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  1. I need help

    So I had my extractions done Thursday night. Surgery started at 7pm and lasted about two hours. I got my immediates in and went home. About 1am, my daughter comes into my room to wake me up because she saw my younger son get into a car with some guy and she couldn't stop him. He's 17 with a mental disability -- he functions as well as a 12 year old. I called the police and an officer came. I was still groggy from the IV sedation I had from surgery so the officer actually sent me to bed while my fiance filed the missing person's report. I woke up Friday morning thinking the whole ordeal was just a bad nightmare caused by the anesthesia. Nope, it was real. I had pictures and conversation screen shots of the guy who took my son. Apparently, they met in an online game and the guy told my son he just wanted to get him a Batman baseball cap and McDonald's since my son was "so cool". I started posting all over Facebook in different yard sale groups here in San Antonio. Two hours into my search, I was in contact with the Heidi Search Center and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. With help from the Heidi Search Center, I found out this guy's girlfriend lived in a town 45 minutes east of San Antonio. So, I started posting in yard sale groups for that town. It's crazy, people. Every person in San Antonio responded with prayers and well-wishes, they shared my post, some even sent screen shots of this guy's other profiles that he had. (He had FOUR profiles!) But, as soon as I started posting in this town's yardsale groups, people started to get real ugly and mean -- friends of his, I assumed. One of these people even tagged the guy! I found out later on from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children that San Antonio Police Department was treating this as a runaway -- I immediately called them and the detective became very rude and confrontational. Claimed I provided a wrong number -- the officer actually switched two numbers around; asked why my son was being homeschooled instead of being in school if he's disabled -- uhh, the school wasn't giving him what he needed so I pulled him out and in six months he's progressed an entire year and a half tyvm; and said if he got into the vehicle willingly, then it's a runaway. Their tone changed for some reason when the NCMEC contacted them and all of a sudden they were searching for my son. The Heidi Search Center agreed to meet with me that night to do a Facebook Live video that we could send to the local news channels and print out flyers and distribute them for me. While I was on my way to meet up with her, a police officer from a city 45 minutes east of my home called and told me that he found my son! It was about 8PM Friday night. He had been drugged and dumped, unconscious, in a parking lot!!! My son, my baby boy, drugged and discarded like he was trash by this sick monster! Mind you, I was ONE DAY POST OP at this point! I had been running on pure adrenaline the entire day and night, didn't have my pain meds with me, and my hellish night still wasn't over. I had to take my son to the children's hospital to have him tested for drugs and the SAPD requested a sexual assault test because of some things he said during the interview. That fucking asshole even had the damn nerve to post on MY PERSONAL PAGE with some wild ass claims that it was my son who begged him to pick him up and go party. He posted a screen shot of my son giving him my address and a message asking my son what he wanted to do....timestamped eight hours later. Fucking piece of shit. It was about 7 AM Saturday morning when I got home. I took my pain meds, antibiotics, took a shower, and left to my dental appointment. They made some adjustments to my dentures and I went home and slept the rest of the day. Woke up today and I was so swollen that I couldn't get my dentures in. I walked around the house toothless and didn't give a shit because everything hurt. Shit, I even went to Church toothless. I didn't care. I still don't. I had 21 teeth extracted, my gums are covered in stitches, my jawbone had been scraped ... fuck it. I paid $15,000 for those damn teeth and if I wanna leave them in a damn plastic box of water and gum my way around a fucking bean burrito, then I'll damn well leave those teeth in a plastic box of water and gum down some fucking burritos. Or, you know, attempt to nibble with swollen torn up gums, then cry about it and feel fucking miserable, then lick the burrito because everything hurts but the burrito smells so fucking good and you're actually okay with just tasting something that isn't pudding or fucking yogurt. It was about noon that I was able to put my dentures in and actually eat some oatmeal. Today, I raided my son's bedroom and confiscated every single piece of technology that had even the slightest possibility of having internet connectivity. If it had an electrical cord...I fucking took it. I don't give a shit if I'm not the "cool mom"...that ain't my job. I found four broken phones, two semi-working phones, an iPad, a mini laptop, two laptops, a desktop, the PS3, PS4, Xbox, XboxOne, a Genesis, a WII, 128 video games, a Nintendo 3DS XL, Playstation Vita, a Nvidia Shield portable, three monitors, and two televisions. I gave him a fucking book. He can have books. I'll use the money I get from selling all that tech crap and buy him a fucking bookshelf. Maybe some pencils to draw pictures with. He can make a flipbook if he wants to watch cartoons. And if he wants to make friends, well, he can take his ass to Church and join a youth group. This kid's going off-grid. Even though I'm 3 days post op....I feel like I haven't had a day to just .... recover. :(
  2. I need help

