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  1. Taking a break from threads to focus on some other things, but I'll still be here lurking + available to message. Not in any threads at the moment, but just a heads up for anyone visiting this profile (hi!). Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. 

  2. Thanks! 😀 I look forward to defending the world with all of you.
  3. @supernal You may not have gotten around to it yet, but can you add Cecelia Pettifor to the enlisted section of the military as a member of PETAL?
  4. Mission Debrief Full Summary Having determined the location of a demonic incursion in the Blaurg Mountains, a small PETAL-sponsored strike force consisting of Cadmium Metireal (supernal) and Emile Gareau (danzilla3) make their way into a temple built into the western portion of the mountain range. While making camp within an underground chamber they encounter a stranger named Pettifor (Vesper) who claims to have lived in the caverns for the past month. Unbeknownst to Cadmium and Emile, she has followed the trail of a sacred animal to her people, the web-spinning Matriarch, which now resides on the ceiling above the two soldiers. The two men graciously invite her to break bread with them when all of a sudden they are ambushed by two Xelken wretches. The Matriarch skitters away. Pettifor is abducted by a Snatch-Hawk, but Emile is able to wound and send to it the ground with a well-placed shot. Cadmium ends the Snatch-Hawk with a display of metal-kinesis that sends a molten shotput through its torso and then guards the party against the razor sharp tendril of a Slap-Coil. Pettifor wakes up and reveals a unique blend of fiber-magic that utilizes her magical cloak to ensnare the Slap-Coil. Emile finishes it off with a hail of lead. Emile is injured in the fight and with some help from Pettifor is bandaged up. They advance through the temple-mountain complex and Pettifor reveals that she comes from another world. They end up discussing theology and the differences between their two worlds. They come upon a room with the corpses of a wizard and a bunch of smaller unidentified humanoids. Cadmium determines the cause to be an R.A.V (random act of violence). Finally they make their way to the mouth of the temple sanctuary, where Pettifor finds a black compass with a mysterious past. The main chamber of the sanctuary is filled with the corpses of a battle ended weeks ago, fought by many different factions: Xelken, salvor, monster, temple defenders, (and more?). They find a large stone altar at the end of the room that was smashed open by a large Xelken. Within it is an encased magical scroll, which they collect for further analysis. Minor Summary A small PETAL cell (consisting of Cadmium, Emile, and later, Pettifor) investigates a demonic incursion within the Blaurg mountain range. Their camp is ambushed by two Xelken, but they are able to slay the monsters while only incurring a small injury. They eventually reach the main chamber of the temple and find weeks-old corpses of diverse competing factions, as well as a magical scroll hidden within a fractured stone altar. Consequences and Opportunities 1. PETAL deals a blow to Kahd’Xel by preventing his forces from retrieving a magical scroll. 2. Pettifor joins PETAL. 3. Cadmium and Emile successfully complete their missions. 4. (Opportunity) PETAL is now in possession of a magical scroll that presumably has something to do with Kahd’Xel. Further analysis is required to learn of its use and if it may be used in some way against the Xelken.
  5. Thanks so much for your interest! I actually think this ability might be a little too powerful for what I have in mind. I want translation and historical interpretation to be mysteries which the characters are actively puzzling and solving. Age, origin, and obsolescence are important components of the genre and I don’t want them to be taken lightly. It looks like we’re doing a thread in Taen. 😄 How do you feel about involving the Mork’Outh in some way? My character is motivated to return to her own world and the Worldrift magic practiced by the Mork’Outh presents a promising solution. I'm open to other ideas too.
  6. We could definitely do a thread in Taen if you wanted to use a member of the Conclave Tel (I’m intrigued by the conflicting ideas of selling archeological finds to private bidders versus preserving for the general public). Hyacinth would work well too - she's an impulsive contrast to my steady, bookish archeologist.
  7. "...life is not an occasional affair, but a constant balancing on the point of intersection where past and future meet." - C. W. Ceram. Hi! I’ve recently been on an adventure-archeology kick and I’m interested in writing low-powered, exploration driven stories with historical and anthropological themes, such as spelunking lost temples, making contact with new species, and protecting antiquities from villainous hands. Put another way, fantasy stories written under a social sciences lens (Ursula Le Guin is a great example) with a zesty sprinkling of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. I have an archeologist from another world who currently works for PETAL (a branch of the Lagrimosan military: the Paleoanthropic, Educational and Transcultural Anthropology League) and I’m looking to write with other morally heroic characters who are archeologists, anthropologists, historians, scientists, adventurers, academics, and explorers. Here are some possible storylines I’ve drummed up which give the vibe I'm looking for: Superstition and the specter of a ghost are causing villagers to destroy priceless historic treasures recently unearthed in a local excavation. Can we protect the antiquities while simultaneously uncovering the mystery of the supposed ghost? Plans for a MagVac track involve the demolition of a large hill rumored to be a barrow for the resting place of a quiescent, but potentially destructive, dragon spirit. Can we explore the barrow, find proof of the residing spirit, and prevent the demolition of the barrow before the spirit is unwittingly unleashed upon the populace? Can we settle the dispute between two small Mork’Outh tribes in Taen and, in doing so, learn a little of their Worldrift magic? Do these ideas sound interesting to you? Do you think it would be awesome to canonically fill up a museum with discoveries unearthed in threads? If a yes to either, yay – just a few extra notes. Threads will most likely be PETAL-sponsored, so if you want to enlist a character there they can also rank up in that organization. All threads will take place in Lagrimosa and I’m especially interested in exploring @Csl's ludicrously awesome Taen (check it out if you haven’t already). “Power level” will be Low Powers (as opposed to Mild Powers). Dealing with complications like finding food and water or treating an injury with bandages is just part of the story. Teamwork is key! I’m not ready to flesh out thread logistics just yet, but if this caught your eye and you’re into it, have questions, or want to collaborate, let me know! 🌟
