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  1. Delightful Misfortune.

    I actually might be interested in serving as a guest appearance if that's okay. Something to throw a wrench in the works at the same time as quest-guiding along.
  2. Off Topic (real name: Gary Lettermill). Technically met him outside of Valucre; one of those "if not for [insert name here] I'd never have known about this site" kind of deals. So I guess he's thus the first person I met when I took him up on checking Velcro out. But beyond OT, I guess it was...spacegy4 WOW DUDE thanks again for your warm greets. That was back in 2013. It's now 2019, the sun is shining, I feel as young as an 80-year-old and I'd like to give everyone a virtual handshake.
  3. Initiate fire countdown mark eighter-eighter -psssshhhht- ---~*~*~*!!! "Take aim!" BOOM!! Meanwhile back at the walnut ranch-- "Just my jeans! She rolls on up, she takes my life, she plants her shoes! Just. My. Jeans!" brrrrrrrrrr redcon fighter-fighter marker 4-0-8 repeat we have LOST THE BATTERY REPEAT WE HAVE LOST THE BATTERY behhhhhhhhhh "I've got a Jimmy! Gimme a shimmy!" -CRACK!- Afterward, a signal swept on by, asking a cat for a stack of moldy credits. The squadrons locked onto the afro and let loose a barrage of fireworks. STAMPEDING GIRAFFES: "WHO THE HECK LET THE HYENAS OUT!?!?!?" brrrrrrrPSSSSSSHHHHHHHTTTTTT waowaowaowao
  4. Writing a book

    As has been brought out, there generally needs to be some kind of an outline as some kind of a basis. How you achieve that, though, can vary. That's the thing about writing: what works for some may not work for others, and not every approach is either the right approach or the wrong approach. To quote George RR Martin: "There are architects and gardeners. The architects do blueprints before they drive the first nail, they design the entire house, where the pipes are running, and how many rooms there are going to be, how high the roof will be. But the gardeners just dig a hole and plant the seed and see what comes up. I think all writers are partly architects and partly gardeners, but they tend to one side or another, and I am definitely more of a gardener." Similarly, I've always felt there needs to be a kind of balance when it comes to writing. I'm not an architect or a gardener but more of a hybrid. I tend to start with a brief outline--such as story, characters, goals--and then I just start writing. I let the words tell me a story even as I'm typing them, rather than reciting what I already have. This usually works for me. Unless I get an idea that sells me, I usually don't even have an ending planned beforehand, which keeps me excited. So instead of writing toward an established climax, I first see where the journey is taking me, what kind of a plot is actually taking shape, and start spinning balls of yarn that usually result in multiple endings on offer. But supernal caught me out yesterday in my first official posting so many months later and, alas, I lament in fear of digressing, that any further writing on my part within this box will result in much rambling to the point that, after reading over it three times, even I won't have any idea what exactly I have just written.
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  5. Looking for a sparring partner

    False. Wait... Yeah actually that sums it up rather nicely. Well it looks like this shindig is about to get underway so everyone hang onto your popcorn. As for me, I'm... What was... Something fish...
  6. Looking for a sparring partner

    It's all in the walnuts, young man. It's all in the walnuts.
  7. Looking for a sparring partner

    Your un-edited original post had no clarification as to combat style. Even after edit: Your character must comply to Mild Powers (but just for fun I want to experiment without it in the future!) I took that to mean a T1-RM or a more balanced T1-UM was as much an offer as T1-MP. I'm also more textually tonedeaf and sarcastic with my words than outright aggressive toward a particular subject, so it's not that I'm complaining toward something that puts me off so much as stating my discomfort level. I've had a fair share of T1-MP and T1-PC from a Star Wars roleplaying site, but ultimately I preferred my trusty lightsaber. Similarly, I'll take a katana over a kai fireball stuff-thing any day. If the former is what's on offer, then I wouldn't count me out just yet.
  8. Looking for a sparring partner

    Yeah I just could never get into the whole preppy scene of things. I guess I can't keep up with powers and making powers and using powers and prepping powers and keeping up with other people and their powers and the power of powers. I'd say that's a pretty good sample of a fluid combat post. Armor's touchy round these parts, from what I remember, something like "iron dagger + full steel plate = maximum penetration (somehow)", and I honestly just got lost at "glyphs". By the time I had read "another single glyph", well, I forgot what I was doing all of a sudden and reverted to watching Deep Space Nine.
  9. Looking for a sparring partner

    Eh, for my part, I'm more just getting a feel for my feathers, not necessarily putting my talon inside the basket, if you catch my drift. First comes observation. Anything else comes only after tea.
  10. Looking for a sparring partner

    I mean like melee, as in blade on blade or a variation thereof, or magic and special abilities, such as Earthquake 4 and Supercharged Electro Currento Veins of Titan Uber Prep Countdown Maximum?
  11. Looking for a sparring partner

    What kind of combat?
  12. Hurrican Irma Preparedness!

    I live in Georgia, United States of America. For a while now, I studied plathagereology, was a twice running sparrow coordinator and owned a gerbil named "Gilbert". I want you to know that if you are ever looking for a place to be safe in, well I have no such place, but we can always grab a cup of coffee and lament over stones getting stuck in cement?
  13. What? They already meet. In my head. What's that? Yeah probably. oh, hahaha HAHAHA Which gun? That gun? No, that's a sword. JENNIES GO HOME!!! JENNIES GO HOME!!! Stop! That tickles! Right, right... Gnomes. ahahahahaaaahhhahhhha It was a flamenco! HAHAHAHA NOT the third nipple!
  14. Videos worth watching!