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    Final Fantasy XIV'ers! Who's playing?

    I am on Exodus! Jojonji Watamonji
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    Ready for some fun,

    If anyone wishes to get things going, PM me. :D
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    Ready for some fun,

    Already hopped in a thread: [URL=http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/21817-REBUILD?p=352105#post352105]Here[/url] and my sheet is [url=http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/24675-Benvolio?p=352091#post352091]here.[/url]
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    [JUSTIFY]Steps would be heard from the distance from behind the group. His steps lacked rhythm and his face showed that of curiosity. While there was a slight glare on his glasses, others would see his nappy black hair and his ridiculous grin. Dressed in a white lab coat with standard khaki pants that rose above the ankle. While he watched, he heard them speak from a distance. The shindig was more of a [B]soirée[/B] but it seemed to be something that appeared to be pretty personal. Benvolio really had no clue what he stumbled upon and nor did he know where the fuck he was. Really, he had a knack for stumbling on shit and because he was at the age of where he could give a damn about what was goin' on and not giving a shit, he decided to choose the "give a damn about what was going on" and just drop in and drop-[B]some[/B]-eaves. Everything was kind of cool up to a point, but then their language was kind of off, it didn't really register. Maybe payin' a little attention would do the him some good. For some reason, he had some kind of feelin' that the Jericho at his side would need some tweaking before he even thought about getting their attention and putting him in harms way, but ... that's if they didn't even hear him? ♒ Just a second. All of a sudden, he brought himself down and crossed his legs and took off his pocket watch for a moment before staring at the group. Before placing his right hand at the rim of his eyeglasses, he pressed a button and ran a little scan on a few of 'em: [I][COLOR="#006400"]ººº[/COLOR][/I]No [I]Data[/I] Found. [CENTER][B][I]!!! [/I][/B][/CENTER] Nigga, no way. Ain't [B]no[/B] [I]way[/I]! Benny can do anythin'! His thoughts rang through his head as he continued to press the button before his thoughts began to slip and slide right between his lips. "[B]Shiii—[/B]" Fuck. [/JUSTIFY]
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    [RIGHT][img]http://i40.tinypic.com/2d0nltg.png[/img][/RIGHT] Name | — Adopted name | [ABBR="Peacemaker"]Benvolio[/ABBR] Age | 25 Astrological Sign| [ABBR="God Complex" & much more, dangerous to a degree.]♒[/ABBR] Race | Human[SUP]?[/SUP] Benvolio, a man of many words and many thoughts. Benvolio, a man who is a danger to himself as well as those around him. Benvolio is an inventor who seems to create the most quirky and unconventional items. Colleagues used to call him "Inspector", just like the cartoon character, [I]Inspector Gadget.[/I] He has created miniature weapons that can takedown tanks and created simple mechs, his famous creation was the: [url=http://i42.tinypic.com/35m1mk7.png]4CKU[/url] He constantly tinkers and meddles with technology and seems to twist them to his own liking. Every item has a bit of his personality to it. His origin is unknown, and his only "claim" is that he hails from the stars. Though he is merely the type to react, he is one who seems to be well prepared for what seems to be any kind of situation.
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    Ready for some fun,

    Been a long time since I roleplayed, hope I don't disappoint anyone.