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  1. It seems like a lot of people have different perspectives regarding preference in the 1v1 fights, in order to avoid disputes I really want to make sure that we have a system in place and from those that have been suggested I think that the "Load, Block, Shoot" system seems to tailor the most. There you have a system in place but there is much less of a random factor and strategy is involved. Is anyone passionately against using this system? And just for flavor for these fights I would just want to swap the names to like Attack, Defend, Prep or something because you know, no guns (yes I saw it mentioned in the info about the system but). So it would work like after 5 posts for each player, the one with the least HP (or perhaps advantage) will lose the round. If they both have the same, it will be a draw. If we can all agree on this then I will (finally) be able to get it going within like 24 hours. For the Horde I shall play the baddies so if you want to use like T1 for that it's fine.
  2. I have updated the list of participants, if I have missed someone please let me know. Also since it's been some time it would be good if everyone that already hasn't can please confirm that they are still able to join the event. Also all those who does not have character sheets please write a few lines describing your character and their combat abilities. Please see the list below. Act I (Singles) Sabine Fenvaris (House Senaria) @Deus Ex Aizen Iyalon Izora (House Hildebrand) @ourlachesism Mōmoku Akuja Kenshi @Etched in Stone Eshara Dominic @Fierach Taira no Kōgyoku (Order of the Blue Orchid) @Bujutsu Abigail Karradeen @Tyler Jinsoku Hayabusa (Order of Force Majeure) @Twitterpated Sir Gerald Ultin (The Dogs of War) @Grubbistch Sir Marshall Gamesly (The Dogs of War) @Grubbistch All of the participants in the singles you are allowed to choose one weapon for each round to wield, the weapons will be examined before the fights to make sure that they do not violate any rules. You can use the same weapon for all three rounds (5 x 5 x 5) or you are allowed to change between rounds. Please post here with what weapon you are using and if you want to use several. If there is no info about the weapon in your character sheet then please just write a few lines about the characteristics of the weapon(s). Should you be disarmed of your weapon then you will forfeit the round. Act II (Horde) Iyalon Izora (House Hildebrand) @ourlachesism Mōmoku Akuja Kenshi @Etched in Stone Jinsoku Hayabusa (Order of Force Majeure) @Twitterpated Makiel Thorend @Fennis Ursai IMPORTANT IF ANY OF YOU ARE OPPOSED OF USING THE MOBS SYSTEM TO DECIDE THE WINNER OF EACH ROUND THEN YOU HAVE TO SPEAK UP. IF NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING I WILL ASSUME THAT YOU'RE ALL GOOD WITH IT. Using the mob system it will be much easier to avoid any OOC conflicts as if you feel like it was unjust then you can just roleplay that your character thinks the decision was wrong.
  3. Hi everybody. This event was stalled by a unfortunate real life situation, however since there seems to still be interest in the event I could start it up for you should you wish to. Due to lack of interest in Act I (Group) I think it would be best to skip that one and instead focus on Act II and III. Also due to the nature of the event I have a suggestion that perhaps it would be best to use the MOBS situation to conclude the winner of each round. Since the winner of the rounds will be determined by a jury with points it would serve as a good way to decide upon a clear winner. If you would still want me to host the event then I shall post an update in a bit. Thanks for your time.
  4. You never messaged me about your custom title 

  5. Yes been working overtime at work, again. Therefore I have been dead at home. This weekend!
  6. Welcome aboard the crazy train.
  7. Looked myself in the mirror and not gonna lie, little repusled of what I saw. Going straight edge until I get my shit together. 

    1. roboblu


      ❤️ Hope everything is ok. You're a cool fella from what I can tell, and cool fellas deserve to feel good about themselves.

