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  1. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Just to clarify btw- the end of my latest post is not Malice (or well his psionic wraith/presence) controlling anything, it's merely alluding to the support Rafael may have received from the Terranian government. The wraith is preparing something entirely different in this instance..
  2. Maze Undue [Anima Imperium]

    Though kings may fall, and stars may fade, there remains no power in the world stronger than a mother's love Posturing, as though their whims held significant sway this far from Patia, the devil demanded obedience from the amorphous Agony, a creature whose physiology would have plagued even the stoutest sword, were it swung with fervour, rather than the calculated calm the Warlord had demonstrated in Orisia. As the damned clamoured though, and the desperate crawled, the barriers between worlds began to thin, and the dead dreamt of freedom, whilst there remained a constant the Crimson King could not escape, a single sentence which would haunt them, even to their end- sentiment was a noose which would suffocate them eventually. The Triumvirate, new as they were as an organisation and an entity, might have marvelled at the forces which had been brought to bear in the Black Queen's name, but Malice knew too well the tribulations which were tempted in her wake, and so maintained a single scheme whilst others wept for her safety. Gazing across the grass which separated the wraith's surroundings from that of Gabriela's own, it studied the shadows thoughtfully for a moment, as Agony sprouted spines and transformed into the semblance of a seraphim, filtering out the features of Lunara and Lobos, and sensing another's presence shaping their strings. So you've found her too Rafael, the apparition acknowledged, discerning the familiar energy that the Emperor employed, though making no move to assist them, at least for the moment. When its host took flight, however, and Roen was afforded the opportunity to accompany them, the spirit paid the fiend little heed, regardless of if they accepted Agony's offer or not, for they were but another cog within the machine by now, and the Great Devourer had commanded it to invent the road, rather than grease each individual wheel. To the wraith's surprise though, it was not the arrival of her suitors, nor the daemonhost's screams which stirred passion within the Black Queen's breast this night, for as the threat to their child developed, the woman drew upon untapped strength, a force the Warlord had ever known dwelt inside her, even in the weakest moments of her reign. Intervening in their plight, and coaxing their companion toward safety, the movements of Agony when they reached Gabriela's vicinity weren't so much transparent to the wraith as they were irrelevant, for in truth it cared little for the fate of Lunara, and certainly not enough to try to detect the deception the host sought to harness here. Instead of focusing upon the fairy then, the spectre gathered its strength anew, converting the energies of the spirits it had swallowed, like an automaton might an unexpected influx of electricity, while it smiled invisibly at the Queen's blossoming belly, and prepared for the world to descend into chaos. Somewhere far above their union, as the seconds lapsed and their sentiments seemed so very small and distant, a single satellite cycled through targets, and the Imperium courted annihilation from a god born not of man, but the government which spawned them.
  3. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Is that a Warwick reference? lol - Also I may post soon
  4. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Ah, I just thought it was a villain from Harry Potter :p
  5. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    -activate history nerd- Here's the origin of the term btw >_> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draco_(lawgiver)
  6. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Could you elaborate as to what kind of defences the facility actually has @FirePenguinDiscoPanda, now they been re-activated etc? Figured i'd ask, so people can react accordingly etc, E.G. - are we talking lasers, land mines, or just locked doors?
  7. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Not sure the ghost-eating is a problem here, if Roen (his NPC at least) is actually attacting them? Assuming they're both for fluff/flavour?
  8. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    We've been discussing this all on the Orisian discord Grubb and basically TLDR= King and I can scale back our actions in relation to Roen's own, it just depends on what scale he personally is employing, when it comes to powers. Ty (King), and I are very keen on letting this thread get canonized for Agony, since he and the Triumvirate have put so much work into it, so are happy to work with whatever to ensure that goal.
  9. Maze Undue [Anima Imperium]

