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  1. Orisia | Ask Me Anything

    >.> @ the two "what" reactions. There are several designs for the flintlocks defining their force of power. It isn't rocket science to determine which of the few you are speaking of?
  2. The Spinster.

    Boots clinked upon the surface. The bustling night was alive—a collaborated pulsing breath with the sounds of the crowd below. Each drawing breath that whispered amidst the night would be an exodus to their lives. Betwixt what they knew and didn’t know, their aether was being slowly absorbed and funneled to the form perched above them. As the baubles of miasma would soon hardened, the shaped took to that of a man. As if cast from the shadows itself, a cloak spread around the body and draped down to sweep the marble edged rooftop. A heartbeat passed, an explosion rocked the sky, and a skyline was rent from history’s weave by blades of a carrier. Lassiter was reborn. Emerald hues swept the night with a curious glance, his presence was always that of anomaly to wherever he had went. The last thoughts that permeated his memories were the sharp edge of a rapier rending his heart from his body. A peculiar woman with horns, long dressed hair that framed an oval face. Her song still played in his mind, even though he was far from that putrid underground. So the question beckoned: Where am I now? Lassiter’s fist curled, tightening until a fine point, and then he released a breath. Shadows exploded around him, casting out in deviating blades of night. Their eerie silhouette of black providing no insight into where they led, but Lassiter shrugged and took to it. Flames was his bartender, chaos was his drink as the fulminating fusillade kissed his cheek. The expulsion of rancid disgust would overlay him, a blanket of hate. Lassiter simply fed upon it as he searched the area. The explosion seemed rather recent, or as much as he could detect; by all looks of it, he regarded it intentional. It lacked clarity and purpose, only being that to create a swarm of terror. The first flame licked at his heels, and he turned to brush at it with fingers. As he swept the maleficent tongue with pale digits, he brushed along the intangible heat. Usually flames would provide a good source of aether for Lassiter, but due to the recklessness of this flame, Lassiter found the other half of him being sourced. Nether was cast into this mix, and he would gently sweep the area until the lasting flames were gone and he had fed to his fill. Like a man drunk of spirit, he surrounded himself in the warmth and crossed his arms to hug his body. This way and that his form shuddered, a weening tree in a storm of silence, and he let out a breath. A biting pain scoured through him, and the earth below met his knee. Enja. So there yet was a reason why he drew breath. His beloved chaos whispered her deprecating thoughts. More memories flooded back to him, to the casting monstrosity that had occupied the brilliant azure forests of Genesaris. Lassiter had been tugged into another nightmare, the Twiphiloth—a place of opposition against the current light, where only impure aspects drove into the soul and upon each aspect sat a desolate crown. “Mn. So this… Wait, what happened to my voice?” Lassiter practiced a few more sounds, pitching language into the surrounding area until the ghosts entertained him no longer. “I’ve been dead for three years but I can still age? What…” he trailed off as a blade spiked up beside him. His head gave to cant, and he would poke a little at the unnerving blade that began to detach itself. It wriggled free of his body, pulling and tugging until Lassiter sighed and finally lifted his arm to allow it freedom. Popping off upon the core of the terminal’s floor, the sliver of shadow rose into a female form. Lassiter chuckled. “So good to see you again, cher! It has been so lo—“ He was cut off as a sliver of black pierced his chest, driving into the wall behind him. Lassiter grimaced, his nose giving a defiant wriggle. “I just came back to life, why?” The woman stared back at him, her eyes crossing and then she upturned her head in a huff. “Just making sure you are not going to drop dead again.” “Yeah, so. Good to see you again. How did you get out?” Lassiter questioned while glancing around to the mutilated and charred corpses. “Right. Death. Forgot about that.” “Mhm. So if you do not mind, I need to eat.” “Righty-O.” With that, Lassiter left his avatar to do as she pleased. He summoned another shadowy blade and cast it forth, a pillar of black rose before him. This one was shattered in the front, angular, as thick as a millimeter on all sides with purple veins raking toward the center of the portal. Lassiter gave a shrug. “It has been awhile since the Jackal has consumed anything. So be sure to find the souls and consume them as well. After all, we can’t be letting our opposition have all the fun.” The portal fell like a curtain behind him, and Lassiter was gone, with a lasting thought. Ghosts can't scream, can they?
  3. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Can someone enlighten this old fool how to wrap images beside text? This website has seemingly gone through a hundred iterations every time I disappear and return that I just cannot seem to remember how to do it.
