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  1. Witch

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    For once, they all agree. Sacks nods, and returns to the black horse tied to a tree at the side of the road. She had questions and theories, but she could wait until they were traveling. She pulls a disc-shaped crystal array from her saddle bag, and thumbs through a series of holographic maps. She mounts the horse and trots over. “Redwater is still two hours southwest from here.” She glances at the auto-carriage on the side of the road. “Does that have enough power to get you there? I can arrange other accommodations, but that will cost additional time.”
  2. Witch

    Betting - an extremity for some loot

    B&U could totally sponsor an underground, high-stakes MOBS style tournament. Up to you if you want to work that angle in.
  3. Witch

    Roleplay companies and businesses

    Yes. But it doesn’t exist as a reputable, official business.
  4. I will always pronounce it val-oo-cruh
  5. I used to own an Android. And then I got an iPhone 7. I am thoroughly converted. I really dislike macs, but, hot damn, Apple makes a beautiful smartphone. Amazing craftsmanship both inside and out. Enjoy your new phone! /shill
  6. Witch

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    A flashbang trap? That would explain why Ito had been rolling on the ground, clutching at his face. To rig that up would have taken both quick thinking and nerves of steel, considering the circumstances. Commendable qualities, had they not been directed against her subordinates. She makes a mental note to not underestimate the perspiring scientist. “I was briefed on Ranger Anouk’s report before arriving at the lab site. I do not know what reason leads you there, but if the situation in Ronda’s Lot is any indication, Redwater is likely to be a trap. The unassuming façade of the former hid a cobra’s nest of possessed cultists.” “As for you, Private Incommunicado,” she jeers, sharply turning to face Harper. “You call the Purification of a single building, ‘wanton destruction’? It was a surgical incision that may have spared Ignatz an epidemic. As for my vision, I’ll admit to having a hard time distinguishing fools from my foes.” She pauses to scan the fields to the left and right of the road. A voice within her calls out to make peace with the men, citing memorized biblical passages of grace and leniency. She sighs loudly, expelling the accumulated stress of the day in a single exhale. Her tone softens. “I am not the villain you believe me to be. Still, you have no choice in the matter; I will join you, regardless of invitation. I need to learn what else you’ve gathered.
  7. Witch

    Out of the Shadows, Into the Fray

    Ender's Game is a fantastic choice. Have you read the other books in the series? I've read through most of the Bean books, but have only read Speaker for the Dead of the Ender Wiggin saga. On the Tolkien front, I've only read The Hobbit. I need to read the actual trilogy! I've known this for a while, but your endorsement is just further admonishment of the obvious gaps in my literary knowledge. Posting speed can vary. You just want to be on the same wavelength as the other posters in your thread. Communication is key. Write again, please 🤗. I mean, don't burn yourself out between the site and real life, but if you can find time for the site I think you'd make an awesome member.
  8. Witch

    Out of the Shadows, Into the Fray

    @Artificer I get to be the first one to say hello! 🐦(<- bird emoji because of how I swooped in.) Welcome to Valuce, Arty! Anyone who aptly describes roleplay as a creative cacophony gets my immediate approval. I’m glad you finally mustered up the courage to make a post here. Your recent post (A Knot of Silver) in Genesaris was written really well and I look forward to seeing that story continue – as well as your future literary pursuits on the site. As you probably know from the automatic message you received, you can find threads to join or post your own thread ideas in the Water Cooler. You seem to already have a feel for the place, but, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message! I think you’ll find Valucre to be fertile ground for flexing your literary muscle. Questions from me to you: What is your favorite book? And, do you have a favorite author in particular?
  9. Witch

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    Thanks. And now I will play my "I went over the limit - sorry/notsorry" card 🐵.
  10. Witch

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    “How brave you are,” Sacks sneers, her voice raised with stormy laughter. “To liken my methods to those employed by the Desecrators from the safety of your armchair. To tarnish my Order with veiled comparisons – the ones responsible for rooting out that menace. Yes, you have that luxury.” Through the walls, past where the bottom of the bookshelf met with the floor, Sacks could see the pair of auric wisps of the two men on the move again. They were making distance, and yet oddly, the auras themselves were stationary. It would suggest they were being transported. She makes her way to the window behind Letthem’s desk, and scans the city street below to confirm her suspicions. “You say you remember a time before Odin Haze, but it seems to me you have forgotten the horrors of that dark world and all that is presently at stake. The Inquisition has not forgotten. We cannot afford to nod. It is why Inquisitors, like me, must wield carte blanche like a sword.” Bingo. Her eyes narrow on the auto-carriage. “You may lodge a formal complaint at any temple if you have issue with my conduct.” She slides the edict back into her pocket and hastily makes her way out of the tavern, while radioing Roch and Ito – whoever closest – to track the shipment. She would follow in pursuit. “No more running.” Sacks dismounts from a sable horse and slowly approaches the parked wagon. She has no weapon drawn and appears to be alone. “At first, I had thought you both infected with contagion,” she says, addressing the men hidden within the crates. “Make no mistake: you both carry an Unnatural taint. But, by Gaia’s grace, it seems to have not spread from you into the city.”
  11. Witch

    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    Post practically done, but a directorial question: After Sacks spots the auto-carriage, are you okay if I time-skip to a confrontation on the country road? I can leave out the time-skip if you guys want some time to uncrate yourselves and whatnot.
  12. Witch

    I’m in love with your hag/witch. The true protector of Terrenus. 

    1. bfc


      She's not the hero Valucre deserves, but she's the one it needs.

  13. Witch

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    Sacks pushes past the flustered waiter and enters Letthem’s office, a menu in one hand and an official edict in the other. She slides the latter across Letthem’s desk. “You currently harbor two persons of great interest to the Church,” she says, demonstrating said fact by tapping the wooden flooring with her foot loud enough that the occupants below might hear. Watching the half-orc’s diaphragm rise in response, she preemptively moves her index finger back and forth. “No – don’t,” she interrupts. “It would be a misdeed to lie to one of its representatives.” She moves to the window and lifts the wooden slats to peer at the fading pillar of light. “One of them, the soldier, pulled quite a nasty stunt back there. In addition to other transgressions…” she says. The last word trails off, only to be sharply punctuated by the violent sound of the released slats colliding with the windowsill. “But, as Gaia is graceful, so am I prepared to forgive. I believe your fugitives are in over their heads. Tell them that I merely wish to chat with them.” She returns the menu to the eavesdropping waiter around the door. “An apple-stuffed mushroom while I wait.”
  14. I love the Craft Sequence. Always happy to find someone else who's read it.

    1. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      It was a gift from @Howlykin that I'm glad he got me into! It's been a great read.

    2. Howlykin


      [Lone happy tear]

  15. Witch

    A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    With the commotion of the city momentarily paused, Sacks scans her vision for a pair of men running in the opposite direction from the labsite. There. Approximately two hundred feet away – nearly at the limits of her vision. The mostly likely suspects at least, considering their direction, distance covered, and the shape and color of their silhouettes. She bounds the corner and chases after the auric afterimages of the fleeing men, sprinting through the wisps of phantom men which taunt her lagging progress. Finally, the distance closes as she enters the Garment District. She flits from building to building, using her perceived visual distance to gauge the position of her quarry. Roch and Ito catch up behind her, out of breath with sweat pooling beneath their helmets. She points at The Purple Axe and orders her men to scout the exterior of the establishment and cover the exits. She then holsters her pistol and makes her way into the tavern.