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  1. Walking down the narrow road through the small town, you could at first glance easily mistake the quite tall and muscular man as nothing but another homeless wanderer. But at closer inspection anyone could tell that he was anything but ordinary. You couldn’t explain it but there was just something off about him, like he was not supposed to be right there standing before your eyes. It was something about his eyes when he looked at you while throwing you a passing nod. There was just something uncanny about that faint smile, doing its best to mask his true emotions and intentions. And although he didn’t speak, his look gave away a thousand words. A tragic tale of loss and the sadness born from it. His movements were slow and filled with thought, he acted like a man who never had been rushed to anything in his life. But being a wanderer walking aimlessly along the open roads, he wasn’t in a hurry to anything. Well, one nice thing about having no apparent destination is that one can never truly be considered to be lost. A comforting thought, or perhaps a terrifyingly disheartening one depending on how you look at it. For there is always two sides to a story, and in a world filled with grayscaled paintings of people’s ambitions and desires the salvation of one soul could cause the damnation of another. Some would claim it to be righteous justice, the unrelenting strive to punish the wicked criminal and shelter the pious innocent. But he knew the truth of it, knew that it was nothing but an apron designed to not stain one’s heart and soul with all of the blood spilled. As he had arrived in the small town for which he had not cared enough to even inquire of its name the sun had already begun setting. He knew that before long its warming rays would be substituted by a black sea of shining stars. He liked to watch it when he could, for it reminded him off home. But even in all of its beauty, it paled in comparison of his ever so faint memories of those that had been taking from him. Or was it him that had been taken from them, did it even matter anymore? As most nights before this one, he found himself comfort in the bottle within one of the local bars. And as usual, his strange lack of attire provided him with a fair bit of attention upon entry. He wore nothing but a pair of wide and loose pants along with a pair of wooden sandals. Over his right shoulder and down along his back hung a bag containing his few but precious belongings. There he would sit quietly, taking a few sips now and again from the glass in front of him. Knock, knock. He ordered a new drink by tapping the wood on the counter before him as his previous one had been fully devoured. After offering payment to the barkeep in silence he stood up from the barstool and gazed across the room, searching for a more private residence for the rest of the night. Thankfully, it was a slow night so there were plenty of tables available. His thumb ran down his cheek while he contemplated which table would suit his desired the best. Most people would not put that much thought is such a trivial decision, but then again he was not like most people. And he was in no rush at all. @-Lilium-
  2. Valucre Discord downsize

    A little sad about this but I fully understand and agree that the effort is better spent here on the forum. :)
  3. Are you a mercenary or what?

    I apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. Lost on Shore [Turned OOC]

    Hey people. As you have noticed I have been holding the thread back. This is because my life is pretty hectic right now with stuff which has drained me of my creative energy and it will not change for some time at least. That being said I'm OK if you would want to skip me and then I can bow out and perhaps rejoin later if the ongoing events would allow it. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused.
  5. Are you a mercenary or what?

    I will not be able to post at least until this weekend and my availability will be limited for some time forward so I think I have to bow out of this thing so that I don't hold you people back any further. Sorry about that. However I will keep an eye out on this, I wish you all good luck. If there is something I will be around.
  6. Are you a mercenary or what?

    Sorry about that, been working overtime and stuff just isnt going my way right now.
  7. Are you a mercenary or what?

    My shift at work is almost over, expect a post tonight!
  8. Are you a mercenary or what?

    Personally I'd like a brief interaction before we and then when its done another one.
  9. Are you a mercenary or what?

    I have several people that would be interested. If you put Angela Deth on the case the artifact is as good as yours.
  10. Lost on Shore [Turned OOC]

    I will do my best to post tonight, but otherwise I hope it's ok that I post tomorrow
  11. The Order

    I'm still in this, I've just been really busy and doing my best to catch up on posts. Please allow me for some time but if time is of the essense it's ok for me if you want to proceed.
  12. [Quest] Adolphus Chronicles: Prelude

    The two brothers walked with matching pace through the hall, each step placed with a clear sense of determination and purpose. The sound of each trample bounced at finely decorated walls before fading to nothingness. It was not in them to for even a fleeting moment look back, instead they kept focus on what awaited them as they pushed forward. For it is only the weak that allow themselves to becomes slaves of their past. Rascon was tall and broad shouldered, fitting for an older brother. Where his younger brother relied upon speed and agility to outplay his opponents by clever planning and precision strikes, Rascon instead preferred a more direct approach to crush his enemies and have their will crumble under his might. Tristam, unlike his older brother was not one for reflection nor did he share Rascon’s refined tongue and thus did his best to hold it in the company of those deemed above their station. Judging them from the personalities alone, you would not think these two individuals shared the same blood. However, the look in their eyes revealed their shared origin. Their advance came to a halt as they had reached the end of the hall and now found them before a single door. Rascon turned to face his brother, but he did not speak to his sibling. There was no need for them to exchange words, instead a single look was all that it took him to send his message and it was returned with a subtle nod of approval. They had finally reached their destination and even though their journey had been a struggle but as they found themselves just a few feet away from the starting point of what would become their rebirth he felt even more determined to see it through than ever before. Rascon could feel the wheels of fate begin to grind as he turned the handle of the door before pushing it open. They entered the room and quickly greeted the party within with a simple but respectful nod of greeting. Rascon proceeded forward and positioned himself in the center of the room where he would come to stand firmly as a pillar as if preventing the roof from falling in. Tristam on the other hand withdrew himself towards the one of the corners where he could eye his brother from out of sight. He crossed his arms while taking measure of their host and the other guests, but it didn’t take long until his interest faded and his attention was turned towards various objects that had become new points of interest. As time went on he began tapping his foot impatiently as his gaze would continue to wander across the room. Let’s get on with it. Rascon felt it appropriate introduce themselves as they had finished settling in, however the silence in the air turned him to other thoughts. So he instead decided to remain silent unless addressed by their host or by any of the other participants. He moved his gaze between them doing his best to examine them while taking care to not get caught staring. The prolonged silence did have its effect upon him though and it was not long until he felt slightly uncomfortable but from the looks of it their meeting would soon commence. A comforting thought.
  13. The Order

    Sure! I've been looking for a place for her. And sure just hit me up anytime.
  14. The Order

    Well if that is the case, then perhaps Angela Deth might be a better fit?
  15. The Order

    This sounds interesting, might I offer Dilon Moreau for consideration as one of the founding members? However this character is one that is very close to my heart so I only want him to join committed team of people. Let me know what you think.