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  1. The only thing worse than a lawyer is a banker. Brecht happens to be both. He is a miserly banker at that. He does not relish the feeling of a completed contract. It cuts across his body like a frigid draft of air. Perhaps his employees feel it as well – after all, they are now bound to each other by blood. It marks the chilly ascent of a breath of soul, released from its many years of indentured servitude, uncoiling itself in its escape to the stratosphere to join with other pneumatic gases. Does the phylactery, the "bank" of the bloodletting firm, located hundreds of miles away in the underground depths below the offices of the firm, gurgle and roil with blood just a little less intensely now? Maybe, but it is the nature of the successful banker to make wise investments. In the delicate quickstep of risk and reward Brecht is sure of his footing. It is no surprise when Darah arrives soon after. “Ah, true to her name – our miracle woman arrives, with a miracle in tow,” says Brecht, as Darah sits down and lifts a glass. There is no sign of blood on her dress. Good. It must have been quick, clean, and without complication. Professional. He produces a small nod of appreciation. He turns his attention to the back of the tavern as Fen returns the toast with his own. To nights we’ll either never forget, or never remember Brecht silently claps his hands together. “Skillfully put. Spoken like a true lawyer-to-be.” The wordplay is delicious to the ears of the senior lawyer. A droll toast on the surface, but beneath the appearance of wit is language uncannily similar to that used in certain provisions written within the contracts of the dreaming thralls. Perhaps he knows or suspects? It is clear to Brecht that Fen has an aptitude for their particular brand of law, but, then again, those entrapped by contracts are often good at writing them. A pity about Mutt. He motions Fen to join him. “Fenrir, this is Darah, the young lady I was telling you about,” he says, introducing the two while simultaneously refilling their glasses to dangerous heights. “Darah’s line of work often takes her out of the office – ah, and that’s the last drop. Down the hatch!”
  2. Thanks for letting me take some narrative liberties with Purgatory! 5/5 experience, would recommend to others.

    1. Reinholdt


      The more people who get a chance to use it in their narrative, the better.  It makes me happy.

  3. The Dread Inquiry OOC

    So evil. @lucius I'm so glad we were able to celebrate your first post on Valucre with a toast . Fen's extraordinary sense of smell will be instrumental in guiding our expedition to the artifact... @jaistlyn Did Darah get the Order Paladin to place runes around the gate? Should we be able to pass through undetected?
  4. The Dread Inquiry OOC

    @jaistlyn That was beyond dope. I had Still Doll playing in the background too, haha. Well done - and thanks for elegantly cleaning up the complications of our arrival. I can even keep my line about Purgatory being bought out for a substantial sum
  5. The Dread Inquiry OOC

    Ah, my mistake. I should have been aware of that. You're right in thinking that B&U wouldn't openly force their way through. And yes - it's very reasonable to think we have had some time for preparations. I look forward to seeing what you have planned ;) (that music is perfect). I can cheat some edits into my post if that would help.
  6. The Dread Inquiry OOC

    @jaistlyn @lucius First post is up! Either of you can have the second post - fire when ready. If you have any questions, let me know. We're flying without a map, so don't feel like you're the only one lost :) Danke! *Cues nefarious music*
  7. For a substantial sum, Purgatory has been bought out for the night. Gone are the regulars and their clamor. Tonight, the ramshackle tavern is funereally quiet, save for the impertinent wooden creaking of shabby tables and stools. Crowded within its cramped premises are around twenty suited men and women of all different ages and races. Over there, an improbably well-dressed orc stares off in the direction of a broken light fixture, humming the jarring notes of a song that never was. Two young elven twins hold hands at the bar counter and watch a false sunset descend against a ruined plaster wall. A long-bearded dwarf and a human woman, as impeccably dressed as their colleagues, play a game of chess without pieces, on a board that spans the infinite barrens of their minds; they play brilliantly, endlessly, and they will never remember the match. They are dreaming; they share tables with one another, but their glossy eyes never meet. They have been called to fulfill the debts of their contracts. There are exceptions – a few within the tavern are entirely conscious of the occasion, and the events forthcoming, for they are officially employed by the dread legal operation, named, “Brecht & Undercroft.” Mindless or not, they all turn their heads when the gentleman with the chestnut mustache rises. “A toast,” says Brecht, raising his glass, full of sparkling liquid, to the assembled company. “To new beginnings and ancient lands.” He gestures to the door, where, outside Purgatory, three large covered wagons teamed by impossibly black horses await the group’s expedition into Yh’mi’s unknown territories, in search of an artifact – Odin’s Mask – hiding somewhere within. He moves back the cuff of a pinstriped sleeve and examines the face of a black and gold watch. A long bony clock hand nudges a millimeter to the right, almost touching the position of XII, above which rests a small red heart, filled in with little rubies, and two wiry wings suggested by silver filigree. “It is almost time for our departure,” he announces, looking up from the watch face. He reexamines the room of well-dressed, loyal puppets, and a cruel smile spreads across his face as he concludes: “Any last words?”
  8. Open commissions? WHAAAAAA?

    @Tebo Do you have a portfolio? Or a link to things you've made?
  9. So there's this tower . . .

    The zones should reflect the nature of the Tower and the history of its creation. Each zone can tell a story or reveal a secret about the origins of the Tower. Mag's apocalyptic zone, for example, might be an allegory for the architect's final madness. The forest zone could be representative of the architect's attempt to build a remote utopia away from the violence of the world. With each discovered zone players learn more and more about the Tower, its architect, and perhaps the great power promised by unifying all the zones. Just spit-balling here. It might help to first consider the unique circumstances of the Tower's founding, and then create rooms inspired by that history.
  11. Ha, same - saw it on youtube. I feel bad that I wasn't smart enough to figure that out in the game. I got kind of overwhelmed by all the information they threw at me in the last chapter.
  12. Are you referring to the ending w/ Michael?
  13. Hey :)

    I know the site can be overwhelming - can I help you find an RP?

    1. jkam


      I've got one working out, but it would still be appreciated. Been busy with university lately.

    2. Witch


      Sweet. Just wanted to check in with my new Hamilton bud. Feel free to throw any questions @ me.

      Good luck with all your university things/tests!

  14. I'm glad I wasn't the only one! Still haven't finished cleaning the grey matter from my keyboard. It reminded me a lot of Life is Strange, which is probably one of my favorite games of all time. Oxenfree didn't hit me as hard, but still was thought-provoking and a great game to play in the spooky month of October.