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    I love writing (obv), reading, TV, and used to be an avid gamer. Not so much anymore. Just depends on the game. Love outdoorsy things, but rarely go outdoors, and candles smell pretty good.
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    Just your friendly neighborhood Shize-Man!

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  1. Die Shize

    Sounds of Stories

    WE HAVE A SECOND oh wait it's just me https://tabletopaudio.com/ "Xingu Nights" Dense, rich and verdant, the forest floor oozes with life and decay. Overhead, the canopy has hidden the sky for millennia.
  2. Die Shize

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down

    Ambience Image The emergency beacon’s message had begun around the same place that it had ended, as far as the officer was concerned. No average officer, no doubt, in fact perhaps one long since bereft of rank and stripped of command, but an officer nonetheless. A general. The Generalissimo. Certos Cetale Franco, as the name went, but sometimes he forgot it himself. What he wouldn’t forget was the beginning of the message and the ending, because everything that came after the beginning was a whole lot of blah and not enough mmph. “Mmph!” Certos squealed as he stubbed his toe against a defiant root of a tree that should have moved aside as commanded. The roots were long and thick, overgrown over the earth and as messy as the entire forest that surrounded him. It was no alien habitat, at least in regard to its ecosystem, though the man had certainly never stepped foot in this one before. And now I’ve stepped foot and stubbed toe all in one sitting. He chewed on the thought as walnuts cracked between his teeth, snacking on what morsels he had carried with him while he traversed onward. He had but a shoulder satchel hanging down one side of his body and a sabre's scabbard at the other. His was a lonesome trek, though far from lonely, for Certos was the kind of man who kept Certos company. Soon enough, he knew, he would be in the company of a number of others—the crew of the crashed Justicar. Fellow fortune seekers. Apparently this Captain Richter Konig was himself a fortune seeker to consider any would be helper to be a fellow one. Certos wasn’t sure where he fit in that department, having met the man only once before. It was some time ago. He could remember the wicked seamstress and the swabbing of the deck, but would the captain remember the generalissimo? Certos shrugged at the curiosity, his mind wondering further about what fortune he might seek. Caves in such forests were generally left alone, lonely in every orifice, just waiting for someone like him to come along and pluck sweet treasures from the bosom. And I shall, sweet cavern of mine. I shall enjoy your every hole. At that thought, Certos suddenly halted his walk. He couldn’t be sure, and maybe that uncertainty had halted him, but there was the possibility that he had been spotted just then if not already. He looked left, looked right, realized that the kinda-sorta camouflaged airship was some thirty feet in front of him, and cracked another walnut in his mouth. Though there were trees and more separating his position from that emerald vessel, any observant onlookers just might have caught onto his presence already. Whatever the case, there was some sultry knight standing beside a member of the opposite sex. The former, Certos didn’t know, though he might marry her a few days from then. The latter, well, that person was unmistakable. Captain Richter Konig, in the flesh! And, like the captain, the generalissimo was garbed in an outfit that was mostly as black as his own short hair. “Holaaaaaaaa!” Certos called out, waving his hands to get attention. If that hadn’t worked, perhaps sprinting might? So he sprinted, swiping branches aside in his haste, stubbing another toe and coming full stop just a few feet in front of his new friends (well, one old friend, but who’s counting?). With a sore toe to accompany a sore thumb of a being, Certos kept one hand held up in peace and the other hand he extended to the knight and the captain. His violet eyes looked from one person to the other, offering walnuts from his palm. "It is I, Certos Cetale Franco, the Generalissimo! And I have nuts."
  3. Die Shize

    General chat thread

    For me, creating characters is a lot like ordering a pizza without knowing precisely what toppings you want. Take your time, stellar star! The cottage pitch was something that came atop my head like a cartoon lump after a hammer hits it. Suddenly I'm serious about it but, if/when I make it a virtual reality, I'll be sure to reach out to you if you don't get to me first! Also what do you think of this?
  4. Die Shize

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    This is right up my alley. I would like to join this if you’ll have me.
  5. Die Shize

    General chat thread

    Well, I don’t know where Ataraxy’s party is at, honestly. But I will have my cozy little cottage somewhere in Genesaris that will be ready for you, O weary traveler. You just hit me up the moment you want to accept my invitation and we shall have ourselves a zinger.
  6. Remember that Genesaris plant cataloguing roleplay thing years ago that died? Would you be interested in doing another, if less group-dependent? I loved how it took off and developed, even if we never finished.

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    2. -Lilium-


      I actually still have the link so we can reference it when we start the newer one. Maybe we can actually just continue on in a separate thread from where we left of via a link to the old content? It was Expedition in the Past Genesaris. ^-^

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize


    4. -Lilium-



  7. Die Shize

    General chat thread

    Hmmmmm........like in one of them Tom Selleck movies.

    I like you mister you have a kind face.

    I remember you from that one rootin’ tootin’ western rp we did yonder like in one of those Sergio Leone films on Alternative summa years back.

    If’n you’re ever up for another gander, well pardner c’mon and rustle with me again and we can cook up some big game, brew a pot of coffee and kick the dust, cowboah, ‘cause there’s a board called Alternative and a town called Oatpeak! 


  9. Die Shize

    General chat thread

    If you are a nonsensical rambler...what does that make me?
  10. Die Shize

    A daring train robbery [western]

    @amenities has kinda already said he’s working on posts @The Blex what’s your status Mr. Mister?
  11. Die Shize

    General chat thread

    That is a tip that I was quick to follow. Also makes me appreciate how character sheets are optional on Valucre. If they were required, I wouldn’t dare have so many characters.
  12. Die Shize

    General chat thread

    You must come visit me at the Three Chimneys Cottage in Emerald Acres. I’ll make you some shepherd’s pie, a cup of tea and we can share stories beside a cozy fire.
  13. Die Shize

    Justicar Redeemed: The Return of The Flirty Princess

    I was going to post tonight but I'm way too zonkered so I should be able to cook something up tomorrow. Meantime purdy plz hold up for the jaist and I, I know there've only been two IC replies so far but I always get scared that the thread advances before I've even made my first post and it makes me cry like this. ...):
  14. Die Shize

    How old are your characters?

    Most of my chars are in their twenties or thirties, some 40s, a couple of kids and elderlies. I don’t really have teen chars. Also a couple of those looks-thirtyish-but-is-really-over-9000-years-old tropes. I think all ages open up all kinds of avenues and experiences. I had a lot of fun with M, a twelve year old girl with an attitude. But I think I’ve long since settled for 20s/30s though based on practicality. Way back when, I roleplayed where most PCs were fair game for PVP, and people are generally in their prime within this age range. Unless my char is superpowered, I feel silly trying to PVP as a sixteen year old douche canoe or as my grandfather.
  15. Die Shize

    Write with Me

    The system works!