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  1. Expressions and even a lack thereof carry weight where eyes tend to mirror the hidden depths of a being’s true self. Observance is provided cautiously and with reflexive thought. Each member of Hayden's team is granted the exact same expression from the man himself to those either side of his position. Giving them no more attention than a fly on the wall would garner. As each presents themselves she takes not only note of their chosen and earned names but also how they carry their words and frames. All done with a quick simple look. Each weighed respectively. Whatever personal examination she gives them remains hidden beyond the polite half smile adorning her face. One that eventually lands on the woman next to her, upon Levi speaking. The Inquisitor remains neutral to every degree and gives no indication of knowledge at her moment of introduction or any thereafter. A very shut book, wrapped in black shadows, tied together with rope. When Hayden's poker question hits the deck she finds herself unable to respond. New bodies enter the room, adding yet another layer of mystery and intrigue to the mixture they're all swimming in. Capria's expression doesn't change as her eyes follow both man and woman to their seats, the surgical nature of her gaze lingering just a smidgen longer on Dr. Nurox than any other. Perhaps born of habitual benefits for self-preservation and the need to protect her counterpart. At every mention of Justice, she holds Levi apart from herself while still maintaining a close presence that lets the woman know she is still there. As there now seems to be some informal correlation between them. Being that the announcement of their similar countenances is irrevocably solid on the parts of the fancily decorated CDF members. Whatever gave them leeway to state such a thing would be reprimanded in short court syllables indicative of the separation of her clergical momentum and that of Justice. “As a member of the Gaian Church, I retain not only the holy aspect of my religion but also that of inquisition. I am well versed in prayer, holy healing, and am an herbological and herballistic hobbyist.” Etc., etc., etc. A list that could go on for quite some time is shriveled down to nothing more than an extremely lackluster summarization. Centering only on what she feels is plausible for this many ears. Whatever it is she doesn't say can be expanded upon by the less than imaginative phrase ‘If I told you, I would have to kill you.’ It can always be viewed as elitism and pride and overwhelming self-prostration, but for her, it isn't. An empty or even blacked out dossier would be enough of a statement that she has been through and seen more than her fair share of things not spoken of or brought to light. For good reason. You don't want to add anything else? If I need to share something else...things aren't going well. Let this Hayden and his team do the heavy lifting, we'll back them up only if absolutely necessary. And I don't want to step on Levi's heels either, she was sent here for a reason, so we need to let her see it done. And who has your back in all of this? A perfect indication of Capria having nothing else to add is the opening of the folder on the table in front of her so that she may swiftly glide her eyes across its contents is. Closing it nearly as quickly as she had opened it, appearing to flip through the papers out of aesthetics though she read each and every one of them in doing so. Many questions are formulated in doing this. Her analysis of the provisions telling her there is much more that needs to be discovered.
  2. -Lilium-

    Things we give up. [artifact]

    Empathy is learned. Being able to watch his expression, the movement of his frame and the accented tone of his voice gains something akin to the former from her. Capria can understand his need for a minimal commitment toward the endeavors they face and thusly grants him the information he requests without really asking. “Well met Eshara. I'm Capria an Inquisitor of the Gaian Church of Terrenus.” Not a lie, but the list could continue on should she want to waste time. She doesn't. Organization and efficiency are key components of her life that she prefers to adhere to. Meaning, that which she needs to be for this particular mission is exactly what she states she is. Not one for apologies either against or away from her person, if he expected one he wouldn't receive it. Sensitivity isn't something gifted to just anyone. It's saved for those in need of it, not necessarily those that want it. As if to ice the cake she continues, “I'm trying to recover an item that was stolen from a temple some years ago. And I've tracked it to here. The lady we met, Dhizzandra is unaware of what lies below the surface of this orphanage. It is dark and dangerous. And I would prefer to keep it away from the children she cares so much for.” Honesty without complete divulgence into what it is she's trying to find. Trust is earned and never freely given, a thing Capria is very well versed in. "Also, if you decide to do this. You may want me to bless your weapons beforehand. Whatever is down there is not likely to let its hold on the area go too easily. The more Holy we have, the better off we may be." Next comes the extension of her right hand, whether or not he agrees it's a common courtesy. “So, Eshara... Deal or no deal?” Should he take it the handshake her grip would be firm and just as resolute as the posture and expression she carries. Should he not, the hand would merely slide to hang lazily in her overcoat pocket.
  3. -Lilium-

