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  1. Palgard [Civil War]

    So sorry for the delay om ny post, vill not be this slow in the future, Will have a post upp tonight
  2. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Roger that, what does @Haichuan and @jaistlyn think about starting without Wolfbane?
  3. Palgard [Civil War]

    Sorry, been really busy with new work and new band. My lady is not so happy right now so had to do some romance stuff but I'm working on it my bad
  4. Palgard [Civil War]

    Nice post!
  5. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    Pick your poison The prince had accepted their offer and while he departed to unload his precious cargo, Dilon and Elodie had made their way over to the bar. It did not take long for Desmond to find them again even among the flocking crowds. But it did not come as much of a surprise thought, the prince was most likely quite accustomed to navigating his way around these kinds of gatherings. He did not envy Desmond for his given station, because he could imagine that the life of a royalty can be tiring at times. Then again, it did come with certain perks as well. In the the prince’s approach back to them, Dilon had accompanied Elodie’s words with a simple nod in response to his return. When Desmond had teased Elodie with a question directed towards at Dilon, it spoke much of their bond. He realized that he had been gone for a long time and as he looked upon her face he would slowly begin to understand that she was not the same person he once knew. You could easily miss it at first glance but if you looked really close you could spot all the small and subtle differences about her. She still looked and talked like the old Elodie, but under it all he could sense someone new that he did not fully know yet. It intrigued him but at the same time he knew it would take time for them to get to know each other again. “Well, you know what they say; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” He smiled as his gaze remained towards Elodie for a brief moment as he watched her punch the prince in response to his cheeky comment. He almost moved to ensure that the prince would remain on his feet until he saw that Desmond did have the situation under control. That last thing he wanted to do was make a scene that would draw even more attention to themselves and thus he moved to tuck his arm around Elodie’s back to let his hand rest at the side of her waist. And by doing so he hoped he could stop Elodie from getting into a fist fight with a royalty. “And while you might not know it, I am quite known for my dexterity.” He spoke in an attempt to keep the mood light while he watched the prince wave his hands around in the air above the glass Elodie had placed in front of him. A faint flash followed by a gentle spark of flames awakened from Desmond’s fingers and lit the rim of the glass that had been put before him. Content with the outcome, Elodie wasted little time before emptying her glass in a single sweep. It had been so long since he last had shared drinks with her that he had forgot that she had been known to be able to keep up with the even the best of them. But he suspected he would be reminded before the day was over. He followed her lead and finished his glass in the same fashion and then gently slammed it down onto the table as he felt the burning sensation running down his throat. He wasn’t that much of a drinker before, and even less now. He could not remember the last time he had been allowed to indulge himself to a night of drinking. But he could see why people did it, there was a strange charm to drinking yourself silly among friends and family. If nothing else it would dull your thoughts and with it hopefully all your concerns and fears that was best left to another day. “That’s quite the trick you got there, I’m impressed.” Dilon spoke as to compliment the prince for his brief but excellent performance in pyromancy. He had seen a few similar tricks before, but not in this kind of setting. He had seen Elodie use her abilities many times but while their origin might be the shared their styles seemed different to him. But then again, what did he know? He wasn’t an expert my any means and what point was there to jump to such assumptions anyway. “As you most likely already know, Elodie too has a few similar tricks at her disposal. I earlier shared with her about the idea taking on a class.” He paused and in an attempt to get a reading of her state of him he threw a glance at Elodie. He hoped that his words would not warrant the same kind of response that she had thrown the prince, but you never knew with Elodie. It was difficult enough for him to make predictions as to her feelings normally and now that alcohol had become involved, who knew what could happen. “What do you think about that? Don’t you think the position would suit her?” Not waiting for the prince to reply, he would scan his vicinity for any additional sources for drinks for the party. He knew that it surely was a bad idea, but the prospect of having bragging rights over Elodie when it came to drinking was too tempting to ignore. The challenge had remained unspoken between them but from the expression she threw at him her intentions was unmistakable. And so let the games begin. @Aleksei
  6. Palgard [Civil War]

