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  1. My Pure Romance Life

    Chatting it up with some of the ladies in Discord and I've decided to do an online Pure Romance party in tinychat. It'll be a Mystery Hostess party which means one lucky lady will get to use 10% of the total retail party sales towards her order plus a free gift hand picked by yours truly when our total party sales reach $150 or more. If you want to join, message me here or on Discord. Sorry, guys, this event is for ladies 18 or older only. ❤️💋❤️💋
  2. Final Words

    Missy Greybury - I'm gonna tell Daddy what you did to me. I'm gonna tell him everything.
  3. The Most Cherished

    “I’m pregnant.” “Ya don’t say,” the crone jeered haughtily while she slurped another bite of the thick stew. A chunk of potato tottered on the edge of the spoon, stubbornly refusing to allow itself to be sucked into Lillith’s mouth, until she nipped the root with blackened teeth and chomped victoriously. She licked her lips, swallowed the morsels, and whispered incoherently as Gabriela straightened herself and made her request known. “Oh, deary, deary, you are in a most precarious situation,” Lillith crooned as she tilted the bowl to her lips and drank its remaining contents. Setting the bowl on the table, she swiped her mouth on her shirt and stood. The old hag then set about to gather up the dishes, not forgetting to give Frank the uneaten stew. From somewhere within her old broken body, a loud belch escaped. “I hope that tasted better going down than it smelled coming back up,” the cat mewled while stretching his body the way cats are prone to do. Lillith ignored him and, instead, apologized to Gabriela, “Forgive him. He’s a cantankerous old lout that still hasn’t forgiven me for lopping off his . . . “ “You old hag! You devil’s cur! You cheat! You scoundrel!” Frank’s slew of insults cut off Lillith’s words. His fur bristled with anger and he looked much like a chimney brush. “Must we go through this again, Frank? We have company! It’s not very often we get company, y’know!” She hobbled towards one of the bookcases and began rummaging its shelves. “And, if we’re being honest, it isn’t my fault that your gonads were your most beloved or that you failed to keep your end of our agreement.” “You. Tricked. Me,” the cat raged. “I did no such thing,” her bony fingers snapped a metal object from atop a bundle of books. “You asked for blinker fluid!” He began to pace across the wooden floor. The tip of his tail twitched as padded feet pattered quietly, angrily. “Which you did not procure,” came her response as she maneuvered the silver mirror and its stand closer to Gabriela. “Because it doesn’t exist!” “Well, don’t you think that’s something you should’ve looked into before signing our contract? I kept my end of the arrangement but you couldn’t keep yours. I told you, Frank, magic always comes with a price.” “I asked you for stealth, Lillith.” “If I remember correctly, and believe me, I do, you asked to ‘be a ninja’,” her fingers air-quoted the last three words. “Yes! A ninja! Not a cat!" “Ninja. Cat. Same same. Now hush! I have work to do,” she stooped over, picked up Frank whose valiant attempts to escape were futile, and tossed him outside. Breathlessly, she returned to stand at Gabriela’s side. “Now, where were we? Oh, yes! That’s right! You want to know if that little parasite growing inside you is alive. Well, it is. Will it survive birth? Will it survive at all? No, no, Dearling, it will not. Unless...” The witch offered a hand to the vampire then quickly retracted it to add, “Magic, Dearling, always comes with a price.” Again, she offered her hand to Gabriela.
  4. Memorable Quotes

    I have written eleven books, but each time I think, Uh oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody, and they're going to find me out. ~Maya Angelou
  5. My Pure Romance Life

    My favorite thing to put together for my parties is definitely the Mystery Bags. Gift bags that I sell for a flat rate of $50 that contains anywhere from $50 to $100 worth of PR products. I made 15 for tomorrow night's party. Sooo excited!
  6. Lier, Simone