  4. Lend me your Prayer v2. (Port Town-ish.)

    They always said the worlds were connected… What they have failed to mention was… What would happen if they merged for even a single moment? Bolts of lightning sheared through the sky, creating monstrous veins of blue, contrasting the towering influence of green and black roared a cacophony into the swelling darkness. The monstrous Titan let out a gurgling scream as it swung its trunk shaped arms in all directions. Its voice filled with agony, with fear, and even worse… it was corrupted by the very being it was created to stop. Gavin stood behind his Imperator brethren, their blades were drawn and they launched themselves at the vile being. Slagged, purple flames erupted in a wall, which slowly closed inward toward the five Imperators. An Imperator to Gavin’s left caught the flame with a swiping blade, and soon began to shout, an empty and dead scream shortly followed. Ringing in his ears, fear forced baubles of sweat to form around his brow. Using his cloak to brush at it, he clenched his claymore with all of his might. Time was running out, and he had no clue what to do. He caught sight of his Brother in Command, the Judge Inquisitor Merek calling for commands but the sight was soon swollen by the flames growing closer, wilder and blinding his vision. The flames closed in faster, a sickening magickal crawl, and Gavin shifted to dodge aside a licking flame. Another Imperator was caught, the screams came again and the monstrous roar filled the endless night, one Gavin could no longer view. Only arm reach away, the flames closed around Gavin and he lifted his claymore to his chest and held it in the last Warden of his Honour. He took a last breath and thought about his friends, his family, and most of all his brother. This would be the last he would see of the Justicar and their Imperators, the last of the Celestial Wardens, and the final moment in which he thought of the beloved Freyja, the Felryn Princess. He had never gotten a time to tell her of his heart, his feelings… He whispered beneath his breath and he let his honour shield him. “Goodbye, Freyja. I love y—“ a rippling occurred. Far in front of him light blasted into the horizon. Much like the pillar he was sent to guard at the Magister Citadel, a beam of golden light showered upon the land. He blinked and a full plated creature stood before him. He looked up to see the shivering cloak of a towering knight. It lifted a mighty starred weapon and circled it about in a few sweeps, sending off shockwaves of wind. The flames were gone the moment the wind swept upon them, extinguishing them and the knight spared a glance to see Gavin and the other Imperators left. Nodding its massive horned helm, the knight took off to join its brethren that fought against the enraged Titan. It would be too heroic to say Gavin had any will to fight left. He watched with amusement, horror, and fascination as twelve steel plated Knights, as large as the very arena careened themselves toward the demonic Titan that cursed. Faintly he thought he heard his name, and he snapped himself out of his focus as Merek appeared, a streak of crimson film running down his visage. “We need to go! We need to go now!” ALL WILL BE DEVOURED. I WILL NOT FAIL THE OLD LORDS. THE CREATORS COME AND THEY WILL NOT FALL TO YOUR KING! HE BETRAYED US, AND YOU ARE NOT UNLIKE THE OTHER! The Titan roared as it was pinned by two of the towering knights and a male dressed in black threads materialized between them. He was almost laughably small in comparison, but he drew his right hand up as blades were summoned one by one, all enormous and sharp, each of them decorated with woven runes that spun about the fullers. He said nothing, instead launching them into the raging monster’s core. They sunk in, piercing so deep that he heard the faint screech of metal grinding upon marble. And then the world ended with a flash. He woke… sometime later, separated from his Imperator squadron. The magical crests woven along his arms and hands, too, had been disconnected. In a land that is filled entirely with fleeting motes of mana, he found it laughable at how mortal he now was. The first few hours had been spent searching for any others. Aside from the bodies of his Brothers, there was nobody left alive or that he could see. He did not know whether to sigh in relief or fall to the earth and cry that none of them survived or were twisted into vicious voidbeings. The earth’s dense foliage provided him with enough berries to get by on, nothing to sate the moaning that his stomach created. Sickness found him a few days later, and a few more after that he spent clinging to the half size of a tree branch. When it had passed and he had naught of hydration, he had wandered into what he would call luck. The bandit camp was rowdy and ostentatiously petty. The flames beckoned and kissed the air, huffing away scented bark and alleviating the surrounding area of bugs and flightful creatures. The idea to run was quite illeceberous, but Gavin found himself hungering at the idea of water and more importantly, food. The next day came and Gavin had been pondering what he would do. Most of these bountiful conversations in his sickened, deprived head were… rather dubious. He thought to enter the camp as an old friend, slinking away his Licryan Armor and acting as an old beggar. Once he had his fill, he would rid the earth of such scum and then quietly go on his way to until his crests rebuilt in a few months’ time. However… This was Gavin. He woke to a knife near his throat and two of the bandits surrounding him with a crossbow, and the other, of whom Gavin could surmise was the quickest of sorts, was drawing back his longbow. His rather intimate friend, Cur Uno, pressed the blade even closer upon his skin. “Te fuck are you?” the bandit rasped. Gavin, having not had a good drink in awhile, rasped. “’avin” There are often plenty of ways to go about this moment. You can have your dignity and fight back, slashing and slicing until Mr. Longhair fills you with so many arrows that you might shit wood the next day, or you simply accept the fact that you’re dead and move on with it. The surprisingly good news was that the flames from the pyre felt amazing at his back, and he was held against his will. They had stripped him of his armor, most of his clothes, and left him the dignity of his laced knickers because that was what mattered at the end of the day. Over the following days he was forced to work, was cut and almost stabbed, he danced and clapped, and told terrible jokes to keep the dark skinned brutes at bay. Their leader was a rather swell guy when he wasn’t punching you in your kidney or trying to drive a five foot long “dagger” into your chest for calling his concubine the filthiest bitch he had ever seen. One night though… Gavin sat within the slave encampment, resting his head against the strawed wall when the flaps opened up, and a man was thrown inside with him. The man seemed rather young, thin and boney. He crawled toward the flaps, screaming. “No! Please! I’ve seen her! I have! You’re talking the horned freak, right?! I saw her! I swear!” “Ah shut it,” cursed one of the bandits, driving his foot upon the weakened individual, slamming his face into the dirt. It was too dark to tell, but a flicker of light showed the tears in the man’s gaze as he stood back up, resiliently, and prostrated forward. “I have! Her flames! They burn anything they touch, right?!” Obviously… Idiot. “S-she’s red skinned! Like a Rakshasa! She has fire along her body! She… she… “ teeth chattered. “I-I can take you to her, I swear!” Gavin snorted. A few hours passed as nothing came, the man sat in the corner curled up into a ball as he kept murmuring under his breath. “I can take you. I can take you. I can take you.” He cried every now and again, but Gavin didn’t mind. It was a shitty situation, there wasn’t much he or anyone else could do. By morning the tent flaps came undone and the leader of the Bandits once more entered. He was a well-built man, beefy and stout. His skin was as dark as the backside of a horse, and his beard hung like an old wizard’s. He was strapped from head to toe in lamellar and other forms of armor, that he wanted to guess was leather or sheepskin. An odd circle of thorn sat upon his head as he stepped toward the man who had wept himself to sleep. “Oi!” The Chief said. The man didn’t move. “Oi!” Roared the Chief as he brought his boot forward in a quick snap, it launched the man directly into the straw boundary, sending him forward and creating a shaft of light. The Chief reached through the hole he had just created, grasping the gasping man by his throat. Gavin would come to guess the Chief was not an ordinary man, nor was he entirely human. There was something odd about his od, it shifted lazily around his body. Human’s Od would naturally sift upon like a thin blanket, as it had a spirit or soul to call to it, but not the Chief’s. The od blanketed and then warped, intangibly like smoke as if it was rejecting the Chief all together. “You! You said you could find me MY mark?” Oh, right, the Chief wasn’t intelligible. Didn’t Gavin mention this? The wheezing man, now covered in spots of red lulled his head and then gagged as the Chief drew him into the tent and shook him. “AHG! WHAT W—YES! YES! I CAN, PLEASE STOP!” “Hnf. How I know you ain’t tiny rat human? You run when I let you take head?” The Chief inspected the man like a child would a doll after they dropped it. Yes, definitely not human. “I won’t! I wouldn’t! I swear! I swear!” Gavin thought the man must have been holy, he swore a … lot. The Chief tilted his thick head, his neck bulged as his veins squirmed beneath the skin. “Good. Take me. Now.”
