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    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    Sounds not of her own making cause her eyes to gaze over her shoulder. Capria now finding herself in the company of more than just the young blonde man she made her way to. Others, from different directions, descend on the area. Just as magnetized to him as she had been. Ubiquitous as his presence may be, it is not unfamiliar to her eyes. Some time ago, there had been a very descriptive witness statement regarding the allure of his graceful features and the terror stuck by his more commonly featured cohort. Were she here under the same circumstances that birthed her current class in life Capria might find a reason to detain him. Based on little to nothing simply because she could. But today is different. And no one cares about a dead criminal save for other criminals. So instead, she continues to watch the others approach. Silent in the emptiness of weighted calculation. The daunting task of speech growing ever closer. Hawke provides it for her by name, announcing each of them once they've all gathered. Capria does little more in this instance than direct a polite nod toward each of them. Her eyes hesitating only once. Stopping on Middy a little longer than they had the others. Recognition is a damnable thing. Before long they rest on Hawke as they did when she first stopped near him. Watching and following behind. Once through the fence, after his body is swallowed up by the mist she looks back at the others. “Watch out for trees.” It takes two steps one forward and one over. Then, she too is gone.
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    Nothing Funny About Veluriyam (Interest Check)

    @Ataraxy @danzilla3 From this I can see several environmental factors that could cause a disturbance in eco systems. Prepare for hippies waving signs wanting to preserve the jungles!
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    Makings Of Infamy [Quest] [Closed]

    "So; You understand the implication of this? Consequences, dangerous chance of horrible disfiguring death and gore? Or were you expecting a tea party?" Like an animal might, Freckles unflinchingly accepts the man’s touch, his skin exuding an extremely deathly chill for such a pink and red-blooded looking creature. If only Zion can really understand just exactly what it is that he touches and what his eyes are truly viewing across the table from him. "If you're still up for the task at hand, I'm willing to see what you're capable of. If not; Then you're wasting your time warming that seat." Zion’s examination of her in countered with a slight upturn at the corner of her mouth. The refraction of his gaze telling of his less than met expectation of her, that she does not attempt to disrupt or argue. “You know, you really couldn’t have chosen a better place to have a tea party when you really take the time to consider it. Students from the Institute frequent this Cafe more often than not. For breakfast, brunch, and even lunch. Some even come in the evenings to study. Although others choose a more hearty form of fluid and escape.” Ina had spent some time wandering around before meeting him today, a few days in fact. Picking and choosing among certain aspects for that particular opening they need. “I accidentally bumped into a young man the other day as I was leaving the Ambrose Bookshop over on Specular, you know a couple of blocks from Brilliance? Such an amiable gentleman he is. Very intelligent, and is currently working on some very interesting magitech. The idea of his face is so appealing to me, especially since his studies are closer to the mid to upper levels.” Feigning boredom, Ina’s eyes rove to her lap unleashed fingers delicately plucking some unseen particle from the hem. “He has such gorgeous yellow eyes, very similar to my own...just perfectly beautiful.” The words are said in a dull manner, a facade of appreciation shrouding the true meaning of the words she speaks. Nothing she touches stays warm for very long. Ina, normally insultingly brash and obtrusively abrasive, for once chooses silence above all else. Rather than make empty promises through speculatively chosen locution, she instead intends to show him the results of her aspirations. “Did I ever tell you my mother was born here? Long ago, in a time before technology and during the birth of the first Genesarian Airships. She was an adventurer, a scientist, a doctor. Particularly fond of plants. She worked very hard for all that she has so that she could fill the future with laborious provision now taken for granted by those she works beneath. It’s in human nature to want more than necessary, to take and destroy and infest the world around them like a disease…” Politely clearing her throat, her face lightens and a youthful smile is produced in accordance with the beauty of the day and those occupying the space around them. “I hope you don’t mind...But I have a scheduled engagement to attend. Shall we meet back here in a couple of days? That should give us both time to get what we need before discussing an approach. You scout and scavenge, and I will gain entrance…?”
  6. -Lilium-

