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    I love writing (obv), reading, TV, and used to be an avid gamer. Not so much anymore. Just depends on the game. Love outdoorsy things, but rarely go outdoors, and candles smell pretty good.
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    Just your friendly neighborhood Shize-Man!

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  1. Yeah well you can just SHUT UP

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    2. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      I did not, I got banned for like two months and despite saying they would carry on, it fizzled out and most users have pushed their story ahead. I am actually working in a project to bridge the gap between now and then for canon stuffs with a few users that I'll roll out next year.

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Ever been to Jamaica?

    4. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      Montego Bay, actually. Spent a whole day exploring the city on foot. It was terrifying.

  2. My mammalian liquid blend conveys all of the young men to the paved enclosure and they express that said beverage is superior to yours!
  3. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    My go-to track for inspirational writing.
  4. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    I hear ya. EOTW pieces are so ridiculously rampant it's ridiculously ridiculous. It seems to be the go-to plot device for every other comic film these days. "We must stop the army of darkness with their artefact of doom or else the world will be doomed to darkness" said every trailer voiceover ever. I think it's well incorporated in ASOIAF though, one big reason being because it's not really in our faces...yet? The Others are much less referenced in the books, and there's therefore even less certainty over what they're up to. Something as simple as covering the world in darkness? Maybe that's only part of it? On the other hand we have the only other EOTW candidate I can currently think of as I write, and we probably know less about what he's up to than we do the Others: Euron Greyjoy. Whatever the Crow's Eye is doing, whether trying to become a god or give the world to the Others, it's wrapped up in so much shadow that it doesn't feel suffocating at all. It just feels menacing.
  5. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    The show 'humanized' a number of characters, mostly just in the sense of making them less monstrous though. Joffrey, Cersei, Rorge, Euron (so far, but I don't expect Pilou to live up to his claim of making Ramsay look like a little kid beyond the PR side of things). There is of course the reverse. Book!Ramsay is arguably worse than his show counterpart, yet you only read about the worst things he did to Theon out of memory. He is also full of hyperbole and you would see him coming from a mile away, 'Red Helm' or no. On the show, Ramsay isn't even Ramsay until you find out some scenes later. And regarding Reek, you actually see a bulk of it. Plus, Book!Ramsay, though a sadistic psychopath up to eleven, was at the very least motivated by his bastard status and sorry excuse of an upbringing. Show!Ramsay shares this, but it doesn't seem as pressing. Instead, the latter just seems to be doing it all for the lulz, while the former seems to be doing it all for the lulz but also to punish everyone because of his lot in life. Just a little more motivation beyond Joker-esque world-burning. Isn't Aerys+Joana=Jaime&Cersei a pretty popular theory tho m8? It actually makes some sense alongside the theory of Aerys being Tyrion's father but, I don't know man. I think I've realized that there are the tinfoil theories and the plausible theories, but so many plausible theories become too many to the point that GRRM just wouldn't be able to weave them all in and still meet quantity with quality.
  6. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    Yeah actually that was probably Joffrey's one redeeming moment of the intellect media-wide. #hamburgers
  7. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    Dany is a great example of a POV that holds nothing back as far as audience judgment goes. She is the heroine in her own story, and every negative outcome that she is directly or indirectly responsible for was ultimately necessary and somehow part of the greater good to liberate--in her mind. Yes, she has regrets, but then tell herself that if she looks back, she's lost. I'm not in the boat that paints her as some outright villain, but at the end of the day she's still a human being who is a member of a family claiming dominance over other human beings while justifying it as her birthright and being ousted by an usurper despite her family having given "usurper" a new name starting with Aegon the Conqueror. Dany a better ruler than the Mad King? I have no doubt. But, still a ruler, still living in wealth and power over her subjects who don't, still a queen. Unless the theory that the Iron Throne will be broken at the end to pave the way for modern democracy comes true.
  8. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    I'd say the show is a farcry from being garbage. Given the completely different medium and all that comes with it, the show has overall lived up to both the source material and the television entertainment value. Sure, seasons 5-7 didn't live up to seasons 1-4, and as often as I pointed my finger and crossed my brows at season 7, it was still good. I could still knock that season all day long, but I don't regret watching it at all. If someone could have made a better ASOIAF television series, well, someone can make a better anything in the end, but I'll settle for what we were given in a heartbeat. I agree that dragonbinder probably won't make it at all and my question, though bereft of tone, was admittedly sarcastic. Though the Crow's Eye who is not quite the Crow's Eye is heading to Essos, with what little development Euron has had, alongside the other items you've mentioned, and with what little screentime we have left, I bet the showrunners won't show a lick of Essos and will just show a Greyjoy fleet crossing back to Westeros with the Golden Company. Switch to Euron bowing to Cersei with a grin and whispering to Qyburn "Ever seen her bum?" But on the hypothetical side, dragonbinder could be a wrench to throw against both Team Dany and the NK. Both of the latter have dragons--2 and 1 respectively--and then Team Cersei rolls up with a horn that needs no dragon; it just needs a finger in the bum to blow said dragons down. Patchface, though? I get the reference, but I don't think he's that OP or VIP that he stands alone as the only candidate for the horn and without him there's no way or something. In the books, even, Patchface is right now more of a background prophet, albeit one to watch out for. Unless he grows tentacles, though, I don't see him being a somehow suddenly major player.
  9. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    So, Euron Greyjoy to get dragon binder in the next season? And is anyone in the boat that his kingsmoot speech was ten times better in the books? I don't know why D&D didn't just rip most if not all of it. Despite being a brother-raper, I'll at least credit Euron with being a Ramsay who knows how to both Tywin and Littlefinger.
  10. A hot slice of pizza hops across the table over to the man sitting down who watches with drool in his mouth. The hot slice of pizza proceeds to sway from side to side, followed by twirling on its pointy tip. It then snakes around a nearby bottle of coke, bending its upper section backward, giving a full frontal view for the man to gaze at. The pizza then faces the man once more and swings its upper section from side to side, causing two large pepperonis positioned adjacent from one another to slip round and round, evidently not being well attached to the cheese. The man licks his lips, stroking the pizza's crust from one end to the other. The slice of pizza suddenly bounces up and jumps into the open mouth of the man, tip entering first. Tomato sauce oozes out of the pizza as the man proceeds to suck on the slice, gnawing on its surface as grease trickles down like sweat. The man's hand holds the pizza by the crust, his other hand rubbing the two large pepperonis as he moans toward the tasteful delicacy. Eventually, the entire slice of hot pizza is lost within the moist cavern, having been completely eaten out of existence.
  11. YAY- WAIT........ Can't others see our secret handshake? OH WAIT Ohhhhh it's invisible bold text, huh? DANG you're good. I picked a cool new friend!
  12. Humph. Serves you right, Dea. Serves you right. ... OK LOOK I'M SORRY LET'S BE FRIENDS OK I TAKE IT BACK PLEASE AND NOW HANDSHAKE
  13. Yeah well that's because you're ewie and you stink.
  14. What is dead may never live.