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  1. Diremast

    A Necessary End

    While their moment of solitude was fleeting and interrupted all too soon, its sensation of passion remained imprinted and lingered within his mind. With a subtle sense of motion, his attention parted from the woman that he would follow into the very depths of hell. He considered himself a man of reason in many regards, however when it came to her there was no compromise. He would not let her slip away through his fingers again, no matter the circumstances or consequences. He would see the world burn before that happens. Focus shifted and turned back into premonition that had hovered over him ever since arriving at the manor. He could not shake the feeling that something was not as it would appear. Had Gustaf seen through their intentions so easily and if so, what was the consequence of it? Even though there was no apparent danger, he could not help to feel that they were not entirely safe in the current situation. He decided to leave such concerns locked up deep inside, for there was no evidence to support them at the moment. “I’ve brought you some refreshments, please help yourselves.” Gustaf spoke while placing a slightly unpolished silver plate upon the table between himself and them, then taking a seat and gesturing to them to do the same. “Unfortunately I cannot say for certain when Master Elion will be back, but you are of course very welcome to stay here until then.” The butler offered them accommodation as was to be expected. After all, him and Elion went back a long time. There was a time when they were close friends, although it felt like memories from another life long lost. He was not the same as back then, and neither was Elion. “You have our gratitude for the hospitality, Gustaf.” Dilon spoke while accepting his invitation to take a seat on the couch opposite the table from him. “I have to say I am surprised to not find him here, what keeps him away, if I may ask?” Dilon inquired, even though he very well knew the answer. He wanted to know what Gustaf would reply, hoping that it would reveal where he stood on the matter. “Well, as you might have noticed. There is some… ehm, turmoil currently with the old gods falling from grace and everything.” The man explained. “Nasty business, that.” He added. “It’s just not safe for Elion to be exposed in such a public setting as this place.” Gustaf gestured to his surroundings and then began to prepare a cup of green tea. Dilon followed his attention towards the tray that he had brought to them. There were several kinds of tea in small labelled containers. On a porcelain plate there were a few types of cookies, chocolate, vanilla and what looked like some kind brownies. On the far left stood a pitcher of lemon water with some glasses next to it. “But don’t worry about all that, this whole thing will soon be over and things will return to normal. Just you wait.” Gustaf concluded, seemingly hinting to foreboding events on the horizon. “Now I am curious who you have brought with you, Dilon.” He turned towards Elodie with a friendly smile. “You know, I think you are the first woman I have ever seen him with. Can you imagine that?” He spoke lightly, shifting the topic of discussion.
  2. He elegantly placed his right knee upon the ground in response to her command, allowing her to perform his conscription ceremony. Although he would serve under her, they would both see their motivations come to life and blossom. When it was completed he would again rise to his feet. “The road to universal eminence is long and will surely be trailed with great strife.” He paused momentarily while regaining his posture with renewed resolve. “For tranquility to endure and order to be retained, it must be molded and shaped by hardship, loss and despair. For such is the burden to to possess the potential to change the world. From what history has taught me, it is simply inevitable.” Though his words painted a grim picture of their future, he truly believed in it. “But I shall serve to help shoulder this burden.” He tilted his head slightly to nod at her, to reassure that while she was their leader, she would not stand against the tides alone. “Cowards die many times before their death.” There was no place she could aim to lead him, that he would not follow her. “But not us.” He concluded. @Phoebe
  3. Much to his masked approval, she had refused to consider the idea of training her soul to realize her mission. For such things were truly below someone of her statue. “While it’s my job to seemingly know more than I actually do, the truth is that there are some things that elude even the most perceptive.” He smiled under his mask again. Their conversation served to introduce more than just his identity, but also to showcase his capacity to perform his chosen profession. But there was no use to play charade, for if what she told was true there was little point for further theatrics. “I know only your title and the rumors that accompany it. What people divulge to others secretly in confidence, thinking that nobody is listening.” He had carefully watched her as she made her statement. It was true that greed or overzealous ambition often serve to lead idealism astray. “With great power comes great responsibility, to contain it.” Unchecked power would always sooner or later become primed for chaotic eruption, it was simply a matter of the natural order of things. “Secrets lose their worth when revealed. I can help you keep them unseen in shadows. Safely tucked away and out of grasp from those who would abuse them against you.” He concluded his offer and fell back into silence. @Phoebe
  4. Diremast