    General chat thread

    Zoey and Josh yell the song nearly every night and jam out to it. It's hilarious....and trying at the same time. 😂
  7. -Lilium-

    Mapping the Depths

    Together, they two grew weary of one another. Fury and rage unfurl themselves in the large bony creature. Air ripping harshly enough to create gusts behind the movement of his wildly swing arms. Although the motion is sweeping both limbs toward her, the left the claymore doesn't drag very far behind the creature's fist. In fact, Selene knows that once it hits the peak of its ark the heft of the blade will overtake the might of its empty fist. Recovered from her missed strike only to endure another of his. Selene's decision comes quickly, with little time to hesitate or choose from a variety of options. She refuses to run, refuses to be taken down by some inferior undead thing. It is only a wall in her path needing to be broken down. The knight can appreciate the Horned Beast for what it is. A warrior. An unnatural fallen monstrosity fueled by the desire to destroy her, the small living woman in his way. That is her opening and his undoing. Unlike the living he has no true need or want to survive, merely existing on preternatural tendencies imbued by its undeath. If time could slow it would see her frustration faded, an expression replaced by a calm demeanor. But bearing a deathly intent. Her body is ready, her mind conducting the concert of her movements as she surges forward. Straight towards the oncoming fist and the trailing claymore. Every breath is engaging, her pulse the metronome ticking out the beat of her every step. Selene leaves the ground behind, taking a final leap into the air. To avoid the oncoming fist, in order to land on the flat of the claymore as it surpasses its peak of motion just as it begins catching up to his wildly thrown fist. A quick pivot and turn, whilst being carried nearly parallel to the ground, and she's charging up the blade. Again, she uses the momentum of his blade against him, but this time both arms and his upper torso are moving, forcing his skeletal frame to shift. Including the cervical vertebrae of his neck all the way up to his helmeted skull. Her strike, so as not to be impeded by the turn of his head left in her direction, comes from the left. A diagonal slash following his own bodies motion his own claymore assisting the force of her blades swing as it slams into his neck to remove his skull. For good.
  8. -Lilium-

    General chat thread

    This song has been stuck in my head since I looked at the little gif. Lmao! MOOOOOMMY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO!
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    Fury of the Gods

    Aunoma cannot deny the power of Reinhardt's lungs. The echo of his scream reverberates painfully off the metal and containers inside the storage compartment as it follows him into the turbulent winds caused by the flying craft. In order to procure a better visualization of his imminent demise, she clips a safety line around herself. All so that she can lean out the open doorway without being sucked out into the air after him. Beyond the veil of her wind whipping hair, she watches him regain his balance and take flight. The next thing she knows he's at the door and in her face wearing the craziest expression. Baby birds don't have the audacity to react so shamefully when they finally take flight...or do they? The excitement of finally leaving the nest. Feeling the force of the wind beneath their wings and soaring to parts unknown at a single beat, with such a gentle lengthy glide. “WHAT THE FUCK!? YOU’RE LUCKY I DIDN'T DIE AND THIS CONTRAPTION WORKED!" Still holding onto the doorframe, she shrugs lazily at his loud scolding. As if anything he said would turn back time and change what she did. And again she would do it, over and over. Just to watch the terror in his eyes only to transform into the miraculous excited delight soon to take its place. "Go try a few of the maneuvers we practiced. Make sure the gear works, and adjust as necessary. After that, we'll try to see well the accessories hold up!" That, of course, entails the use of run fiber cables. Thin lines that hook up to the belted unit to provide their rifle a boost while in flight. In truth, this is the connection Aunoma fears most. The extra power against the tiny exalta-magitech engine could truly cause an explosion if the connection isn't true, even more so if the user cannot tune into the runes and manage both properly. Not that she would explain it to Reinhardt while he's testing it. He would either experience it himself, or they would come out triumphant. And find out sooner than later, they would.
  10. -Lilium-

