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  1. Children crying, cast out and neglected. Only in a world so cold, only in a world this cold. Hold the hand of your best friend, look into their eyes. Then watch them drift away. I think that insight is to accept how little we all actually know about ourselves and everything around us. Burden by our nature to seek meaning and purpose in order to feel fulfilled as individuals. Yet we choose to struggle on because it's the only thing we can do. Progress, not perfection. It can be difficult to view the world from other perspectives. It can be hard to accept that there are different versions of you within every other person that have ever interacted with you in some way or another. The natural question is what is the true you, a sole version or all of them combined. A very complicated question, to be sure. Welcome, I hope you can find some comfort within our community.
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    Need some burglars...

    Thanks! Sorry for being a slowpoke. I have gone and gotten myself sick.
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    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Delphine grunted as she was lifted off her feet and realized that she might have slightly underestimated her opponent. By instinct she pulled her knees up towards her chest in order to protect herself. When Ren’s grip on her arms was ceased she caught a glimpse of what was to come in the face of the master. Luckily she managed to extend her legs and use her opponent as a springboard to throw herself to a safe distance of the man should he be able to withstand the force of the impact. As she landed she instantly lunged at the man again, first with a low spinning roundhouse just a few inches above ground and then followed it up with a high spinning hook kick. Even though he had been able to withstand her assault so far, she was far from done with their fight. She was just getting warmed up.
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    Need some burglars...

    Sorry for the delay, you can skip forward if you want. Otherwise I'll work on getting a post out soon
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    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Delphine had stood silent and watched as some of the would be students had sparred against their would be teacher. It was an interesting sight, that was for sure. Much more telling than their previous bland introductions of name and rank. Because in her experience, you do not really know the identity of a fighter until you fight them. And it looked like it was her turn to make proper introductions. She nodded in response to his invitation to stand before him. There was no need for words to be spoken in that instance, soon they would exchange pleasantries in the form of martial techniques. Walking forward, Delphine knew that she was meeting an opponent that was most likely more experienced and more proficient in every way compared to her when it came to fight. Now, while that might have brought hesitance out of others, it only made Delphine more excited for the fight ahead. She would put his supposed mastery to the test. As she took her place, she gently brushed her feet along the ground to get a feel for it. She noted the resistance when she moved back and forth while slowly rolling her shoulders in preparation. First forward a few times, then backwards a few times. Taking her time, she looked around to get to know the battlefield. When she felt ready, her gaze turned and fixed on the master. Without any further communication her stance suddenly switched and aligned herself in a southpaw stance. She remained in this position for only a brief second while inhaling a deep breath. Slightly bending her knees she gathered strength as her muscles would then flex and spring her in the air towards him with a flying knee to close the distance between them. Her technique was not fancy and it was not performed with finesse like the master himself had showed in previous fights. But rather, it was raw and vicious. It was not many that had been able to withstand Delphine’s ferocious and unrelenting attacks for a longer period of time. Disregarding if she would land her knee of not she resumed her stance as her feet and continued her assault with a quick left jab and then a hard straight right to set her up for her advance into a clinch position. She inhaled just before each strike and then exhaled as her muscles tightened as her fists came flying in Ren’s direction. She figured that even how skilled one might be, it’s quite difficult to attack and defend at the same time. So she reckoned that should he defend against her punches he would leave himself exposed enough for her to enter in a clinch position. Should her attempt succeed, she would then move her left hand just above the neck and her right almost to the top of his head. From this position she would explode with a succession of knees to the chest. She would extend her back leg almost fully while using the same breathing technique as before and then allow her knees to explode forward, one at the time. She would make sure to fully extend her hips each time to achieve maximum force and sharpness of her knees. Even though it was a spar, it was clear that Delphine was not holding back whatsoever.
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    A Case for Journalistic Integrity