  5. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Potatoes and Shit. Book #2 finished, clocked in at 192,000 words.
  6. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Hm, I always check mindless chatter when I come back to see where I'm at. I last checked this website at MC page: 2583, we're now on 3253... So an afternoon, eh? eh? -Shrug- Mebbe me fall, but da amani empire? Neva' gonna die.
  7. The Forging of Divinity

    The keys fumbled and tipped bouncing along the corner of the desk and landing with a thunk upon the bedroom floor. The large steel pipes that were cut in jagged edges reflected light back sarcastically, mocking the figure who dropped them. The man knelt to the ground and he oomph'd as his wine glass hit the floor. Bubbly red stained the feathered mat, and the man groaned. Laying upon the floor, bone white digits curled into a fist and punched the ground beneath him. He struck it once, twice, and then three times before he leaned back against the dark wooden desk. Like a fulcrum his arm shot up and searched behind blindly until it purchased a bottle and brought it to his lips. Uncorked, he gulped down what seemed to be a river of liquid and set the bottle aside.   Since Sarantha had left Anglicar, Elric had tormenting himself. Day in and day out, he pondered the reasons why she left. There was naught a word of her dismissal, naught a word to him, no no, he had no clue as to why she would leave him.   Stumbling to his full height of six and a half feet, he looked at himself in the mirror.   A hiccup laugh passed his lips, but he could see the crow's feet wilting around his eyes. He looked old. The skin was stretching upon his forehead, albino hair was mostly threads of silk but they pulled back the roots were exposed and eventually dying. It was no wonder his Jester always beckoned a coif, or Primly hat. Still... Digits caressed the fine embroidery of his tunic, the gem buttons glimmered at the lapels of his cotton trimmed jacket.   Where had she gone? She's never left...   With no trouble he finally grasped the mocking key-ring, he looped it after four attempts and made his way to the top of the tower. Pausing at the stairs, he contemplated a moment of using his fancy abilities.   The eyes went to the window just beyond him and saw the lights spin and the city skyline. The deep rush of emerald and blue gave him a sense of humanization, a sense of normalcy, and with a deep breath, trudged up the steps. Not everybody had what his kind had. There was no need to act better. They would climb the steps as normal humans, and he would do the same.   The wine bottle crashed against the top step and Elric was sitting upon the top in a drunken stupor, contemplating why he didn't bring water with him. The six story climb almost completely dehydrated him, yet he put trust in the good ole Merlot! Oh, how that backstabbing grape whore only made his vision swim. After catching his breath, Elric made for the door and pushed it open. The final ascent to the towered room was less enthusiastic, and he cursed and praised the servants who climbed and cleaned this Manor daily.   Another few minutes of guessing the right key, the door finally slid inward and the hatch unlocked. A single push brought him into a seemingly empty and cobblestone room. On the far side of the door sat a crudely drawn sketch, the prize being beside it which was a hollowed out crevice. Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a grime covered stone. He placed it within the crevice and with a snap the room groaned. In a sudden shift of movement, Elric found himself standing upon a transparent floor. Mist gently slithered about and curled around his ankles. Moving through it, Elric reached the true goal of his journey.   The cobblestone room had transformed into a large circular floor with a tower standing within the middle. Elric took a step to the cylinder obelisk and halted his progress. Blood lightly caked the sweep of the door, and Elric rushed to the tower.   "No. No. No. No."   Driving his fist into the door hole, the pin needles stabbed into his wrist and sucked deep, confirming his bloodline, the door swung open. Instantly his wounds healed and he stepped into the tower. What was seemingly tiny on the outside was mountainous on the inside.   The smell of the dead hit Elric then and he looked around the room. The Council of Nine were laying strewn about, their armor pierced with weapons that had guarded their station.   Elric took a deep breath and summoned his Espada. The thin blade appeared in his left hand with an ivory hilt and guard, the weapon pointed black with Elric's own alchemical poison. "D-D-..." Drunk, his words slurred as he called out the name.   A candle's flame woke and warmed the upper part of the tower. A figure with blackish hair sat bare chested upon the edge of a railing. Only the dirty trews that he had been given, outgrown, came to his knees. Yet the eyes and face were covered in red. "Fourteen years you kept me locked away."   Elric didn't play the banter, and he launched himself upward to his opponent. The figure shifted his frame and punched at the elbow that struck. A satisfying crunch was heard as the blow snapped Elric's arm in two, he heard the agonizing scream that was cut off by a silver edge as the blade appeared from the air. The force of the weapon carrying Elric to the floor. Driving him hard into the ground. The obelisk groaned and heaved as the man landed lightly, as if carried by gravity itself, and feet planted into the floor. A final glance at Elric's bubbling throat, he inhaled the scent of wine. "Now let's go find that whore of a sister."   The obelisk began to crumble. Magical particles slowly began to fade. The floor cracking and turning to webs like glass.   ***   A feat of endurance, Caius thought to himself.   Tactics would not win this fight. He had read about the ye olde Celestials. He knew their odes, knew their songs, and if Thakyr was truly one of them... they had no chance. The slim hope of pushing him into their realm where they would gain allies was their only hope. Yet Caius felt distracted. Twice during the fight it almost cost him his life.   Bren knew these people. How did she know them? Where did she meet them? Surprised, not entirely. He remembered those dark looks. The hushed glances away. The pain fluttered within him and burned almost too brightly, and Thakyr had gotten two swipes at him. It was lucky enough that he was able to cast his Resonance shield, but it cost him each time. The dream world... or no, this was home. He had to recognize that. This was not Genesaris. This was not Anglicar. This place was somewhere else. A higher plane of existence.   When Thakyr got done striking at Bren, he moved in to attack and took to the position. Their training at the combat facility had taught them much. Bren was a more successful fighter than him now. He had note upon her abilities, he took note of what she could do, and he almost felt sorrow for how useless he had become. Instead of mastering all arts, and trying too hard, he was only letting himself fall behind. Sticking himself a few feet from Thakyr, he raised his hands upward. They were standing in a pincer position, so no matter what they did, it would strike. Luckily for them, it did not recognize a hit.   The point of this...    Caius took a deep breath and let his Resonance expand. The layers of the world once more overlapped and covered the entire arena. It was interesting how he had never noticed it before. There were seven different layers of Resonance. Each of them connected to a realm. For the sake of arguing, he labeled them as colors. He stood upon a blue realm plate. Thakyr was on a Golden and much higher than him, and Bren stood on a white plate just below Thakyr. The rest were smoldered in shadows. At the far end were two plates that he recognized. The green plate was Genesaris where he could see Enki sitting tiredly, watching at the portal. I'm coming home, boy. Don't worry. The final was another shadowy plate that he didn't recognize.   He gave a gentle touch, it was brief and he pushed. The golden plate of Thakyr shifted a few steps, Bren moved as well; their physical forms would never notice, but he followed and pushed gently again. Enki barked. Good boy. Let me know when I'm there.   The Resonance field shattered as time flowed back into normal and Thakyr struck at him. A smooth dodge had him rolling upon the floor, and he summoned forth a light shard. He fired it aimlessly and watched it collide with the golden armor. The sweat of gold flashed off for a moment and then revitalized as Thakyr rushed back at them. He was a Berserker class. They had tried to reach him and failed. So to attack to the end. Around the three of them, he could see their aether fields. They were all dragged, and that was good. He made progress. A few more goes. As Thakyr swept a massive overhead to him, he dispersed into his shield and then backed away to join Bren.   "Almost there. Keep attacking."   He relied entirely too much on Bren in this fight, but hell, as she was the better fighter; might as well use her to distract while he focused the leylines.