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      Tia Dalma

      You’ve no reason not to feel good about yourself ❣️

  8. Diremast


    Resting his face in the kind embrace of her gentle fingers, their touch would begin to twist and alter the reality before his eyes until they found themselves at their destination within what he could only assume was the painful memory of her dreadful dream. He had heard about such abilities but never could he expect to himself be able to experience such a thing. The elves were truly magnificent creatures. Taking to his feet from the tumble of the teleportation, before him stood what he could only describe as the sensation of death personified. It was like a shade luring him deeper within, whispering of salvation but he could sense that it was quite the opposite that the figure had in store for him. He would not so easily be tricked. They continued on their way through the dream, but with each step he could feel his body getting heavier. It was like continues waves of tiredness washed over him as they proceeded. As if whatever was ahead did not want him to interfere. Then the winds shifted in a sudden turn of events, looking back he could see consuming darkness looming. He tried to reach for Devika’s wrist before she sprung away from the growing shadows but slipped. Damn it. He began to run after the elf, dodging the hungry swipes of whatever had been sent to pursue them. Their escape went on for some time until he noticed their repeating surroundings. They were stuck in a constant loop, carefully designed to simulate the hope of escape. Perhaps that was the wish of whatever sought them? Was it feeding on their fear? Abhay stopped and turned to face their pursuer. But even he could not have expect to witness what he saw deep within the darkness. But now was not the time to hesitate, he had seen what he needed and it was time to end this charade. Even though this was not his dream, he was far from a victim. Slamming his palm into the ground, violent winds pushed down and out along its surface and then surrounded them, halting the advance of the murky blackness. “Enough!” He commanded as his other hand joined, further strengthening the conjuration that kept the darkness at bay. He had managed to give them some time, but he know it would not hold for long. Again reaching for her wrist he pulled her towards him to have her snap out whatever emotions of fear that seemed to prevent rational thought. This was nothing but a dream. “Take us back, Devika!” He ordered her. When they found themselves back in her room, he was quick to take to his feet and turn to Indra that seemed to have been startled by their sudden awakening. He tried to recall how long they had been away, for it only seemed like minutes but from the looks of it that was not the case. “Fetch the Agnivanshi, we have much to discuss.” He made sure that Indra took heed to his command before turning back towards Devika to check on her condition and moved back to the side of his trusted adviser. “You have nothing to fear you are safe now, it was nothing but a bad dream.” He paused and gave her a warm smile as he sat down beside her and placed his right palm gently upon her soft cheek. “And you were very brave.” He placed his other hand on her lean shoulder in order to provide what comfort he could.
  9. They had begun to make their descent into the darkness that loomed ahead, but it was not the shadows that troubled Tansy, it was what might linger within them. He noticed that his companion shared his concern, but perhaps for other reasons. Idalia kept her hand ready upon the handle of her blade, ever vigilant for anything that would wish them harm. Although he did not know all that much about the woman, she was a Sword Saint and as such he knew that he could trust in her abilities. “I’m curious, how is it that a Fae decides to become a Sword Saint?” He paused. “Now, don’t get me wrong, someone of your caliber with the blade is always welcome, but alas when I heard about it I became curious about your motives within our Order.” His knowledge on the Fae was limited, but what he did know is that they were of nomadic culture and that they were renown of their abilities to connect with the earth as well as their skills with swords as well as the bow and arrow, making them excellent scouts. Abilities that would surely come in handy on their journey ahead. The path narrowed as they went along and became divided, forcing them to make a decision. He signaled for them to halt while making their decision while examining both pathways. Tansy then turned to his partner for advice on how to proceed. “The path splits, is it possible for you to sense the way forward?” Tansy asked, hoping she could ensure that they would not find themselves lost.
  10. It's a harsh world out there, you got to do wheat you got to do in order to survive. Sometimes, that means you got to use wheatever means necessary in order to come out on top.
  11. The gentle evening breeze swept over the Wyrmwalker as he stood before the entrance to the ancient and forgotten caverns reaching far into the depths of the great mountain where the Cathedral of the Deep is said to have been locked away and within it kept the remains of Saint Theresa hidden for countless generations. In order to claim the mantle of Grandmaster of the Order of the Sword Saints, it was required of him to take the sacred pilgrimage and before her grave carve his name beside the previous Grandmasters at her side. In historic times this would be more like a formality to give homage of their founder but due to the fact that the place haven’t been tended to for ages meant that danger was most likely residing within. Just longing to dig their deadly claws into any fresh prey that would dare to step foot inside. He had traveled light and without a full escort, a decision not made lightly however given their situation as an upcoming Order, they had no choice but to utilize all their available manpower to either secure their current few but crucial holdings or ensure their high qualification in testing new prospects into their ranks. There was much to be done before they would be fully restored to their former glory, but the gears had been put in motion and should everything go according to plan they would once again be able to crush all those who would stand against them or the House of Dali. For it was only by the grace of the Matriarch that they would once again be allowed to openly call themselves as Sword Saints. But alas, now was not the time for pondering about such things but for firm and decisive action. Brushing away his thoughts, Tansy took to the steps that led down into the dimly lit cave before him. After few steps down he halted briefly to throw a glance at his back towards his companion. He did not know much about her, other than that she had been one of the first prospects to be accepted into Order. He had heard rumors about her from going around but he knew better to trust such unreliable sources. In order to truly take measure of someone, you would have to first hand be at their side both in tranquility and great peril and thus when his fellow brothers and sisters had insisted that he would at least bring one companion for the journey his choice was quite clear. Although she had remained silent among the bickering among those who desired to travel at this side, it was in her eyes burning with passion that he saw the reflection of himself. “Well, are you coming?” The question was rhetorical so he didn’t bother to allow her to reply before resuming his descent further into the cavern. Behind him, the warm evening sun would soon set on the horizon but to where they were headed that was of little consequence. Because the Cathedral of the Deep had been built underground and far away of the rays of the heavens and in turn, out of reach of any deity that would wish harm upon the Order. For countless generations even after the demise of Saint Theresa the structure had been a safe haven and a place of careful reflection to the wisest and most experienced of the Sword Saints. It’s said to house a grand laboratory that the Order used to brew concoctions that could alter the physical characteristics of the subject. If the stories was true and should the laboratory remain intact even after such a long time it would greatly bolster the strength of the order. Soon, they would find out together what awaited them deep within the mountain. @Tia Dalma
  12. Heya! I won'tbe able to post until thursday most likely so if anyone feel like posting before then then please go ahead. Thanks for your understanding.
  13. The Lord of Blood approves with a wicked smile dancing on his lips. Fresh meat.
  14. Even though his order is all but forgotten, even though his fellow comrades might have perished or long ago forsaken their oath... When darkness threatens to consume all the Lord of Blood will take up arms to stay true to their ancient vow... --- It is with a deep inhale that Acanthus savors the sweet fragrance of blood in the cold morning breeze, even the faint scent of it almost makes him feel young again. It's a good day, to end a life.
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