  7. My Pure Romance Life

    Client: I bought Like a Virgin from another consultant and it doesn't work. Me: You'll have to get in touch with the consultant who sold it to you. Client: Why can't you just give me my money back? It doesn't work and she's not a consultant anymore Me: Because I didn't sell it to you so I don't have your money to give back to you? You can contact corporate and talk to them. Client: Can you tell me why it didn't work? Me: How did you apply it? Client: I rubbed a handful on myself. Me: A handful?! Client: Yes! All over the outside. Me: -Trying not to laugh.- You only need a pea size amount...two to three inches INSIDE. Client: Oh...no wonder it got sealed shut. Me: ....
  8. Lyric Talk -- Literally

    She'll take your heart but you won't feel it.
  9. Your Strongest Characters?

    In terms of physical strength, I would say that Missy Greybury is my weakest character. She's just a sweet, innocent six year old girl and is cute as a button. My strongest, physically, would be Raja of the Bloodsong. She's gone toe to toe with the Orc clan's leader, Grommash, and survived. Made such an impression that he made her his mate. Not bad for a human.
  10. The Oath Keeper

    REQUESTS Golden DragonMerge Dragon's Egg - Contact me for details on how to obtain this particular dragon's egg. Green DragonMerge Dragon's Egg - Contact me for details on how to obtain this particular dragon's egg. Larena's Shroud - Contact me for details on how to obtain this item.
  11. The Oath Keeper

    The Oath Keeper has set up "shop" outside of Last Chance in Terrenus. This will probably be temporary as I am currently working with Gabi via storyline to have the Oath Keeper take up permanent residence in Orisia. Until then, the little hut somewhere near Last Chance will be her home. The idea that I have for this character is sort of a Quest Maker in the sense that to have your character's wish granted, your character must perform an action for the old witch. If your character is not successful, the "most cherished" will be reverted to the witch and the wish will not be granted. Wishes are not instantaneous. Examples of wishes: Obtain a legendary item (ie quest artifact) -- So, let's say there's a weapon or item listed in one of the board's quest rewards. You like the item for your character but you don't want to role play the story line to get it .... go see the Oath Keeper. She will find another Oath Taker to quest for the item in your stead. Imbue an item with (specific) magic -- If you have an idea for a weapon and would like to have story line to introduce/obtain it, go see the Oath Keeper. She is quite capable. Character assassination -- This one is rather tricky because it does require that the character in mind is subject to the terms of the RoE -and- that there is another Oath Taker capable of pursuing/eliminating the character. You also need to understand that character assassination does not equate to character death -- a destroyed reputation can be just as ruinous to a character, if not more, than his/her death. Also, your character will pay heavily for this wish so .... don't come at me with some weak ass proposal. Fortune telling -- A glimpse into your character's future -- the Oath Keeper can show your character a scene in the future. Do you want to know if your character is being set up? Will your unborn child be a monster? Will your devious motives be detected and, if so, by whom? A plot of land anywhere in Valucre. You will need to obtain Board Owner's permission -- even if this plot of land has been given to the Oath Keeper by a prior Oath Taker. I will not be your reach around. Examples of actions: I will keep a running list of actions or quests that need to be performed and/or items that the Oath Keeper needs. Most times, these quests will be the wishes that other Oath Takers have requested. If there's enough interest, I will create a basic list of things the Oath Keeper currently needs. Examples of "most cherished": A quest artifact. It must be something that you obtained, via role play, and listed as a quest reward by one of the board owners. I do not plan on hoarding these -- the Oath Keeper really has no use for such objects. Instead, they will become available to other Oath Takers as "wishes". A plot of land anywhere in Valucre. I don't care about the size of the land (enough to place a house with a garden or even a city-wide block), only that you have canon control of the land and are willing/able to turn it over to me (Oath Keeper) if your character is unsuccessful in his/her assigned action. Here's how it works: 1. Send me a private message with the following information: Link to character profile, character's wish, character's "most cherished", and preferred action. 2. I will decide if your character's wish is obtainable. If it is, we will brainstorm a plot line to make it happen. If not, I will notify you via private messages. 3. Once we have a generic idea for a plot line, you will create a thread in which your character seeks the Oath Keeper. I do not want to commit to more than one or two pages of role play. Just enough so that I have evidence of our agreement. 4. Your wish may or may not be granted immediately. Honestly, it depends on the request and the payment. If I have another Oath Taker willing to perform your wish, you will be notified via private message. DISCLAIMER Usually, I will not DM any of the role plays. If it's interesting enough, though, I may join but not in any leadership capacity and not with the Oath Keeper. She's too old and fragile to go anywhere anyway. I will not allow this to be used to skirt around any of the Board Leaders wishes for their specific areas. If you claim board leader permission, please please know that I will verify. I ain't here to step on anyone's toes. I reserve the right to refuse to role play with anyone for any reason and I don't have to give you a reason. I'm not here for the dramatics...I'm here because I have some free time and Valucre is a great way to spend that time. I don't care about how well you write or don't write. Please don't let that be a reason for why you don't participate if you are interested. If you have a good idea and I feel like the Oath Keeper can grant your wish, I will write with you. If you are a Board Leader and have issue with any of the requests made, please send me a private message. FAQs Any questions?
  12. Calling all you night owls!!