  8. The Forging of Divinity

    In truth, it would be the purity of Bren’s words that would shake the very foundation of Caius’ faith. This faith, not being a pedagogy of any creator, but one based on the supreme ideals that all things eventually came together. It was a cycle. Not a brutal one, nor a nice one. It was the effects of this causality that shaped who they were. When Caius had chosen to accept the invitation to the ball, he was set in motion something far greater than he had ever planned. It did, of course, reinvent the ideal that Manifest destiny did not exist and that life was pre-determined, but it would not solely be too bad if Caius and Brenlynn never met one another. He would have simply accepted his rank, he would have shown merit, and he would continue to live in idle wonder of the outside world.   Instead with Bren’s guidance, desire, and her encounter with something outside the realm of their possibility, they were shaped to this new ideal. With Brenlynn under the hostage guise of Mana and her servants, they interfered with the original plans set for a boy who had been lost to the dreaming world. So when those words of love left Brenlynn’s lips, they continued to shape the facets around their pretty ideals. The ideals eventually coalesced, they eventually hardened, and over time a shiny gem was left standing before all who came to see. Pre-determined destiny was impaled once more and thus came the change rolling, sweeping, and bending.   Caius gasped. A moment of clarity passed through him.   “Where...Where am I?” A hand went to his head to signify a possibility of pain, but it just felt dull and light. The streaks of his hair was matted by the growing worry, and he glanced toward Bren. “What have I done this time?” He said half-jokingly, but couldn’t help the same silly smile that stretched his lips wide.   The music stopped.   Hush whispers grew louder and louder, twisting and changing into a cacophony of grouping shadows. Over Bren’s shoulders, he would see them all facing the balcony. Each of them were faceless still dressed in their gowns for the evening. Their frames were blurring, if not, for only a moment. Their feet taking them closer to the balcony edge, and he saw them flicker within the ballroom light. Closer they crept to the window, their faces contorting into ageless colors.   For a moment, Caius was frozen. The fear was stretching and overarching and he knew then that he had made a mistake. Bren told him to never look behind him, but it was maybe okay to do so for that one moment. A large spindle leg slammed into the balcony flooring beside them. Caius moved with Bren to dodge from the assault, and saw a harrowing creature as tall as the old manor.   That night they encountered the mass assault of arachnids pouring from an unknown source. Chitin-oil began fleshing over the creature’s body that seemed to absorb light, casting darkness upon the balcony. Another movement brought two enlarged spindle tendrils against the side of the manor walls. The old stone groaned from the force and the palisades around began to crumble, the gargoyle statues crushing beneath the weight.   Between jumping from the balcony and forcing their way through, Caius took the latter option. In a flash of light, four spinning blades of ethereal frames blinked about him and then dispersed. They reformed around the ghoul-like guests and planted into the ground. A zipping sound was heard within the second.   “Bren! Follow!”   Like being hit against a wall, the concussive force of the Resonant flash sent the ball-guests to the middle of the floor. Their bodies being flung and trampled as Caius and Bren made their way through. Around them more ghouls just replaced in a circle. But they did not approach. They did not attack. They all stared and their sounds came to a stop.   Clap. Clap.   “Magnificent! You have learned the basics of your power. That is excellent.” The figure stepped down the stairs wearing a hooded cloak. Now within the light, Bren would recognize the raven black to silver curls. The one who had abducted her on the night following this one.   The hood sported no face and was only captured in darkness. A shift of the hood’s head and it focused Brenlynn. “Ah, so nice to see you again, Miss DelHaust. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about that brute of a man. He has been taken care of.”   Caius bit his lip then frowned. “You two know each other?”   The hood canted his head. “Oh, you still have not told him? A pity…Well, no need to be cryptic! Son of Gaiseric! Daughter of the Dream! Let us have a bout!”   Glancing between Brenlynn and the Hooded figure, Caius continued to doubt the realities that the two would even remotely know another. In truth, Caius hadn’t really expected this world to fully realize into place. The abstract thought that he was dreaming made him ensure the safety, but if one were to lucid dream… shouldn’t they be able to shift? change? alter the world around them? Yet he was not capable of doing any of that.   Far away in the distance, a slumped figure trapped in chains was chaffing and moaning. The shadowy figures coated in surcoats took uneasy glances to one another. The slumped figure simply rocked back and forth as the chains began to deteriorate slowly by elemental structures.   He turned toward the hooded man. “Gaiseric? Who is Gaiseric?” Those bluish eyes seemingly trailed back to Bren, and he took a step back, away from her.   “Oh, do not think she plots to steer you from your path, brother.” From the opposing side of the hooded figure, a woman stepped into view. She had her hair held up high in a bun, while the rest of her was clad in a black wrapped halter. Caius frowned. “Mana? Why are you… here? Where are the Enforcers?”   Wait. Did she say brother? She’s not...   The laughter rang from her in a soft mellifluous tone. “Sweet sweet, Caius. There are no Enforcers. Your home is a lie.” Immediately blunt, she grinned.   From across the Hooded figure shouted. “Enough games, Payne. Shall we begin the test?”   Mana, no, Payne shrugged. “If we must…” She let her crimson gaze fall to Miss Delhaust. “Oh, your friend misses you.”   The crushing sound of the ballroom marble rippled and cracked. The flooring upheaved a small distance beside the Hooded figure, shrapnel barely coming close to the cloak of the Hood. A massive figure clawed out of the broken pieces of marble and wood from beneath. Two colossal hands clutched upon the shiny surface and heaved itself to the flooring. The enormous giant took one step, two and then glanced upon the Hooded figure. Kind eyes widened with terror and it backed away.   Thoraluk looked from one way to the other before they settled upon Bren. It opened its mouth to speak but blackened blood spewed from its lips and poured upon the flooring. Two steps within the muck caused incredulous fur boats to slip and the creature dropped to a knee. Its gnarled hand lifted and reached toward the young, kind girl who he knew from the cells. The one who did not treat him as if he was some monstrous beast who was long forgotten.   