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  1. Whits is trying to knock Boron off the Bridge, the Mysterious Stranger (my character Lilium) was running to save him...and injected Whits with a love potion by accident. And is telling everyone to run away from Whits...and she's chillin at the castle waiting for Boron and Mayu....and a temporarily love sick Whits.
  2. -Lilium-

    The Collector

    | The Collector | Cruel World by Phatogram Dig by Incubus Live Forever by Oasis Bound for the Floor by Local H Zombie by The Cranberries Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America SCREWS by Dreamers Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore Running with the Wolves by AURORA Karma Police by Radiohead Bury Me Face Down by Grandson My Blood by Twenty One Pilots Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots Art by -Lilium- Coding Template by Csl
  3. Auto Injector: Featherspice(Light-headedness) + Caraway(Euphoria) + Carnivora(Adrenaline) @amenities Please do me the honors of taking a couple rolls and having Whit look deeply into the eyes of his new love interest. Roll a 1d6 for length of effect (1-6 posts depending on roll) Roll a 1d6 for the temporary love of Whit’s life. Boron Lilium Mayu Ulway Random Plant Random Animal If you were looking at it on mobile, it won't show up properly due to the way it's formatted. There's only one image, and it's the one I painted for Lilium and the Nibbebun she has hidden in her case. ^-^
  4. Again with the incessant wobbling. Not looking, nooooot looking. One booted foot in front of the other is the method that carries the Mysterious Stranger forward. Determination is key when traveling into the unknown...along with careful footing. Oh for the love! A severe tilt has one leaning against rope railing. Slimy mossy thing that it is, digging against the waist. Familiarity rings loudly, Boron's cry for help being genuine. Rolling one’s eyes comes naturally as imaginings of the man being tangled in the rope, or halfway fallen through the wooden planks, or an itsy bitsy spider crawling on his arm, plays through the skull. Deep inhale, spin of the heels, and surprise! Whits had come undone. Pinning the poor boy to the planks in an attempt to teach him a flying lesson he very possibly could have asked for. Now one finds themself running haphazardly into the fray. Their distance to this wanderer much closer from running to catch up. One cannot help but slip and slide due to the weathered condition of the bridge. All the while attempting to dig around in the case on their hip to procure...anything really. But suddenly feet are out from under them and like a tree alone in the woods begins to fall.In order to keep from kissing the bridge arms fly out to brace for impact darting the object they'd procured from their hand. The intended mark holds true, the aim however was incredibly sloppy and accidentally and it prongs into Whit's arm. An auto injector. Fancy little thing that it is does its duty. One’s eyes widen is shock and fear as they right themself. Hurriedly turning back towards the risen castle and running for what all it's worth. "Run! Run away from him!" Why did one carry such a dangerous thing around? Who knows...then again it tends to make good money. Those in need of affection from the people they cannot have brings in a serious cash flow for special things. Like an extra milkshake for a trip they didn’t know they’d be taking. Love potion #37 ½ , born from ideals similar to the Hills of Noddendoddy. Had one really believed something like this would happen… Oopsie daisy. Auto Injector: Featherspice(Light-headedness) + Caraway(Euphoria) + Carnivora(Adrenaline) @amenities Please do me the honors of taking a couple rolls and having Whit look deeply into the eyes of his new love interest. Roll a 1d6 for length of effect (1-6 posts depending on roll) Roll a 1d6 for the temporary love of Whit’s life. Boron Lilium Mayu Ulway Random Plant Random Animal It’s beautiful. Even the scent allures to something wonderful. The jungle hosting some vibrantly colorful flowers and greenery. Despite how quickly the scenery closes in on her running frame, Lilium can still sense it. Although, not unlike other areas of the world, it boasts ambient humidity that instantly condenses against her skin. Since she hastened to escape the havoc she herself wrought-even though accidental-everything is more clearly seen. Trickling water takes the main stage, where it runs freely from the edge of the island and spilling into the ocean below. Unsure of where they are, she chances a glance over her shoulder, hugging her bag more tightly to her side. Needing to skirt the rim of the waters to get herself to the entryway of the castle. The woman has no regrets at the moment. Pleasantly intrigued by her surroundings and taking them all in. The panoramic view from where she stands elicits a complacent sigh. Ahh, memories. It had been some time since she’d visited Fracture, let alone took any sort of adventure. Nostalgia ensues. Still, for the matter of a castle that spent time under the salted sea, the structure of the outside doesn’t appear too damaged. Just overgrown with spindly vines and flowers. How odd that an entire jungle just...popped up with no real change. While she awaits the arrival of her party members, Lilium takes to looking around. Gently playing with waxy leaves and scraping her nails against stone to approximate the depth of moss and lichen strewn about it. art by -Lilium-
  5. Absolutely not! I believe what @amenities meant for Mayu, is that she should be able to sense there's definitely something off about Whits since she bumped into him.
  6. Don't worry, what's going to be used will fit the current mood of the thread. It may be ridiculous though, be prepared.
