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  1. I am uncertain if you are still seeking a spymaster, but if you are then might I propose Mr. Sinnett as a possible candidate for the position?
  2. Can you hear the heavy rain, against rusted metal plates? Don’t you see it, my eyes cannot flee it. Like the transgressions of Cain, our struggles are but in vain. For that which creates, one day shall wither away just the same. Witness this orchestra of silence, admire its profound defiance. Look into their eyes once so filled with grandeur and hope, their fate sealed by a volatile reaction of anger and misanthrope. Can you not hear the symphony or their demise? In the end, even legends must die. Known alias: Ulysses Graham Sinnett, the Elusive Real name: Unknown Current age: Unknown Occupation: Gentleman Proficiencies: Espionage | Assassination | Thievery | Poetry | Classical music Affiliates: Unknown/None And so this is the end... Until the sun rises and the cycle shall resume once more. Embrace the warmth, hold it close and merge it into your core. For hope is truly fleeting, it is as but a stranger's passing greeting.
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