    Mapping the Depths

    Warmth saturated metallic perfume sprays across her. The depth of the realization shocking enough to leave her standing in place. Frozen to the spot for a reason created by a complete stranger. Too late had the thought come, where she remembered the creature climbing down from the stone. It had been as asleep as those dead and frozen faces that now threaten to torment her. She had known the creature was not the true ferryman but had not realized the mistake she had made in engaging it. Naive and costly it had been. Selene can only imagine what had been going through the knight’s mind as he placed himself at the tip of the blow that had been meant solely for herself. Now two choices lay before her, making the move to save herself and the others or setting it aside to save the man who had spared her from death. Selene begins to understand more despite the growing tension of her unraveling mind. They had somehow unknowingly and unintentionally crossed a border without the appropriate form of payment. The chasm they’d crossed so thoughtlessly was the key beyond the engraved statue where the words had begun and had since trailed after them. Indebted… The power of the creature is so vast that it cannot be touched. It had somehow taken without paying a toll but what had it taken? Selen knows that’s why it attacked her and the pure evil of the stone… They had also not paid the toll. But what can she do… Rage invigorates her. The creature would pay. In more than one way for its desecration and for James’ life. Again, before she has come up from though, she is kept from being touched by the creature’s unbridled ferocity as Jin hits the monster hard enough to send it flying toward the entrance from which they came. Everything about her is red, James blood staining her frame, the fury burning in her eyes, and the flames by which she screams. “YOU’RE MINE!” You will pay, I will make you!!! The sword at her hip is already free and being wielded as she slices it through the air in preparation to attack. Waiting for the creature to rise from its false stone encrusted grave only to lash out immediately against it as it stands. Suddenly she is moving both offensively and defensively striking at the creature and dodging immediately backward. Having chased its flying body down as Jin knocked it across the cavern. Selene's feet move quickly and carefully, stepping in reverse and directing her back towards the chasm they’d crossed not too long ago. Right now her main focus lies with the Indebted Ghoul and maneuvering it and herself toward that Chasm, the secondary and tertiary founded more on hope than anything else. Inwardly causing her to pray that Jin and Dan heard her original words before it wounded James and that they understand what she is trying to do; to help her...so that they can then save their team leader. But time is treacherous, the amount of blood adorned by her person and that which seeps from the crumpled heap too far from her reach...terrifies her. I will save you… The chill of exposed blood upon her cheek is suddenly heated by the trail of a tear that had tumbled free of her lashes. Gathering up the blood it collides with only to carry it down and away from her face. Purity in heart, ferocity, and vengeance.
  4. 20190226_125025.jpg

    Alrighty then, as many of you know I have this thing called school that takes up both RL and RP time away from me. 

    Here is my schedule for the next 5 weeks. My class times vary but are generally from (I leave home at 1620) 1730-2230 (get home around 2300/2330). That is because tutorials run until 2230 on Tues & Thurs, I will more than likely attend them because...extra knowledge is always acceptable and appreciated.

    I will continue posting, but please do not expect me to post more that twice a week for the next 5 weeks. If I am slowing you down, please do not wait on me and just keep going. If I am able to catch up, I will if you'll allow it. If not, it is still going to be alright!

    You can expect to see posts on Fridays,  and possibly Tuesday/Wednesday mornings. I thank you guys for your continued support!

    @Aleksei @Fierach @Die Shize @EpicRome23 @Rin @Fallen Joy @amenities @P.N.See @Thotification @vielle @danzilla3 @Ataraxy @Garion @Alexei @Twitterpated and everyone else!!