    I've no idea how late I'll be up tonight but .... we can sit in chat and brainstorm some shit? Idk...I'll be around awhile and only have one role play on my plate, atm. I could use one or two more.
  13. Your Favorite Video Game OST

    Umm... Tap Tap Fish Seriously, that game is wildly addictive. <.<
  14. The Most Cherished

    Indeed, it was fate which brought Gabriela to the witch’s hut for not all who seek the magic of the Oath Keeper find their way. Tap, tap, tap The door creaked on its hinges as it opened and a wave of warm, yellow light poured out from the stone-stacked dwelling. From the threshold, one could tell the interior was empty, though not devoid of signs that someone had been there and quite recently, too, for a hearty scent of venison stew wafted out into the evening air to mingle with the sweet fragrance of mint and cardamom which grew happily in the well-tended gardens. Wooden shelves lined most of the walls and contained dusty tomes, chained grimoires, and leather bound books that were stacked in not-so-neat little rows next to glass jars with peculiar labels like Dead Man’s Toenail or Gryphon Feathers and crammed into every available nook and cranny of these odd collections were small metal discs. Braids of garlic and dried herbs hung from the ceiling next to cured ham shanks and ropes of fat sausages. In the fireplace, a large iron cauldron bubbled while a ghostly hand stirred its contents with a long-handled spoon. Delicate silver flowers framed a large mirror which sat nestled on top of a wooden tripod in a corner nearest the fireplace. Something soft and warm brushed lightly against Gabriela’s ankles before slinking into the house and alighting itself on top of an ornately crafted table skirted by two rather comfortable looking chairs. Quiet green eyes, fixed and with staring pupils, peered from beneath a lengthy coat of black fur as if to say, ‘Come in.’ “Well, child! Go in or go away! Quickly, now, you’re in my way!” The old crone’s voice was like gravel crunching beneath the boots of a thousand man army – bitter and deadly. She hobbled up the same path Gabriela had taken. Her frail body was bent over, nearly at her waist, and had it not been for the walking stick she clung to with one bony hand, Lillith likely would have toppled over. The satchel slung over her hunched back helped counterbalance her, too, but it was heavy for the witch and that wretched child remained planted in the doorway! “Make your choice! Make your choice!” She jabbed at Gabriela’s buttocks with the curved top of her staff, not really giving the Black Queen another possibility but to enter the house. Pushing her way through the entrance, the Oath Keeper kicked the door behind the pair and sealed them both inside. She dropped the satchel and motioned Gabriela with a wave of her hand. “Sit, sit. I will fix you a meal,” Lillith croaked as she set her hands to hips and stretched her aching muscles. The bones in her body cracked, audibly, and the woman sighed as she limped across the wooden floor which creaked just as loudly as her brittle bones. She took a pair of wooden bowls and utensils from the fireplace’s mantle and began to spoon the rich stew. “Do vampires eat stew?” She set the bowls on the table, one on each end, then shoved the cat off the table, none too politely. “It doesn’t matter. Frank will eat it if you don’t. Nothing goes to waste,” she sighed as she sank into the nearest chair. At the mention of his name, Frank just stared at Lillith before curling himself into a little ball at the hearth and tucked his whiskered face between his paws. He purred and closed his eyes. “Come, sit with an old woman,” she motioned Gabriela, “I don’t receive many visitors. Tell me, why have you come?”
  15. The Oath Keeper

