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    Legacy of the Void

    Undir nodded at the conclusion of Connor’s statements. “I’ll spend the night at the inn,” he said, trying to sound formal, “I’ll see you all at noon tomorrow.” He left the room quickly (perhaps a little too quickly) and sought out the inn Connor had mentioned. Connor had indicated multiple times that there was something wrong about Lirrey, though it seemed that the village was relatively normal. Come to think of it, the degree of normality that pervaded the village was rather unsettling. Such things might be considered quaint outside of Yh’mi, but given that they were surrounded by barren, monster-infested wasteland, Lirrey was decidedly out of place. It was probably best not to dwell on such thoughts, Undir supposed—after all, Lirrey provided safety and relative comfort, luxuries he wouldn’t have access to once the expedition really began. The inn wasn’t hard to find, as it was one of the largest buildings in town and the townspeople were happy to help. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about the inn’s interior. After getting a room from the innkeep, he proceeded upstairs to an entirely average bedroom. Finding himself suddenly tired, he went to sleep in an orthodox, generic bed. Undir dreamt of Lirrey.
  2. Apologies, but I've been feeling under the weather. Just skip me this cycle, assume Undir just goes along with whatever.
  3. I've been terribly busy lately. Post will be up before Monday morning, likely earlier than that .
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