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  1. Pictures of Us

    Cool hair. By the way, I can't read your name without immediately hearing Imagine Dragons. That's what I deserve for not having enough variety in my gym playlist.
  2. A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    Evidently there is better reception in the interior of the lab than in the outside bay area. The voice comes online, but this time with unmuddled clarity. It’s female, tough and alto. It would call to mind a superior officer of the past, solid and dependable. Was that a wave of déjà vu? “Ecks was present at the time of the incident. For all intents and purposes, Ecks is compromised. Send him out of the room – discretely.” “On the ground, next to the examination table, is a woman. In her right shoulder is a hex bag – the theorized vector. Extract it and protect it at all costs.” “Meeting coordinates incoming.” The comm clicks off.
  3. Brevity exercise OOC

    Do you mind if I slightly amend the setting, in that the events unfolding are occurring very soon after the examination has gone wrong?
  4. A wrinkle in mine [closed]

    The intangible presence stutters back. “Roger that –” Beat. —Harper. This is– —cial Agent Kelin. Lockdown– Beat (longer). —complete. Working to restore comm–” Each pause is longer than the last, filled with the crashing of undammed static rushing to fill each empty riverbed of silence. The gender of the voice is impossible to catch between the jarring snatches of audio. Male or female, the voice is marked by unruffled authority. -on your own. Ecks up ahead.” The line goes silent. For now.
  5. Brevity exercise OOC

    Do you want to post next?
  6. Brevity exercise OOC

    Let's do it!
  7. Brevity exercise OOC

    I only wanted to bring an idea to the party. I'm game for Praet's suggestion. Can you link me to the Opportunity? I'm not finding the relevant link...
  8. The Beast is back

    Welcome back. I hope you do great on your test!
  9. Brevity exercise OOC

    I'm with Praetorian - one and two both sound good to me. I'll also just put it out there that I am a super fan of Yh'mi as a setting. An RP wandering that nightmare-scape would float my boat.
  10. Brevity exercise OOC

    I didn’t have anything in mind (or even a character). I’d be happy to hear your ideas.
  11. An exercise in brevity

    I’m interested. I’ve always wanted to try a thread with a low maximum word count. One obvious advantage is that, with limited space, you are forced to think carefully about every word you put down. This one Orson Welles quote comes to mind: “The enemy of art is the absence of limitation.” But I think another good reason is that shorter posts lead to greater interaction and better dialogue between writers. Anyone who is interested in carefully composed sentences should check out this blog piece by Alexis Kennedy (creator of Fallen London) about writing microtext (essentially, a few descriptive sentences abundant with meaning and pith).
  12. Technically I broke the rules and you could report me to admins for it, but I thought an old company badge might still have clearance -- also I like surprises and was under the radar (to not spoil all the fun). Not trying to intrude on things but I genuinely really do like the character of Babette so I was hoping to wedge in at an opportune time.

    1. Witch


      Hey! It was a welcome surprise. I wasn't sure if you were interested or not in any B&U action. I sent you a brief message back in November about writing, but maybe it got lost in your inbox. 

    2. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      Want to start a group PM? I think jaistlyn will need more time to reply so we might want to skip her for the current round, but it'd be nice to get something rolling! And maybe actually finish one (for both of us, lol)

    3. Witch


      We have a group discord server. PM me your username and I can invite you.

  13. Thank you for the like! I'm glad that the notion was so well received as I'll likely do it again and again to keep ranking and see how quickly I can get my character to the top 

    1. Witch


      It will also serve as a good example for other writers who wish to advance their characters in the clergy and military. Hope your thread goes well!  

  14. The lawyer does not respond right away. Instead, he tenderly slides Darah’s pen out from the punctured paper and lifts it up to eye-level, scrutinizing the silver barrel like a jewel valuator in search of flaws and imperfections. “A beautiful tool,” says Brecht. “A 12.22mm Rybeck Stylograph filled with Ergogian sea-beast ichor so enduringly black that tattoos made with the ink are passed down genetically. The last of its kind.” He pauses to rotate the cylinder, which manages to flush with light even in the poorly lit tavern. Brecht continues: “A creation showing remarkable restraint, notably absent of Rybeck’s baroque flair, but out of necessity. You see, it was a present for the Royal Librarian – his paramour.” He places a finger on his lips, as if disposing of a lurid secret. “Spring was magnificent that year. The flowers reeked with the most intoxicating aromas, the vineyards bottled ruby-red liquid sunlight. But nature’s beauty was untimely, for it rather hurried things along...” He begins to hand the pen back to Darah slowly, in a trance of his own recollections, but the shock of her cold skin brings him back to the present. “There is an ending,” Brecht says, chuckling at his momentary idleness of thought. “But first: you are exactly right. There is always a player backstage, behind the curtains. In that way, we never forfeit our strengths. We arbitrate with whatever creature sits at the top of the pecking order – ‘Lun’silth’ or otherwise.” “I return the pen to you as the final punctuation mark in a rather unfortunate story. Rybeck was the artisan of his age, but played in affairs beyond his reckoning. His secret tryst was uncovered and he was forced to sell out his compatriots in order to save his paramour. When the Guild’s rebellion against the Crown Prince failed, all of Rybeck’s ornate creations were destroyed, except for the inconspicuous one you now hold. You were paired with this pen because of your unique nature. For you know something deeply, intrinsically, that Rybeck and so many like him only learn at the time of their demise. Brecht leans down and brushes aside a lock of black hair. “We are, all of us, tools,” he whispers into her ear. He motions to leave the bar and, all at once, the dreaming thralls snap to attention. Or rather, their clothes do, as if with a sudden infusion of extra, extra-strength fabric starch. The clothes-zombies march behind their master without bending. Outside Purgatory await two massive covered wagons in parallel, each teamed by two black percherons. When all lawyers and zombies had exited the bar, Brecht would knock twice on the wooden frame of the closest wagon. “Gregory, our bloodhound tracker has gone comatose. We will need to rely upon you. In the back you will find a shirt belonging to a girl named, ‘Rose’ – the previous owner of the mask. Perhaps that will help inform your directions?”
  15. *pokes head in*

    Er, Hello? I've come for that 'Worst At Replying To Things Ever' award I was told I'd be receiving?

    1. Witch


      I'm pretty sure that award belongs to me :P

      It's so great to see you online! Hope you've been well :)