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  1. As long as we watch it together, in a dark room with supernal, and 5D goggles.
  2. Same here, mein kaiser. I suggest we do a IRL meet-up and watch it together. Switzerland I’ll bring the dip. ba da doopa da tssssss
  3. I dunno I’m kinda hesitant. How a 1920s PI knows anything about atoms and isotopes is interesting, but how much would our characters know about how much 1920s earthlings know? I mean the isotope was discovered in 1913 (?) so it’s not unreasonable if perhaps unlikely depending on how much the PI looks into such things. Though reading it in a newspaper is pretty easy. So some of my reservations about this PI are restricted to me, not Parean, who might know as little about atoms as I do. And then, is Meraxa’s PI purposely versed on atoms/isotopes, or was that an overlook on Meraxa’s part? Or did Valencia teach the PI? If so, why? So many variables. So let’s play it smart. We answer his questions rounded enough to not lie but we don’t give away everything. I mean, for one thing, telling him we’re from outer space may have an adverse effect, and if this PI is like secretly some dimension hunter then we would only be confirming what he would already be suspecting, only he’d better know our motive now. Valencia is the daughter of the man who asked us to find her. We don’t exactly know what the ‘trinket’ is (we haven’t studied it, we’ve only heard what Bodar told us), but we are willing to work together to find out. That way we can in turn assess the PI to gauge his own motives. Possibly, he’s testing us, for better or worse.
  4. OOC Music Caeceila stepped back and to Vadrian’s left, his sword missing her body, not that it would have done much good anyway. The blade hit the shield and found air thereafter. Its wielder still had full control over his weapon, but he did not immediately follow up with another attack. His opponent seemed settled in idling, allowing herself to further assess her competitor, to look for a surprise attack of her own, or to simply mock and talk. As she moved to circle him, Vadrian accepted the invitation, keeping their fronts parallel as he turned to face her every turn, his gaze embedded within her own. “The sword was a bit of an interesting choice on my part, I do confess.” He smiled. “Yet it feels so much more...elegant?” He rotated his wrist for effect. “With a weapon like yours, I’d be forced to beat you, and my father always told me to never hit a lady.” His gaze dropped for half a heartbeat, eyeing his opponent up and down; smaller, slimmer, a woman by all accounts. It was no lecherous look but a teasing one, or at least it was intended to be. She can’t be older than me, perhaps not a deal younger. Twenty-one, twenty-three? “Now, my lady,” Vadrian cocked his head. “Are we going to sing or are we going to dance?” With that, he was back upon her. His shield came up closer to the left side of his head, as though from here he might in turn raise it to absorb arrows. Meanwhile, his right arm shot forward once again. The sword’s point went for Caeceila’s left pauldron, namely to slide beneath it at the gap that led to her breastplate. If successful, the blade could pierce the material beneath the plate, potentially finding flesh and bone amid the shoulder.
  5. I had originally written Vadrian approaching Etched’s character without factoring in your other character’s prior arrival, which made the scene awkward after the fact, so in the end I decided to hold off for now, is all.
  6. Totally fine. I’ve had my own lax lol. As much as I enjoy roleplay there are always other items that require attention outside of Val! I actually might be able to post tonight after all, on that note.
  7. What I'm after is more clarification on what the armor entails, so that everyone reads it from the tournament head. Which you did for greaves and pauldrons, that was precisely what I was after. Breastplate covers just the front part of the torso and not the back, unless I'm wrong. I wanted to clarify that too. Again, I can be wordy but I wasn't looking for anything fancy, just basic clarity on what this provisional half-plate is. If someone wants to wear less plate instead of more (half-greaves or what have you) then it's good that they can, or wear purple instead of green, but not upper-arm pauldrons and instead shoulders only, etc.
  8. Where there’s a Will there’s a way, way, way wacky lady
  9. All right so I won’t be home till late tonight and tomorrow night, will try to squeeze a post in as best I can. I know we’re generally moving forward in some way every Tuesday so it is what it is. Worst comes to worst Veron and Khrol can share a table some other night. Heck, it might even be fun to bounce some ‘flashback’ roleplay separated in the present day. Like if I can’t post before the IC night ends, my eventual post could be the following day, and in that post I can separate another section where Veron encounters Khrol when he was in the village hall reading his book (it’s a perfect setting that I was sold on). And as the few posts go on, that ‘flashback’ material can potentially influence the two’s ongoing stances toward each other. Just thinking in text, of course. Always wanted to try ‘flashback’ roleplay like that but never had a reason to. I may yet!
