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  1. .:AFV NOTICE:.

    03/28 - 04/04

    I have already spoken with several of you, but let me tell it again for everyone. I will be AFV from tomorrow(Wednesday) early afternoon until Wednesday night of next week. My husband is coming home from deployment tomorrow and we plan to have family time with us and the kids for the weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please feel free to skip me in the posting order. I do not wish to keep any activity for a thread from being lost. 

    With that being said, I will make sure I post to all of my owed threads tomorrow morning. The only thread I will post for during my AFV will be for MOBS because it is a timed event, and I do not want to give the satisfaction of a free immediate win. 

    I hope the weekend and the rest of the days I do not see you go well for you all! :kiss:

    To the thread leaders, tournament runners, and family thread friends!! If you feel I have forgotten you, I am sorry, but please believe me when I say I haven't I just wanted to tag those of people in charge of threads and projects of which I am participating in at the present time. 

    @Fierach @EpicRome23 @Lacernella Rubra @Fallen Joy @supernal @Praetorian @Pasion Pasiva @Cinder @Rin @Chappu @Alexei @Garion @Aleksei @Hurttoto @The Hummingbird

    1. princeben07


      LILY!!! you come BACK now, ya hear? we will MISS YOU!!! enjoy your time with the family okay? HAVE some fun!!! I'll tell Sarah her auntie Lily says hello!!! ^_^

      LILY CAT!!!



    2. Raptor


      Give Josh all the hugs! 

    3. Rin


      Have fun, we can rp when you get back ?

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