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  1. I'm going to take some time away from Valucre so that I may be extremely edgy focused more on my real life responsibilities.  I just haven't had time to devote to Valucre and that's not fair to my RP partners, especially when they are so brilliant and full of wonderful stories that I have otherwise been neglecting  
    I will return at a later date, once my life clears up and writing becomes a source of inspriation and calm for me once more.


    Unless I die first.  

    Artisan of Soul

    1. supernal


      Best of luck with those responsibilities. If the pressure lessens, Valucre will be around!

  2. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Then I'll get to work as Ja's lore dog. I've been working on it in my spare time but I'm never pleased with it, and since Tegrash has a beastiary of the Haunted Glen, he's going to start one of Yh'mi and see what there is to see, starting with the delving of the minds of the Chitten with his annoying "Let me touch your occipital lobe" powers.
  3. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Well of course! What good could my little Megalomaniac edgelord do taking away your glory? Aside from being a right ol' cunt, he's just not strong enough to go delving into the mind of the Gutterfiend, nor would he want to without serious help.
  4. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Holy fuck that took forever, and I was not helping at the last part, but by god if you guys didn't fucking deserve this victory-- Now, I leave it up to you all to decide how you finish him off, and disassemble the Gutterfiend. Just ask me about the biology if you want to take something like the liver or the heart or some teeth/acid. It's a smorgasbord of alchemic ingredients in there, and you can have whatever you can carry, but someone also has to take the head of this thing into town in order to claim the bounty.
  5. Life is a Hideous Thing

    Rainza's beating of the creature's bod that protruded from the safe walls of the wards send a rippling surge of energy through its muscles. It lost its control on Tegrash's mind for a brief moment as it processed the actions of Rainza, and with Tarin's help in securing Tegrash's psyche within the creature, the tides of battle were ultimately turned in their favor. The snapping maw slowed as it began to feel its life being ripped away under the oppressive drain of the wards. Wavering in its mental faculties, and even the chitten that were so eager to throw themselves at the group, now hesitated. Tegrash excitedly felt the wane of the Maw's strength and will to live, and with a brief acknowledgement of Tarin's assistance, left the safety of the bubble to finish what he had insisted on starting. His emotions and desires for power overwhelmed and devoured the Maw's desperate need for survival, until nothing of the original mind was left in the body of the rapidly deteriorating horror. Tegrash could feel it all now, the power of each mind woven into this network of pheromones and magics, understanding the maw's purpose and death, and that someone would need to take over this node of power, giving the chitten direction once their original leader was gone. Tegrash had someone in mind. Everyone had done their part to ensure that they stayed alive, and they had each held off a specific force of the gutterfiends' allies. It was ultimately over, and for the better. The Gutterfiend fought with Haze's abominations, the mutated corpses of the already nightmarish beasts of Yh'mi, and the maw writhed only for a moment as the warding wall drained it of its last bit of life. There was nothing the remnants of this retaliation coup could muster. Tegrash ensured of this by turning the chitten onto their previous masters. His body still lied on the muddy grounds but he had ceased clawing at his body, ceased laughing manically. He simply observed what went on around him through the eyes and minds of the Chitten not yet claimed by his wards. He looked around the battlefield, at his unlikely new allies and faithful Rainza who kept him alive so frequently longer than he deserved. He smiled a wicked and toothy smile at this notion. It made him happy. As the remaining Chitten tore into the flesh of the Gutterfiend, it made him happy. Haze's mutated beasts stabbing into and clawing through the Gutterfiend's flesh made him happy, and feeling the beast bend the edges of the chittens' minds, vying for control that it so needed, it sparked excitement within Tegrash once again. This new power would not be given up without a fight, and that was everything he had put on the line here. He felt like he had finally accomplished something great. What he had been searching for. The biology of the creatures and the needs of them surged through network of minds, as if he were simultaneously thinking about the battle and how to interact with his allies with many eyes and bodies of his new system. Yet he was unable to find his way back to his body without searching for it with considerable effort, and upon finding it, the Gutterfiend had snatched a few of the Chitten from his control. They were swiftly killed, as the small beasts fought against themselves now, but it was ultimately finished. The bleeding, acid dripping gutterfiend was now facing off against five foes it had no chance of defeating, and it had no reinforcements to protect it. The gnarled beast roared in defiance to its fate, and Tegrash, sprawled upon the mud on his back, returned a roar, sharing a primal hate for the opposite force in this mental battle over the Chitten. There was one foe left, one last creature to which they had to deal, and it was a savagely wounded Gutterfiend. It was now more of a formality to kill it, as Tegrash slowly regained movement of his body, flexing and stretching each body part before daring to put weight against any of them in order to prop himself up.
  6. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    I got cucked, my phone got fucked up and then got weaseled into having to help put together a wedding. I'LL try and get to it later tonight.
  7. Life is a Hideous Thing

