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  1. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Selene Belfreid The more intimate the object, the more precious the gift. Or maybe the materialistic nature of the item is not sufficient enough? Although it is comprised with love and effort, Selene begins to doubt the authenticity of the intended gift. Connor being an infant and all. Or maybe her nerves have gotten the betterment of her judgement, having confounded her on several deep layers of thought. Maybe speaking with Freydis beforehand would have forced her to generate more confidence. It is much too late now. Time has continued on in her distracted absence from her comrade. It did not take long to find a vendor willing enough to bargain on the price of a plain silver chain of ovals ringed metals. The glitter and gleam quite fascinating in any light. It is to this that she fixes the delicate pin that had once adorned her lapel. It’s meaning to her more profound than the life she has lived thus far. A tear frozen in time by the hands of the hydromancer who had shed it-her mother-and set into a very intricately formed and carved nest of stone and flowers only ignited by a sense electric tendency. That static imbued by her own delicate fingers while nestling the solidified tear amid its center. Now that these thoughts plague her, she second guesses and chews the inside of a cheek. Crowds of people surround the castle. Making headway among them slow. Eventually she regains her bearings and nearly stumbles into the crowd surrounding the Kommandant. Foreign Leaders @Twitterpated, sons @Alexei & @Garion, and extended family. This is the group to which she bows and takes a moment to inhale a furtive breath before genuinely debuting herself to their presence. Thankfully the current conversation is more about greetings and pleasantries, and this eases her tremendously. Discomfort is set against the unknowing more than anything. Knowledge of the persons only by word rather than acquaintance, if having met them at all. In any event she chides herself inwardly and moves forward with another bow if only to display the utmost respect of a Bravada Squire and Knight in training to the Kommandant, her family, and guests. “My Kommandant @Aleksei, I am Squire Belfriend here to honor you and ask permission to gift the infant son of the King and Queen of Kadia.” Still masked, the words manage to find clarity in kindly spoken and musical tone. @Chappu
  2. Where Light Loses Form

    All they have to do is follow. Like the loyal creature that he is, Freckles deigns to alight on the threshold. Unfortunately, the intriguing apparition that led them all dipped back in quite cowardly fashion. This would simply not do. With energetically encouraging squeals-could squeals sound as such-Freckles leaps through the are on stubby legs. Bouncing belly stretching and enlarging with every hop it is force to endure from the physical excitation. Ghost is not alone, and would not be left to its own devices, for Freckles is near and very urgently butting his head against the dorsal edges of its tattered and rippling shroud. Somewhere where calves would be if they exist at all. In the end it is with this stubborn ferocity that Freckles takes hold of the dark and torn fabric and begins to tug. Tugging and tugging and tugging. Forcingly urging Ghost to move forward through the doorway There had made empty for them. Sibyla and There were already in the manor, leaving Freckles to contended with the fearful ghost of his own accord. And he continues to do so unabashedly, without true expenditure of reason, and with very bossy mannerism. All traits inherited by years of study under the demented tutelage of its master. Refusing to cease in his actions until Ghost either flees the scene or obliges the porker by entering the abode.
  3. Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    I'd been interested in joining as an observer. Betting against the main players.
  4. Mapping the Depths

    .Selene Belfreid. The guards of the gate-White Hand Paladins-seem amiable enough, though wary of the new guests traveling across their borders. It cannot be helped, and Selene deigns to disregard the burn of their gazes as their small group moves onward toward the town. Eerie, dark, desolate. Plagued by sunless streaks and made all the dreary because of it. To say that places such as this had been witnessed before would be a terrible lie. Though there were less than delicate towns and lands that she had made passage through along the way, none of those held the foreboding sense that this one clings to. An abominable warning caresses the nape of her neck. Though it does not change the fluid motion in which she clambers along behind the others. Every once in a while as they bear themselves across the Broken Plains, she adjusts the saddle held against her shoulder. If only to free her arm of some burden or turn her head to get an empty view of the lackluster land now engulfing them in its shroud of peril. In the distance ahead, the black spot of a town looms like a haunting shadow against the backdrop of the plains. Much less welcoming than the gate from which they entered. Despite the rise in her consideration of this quest, Selene is undoubtedly intrigued by what lies hidden beyond this land. Beneath it, in it. Tales of such that she had scrawled across the pages of her journal do not begin to even puncture the layers of this very bitter onion that is Yh’mi. But maybe, just maybe...her curiosity can prove fruitful in the end. Or… everyone knows the saying about the cat. But cats have nine lives. How many can Selene get away with endangering against her own existence?
  5. Prologue- Reformists [Hellfire Club]

