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  1. My apologies! Posting will resume tonight after I get home from class!

    Thank you for your patience and understanding, it is appreciated.

  2. Alright, apparently it is time to get serious. 

    Our county has shut down due to Hurricane Florence, zone A is currently being evacuated because they are right off of the coast, and we in Zone B are hunkering down and playing the waiting game. 

    I am going to do my best to get posts out first thing in the morning, because once the rain hits our power usually goes out anyways but this time it may last a little longer, so I do not know when I will be able to post again. The rain is supposed to start up again tomorrow afternoon. 

    I hope for those of you in the really bad areas, that you are safe. Take care and sleep well!

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    2. Rin


      Dude. Don't worry about rps. You take care of yourself and make sure you're being safe. 

      Hopefully you get the power back and it doesn't hit you too bad


    3. -Lilium-


      I honesty don't think it's going to get too bad here. We may have some flooding because we have a lot of standing water and the power will definitely go out. But my heart really goes out to the people in the Carolinas. The people here in Virginia have lost their minds, and a lot of people are suffering because of their shenanigans. 

    4. Rin


      My condolences and prayers and stuff goes out to those people. Must be tough to go through a hurricane

  3. Who is this.....Mag person?

    1. Mag


      who are they?

      or who do they think they are?


    2. -Lilium-


      Very good questions.

  4. -Lilium-

    Soul of the storm.

    Music, rhymic and lively, causes her heart to fall in step with its beat. Bodies surround her, bouncing and swaying toward her from various directions. Had she the motivation to move, rather than standing still among them, her body might use the sounds of the instrumentals to prove its physicality existent. Instead, a mind programmed to be a steel trap engages in calculative observation. Fluidly rolling bodies slow beneath her gaze while her eyes take in the full measure of each individual presence and their adherence to the laws of motion. How long this is done before a voice sweetened by sugary intent incorporates itself on her awareness is unknown. "Excuse me, Ms." A turn and shift of stature, an adjustment of eyes on this Lemoine Persona are indicative of regained focus. The woman possesses an unfamiliar face and cloth texture of frame that Aunoma does not immediately recognize, but administers a passive smile and nod toward. On cue, slender fingers greet those extended to them in a gesture of polite greeting; a firm and acceptable form of making acquaintance. "Welcome to Stonehaven, Ms. Persona." Multiple sets of eyes regard them, two very different beings from two very different lands shaded by the colors of their nations. "I apologize for the awkwardness the people exclaim in your direction, it is not too often that we receive foreigners. Especially ones as elegant as yourself." The shadowy presence of Stonehaven's current state of affairs quite obvious to the brightly natured visitor before her. Curiosity is a fickle thing, able to make or break those in want of whatever knowledge it is they seek in being so. Aunoma regards the woman with undue respect while identifying with her similar modicum of authority. Lemoine obviously someone of great importance in Renovatio compared to the small Guardianship Aunoma holds over the island of Stonehaven. "May I ask what brings you down here to us?" Although she is aware of the floating land masses, she knows very little of their people or government; or at least feigns a lack of knowledge while acquiescing in acknowledgment of their influence across Valucre.
  5. -Lilium-

    Gathering Materials!!

