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  1. Witch

    The Boys 2019 [tv]

    I binged this in a single day, yesterday. Definitely was hooked and enjoyed it. The writing was good, but I felt the pace becoming a bit lethargic towards the end and the last couple of episodes filled more and more with scenes of empty/unproductive dialogue. It felt like they were holding out on us, saving source material for subsequent seasons. That said, what kept me around was the spectacular and realistic world-building. Superheroes exist and they are American. Unfortunately, the American values they espouse have more to do with unfettered capitalism, ruthless pragmatism, and the military-industrial complex than with protecting the innocent. And they rule largely unchecked over the rest of us mortals, backed by an Apple-sized corporation capable of fielding armies of lawyers, PR consultants, and social media quants. Yeah. This, not the MCU, is how things would be in our world. I like this comparison, and it brings to mind an issue I have with MHA. The Boys makes a really, really good case for there being anti-hero villains. The "heroes" are manipulative, greedy, and occasionally psychopathic and drug-addicted. The villains are ousting these horrible people from power. Whereas I had a hard time being convinced by the villains' motivations in MHA. The hero society in MHA works pretty well. It has some flab that needs to be trimmed, but for the most part it's an equitable society. A lot of those villains are just bad people doing bad people things. Even Stain had me scratching my head. I'm not faulting them too hard for this - it's a kids cartoon/manga after all. Just an observation.
  2. Are quest items what they drop or what they seek?

    1. Witch


      Things they have that I see as leading them to their first stories.

    2. Witch


      But for some of them, it could just as easily be things they seek.

  3. Witch

    The Ergogians

    T H E E R G O G I A N S  To understand where we come from, you must first accept this premise: our world, the home we called Ergogia, loved deeply and vulnerably. Just as any human might. She loved us, her creations, and the marvelous things we wove. And us, her. Then came the Heartbreak. In her grief, she vowed eternal slumber and so consigned our civilization to somnolent oblivion. But last night, Ergogia stirred, and we seven were remembered. THE COUTURIER "For you, 'fate' is merely a concept. But I have entered the Grand Atelier and my fingers have brushed the golden threads spooling upon titan wheels into the great Tapestry beyond." - PETTIFOR ASPECTS HEROICS: FABRICKER EYES-UPON-THE-TAPESTRY QUEST ITEM: EGGS OF AN EIGHT-LEGGED MATRIARCH THE BLOOD LAWYER "Ergogia was a fool to love. All 'leeches' know: dread most those contracts written without ink and paper." - SERIF ASPECTS HEROICS: ESQUIRE LEFT-HANDED QUEST ITEM: A BLAIRVILLE ADDRESS THE SIREN "Sirens sing only seven songs in a lifetime. The seventh is always the Siren's last: a death knell. My throat is fire-charred and I am nearly deaf; somehow, I prepare for my eighth." - CODA ASPECTS HEROICS: SCARRED THROAT A TUNE YOU CAN'T SHAKE QUEST ITEM: A JAR OF SILK-HONEY THE FRAYED mother wove you a sweater mother wove you a sweater mother wove you a sweater mother wove you a sweater mother wove you a sweater - MOTHER ASPECTS VILLAINY: DISTRESSED A NEW SEQUENCE QUEST ITEM: YOUR SWEATER THE VESTURE "I have a mane woven so lushly that townspeople instantly rush me. My fur stirs a purr from all: him or her. I permit you - beseech you - please brush me." - VESTURE  ASPECTS HEROICS: BESPOKE SPIRIT WEAVER-WOVEN QUEST ITEM: A CURIOUS LACK OF A NAME THE PRIESTESS "The threads that link the animal spirits to Ergogia have become entangled and twisted. They howl in pain as she pulls at this knotted weave, like a child desperately clinging to its blanket. It mustn't fray. I will reset the whole pattern by hand if necessary." - MANA  ASPECTS HEROICS: SHRINE KEEPER SPIRIT VISION QUEST ITEM: SUNDERED VERMILION THE CONFESSIONARY "No, no! I don't care if you are a doctor. I advise you well not to inspect these bandages. Confessions under wraps, you see. Horrible, dreadfully incendiary secrets. No peeking, if you prefer your eyeballs uncooked." - PALETTE  ASPECTS HEROICS: SECRET KEEPER BURNING BANDAGES QUEST ITEM: A DISCOLORED MASK
  4. Wait wait, do you also play Fallen London? The thing in your profile leads me to believe this...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Witch


      Double posted whoops

    3. Witch


      I’m a Fallen London nut and love all things Alexis Kennedy. Tell me more about this location and which city was stolen. Also, are you voting in this election?

    4. vielle


      this particular setting in Genesaris won't be a stolen city, but rather—we'll be taking the aesthetics and vibe of Fallen London and fusing it with crystalpunk and tarot to make this new location ?

      it's exam week for me so i haven't been able to get online for much of anything other than Val and Discord, but i might get on FL to vote ? who are you voting for?


  5. I most sincerely wish I could like your scratchpad each time you make a change/edit.

    1. Witch


      It's all very rough drafty in there and wasn't really intended for public viewing, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping that I'll have a finished product to show soon.

    2. Praetorian


      I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  6. Okay, okay. Wait. I'm a fan of Final Fantasy. I write almost exclusively in Terrenus. How have I never thought to make this comparison? You are so right it hurts my brain. Welcome to the site. Thanks for the enlightenment.
  7. Yesterday Val was awfully slow, but today it seems to be back to its snappy ways. Using Windows 10, Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit). *Edit* I take it back! It was working fine, but trying to send this post made connecting to the site very slow.
  8. I've always wondered about this. TIL I am much slower than most Val writers. Now I wonder what is the average post length (by word count)... Cool results. Thanks for sharing.
  9. So now that things have entered into IC-thread territory...do we create our own IC thread investigating the murder?
  10. For the sake of record keeping, I tried to make a transcript of the most recent Obelus Soundcloud link. I would advise listening to it before you read my transcript, as I may have heard things differently and I don't want to bias your brain. In bold are my transcription notes. We must travel far. I would know. Could be the voice of Malark or Nomalis, reflecting on their journey to the Great Pine Barrens. In which case, the Pine Barrens are central to the plot, if that's where thy will will be done. But, dang, if it really is Malark or Nomalis speaking that raises so many questions...
  11. Good luck with everything! I'll miss seeing your spontaneity around here. Do what you have to do and know that we're cheering for your return.
  12. Davant's totally going to become (a) Zengi, right? If I were the only person in a hypothetical movie theater, that's along the lines of what I'd be yelling at the screen.
  13. Yeah. I don't think it's Malark's. It's on different paper too. There are probably more docs that haven't been reported here yet?
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