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  1. Philosophy is the study of inaction, and you change the world by your example, not your opinion. You'll never accomplish anything.

    If you keep it up, I'll deflate you, because I care for this place and you will not make it toxic. You don't want my attention, Zach, and I won't be nice about it.

    1. witness


      You did nothing, I even gave you the opportunity to talk it out on Skype. Your opinion is subjective and not of my concern. You showed no concern for me, or any diplomacy in your dialogue to me. It's you who does not want my attention, I read words and filter them into stones to weigh you down.

  2. Oh lawd, I like you. Where is that role play?

    1. Omerta


      Oh, and you are at least half right. Even Corban Saezer frequented 4chan in its heyday.

  3. Way to rationalize your own mental disorder.
  4. I gave you that post, and way to defend Carlos over a solid point.
  5. Read the title again, and re-read my original post. You missed the point.
  6. You are the one defending against me by replying in such a way that is quite adorable, like a child who would kick and scream having their favorite toy taken away. I am not giving you anything more for you to become skeptical about, nor will I defend or take back what I have said, it stands by itself, and your defense against what I am saying illustrates you do not want to take it under consideration or admit there are people who were free-form roleplayers who created the art I believed in. People lie, people are dicks, and you are no fucking saint. And there is absolutely nothing to be lost in seeing someone who you believed in take a fall for being a creep. Especially when they are guilty, but do go ahead and keep defending what the issue from a one-way echo chamber. So be my guest, keep defending.
  7. You will get nothing, you do not get to dictate to me what I will say, suffice to say you only confirm to me through your ardent defense that it is true. And that is because you do not want to change, and I will not force you to change. You have something to fear from this conversation coming to a proper conclusion, and you are completely guilty of forcing your will down on me. Which I can give no fucks about, but do go on, I enjoy seeing you uncomfortable.
  8. I am sure you would like to see that proof, also way to ignore what I am saying and make a counter-point to throw me off of what I am saying. I don't owe you anything except to say that it comes from a very personal source who couldn't believe I had never been part of the 4chan culture to begin with. Suffice to say, she has never lied to me, and I have absolutely no qualms about telling the proof, or calling you a scumbag, Carlos. I know about the cheap shit you are capable of. Andrew, Dan, and Chad are all proof that you came from the same cult of assholes who give no fucks. I am not speaking as a man who stands on a soap box anymore, I grew up after that last 'bout with you all. I do not suffer from entitlement, I work hard, as best I can, and as hard as I can. You can choose not change, and I will give no fucks for you ever again. I hold no illusions about the state of the world, people like you who were entitled to be dicks, and horrible people to others who you could care less about brought about the era of censorship that has gripped the entire internet now. I struggled to find middle ground in the heat of all that horrible emotion. I owe you nothing.
  9. Over 10 Fucking years, ten fucking years I spent believing in it, practicing it, and sharing it with other people, who I loved, admired and respected. And it all fucking came from the sadist trash that created 4chan, you are a waste of humanity and you will eventually die believing you are right, and will stand for nothing but yourself. You will always be an internalized liar, good luck to your roleplay.
  10. It's because of people like you, and people who have stopped caring, that the internet is going to be censored.
  11. Way to contradict yourself.
  12. It took me long enough to figure out that many of the old roleplayers who inspired me to write on yahoo largely came to create or were part of 4chan. With that proof finally having been revealed to me through my own long-term digging, I have concluded that it is probably a good thing that roleplay will eventually die out. Why there has never been a history of how roleplay came to be created as a minor form of entertainment and oppression is truly fucking mind shattering to me. I truly cannot fucking fathom that all these years when I thought that I was taking part in an ideological thought game I was actually taking part in systematic oppression of people, ideas, dreams, and hopes. That said, unless something major is done to distinguish roleplay from the heinous elements that created it, I hope it is eventually censored, and dies. note: I never joined 4chan.