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    The Light, Extinguished (OOC)

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    Things we give up. [artifact]

    He could have said something a little more original. “To you maybe. But there are worse things going ‘bump’ in the night than a shadow that likes to eat children for supper.” Low but audible, her voice manages to evade echoing down the rest of the hallway. Suddenly, a short fiz and crackle notifies her of another joining in on the conversation. Not that he can hear the second voice rebounding in her ear. “Cap, I got what you asked for, but it really isn't much.” When she replies her feet pick up their pace until she's reached the ‘T’ at the end of the hall. Eshara's cautious distance making it easy to put more space between them. “Alright, then give me what you have.” In order to keep from appearing as if speaking aloud to herself, she keeps her back to the soldier lagging behind her while holding a hushed tone. “Got company?” “Yes. Unintentional.” “Who is it?” “Some sort of soldier I believe works for an organization somewhere in Terrenus.” “Is it a he?! Is he cute? I kind of need a date for the weekend, we're going bar crawling. And what better-” “Focus. Please.” “Right, right. I'll send the original blueprint of the orphanage to you. But when it was taken over by the previous owner, no new ones were submitted to the city. And from the dilapidated state it was in before falling under the care of a Miss Dhrizzandra, I don't believe much care was placed on the upper levels.” “Upper levels? I know there's a storage basement, but are there any sub-basements or lower levels further down than that?” “Nothing in the original records. But underground plumbing and access tunnels aren't that unheard of in buildings this old. Miss Dhrizzandra may not even know if there's anything below the basement.” “Alright, I'll just have to go down and see for myself. When you spoke to her last, she said she keeps the old files from the previous owner down there. So it’s the most logical place to start.” “Can you do me a favor Cap…?” The serious nature of her voice causes Capria to quirk a brow, that is immediately adjusted as her expression switches into one of wearisome annoyance. “Can you get his name, and number, and a picture?” “No.” With that, she disconnects the line and exhales a sigh she didn't realize she'd been sucking air in for. Maggie is one of my favorite people. She's such a great lady and friend. She isn't our friend she's an info broker and coworker. I didn't say she was ‘our’ friend. There's no further conversation necessary beyond that inwardly made point. Between the two...maybe three of them...Capria cannot decide which of them she'd like to strangle more. All considered as she turns to square off with Eshara as he makes his way to the end of the hall. Calmly and politely taking up the center of it just before it descends and splits to the left and right. Despite staring him down, her eyes take notice of open and closed doors down the bisected halls. Watching….listening for any disturbance. “You were right. I don't know you or you I but I could really use your help right now.” No amount of blame would be placed on him if he decided to scoff at, ignore, or walk on by her. “I'll explain what it is if you agree to a bargain. I'll help you with whatever it is you're doing here if you help me.” Fear isn't what guides her current motive, but the acknowledgment of the unknown is. And three sets of eyes are better than a decent set and an aloof set on any given day of the week. “What say you, Soldier?”
  7. -Lilium-