    While intelligent and powerful, the beasts were not infallible. The insects were used to absorb most of Tarin's gaseous summon, and were killed as the vapor came to be solid pieces, materializing within their joints and fluidic lungs. The Gutterfiend spat a wicked acid at the vaporous compound that drifted towards him, dissipating a majority of the invasive fog, until what remained of it was able invaded his throat. It then went deeper, and lined itself in the acids and bile within the Gutterfiends' body. There were no lungs within the creature's chest, non accessable by the wraith at least, and as the insides of the Gutterfiend churned it into a substance whose smell could almost reach Haze, it vomited violently and with it, chitten. They emerged from inside its body, the dark and seemingly spacious inside as bile lined chitten wouldn't stop crawling out from its mouth and popping from the sacks on its sides. They were coated in a vile substance that even Tegrash would hesitate to study. The Gutterfiend was now out of creatures to use aside from the recently created chtiten, so it made its advance upon the three hiding within the barrier Tegrash had erected. The remains of Tarin's summon were quickly wrapped in mucus, partially digested, and regurgitated from the Gutterfiend's body. Xio and Haze had gotten through their test, and though Haze couldn't be seen, the creatures on the ground which she had struck and fallen with her spear began to twitch. Only two or three made any slow movement, like that of a dying beetle desperately clinging to life out of madness, rather than having the good sense to just die. No one could be certain that wasn't exactly what they were doing. Then, seeing about 8 Chitten survive Tarin's onslaught of rocks, he decided that they would easily be cleaned up with the wards, and decided to try and cripple the violent maw rushing at them. The scattered remnants of the initial rushing force had one purpose, and that wasn't slowed even as their allies were cut down directly beside them. Tegrash deduced this meant they were being puppeted by the maw, and thought that if he could put his hooks in the puppeteer of the chitten, he would have this fight over in an instant rather than another thirty minutes in a war of attrition. He steadied himself and his mental powers, then reached out with a torrent of hate and discontent. The beast had next to no mental defenses upon entrance, but as Tegrash delved deeper into the creature's mind he started to snicker. This feeling of sudden joy was unusual, but it was overwhelming. Then the beast charged, faster than one would have thought possible for a creature of that size. Directly into the wall of death it smacked. Several other chitten slammed against the wards' link and were drained of their life force, but the maw did not cease. It clawed and squirmed through the barrier, inching past the defense ever so slowly, and it gnashed its myriad teeth violently. Tegrash was unable to stop it, unable to stop anything that was coming next. His laughing did not cease or slow, instead it became a hideous cackle. He writhed in pain, clawing at his body with his own hands as if something were inside of him that needed to get out, and he collapsed into the mud of the wastelands. The creature let him enter it's mind, and now that he was there, it locked him in and transferred its pain and other dark emotions into Tegrash, keeping him awake through it all. He saw the bile coated Chitten draw closer and as his body and mind betrayed him against this creature, he hoped the others would be able to end what remained. 8 Bile Covered Chitten, 1 Gutterfiend, 2 insects, and 1 Maw.
  8. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    I shall post tonight. I have had a post ready at home on my home computer, but I haven't been back for several days because I've been in VA, TDY for work. Heading home this evening.
  9. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Once this fight is over, we'll go our separate ways, talk to @Jaslyn Ardellius about rewards for slaying the beastie and then go home. Tegrash will probably lurk in Yh'mi for a while longer since it's basically his new home and everyone else is free to drop once this thing dies.
  10. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Whomever hasn't posted yet. Just so long as everyone gets a turn, I don't care what order. @1ionFang is busy with art and will get to this when he is able. @Avvercus is busy being a student and I'm(@Artisan of Soul) busy NOT DYING (it's a lot more work than you'd think) but with the proper nudging I can persuade them both to post. You guys just figure out what words you want to put out into the Aether and then Let it Rip.
  11. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    I wasn't aware of his gloves, a regular set of leather gloves would be enough to prevent the poisoning. Thanks for the heads up! I'll redact that part of the post.
  12. Life is a Hideous Thing