    A Necessary End

    “You’re right.” He admitted. It became apparent to him that perhaps this whole thing was a bit too personal for him. Being reckless and rushing things could prove fatal in situations like this. Visiting the Van Graaf Manor so publicly was already a risk, for who knows who might be watching them. In an attempt to shake his worries away, he tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her softly towards him, seeking a touch of intimacy if only briefly in the absence of their current host. “I will need to rely on you to see things as for what they are, for I may be too close to see the whole picture.” In conjunction to his words, his other hand traveled up along her shoulder and came to a rest at her neck while he moved her hand to his chest. “For there is not anyone else I trust more.” Moving closer, his speech lowered to almost a gentle whisper. What he said was meant for her and her alone, thus the volume was adjusted accordingly. He did his best to absorb her calming aura through the fabric of their clothes, while leaning in for a gentle kiss. While it was only a matter of time before Gustaf would return, for the moment Dilon enjoyed their moment of privacy.
  5. “Such noble ideals, I would expect nothing less from someone like you.” He spoke with a hidden smirk while taking careful study of her struggle to smother whatever haunted her. Ulysses recognized the brief glimpse of emotions she could not manage to remain shackled from sight all too well. But their origin remained a mystery, for now. “Look around yourself, milady.” He turned away from the knight and gestured to their surroundings. “We build grand monuments to cover up for our sins, on broken backs we attempt to buy ourselves divine wings.” He observed the structures around them for a moment, before turning back to face her. “The strong and powerful will always strive to govern the weak and feeble, it is simply survival of the fittest in its most primal form.” He had seen proof of this too many times to remember, but he did not judge them, just as he would not judge a lion for hunting down its prey. Because he knew that we are all subject to our own nature. “For some to be rich, others need to be poor. For some to be strong, others must be weak in comparison.” From his experience, such was the balance of the world. “You intrigue me, Arbiter.” His gaze became fixated on the woman while continuing his speech. “I wonder, what are you prepared to sacrifice in order to create such a world?” He did not allow enough time for her to reply, instead he continued. “Would you allow your soul to be blackened?” He left the question open in the air and fell into silence. @Phoebe
  6. Diremast