  7. BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY!!! @desolate milkshake Let's get 'im! Zenghia mandragora + Necronium vera + Hypericum perforatum @
  8. It happened so fast she didn't have time to prepare. CREEAAAAAAAK! BOOM! Keanu had barely registered the fireball before feeling the rebound of its power. Due to having been leaning to take a look at Shina, she's bowled over. The entire mecha doesn't so much wobble as topple backwards. Crashing to the ground and bouncing the two women encased within . Sterling is the first to scramble out. Tears staining her face while taking in the damage to her machine. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!" Like the precious thing that it is to her she ensues with utterances of 'my baby', 'what have they done to you', 'I'll fix it', 'why is this happening to me?!'. A broken record of rambling and assessing the melted and charred extremity. Keanu has to push a few part laden cases from her frame before she's able to climb out. Rather than yell she takes a look at Sterling and finds her well enough to shift her gaze to Shina. Apologies drop like rain and the woman is sensible enough to know Shina hadn't intended any harm. "It's okay--" The other one? ...She must mean David and I. "The metallic suit in the woods is my partner, David. We encountered an electrical disturbance...and… I'll build a skiff to get him later on." Aside from the mecha the path of the fireball ball is singed into the ground. In such a way as to allow her to slide from her spot and stand on the ground. Heat from which she can feel radiating in steamy waves around her legs. Nice. "I'm Keanu Lark, that's Sterling." A thumb-jut over the shoulder indicates the panicking neurotic. "We've been through some pretty bad stuff, so it's nothing she can't fix. Don't dwell or worry on it. Things happen." Being, although winding, there is a path that can get her closer to the opalescent wall, Keanu devises a plan. “Sterling, grab our gear we’re going in.” And offhandedly due to her ability, “You’re welcome to join us.”
  9. You can post now, if you have time? Amenities, desolate milkshake, and I posted yesterday. So you have another day or two before the next round begins. Zigzag had to step out of the thread for the time being.
  10. You're a monster. Just remember, they love herds and y'all are clustered in the middle.
  11. LOL. I have been waiting for something terrible to happen to my character being that they're allll alooooone up front.
  12. Before they’d departed one couldn’t help but grab their belongings and skip in step to keep up with the rest of the traveling party. No room for dawdling shuffling feet as one would say. Their jive seems endless, one nearly losing their head to a branch having twisted to the side while trying to avoid hanging vines. Shimmy, duck, twist, turn, and pluck. Some ways along the path the idea to snap on a pair of gloves occured to the being. Rubberbanding the hems just enough to create a sharp echo that dies in the density of the jungle. Every so often an inch or less of wonder is plucked and tubed into varying glass jars that seem to endlessly appear before disappearing again. Samples, so many samples. One could lose track with so much gathering being done. But it is systematic in nature. Well refined movements having been honed and practiced for a possibility of ‘too many years’. Had one really stopped to think about it they may have realized they’d been on a now wobbling bridge. Kneeling and scraping salty moss from a plank only to find oneself alone. Although Boron had been ahead, his kindness put him back a few steps. Distractions forcing him to slip and slide and slow, while Whits scared witless by personal fear is pushed along by the Ulways, and well one lost sight of Philip and Mayu due to the nearly single file line trailing behind. Leaving this one to traipse ahead. Too far ahead. Boron's folly bringing one to take a closer look at their placement when jostled underfoot. A bridge. The path is gone, and one finds themself on an old wooden bridge. Well I’ll be damned. Rather than wait, movements are instead slowed. Allowing curiosity to catch up with it before getting so far ahead as to become some sort of lost along the way. Not that one isn't okay with being alone or anything. But still...
  13. I am two for two in the failing department. I initially looked at the wrong die...tried to type that here...and rolled again. What I wanted to say is....'I feel as though my character is about to get an earful.' Since they are at a position of 6 with Boron.
  14. Please remind me again of what I need to type in order to roll. It's been a great deal of time.
  15. It is a slow sip, a savoring of the flavor and its intermingling scent. The steam of which condenses lightly against her features as she holds the mug to her lips. Echoing from beyond the liquid filled container, “You’re right… ‘best’ is better defined by the individual.” At only a fraction, intrigued brows rise in response to the dedication placed on defining the attributes to that of which is being consumed. But doesn’t freeze the gentle sipping.Rather it commences here and there throughout Isabel’s speaking. Saira absorbs the information initially following suit with silent reflection before commiting to a response. “In small quantities it could aid the ill, possibly thin the blood just so in a way to allow better circulation in the veins.” An anatomical review of dulled down qualities. Tending to wander when such ideas are graced upon it, her mind delves into that before being reanimated by directly aimed questions toward her person. “Ahh yes...an unrefined necromancer bound by shadows. It’s not a terrible existence in the least. I find the mainland comfortable enough.” Thus far she’d yet to meet with any negativity as to whom or what she consists of. Undoubtedly there wouldn’t be an ounce of animosity in her for the living if there were. There’s no telling until it happens. “My interest lies in the realm of study. This nature includes witnessing differing levels of decay and how they affect the land they attempt to envelop. Death always calls out to me, similarly as a siren does to a seafarer I suppose.” Again she takes a few seconds to sip, think, sip again. “I feel as though you have a greater handle on the area than I myself ever might. I know of someone who’d come here in aid of what people were left, though I am unaware of the actions taken to do so. Our conversations are minimal at best, if there is any speaking at all.” To deviate from that topic she returns with her own form of inquisition, “Being no longer the Priestess you stated you used to be, why are you still here?” Aimlessly she drops a hand to gently stroke the large head weighing down her lap. “Do you think you can show us where this ‘thing’ is by any chance?” Flight of ideas takes hold, maybe she is indeed looking for something larger than she originally surmised. Then again not all answers are born to be found.
