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  1. Alive.

    1. Malintzin


      Oh thank god. Woman, you had Francesco and I worried sick post holidays.

    2. Vintage


      It's been a roller coaster, for sure. I'll reach out to you both when I'm not so bogged down and have time to actually talk. I have a lot to tell you.

    3. Malintzin


      We're always here when you need us! Love you, girl! ❤️ 

  2. Still here. Hoping to get a post out after the weekend. I’ve been making graphics and prepping for my Black Friday sales for Pure Romance and Norwex. It’s taken longer than I anticipated. Don’t count me out just yet.
  3. Humanity vs Nature Heirarchy in Nature Circle of Life
  4. I'll have a post up over the weekend, folks. Would still love to add one or two more writers.
  5. Vintage

    General chat thread

    My week has been pretty fucking chaotic. But, I sleep so well.
  6. Hell, I cant even make a choice here.
  7. Vintage

    General chat thread

    I've spent the better part of my day cleaning. Slowly. Not that there's much to clean but there's no pressure. Like..it doesn't matter if that coffee cup sits there for another hour longer. Or, if that blanket is cast aside carelessly or folded neatly, intentionally, and triangled at the left corner of the sofa. It's odd that I'm able to find joy in the subtleties of things. Polka dots make me smile, I've realized. My dishes have polka dots. I think mint green is my favorite color. Or is it coral? I like both. I can like both. Empty corners. I've discovered I rather like empty corners -- I appreciate the space. Minimalism. I can appreciate minimalism.
  8. I am in awe at the amount of support I've received from my Valucre people. I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank you.
  9. Noelani shuffled across the room, her gentle, ski-slope of a nose buried in a book she cradled in her arms. The library was near empty ... and it looked strange, too, having its walls painted a queer shade of red cast by lamps wreathed with bouquets of blood orchids which dotted many of the mahogany tables lining the center of the main room. She chose a cubicle that was nearer one of the arched windows. Low to the ground and reaching high to the ceiling, the triple-glazed glass afforded Noelani a panoramic view of the Veelosian skyline. Natural lighting sliced through to warm the plush cushions of the sofa and she slipped into its comfort. So engrossed in her book, Noelani hadn't noticed the gaggle of girls chirping nearby. "Did you hear about Noelani?" One of the girls cupped a hand around the corner of her mouth as if to shield the words. Her companions, gathered in a circle around her, leaned forward to soak up the gossip. In unison, their eyes cast quick devlish shade in Noelani's direction. "I heard that Professor Odonata granted her research proposal." "Oh, Celene! That's not news! Everyone in Odonata's class has a research assignment!" Celene's thin lips puckered and she glared past her nose at the girl, "Hmph, yes, Nelly, I know that! But, do you know what her research proposal is about?" Much to Celine's delight, Nelly shook her head, and Celene stuck her arms out to wave a path through her companions towards Noelani. "Hi, Noelani! What book is that?" Celene bent at the waist and plucked the heavy book from Noelani's hands. The book, much heavier than Celene anticipated, seemed ancient with its vellum pages bound between goatskin covered boards. An ivory ornamentation of a single orb held in the palm of a woman's hand decorated the front of the book and metal clasps meant to seal the book shut dangled. Startled from her studies, Noelani twitched as icy fingers reached for Celene, "Huh? Oh, Celene! Careful! That book is ... it's one of a kind. Please, Celine. Give it back!" "What's this say?" Celine ignored Noelani's pleas as she ran her fingers across the gilded runes that framed the ivory paneling. "What? Oh, um," Noelani slouched her shoulders forward as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. She looked owl-like. "As best as I can tell, it says 'Soul Song: A Codex of Iselyr'. Now, please, Celine, may I have my book back?" "Iselyr? Like, in the fairytales, Iselyr?" Celine cast a gleeful glance towards her friends whose laughter unisoned through the library. "Actually," Noelani reached up, gently took the book from Celine, and tucked a wisp of brown hair behind an ear, "there are many passages that I've transcribed that leads me to believe Iselyr does exist. Or did. I'm not certain. I'm having a difficult time translating this particular sentence. It either says 'The Eventide swept the lands of Iselyr' or 'The Even Tide swept the lands of Iselyr.' It's hard to say, honestly, but I believe it to mean Eventide -- an event, rather than an actual tidal wave -- and I believe it to be the same event that once covered the whole of Valucre in darkness. The timeline fits, as you can see. . ." "Whatever," Celine interrupted Noelani's rant as she rolled her eyes and gestured a loop with her finger, "Craaa-zyyy." Her friends snorted. "You know, Noelani, maybe you should, I don't know, put up some flyers!" Celine splayed her hands out as if to showcase her words in bright lights, "Seeking courageous adventurers! ... Something that packs a solid punch, attracts attention! Bold, bubble lettering, lots of bright flowers to highlight your ... personality. Hire yourself some real go-getters and go find this fairytale land of yours!" The girls erupted into laughter. Celine reached down to hook an arm through Noelani's and tugged the girl to her feet. "But, I ..." "But, nothing! Seize the day!" "I'm not much of a 'seize the day' kind of girl, Celine. I'm more of a ... 'poke it with a stick'." Noelani poked her finger out in front of her. "Oh, rubbish! You've got to get out and live! Take chances! Right now, you're older than you've ever been before!" "I, well," Noelani stammered as she allowed Celine to push her towards the exit. "You can do it, Noelani!" Celine thrust her fist up in the air and her friends followed suit. "Um, yeah, uh, okay," Noelani left the library while Celine and her friends collapsed in a fit of laughter. ------- And so it was that Noelani found herself in a tavern, of sorts, struggling with a giant handmade sign that kept rolling up while she tried to pin it to a wall.
  10. Don’t know who she is but looking forward to writing with ya.
  11. Ahh, I see. I'm pretty sure we've all had some not-so-proud moments in our lives. I know I have.
  12. I'm not familiar with House Estella Negra (is that Black Star?) but I'm okay with the addition and look forward to writing with you. I don't require character profiles because ... I'm lazy and I don't want to write one for my own character until she's fleshed out more. Right now, I don't even know what she looks like. Would be rather hyprocritical of me to require a sheet from others, yeah? With that said, it's totally up to you if you want to create a profile for your character. I'm working on a post right now. Should be up some time this evening. As for the template, I'm so glad you had posted it. Kept all my thoughts and ideas in order. I'll probably be using it again with other role plays.
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