    Rowan; Scaling the Heights of Tragedy

    Pieces of paper, providing their ability to cut, would do nothing to stop Amarosa. Even the little elf beneath her teeth knows this. It cannot be denied. She could send a thousand messages and warnings, only to receive nothing for her trouble but an inner change in the end. Rowan will fall under heel as Rinoa demands of it and its people will become part of her demonic army against the rest of Athentha. No matter the fight left in Wyrn, Amarosa doesn't budge. The nails scraping against her do little to unhinge her from the woman's neck. Then, she feels hope radiate from the elf, followed shortly thereafter by sheer terror. The letter hadn't helped anyone. It was too late and the target Rinoa sent her after had instead presented itself to her like a beautifully wrapped gift. “By order of Elder Cassandra, you are to come with me. You are to release the woman before you and come willingly to the castle. You are to drop any weapon you have. And to not try anything tricky demon. Now, put your hands around you and let me tie you up.” Outwardly she presents as defeated, and caught off guard by the night. But the armored woman is clearly defined in the reflection of Wyrn's eyes. As instructed she releases the disgusting little elf and proceeds to right herself. Leaning her frame back against her earthbound legs and slowly moving her hands behind her back. Amarosa waits, moving slowly as if afraid to bring about the wrath of the Knight's blade when in reality she waits for the right moment to spring.
  11. -Lilium-

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    Crackling burning paper and herbs, flickering reddened light… Adds to the shining sun hanging so far above the ocean of mist coursing across the eerily swaying treetops below. One wrong step along the cliffs beyond the dead metallic fence could send someone flying toward the unseen ground below. An intriguing vision. Words have a tendency to linger. And those written in curved scrawl on the namelessly signed paper she read days ago haunt her still. ‘What Justice do you serve? Is that which you wield for yourself, for the church, or for the people? How are we so different than the Justice you so ardently believe in?…’ They are like daggers, slowly penetrating the heart and soul she thought she possessed. If only to make an opening that allows the escape of a new form of illumination. ‘Who are you, if not Justice?’ The print she had not recognized, but the seal pressed into the paper at the bottom she had. ‘Maybe you can answer it with a trip...a visit to Outpost Grey in the Shiddidark.’ Despite the unspoken amount of knowledge hoarded, Capria does not have answers to all of the questions asked her. Yet here she stands with the warmth of the sun's rays at her back, and the chill of the unknown shadowy world below broken by the woven links of thin tendrils of metal against her face. The vibration and rattle of which, causes her to turn her head and spot an entity further along the fence line. His head little more than a glittering yellow dot as clouds repeatedly blot out and release the light overhead. The hand-rolled cigarette is dropped. Put out with the simplicity of a forward step in Hawke’s direction and the crushing sole of her boot.
  12. -Lilium-

    Things we give up. [artifact]

