her shoulder onto the man. From a stack of boxes against the wall, a large, hunched form screeched at her and took a leap down at Ruka. Ruka's arms moved outwards to catch the Yokai in mid-air. As she did, the thing clawed at her, trying to scratch her skin, but getting nothing but metal. Ruka grunted, tossing the Yokai to the ground and pinning it there. The girl's form, complete with a short, pleated skirt, a short vest, white shirt, and a hat with a long feather, would be outlined in the lights of passing carriages as a gloved hand began to slam down into the screeching demon's face. There were others and the Yokai's screams were going to alert them all. Ruka slammed the scroll against the Yokai's chest and watched it do its work. She rolled off the body and checked on the sprite. It was healing the man, but more Yokai would show up soon. The Yokai slowly disintegrated into ashes, leaving only the relic that Ruka needed before she grabbed it and took off running to find a spot to hide. The screams of the Yokai made this a hotbed of activity as others were making their presence known throughout the Teka District.
  7. No rush. Get better. I just watched Cloverfield. I feel sorta nauseous.
  8. My advice: Don't read it all at once. I read stuff only when I am rping somewhere new on the site. Except that one week, when I read a solid amount of lore just because.
  9. Kiku smiled and bowed her head to Raven. She was blushing, of course. Seiji never made eye contact with Raven. It would be a while before he'd look up to see the man that was the host of this party. Until then, he kept his eye on the elf next to him. Kiku covered her lips with her long sleeves. Now was not the time to be shy, he wanted to say to her, but he seemed to let this transgression slide. That was, until he jabbed the Empress with his elbow. The Empress suddenly came to life as though Seiji were pulling her strings. This was far from the truth. Kiku most definitely had a mind of her own. The boy began to eat while the girl looked for someone worth talking to. "Man, there are some rumors flying." He said, not even looking up. "Hmmm.." Kiku stretched. "Kami-sama be damned." She said softly. "Language." Kiku began to eat quietly. Seiji looked up. "Seiji. My name is Seiji." He said softly. "I came here from Weland, a city in Terrenus. I've of no import there. I'm simply a student. This little lady is the Empress of Bunmei City, part of a prominent family in the history of Elendaron as a whole. It's been a pleasure so far. This castle is magnificent. The Regent of Weland would love this place." That was a partial lie. He didn't know the Regent's tastes. The boy continued in his honeyed, lightly accented monotone. "Bunmei City is a simple city, known for its industry, mining capabilities, and fireworks. It is not nearly as advanced as some of the other cities I have been to in this world." He looked around, then his gaze fell on the pale skinned, white haired elf next to him. Kiku looked directly at Lord Sithis and tilted her head. Her voice was strong, and similar to Seiji's with the accent. "While it is not quite as advanced, we are open to providing for assistance to you and your Lyonesse." She rose an eyebrow. "Plus, I do not see why we cannot help each other out. We have a strong backing from Weland in Terrenus. The Regent there is helping our efforts to become more, ah, advanced. Our largest manufacturing plant for weaponry will be opening soon and starting production in the near future. We have expanded our mining operations to include the search for newer, better materials for making weapons and armor." Seiji reached into his kimono, removing a small pouch while Kiku spoke. "There is a gift for the gracious host of this party and hopefully, it will be something to remember us by." Seiji stood. He delivered the pouch to Raven, then took his seat. @Eternity
  10. If by "stay", you meam "run" because it's opposite day!
  11. Ruka was quiet as Kazuhiko spoke. Her eyes narrowed at him as he said this or that about himself and whatever she was doing wrong. She had only been one of Yomigane's chosen Hososhi for about three months and she had only just met Kazuhiko a month ago. It didn't take long for him to begin grating on her nerves. Yes, she knew exactly who she was. He was there when her father was killed. He had the guardian sword of the Okamura. He also had a problem with reason. Ruka continued to let Kazuhiko speak while she listened halfway. Suddenly, she looked up at him with a smile. "You have no use for the scroll." She said softly. "I was told not to trust you, as you are one of the Yokai yourself." Her hands folded behind her back. Ruka just sighed heavily. "It is time to transform." Her voice was monotone, losing all the conviction of the anger she held before. Her head tilted upwards. Both of Ruka's eyes closed as she forced the transformation. A forced transformation did not hurt much. Once the transformation was finished, she looked around. Kazuhiko walked away, nonchalantly as always. Ruka stayed to finish the job. There was always one other. Katawaguruma. The night was entirely too quiet though. "Be on your guard!" A small sprite appeared on Ruka's shoulder. "She's coming here!" She finally heard it in the distance. There was a loud wail followed by the sound of rolling. This was Ruka's fight. The Katawaguruma appeared, rolling straight towards the remains of the Wanyudo. Ruka's body became covered in metallic armor. She moved straight towards the Katawaguruma. It wailed at her, not capable of speaking in any coherent language. Ruka's arms moved outward as she met the Katawaguruma by force. The wheel had stopped turning. The yokai let out another wail of frustration as it moved back to attempt to roll the girl once more. Ruka wasted no time in drawing her weapon, a whip made of the same metal that her body armor was made of. She snapped her wrist outward. The whip wrapped around one of the spokes of the wheel. The wheel could no longer turn, stuck on the whip. It wailed once more. It was frustrated. Ruka held onto the whip fast. Her eyes narrowed in a glare. Yomigane's contract came to mind as she yanked the whip as hard as she could. The wheel scraped down across the ground towards her no matter how much it struggled. "In the name of Yomigane, you are forever banished from this realm." She said softly. When the wheel was close enough for her to touch and run, she pressed an exorcism scroll against the Katawaguruma's forehead. She watched as light pierced the skin of the wailing woman's ugly, twisted face. The yokai let out one last shriek before it fell over, splitting in half neatly. Ruka wasted no time to get to the fallen yokai to recover the relic. Ruka retreated away from the yokai, to add the relic- another scroll- to her gem. It was rare for Ruka to be satisfied, but for the first time in a while, she smiled only to have it fade with the knowledge that she was in Kazuhiko's company. Instead of waiting around for his criticism, she just wanted to take off running. Her eyes narrowed. "You saw nothing." She said quickly, moving both of her hands upwards to her temples and rubbing them. Her resistance to running disturbed her.
  12. Like all you have to do is put some basic information in your profile. We don't need anything super detailed like tragic pasts. Just some information about what your character's abilities are.
  13. Leave the "basic" for Casper. This is Weland. *shots fired*