    At about 7:45 pm, we got a phone call from Schertz PD. They found him in a parking lot. He had been dumped there, woke up, and tried to enter a woman’s car. She called the police and they realized he had a missing persons report and that he seemed to be drugged. I’m at a hospital right now having him tested for drugs and possible sexual assault. I had surgery last night at 7pm. 21 teeth extracted and new chompers. Yes I’m old. Got home about midnight. Was woken by my daughter saying someone took off with him. Called the police but because I was still feeling the sedatives and kept passing out, the officer sent me inside while my fiancé filed the missing persons report. I woke up thinking it was all a horrible nightmare. It’s not. It’s real. I’m gonna lose my shit.
  3. I need help

    If you're on Facebook, please search me out at Ilsabet Melarne and share my post about my son. He is 17 years old and mentally disabled. He was taken from my home last night while I was recovering from a surgery. I found messages between him and a guy who told him to be outside. I've never met this man before and have no idea who he is. My son's chat log with the man has since been deleted. Please. Please. Go share my post.
  4. When Tragedy Hits Home

    Sutherland Springs is a tiny little town. It has one blinking light, a gas station, a post office, and they just built a Dollar General last year. Valucre used to have a PO Box located in Sutherland Springs. There's a tiny church across the street from the gas station. Everyone knew everyone and even if they didn't know you, they waved and smiled at you like you were part of the family anyway. My mother lives 10 miles from the church where the shooting happened. My stepdad drove by the gas station and was going to stop for gas but decided to fill up in Floresville, instead. I used to buy cigarettes from there instead of driving all the way into town. Once or twice, I forgot my wallet at home (who does that?!) and the attendant would let me have my cigarettes anyway with just a promise to return with payment the next time I needed cigarettes. My children went to school with some of the children from Sutherland Springs. My niece, my nephew, and my children have all lost some of their friends. How do you explain to a four and five year old why their friends aren't in school anymore? A dear friend of our family lost three grandchildren and his deceased son's wife. She had remarried and was eight months pregnant. Another family friend lost his wife and three of her five children. We couldn't find her in any of the hospitals and it was later that evening when we discovered why. She had died on the scene and her body remained at the Church. First responders only took the living out. She had shielded her children but they later died during surgery. Another friend of our family died and her 5 year old son was hit four times and the last we heard, he had survived the first couple surgeries and was due for another surgery this morning. So many children were murdered. It is just so senseless. I can't even anymore.
  5. Have you considered a local animal shelter or rescue?

    1. Vintage


      Yes. I've donated to several local no-kill shelters here in San Antonio. I also donate to a local shelter for victims of sex trafficking. Thank you, sincerely, for the suggestion, though. <3 

  6. Donations 7.0

    Carlos, I need Valucre to become a non-profit. I need a tax write off and, according to my accountant, donating to Valucre isn’t gonna pass.
  7. Spinal Chills 2017- Winners Announced

    Better get to writing, writers. Glad to see Spinal Chills still exists. Hi, Nick.
  8. My Pure Romance Life

    Chatting it up with some of the ladies in Discord and I've decided to do an online Pure Romance party in tinychat. It'll be a Mystery Hostess party which means one lucky lady will get to use 10% of the total retail party sales towards her order plus a free gift hand picked by yours truly when our total party sales reach $150 or more. If you want to join, message me here or on Discord. Sorry, guys, this event is for ladies 18 or older only. ❤️💋❤️💋
  9. Final Words

