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  1. I hope you keep well, pardner, and remember to feed your steed as you ride into the sunlight and the night. We’ve had some good adventures. Never thought I’d get the opportunity to finally unleash my inner supervillain and you gave that to me and then some. This is all being said by someone who is already quasi-AFV so I totally understand. Beyond that, supernal said it best: see you later, space cowboy.
  2. T-Minus T-Rex, tyrannosaurus  insects stomping and chomping with intent to ingest. Here is a dearest riddle for anyone who dares to mess with the best.

    “I am the eye of a shark and the voice of a dog that barks.

    My ear is on a cat and I feel like the wings of a bat.

    Bones of mine are found in swine and my tongue twists on feasts so fine.

    What am I?”

  3. I don’t pretend to know one’s inner tickings but he’d probably take the fame. Now if the money leads to that fame okay, but that doesn’t make money the ends so much as the means—the motivation is still the recognition. That being said, I can see money being a huge factor in many circles that include recognition, like sports. I understand that it can pay insane. American football, soccer, what have you. How many of the players are primarily motivated by money or fame or passion of the play? I don’t know, but for a number all three might be inseparable if one isn’t greater than the other. And if any fail to achieve one or the other, I’m not going to sympathize. It’s not exactly a world-saving engagement. But if someone is, say, trying to get their paintings recognized in order to get paid in the process then, okay, that’s got a motivation behind it to earn a living. EDIT: Neither is paintings lol, I just mean that I find it hard to sympathize with difficulty to make bank or gain fame or both in general, but at least I can understand that people do indeed pursue a certain activity to earn their way in the process, not simply for some cold agenda of getting famous
  4. I like chatting generally with you 

    Hey does 'die shize" stand for "the shit"? Like you're the shit? 

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Me too. I often find our talks insightful as you are generally able to make me think and consider new angles and, heck, sometimes correct my own. xD

      Yeah it’s a (slang?) spelling twist on “Scheisse” which I believe is loosely German for “shit”. I’ve had the nickname since I was like 15 and it just never left lol

  5. You can speak for some but not all. I think by now it’s a given that some people want to be famous because they want to be famous. It might be hard to wrap our heads around but some people just don’t care all that much about money, whether they have a little or a lot of it. I will grant you fame and fortune, but sometimes it’s fame or fortune, as much as some people want to make a lot of money but really don’t want the public to know who they are.
  6. That’s why I mentioned money. That as the driving force is completely understandable. I’m singling out fame/recognition alone, because you do hear about and there are people who just want their name out there—the money is either far back seat of the theater or an after thought, whether poor or rich. I knew someone who was like that. An unknown artist. Low to mid income. Wasn’t bothered. Just wanted people to see his work, to be recognized, to have his name printed upon the public. If that included money, all the better, but it wasn’t the motivation. A number of YouTubers do it too. Not all of them are getting or will get paid oodles of money for their silly little channels. Some just want their faces to be famous.
  7. Why do people want to be “recognized” anyway? Artists, writers, athletes—what have you. Money is one thing. It pays the bills and then some. I don’t really sympathize with recognition for the sake of recognition though, especially with all of the problems going on in the world. That ‘recognition’ seems to be self-centered first and foremost, particularly where it isn’t about money.
  8. Yes well you remind me of an oversized oompa-loompa’s disowned cousin, your testicles are the size of walnuts shattered into a thousand pieces, your mother’s best friend gave birth to a toad that looks like your nanny, you silly salt-stained table-breaking orange peel of a rotten onion pie, you half-legged pepper-eared donkey-dancing crum-bearded milk-curd, your daddy eats his own fingers for breakfast and your brother was blinded from coconut juice after bathing in a pool of lederhosen
  9. Shut up you pencil-eyed backwards-peeled banana twice removed from a baboon’s backside, you interloping cabbage-sucking excuse of an extravagant French gown, you waffle-nosed beak-chested dung-catcher NO YOU SHUT UP AND I WON’T TAKE THIS ABUSE ANYMORE THAT’S IT I QUIT. ~fin
  10. In line with your roleplay goals, we should do that posting thing together sometime in the not too far off future.

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      That sounds as exquisite as a cup O tea...as long as you give me another clue as to what your user avatar is showing me.

      I still say it's a desert, like in one of them John Wayne films

  11. I saw your puns and raised you amazement that overrides amusement it was quite a story meine freunde
  12. Woah... That’s like something out of a movie dude
  13. How are you anyway? I know you’re in the same boat as me and others when it comes to real life owning our activity instead of Velcro. I think for you “boat” is...literal?
  14. You never fail to make me lol good sir.
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