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  1. Okay :) Soon as I'm off workies.
  2. 7.    Rin, if you want to post before me please do. I'm not gonna get the time I wanted tonight, so I'll have to go tomorrow :(
  3. Which'll be some time today/this early evening after work. :)
  4. I can't get to it tonight and if you wanna go before me, go for it. I'll write around you tomorrow :) Don't wanna hold up the story because of my own time constraints. I've got time-ish for one a day :P
  5. Darien acknowledged Lilith's praise with a nod as he shook Hensch's hand firmly.   "Wait.  Sorry to be abrupt, but did you say magestorms?"   "Wait, WHAT! Magestorms?!"   Darien waited as Cadence approached from the helm, before projecting his voice louder as the buffer of wind began to whisk their voices away.   "You both heard correctly. Magestorms are violently random! Really, anything could happen if we fly through the epicentre. Some magi might even find they are stronger in there."   Hensch completed a morale-raising speech and Garm began a climb up the mast, to a wind-battering altitude where he remained, stabbing at the air with his horns.   "Everyone should get inside or hold on tight!" Darien continued to act and feel mostly un-phased by the rushing winds, his magic strengthening slightly as the storm picked up. He could exert enough magical force against the storm to reduce it to a breeze, but really he wanted his wits about him and such constant magic required too much focus. He raised his hood and wrapped his cloak around his face, protecting his mouth and nose. "Let's hope this one comes WITHOUT the hallucinations." Darien shuddered as if recalling an unexpected prior experience, and then his smile resumed.   He bent to remove his shoes in an oddly ritual manner, and tucked the soft material into a satchel under his cloak. His bare feet shifted to dark fur and claws, affording him a comfortable grip on the deck. 
  6. OOC

    I shall post this evening. Sad I missed last round D:
  7. "I think maybe you were wrong." Darien grunted to Catherine as he allowed Alerstrad to reform into a sword. He dashed forward and shifted his blade up to bear against the force of the stone knight's heavy swing, aiding Rin with her sudden plight.   Sparks flew as the weapons connected, like fireflies they skittered across the cavern and briefly lit up the dark before fizzling into nothingness. Darien strained against the weight of stone, he was considerably weaker in this cavern than he was outside. There were no power sources, no life forces other than their own in the labyrinth. It was akin to a magic trap, a void that siphoned all power from his entity. From the E'lkiere. From Mae. From Scae'lion. From them all. He had nothing to tap into, nothing to work with but practised swordsmanship.   It didn't seem all that much versus a granite knight.   "How does one defeat a literal rock?" Darien queried seriously, unsure how to progress from the position they found themselves in. Sythe untucked itself from Darien's sleeve, dangling from its chain. Reactively, he shifted his centre of balance, freeing his left hand whilst maintaining the parry with his other.   He willed the weapon to become its namesake, a giant scythe. He would reap the statues heads and they would continue on their way-   But, instead, the ball formed into a jagged dagger in his palm. He had not yet fully grasped the magic behind the transformation of the weapon, like his own companion blade, but it would have to do for now.   He briefly recalled a moment of quiet, when Alikye had distributed gifts to each of them, not too long ago.   [hr]     A whisper. A patter. It was entirely inaudible to the others, and meant only for him.   Sythe.   Alikye had projected the name of the blade as if it were a rarely-spoken, precious secret.       [hr]   And then it clicked into place. Darien knew what to do.   "Sythe." Darien barked commandingly, lacing the namesake with all the magic he could draw from within.   The newly formed dagger in his palm exploded into white fire. He flipped his grip on the blade, and grasped the hilt tightly. The tendrils of alabaster flame danced over the surface of his skin, ebbed from between his fingers and flowed like cool water over the back of his hand. He suddenly felt strong and healthy, as if the white fire was trickling magic into his emptiness. Sure, it couldn't restore the magic or even hope to fill the labyrinthine void, but maybe it could help to destroy their new stone enemies.   In one sophisticated movement, he plunged the fiery blade into the neck of the stone knight, and hoped that the masonry would melt like butter.   Hope.   Hope was all he had left in here. He desperately hoped to restore Mae to life. He hoped to beat the labyrinth, and seek council with the High Lords of Genesaris after all this time. He hoped for Alikye's contentment. Jubilation. Exultation. Prosperity for them all. He hoped for Rin to feel at ease, to garner her friendship, for her to see herself in a better light. Even for the newcomers - He hoped for Catherine's allegiance and safety. For the peculiar kitten's companionship.    Would hope be enough to carry them through?
  8. Awesome post.. I'm writing mine at the moment ;).
  9. I'm looking to enter with my character (half made sheet) during the day/evening tomorrow. It's Friday! whoop.
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      Yes it may be worth noting I wasn't serious and rarely am when it comes to OOC chatting about people IC, I like to play devil's advocate and suggest everyone dies.
  11.       Today I smiled because of both these posts and their circumstances? (Except the work part - me too, as we all know)   Edit.. Also 500 Posts.
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      Or Garm quietly ate em up whilst we weren't looking..
  13. Flail at me and I shall poke you. /poke