    With no knowledge as to the precursor of such an event, Aunoma attends to it quietly. Barely having been in Aelindra a few days, and still awaiting reply from both her dearest friend Elilah and her former mentor the Lord of the city himself, she finds herself unsealing something quite curious. Never one for showmanship or allowing herself to be any sort of shining star or emblem. She cannot locate the reason in which she would have received such a formal invitation. Though it is the least of her curiosity, for the contents drawled within are far more intriguing and cause for concerns she had never noticed. Let alone considered questioning the city's ruler on such...remarkable claims and slander. Had Aunoma heard of such things, yes. Whispers alighted upon the wings of butterflies. None really daring enough to speak out too loudly on such subjects as these, even during slurred conversations of drunkenness. Belief is a powerful thing. It can lead ideals into early graves or possibly onto gold laden thrones. For a time she ponders on the implications of visiting the soiree. On one hand, as the ruler of Stonehaven it could be balance, the necessity of having the backing of another powerful ruling body tantamount to any political move. And on the other...it could render one closed out entirely. Left to the solitude of broken alliances and supply trade agreements. Fortunately, like many other cities in the land of Genesaris, Stonehaven is a stand alone complex. Thriving on the capabilities of its its hard-work-enduring people. Strength from within, but with much less dramatically inclined underhandedness. If any at all. Truth be told if the Havenites lacked any important qualities, its majority has no fear while others possibly go without a want of surrender. Those are the things that forge them into beings of strength and unity in defense of their nation. Admirable yet sometimes possibly questionable. How do they manage such a feat? “Six, I have a meeting I must attend.” A plain tone attached to the gesture of folded papers with an address and time being handed to the man. Upon arrival they are met by a gentleman of very high standard. Greeting them with a welcoming smile and gesturing them forth into the estate. “Please do follow me my Lady, gentleman.” Marion directs them to study where this elusive meeting is to be carried out. Although beautifully decorated and crafted, the manor does little to beckon her interest. Being much too colorful and primitive to the eyes of the more modern facets of her being. Elementary thoughts. When presented the moment she alights through wooden framework into the study, but not before exchanging a simplistically brief conversation with the footman who currently entertains them. “Thank you, …” The questioning look is soft and patient. “Please call me Marion, my Lady. Would you like something to drink before the meeting begins?” “Your gentility and kindness is much appreciated Mister Marion, and no thank you.” Call it caution in the moment. This profound situation leaves her no choice but to engage in self restraint and preservation until the players of the game become better known. Her shadow and counterpart, however, Aunoma leaves to make his own decisions. It is by peripheral view that she absorbs the friendly attitudes strewn throughout the room. Surprise alighting her thoughts when she finds Elilah among those gathered. Nothing about her stature changes to indicate such a knowledge in front of a room filled with strangers. Her pallid expression concrete in its emptiness. Even with the haunting depth of critical analysis set into her ocean colored eyes. Instead of being shrouded in uniform-expensive in fabric but simplistic in design-she renders a facade of casual business. Passively entitling her as formidable merchant class of some sort. Something she appreciates on many levels. That is until introductions and titlements of ‘conspirator’ are pressed upon. Having found herself a seat as close to the aft of the room as possible, simply wanting to bear witness to her caller’s ideals rather than engage upon them. The waters being waded, rippled by their choices and words as people of Aelindra proper, more so than they could ever be stirred by her own. An outsider in speculation. With quiet politeness she takes opening in a pause to announce herself in plain nuance, “I am Aunoma Eiwa of Stonehaven. Pleasure to make each of your acquaintance, I am sure.” @Emet-Selch
  6. I am back, and will be reporting for duty as soon as I am able.

    Thunder and lightning storms have our internet down, and my computer is safely unplugged at the moment. 


  7. .:AFV NOTICE:.

    03/28 - 04/04

    I have already spoken with several of you, but let me tell it again for everyone. I will be AFV from tomorrow(Wednesday) early afternoon until Wednesday night of next week. My husband is coming home from deployment tomorrow and we plan to have family time with us and the kids for the weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please feel free to skip me in the posting order. I do not wish to keep any activity for a thread from being lost. 

    With that being said, I will make sure I post to all of my owed threads tomorrow morning. The only thread I will post for during my AFV will be for MOBS because it is a timed event, and I do not want to give the satisfaction of a free immediate win. 