    Mapping the Depths

    Boiling fury battles against practiced calm. The temptation to display a flurry of attacks nearly too great to ignore. And yet, Selene remains unstirred from her readied position. Sapphire eyes adhere themselves to one then another of her group mates as they strike at the unflinching ghoul. Each attack brought against it leaves the creature unharmed; which is very unnerving to witness. Before she is able to stop herself the words tumble hesitantly from her mouth of their own accord, “The living...The living pay the ferryman...The dead have paid in blood...The dreamers of the heart pay eternally…” Suddenly her eyes drift back to the glowing stone, to the ghoul, to the frozen bodies on the ground all around them. SCHHHHLINK! As the sword in her hands is sheathed she allows the edge of its blade to slice through the palm of her hand. Selene chides herself for nearly missing the thoughts that originally plagued her when she examined the bodies...the eternally sleeping people frozen and indebted. “If they are the eternal sleepers...and the ghoul is death...we have to pay the ferryman…” It becomes a shout as she unravels the rhyme they read etched into the base of the statue, “Stop attacking it!!! THE LIVING PAY THE FERRYMAN. WE MUST PAY THE FERRYMAN! Or we'll be dead and have paid in blood.” Again her eyes are drawn to the stone, and she moves forward with a state of calm she never knew she had the ability to possess. Determination guides her to walk out in front of the ghoul, not as an adversary, not to attack. “I want to pay the Ferryman.” Selene is unsure what the price of such a payment is but holds her hands up towards the creature for it to see that she understands. One freshly cut and bloodied the other left unsullied.
  8. The previous day... Sulfur and phosphorus collide in a stench that lingers. The freshly struck match allows smoke to trail behind it when used to light a homemade cigarette hanging from the corner of a flat-lined mouth. Where many choose to dip their heads in order to accomplish such an action, possibly a habit of fighting a persistently-constant breeze, ovular framed lenses are held perpendicular to the ground. Always looking forward. From behind the polished glass lies the glitter of luminous amber eyes that seem to trap and absorb whatever light dares filter into them. “Tell me what you know about the new inoculations.” What exudes from the questioning patron isn’t so unnatural as to negate the true light from whence it comes. Rather it is a sign of compulsion, one more necessary for the user than for the victim trapped under its umbrella. Intense amounts of practice has helped to tighten the zone of truth expelled, pulling it inward only to unleash it when times call for the survival of the innocent. Like a true chameleon, the persona speaking had to embed themselves into the city shadows. Watching and waiting for the opportunity to elicit wanted actions and responses. All in order to evade the scrutiny of prying ears and eyes. “All we know is what we were instructed to do under the new health legislation. Everyone receives the inoculations free of charge to help promote the overall health and well being of the city. Regardless of their ability to pay for medical expenses. The standard protocols have been completely negated to allow the full force of this new immunization initiative to take place.” Agitation and confusion contort the face of the secondary speaker before the empathy and compassion finally take over under the heavy burden pressed upon them to speak only truth, “We’ve received some unusual reports lately… I can’t prove it but some bodies have been pulled out of our cold storage and taken away. All I managed to grab was this.” The edges of the paper are charred-cracking and crumbling under the pressure of a new grip-where the bottom half had been entirely burned away. And what remains are a few snippets of information the receiver can understand, though it still leaves the nature of the initiator’s unspoken questions unanswered. “Thank you, you are free to go, Doctor.” 'Despite all efforts to combat the effects of fever and hemorrhage, the patient was pronounced dead at 0100 hours. The cause of death is believed to be a combination of severe thermogenic changes as well as excessive loss of blood due to anomalies in the meninges of the brain as well as ruptured vessels in the brain itself. No clinical diagnosis has been given at this time as the patient was brought to emergent care in a seizure induced state. The patient will be transported to the morgue for further assessment under the evaluating coroner.' Another match is struck and held just under the center of the ovular snippet given. Smalls flames refracting from under the ever watchful lensed eyes of the being intent on seeing it burn to ash as it was originally intended to. It was seen, and that would have to be enough. For now. As per the usual framework, one knee is crossed over that of the other with the thighs topped off by the entanglement of merged fingers. Unlike some, the black-swathed denizen is a portrait of stilled and mastered patience. Where creaseless and bland notes of enthusiasm expand across the forward held face, and citrine eyes rove from one person to another around the long rectangular table. A contradictory fire dancing deep within their central darkness as they land securely on one Lieutenant Hayden Jansuela as he speaks. The man has produced a means to converse, where she imagines his previous time-check did little to soothe his need for mission information. “First time in Last Chance?” “No, but it has been a very very long time since I’ve been able to grace its streets.” Spoken in truth with little expansion on its full meaning. As though something left unsaid is nestled between each syllable and is purposely held back. “I’m Capria Belvardi, an Inquisitor of the Gaian Church. Who might I have the pleasure of making acquaintance with this morning?” And without knowing the people around the table well enough, Capria chooses not to share more information than is necessary about herself. At least not for the moment. One hand peeled away from her lap, faces a palm toward the ceiling as it slides from the persons on his right to the persons on his left. A gesture to follow along with the question. The clergical woman says nothing to indicate prior knowledge of the young woman sitting beside her because she has none. Although they didn’t come entirely unaware of one another's presence, they have no idea who the other is. Their only commonality, being able to equally stick out among the uninformed like sore thumbs.
  9. -Lilium-

    Where does your character live?