    It's all good in the hood.
  7. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    Just to be sure that I understood what happened, Sabier and White are now separated from the rest of the group? Or are the doors still open?
  8. Divine War - Alternative Roleplay

    If I didn't have my plate full I would join! Looks cool.
  9. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Awesome, that will be more than enough. The only thing I need is a basic concept. You are accepted. @spacegy4 is also accepted as Mockingbird, I will hit you up soon also in PM. Now I'm just waiting for Wolfbane then we're set.
  10. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Yes you are right, Black Badger is already taken.
  11. Apologies, I had meant to also have Deiter respond to your character. It slipped my mind when I was trying to turn on the charm without it being a hamfisted attempt. :blank:

    1. Diremast


      No worries, so much going on I can hardly blame you.  

    2. Alexei


      Thanks. I'll try to make it up when things slow down a tad. Probably when the games begin.

  12. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Update: @jaistlyn has been added to as the Black Badger operative with the character Delistair Paige. We have two people interested in Mockingbird, but none for Soaring Eagle. If any of you would consider that role instead let me know. I will allow a little time if you want to post a character @Al Sa-her but otherwise I will pick @spacegy4 for it. Have talked to @Aleksei and I should have the Wolfbane tomorrow. Would like all positions to be filled. If you want to join but don't think you have a character that suits the role then just hit me up and we can see if we can perhaps alter it a little to better suit you. I created the roles in order to try to create a balanced team, but that does leave room for flexibility. Thanks for your patience!
  13. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    The operation is going to be held at Palgard, Terrenus as their target will be Zephyrus Tower. So anything that goes there will be allowed.
  14. Castlemania

    Some claim that the act giving of life is one of divine providence, well if that is true I would argue that the taking of one’s life shares the same origin. So while you call it murder, I would merely call it doing the Lord’s work. A single line of prisoners had been placed and forced to before Varric the Blood-letter and his fellow spectators. The village had been an easy mark for the band of cutthroats and thieves, their raid had ended before he had been allowed to have his fun. There people had turned out to be such a bore, he thought to himself. It wasn’t any fun if they didn’t fight back. He got off at the thought of watching as the fire in their eyes would slowly fade into despair as he would bury his blade in each of their guts. He wanted to examine them as they were reduced to nothing but lifeless husks, and as their skin turned cold he would use it to cool himself of the thrill of the hunt. But the villagers had denied him of his desires, something that would cost them dearly. He deemed them not worthy to stand in his presence, but for the benefit of the rest of the band he guess he could allow their slight to remain unavenged for some time. He was a bastard in every sense of the word, but there were still a shred of compassion there buried somewhere within him. After all, some of the women here did not look all that bad. Better than the usual rabble they would have to have to settle for, that was for sure. He knew how antsy the crew could get if they weren’t allowed to have their fun, so for now it was best to not stand in their way. Varric himself had been repulsed their lack of spine and had decided not indulge himself at their expense. The strong should never breed with the weak, lest their bloodlines be tainted. “So what do we have here, then?” He would speak as he began to move back and forth along the line of prisoners that had been rounded up in the middle of the village. He would stop for a quick moment at each of the captives, savoring the sweet essence of their pitiful trembling with a satisfied grin painted on his face. Once he got to the end he would rest his eyes upon the most beautiful woman that the village had to offer so far. The rest of the company as well as their leader was still scouring the last few houses and after that he figured they would rejoin the rest at the center of the village. Scanning her body from bottom to top and taking note of her curves he began regretting his previous decision. He ran his finger along the sweaty surface of her skin and then moved to brush it along his lips before fully tasting it with a deep inhale. “Do you know I came to be called Varric the Blood-letter, it’s quite the-” Before he had time to finish he was interrupted as one of the doors was smashed open a small distance behind him. From within a woman came running with their enormous leader not far behind. Varric couldn’t help but to laugh as he saw the blunderbuss misfire. That is why he himself preferred blades as his chosen instruments of destruction, they were far more reliable and also allowed him to get up and close and much more personal with his victims. For they would truly share a bond in that instance, that is until he would depart them from existence. But there was a lesson to be learned from this, you want something done right, you do it yourself. Even something that trivial as loading a blunderbuss. Well no matter, Forren had been sent to retrieve her. The woman’s head start would do her much benefit with him as her pursuer. Turning his attention back he noticed Lou approaching, he laughed again as he watched the demise of a few villagers that had decided to call to him for aid. Well, they wouldn’t be around to make that mistake again. He greeted Lou and welcomed him with a gesture of open arms, not by his name but as he had become to be known after a certain incident recently. Thinking about still brought a smirk to him face every time every time someone had thought of bringing it up. Pointing towards the pretty woman beside him, he did his best to draw Lou’s attention towards her. “What does the “Nameless Bandit” think of this pretty young lass, then? A night with her would surely spring your memories to life, don’t you think? After all, nothing truly reminds a man who he is more than a good fuck.” He turned away from her and approached his fellow (newly promoted) lieutenant to greet him in full as a brother. He may not have agreed in their captain's decision to promote the man, but he did have enough respect in the authority of their leader not to object. Well perhaps it was more fear than respect since the captain did have the tendency to beat people who disagreed with him to death with his bare hand. And even though he thought himself as an equal match to the captain it was foolish to push his luck. They had a good thing going here, and he wan't about to let anyone ruin it.
  15. Toppling a TITAN [Civil War]