  8. I hadn't seen this. 🤣 I love the McElroy clan. They've definitely gotten me through some dreary days.
  9. I’m glad that worked! At first I was going to go with a book, but I figured a scroll had the option of coming from a more ancient time.
  10. The compass sat comfortably in the middle of her palm. That it was pocket–sized deepened her appreciation for the fine craftsmanship which adorned the various components of the device. Bone white glyphs arced around the rotating bezel wheel. Delicate flourishes of silver filigree underscored each of the cardinal directions. “Love – or some other equal emotion – was woven into this,” she said, delicately turning the compass over in her fingers. Her eyes widened as she spotted the appearance of initials on the back of the housing. Two letters: the first, a golden “B”. The second had been crossed out with several rough lacerations, marring the otherwise immaculate appearance of the device and obscuring the identity of whoever had originally possessed it. The true scope of its craft would not be revealed until she had the bright lighting of a workshop and a magnifying glass with which to scrutinize the thing, and yet even now she could not help but be entranced by its skillful design and the sense of its history. “I suspect it will find its true owner one day, but, until then…” She moved the compass so that it faced north and nearly groaned when she saw the needle line up with the doorway into the next room – so much for Gaia being cryptic. There was no way around it then; she would have to follow the ichor laden path and see what lay in store. She sighed and dropped the compass into the folds of her robes, where it was gently deposited into a pocket she had woven in that very moment. She nodded at the Longshot as he voiced his words of caution. It was a good reminder to move slowly and watch the shadows. If her brief experience with the Xelken had taught her one thing, it was that they loved to ambush from places the human eye could not penetrate. She willed away the fatigue which had begun to fog her mind and followed the imposing metal bulk of Cadmium through the doorway. There was something decidedly comforting in the knowledge that she was protected in the front by a living shield, and behind by a man trained to use the most beautifully crafted rifle she had ever laid eyes on. She decided she could best help her teammates by scanning the room in an effort to deny their enemies the ambush they had previously achieved. The sanctuary was now a disaster site, of which the body of the brain druid was but a single horror. Bodies of the small humanoids they had seen previously in the caverns littered this room, some collapsed on the rotting pews or under them, others positioned near the corpses of Xelken invaders. She spotted the body of a fallen human, quiver on his back and bow to the side, punctured through the stomach by a Slapcoil which lay limply and half-attached to a wall at the other end of the room. A section of roof had caved in and a large stone piece of it had collided with several worm-ridden bodies. Sunlight poured through this empty space, bathing the altar beneath it in a luminous glow. The room was deadly quiet as they traipsed through the aftermath of carnage that had long ceased. Besides the Xelken, it was unclear to her whom the other factions had been. Protectors of the temple? Salvors? Whatever the case, it seemed unlikely that the battle had amounted to anything more than mutual destruction. The trail of purple ichor which they followed mysteriously stopped at the stone altar, which had been cleaved in half by something ridiculously strong. Whichever Xelken had dripped that purple ichor had also tried to destroy this altar – and then vanished, or been vaporized, as a result. It was a puzzle which seemed to offer no easy solution, until she noticed a long cylindrical case caught within the stone fracture. She pointed towards it and whispered, “Is that…a scroll?”
  11. How do you feel about a sword with some sort of Xelken-slaying capabilities? We see the glint of a sword sealed within a crushed altar. We pick up a book nearby that explains that it had some role in putting down Kahd'Xel 5,000 years ago and was sealed away within this altar. The Xelken knew about this which drew them to the temple with the goal of eliminating this weapon. However, when a Xelken team broke the altar to retrieve it, they triggered a protective measure which killed everything within the temple (which could explain the deaths of salvors and non-Xelken along the way). For even more action, you soldier types can get a notification on your comms that another group of Xelken are on the way to finish what the first team could not. We skedaddle and extract with Emile laying down some fire. With the sword gone, the temple no longer holds any interest to the Xelken hivemind and the Matriarchs are safe - for now. And the military gets a useful weapon. Or something like that?
  12. We were aiming to wrap up this thread this upcoming round of posting, right? I'm trying to figure out what to set up in the next room. I'm imagining a bunch of dead Xelken and some item/object responsible for their deaths that we can retrieve and put in the hands of the military. Thoughts?
  13. I enjoyed reading your profile for Brutus di Villanueva and was happy for the opportunity to learn what a "parasang" is. This lexophile is pleased. 

    1. Glamses


      Yes, thank you, my friend-- I've been happy to impress men, women, and beyond with my massive diction.

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      Truly, you employ a girthy vocabulary.

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