    Archer. I just saw this. Omergd
  6. -Lilium-

    Fury of the Gods

    At first Reinhardt’s tribulations regarding the gear adorning his frame, seems to go ignored. Aunoma deep in thought and caught between the matrix of a rifle and the flight gear. So many variables dance in her head; little faeries intent on driving her mad via numerous equations. Eventually, his fear tugs her in. Cool teal-faceted eyes gaze emptily at him before she sets aside the stack of laborious diagrams and schematics in her lap. Sliding them onto a nearby crate where she places a box on top to keep them from flying around or falling loosely to the floor. Why? For reasons not yet disclosed. Windows and doors on their portion of the airship currently sealed shut. Nice and tight. Nimble fingers, once she engages her subject, pull and tighten the straps of Reinhardt’s gear while she expounds on him the effort placed in his safety. “Here take a look,” she tightens a strap and locks the clip in place at his shoulder before extending her arm out in front of him. The square watch on her wrist comes to life in neon blues and greens, highlighted words in red. The images are hologram pages fluidly structured side-by-side. “This is what you are wearing. It is not only designed to enhance combative strength but also has fail safes with the wearer in mind, should you not adhere to the course instructions as you were taught.” A tap from a finger at the end of the opposing arm zooms in on the rear portion of the pack; the thick circular clasp holding the criss-crossed straps on the back of the harness. “There is a parachute with a tracking beacon attached to it. Well...on this design, there’s one. On yours, we haven’t implemented it yet. We need to make sure the engine works first before we tweak anything else.” Once she's shown him her arm drops and while squaring up in front of him she takes stock of his concerned expression. “Now as for exploding. It could happen should you accidentally burn out the exalta core over your chest. Which could potentially interfere with the synapses of your heart as well as blow your head clean from your shoulders while filling your body with shrapnel from the salerian steel casing.” Aunoma provides this answer calmly, her expression blank as she continues. “Just remember, the sensors in the engine depend on your ability to clearly define your intentions. The magic imbued on the parts in combination with the exalta crystal allows you to boost past the force of gravity, enabling flight and allows you to move through the air because your body chooses for it to do so. Just make your best attempt to maneuver yourself the same as you would on the ground.” The side door pops open, one of the engineers yelling to them out over the rush of wind whipping past it as the ship continues its forward momentum. “We’ve reached the projected height you requested Ma’am!!” When notified, Aunoma does a few different things. Waves and gives the guy a thumbs up from over her shoulder. “Alright!” Nods at Reinhardt while checking his traps one last time. “You are indeed, good to go.” Grabs the front of Reinhardt’s shirt for good measure. “Don’t look down!” And pushes the man back out the door and off of the airship. “Ma’am?!?!” “He’ll be fine. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”
  7. -Lilium-

    Aralyn's Aspyn Adventure [closed]

    I decided just the other day to take a look around this old beat up Isle. Yet, despite my original thoughts on the matter I could not help but engage in seeking out both the darkness and the light shining upon this broken and scarred piece of land. It intrigues me, draws me out of my personal reverie to distinguish between two different sides of the same coin. The destruction that began another battle...for an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. A small mass at that. And the people who fought to salvage and preserve the goodness left in it. To each his or her own. But history prevails upon us the knowledge that this happens to Biazo more often than necessary. Destroy, build, destroy, and build again. Today I venture into a fresher aspect, a new and unfamiliar place brought to our world by some of the people who spent numerous days and months cleaning up after the 'bad' people who shook the snowglobe and sent everything everywhere. "The weary traveler placed her heels together, locked at the ankles as she stopped in the roadway. A face filled with astonishment...--no-no-no-scratch that last sentence Journey...Begin again-An expression filled with the amazement of new beginnings in the face of death and chaos. The unnatural scourge, though lingering in the shadows, is not present here. Afraid that stepping across the borders between Biazo proper and Aspyn will lead to their certain demise." I, of course, choose a deeper voice near the end of my sentence in order to inflect the dark and dastardly nature of Death-incarnate on those terrified of facing the ultimate end. That's just how I do things in my world, and 'I' am Eleanor Cornelius Trapps and this is how I choose to function. I take a few steps from here, heading towards the unknown with a smile and a skip in my step. More often than not I have a tendency to react and display an all knowing knowledge of the world I struggle to survive in when in reality I know little to nothing about it. I recant the daily lives of myself and the environment within my immediate proximity but find myself constantly wondering if I really know what is going on. When people look at me, I think they see a frail, skinny, short, and very young traveler dressed a little too well for the tale-teller that I am. I am outward and vocal, and proud of my ability to give adequate amounts of verbal description to multiple scenarios throughout the day. Detailed or otherwise. My arrival to Aspyn isn't marked by anything spectacular or out of the ordinary, as traveler's from the center of the Isle can make their way here at any time. Mostly in bands of refugees still deciding on what to do with themselves. But like I said, I don't know these people yet or their purpose. I am just...present. Following some of them through thick humid treescapes in attempt to meet with the settlement. To lay my eyes upon it and tell the different stories of its people in order to spread them across the world in loquacious words of grande entitlement to their endeavor! Did I mention my mind tends to stray? Because it does, quite frequently. When the main portion of my travel is done and I pluck the last bug from my short dark hair, I feast my gaze on the place in an attempt to absorb everything they trail along. "So the girl engages a friendly face or two and steps forth into the world with no greater expectation than finding the person who will grant her the syllables to tell a story. One step, two steps, and she suddenly encounters the backside of a golem with which she has no idea how to converse with." I move away from the bulk of moving stone rather quickly. It makes me feel tiny and inadequate at the moment. Not to mention it doesn't fit my idea of a being to tell me much of anything outside of the griding of rock on rock when it looks at my quickly exiting frame. Eerie. "Excuse me there!" I meet with a stout fellow who looks at me quizzically, and I again think of my small build and pristine outerwear. "What can I do for you, young miss?" A simple, but loaded question. I beg to decipher these means of communication by reciting fine words of a storyteller notion. But I have to check myself and bow respectfully at my apparent elder. "I would like to find a guide. A person to tell me stories of a happy nature in order to represent the new growth and development of Aspyn to the rest of Terrenus and even possibly the world." I don't enjoy the next expression to roll over his face. It states confusion and the fact he thinks me young and incapable, and naive. "Um...well. Maybe you should visit Miss Aralyn. She's new here and has been helping out a lot. A very happy young lady that helps to shine a light on our previously darkened days." I nod and continue smiling as politely as I can before telling him 'Thank you' and departing to find this person. But I soon realize I have no idea where to look. "TRY THE LUMBER YARD!" He yells after me as I shrink into the distance in a haphazard-looking in multiple directions as if I have just turned into a chicken and had my head lobbed off. "YOU CAN'T MIS HER, SHE'S GREEN LIKE THE LEAVES OF A TREE!" What on Valucre does that even mean?!?
  8. -Lilium-