    A Necessary End

    Ignorance is never without a price, for blind eyes see no future. Elodie reminded him of their past with a graceful smile, he remembered it fondly even though it seemed like such a long time ago. A much more simple existence, where he still could look upon the world with less fatigue. His thoughts took a brief journey back all those years to when they met for the first time. When the night was cold and the storm was thundering, it was those memories that had brought him comfort and strength to pull through. Perhaps it was but naive hope that he someday would be able to return to who he once was. A man, less broken. “Our roots run deep in these streets, if not destiny then what else would have brought us back here to where it all began.” Dilon spoke while glancing at the people passing them. Where in the past he had people who he could rely upon within the city, now he felt surrounded by nothing but strangers in masses. “And perhaps when all this is over, we might again go strawberry picking.” He made an effort to put on a smile for her, it was meant as a promise of better times to come for both of them. But the night is the darkest just before the dawn and he could not help but shake the feeling that before this ordeal would be over, their resolve would be put to the test. “I would prefer the cold shoulder than a knife in the back.” If nothing else he had always come along with Gustaf, who had been Elion’s closest servant and mentor from a young age. In Elion’s absence, it seemed clear to him that Gustaf would have taken over management of the public day-to-day business related to the Von Graaf name. No other would be better suited for the task, thus it was the only logical conclusion. Knock, knock! It did not take long until a muffled voice approached the door from within and the door slowly came to open halfway. Before them stood an older gentleman in fine but well worn attire. The man’s eyes expanded in a moment of surprise of the man that had come to visit them before they would again retreat to a humble expression of buried delight. “Hello Gustaf, it’s been a long time.” Dilon spoke and bowed his head after greeting the man in a gesture towards their history together. “Yes, it’s been a long time Mr. Moreau. And it seems that time has not been kind to either of us.” The old man spoke, chuckled and coughed before turning his attention towards Elodie. “I see that you have brought company, might I ask what may I call you, milady?” He assumed her status without knowing, for it was the polite and safe thing to do. As they entered the manor, he could not help but to notice how quiet it had become. Quiet and dusty. Ever since the loss of Amelia, Elion’s sister, the Von Graaf family had been through many hardships and unfortunate events. But even so Dilon was slightly caught off guard by just how much into disrepair the manor had fallen into. Walking the empty halls, it seemed like Gustaf was the only one left tending to the place. “I’m afraid that Master Elion is not present, however perhaps I can offer you something to drink?” Gustaf proposed and almost before Dilon had time to accept he hurried away towards the kitchen to serve his guests. Dilon suspected that it had been some time since there had been visitors to the manor, thus it would not surprise him that the old man appreciated their seemingly unexpected visit. When out of earshot of Gustaf, he turned his attention towards Elodie. “We should take a look around, Elion always spent too much time in his private study so that would perhaps be a good place to start. Or what do you think?” He looked to her for her thoughts on the manner.
  7. He provided her a gentle nod in reaction to her statement, there was no verbal response required for the purpose of his private audience having already unraveled itself beautifully. “My profession is subtle discretion, thus it would speak ill of my competence for you to know of my past exploits.” He returned her smile and took steps around the fountain. “Nevertheless, I assure you that I am well versed in the art of the cloak and dagger.” While he talked in a humble and elegant manner, the truth was that his gloves had stains of dried blood upon them. For such is the price of pragmatic ambition. Sometimes, the end justifies the means unconditionally. “You see, the constitution of truth is not fixed matter nor as objective as people would claim. Like all things perceived, it’s a subject under the laws of perception.” There was more depth to his words that came to the surface, but he refrained himself from diving deeper into such an philosophical discussion. “Killing an individual is simple, during my days I have killed many men.” He paused for a second while reminiscing past memories. “But smothering an ideal before it blooms into a full scale revolution requires a delicate hand.” He gestured towards the flower that he had offered her. “Tell me, what ideals form your perception?” Before providing time enough to warrant a reply, he continued. “What ambitions guide your hand, milady?” He left the question open in the air. It was with intention that he had danced around her request to learn more about himself. @Phoebe
  8. Diremast

    A Necessary End

    Engulfed by darkness all around, in times when chaos and suffering reign supreme, it can be hard to see the light beyond the tips of your fingers. In times of despair, even looking up into the bright sky, the sunshine provides nothing but to blind you even further. It was a long time since Dilon last stepped foot in his birthplace, the great city of Avylon. The man that departed those many years ago, was not the one that had returned. And unlike back then, he no longer stood alone. He looked over towards Elodie a small distance away, she was his pillar holding up the weight of the world from his shoulders. To him, their reunion had become the rock that had stem the tides of self destruction. Progress, not perfection. He reminded himself as he moved to join her. Neither of them were without scars, but that did not matter because in his eyes; she was a beacon of hope. Hope for a future that he had long ago forsaken the idea of. But before that, there were things that had to be settled once and for all in order to be able to move forward. His hand placed gently on her shoulder, was a request to draw her attention. Seeing her face had always provided him with strength in difficult times and this was no exception. For it was not by coincidence that he had returned to Avylon, the reality was that he had come with a clear purpose. He was the hound that once had been unshackled and banished from his once beloved home, but what is buried in winter will always sooner or later become uncovered in times of spring. He had come for Elion, his former master. But his agenda was not revenge, it was relief for the suffering and the restoration of order in these times of chaos. The old gods have fallen, their banishment signified birth of the new Age of Man. But fractions of their once pious followers remained a blight, spreading chaos and corruption across the land. They had to be stopped, no matter what the cost. “So then it’s true, just as we feared.” “I’m sure that you can sense it in the air, just like me.” “Elion has chosen to remain within the city, using his influence to spread unrest and terror even in the absence of the PRIME.” “We should start at Von Graaf Manor, we should be able to pick up the trail from there.” @Aleksei
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