    Capria Belvardi has taken up a primary residence in Hell's Gate's Western District of Terrenus in an apartment complex called 'Ivory Estates'. Although her career takes her all across Terrenus and sometimes out of country, ever since she visited Eustace Monroe's Lab she has found the city itself aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't exactly appear like she actually 'lives' there though, because she always takes her belongings with her when she leaves the apartment (and isn't one for decorating such a space), but she somehow manages to return to it more often than to other places.
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    The Light, Extinguished (OOC)

    It happens to us all! 😂🤣
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    [OOC THREAD] [QUEST] The Last Regret

    That's fine by me. I'll have my post up today.
  12. Lilium was there, kneeling toward the ground. Predicted slowness so as not to startle the creature taking advantage of the offering she provided it. So interesting the critter is that she’s already drawing her eyes back and forth along its tone little body. “ALL RIGHT THAT’S IT JUST SHUT UUUUUPPPP!!” Until there’s a shout somewhere off to her right that not only makes every layer of her skin feel as though it’s separated and shes managed to jump out of it but also causes the skabbits in front of her carrot pile to scatter. Save for one that props itself up on its four hind legs to lopsidedly look at these strange two-legged creatures before continuing to eat its meal. Jikol appears to have the same interest as she does, from the viewpoint she’s getting. Only to the point where there’s a loud snap-crack of the carrot in his teeth that sends his skabbit diving into the ground. One moment it had been there, the next it was completely gone from view. Being too far to get a better look at what the creature did, she leaves it to him to discover this new turn of events while carefully reaching forward with dancing fingertips to touch the one before her. Amazingly enough, the animal doesn’t flinch under probing fingers as they trail through the soft white fur. Rolling over the toned little frame with curiosity. Maybe it's the lack of malice she exudes, or even perhaps the unintelligent little brain of the creature to trust that she’s not only able to touch it but suddenly pluck it from the ground. Locking her arms as she does in the hopes it cannot escape her. Whereas scratches and bites normally begin, there is nothing but a gentle scramble in the direction of the dirt-laden carrots from the animal. Obliging it, she grabs a couple and holds them in its face as she would the particularly ‘normal’ bunnies from home. Watching it munch away with contentedness. There’s a smile plastered on the woman’s face as she turns to look upon the disaster and other members of the party that only fades into sheer terror. One of them has already begun to roast a couple of them, another two are chasing them down to do she knows not with them…. Inadvertently she takes a thick gulp of air and swallows it. The large knot as painful as a rock when it slides from her throat to her stomach. “Don’t look...just don’t look.” Her hand goes up in front of the creature's eyes so it cannot see the devastation of its brethren firsthand. Apparently, Lilium is more affected by it than the skabbit in her arm is. Not even allowing her to block it from the carrots she’s feeding it. Her stomach only turns as she watches the small lynx that had been a child….it’s just too ghastly for her to record. "I see you now. You won't escape me this time you rabbit!" It's like witnessing a slowly moving black and white screen. Lilium cannot stop it or undo the catastrophe that unfolds before her. Little Red takes down the old man. Stealing his quarry and making a dinner of her own. After a while, the cooks organize themselves and what is left of their wares...again. Chiding not only her but others on the food they’d have to cook before it goes to waste. Chaos having bruised too many fruits and vegetables. Soup and stew had been the doctor’s only response. They could probably put it in flasks and water skins and consume it over the next couple of days. Maybe. Plus, it was entirely there fault there had been such a squealy panic in the first place. She believes it serves them right and hopes it teaches their lesser than scientific minds a lesson. Where she ends up is at a table with her arms encircled along its surface to corral her skabbit. More to keep others from trying to consume it than to keep it from escaping. It appears happy enough to have an endless supply of food while being examined by the pale almost green-faced woman. Lilium having yet to overcome what she'd witnessed. Meat is definitely an important protein for anyone's diet, but she cannot help but rerun the terror of the things she witnessed for her poor little skabbit's family members. Eventually, she'll get over it and put it out of her mind. "Alright," she manages to yell while holding back bile. "We'll be heading out at daybreak. Anyone not part of the immediate expeditionary team will stay put and hold down the fort while we're away. And as we move through the wild, be sure to leave trail indicators, like x's cut into the bark of a tree as well as a cutting paths between trees. So we are able to find everyone!"
  13. -Lilium-