  10. I won’t be able to post tonight but depending on what is in mind for another round then you guys might be able to finish the goozer-moozer off? My character just entered the scene, she doesn’t really know about the pools or the potion, so she’s just trying to distract the enemy and set Luke and Will up who probably have a better chance
  11. Will have a post up tomorrow, if only to finalize Veron's part in the festivities scene Would have been cool to experience more of that, was hoping for a Veron-Khrol encounter, but alas I didn't post soon enough
  12. A voice came his way, neither that of a being above a cloud or below, neither god nor bird, but merely that of a woman. No mere woman, at least, for this Caeceila Glasman was able enough to have advanced past the first round in order to be facing off in this one with him. A challenger who was a challenge? That remained to be seen, but beyond colorful words that seemed bound by decree to be exchanged, it wouldn’t be long at all before that challenge would officially commence. Looking away from the skies, Vadrian settled his gaze on his opponent and called across the bridge. “I could tell you tales of my surname, Caeceila Glasman, and we could spend a whole day having a picnic of all the dawns and woods I have seen and of all mine other names where “dawn” shines through, but it would indeed be a long picnic.” He smiled, and readied himself. In a mirror image to her, his right gauntlet gripped the hilt of his arming sword, his heater shield strapped to his left forearm. All the while, he assessed his foe. She had a heater shield of her own, with a warhammer to boot. That would be quite a weapon to consider particularly if Vadrian’s own shield were center-gripped. With the strap, he was able to effectively maintain a heavier shield made of metal instead of just wood and leather, and expected that this advantage might be needed to deal with that warhammer sooner or later. On that note, the shield was long enough from top to bottom to cover his body from roughly shoulder to knee. OOC Music “If a gentleman is no less so for striking a lady, I imagine that he may yet be if the strike draws blood, so I will try to avoid that.” He shrugged. “Yet I cannot guarantee it. Whatever happens, though, we will both walk away from this fight to feed our mouths, and neither of us will be carried away to feed the hounds.” With that, Vadrian dipped his head in salute, and advanced. He did not charge his enemy. There was no need to expend energy. Rather, walking with his front parallel with Caeceila’s, Vadrian waited until he was just in range for an attack, factoring in the reach of his arm along with that of his sword. In a moment, he attacked, thrusting his sword forward toward his opponent's center chest, aiming in between her dual guard of shield and hammer, if able. The strike would be naturally quick, but far from powerful, and certainly not worrisome. The blade couldn’t very well penetrate plate but, well, perhaps it was indeed the gentleman’s way to refrain from damaging the lady after all.
  13. OOC Music [Recurring] There was no sigh of relief on Parean’s part, even as his counterpart PI did just that. The former man needed acknowledgment, the latter man needed assurance, and both men needed answers. Ferris seemed satisfied enough to be assured that his visitors were not phonies, at least as far as could currently be determined, and the more he talked the more he said. Smartest guy? People in my line of work tend to have connections that a detective’s badge can’t get you, but I doubt even the smartest guy in this world has any clue about this new mystery. The next words did cause the slightest hint of one of Parean’s bushy brows to rise. Apparently, there might yet have been another visitor to this world before him and his two associates. Four hundred years, huh? Note to self: find out more about this ‘Buck Rodgers’. The outside air was oddly fresh, a feeling Parean had found upon first stepping foot into it some time before the office, but he couldn’t shake it. No, maybe it’s not about the air being fresh. Maybe it’s the air itself. It didn’t make sense, and that was reassuring; the fact was that none of this mumbo-jumbo multiversal business made any sense at all. Figuring it out was a scientist’s job. Figuring out a (potential) murder was his. Ferris was leading toward that end, except when he paused and made a comment about loansharks that didn’t fly over his listener’s head. Still, not uncommon. I sure had my fair share of bullies before and after the badge. Nonetheless, Parean made another mental note to refer back to later. Smoke curled into the fresh air as he breathed out a response to Ferris’ digging through the trash. “I lost some jewelry in the trash once. I spent an hour searching for it, in an alley kinda like this one.” He didn’t know if he said this to somehow reassure the man but it was said nonetheless. And Ferris rose with a reward for his troubles: a small box that was distinctly familiar and unforgettable. It was as ornate as its now foreign cousin, with wood of ebony and a high-tech interior that he could comfortably guess at. He wouldn’t need to. Alexander Rookstone spoke up just then. Parean sighed out some smoke. Of course, the first box had been empty, but Elder Bodar had all but confirmed that it had once held the ‘isotope’. It didn’t take much mathematics to conclude that this box actually contained it. Already, though, the skeptical side of the inspector was waging that this box would also be empty. That would be very interesting. Ferris was pretty open about how unusual his finding was, and as pretty as the box is he could only have been referring to the contents themselves. If it was missing, then, Parean would be in the presence of the immediate suspect, and that wouldn't be pretty for either of them. He did a quick visual on their surroundings. The alley was naturally secluded, all four individuals facing in enough different directions while toward each other to quickly spot any unwanted visitors. Now was not the time to delay. “Open it.” Parean spoke plainly to Ferris, as much a request as a command, but he didn’t expect any resistance. If this was a trap, and Ferris didn’t open the case, then he wasn’t good at playing the game. Time to see how pretty this ‘isotope’ really is.
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