    Twist of Fate {Karmathen}

    Weben's reaction toward the group of strangers suddenly appearing as if from nowhere, is acceptable in Idora's opinion. Although a narrow brow rises along her forehead with the redhead's sudden disappearance, shock and surprise do not play a role on the elf's cool narrow features. Pointed as they are, her ears digress to pick and choose the words she deigns to respond to. It is a matter of manner. There are things for her to do and she isn't one to take a personal invitation lightly. How does one receive an invite to a special and secretive land of Fae? By animal of course. Idora's kind nature and tendencies give her an upper hand in dealing with different species not bidden by means of extensive thought or humanoid society. As she holds a preference for those of the living that are unable to defend against the atrocities of the world in the way that the humanoids can. A defender of nature and life, who holds an interesting proposition for a particularly intriguing individual somewhere beyond the roots of the tree Weben slipped through. Directed at each of the women left on this side of the portal, she gives a gentle and polite nod. Belaying a verbal understanding of the influence that the tree offers to each of their set of senses. "You see, the tree is imbued with a particular magic, so I've been told. But we must tread carefully in the borders our new acquaintance just slipped into. Follow, don't follow...just remember to mind your manners. I have a feeling the being who asked me here is not one....to be...disrespected by any measure. Especially by those of us non-Fae folk." The correspondence between the two from the chittering of animals had not been entirely pleasant, marring Idora's attitude as less than enthusiastic to entertain the whims of one so very high in their own mental hierarchy. Put politely as possible at the forefront of her mind. "I am going after her." With that, she steps forward and takes a short breath to asses the idea before actually passing through the base of the tree. Having held her breath, not helpful by much, keeps her from tipping sideways from the dizzy-spell wreaking havoc on her equilibrium. But much like Weben before her, she manages to right herself and move onward from the entry spot to ensure that any behind her do not step on her as they come through.
  9. -Lilium-

    [OOC] Twist of Fate

    I am taking care of it right now. I apologize, but I needed a break yesterday.
  10. -Lilium-