    Nicolas had been travelling for a long time and he still had ways to go until he would finally reach his destination. Perhaps it was by mere coincidence that he found himself in Palgard when he had received the missive, but then again he knew that everything happened for a reason and concluded that he had received the report precisely when Corvinus had wished for him to have it. He had been sent to Terrenus by the divine directive of the God-Emperor himself to spread the influence of the Imperium and the Kadian Ecclesiarchy. The blessing of authority that rested upon his finger was proof of his jurisdiction to spread the word of the proclaimed Emperor of Mankind. The ring had been crafted with the utmost care to fit his finger perfectly, upon its surface the Corvinite cross had been masterfully engraved and at its core a rock forged from the blood of the God-Emperor. It stood as a sigil of the divine providence of his beloved God and Emperor. The dispatch had been vague in its contents, perhaps to minimize the risk of the sensitive information falling into unauthorized hands if they messenger would somehow been intercepted. And just like that, his mission had been changed. At least for the time being. The specifics had been kept from him or perhaps they were unknown, but word was that something of enough significance and importance was about to go down within Palgard that Corvinus had decided to alter his objective. Something that could cast ripples across the whole of Terrenus, plunging the continent into chaos if left unchecked. And thus he had been ordered to investigate and if able, prevent disaster. As Nicolas laid his eyes on the great vessel floating among thick clouds in the sky far above the ruined streets and building that painted a grim picture of the horrors of war, he could feel that he gears had already started to turn. He couldn’t know for sure but something told him that the fires of conflict was about to once more erupt within Palgard. After the fall of New Palgard, the city had fallen into anarchy and had become a haven for pirates and other criminals. Not the most welcoming place, that was for sure. People were known to shake your hand only to stab you in the back once you turned away from them. But even blinded by the prospect of greed, one could find his way back to salvation if one would open their arms to the embrace of the God-Emperor’s light. While maintaining careful attention to the movements of the flying giant Nicolas brought forth a map of the ruined city that he managed to get his hands on by bartering at one of the local stores. He had ended up being forced paying overprice for the item if he wanted to acquire insight regarding the lay of the land. He did his best trying to figure out potential landing zones for the vessel while inspecting the map. He found several possible locations where it could land should it decide to do so. But time was of the essence and he feared that he couldn’t afford to be wrong. Without some kind of inside information regarding its plans he had little choice but to examine its movements which would hopefully allow him to exclude possible locations until there was only one remaining. With more military experience he could probably have figured the most tactical place for the ship to lay anchor. If his assumption that whatever was going to take place here the sudden appearance of the ship was going to play a major in it, it became clear to him that he was dealing with professionals. He would have to approach whatever situation that he was presented with caution or he would risk his journey to end before it had even truly started. Patience was a virtue, after all. He commanded his hired transport to follow the advance of the aircraft while he did his best to spot any disturbances as they began to move. Soon, it would begin.