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  1. Heading to Orlando end of month. Should be fun.
  2. Okay, so I sent an email. I can already tell....I'm gonna be a Posh whore. My fiance is gonna kill me.
  3. Yeah, that's exactly the reason why I only shop with new consultants. Starting out is freaking hard work, contrary to popular opinion friends and family aren't very supportive in terms of buying/hosting parties, and most consultants (about 80%) quit within their first year. When I first started direct sales, I started with Mary Kay but didn't realize how saturated the market was in my home town. Hell, everywhere. Then, it was a tie between Pure Romance and Perfectly Posh but I got pissed at my Posh consultant when she lied to me. I had no clue what the commission was and I'm glad I went with Pure Romance. Consultants start with 40% or 45% buying power, depending on which starter kit they buy. And then when they start building teams, it goes up to 50%, 52%, 55%, and 60%. Even at 40%, though, consultants can make their initial investment back at their first party. I walked away from my first party with $800 in my pocket. That's pretty much the only reason why I do this full time lol. I'll check out your wife's website and maybe try to schedule a Facebook party if I can get my friends on board. I'm on track to win a Caribbean Cruise with Pure Romance so my days have been booked pretty solid. And most of my friends are Pure Romance consultants who are all trying to earn the same trip lol.
  4. Oh my gosh...that's lower than I thought. Is she a fairly new consultant? I like to shop with newer consultants to help them out. Will she do Facebook parties? What are milestones? I terms of her business.
  5. I met a few women who were all in different direct sales companies. We all sat down for coffee to plan a vendor event that we're hosting in my home. I really like some of these companies -- a few of my favorites include Thirty One (I use their bags for my demo/inventory), Paparazzi (their jewelry is cute but def cheap), Scentsy (love their wax bars), Pampered Chef (the pizza stone is fucking awesome) and LuLaRoe (omg those leggings). I order from all of these except LuLaRoe....I don't like that girl and won't order shit from her. I still need a consultant from Perfectly Posh, LuLaRoe, and someone who does makeup. I don't like Mary Kay (I still have a shit ton of makeup and even their damn Cadillac bags) and I freaking hate Younique. Oh! I also still need an Origami Owl consultant. I prefer to work with women who are just starting out in their business because I know the fucking struggle that it is to get a business started, build up a clientele, and compete with other women who have been doing this for years. So, if you know someone...can recommend someone, lemme know. Also, be warned, if the company is offering a great sign up deal....I might just be a kit-napper. Ijs. On a side note, I found out what the compensation plans are for all of these consultants and, hell, I can honestly say that Pure Romance is soooooooooooo much better. of these companies only pay 10% commissions. Like, wtf, how the fuck are you supposed to get anywhere with that?
  6. Started this month off strong, I think. It isn't even the middle of the month yet and for this month alone, I've already earned half of what I earned for the entire year of 2016. I'm tired, though. I have been moving non-stop and I party about 15 times a month. Each party lasts about 3 hours so that's what...45 hours for the month? Doesn't really sound half bad...and it's not. Just ... two parties in one day can get exhausting. But, I get to meet so many interesting people and I get to travel.
  7. I just finished up another fundraiser for a friend whose child passed away a week ago. She didn't have the money for burial expenses so I offered to do a fundraiser and raffled a 50 Shades Darker themed gift basket worth about $100. After shipping, taxes, and the actual cost of products ordered, we earned $2,194.20. The raffle brought in an additional $320. Had a party this last weekend here in San Antonio. There were so many damn women there -- like, 25 or so. It took me about three hours to process everyone's orders and as I'm wrapping things up with the hostess in the "O" room, about nine women and two men (who weren't supposed to be there!) rushed into the bedroom and tried to go through my demo and inventory bags. I had pulled everything close to me, tried to tell them they couldn't be in there, and then just said "fuck it all", packed up all my stuff, and sent a text to Robert who was sitting in the parking lot waiting for me to finish up. I was trapped in this room with all these people and I couldn't get out! Robert had to push his way through all the people, grab all of my bags and my hand, and pulled me out of the room. It was fucking insanity and I was scared! I need to renew my CHL. Seriously. I'm on my upline's Leadership & Advisory team ... basically, I help train women to run their businesses successfully. There are about 100 ladies on the team and about 6 of us are on this advisory team. Awhile ago, I applied for a position in a program called Step Up which is pretty much a boot camp program to train leaders for positions on the Pure Romance Board of Directors. I was accepted and given a list of the requirements for the program. Holy crap, there is SO MUCH WORK to do every single day. But, the benefits are astonishing -- I'm already seeing results.