    Scaled Mongoose Species: Omnivorous | Rodent Dimensions: 34 - 68 cm long & up to 7 kgs Abilities: Magic Resistant Armored Back; from nose to tail tip. Attributes: Scaled Mongoose are best known for the thick magic resistant armor-like scales that line the dorsal portion of their pelt. When they feel threatened or are in danger of being eaten they roll themselves into a tightly coiled armored ball. Each scale boasts thin sharp edges, that can cause an agitated and quick-to-bite predator to choke and die if the Scaled Mongoose gets lodged in their throat. More often than not, when this happens, the mongoose simply unravels itself and makes a hasty exit. Scaled mongoose are rarely seen in groups, as they are solitary creatures. Gathering only in the spring for the mating season to pair up with a viable partner and then go on their separate ways. When first born the pups stay with their mother for a couple of months until she abandons them to their own devices, as they are expected to be able to fend for themselves beyond that point. Scaled Mongoose usually like to feast on smaller rodents, crustaceans, fish, and some plant life/berries found in the marshlands. Locations: Marshlands
  11. -Lilium-


    Nibbebuns Species: Rabbit | Omnivorous Dimensions: 24 - 30 cm from nose to tail & 400-600 grams in weight Abilities: Wild Magic Attributes: Nibbebuns are believed to be related to a similar species of rabbits known to inhabit the Wilds of Terrenus. How or why their ancestors were smuggled onto Stonehaven is a mystery. Unlike your garden-variety bunny, these little creatures tote various amounts of wild magic within each of them. The type of magic can vary from Nibbebun to Nibbebun, so when encountered it is wise to take notice any possible fluctuations in the environment surrounding them, as well as making the best attempt possible to not startle them. For when startled they are known to wreak havoc on humanoid beings, other animals, and the environment. This is not always done defensively or offensively but is rather just an immediate reaction to the sudden appearance or noise of a trespasser/predator. Like their sister species of ‘average’ rabbits, they are known to breed rapidly and in large numbers; normally only kept in check by predators and beast hunters. The best time for predators to take advantage of eating these creatures is during winter. Nibbebuns live in burrows and sometimes the root beds of trees and spend most of the winter hibernating, which tends to make them easy targets. Nibbenuns eat a wide variety of plant life and insects and are relatively fond of brackleberries that grow on bushes in the forest. Location: Various; throughout the wilds of Stonehaven.
  12. -Lilium-


    Eldigar Species: Herbivore| Elk Dimensions: 1.8 - 2.3 m tall & 340 - 420 kgs in weight Abilities: Manipulation of Electricity Attributes: When first looked upon, these giant beasts can be terribly frightening, as they should be. They can travel in herds of up to 15 and each herd is led by a protective and territorial male referred to as a bull. The most interesting aspects of these creatures are their ability to attract lightning. The bone tips of their four horns are very similar to the structure of steel and absorb and release electrical currents at the will of the Eldigar wielding it. Despite their ability to use it for defensive purposes, the main and true use is for the males and females to prove themselves worthy to be herd members and mates. They do this in brilliant displays of electrical power that send veins and sparks from their horns back into the sky while stomping their hooves and trotting around in the traditional Eldigar dance; the sounds of which closely imitate the many small storms that Stonehaven endures on a daily basis. Eldigar are partial to mating during Fall when the winter storm season is about to begin as it provides them with the best opportunity to gather large quantities of electricity from striking lightning. Once their horns are charged, they are able to store that energy for lengthy periods of time and can unleash it in different quantities. Due to the number of storms that pass over Stonehaven, engaging these creatures is not recommended and we suggest giving them an extremely wide birth when encountered. Location: The Marshlands
  13. -Lilium-

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    I agree with this, as well as your originally posted content. I feel that if anyone is to participate in such behavior, they had better be ready to play ball or get off the field.
  14. -Lilium-

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    I believe the example would be along the lines of... Dr. Concordia assists with the destruction of Biazo, is placed on the bounty list, but I disobey every attempt at apprehension and the character ignores other PC's that attempt to do so as well. So, I and the Dr, would be punished by having that effort and work removed from canon...? Is this what ya'll meant?