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  1. The last bit about the "great pine barrens" in Davant's entry seemed like it could be an IC thread type of clue. I looked around, but nothing huge leapt out. It is interesting for its lore relevance to Zengi/Desecrator/Herbie.
  2. Have we established that the names of the authors of the documents are Davant, Nomalis, Malark, and Ingsol? Just referencing the names given to the files.
  3. Dang but that avatar is neat

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      gosh darn it mister you edited and correcto'ed WELL NOW YOU'VE RUINED IT THAT'S IT I QUIT

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      A+ conversation to wake up to. Thanks guys. 

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      we just have certain amenities to address with amenities

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    GIF association

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    General chat thread

    Happy New Year everyone 🙂
  6. Witch

    Hey, I seem to remember you play FF, right? How’s your season going?

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      I only played casually. I could never get into it as much as I would have liked to. I haven't played in a few years.

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    Poll - Valucre theme

    Light reminds me of the older iterations of the website (I came in around 2013). It feels good and homey.
  8. Witch

    Returning and afraid.

    Welcome back 🙂
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    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    Wait wait wait, let me defend my honor. Let the records show that it didn't "die". We got to the required 10 posts, but our plan was to shoot for more after my planned absence lol. It will start up soon again. Chase csl in another thread that takes place at a later time - Cassandra's mine in this one. We rolled and Cassandra got the escape result anyway. Ok, swooping out :)
  10. Thanks for the like!

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      Sure. Your quest board looks great!

  11. Welcome, Dr. Ram. Every good party needs a healer! Technically I'm on the Inquisition side of things, but welcome to the military industrial complex all the same 🙂
  12. Witch

    The Moonwood Pursuit (Bounty) Chatter

    You could have already started your post, in which case fear not, but I had some thoughts on the upcoming conclusion to our thread as we approach the tenth post. Cassandra and Olivia are good nemeses for each other. Cassandra represents creation, Olivia destruction, with the twist that they both exist on surprising ends of the mortal spectrum. As determined by the coin flip, Cassandra will somehow successfully escape the grasp of the inquisitor. But it might be interesting if Olivia is able to inflict some sort of damage in the process to Erythraean. I'm sure they'll meet again in some future LoD thread (though with all my moving I don't know if I can reasonably participate in Last Chance) and this could be a meaningful incident upon which to further develop their adversarial relationship. Thoughts?
  13. Witch

    The Moonwood Pursuit (Bounty) Chatter

    Sorry for taking forever. I'm in the process of moving and move day is fast approaching.
  14. Witch

    The Moonwood Pursuit

    “As I said, I am an agent of the Gaian Inquisition,” Olivia says slowly, shuffling a few steps backwards as the monster casually brushes away the layers of frost from her alchemical volley. She purposefully ignores the question about whether or not she is alone. For a few silent moments she studies the defensive posture of the monster, the way in which it safeguards Cassandra behind the burly walls of its apelike limbs. Like a bond shared by kin. Mother and child? Or the opposite? Olivia’s eyebrows furrow with bewilderment, as if she were viewing a piece of modernist artwork that had gone over her head. She suddenly shakes her head and coldly chuckles, “Does that thing care for you?” Her lips press together, rising ever so slightly at their edges in a smug smile. “You murdered twenty-three innocents.” She taps a finger below her left eye. “Oh, I can see each one of their souls in your sloppy patchwork. And yet you shaped your golem as an angel. Fostered within it something more than self-preservation. Why? Does it help you sleep better at night?” Her chuckles erupt into the kind of stormy laughter that is devoid of humor, but rich with disdain. At the same time, something wretched seems to roil beneath her left arm and the limb begins to quickly swell in size. Her left arm shoots out from her side like a shadowy lance in the direction of Erythraean’s hand wall. Its target is seemingly clear: Cassandra. Except that, in a way, it is a feint. She hopes that creature will defend against her attack in the same way it defended Cassandra from the flash bang. Olivia’s specialty lies in turning things back into their original, purest state - the way Gaia had intended - through reverse transmutation upon touch. She would shatter Erythraean into its most basic ingredients and put an end to this mockery of creation.