    Fallen though the dead may lie, seldom in slumber do they wail, do they cry.. Slithering from soil, as though maggots exposed and now clawing toward the light, the spirits that smothered this region grew restless, as Helianstranos took wing and lashed the land with a familiar cacophony, a woe wrought from syllables no earthly tongue could bear. Coaxing intangible corpses from a nearby copse, the daemonhost was as wondrous as it was terrible to behold and yet, as the ghosts fluttered toward the fiend, several suddenly broke away, their momentum faltering and inexplicably inverting, as they descended instead, in the direction of Agony. Impossibly they came, creatures that dwelt more within the ethereal plane than the physical, and yet, as their haste increased, it would soon become apparent to any whose sight could pierce such barriers that they were not so much charging the peculiar abomination, as they were being dragged, inexorably as matter sucked toward a black hole. Agony, of course, would bear witness to the horror of this phenomenon, briefly bound as he was to Malice's shade, for the spectre's maw had elongated, grotesquely so, until it stretched far further than any orifice had any right to, and revealed not teeth, but the cold hunger of inevitability, which caused even stars to die. Whilst Agony placated Roen's inquiries then, and Rafael bathed in the blood bequeathed by Helianstranos' sudden downpour, a portion of the ghosts within the vicinity of the grave-glade were consumed by the harrowing presence of a wraith, an embodiment of the Great Devourer's eternal thirst. Despite the desperate situation that continued to unfold about Gabriela, however, and those that sought to secure her, the spectre continued to cling to Agony's frame, exploiting energy which was carelessly cast into their surroundings, rather than necessarily girding the creature itself from harm. Gazing across the expanse of their environment, at least their immediate scenery, and those that comprised the facility itself, the wraith regarded the wards which Marigold's laboratory once held with interest, tilting its head almost quizzically as they blazed initially and then unexpectedly faded, laying the outline of the complex bare before its eyes of lidless black. Staring at this edifice, the monstrous presence peered not with regular sight alone, but instead in spectrums which transcended the mortal coil, discerning the unmistakable aura of La'Ruta which lathered itself upon Gabriela, even in this foreign land. It came as a trickle first, a liquid which snaked from the Black Queen's womb and dribbled down her thighs, a stream which sought to summon her offspring from its home, and spit it upon the laboratory's glistening ground. Delicious, the wraith reflected, heedless of the threat Lunara posed to the woman, as it drew succour from the pain this scene would produce, though not for the evident anguish that Gabriela experienced, no it was the irony which would follow that was exquisite, when Roen discovered who the father truly was.
  10. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Agony turns on his friends. Plot Twist!
  11. The Winding Wyrm Lore

    Five are without breath.. Five are without soul.. Five are without life.. 'Yet the hand remains', figures chanted in unison, spectres clothed in shadow, who approached through doors without keys, and moved to congregate about a sleek circle of liquid, a pool which rippled and writhed as though it had a mind of its own. First one torch smouldered into being, rhythmically followed by another, as arms spilled from sleeves and traced movements which were practised, poignant even, as each and every gesture brought the ritual closer to completion until eventually, the pool before them began to scream. Subdued by sorcery, the sentient waters were dark, fathomless even, as though its edges gnawed at the very light cast by the torches and consumed them, spark by spark, cinder by cinder. As the peculiar device fed, however, its appearance began to slowly shift, as sea became ink and land rose beneath it, stretching and contorting the surface of the pool, as a vivid painting sprung into being, a map which mirrored the face of Orisia itself. 'Rafael has left Veelos', one robed figure reflected, as a symbol for House Bartolomé sped away across the ocean, 'and the Queen is still absent since her coronation', another voice chimed, pointing with a rod toward Versilla, where House DuGrace's banner stood faded, as though all colour had been clawed from its contours. 'House Cardell still proves profitable', a third baritone barked, its gruff undertones alluding to schemes which had seen another noble dance to the Cartel's discordant tune. It was the fourth voice though, which never failed to surprise its companions, for despite the height of its silhouette, a child's timbre emerged, which sounded so innocent, that its sentiments always sent a shudder down the other's spines. 'Leyton's streets shall run red this night. A merchant tries to tempt our tax, so his family will be left for the dogs at dawn'. Silence followed this proclamation, a calm which lingered for several seconds until it became almost uncomfortable, and the first voice concluded their meeting. 'Our agent is in place within House Dawnwood, we expect results soon..'. As the syllables began to dissipate, and the full weight of their schemes filled the figures' minds with pleasure, they each performed another manoeuvre, clasping their fist to their heart and, without hesitation, breaking a single finger with a sickening crack. Apparently satisfied by this display, the pool grew still once more, its lines lapsing back into the inky muck that spawned them, as it reverted to a featureless puddle, whilst the hooded horrors turned upon their heel and opened their doors, revealing solid brick behind them. This was not the first meeting of those clothed in Crimson, and nor would it be their last, for everyone had a price eventually, and the Cartel would be there to capitalise, when one man's weakness became another's...opportunity.
  12. House Cardell

