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  1. Hey all, it is I, me. I hope everyone is keeping safe and sound. Don’t overlook the washing of the hands. Don’t panic but do be prudent. The shrewd one considers one’s steps. 

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    2. Shatter


      ive locked myself up indoors for weeks now

    3. princeben07


      @Shatter: The Zombies are COMING...RUN!!!



    4. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      Wise words of wisdom.

  2. How goes my fighting Ratmen?

    1. Jotnotes


      Rats is good, yes-yes.


      Gonna be doing another thread with them soon enough here.

  3. This is prolly whiny and self-indulgent and fickle but, I don't know what it is, I can't seem to completely withdraw from this site or from roleplay, and after getting a notification that someone replied to a roleplay that started way back in 2015...the feels start to come back. :eyeroll:

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      You are overthinking this. I find that the "dramatic goodbyes" are really damaging because it's like you want to close a door and lock it (and pile some furniture behind the door so that you can never open it again). But what's the point of doing that? If you're not feeling the site or the role play, just take a break. The break can be as long or as short as you want it to be, but at least you're not setting yourself up to suffer some catastrophic sense of failure because you "closed and locked" that door. Instead, you can just feel 'blah' about coming back because you never left, you just took a break, even if it's a year later, or five years later. ❤️

    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      @Pasion Pasiva

      Eh it's less overthinking and more expressing lol

      Roleplay is a a hobby first and foremost; not a dependency. I guess it's like leaving a sports team, even non-professionally, knowing that there's a gap to fill [insert threads here] no matter your reasons.

      Or no longer playing the piano because of [insert reasons here].

      Part of my status update is to express that I may still lurk and linger and post to this or that roleplay, but clearly I can't commit to particular projects, like Feast of Blades, Orisia, Cyberpunk City, Dairut, Skarr Clan...the list goes on. Some gaps are what they are but others are kind of obstructive to other parties and that's not fair on others.

      On the other hand, when I see a reply to a thread started back in 2015, I know that time is not of the essence, and I can in turn reply to that at my leisure. That's comforting to know, not disheartening. 😁

    3. Fierach
  4. It was fun. I am just struggling with roleplay in general, definitely not just this particular roleplay. Wanted to clarify that up front xD
  5. After careful consideration, I am stepping away from the roleplay, so definitely we can end this one as it stands. All the best to you two!
  6. I am hereby withdrawing from the tournament. I just can’t give this the time and attention it needs. Hope everyone fairs well! Thank you Fierach for your own time and effort and forgive me for any adjustments you may make.
  7. I'll make a better announcement effort in respective threads at some point but my heart just isn't in it anymore. That's part of why I haven't been posting as much IC. Not like old times when I'd take a hiatus while still thinking of and missing roleplay. Now I just don't naturally think of or miss roleplay. ?

    1. -Lilium-


      We will always love you, no matter what. ❤

    2. Sanonymous


      I know what you mean, I went on a very long hiatus for, I think more or less 2 years from RPing in general. This is why even though my account was made in 2017, I didn't start actively being a part of Valucre until half a year ago, 2019. 

      Still I came back, and I don't doubt you will too one day, if not to Rping to writing. I came back because I had a nagging feeling of wanting to be a part of something big 😄 To write, express myself creatively, and you're one creative dude, you'll find yourself aching to write I reckon 😛 And I hope we'll be the ones to see you come back in full force.