    Things we give up. [artifact]

    It takes a significant amount of poise not to smash the whole cinnamon roll Eshara's eating into his face. And for some reason, she really wants to indulge in that idea. Instead, Capria eyes him for less than a second before turning to walk away from him. Leaving him to do whatever he wants now that she's escaped the dryad woman's purview. “Just so we’re clear, ma’am. I don’t know you, or what your game is. But don’t get in my way, and I won’t get in yours.” Now tell me why you didn't smash his dessert in his face when you had the chance? He's just a little lost and confused. Even you can sense that much. All his comment grants him in response is a lazy shrug. Very little tends to get under her skin and that empty threat doesn't even stand a chance of scratching the surface. It doesn't even gain access to her list of priorities. So she keeps walking. “Fine by me, Soldier.” His comment about the war wound, although false in nature, adds to the slew of information she's gathered through observation. “Just so I make myself clear if you harm any of the children or your new favorite baker,” a morbidly tenacious promise spoken in the normal weight of her tone, “I will hunt you down and execute you.” With her back angled toward him and her stride carrying her further down the hallway, she adds, “Happy trails, Soldier-man.” Right arm rising, not in that of a 'goodbye', but a sideways wave of dismissal. I should really find somewhere to wash my hand before I catch what he has. Entitlement is contagious. Darkness lies ahead in unfeeling tendrils that snake from the shadows towards her. Capria feels it right down to her core. Something here just isn’t right. All the information Maggie had given her before now didn’t indicate the orphanage...or had it and they’d somehow missed it. Despite the place's comely appearance due to new ownership, there is ugliness buried beneath it. A quick roll of the shoulders to stretch them, while hands slip into the pockets of her coat. Casual tendencies ensue as thoughts and questions continue to pop up in her mind.
  14. -Lilium-

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    As soon as hey burst into the room, Capria started from the corner behind the door and swiped her gun across the lower half of the rest of the room. Empty. There is no one for her or Jack to find in the Lecture hall. Desks, chairs. Tables, papers. The room in overturned chaos the same as the hallway. Blood, dried and browning from decay is in spatterings throughout. If Jack looks closely enough he will notice that close to the podium is a tablet face down on the floor. More than likely belonging to an instructor. At first, it seems like there is hope in the room after all, even if the evidence beckons to the contrary for those who potentially lost their lives in it before they’d arrived. “I’ll take a look here, closer to the door.” Capria’s ability to endure is worsening with time. They would need to find a cure soon, otherwise...She lets the thought trail away. Perseverance is a quality she contains in spades. Death had come knocking on several occasions and she’d turned it down then, she would do the same now. Ideally, she stays close to the door, listening for intrusion into the hallway, knowing the woman is still out there on the floor. If she could get them out alive she would. But the obstacles and the infection just keep on coming. For now, she meanders through the desks and chairs. Carefully lifting a few to see if there’s anything of interest beneath flipped ones. The toe of her boot puts forth more effort than the rest of her body, however, as it pushes papers and binders around. Objectives: Make it to Outpost Grey. Search the buildings and locate an outpost map. Find the hospital. Figure out how to cure and heal the team. Overall objectives: Clear the area as much as possible. Repair and activate the elevator.