    Status Active Type House Cardell is a noble family, descended from the ancient Beauchene line Sigil Two blood red blades cast against a field of white, framing a crimson phoenix Words Strength through Steel Seat Castle Cardell, the Winding Wyrm Territory Earldom of the East Region South Eastern Orisia Current Head Lord Edgar Cardell Current Lord Lord Edgar Cardell, Warden of the Wyrm History House Cardell has not existed long, and though but a sapling in the chronicles of Orisia, its roots writhe deep and terrible, in the annals of Valucre. The Dugrace dynasty has ruled these lands for decades, their reign as enduring and eternal as the paragons of their line, whose immortal blood ever bound the realm to their will. When their dominion was but new, however, and they sought to subjugate the land they had liberated from Areder, many tribes native to the isles bent the knee, those that had survived the brutality of the Beauchene, that is. Once, the Beauchenes had been benevolent, had sought to spare the island from the strife that ensued after Areder's death, but the intent of men is a malleable thing, an ideal that slips and strays with the passage of time, and so after two centuries, what had begun as a blessing, became the rule of a tyrant. The noble family became infamous for their barbarism, a force which blighted the land, but whilst most believe that it was the Dugraces that toppled this corrupt clan, the truth is far more surprising. There were whispers amongst the peasantry, tales of demons made flesh, who danced behind the smiles of their lords, but perhaps the most poignant story of all spoke of a curse, and the way in which Areder's grave had damned those that trod its soil. It was from their fortress in the mountains though, that salvation truly came, as legend tells that a bastard born of the Beauchene line sided with the Great North, and became a banner behind which a rebellion was rallied. Decimating the Beauchene forces, the Genesarian warlord did not relent there, however, and ravaged Orisia, cleansing their legacy from the land until the island nation lay broken, its borders in ruins and baronies aflame. In the years that followed this purge, few scholars now remember the reason that the Great North relented, poised as they were upon the pulpit of conquest, but those that stare long enough into the flames of their forefathers, know of the bastard of Beauchene, and their last and final stand. Soot stained the sky that day, as smoke and cinder coiled about Orisia like a noose, villages burned, towns had tumbled, and now the Great North had set their sights upon the verdant grasslands of the Island itself, pledging to pollute its beauty, drunk upon the destruction that their campaign had created thus far. There was but one man that challenged him that day, one soul brave enough to stay the slaughterer's hand, for Moloch had been a bastard in life, but now, at this crucial time in Orisia's tale, he became more than flesh, as he clutched the Great North's twin blades, became more than bone, as the sword split skin and sinew, he became a thought, a missive that echoed throughout the ages. “No more”. House Cardell has not existed long, but the words that were born that day were passed down from one son to the next, from generation to generation, for Moloch's line took on a new name that fateful day, they created the crest of Cardell, and wear words that embody the sacrifice of their founding father.
  13. Moths drawn to flame

    Terrible though a tyrant may be, there are some things which may not be taken by force alone. Malice had encountered many worlds, had rent kingdoms asunder and dethroned deities in his time as a warrior, but despite the distance which separated one dimension from the next, there remained one constant within the Multiverse, one ideal which empowered the planes and sent ripples across reality itself, free will was the strongest magic of all. That was why he had wormed his way betwixt life on Valucre and its ever after, that was how he had crept like a cancer through the heart of Orisian belief, to coax their minds toward his merciless waiting jaws, pandering to their perceptions of what a god would embody and express. A smile snaked across the being's black lips when Lilly's assent approached, relishing the turmoil she experienced, whilst outwardly he remained the very effigy of affection, a blazing seraphim, whose wings would usher her toward a new dawn, a golden age where the dead would be delivered from damnation, if they would but worship at the Warlord's feet. That was the propaganda his disciples would preach, at least, the Great deception which, he anticipated, would deliver unparalleled power unto him upon the planes themselves, as he quietly converted Orisian souls into fuel to feed his crusade. All galaxies shall burn, he reflected, as Lilly surrendered herself unto his indomitable will, and his immortal essence veritably swelled with fresh energy, potency enough to defy even Valucre's virtues, if only for a time. Summoning his strength from the vast reservoirs which, normally, were quelled but not extinguished by the realm's wards, the leviathan located the place where Lilly fell, tracking her unique spiritual imprint with little effort and then, as his arms out-stretched to enclose the woman in an embrace within the Silver Sea, something began to stir. Reconstituting her genetic structure, rather than salvaging the sick-stricken corpse itself, Malice's ministrations transcended a mere spell to raise the slain, employing techniques from another era, another age, to sculpt an identical shell from matter, and house her spirit within a body born from his baleful touch. This endeavour was not instant, though in the timeless tides of her current surroundings, Lilly might have perceived it so, for the Great Devourer twisted, rather than defied, the laws of nature, utilising Dark La'Ruta to perform a true resurrection, a sorcery so sophisticated that it would have taken mortal men generations to master. Light engulfed her consciousness, as the enchantment took hold, a radiance so bright that it was as if she suddenly stood before the sun itself until, with a sensation like being dragged by the navel, the illumination dimmed suddenly, became bearable once more, as Lilly found herself upon the boundaries of her house, and a breeze swept through the grass, bearing with it a whisper. Travel this land and tell all who will listen of my love child. Tell them of the Golden Dawn and the truth behind the war-like form I must guard you with in this material world. As the words faded, and Joshua came running through the fields to greet her, Lilly suddenly knew the symbol of her saviour, and the tenets which those she converted should adhere to.
  14. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    ..So can we get a consensus for anyone who may be posting next? Is the setting very limited powers (as per new Terrenus rules)? @FirePenguinDiscoPanda@Dolor Aeternum (I'm consulting you two because you seem to be running this shindig + know where it's actually located in the world etc). :)
  15. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I think regardless of canonisation or not, King just wanted to ensure that everyone's on the same page, as far as limitations are concerned. This is especially important if certain parties come to blows, so should be clarified now before anything needs to be ret-conned/descends into OOC argument, which might derail an otherwise promising storyline. Perhaps a way around potential issues arising is for anyone interested in engaging in combat to post a link to a character sheet etc - that way there can be no discrepancies if things begin to escalate. Since I'm old school mine can always be found on my profile anyway, but this kind of thing might be prudent, given how some players have never met before etc.