Caius instinctively moved in front of Bren when the creature made its ascent, and even stayed with an open hand toward the Hooded figure and the woman behind him. He did not doubt Bren, and though he was confused, she was the only thing that was familiar. Fear and anxiety were mixing with one another, and he felt the chains; these invisible chains gripping and confining him.   Breathe. Breathe. Remember to breathe.   Images flashed in his mind. He was younger, much younger than he has ever been able to remember. A man with gray and black hair stood with him in his arms. Hot tears rolled down his cheeks. The old man cradled the young boy and held him tight. The comforting hand against his back, the man holding a sword to the ground.   “...”   What?   The emotions welled within Caius, they began to burst out in bolts of black and crimson arcs. The blue eyes turned a burning red, as bags filled beneath the pupils.   The Hooded figure called out. “Payne! Now! He’s awakening!”   The dressed woman nodded and in the next instant she was standing next to Thoraluk. A hand placed upon his head and she leaned down to his scarred and mangled ear. “Do you serve your Princess?”   The hunched giant lurched and nodded.   Payne soothed the creature’s neck. “I reinstate you, Thoraluk, no, Thakyr. Claim your noble honor and fight for me.”   Thoraluk’s eyes wound back into his head, they turned a bright bone color and then glowed. In a flash of blinding light, a massive pillar consumed Thoraluk and then left with another blinding coruscation.   Thakyr stood at his full height. Towering a massive fourteen feet. He was robust, muscular and a brute in every sense of the word. Heavy drapes of armor with gold and silver plating lay upon the creature. The mangled and distorted face was now handsome and serene, pale flesh covered in a covered sheen of light. Gripped within the giant’s hands were two huge double clubs that glowed at the tips.   Payne launched herself back to the Hooded figure and smiled to her partner. “Hadrian did well. We test my brother’s merit today.”   The Hooded figure replied. “Will he kill them?”   A shrug. “She can handle herself. Strong, that one. A fitting partner. Let’s hope he does not waste her.”   Caius’ rage burned further as he gaze upon the holy beast of light that stood in empowerment ahead of him. The chains continued to fetter and finally they blew away. The Resonance expanded around him, and he could feel everything. Every particle of energy, every known form of light and dark. The ballroom was barely holding there, and he grunted. A turn of his head had him face to where Bren would choose for an attack position or defense. “We need to push him out of this realm and into ours. There we can slay this Celestial. Understand?” He barked the statement.
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    School system screwed me out of a class I was interested in taking.   So...let's get hammered!
  10. The Forging of Divinity

    It wasn't until Bren had entered the gathering pillar of darkness that Kuri would make her move from the arena.   Locking back silver curls against her neck, she hopped one, two, and fifteen benches until she had landed herself gracefully within the middle of the chaos. The darkness was warping in almost every direction. Soon after the tumultuous beasts that reared from the shadows were slain and destroyed, small waves of mana would pour in flushes that would hit up against some of the crowds.   The magic was easily dismissed across the higher Archmages of the group. So Kuri slapped her hands together and took a deep breath. In just a breath's time, she unwinded her hands. Within the middle was a tiny green cube and she continued to open her arms until the mana had gathered within the object.   In a burst of light, the entire arena had been engulfed within the cubical surface that Kuri formed. She showed no hint of exhaustion or tiredness, just a bored expression covering her face. All things within the arena had frozen, halted to the lapses of time. The Archmages began to tend to the wound as they filtered within the large arena.   Nael himself was sitting infront of the time frozen pillar, his hands placed upward to gently call upon the light that still remained behind the veiled pillar. A howl and snarl caught Kuri's attention as a silver streak burst from one of the shadowy portals, landing with a massive body of silver curls. One of the mages neared it, yelling something frantic to call to help. The wolf continued forward as it ignored the placated magic placed upon him.   Each step carried it until it was hovering above Hadrian who had backed away in fear. It snarled once more this time drool being flicked to the ground in puddles. Kuri appeared beside the wolf in a second placing a hand against the silver fur. "Enki, Enki. Shh."   The massive wolven turned its head to the young woman and its eyes turned linear, narrowing and shifting back to Hadrian. The wolf finally sat upon its haunches and howled as its frame became smaller to its normal size.   Llloyd appeared some time later when the field was being nurtured with magic. He pulled Hadrian aside and spoke with him. Soon Arch Knights had appeared and removed his ability to call upon mana. It was a temporary effect but it allowed for deeper questioning which most knew was not a pleasant event. Nael had spoken up against Lloyd, claiming that the transition was bound to happen; but he had heard enough of it.   "Heralds and their Children do not belong in Valucre, Nael. You would do well to remember that." Nael had grunted and left without a word to rejoin at the pillar.   Nael and several others Dark Knights were standing and sitting around the portal and talking among themselves. Kuri was included in that group and sighed. "You think he'll be okay?" She asked no one besides Nael.   Nael shrugged. "The test is different for all. He was not meant to walk the path of dark. I could see it in his heart. He simply sought his own class. Arrogance, ignorance, and hope. That was all I ever got when fighting him."   "He'll do fine, he's got Bren with him in there." A gruff voice said as Ban sat beside Kuri. Enki joining them shortly after. They continued to stare as the pillars of darkness began to dissipate and finally they were gone. All they saw then was just fading light and two forms enclosed into chains.   "So nobody is going to ask why the wolf can just leap anywhere, huh?" Auri said with a bemused tone.   Silence greeted them all.   *** Upon entering the storming cloud of light, Bren would first encounter a shadowy form similar to Caius. Ahead of her was something that most were doomed to see, yet always only thought this about their own lives.   Shackles were wrapped tightly around Caius' wrists and legs, he was a slumped form with his head hanging low. He was constantly muttering something.   "I will be something. I will be something. I will not be a failure. I will not lose."   The accuracy of the words often fell to the point that pity was beneath him. There was only white for miles around, but Caius would look and say nothing; he'd continue to stare ahead. When Bren approached this, she would be transported.   *** The most careful anecdote is always one about someone's own life. Whether it was their fear, their hate, their sorrow, or ranged emotions that hardened them to their purpose in life. They would rebirth into these memories a tight stream of power that allowed them to see each and every one of their darkest fears but elevate them to a stream of conscious desires. The paths that would set them into their future. Time was always a flat circle, no matter how you perceived it.   As Bren finally found herself standing once more. She would see that range of people in colors of white and black. Their happy faces and laughs as they took steps to their dance. The ball lights hung in gentle flickers that gave notion that it was not entirely the memory one would advise to live in. Ahead of Bren would be double wide doors and there she would find Caius in his black embroidered suit that his Mother had made for him.   Elbows rested upon the ivory balcony railing, he'd gaze off in the distant to the end of their world. The once dreamy and rich colored navy hues were dull and black, just staring at what was past this.    Was this last when I was happy?   He felt the hairs of his skin prick up and he would turn to smile at Bren appearing. Should she make her way over, his words seemed automatic and not entirely true to the realism at hand. "Your dress looks wonderful on you." He didn't see the Bren of the now, but the Bren of the past. He looked off to the edges of the world where the lovely moon sat above the darkening horizon. "I always wonder... if we were meant to escape this place. Was it worth it?"
  11. The Forging of Divinity

    The morning sun pierced through the beige veil that colored the room a sheepish orange providing a dim light that raised the head of a shadowy creature. It lurked for a moment shifting its large paws; they filled upon the ground causing dust to scatter in various directions. This abominable beast took another step forward with its aquiline snout, baring fangs uncontrollably from the need; the desire to rip and tear. The creature moved itself to its target, inhaling the fresh scent and sniffing the air for more clues.   Oh it lurked and hunger, it did.   Closing in on his prey, it bundled its muscles as it pulled back on its powerful haunches and without warning. It gave a meaning roar that shook the very fabrics of time itself.   Oompf!   “CAIUS! TELL YOUR PUP TO SHUT UP!”   Caius snorted as the puppy-that-was-no-longer-a-puppy was pinning him upon the bed and slurring long ravenous licks with its tongue. Enki pounced off of him and began to spin itself on the other side of the bed, lifting up its haunches and shaking its tail before letting loose another ravenous roar!   He swept a hand through the wolf’s silver and black fur, gently massaging behind its ear as Enki pressed against his arm. The petting seemed to have quelled the beast’s need to wake up his roommates, and he glanced to the time on the bedside table. Ugh. Still morning. He hurt.   The practice was beginning to get to him and he knew it. There was always a point for it, too. He wasn’t fast enough, so he took two swords to the chest. He wasn’t strong enough, so his weapons  broke to maces and he was slammed against the shoulder and most of the time into the ground. He didn’t think quick enough, so when it became a matter of wills, he always lost. His head tapped against the pillow with a sigh. Enki joined beside him to lick rapidly at his face.   “Alright, alright, you needy oaf. We’ll go outside.”   Enki had understood what he meant because the silver and black was almost as quick as lightning, launching off the bed and down the hallway and probably to the last door at the edge of the tower. Caius mostly assumed Riq would do the honors and let the wolf out to relieve himself and join with the other war dogs and cats. Hell, one of Enki's best playmates was a seven hundred pound war cat that matched a Yeti in size.   One feet at a time upon the floor and he let out a hissing sigh. Hands found themselves his jaw while he sat there for a few minutes, contemplating and thinking of what he could do to get better and achieve results. A bark alerted him that Riq was proving to be useless, so he made his movements mechanical and applied in a timely fashion. On his way out he passed Kuri who was strapping her vest on. He didn't comment nor say anything, but he noticed that she a lot more aggressive in putting on her armor.   "Take a fuckin` picture, freshman. Maybe it'll help ye remember where the pointy end goes. And shut ye fuckin` dog up"   Oh, right. She was a bitch.   Shrugging his shoulders, he continued out into the hallway and passed Riq who was snoozing against the exit of the tower. Enki was sitting on his haunches with his goofy tongue hanging out of his mouth, barking every moment or so. Enki was mollified once more by Caius' hand going through his fur, and he opened the tower door. The massive portal sprung to life with aether swirling comically blue into a black center. Caius hated the sight of the portal as he felt sick every time he entered one.   Enki, however, did not feel the same way. The wolf dove into the aether and Caius checked from the window. A rift tore open for a moment and Enki was out with the other animals, swarming about and herding the younger pups. He assumed the trainer would take over from there, so he closed the tower door and locked it. Trudging his way back to his room, he collapsed upon the bed and closed his eyes.   ***   The warmth of the bench didn't provide him much confidence in his abilities to do anything. Instead it just made him think more. He was beginning to spend too much time in his head when he began to hate his own ideas.   "Catch" a voice from afar said.   His left hand came up to catch whatever was thrown, and he used the peripheral senses that accompanied his Resonance. It took multiple layers for the item to pass through before it finally hit Caius' reality, and he grabbed it without hesitation.   "Nael is going to beat you down again, huh?" This time the man was closer, and recognized him as Ban.   He really didn't know much about Ban aside that his mother abandoned him as birth for being a southerner. Apparently that was close to racism as it could be in these lands. Ban had extremely dark skin with molting features upon his neck, shoulders and around his stomach. The molt came from burned feathers being pressed into the body upon birth. Which again was an odd genetic mutation that signified that Aviera, their Crow God or some nonsense had cursed him. So upon that assumption alone, would could assume that Ban lived his life being an anathema to societies. That was not the case. Ban proved himself quite a Magister. One of the best War Mages for his year. He was speculated to reach rank Twelve on the upcoming assessment.   Very few made it into the top twenty.   Caius inspected the light crystal for a moment and used it to absorb and trade some of his aether within it. He could feel the alleviation but it didn't exactly help the heavy weight upon his shoulders. "Yeah. I assume he is going to make sure that I am not a special snowflake, though Lloyd insists that I am. This constant frenemy war those two have is starting to really really hurt." He made the last part out to laugh but he only shook his head.   "Is Bren coming today? At least you have that to look forward to after. You should get hit hard or something, that way you can go up to her after..." And Ban got uncomfortably close, his face almost a foot from his. He theatrically grabbed a part of his body that was considered repugnant to the Faith. "Oh, my sweet Bren, I need a massage. Please...Please take care of my wound...And then!" He held up a single digit. "You show... ano--" an object slammed against his head with the force of at least four hundred kilos of pressure.   Ban being a stone wall within the ranks had him remain still, but he spoke without turning his head. "Come, Auri. Are we going to stoop to earth magick?"   A woman with delicate features and outlandish amethyst hair took to opening the gates to the stands of the arena. She looked disheveled and worn, the blue robe she wore with her outfit was tattered and torn in some parts, exposing black linen beneath. Caius assumed tights as her skin was as pale as the moon. "When you disrespect his girlfriend like that, yes, yes I will. He's obviously too shy to bed her properly. They'll figure out their nethers eventually."   "Shut up, Auri." Both Ban and Caius said together.   "You're up, newbie." A worn armored Magister came from the field in his dark cloak and bone armor. "He's in a bit of a mood. Maybe just take the hit and fall."   ***   He would have much liked to say the upcoming fight was anything but exciting. But to Caius this fight was more important to him, and it was because this was the day his rival was set. Dramatically, of course. There were no rival mages. The rivals were created from the friendship hierarchy in the Hadou system that benefited from cliques, social status, social standing, faction of birth, land of birth, and other meaningless things. Over the past year though, Caius had constantly worked toward a simple and defining goal. He wanted to beat the guy above him. To beat this guy, he had to rank at least nineteen. That means on this day in front of at least...   Oh. There was Bren.   And beside her joined was Auri and Ban. He made a face that was almost pure disgust. The thought of Ban conforming to the feminine side to give Bren ideas of his thoughts made him queasy. He ignored it though, that was not what mattered. Instead he focused on the other fifty or sixty mages that were now settling in their seats. A lot of them were in outfit, though most of them wore their usual casual wear. He noted Kuri was sitting on the opposing side, and he glowered for a moment. So much for sectionalism deciding whose team belonged to whom.   He stepped out onto the arena wearing his apprentice garb. He had not moved within the ranks within the year at all, and was still seen as a newbie, despite his combat prowess. Maybe it was his lack of caring, maybe he just didn't feel the need; or it was just that... He was already an Enforcer, why bother enlisting further in some man's game? He was only here to get the mission to get out, and after that... He probably would never return to this blasted academy.   The large drawline of the circular platform gave perspective to how the battle was supposed to be contained. The mages were set within the battlefield with massive points to draw mana from. These points touched upon the North, South, and South Eastern glowing pedestals. That left the mage to draw from these, if, it was needed. Most apprentices, like himself, who suffered from the ability to draw would need these founts of mana. Though today... He just felt eerily lucky.   A battle armored mage stepped onto the field of view. He wore steel and a leather cloak. The features of his face were almost feminine with the point of his ears giving view to why. Elven features were hardly rare and most of the time they were seen with beauty. It was hard to deny their gracious posture, and the prose of their words were something of undeniable elegance. However, this particular Elven was Nael. The man did not carry any sort of armament beside his cuirass and surcoat.   "So today is the day, apprentice. You will face someone whose been here half as long as you, and has risen through the ranks tenfold." And Nael preached. Caius found himself lulling out of the speeches.   "...Meticulous battlements!"   "Worthy appraisal from the demonic battle of Cosanastre..."   "...I give you..."   ***   His opponent stepped onto the circular arena very slowly. Around Caius the crowd seemed to roar and chant his name. To be fair, Caius was becoming hard of hearing these days and did begin to allow his Resonance to dial back. The sound became more persistent and sharp, it made him aware of the position he was in. As his opponent reached the outer edge of the innermost semi-circle, the man smiled something casual.   He had fair hair with almond colored skin. His eyes were something between that of oval and spherical, the color reflected back steel. A rugged beard took most of his jaw and lips, so his age was almost indeterminable. The thing that gave most away was the outfit he wore. It was something close to bone coloured with a leathery crimson cape that followed behind him. Caius had heard of these people. The name was akin to red mages, but they were just above that.   Mystic Knights   The man gave a warm smile and spoke with a clear, foreign accent. "Fair battle to you, Ser Caius."   Caius bowed. "The same to you, Ser... "   The man smiled. "Hadrian"   Like that a pillar of light dawned above Caius' head and exploded downward to the battlefield. The Resonance shield reacted immediately, forcing mana to crystallize and shatter as Caius was backing away from the on-coming assault. More pillars of light began to form and sharpen, framing into tight weapons that spun about Hadrian's body without so much as breaking a sweat. Caius reacted by lifting his hands and drawing the Resonance in and empowering his movements. He felt his body become lighter, his eyes possessed more clarity. The single frame in which Hadrian's trail of light followed, he reacted then.   Caius closed the distance between him and his opponent. The Resonance exploded outward into Seven layers of time. Each layer dispersing within one second as he closed the gap. He drew his fist tight and jabbed at his opponent. Hadrian deflected it with his left just as quickly. The spears of light launched inward digging deep into the Resonance layer. Once the final layer was snapped like a balloon expending too much air, Caius launched himself skyward. Turning his body into the air, he pulled both arms in and then thrusted them out as his body tumbled headfirst. Wings of ethereal blades formed around him as they clashed against the spears. Pre-occupied with magic battling Resonance, Caius' hand planted into the ground.   With a turn of his body his feet planted into the arena and the Resonance reformed. sparks of adaptive magick sheared along the Resonance as Hadrian struck with his own personal weapon. Once, twice, and three times did the layer disperse and fill before Hadrian could land a winning blow. Caius kept kicking off the ground backwards until he was nearing the edge. A spear of light formed above him and dropped like a fallen angel. it planted into the arena and exploded in a fiery pillar of burning power.   