    I hope the weekend and the rest of the days I do not see you go well for you all! :kiss:

    To the thread leaders, tournament runners, and family thread friends!! If you feel I have forgotten you, I am sorry, but please believe me when I say I haven't I just wanted to tag those of people in charge of threads and projects of which I am participating in at the present time. 

    @Fierach @EpicRome23 @Lacernella Rubra @Fallen Joy @supernal @Praetorian @Pasion Pasiva @Cinder @Rin @Chappu @Alexei @Garion @Aleksei @Hurttoto @The Hummingbird

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      LILY!!! you come BACK now, ya hear? we will MISS YOU!!! enjoy your time with the family okay? HAVE some fun!!! I'll tell Sarah her auntie Lily says hello!!! ^_^

      LILY CAT!!!



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      Lacernella Rubra

      Give Josh all the hugs! 

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      Have fun, we can rp when you get back 😁

  8. [MT1:2] Ina Akeno vs Trilith

    If it isn’t tit-for-tat Ina doesn’t know what it is. Maybe Trilith just doesn’t happen to like pork as much as some of the rest of Valucre does? Damned vegetarians. Truthfully, she saw it going much more cheek-to-cheek than it did. But the outcome is still pleasant enough. Ina does not get too much time to stare down the product of her handiwork before mirages ignite against the air from the heat of the Wylde Banes flames. The dirty slut had hurled it at her as she went down. Such a cop-out or so Ina would like to believe. Unfortunately, while time may not change the momentum of movement does. Trilith and Ina both in the mode of attempting victory over the other, helps scoot them along the board. Rather than face the wrath of Trilith’s fire, she side winds and drops below the spectrum, taking a very short detour. You’re on your own now, I’m going to take a nap. Freckles, lost to the bottom of the hologram, finds solace in the fact that he will no longer be tossed into another face. This leaves Ina with little option for fun, and more space for run. At Least that is until her eruption from the platform finds her left ankle entwined. There is only so far she can go before being jolted right back toward the platform. Trilith’s having caught on very clever, but not quite what Ina had in mind. Though it brings out a feral snarl. “White, red, black and blue...still old, still alone, still ugly.” As she plummets Ina takes the road least expected by most and spin kicks her leg against the strain of the thread just as the line jolts her. Severing the lower left limb from the rest of her body of her own accord. It’s a special sort of thing to witness, but not too odd compared to the massive species list of the world. Liquid copper-glittering like the shiniest of pennies-rains sideways and splashes against the platform, oozing from both ends of what used to be an entire leg. There is no screaming or crying, however, because there is nothing to be seen save for the petite ankle left behind by its owner. When Ina reappears, it is overhead. Bloody and full of rage she drops from the underbelly of a cloud with a contemptuous momentum and two very good knees in which to plow Trilith completely against the platform with.
  9. Valucre needs a Moon [Petition- VOTE!]

    That would actually be really neat. Two moons and several famous constellations based on the lore, flora, and fauna of Valucre.
  10. [MT1:2] Ina Akeno vs Trilith

    Ina is not one to plot revenge, take the time to exact due diligence to those who have earned her wrath, or even place a second thought after the initial matter. It isn’t to say she completely let go, but rather does not expend any energy outside of a situation that has already passed by. Wasteful deeds lead to detrimental outcomes. Made evident by the char of auburn tendrils, Ina was caught slightly off guard by Trilith’s immediately fiery attack. As the hammer-that is the tip of the blade-came down to wield it’s molten destruction, Ina and her porker fell into her shadow. Melting into the darkness much like ice cream into gravel on a very hot summer day. Ina’s deference to preparation before being engaged gives personal allowance for her to dip out. Appearances are made at Trilith’s back, not from her shadow, but from one cast by the quickly roaming shadows of the clouds overhead. Speed of ejection gives ample altitude above the port dock, the hefty breeze assists the wind up of her body. A spinner in the form of a child, no less. Fingers molded by the pink flesh of the animal trapped in them dig deep before expulsion. Curled and hurled by a well wound-up pitch is a furiously spinning ball of pink fury aimed at the back of Trilith’s head. The only thing that can make such an attack priceless is the projection of Ina's voice at a crucial moment before Freckle’s collision with the enemy. “Gifts are nice. Although,...” Purposely intent on gaining Trilith’s attention as if to say ‘you missed.’ “I'm pretty sure we've already been over this, but in the event you forgot… I'm not into fat overcharged women.”
  11. Oh man, we are about to tear some stuff up!
  12. Renew.