  8. That nipple should be pierced.
  9. I have three children; a girl who is 24 with a child of her own and two sons who are 20 and 17. This is my granddaughter, Chloe. I'm so in love with her. She'll be a year old on February 5. She's walking and talking ... she called me "Gammas" and I'm okay with that. Actually, I squealed when she stuck her hands out and screamed "Gammas" until I picked her up. She has me wrapped around her tiny little finger.
  10. I had this amazingly frightful dream the other day. I was very much aware that it was a dream and the whole time I kept thinking, 'This would make a FANTASTIC novel.' My alarm clock went off; I resisted waking up but not because I wanted/needed more sleep, but because .... I needed to know the ending! I'm about 25,000 words into the story.
  11. I have to come here if I want to vomit my thoughts. You people have tougher skin than my Facebook peeps.
  12. I actually managed to make it into bed about an hour ago. Yes, I realize how early that is but, in my defense, I'd been awake for 29 hours already. Woke up about ten minutes ago ... I think it was ten minutes ago. I opened my eyes and could see a light scrolling across the mirror. It looked like my Facebook feed -- images from a team meeting. Words, ideas, tasks, projects . . . all scrolling across the mirror feed. In crystal clarity, it let me know how much I still need to do; prep the "I Said Yes" sashes and rent a helium tank for a bridal event show, snap photos of the Michael Kor bags as incentives for the girls on my team who hit 1,000 in sales next month. print out invitations and put together the goody bags for my clients who are attending the VIP event, the list just never seems to end. I realized, then, that the projected images on the mirror were just a dream. A nightmare, rather, to draw me from a peaceful sleep and torture my mind with illusions. If I close my eyes, it will stop. No, luck. The images kept scrolling across the mirror so I closed my eyes again. This time, they'll be gone. I opened my eyes. The images were, indeed, gone. However, standing at the foot of my bed was a tall, shadowy figure watching me. Silently. Superbly still. It's just the mannequin I bought, remember? It came in the mail today and I had Jesse put it in my room until I could make a space for it in the office. Remember? Oh, yeah, that's right. Haha! Yes, I chuckled. In my half-awake state. Then, I began to fall asleep but there was movement that caught my eye. Was that the mannequin? I raised my head to look and it leaned forward. It. Leaned. Forward. And reached its arm out and touched my foot. I recoiled. Pressed my body against Robert and screamed. "Oh, my fucking God, Robert! There's a man in the room!" "What?" He didn't wait for a response. He tumbled out of bed; I thought he fell. He was up before I could complete the thought, with the rifle loaded and aimed at our intruder. He rose, with the intruder in his sights. Rock solid, pure confidence. "I am armed! I will shoot you! Do not move!" I screamed. "Turn on the light, Nona!" I turned to reach over the side of my bed to twist the lamp switch. I couldn't stop shaking. Couldn't find my cell phone to call the police. Oh, God, I thought I was gonna die! And then ... he laughed, sorta? So, you see, what happened was . . . the mannequin's arm had been raised so when it fell over, its hand hit my foot . . . and well, in my defense, I was still asleep.
  13. I can't even say how much I love this.
  14. I wasn't aware that anyone was still using Nightwalkers characters. Who's your character's sire? Why would you be?