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  1. My post is up! @Gloxie, your turn to post.
  2. Shamash

    Legacy of the Void

    [Appearance: Undir is a man in his late twenties. His body and face are rather average and unremarkable for his age, save for the extensive tattoos on his arms as well as the runes and patterns painted on his face. He wears a mixture of old leather military gear and Academy robes, along with a buckler carried on his left arm. On his back he carries a large backpack that is tightly squeezed in a number of locations with fabric strips that seem to shimmer even in the absence of movement or sunlight. Around his waist sits a modified tool belt which carries chalks, paints, and a knife.] He’d read about the nightmarish, deadly creatures that lurked in the shadows of Ym’hi. He’d heard of the inhospitable environment. He’d even found someone in Inns’th willing to share some local legends about the area, in case there might be a hint of truth in them. Unfortunately, no amount of information could have prepared Undir for the ever-present sense of dread that seemed to permeate the entire forsaken land of Ym’hi. At least his journey so far had been relatively calm. He’d seen a few vultures (or, at least, things that looked like vultures) circling ahead at one point, as well as a few of the Kraiths he’d been warned about. Nothing had attacked him so far, though. Somehow, this fact failed to reassure Undir. In fact, it only increased his anxiety—after all, at least an enemy that has been seen is an enemy that can be fought. The outline of a village on the horizon brought Undir out of his gloomy thoughts. Lirrey. It meant a chance to rest, a chance to restock supplies, and, most importantly: it meant that he wouldn’t have to travel alone anymore. Company would be a great comfort, both in terms of additional safety and the prospect of conversation. Of course, it also gave a greater chance that he’d be spotted by monsters, but on this side of Furthest Point being spotted was really an inevitability. As if summoned by these thoughts, a flock of batlike creatures shot out of a crevasse in the ground about a hundred yards in front of Undir. His mind began to churn with possible strategies and escape options. Lirrey was too far away to make a run for it, half-a-dozen creatures was likely more than he could handle alone, there was nowhere nearby to hide… Feeling a mixture of relief and concern, Undir realized that the bats were attacking someone else. Part of him wanted to rush over and assist, but he was pretty sure that if he tried to do so the bats would rip him apart before he could be of any assistance. The man who was being attacked managed to defend himself expertly, killing all of his foes without appearing to have sustained any wounds. With the threat eliminated, Undir hurried to some of the fallen bats and took a few samples including one of the more intact corpses, which was jarred and sealed with a spell of suspended animation that was written in runes around the exterior of the jar. Fascinating, there’s nothing like this in the existing records. Some kind of venom gland in the mouth, along with a nauseating fluid on the claws… As is the case with the other natives of Yh’mi, this thing seems like it was made to kill. As his curiosity was satisfied, Undir became aware that the attempted prey of these creatures was collapsed on the ground nearby. Now that he was close, Undir could see that the man appeared to be wearing some kind of power suit, carrying technological weapons of some kind. Magitech had never been Undir’s strong suit, so he couldn’t identify how any of it worked, but it fascinated him nonetheless. He stood over the man, eager to learn more. “Is this military gear? Was that flash of light solabernite? How did the creatures behave? Other than angry, of course,” Undir queried, notebook in hand. “Oh, and do you happen to know of anyone in the village who has mentioned an expedition or void magic?”
  3. Perhaps it would be prudent to make a post on the interest check/recruitment thread making people aware of the confirmation requirement?
  4. Confirming my participation with character Undir Valenson. Small question for @jaistlyn, do you have a certain "danger level" in mind for this quest?
  5. (The following letter sent to Terrenus Military Headquarters, P.E.T.A.L division.) To Whom It May Concern: This is Undir Valenson. You may recall that I was a former member of P.E.T.A.L. having left after some... unfortunate occurrences concerning the spire and mists that appeared in Blairville. It has recently come to my attention that a research expedition into Ym'hs investigating a spike in void magic signals is being undertaken soon. As you may know, we are in desperate need of more information on the nature of void magic and how it can be controlled. Being in Ym'hs, this expedition has relevancy to P.E.T.A.L, not to mention the likely possibility that this spike of void energy originated from some kind of ancient ruin or structure. I am willing to work towards Terrenus military interests on this expedition and turn over any and all findings contingent upon my being reinstated into P.E.T.A.L and promotion to the rank of corporal when the expedition has been completed. If these terms are acceptable, consider me under your command and give me my orders. Gaia's Blessings, Undir Valenson
  6. I would love for my character, Undir Valenson to participate. He is an ex-P.E.T.A.L practitioner of runic and ritual magic, as well as a former student of the Gaian Academy.
  7. You make a good point. I felt kinda guilty about the whole thing but you're right that it's good where it stands. Capstone Undir post will no longer occur (which is honestly a relief).
  8. I don't know if you've already done the final OOC post, but if you're wondering what happened to Undir then assume he just gave up and left Blairville in a rage before the bird summoning. Not sure if that's significant enough to include anyway though. If there isn't the OOC post before I can write it, by next Sunday (not the one in 3 days, the other one) I'm going to post something that explains what happened to Undir and not make his abrupt departure from the thread so abrupt.
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