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  1. If you need any help with academy stuff or just want to brainstorm or anything let me know. I’m down!

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      I more than most likely most probably will.

      I remember a long, long time ago in a PM far, far away we casually discussed like a diplomacy system for Terrenus. Something that provides structure amid all the present and upstart places, like Tazarek and Amalia. Something that could offer hierarchy and opportunity for PC diplomats.

      Well mister, I probably shouldn't risk diving back into something so deep just yet, but I have been of the mind to gradually steer toward it.

      Back then, I had been using the PC Peter Broswell for a diplomatic mission to Amalia, I recall. I was going to host a lecture as this same PC, covering diplomacy topics at the same time as 'enrolling' for Terrenus' foreign affairs department--two birds in one stone for any would be PC candidates.

      My main issue is...how to effectively do a Gaian Academy lecture lol. I mean, anything I don't know about diplomacy is a wiki tab away. Just not terribly sure how to convey stuff into an IC class without it being boring.

      (talk here or pm)

    2. supernal


      Take the information you do know and put it into a single article like post. A lecture, like a TED talk let’s say, is more or less one guy talking about something at length for an extended period of time. So do that and put it in context to events that have been canonized. Like here’s something we could have done or here’s something we could have done instead or the presence of this or that opens up this or that opportunity, flavored with relevant lore 

      If you wanted it to be an engaging back and forth you could then do a q&a. This assumes that people will join to ask questions tho. Or you can say you’re hosting a q&a dinner right after and people can come to explore diplomatic problems and solutions and ideas 

      So on  

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Ahh, good mention with TED talk. That helps me because I've watched some TED.

      All of that sounds pretty solid. I'll do some research on all fronts. I may end up tailoring it to host Q&A in class after the lecture, with a follow-up dinner in case there are no PC takers off the bat.

      Thanks mister. I'ma get crackin' at the crack o' dawn with some strong coffee in mah gut Iiiiii reckon!

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