    Missy Greybury - I'm gonna tell Daddy what you did to me. I'm gonna tell him everything.
  10. The Most Cherished

    “I’m pregnant.” “Ya don’t say,” the crone jeered haughtily while she slurped another bite of the thick stew. A chunk of potato tottered on the edge of the spoon, stubbornly refusing to allow itself to be sucked into Lillith’s mouth, until she nipped the root with blackened teeth and chomped victoriously. She licked her lips, swallowed the morsels, and whispered incoherently as Gabriela straightened herself and made her request known. “Oh, deary, deary, you are in a most precarious situation,” Lillith crooned as she tilted the bowl to her lips and drank its remaining contents. Setting the bowl on the table, she swiped her mouth on her shirt and stood. The old hag then set about to gather up the dishes, not forgetting to give Frank the uneaten stew. From somewhere within her old broken body, a loud belch escaped. “I hope that tasted better going down than it smelled coming back up,” the cat mewled while stretching his body the way cats are prone to do. Lillith ignored him and, instead, apologized to Gabriela, “Forgive him. He’s a cantankerous old lout that still hasn’t forgiven me for lopping off his . . . “ “You old hag! You devil’s cur! You cheat! You scoundrel!” Frank’s slew of insults cut off Lillith’s words. His fur bristled with anger and he looked much like a chimney brush. “Must we go through this again, Frank? We have company! It’s not very often we get company, y’know!” She hobbled towards one of the bookcases and began rummaging its shelves. “And, if we’re being honest, it isn’t my fault that your gonads were your most beloved or that you failed to keep your end of our agreement.” “You. Tricked. Me,” the cat raged. “I did no such thing,” her bony fingers snapped a metal object from atop a bundle of books. “You asked for blinker fluid!” He began to pace across the wooden floor. The tip of his tail twitched as padded feet pattered quietly, angrily. “Which you did not procure,” came her response as she maneuvered the silver mirror and its stand closer to Gabriela. “Because it doesn’t exist!” “Well, don’t you think that’s something you should’ve looked into before signing our contract? I kept my end of the arrangement but you couldn’t keep yours. I told you, Frank, magic always comes with a price.” “I asked you for stealth, Lillith.” “If I remember correctly, and believe me, I do, you asked to ‘be a ninja’,” her fingers air-quoted the last three words. “Yes! A ninja! Not a cat!" “Ninja. Cat. Same same. Now hush! I have work to do,” she stooped over, picked up Frank whose valiant attempts to escape were futile, and tossed him outside. Breathlessly, she returned to stand at Gabriela’s side. “Now, where were we? Oh, yes! That’s right! You want to know if that little parasite growing inside you is alive. Well, it is. Will it survive birth? Will it survive at all? No, no, Dearling, it will not. Unless...” The witch offered a hand to the vampire then quickly retracted it to add, “Magic, Dearling, always comes with a price.” Again, she offered her hand to Gabriela.
  11. Memorable Quotes

    I have written eleven books, but each time I think, Uh oh, they're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody, and they're going to find me out. ~Maya Angelou
  12. My Pure Romance Life

    My favorite thing to put together for my parties is definitely the Mystery Bags. Gift bags that I sell for a flat rate of $50 that contains anywhere from $50 to $100 worth of PR products. I made 15 for tomorrow night's party. Sooo excited!
  13. Lier, Simone

  14. My Pure Romance Life

    Client: I bought Like a Virgin from another consultant and it doesn't work. Me: You'll have to get in touch with the consultant who sold it to you. Client: Why can't you just give me my money back? It doesn't work and she's not a consultant anymore Me: Because I didn't sell it to you so I don't have your money to give back to you? You can contact corporate and talk to them. Client: Can you tell me why it didn't work? Me: How did you apply it? Client: I rubbed a handful on myself. Me: A handful?! Client: Yes! All over the outside. Me: -Trying not to laugh.- You only need a pea size amount...two to three inches INSIDE. Client: Oh...no wonder it got sealed shut. Me: ....
  15. Lyric Talk -- Literally

    She'll take your heart but you won't feel it.