    The Oath Keeper -- WIP QUICK SHEET NAME: Lilith IS A(N): Human GENDER: Female AGE: 72 MARITAL STATUS: Widowed HEIGHT: 5'4 WEIGHT: 103 lbs. ALIGNMENT: Neutral STATUS: Alive EYES: Blue SKIN: pale; age spots; wrinkled HAIR: white; smooth; pulled back BODY: frail; bent; bony OUTFIT: drab; ragged PERSONALITY: Withdrawn/Quiet BIOGRAPHY BACKSTORY: At a tender young age, when women are prone to do such things, Lillith married the love of her life, Oscar. Now, he was a dapper young fellow with an outgoing nature and seemed a great counterbalance for the introverted maiden. They went everywhere together, the picture perfect couple, so in love. Dances in the market square, walks beneath a full silver moon, horse rides in sunny meadows -- the pair enjoyed their days together. Not a full year into their marriage, Oscar was mortally wounded. Not by anything of any particular importance -- he wasn't a soldier nor was he in a dangerous field of work. Instead, poor Oscar was just a farmer who simply caught his foot in the stirrup of a horse that went mad. Lillith never remarried. PERSONALITY TRAITS: Lillith can be quite cantankerous in her old age and is very set in her ways. Her days start before the crowing of a scrawny old rooster that lives in a partially collapsed hen house behind Lillith's hut and her evenings end long after the acrid stench of tallow dissipates. REPUTATION: Not many have sought Lillith's ramshackle of a hut, but those who have ventured there had great purpose in mind. RELATIONSHIPS: She's not much of a socialite. Her only companion is a green-eyed cat named Frank. He's an obnoxious breed of cat with long, silky black fur and bristly white whiskers. POWERS AND ABILITIES OVERVIEW: There are many who seek out the Oath Keeper. Her ability to "grant" wishes is nonpareil. However, her price is costlier than most. She demands an oath forged in blood -- a promise, if you will, to perform a task of her choosing in the future. In addition, a deposit must be made in the form of the Oath Taker's "most cherished", revealed in the old hag's Silver Mirror. Oft times, the Oath Taker is surprised by what the Silver Mirror reveals. "Most cherished" can be an artifact, bauble, memory, weapon, item, or a life. The wish will not be granted until the Oath Taker performs the assigned task. A task will only be assigned once the Oath Keeper has one suitable for the wish requested. If the task is not completed successfully, the "most cherished" is transferred to the Oath Keeper. PARAPHERNALIA MARKERS: Spring-hinged circular metal discs. Useless until employed by Lillith and an Oath Taker. GOLDEN CLAW RING: A talon-shaped, golden ring which Lillith uses to puncture the skin of the Oath Taker's thumb to draw the blood needed for the Marker. SILVER MIRROR: An artifact which shows its gazer their "most cherished". The top portion of the frame is notched to fit a Marker. CAULDRON: An old iron cauldron that appears to be rather plain and ordinary. Constantly hovering over Lillith's fire place, her cauldron boils and bubbles with a delicious smelling stew. When served to a courageous adventurer, the stew is hearty and robust. When served to a cowardly adventurer, the stew is about as flavorful as boiled turnips. Sheet layout: LoganDub