    While some of the insectoid creatures bore toxins and venoms, others used corrosive acids capable of eating through elven metals and enchanted armours, or more physical means to crush and maim their targets with pincers and claws. After the first time they saw the skeleton enemy turn into a gaseous form, and rammed into each other on their assault, they didn't made the same mistake again. They worked around it, a few even constantly hovering in the gaseous cloud and attempting to disrupt or wait for it to materialize, in order to vomit corrosive juices over the skeleton and scrape and crush the physical form when they were given an opening. Each movement was calculated, each attack cleanly executed, and each strategy coordinated and adapted by the entire group without them having to speak. They were not stupid, they were individual units working as one, one hand with many grasping fingers that wanted to destroy and contain their foes. Haze and Xio's method of fighting was far to unpredictable however, a constantly changing and reality bending form of movement and magic that made each attack almost completely unique. There were about six insects around her, hovering, testing her range, and trying to find a weakness in her defense. To of them shot different kinds of acid at her, one high and one low, to see how she would respond to it. Now, knowing Xio and Haze was contained, the stayed spread out, not wanting to be hit by another lightning storm like the one that crippled their numbers to start with, contented with keeping them nearby and static. With Rainza being chased by the large maw, it rushed with what remained of its unit, the group of chitten that expanded and spread out to reduce the damage of his artillery, until they found the range of Tarin's Rail Gun of stones and circled around. They then tried to collapse in their position, and Tegrash made a mental link with Rainza and Tarin. He tried to focus on a less invasive form of telepathy, but his corrupting reach fell deep in their minds, suggesting them to run at the barrier of death, his words like ancient ideation, his desires becoming their own if they didn't fight back. There was a time, a pull towards their doom not yet to come, but they would know when to move once the puppeteer pulled on their strings. Then when the maw and chitten were about to reach Tegrash, he lowered one link in the chain of wards, shouted, "Trust me, MOVE!" And sprinted through the severed link, where he told them to go with his telepathy. If they were to do as suggested, the wall would be reconnected after they passed through it, and the enemies that hit it would be swiftly drained of their life force, writhing in agony as they were decayed while alive to the point of death: but should Rainza or Tarin resisted Tegrash's suggestions and made their own decisions, the opposing force would likely be less kind to them and far mire bloodthirsty.
  13. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Like I said, I voted to abandon the posting order since from what I have observed, and in this RP especially, it's done nothing but impede progress. If you want to keep this going, I'll finish up with all the snarling Gutteral fiendish elements that I am able to provide, if not, I'll find an out for your character or let Tegrash be the sacrificial lamb.
  14. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    I might Kill Tegrash and drop into the void. Any takers on finishing this quest before I have the Gutterfiend feast on my character, giving you each an escape?
  15. Yh'mi Quest "Life is a Hideous Thing"

    Pulse check to see who is alive. I'd rather not have our characters die, or fail this mission at the very least and make Yh'mi's creatures any stronger, so I need to know when the next post will be by literally anyone still wanting to complete this quest. Again I apologize for my delays, the military does little for breathing room, but it has been almost two weeks since my last post.