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  1. Diremast

    Prenuptial celebration - Dali x Mythal

    Whoops so many names. Will correct asap, until then you saw nothing...
  2. Diremast

    Prenuptial celebration - Dali x Mythal

    Sorry for the delay, my head was pretty heavy from work so it took a long time to write. I have to say that I am really impressed with the posts so far. I shall do my best to keep up with your level of skills! Cheers.
  3. Diremast

    A rose grows in concrete [dali]

    And so it was that the first of their guests had finally arrived and Halisera commented at the sight of the youth of the two Hildebrand siblings. However the heaviness and grief of their loss seemed to have bitten deep and lingered, taking away from their surely otherwise youthful nature. While they most likely tried their absolute hardest to bury their feelings deep within their hearts, it was the faint fragment of gleam in their eyes that exposed their true feelings as the Matriarch gave her most sincere condolences upon the tragic passing of their father and the now former head of House Hildebrand. The incident seemed to have left a certain sense of emptiness within the House, Tansy could feel it in the air as they approached. Every child, should they not perish before their time is destined to sooner and later experience the loss of their parents. But to be forced to experience such tragedy at such a young age seemed like nothing but the cruel orchestration of gods. That is why Tansy despised their kind, for too long the Gods have amused themselves at the expense of mortals. The Wyrmwalker followed in his Matriarch’s footsteps to greet the House in a respectful and welcoming manner. While not the directly linked to the reason behind the gathering that awaited, they were honored guests of the House of Dali. Because although unfortunate, the passing of Lord Strom Hildebrand came at a opportune time from the perspective of House Dali. Therefore when Halisera had proposed invite the Hildebrand’s to their estate, it was clear to Tansy that it was for more than just to allow them to give their wholehearted sympathy and comfort. He was sure that Halisera wanted take careful measure of the new Lady Hildebrand. She was surely in prospect of a future alliance even if such intentions had yet to part from her lips. Because while he considered himself quite adept and cunning when it came to the Game of Thrones in which they all had their part to play, he had much to learn to in order to rival the delicate hand and insight of their Matriarch. She had been playing the game masterfully for many years when he was nothing but a spoiled little brat. “Aye, Lord Strom Hildebrand was a great man of even greater virtue, taken from us much too soon.” He paused as he attempted to provide comfort to the children by putting his hands on their shoulders after Halisera had moved on to greet the Mythal’s that had just pulled up at that point. Although he spoke of grief and loss, the warmth of his smile did its best to soften the mood. “We shall all raise a glass in homage to the legacy he has left behind and perhaps going forwards together, we can give proper respect to his memory that we all hold dear. Now please, make yourself at home inside.” While Halisera had moved on to give proper greeting to House Mythal, Tansy remained with the Hildebrand’s in order to ensure that they would be properly attended to while making their way to the main hall before rejoining her side. For such was his purpose, to serve the interests of the House even at times when the Matriarch could not. When she displayed her desire to speak with the young Anson, whose impending marriage was the reason they all found themselves together this fine evening, he subtly threw a nod her while he led the remaining attendees from House Mythal towards the dining hall, much in the same manner in which he had done for the Hildebrand’s. Once they all had gathered within the large room that had been prepared for them, there was just one party that was remaining. Since Halisera had yet to arrive it was not yet time to begin their feast, but that didn’t mean that their guests should stand around with empty stomach. Before leaving the room, the sound of Tansy’s hands clapping twice echoed and bounced towards the walls throughout the large hall and he was quickly attended by several servants. “Please make sure that our guests here are tended to while I fetch the remainder of our visitors. They have all traveled far in order to attend our feast, so provide them with something to drink and snack upon while we await the arrival of Lady Northtrail Dali.” With a graceful wave of his hand, he commanded them to their purpose as he exited the room. For there was another House that had decided to accept their invitation and while not as influential as the Mythal and Hildebrand, they were masterful engineers and crafters and as such they were of interest to House Dali. They were the House of Tankred and had arrived a little earlier that day. It was not surprising that they had taken a fancy to their gun room in which they had spent the majority of their visit so far. Tansy knocked twice on the door frame as he entered the room and approached the pair. “You should listen to your sister.” Tansy advised and smiled with his typical warmth. “Now come you two, everyone is waiting in the dining call. The feast is about to commence. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.” He gestured at them to follow him. Arriving back the the dining hall, Tansy would do his best the guests while they awaited Halisera. He would occasionally throw a glance over towards Bernadine and Fitzhugh. Just to make sure that they didn’t run off.
  4. Diremast

