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    Riddle me this:

    There is a green house. Inside the green house there is a White house. Inside the White house there is a red house. Inside the red house there are lots of babies. What am I?


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  3. Riddle me this:

    What always ends everything?

  4. Just a heads up, I will not be able to post until tomorrow morning. I have class tonight.
  5. A continually lazy gaze follows the Lady as she makes her way along the docks. Stopping only for a moment to converse with a scraggly bearded man before disappearing. If there was ever a time to move it would be now. And she does. Kicking her feet over the railing and onto the deck, walking among those lifting the cargo from the hull and down the ramp after those with barrel laden shoulders. Apple, unforgotten, is tossed over her shoulder as if to dissuade eyes from seeing the movement of the knife she had been using. The weapon swiftly and methodically hidden back on her person. "Cap--Ms. Claire!" A piercing gaze easily corrects his mistake while a curt wave of her hand at the flick of her wrist gives an order. Stay put, I'll be back. Compliance is given with the briefest of sighs as the man stands watching after her small frame as she languidly sorts herself out. Weaving in and out of crates, nets, people, etc. Looking around whilst the Lady and her crew are busy is not a difficult to do. Her curiosity will be sated in this strange new place, be it done criminally or otherwise. Claire's steps, albeit undaunted by caution, are confident and fearless in stride. Much to the aid of her age. Perhaps marking unspoken seasoned experience. Or, by the eyes of any who land on her, that cockiness of youth held brazenly by those that lack common sense. Either way she steps forth, and from the pocket of her coat produces another red apple. Polishing it with her sleeve as she makes her way from port-side to town-side.
  6. -Lilium-

    [GS] Virgo.

    At first, she’d been ever so grateful for the shadows in which she generally prefers to dwell. Those darkened corners feeding her the information she believed she wanted. Until she came face to face with a distraught being on the verge of rendering the land more fragmented than the canyons already littering it. An advantage not noticed immediately, is the ethereal light glancing of the being. Although equivalent to the sun above it irritates rather than blinds, even in its unnatural state. You’re nullifying it. What? That’s Holy light, not a reflection of the sun’s light. As much shadow as you have you’re more bound to the light, so this being’s Holy nature is being cancelled out. For the most part. You may want to watch out for that. Capria had been caught off guard since the encounter began and hadn’t taken the time to really review the being. But now that she does she witnesses a blast of energy so bright and cleansing it wipes her shadow momentarily from existence. “Are you sure they’re testing weaponry out there?” The investigation is a private one, where she follows her own instinct rather than that of any organization she’s indebted. "That's what I saw. Lots of explosions and a uniformed team with the weird red and gold diamond shaped emblem on the sleeve." Capria had already heard similar words, just from a different source. Too uncanny, too easy. Maybe it's a trick. Maybe it's a truth. Until a decision is made on what to do about it she just waves the man away. Taking a moment to gather her mental notations into something credible. It started with sputters, flickering flames of illumination representative of a broken flashlight. When it finally goes off it comes as a singular beam. Explosive and searing. There is no dodging it. Just a happenstance that the beam misses her by mere inches. Flesh reddens and blisters as the radiance passes her now turned frame. Eyes on the God, body facing the blast. Leaving the left side of her face to burn along with her neck and hands.
  7. If insult is garnered by the lecturing words of the Lady, Claire doesn't express it. Rather she returns to her apple. The sweet flesh breaking down quite easily in her teeth due to its age. Carlo would have dropped his chin and gaped if he were brazen enough but smartly chooses to remain silent in her stead, respecting both women by doing so. Petulance never pays as heavily as patience. Rebuking the woman's words is pointless, so she doesn't bother. However, Claire can only agree to the matter of her behavior as it befits her nature. What she chooses to do solely dependent on her belief in the action. Another chunk of apple is cut away from the thinning core and placed against her tongue to be chewed very slowly. Enjoyed until slides down the hollow of her throat. Reasoning with her doesn't always work, bargaining doesn't always help, and chiding does nothing. Allowing such a Lady to brandish power over her is easy. Being small and young does a meek guise make. Why is she here? To take a good look at the larger picture. To learn, absorb, acquire, and wield the knowledge of a world more vast than her own. One step at a time, that is all it takes.
  8. @Die Shize @SteamWarden If it's easier on you guys, you can both drop a few rounds in between my posts to move things along since I am unable to post as quickly.
  9. Yes, but not until this evening.
  10. I need to finish the threads for her background, and drag ol' Dan down with me. It's a slow work in progress...
  11. Got it, I had to read your post again. Posted!
  12. Lazy lids barely allow yellowed eyes to wander along the open water. It comes as no surprise to find something so young aboard a well crewed vessel, mostly as a sort of deckhand. Cleansing the boards of the ship with already molded and sodden brushes and mops repeatedly due to the slosh of foam and salt provided by the sea. Not that she’d participated in such work recently. Slender fingers take to slicing the flesh of a bruised apple. Knife in the left hand, apple in the right. The wiry thing had been sitting slouched on the railing of the deck feet dangling off the side of the vessel for some time, when Lady Blaze began to walk up the steps. Not entirely where she was supposedly retained and very much in the open, though she doesn’t stick out too horribly. Easily ignored by others due to her small stature and unruly clothing choices. Just another scraggly looking kid eating chunks of sliced fruit. Signaling gulls give away the vessels nearness to land, but she doesn’t budge from her position. Whatever is happening down below causes a curl to crease the corner of her mouth, a potential reason for her current seating choice. Had someone gotten in her way accidentally or otherwise… how would she handle it? More than likely with apt judgement and physical punishment. For purpose rather than want an older gentleman takes to her shadow while maintaining a few feet of distance. Watchful, but respectfully averting his eyes as to not punctuate his wariness of the others on deck around them. Carlo is her voice and stands by awaiting the moment Claire decides words are necessary. Something that is dictated by the flick of the apple laden wrist where he clears his throat to make notice of their placement for the Lady of the galleon.
  13. @SteamWarden Alright, Claire is going to saunter off the ship having been loitering on board. I figure this will be her way of taking stock of another pirate Captain as well as learning something about the world. And for me its practice since she is new to me in this form.
  14. If you decide to post, it's okay with me. I just got pulled into a lunch date so I have to leave the house for a bit. My post will be dropped when I get back.
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