    Current Location: Hell’s Gate, Terrenus; Northern District - westside; Frederick’s Antiquities on West 53rd street. It was too late to stop the excited child from entering before her. Rather than be concerned she uses this opportunity as an experiment of chance. Caim’s youthful curiosity just may serve the greater good of this less than meaningful endeavor to gain information. With the child engaged elsewhere, she steps inside to take a look for herself. Fingers trail along a bookshelf, cutting edges into the thick lining of dust so heavily settled upon its wooden surface. Too thick for such a lucrative and busy underground space. It isn’t until the tiny hairs on the back of her neck begin to prickle from the faintest sensation of warmth tickling her ear. It happens to answer quite a few inner questions had begun to formulate in her mind. Where….are they? How long has this place been empty? And where is the door---got you… Capria had witnessed this form of magic before, illusionary. Sometime between opening the door and entering, the smell of earth and dust had been flecked with that otherworldly darkness. Shadows to be more precise. Tear it open. Is this all you need me for? Just using me to find things….like a dog? Let me know when you-- It’s to the left of the door, I have it. Capria is already spinning on her heels, fingers reaching out to take hold of something unseen in the air. And with a few whispered tones a sizzle and pop echo throughout the extremely cluttered shop. Revealing that it is not as unkempt or empty as she and the child had first presumed. Her other nature, having dug its claws into the rift of a shadowy curtain to tear it open, had been timed fairly dramatically. Once the shadows evaporate it leaves a mans throat caught in grip of her clenched hands. “Le’gooooo….” His gurgling frustrated aspirations at first bring him to grapple with her fingers, although she isn’t applying enough pressure to harm him. Just giving the cretin a warning about the personal space of others. His having breathed down her neck while unseen, quite disturbingly disgusting to her. The next thing she knows his eyes widen in terror, both hands waving wildly and pointing at Caim. And a soon as she releases the man he lets out a shrill shriek. “DON’T OPEN THAT!!!!” Oops, Too late. Caim’s curiosity and Capria’s allowance of it cause a rupturing explosion of books. Shreds of paper confetti the room as soon as Caim peels the edge of the no longer a crate but a chest open to reveal a very green and very angry three-headed infantile Hydraxean. “Whatever you do, get away from it, and don’t kill it!” Capria lays out her command to Caim more severely than motherly figure ever might. “They’re endangered. We can’t kill it, we need to trap it. If it bites you...we’ll be in trouble.” As the younger versions of the more mature creature have yet to gain the ability necessary to manage the injection of their venomous bite. "YOU! Don't go anywhere!!" "Please catch it! It hates me!! I'll do anything you ask, just put it back, okay?!?!?" The disheveled man, released from her clutches, dives beneath a desk covered in stacks of random boxes and books in an attempt to hide from her and the creature at the same time. @Chappu Roll # 1: Catching the infant Hydraxean ALIVE!
  13. -Lilium-

    Symposium Against Doom

    Her first initiative during the brief break is to examine the food. Catered and permeating the air with delicious fragrances. Capria cannot help but take a look see at what lies spread across the table. A few different types of sandwiches, pastries (from farmhouse De'Laire), cheeses, meats, various forms of relish-tray produce with dips, and of course beverages. Something nourishing for possibly every individual present. Due to the last conversation, however, she finds herself less tempted to eat the food than gaze over it for a few moments. It isn’t too long before she retakes her seat and receives the next discussion installment pamphlet. Carefully reviewing it before speaking with the baton once more accepted and in hand. The thoughts that rattle through her brain are twisted. “Well, what happens if we close the genus loci? Stop the flow from the spirit world into our world from those specific points? Would they continue to spread and manifest elsewhere, or would the genus loci shut down completely? And what do we presume the outcome of such a deed to be? I do enjoy the idea of finding a way to limit their growth and spread, but as stated… Using the Cedar’s to corral them may incidentally make things worse, rather than favorable. I can attest to the fact that spirits are not always fond of being bound to a specific place for too long a time period. Instead, like the genus loci of the Cedar’s produced by us in planting them, are other genus loci held to the same standard? Is there a way to use what caused them to form, against their further spread? In the same way of not planting anymore Cedar’s?”
  14. -Lilium-

    Dragon's Fire [Stonehaven]

    “Gabriela is being fought over like a piece of meat by a pair of rabid dogs. She went from being Raphael’s Tethered to now sitting on the throne under the stewardship of the Devil of Patia. I don’t think she’s in command of anything anymore. The paradise she once hoped to make has become her prison.” A blossoming smile livens the cold hard features of her deathly face. Only adding to the glow of her ethereal eyes as she watches Lucis’ thoughts change from sorrow into strength. It can be said that sometimes when feeling weak and vulnerable, a push from the twisted words of another can help one to find their true beliefs. The fury of their heart in the darkest of places can be brought to face the light they so tenderly reach for, with more ferocity and fight. As much as Lyrae had given up on herself, she had never truly let go of her reverence or duty. Merely having wandered in the shadows, watching, waiting, ruminating on what could have been and what may be. His presence reminds her of these duties and needs to protect and serve their Queen and the people who hold her so much in love. They suffer, as she suffers. Shrouded darkness falls across a once greatened land like a veil waiting to be cut in just the right way so that the moon's rays can once more cast themselves down onto the beautiful ground. “You’re right. We need to help your Mother, our Queen. It’s time to return home…”
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