    Jeremiah was quick to shrug of Acorn’s comment about murder and the hunch that the guy would most likely pass out at the first sight of blood. He wasn’t no bloodhound though and if they would agree one only one thing it would be that murder sure is a expensive and bloody business. And they hadn’t been paid enough for it to warrant pest extermination. During their trip, Jeremiah would find himself staring out the window of the cab, watching idly at the houses and passing individuals. To him they were all faceless cattle. Addicted to the false ideals that they were anything more than fodder for the hamster wheels of corporate conglomerates that don’t give a fuck about them. “Save the receipt.” He instructed as they slammed the door shut as watched for a moment as the taxi sped off. Their attention then shifted towards their target and some light reconnaissance had given fruit. They have managed to identify several potential routes in order to infiltrate the building without being noticed. The problem was still finding documents or other incrimination information. And where his partner had determined several ways for them to get inside, Jeremiah had thought about how to get the information they needed in order to acquire their target. “Well I’ve always viewed myself as a cleaner, of sorts. How fitting, must be a sign.” In reality he didn’t believe in that kind of shit, but it added a desired flair at the time. There wasn’t no transcendent being, guiding their steps in mysterious ways. “With that settled, I have an idea. Follow me.” Without waiting for Acorn to respond to his suggestion he would begin to make his way towards the parking lot. While traversing further in, he examined the cars briefly until he finally stopped at one of the most fancy ones. Whoever was the owner of this car, they had to be in some position of power. And so he would position himself in order to be able to stakeout the vehicle while at the same time staying out of sight. And so they would wait. They didn’t have to wait long until Jeremiah spotted a man wearing a fancy suit making his way towards the car. Like a mouse walking into a trap head first, the man opened one of the doors to the backseat and threw his briefcase at the seat. But that time had already approached the man from the opposite direction with the door in between them. With his attention directed elsewhere he was startled as he laid eyes on Jeremiah but before he had time to react he slammed the door into the man, causing him to fall to the ground. Jeremiah looked to his right, and then to his left. “Keep an eye out.” He told Acorn before walking over to the man and entered a squatting position next to him. Without speaking, he searched the man and quickly found the man’s keys and wallet. Standing up, he opened the wallet and examined the contents. Mark Withersburg was his name and it seemed like he had loving a family. Perfect. “Mr Withersburg, I am sorry to inform you that you are currently a victim of armed robbery.” Jeremiah glanced over towards Acorn for a second. “But don’t worry, there is still a chance for you to come out as a hero. But you need to follow a few instructions. First, you will tell me where your office is. Then, you will not report the loss of your keys and briefcase until at least 48 hours from now. Third, you were assaulted by three teenage anarchists at knife point. Do you understand these instructions.” He paused to allow his instructions to sink in. The man let out a faint whimper in response, clearly intimidated by him. Jeremiah returned to his previous position, hunched over at the man while he was still laying on the ground. “If you don’t follow these simple instructions exactly, believe me I will find your family and I will stomp their faces in until there is nothing left but a pool of blood and teeth.” As he spoke he removed a photo of the man and his family and placed it in front of his face. While doing so he threw the wallet back to the man but he was clearly showing that he was going to keep the image of the man’s family. After a few moments the man had given all the information that they need. “Thank you.” Jeremiah spoke as he helped the man to his feet with an extended hand. “I’m sorry about this, but I am going to have to hit you.” His words were instantly followed by a knuckle to the face of the man and he again fell into the car but this time he managed to stay on his feet as he was able to hold on to the handle of the car. Jeremiah then turned to Acorn and then back to the man that was now gasping for air. He had almost forgot. “Oh by the way, me and my colleague here had to take a cab to get here. But no need to worry we saved the receipt.” Jeremiah again turned to Acorn. “Well go on, give the man the receipt.” He told Acorn and waited for their compensation of transit.
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    The factions are coming! - civil war, phase 2

    My move have been more hectic than I imagined but my threadmwill be up this weekend
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    Need some burglars...

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    Join the Exosolar Initiative today!

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    Pictures of Us

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    Need some burglars...

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    Join the Exosolar Initiative today!

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    Join the Exosolar Initiative today!

    Great! It's not required but if you have a character sheet then I would love to take a peak at it. One more spot available.
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    Join the Exosolar Initiative today!

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    The factions are coming OOC

    Thanks for the info. If possible I would like to change regions to Orange if that is fine? Also, I have posted the interest check. You can find it here. The thread will be up within a few days.