    Long awaited dreams of such an encounter with the young man who had stolen her heart so long ago beckon about a lucid reality. Intricate warmth of flesh and embrace cause her skin to flush in mannerisms quite unfitting of her true nature. Sending pangs of both remorse and encouragement to her already taciturn thoughts. Though they are mere delicacies brought to the present from childhood, they are still just as sweet and pure. Glacial hues ignite under the vision being placed upon them under the torrential heat of Nero’s. “It truly is resplendent to see you again as well, Nero.” A smile crosses her features as she follows him towards his throne. Nara soon finds refuge in the chair brought for her, but not before removing her cloak and coat and unfastening the ax buckled across her back. With which she wields incredible gentility and experience in quickly bringing the head of it to lie flat against the dais beside her seat without so much as a sound. Instantly, the color runs from her face. Maintenance brought on by the cool context in which Nero speaks to her of business. Despite the heat of remembrance, Nara conforms to this new display as her station commands of her. The false pretense of ambassador a potential causation of the Umbran Emperor’s power over her. Is this another form of torment he means to bestow upon his adopted niece? “I would like to consider it...” Nara becomes quite reticent at this point in their exchange. Curved lips barely parted in the allowance of a whisper. The truth of the matter is that she has no knowing of the recent goings on in Umbra. Having been retained to the lower levels in order to stay reminiscent of the title she had earned as The Woodsman. Cleaning the filth that Raphael and Athyon see fit to have purged from their realm of blood and darkness. These are not the things she wishes to dispense upon Nero so soon in the renewal of their...acquaintance. Rather her hope is to find courage enough to express herself with utmost regality when depicting the posterity of their possible life. “I came to see you, Your Eminence.” It has been said to her that the truth can set one free, but in all her accomplishments she only seemed to find condemnation in it. For now she looks off into an unseen distance just in front of his kindly posed expression. Lost somewhere back in the snowy mountains perhaps. Could he understand the torment she lives by, whether or not the Crimson King is near? Haunted dreams, haunted thoughts. Hair prickling along the nape of her neck. Although the darkness cast against her in the wake of her father’s choices had begun to dwindle since the arrival of Queen Gabriella, it had not yet completely dissipated. Why had she come here? Why had she allowed the Blood God to lord over her so deftly for so long? Suddenly her eyes revert back to normality, the growing haze drifting away as her face dispenses a stubbornly youthful adulation towards Nero. “I came to see you first at their behest. But I came because I wanted to be your side, to know if you still felt something, anything at all in the way we once did. Though it was a trifling emotion back then…” Her voice trails off as she continues to gaze upon him.
  13. [MT1:2] Ina Akeno vs Trilith

