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  1. What are you reading?

    I've not read good fiction in a long while. Reading 'Find Your Why' by Simon Sinek.
  2. My Pure Romance Life

    Rented a theater (113 seats) here in San Antonio for a VIP screening of 50 Shades Freed for my clients. Almost sold out. I have to get my Pure Romance swag bags ready, just waiting on my order to come in. I can’t wait to give these goodies to them. So damn excited!
  3. Whenever I get time would love to write with you. 

    1. Vintage


      Just let me know what and when. I do come with a warning label...my life gets busy and I tend to disappear.

  4. The Locked Door

    Matt Spencer sat in the spacious room. He tapped his pen, circled a sentence that demanded his attention, then closed the file with care, squeezing it shut and sealing the words inside. It was a thin file, unlike so many of the others that were stacked in haphazard piles along the walls of his one-room apartment or scattered around him on the linoleum floors. This one was different. I found you, he thought. His heart hammered in his chest and he scooped up the file and shoved it into a leather satchel already fat with two days worth of clothing. From its hook on the wall, he snagged a coat. The winter one with the fur-trimmed hood that he bought when he was still living in Genesaris. Gloves are in the pockets, he remembered and then dug them out. He stabbed thick-knuckled hands into his gloves and shouldered his bag. Matt straightened his glasses and glanced around the room. When he was satisfied that he could do without most of the things in his apartment, he left. It would be a ten hour trip, probably morning when he would arrive. He would need to let Amanda know where he was going else she'd worry herself sick again.
  5. The Wine Box -- Motherhood Chatter

    Potty training was a breeze for my kids. My granddaughter, not so much. She’ll sit on the toilet, roll her eyes while her mother encourages her to “tinkle in the potty, yay, Chloe” and ... nothing. Put her pull-ups on her and a couple minutes later... she points to her diaper, laughs, and shouts, “Butt!” Pretty sure she’s trolling her mom.
  6. The Locked Door

    "Do you really think that's a good idea, Mara?" The gruff voice startled Mara and she looked up to see its owner, Dr. Gecklin, standing in the doorway of her office. He gave a stern, unappreciative glance at the glass in her hand. She swallowed its contents. "How much have you had to drink?" he asked as he stepped into the room. "If I'm here to lecture you, wait wait wait, if you're here to lecture me," the words trailed off in a drunken slur as she poured another glass, splashing vodka all over the desk. She felt his cool, gray eyes on her and gave an exasperated sigh before setting the bottle down. Mara pushed her chair away from the desk so she could stand. "Let me ash you a queshun, Steven," she ambled toward the doctor and grabbed the edge of the desk for support. She clung there, silently, for a long while then took another sip from her glass. "Oh oh Steven. This," Mara licked her lips and pointed to her glass, "this is 'e good stuff. Not 'at cheap ass shit like ya get from 'em shit hole taverns in Last Chance. Ya ever been to Terrenus, Steven?" "Can't say that I have." Blond curls fell from the loosely formed bun in which she styled her hair as she shook her head and proclaimed, "Ya ain't missin' nuffin. Whole place turned t' shits t'ree years ago." She held up four fingers, giggled, then tucked her pinky into the palm of her hand. Her somber brown eyes stared solemnly through him as bitter memories fought for attention amidst the drunken fog of her mind. Blinking away tears, she shook her head again and flashed him a plastic smile. "I'm worried about you, Mara. You need help. Take a couple weeks off," he began but was interrupted. "I can't afford a couple weeks off, Steven! You know we leave for Izral in . . . in days! All of our work, all of my work?! I can't, Steven, I can't!" The heat of her anger prickled her skin and the flush of her face grew deeper. "You can't afford not to, Mara! Izral can wait," he placed his hands firmly, but gently, on her shoulders. He felt her tremble, "Two weeks. Get yourself sober and then come back. We will wait for you. I will wait for you. I've already made the arrangements. I took the liberty of having some of your belongings packed and your driver is waiting for you now." ------------- Mara rode quietly with her forehead resting against the cool glass pane as the city lights passed her like souls slipping into water. With each mile, she felt progressively seized by an avalanche of emotions and her life; she became very much aware that everyone else has struggles, too. She closed her eyes to blot out the gloomy scenery and spent the rest of her trip wrapped up in her existential crisis.
  7. I am GOING to do this AGAIN, and..................

    Because it makes me happy.
  8. I am GOING to do this AGAIN, and..................

    Anime, no. Adult stuff, yes. To be honest, though, about 80% of my sales are bath and beauty products.
  9. I am GOING to do this AGAIN, and..................

    I'm doin' aight. I admire your tenacity -- you're always trying to work something up on Valucre. If anyone decides to do a Valucre meetup, I might go. Depends on who's going, when/where it'll be, and whether or not I can write the trip off as a business expense by booking a few parties in the area. I can't remember when Atlanta happened but I do remember how great it was to meet everyone that showed up.
  10. For the most part, the drivers weren't too bad. Less aggressive than southside San Antonio.
  11. St. Pete was pretty fucking amazing, too. The only thing I don't like about Florida are the roads -- it's like a huge grid rather than a spider web like San Antonio.
  12. I am GOING to do this AGAIN, and..................

    Just living life, man. Always busy but ... busy doing things I like to do. Y'know?
  13. Road trip to Clearwater, Florida, for a wedding. Robert's brother's. Left on Jan 1, got there Jan 3. Met Robert's family, ate Fried Alligator, and danced like a madwoman in a crowd of people who had no rhythm --- it was fun. Hung out with Karina, Rob, and Karina's mini-me for a day. Gained about ten pounds eating glorified donuts but, damn, that Galaxy ice cream was bomb as fuck. Left Clearwater on the 7th. Took a lazy cruise up the Florida coastline; gathered seashells, let my toes sink into the sandy beaches, saw some dolphins. Got a crappy hotel room in Panama City because everything else was booked. In Mobile, Alabama, gave a homeless man a loaf of bread, some sliced turkey, and a sports bottle filled with filtered water. Partied in Alabama and earned enough to spend a night at a luxury hotel in Biloxi -- lost some money in the casino. :-( Booked a bachelorette party, though! :-) Kissed Robert underneath a 500 year old oak tree -- the Friendship Oak. Made it to New Orleans on Thursday -- survived 9th Ward! (That place was scary as fuck, yo. Southside SA ain't got shit on the 9th Ward, ijs.) Saw a hobo toting a crossbow and saw a half-naked, purple-haired angel (or ballerina with wings) skateboarding down Bourbon St. Booked a hotel in the French Quarter -- fuck all, it's expensive. Ate so much food. So. Much. Food. Did a one-on-one Pure Romance consultation with a voodoo priestess I met in Marie Laveau's Voodoo Shop. Drank beer -- good beer. Love me a blonde but a good pale ale is dope. Envie makes my feelers quiver. Checked "Visit the World War 2 Museum" (and other things) off my Bucket List -- watched Beyond All Boundaries and cried like a baby at the end. Attended Mass at the oldest Cathedral in North America, the St Louis Cathedral. So much to see, so much to do, so much to eat, and so much to drink --- must go back because I couldn't see, do, eat, or drink it all! Shopped at the French Quarter --- ate fudge and bought a cookbook because --- food is life. Just got home this afternoon. Damn, I missed my family. Life is so good when you live alive.
  14. What Delights you?

    My granddaughter, Chloe, gets excited to see me every morning. "Yaya!" Her eyes light up, she smiles, and then she climbs onto the sofa with me, curls up under my blanket, and says, "I'm here, Yaya." She delights me.
  15. Roadtrips ... lots of fun. Planning roadtrips ... not so much.