    Prenuptial celebration - Dali x Mythal

    I think a loose posting order is the best actually so you don't have to force a post so much. Just want to give you people a heads up in advance, next week I'm probably going to be super busy at work which might result in me being very tired and not be posting super so fast until next weekend.
  5. Diremast

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    I need a partner, don't want to to it all by myself and need some more information. A work atm will get back to you later :)
  6. Diremast

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    We'll get rid of those barbarians for you in no time!
  7. Diremast

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    The newly restored Order of the Sword Saints would be interested to send help with your problem, if the coin is right.
  8. Diremast

    Inner Circle of the Sword Saints

    Inner Circle of the Sword Saints Only those who has truly proven their qualities and mastery with the blade beyond any doubt while also displayed unparalleled defiance to stare into the face of certain death and emerge victorious, may be accepted into the Inner Circle of the Sword Saints. They are considered to be the undisputed embodiment of the will and virtues of Saint Theresa and hold considerable power and influence within the Order because of it. Take careful heed to their stories and learn of their legacy below that you might one day, if you would prove yourself worthy, stand at their side as an equal under the grace of Saint Theresa. Takashi Ishibashi of Clan Ugodai Weapon The Wailing Tempest, ancestor blade of Clan Ugodai (Katana) Personality traits Reserved, insightful Signature techniques Seventh sword of the Rising Dragon Countless cuts coming from every angle simultaneously in an exceedingly rapid fashion, rendering even the most skilled opponent helpless against the onslaught thrown at them. Faster than the blink of the eye, the target won’t even see the blade coming until the overwhelming dread of their body slowly begin to crumble into a nothing but bloody heap of limbs reaches their heart. Background Originally from the remote and isolated Clan of Ugodai, Takashi was forced away from his home when a rival clan invaded and burned his birthplace to the ground. Having pledged his life in protection of the chief of the Ugodai clan, it was with a heavy heart he accepted the final directive of a respected leader and loving father before the man perished as all mortals are destined to perish. Save his daughter, his only remaining child and sole heir of Clan Ugodai, a once flowering community now reduced to nothing ashes and rubble. In return for accepting such a desperate plea from a dying man, Takashi was granted the combined strength of the Ugodai clan in form of the mystical and profound weapon that had been passed down through generation to those proved themselves worthy enough to wield its ancient power. It was on that fateful day that he proved himself worthy to wield the legacy of the Ugodai as he left a trail of bodies in his wake, many were the souls harvested by his hand. It is said that as he swung his blade, you could hear that tormented cries of all those who had their lives taken by the blade. Their wailing screams would send chills through the spines of even the most battle hardened warriors. It was not long after that he joined the Order of the Sword Saints, determined to hone his skills to unsurpassed perfection so that he one day would be able to return to his homeland and reclaim what had been taken from him and the rightful heir of the Ugodai. He would kill them all, their entire bloodlines would be harvested without mercy by his stained hands. He would soak his soul in their blood and emerge refreshed and finally become unburdened by his eternal bond of servitude.
  9. Diremast

    The Valucre Photo Album

  10. Diremast

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Awesome, she will make a fine addition to the jury! On another note I have updated the first post to include a link to the House of Dali that is putting together the event.
  11. Diremast

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Yes, you are not limited to only swords but rather any form of bladed weapons. Please state the name of your fighter and if you have a character sheet please link it. Also write if you are representing any land/organization. Also let me know which acts you are interested in and I'll make it happen. You are free to choose whichever Act you wish you join, just let me know the name of your character and if you have a character sheet, please link it. We would be honored to have House Hildebrand join the festival, on and off the battlefield! Only if zombies will invade. Don't you just love the smell of fierce battle in the morning? Come, come don't be shy! Join the festival and prove your worth by trial of combat!
  12. Diremast

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Right! Please let me know the name of you character and please link if you have a character sheet. 🙂 Welcome, glad to have you! The same to you, please link your character sheet if you have one.
  13. Diremast

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    A timeframe has not yet been determined. Should I put you up as an interested party and then should you not be able to attend as a member of then there shall be no hard feelings whatsoever. The more the marrier in the jury! No lollygaggin'
  14. Diremast

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Welcome Lord Uldwar, may you find glory in the heat of fierce combat! Fight well. You may have different characters attending each act should you like. Also in the singlesyou may have two characters. We shall await your decision. Then I hope that nothing shall forestall your return.
  15. Diremast

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Just let me know which Act you would be interested in when you have decided and you're in!! 🙂 Please also tell what character you want to be using and link to your character sheet if you have one.