  16. They charge towards her rear in time to witness her blade erupt from the kneeling elite's spine. Well accustomed to its weight, adjustment in its hold comes naturally. Cries of pain reach her from beyond the still living body and unhesitant quick moving steps echo from behind. Only one can be addressed at a time. Being there is a moving wall separating her from the Custodes Selene chooses to engage those attempting to attack her backside first. Even though their footfalls aren’t paired in unification she can gauge and count them. Listening to the variances they cause against their metallic surroundings. Selene awaits their arrival, not turning to meet their propelling momentum until such a sound as them closing in on her is emitted. Trapping them with their own furied movement. It's then that she turns and drops allowing their attack to penetrate the occiput and neck of the elite behind and above where she had been. Strands of golden hair flit aimlessly to the ground as they are severed from their once shared mass of tendrils. "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" they both screamed. Her timing had done wonders, but was closer than she would have preferred. Sword in her left, rifle still in her right she shoves them upward, a deadly sapphire gleam taking in the surprised gazes of their enemy. One has her blade sliding through his midsection, the other the butt of the rifle crushing into its torso just below the sternum. Springing upward she kicks the skewered man off her blade and pushes the other back with the rifle bearing arm. Rotating the rifle and pulling the trigger. She needn't raise it to her shoulder and merely braces it against her hip and angles it upward so the round meets with the second cultists neck. “I don’t think he heard you….” Then again Selene can be wrong as blood spilt, no matter the side, is still blood. @Fierach
  17. Darkness greets her. The few punch outs that allow light to sparkle in are at great distances and more acquiescent to pin pricks than rays. Befitting for such a demise, at least it's what she deserves. Or so she believes. There can't be any rainbows or happy faces awaiting her in death. Then again, had she actually died… Reminiscence is key in this lost moment of ponderance. Why are you here? Surprise forces an adjustment in her gaze. A few blinks ensue. Foliage surrounds her. Whatever abyss she'd fallen into had abandoned her. Capria, why are you here? Again the question is asked and she attempts to focus, finding the speaker an intriguing little thing. Small but grand in color, the childlike creature radiates earthly tones. A singular white and gold flower in a sea of green. It rests languidly atop a branch with shoulder nestled against the tree's trunk. Legs swinging gently back and forth as if caught in a breeze that doesn't appear to exist. At least not one that Capria can feel. I died… Spoken more in the frame of confused questioning. You know you could have asked for help. They're here for you, she's here for you. You took too long. Despite her small stature the words breaking between them are wizened with age. A mother scolding an insolent child. Reminding them of the rules placed on them they chose not to follow. I...I know. Do you, do you really? Your family is going to be worried. They aren't my family… Oh, but they are. Just like them you were chosen. Although your path is defined by individual choice you were brought together by a force out of anyone's control. You speak of destiny? Capria begins to scoff and is abruptly cut off and corrected for doing so. No. I speak of life. The one gifted you in your wretched birth, that was saved and given the opportunity to make the choices you have. The one that gave you your family. Had only you asked, they would have aided you. It's voice is cool, akin to breaking through summer like an alpine stream. Gaia granted you life and blessed you with inheritance, and you chose to abandon it, -her-. Gave up and ran away. Petulant and ungrateful child. With even the nerve to still wield that powerful light. She can't respond. Though the lump cannot be felt, it blocks her airway leaving speech locked away for the moment. Yet the battering continues. Your sisters and brothers have been waiting for you. Calling out to you and you've ignored them. All I hear is silence! Broken and trembling with regretful rage they tumble out. Echoes consumed by the forest. One above all others, ordered it. She saw your turmoil and silenced them in the hopes you'd regain your strength and eventually rejoin them. Yet here you are, asking the Mother for help and receiving it, only to abruptly fall into despair. Allowing yourself a death that hasn't yet been granted. Why did you grant her this power? She inherited it and I was subsumed into it. To watch over and guide you when lost. And her as well. You are never alone, none of you are or ever shall be. Even in her own turmoil, subscribed to the hate and agonies of the world, she has been watching over and helping to protect you. As the eldest should. All you've to do is reach out and take her hand. Or...finally let what little grasp remains...slip away… Fading quickly, she watches the apparition disperse into the darkness only to be met with citrine halos not too unlike her own. Set into the features of a gaze twisted by concern. Capria…? I'm sorry! She'd taken hold of that hand and pulled it close. Yanking against the ethereal body to which it belonged, pulling it into a hug. Then, they were all gone again. Dispersing voices being all that remains. Suddenly she can feel warmth, it's tugging motion on her shivering frame allowing the dream to escape her. You need to wake up now….someone is waiting for you.
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