Immediately the Resonance was dismantled and Hadrian struck him across the jaw, sending him a few feet backwards. A pillar of light formed around him and trapped him within it. Hadrian closed his hand into a fist and the pillar exploded once more into pure magic. The entire arena was consumed as the light expanded wider and wider until it reached the very edge of the internal circle. Soon in a flash though the light shifted colours, it turned over and blackened beginning to shift and shape into that of something else entirely.   A voice that didn't exactly belong spoke. "T-they s-sent y-you, d-didn't the-they?!" It was deep and unfamiliar, it boomed throughout the coliseum.   Hadrian was completely caught off guard that his magic had been overridden that he didn't at first understand what was happening. Soon Magisters were filling into the arena. Most of them were the Higher seniors, others were true Magistrates. Someone spoke.  [imgalign='left']http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragonsdogma/images/7/7c/Monster_img_18.png/revision/latest?cb=20130413145040[/imgalign] A Magistrate ran toward the pillar of darkness beginning to consume the rest of the circular platform. As the magistrate closed into the pillar, a monstrous hand of dark exploded out and ran through the Magistrate with pure energy. The body went limp and dropped upon the ground as the color of life seeped from the skin.   Nael called in Order movements as he summoned his own abilities. The wings exploded from his back as heavenly downs that were strapped by hardformed crystals. He spoke in a returning voice. "Caius! Let it go! Do not let it consume you!"   Flames, no, portals of Darkness began to sprout around the arena. They began to draw the mana from the pedestals within the arena. Each of them consuming a miracular amount until the portals shifted into hardformed creatures. Each of them bore a shadowy frame that were cloaked in phantasmal Armor. They stood at an impressieve ten feet tall and they glowed with the darkness and magic within.   ***   Auri glanced to Bren. Her eyes wide. "You have to go to him."   Ban was already pulling away his visor and withdrawing a large edged axe from an impossible view window. He glanced to both Bren and Auri. "We need to clear a path." he grit his teeth. "Your fucking boyfriend seems to be new to this." He let out a howl and raced down the steps and launched into the coliseum where mages began to fill and battle off the on-coming warriors.   Auri, as nimble as she was, launched off the seat and made her way into the arena. Bows began to appear from her, and she grasped one. Arrows thunked and pierced, each one embedded with a near magister's light. As the phantasmal armor began to break off one of the colossi, Hadrian would finish it with a pillar that seemed to desecrate and restore mana to nearby participants.
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  13. Trouble in Umbra

    The Sun is a wondrous body, like a magnificent Father...   ..If only I could be so grossly incandescent.   Signed and noted.   Ah, my own Sun... my very own... Sun. Auugghh! Ugghh! Hahahahahaha.
  14. The Forging of Divinity

    The Instruments of our own Deliverance   The ethereal blade snapped and shattered like dust in the wind.   Caius gasped as the power was drained from his form in a fell swoop of air, and he dropped to his knees. Beads of pearlescent sweat dropped upon the matter floor of the arena as caught his breath. Looking upward ahead of him at his opponent, he felt his anger rise and swell at the man who constantly beat him again and again.   “Had enough, Caius? Here I thought someone capable of summoning weapons could be formidable. It is wise I picked you up, but you are a constant disappointment.” The man said with a bored expression. His thin lips did not twitch or move, no, he didn’t even open his mouth to speak. The man was mostly a telekinetic and he passed thoughts into Caius’ mind.   “Heh… Don’t kid yourself,” Caius retorted.   This time he spread both of his arms out and channeled the mana in the air. It was much harder in this realm to generate crystalline light. Hell, he had a harder time trying to manipulate the light into hardformed blades. It was explained to them that where he had stepped from, the dreaming world of power, the mana there was massively abundant and the resonance he had with the power was stronger and closer to one hundred percent.   This world, however, he did not have the means nor the synchronization to generate the spells so evenly. Instead it forced him to imagine the weapon in his mind, to allocate the necessary properties so that it did not break upon contact; yet it left him completely open for assaults. Though his opponent always waited for him, and it irked him in a small way knowing that in battle, he would not have such an opportunity.   As the blades fleshed out into silver protruding forms, they glowed white hot with powerful energy swelling in them. They were nowhere near perfect and by all means would break upon the next strike, but they were good for a few solid if not blunt hits before cracking away. The Resonance, his power, had seemed to grow stronger; more honed and natural, like a blade being forged it was cast and hardened over time.   As the year passed by, Caius had worked himself under the means of supporting Lloyd’s wishes and much like Bren possibly being at a distance, only finding times to see her when he could. She had changed, this was true, but Caius did not mind this at all. He found her becoming who she wanted to be, she was seeking to be herself; and though some men would have found it intimidating, it oft turned him on in the middle of the night. She was advancing much quicker than him when it came to magic and it made him happy.   Hell, if they ever got sent into the field together, at least someone would carry him back to the safety of the tower.   His opponent spoke, breaking his internal monologue. “Have you decided the path you will go yet? I need to know the specialty of fields to send you on in the upcoming trials and missions.”   As the blades snapped once more, he felt the hilts solidify in his grip, he tightened them while moving himself into a fighter’s stance. His left foot slid forward and his right arm rose to accommodate the balance of his body. “You know, we were much more advanced in the technological era. From what I see from everybody, it is weird to have class names. So I have always been considered Mystic or Runic, will work.”   The man smiled, his pointy ears wiggling almost absently as the silver locks fell around him. “Ah, an enchanter but proficient in the weaponmaster department, huh? You wish to fell dragons and become a legend? A year has taught you much, Caius, you have dipped into multiple proficiencies, and if you wish to seek a Fell path; you will have to work much harder than you are now.”   Caius flinched a little, always a little at his self-esteem did he think that he was letting something or someone down. “I can always just be an Onion.”   He started the attack.   And like most days. He got the hell beat out of him.