  8. Sure no shields sounds good I still don’t even know who won anyway
  9. edited! I decided to scratch the part about hearing someone coming. That could be a good tie-in for someone else's post before Luke's
  10. agh admittedly I skipped over Valucre notifications apart from the IC thread when I posted just now lol Totally willing to work with whatever you have in mind! You mean this part? Also, reading the OOC, it looks like Luke is coming from behind the Mushroom People, not from behind Kaori and company, so I should probably edit my post anyway.
  11. Ambience [Recurring] Please don’t find me please don’t find me please don’t find me please— Kaori lay on the grossness of the pipe flooring, gazing at a watery grave, praying to the Fates that her enemies would not snatch her by the arms and the legs and then snatch her arms and legs off her body and eat her for elevensies. Just then, something took hold of her and pulled. She squealed just in time to see that it was one person of many people, One Man of Them All, the savior and the hero, the hero-savior, Will Stuck. His innocent, know-no-evil, help-all-women-but-really-just-one countenance cradled in her eyes as she allowed the strong soldier to help her to her feet, and speak four words to her person that sounded like four centuries of would-you-like-some-more-tea? “Oh, Will…” The two weren’t as alone as she might have liked, however. Will turned to face the length of the pipe and Kaori turned with him. The menacing marching band of hwe-hwe-hwe! was right on their heels, even after one of the poor runners had tripped on her toes or something-such, but now the lot of eerie souls were just standing there staring. Beside Kaori, Will introduced himself, and suddenly she recalled the robed man from a moment ago and what she thought had sounded like the words “Mush-robe people”, so maybe he was of their village? His robes do kinda look mushy-mushy, all wet and soggy, and— aaaaghhhh so’s my jacket! “And I’m Kaori!” There was a quiver in her voice as she stood close to Will, ever wary of the weirdos who had been chasing them but seconds ago. She didn’t know if it was scarier that they suddenly stopped or not. Pierre of the Mush-robe People did indeed have a lot of explaining to do if he knew what in thirteen stars from outer space was going on here, but Will had already changed subjects to what the man was wearing. Didn’t seem like the time or place to trade fashion senses but now Kaori was thinking about the sword-thief, Luke, and Will’s (former?) partner. Meanwhile, this mysterious Mr. Pierre was on the verge of a full recovery as he caught his breath and looked pointedly at Will. Kaori listened, noting how he didn't appear to be on quite so favorable terms with the one called Mone. Mone, Mone, it rhymes with stone! Apparently, Pierre was once Mone's apprentice, and was looking for Mone's ring. What a ring would be doing in a sewer system was any woman's guess. How could anyone survive down here for MONTHS? Wait...how long have I been down here? "Have you met anyone else?" She thought about the crowd behind her, about Luke, about herself. "You've been down here for a long time, right?" How long have I been down here? "Looking for a ring?" She stepped forward, toward Pierre, suddenly aware of the cold on her cheeks, as though the void of her memory was crawling along her skin. "Why? Why are you down here? Why are you down here?" She asked Will. "Why am I down here!?" Where is 'here'?
  12. Hmmmmm I'd wager it hasn't been many hours if any, but there were one or two points where time passage was kinda 'loose' so I can see hours But yeah I reckon it hasn't been days yet...but our fearless supernal can confirm
  13. Sorry for uber delays on my part, IC and OOC. Sometimes the holidays come and go. Other times, those holidays turn into other extensions lol I'd like to at least finalize the Khrol-Veron shindig as I thoroughly enjoy the dynamic going on there. Whether that takes till February is however probably unlikely, unless we touch on more afterward. Otherwise, as long as I'm around OOC, Veron is around IC. This whole Skaven thing gave me a lot of inspiration and I'd like to see it through more.
  14. Ambience [Recurring] Kaori frown-hummed at Will’s response about the possibility if not probability of the sword-thief being as dead as a dead man who had drowned and died in a pool of dead goo-water. When he mentioned a gem and a quest, she pondered on ‘gem-quest’, and wondered if he had been referring to the shiny thing she thought she had seen some time ago. Wait, was it even a gem? Maybe it was a ring or a coin or a cookie. Wait… She now found herself pondering on what he meant about a shrunken person not surviving that much water. What do shrunken people have to do with anything? The more she thought, the more Will talked, the more she thought that Will was kind of silly and therefore kind of cute. At last, the sword-thief had a name: Luke. Apparently the two weren’t brothers after all, and she was glad to know that Will also didn’t have a particular fondness for those who stole swords. Just the memory made her hand tighten around the hilt of her own. Who, though, was Mone? As if the crusty ceiling might hold the answer, Kaori watched it as she walked. Mone, Mone, it rhymes with bone! Then, all at once, Will’s own body had halted hers when he stepped in front of her. She was caught off guard and bumped into him. Her first instinct was to give him a great big hug. Her second instinct was to gasp. She did the latter. Splashes up ahead, dancing light and creepers creeping closer. Suddenly, Kaori was glad that her man was using himself as a shield. If nasty monster is hungry, he will eat the manmeat first, and the womanmeat will skip-skip away. The figure that approached was dressed in robes, a bad choice for the sewers because the robes could get soggy and heavy but maybe he was cold. “Run!”, he had said, making Kaori’s eyes flutter as she wondered whether to do just that. Will spoke where she found herself to be speechless, brandishing his stick of truth like the warrior she had always dreamed of. Except not quite because Will just then darted aside and away from the man who ran in robes and, by consequence, Kaori herself. There was no grace to the proximity between the latter two souls. A moment later and the fleeing man bounded into her shoulder and spun her like a top. “Waaaagggghhh!!” Kaori shrieked, almost collapsing to the floor save for the wall that caught her back. Will then had the audacity to speak her name, demand they leave and take off running in the same direction as Robes, as though the two were best friends, and without so much as a hey-look-I’m-sorry. For that, she bit her lower lip like it were made of jelly and swung her toothpick around in his general direction. “YOU DISGRACEFUL SON OF A B—” She cut herself off when, out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement down the tunnel. About half a dozen dark shapes scurrying her way like rats. What is it!? A stampede of robes!? With a gulp and a gup, Kaori took off running after Will. “WAIT FOR ME, WILL STUCK. PLEASE, I’M ONLY FEMALE!” Onward, Kaori scrambled, her toothpick swaying from side to side in both hands as she ran for her merry life. At one point, she stole a look behind, spotted the advancing shapes, could have sworn that she made out red eyes in the maddened torchlight, and then her whole piped world spun around. Maybe it was her own two feet she had tripped on, congealed goop, a loose screw or a slick surface. Whatever it was, Kaori fell forward, landed on her stomach, and panicked. “Will—HEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!!!”
  15. I should have a free night tomorrow where I can get a post up. If not then I have a free weekend for sure. #selfmadedeadlines
  16. Die Shize