    Back again. The white walls, the white chair, the white floor….with a pinch of piggy pink off to the side. “Come here.” Though simple in command, it holds a deeper meaning. The strict tone of which represents a complexity none too many can discern. The pig quakes, rotund body rippling as it twists and contorts against its own frame. Pink becomes ashen, becomes coal, becomes smoke. Ina takes a long inhale, replicating the actions one may use when taking a long drag off a cigarette. The pig is gone. And soon enough so is the girl. Having already made friends with her newest opponent, Ina finds it wise to ignite her inner fury sooner rather than later. Initially her sunset colored eyes blaze in a flash of red only to conform into their empowered blue. The former exchange is remedied with a thin crack in her lips where she begins to blow a glob of what appears to be pink gum into a bubble. The larger it gets, the more refined a shape it begins to take. Thin layers of flesh slowly fill with the same black substance she inhaled before her re-entry into the holo'd out world. One it has fully formed, Ina pinches her lips shut to allow the animal to detach and plop to the ground on giddily dancing hooves. “Why don’t we play a game of...hide and seek mixed with tag…?” Ina says it as she looks down at the creature bumping against her shins receiving a short snort for a response. “I thought you might like that idea.” Settling on a plan is easy, a bit of nostalgia forming in reaction to their surroundings. “I didn’t think this place could get any shittier than it was back then.” Ina’s lids crease as she begins to project her thoughts more inwardly than she seems capable. The right index finger trailing invisible circles and symbols in the air before her face, before two more fingers join in pressing against and invisible barrier and twitching with each click of an unseen lock. Her wrist twisting in order to compensate for the adjustment. “Porta umbra patescit. “Reservoir three engaged.” Ina feels it necessary to take energy from her largest pool in order to deal with her opponent, and does so. Physically, her appearance does not change. Her ability to wield her gifts, however… Ina rolls her shoulders once her hand drops, her eyes dipping towards the ground to share a silent understanding with the pig. “Let’s go get that dirty slut.”
  14. One moment it is right in front of her, the next...it is gone? Ashton seems to hard bargain everything, had she an open opinion on the matter. But his actions would prove to be substantial in allowing him to keep all of his fingers. This time. Although Lyr is on the cusp of-a very much taunted-hunger fit, she is able to reconcile the fact that there is no longer food in front of her. What she cannot understand enough to clarify… is the fact that Ashton walked right through her like a ghostly apparition and allowed her to fall against his previous perch. So it isn't surprising when she turns around, while he offers her the other half of the food bar and a handshake, that she grabs his hand and squeezes it with decent enough pressure to make sure it's real. The other hand takes this moment to quickly snatch away the food bar and immediately palm press it straight into her gullet. Wrapper and all. The handshake ends quickly. Lyr narrow eyed and much more wary of Ashton now than she had been previously. Even still, she trails behind him as they continue onward. The quick snap of a branch more like the pressure of a boot crushing decaying foliage against the ground, than deft fingers plucking one from a low hanging tree. In summary, this is how Lyr manages to convince herself that Ashton is not a figment of her imagination, and is truly a real boy. As they venture, she uses the stick to randomly poke him in several places. Back, shoulder, triceps, hip. Like a pesky mosquito. That is until they come to a stop and she quickly tosses it off into the brush while Ashton takes a gander at the land below the base of the hill on which they stand. Upon Ashton’s instruction, she finds a new distraction. Toeing the ground below every once in awhile to see it ‘fix’ itself. Quite unsettling really. “You know, this is...strange.” Lyr’s definition of strange possibly very different from his own. “But I like it…” Toe dig; dirt fix. Lyr takes her first true moment of pause, since becoming a gluttonous eating machine, to contemplate Ashton's question. The weight of it rests heavily on her mind. Her heart however holds to its earlier convictions, bearing the clarity of thought she so longs to reach. Her youth having been filled with dreams of knighting around and swishing a sword to cure the evil in the land. But having since met Angel, Ashton, and joining Justice those ideas had turned into childhood fantasy. The real world being in need of something a little more dastardly than the knight she had originally wanted to be. Not that it would stop her from doing her own brand of good-natured justice while attempting to meet the capacity of her void of a gut. “I want to help people, but even more than that I've always wanted to help those who are actually able to do that better than I will ever be able to myself. “Sometimes, taking care of people coming off of the battlefield is just as noble as running onto it while swinging a sword. I guess. But I think I would have to know more than basic first-aid for that. Maybe magic that can help heal people?” Therein lies an inkling, however, to the capacity by which she might be able to do such a thing. Grigori. But it fades away just as easily as it flitted in with Ashton's next comment. “Why would I need to cook it?” A quizzical brow lifts when she unloads a legitimately questionable question of her very own.
  15. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Selene Belfreid The silence of her accompaniment beckons her own. With so much to distract their senses it is a wonder that they do not stop to enjoy themselves a little bit more. Delights of all kinds cross their path, promising good times and fun at ever turn. Selene’s urgent pace only hastens in order to prevent herself from being caught up in the whirlwind of Avylon’s happenings. Only wanting to get their guest to where he wishes to be in order to gain better footing in her proximity to the castle. At this rate it does not take long to come upon the center of the grand festival. Music vibrates from every angle of the given space. Vendors are also more plentiful here, as are dancers-singular and coupled alike-along with singers, minstrels, and all sorts of carnival like creations. Fires alight in her mask shaded eyes, filling with an intricate illumination that cannot be prevailed upon by any depth of darkness. With every flash of sunlight mother-of-pearl radiance flickers against its bright rays. Despite the almighty spectacle, Selene is not deterred from her original goal. Now that they are much closer to the castle she begins her departure from the gentleman who had requested their assistance in locating a telepathic musician. “I believe that this is the area in which you may find the person you so seek, M’lord. And I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to find this person among the crowd. I, however, must bid you farewell at this juncture.” @Hurttoto “Freydis, my friend.” Selene turns to confide in her confidant, “I am going to run up ahead to the castle.” @Chappu Sand in the hourglass has begun to hit a critical point, marking the beginning of an adventure she cannot deny the call of. Her voyage beginning in just a few hours time. Freydis would already know the reason for her hurry, and was never one to disregard Selene’s feelings in the least on any regard of import to her fellow squire. Now, excused from her company, her legs move with a calm but fresh jaunt in the churning steps of her boots along the pavement. Selene does this with intent. Not wishing to accidentally alarm any of her ilk and causing undue panic with her quick movements. The matter being much more personal than emergent in nature. @Chappu@Hurttoto