    Outreach Team AMA

    Is there any restriction on editing a post I made far back in my account history? Like if I wanted to edit a post I made in 2015 or something. I ask because, while there's a minimal 'archived' board on this site, I've been to a site that had a lot of archived threads and apparently a user is no longer able to edit their own posts if the posts were archived. Just trying to figure out of this site has the same or similar restriction, or if any post I make can generally be edited regardless of when.
  17. I tap my knuckles against my head as I try to keep up with what my friends are talking about. What the heck was a sundance, anyway? Last time I looked at a sun it made my eyes hurt. I also had the distinct disadvantage of having missed out on a significant portion of what they had experienced as far as butchers and children and butchered children went. Then came the query regarding whether we can die in this world-away-from-a-world or not. I was reminded of my own daydream and the hari-kari found within. Creepy deer, indeed. "Hmmm..." I muse into the thenar of my hand. "There is a sure way of finding out." With that, I unsheathe my sword and place the blade's tip against my ribcage, specifically the spot where my heart is hiding behind. "I can do this myself, unless someone wants to do it for me. There is much honor in either course of action. This is not a problem." I wait.
  18. Also, just a broadcast request for all involved in the IC hub thread: Mind stating here where your characters are located? Just so I can personally keep up with locations and whatsuch. It'd be a big plus!
  19. @Fierach Who won? Particularly asking since I'll need to feed the result into my post in the IC hub thread to some extent, not immediately but coming up.
  20. Ambience Hand over hand, the woman shifted up the makeshift rope in tow behind the crossbowman named Will. He was a decent climber, if a little slow, also he had a firm rear and he smelled damp. Kinda musky. Manly though. All in all, the two’s adrenaline, amalgamated with a need to escape from being drowned, boosted them upward. The woman pursed her lips at Will’s request for some storytelling after settling down for marriage. What is my story? At the top, she released the rope from her grip and let it dangle beneath. It was unlikely that either of them had any intention on going for a swim but she had long since learned to leave every way open in a place like this (unless a monster was trying to climb up said rope; then it was cool to cut it). Standing with a dark tunnel stretching before her, she followed suit with her partner and retrieved her walking stick. “I thought you are Will? Oh,” She clicked her tongue. “You are Will Stuck! Well, Will Stuck, I am Kaori Tongwa! Gwaaaa!” With that, Kaori slapped a hand atop his shoulder and squeezed. “Will and Kaori! Kaori and Will! HUMMMMM. The Fates are kind! Sometimes.” With quivering lips caught in a smile-frown battle, she mumbled murder beneath her breath, poked the pointed base of her toothpick on the ugly floor, and walked forth. This tunnel was like the other tunnel, and the tunnel before that, and the tunnel before that, and the tunnel before that, with goop and goo and crust and rust, dark and cold and scary. The darkness, though, was broken at least in part by her party-light-makeshift-lamp hanging from shoulder to hip, painting the gloomy sewer in a purple tint as they traversed. Fortunately/unfortunately, the glow revealed a pile of foamy white stuff that Kaori had narrowly avoided stepping into with a grimace. It looked like congealed shaving cream. Or cappa-coopa, who knows-knows? Onward, the couple marched, and Kaori found little around them to talk about unless Will had a particular fondness for sewer pipes. One hand on her broken toothpick, another hand around the hilt of her sheathed sword, she drummed her fingers against it with newfound fondness. “Your friend...the sword-thief...I hope he’s okay… Maybe he made it?” She sighed. Gooze-things and ooze-things were among those things that had no real right to exist but exist they did until they did not. No soul should have to suffer on account of a gooctopus. Nope, not even sword-thieves. “What was his name? Was he your brother? Did you both get lost in these sewers too? Did you find any food? Any idea how long we’ve been walking?”
  21. Kaige is an awesome name






  22. What is my status? Well, this weekend I'll be officially 'back' from a something something extended break, though New Year's holiday may add to that break give or take a day or two, otherwise I am looking to pump out overdue posts this weekend

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