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  1. Once this fight is over, we'll go our separate ways, talk to @Jaslyn Ardellius about rewards for slaying the beastie and then go home. Tegrash will probably lurk in Yh'mi for a while longer since it's basically his new home and everyone else is free to drop once this thing dies.
  2. Whomever hasn't posted yet. Just so long as everyone gets a turn, I don't care what order. @1ionFang is busy with art and will get to this when he is able. @Avvercus is busy being a student and I'm(@Artisan of Soul) busy NOT DYING (it's a lot more work than you'd think) but with the proper nudging I can persuade them both to post. You guys just figure out what words you want to put out into the Aether and then Let it Rip.
  3. I wasn't aware of his gloves, a regular set of leather gloves would be enough to prevent the poisoning. Thanks for the heads up! I'll redact that part of the post.
  4. While some of the insectoid creatures bore toxins and venoms, others used corrosive acids capable of eating through elven metals and enchanted armours, or more physical means to crush and maim their targets with pincers and claws. After the first time they saw the skeleton enemy turn into a gaseous form, and rammed into each other on their assault, they didn't made the same mistake again. They worked around it, a few even constantly hovering in the gaseous cloud and attempting to disrupt or wait for it to materialize, in order to vomit corrosive juices over the skeleton and scrape and crush the physical form when they were given an opening. Each movement was calculated, each attack cleanly executed, and each strategy coordinated and adapted by the entire group without them having to speak. They were not stupid, they were individual units working as one, one hand with many grasping fingers that wanted to destroy and contain their foes. Haze and Xio's method of fighting was far to unpredictable however, a constantly changing and reality bending form of movement and magic that made each attack almost completely unique. There were about six insects around her, hovering, testing her range, and trying to find a weakness in her defense. To of them shot different kinds of acid at her, one high and one low, to see how she would respond to it. Now, knowing Xio and Haze was contained, the stayed spread out, not wanting to be hit by another lightning storm like the one that crippled their numbers to start with, contented with keeping them nearby and static. With Rainza being chased by the large maw, it rushed with what remained of its unit, the group of chitten that expanded and spread out to reduce the damage of his artillery, until they found the range of Tarin's Rail Gun of stones and circled around. They then tried to collapse in their position, and Tegrash made a mental link with Rainza and Tarin. He tried to focus on a less invasive form of telepathy, but his corrupting reach fell deep in their minds, suggesting them to run at the barrier of death, his words like ancient ideation, his desires becoming their own if they didn't fight back. There was a time, a pull towards their doom not yet to come, but they would know when to move once the puppeteer pulled on their strings. Then when the maw and chitten were about to reach Tegrash, he lowered one link in the chain of wards, shouted, "Trust me, MOVE!" And sprinted through the severed link, where he told them to go with his telepathy. If they were to do as suggested, the wall would be reconnected after they passed through it, and the enemies that hit it would be swiftly drained of their life force, writhing in agony as they were decayed while alive to the point of death: but should Rainza or Tarin resisted Tegrash's suggestions and made their own decisions, the opposing force would likely be less kind to them and far mire bloodthirsty.
  5. Like I said, I voted to abandon the posting order since from what I have observed, and in this RP especially, it's done nothing but impede progress. If you want to keep this going, I'll finish up with all the snarling Gutteral fiendish elements that I am able to provide, if not, I'll find an out for your character or let Tegrash be the sacrificial lamb.
  6. I might Kill Tegrash and drop into the void. Any takers on finishing this quest before I have the Gutterfiend feast on my character, giving you each an escape?
  7. Pulse check to see who is alive. I'd rather not have our characters die, or fail this mission at the very least and make Yh'mi's creatures any stronger, so I need to know when the next post will be by literally anyone still wanting to complete this quest. Again I apologize for my delays, the military does little for breathing room, but it has been almost two weeks since my last post.
  8. In light of what's been going on in my life and @1ionFang and @Avvercus and such, I will be able to still write, but I have procrastinated far too frequently and would merely like to ask if someone thinks we need a posting order, or if we can do a free for all, so long as everyone posts once in the rotation, ending with me to let you guys know what the Gutterfiend and the Gutterfiends' army is doing?
  9. I am upset because that was so perfectly executed and I had no defense. #Assassinated #GotGot
  10. Xio upset it, but Xio did little more than that. He took a bit of damage, but not enough to incapacitate it. A subtle singed mark will be on it's face, but nothing else. You have 15 insects to worry about however. 15 Dog sized flying critters that want your face.
  11. Please fucking kill me very gently. I posted.
  12. The force amassed was of a variety of creatures. Many were chitten, the small, insectoid monsters of varying dark blues and purples, each as rabid and disgusting as the last but in this instance they seemed to be ordered and organized. They travelled in tightly formed columns, nine wide, three deep, like the well trained division of an army. Above them, small swarm of horrific flying insects loosely littered the skyline with about thirty bodies, with no discerning features to categorize them as any single breed. The only thing in common was a set, or several sets, of wings to grant flight. Beyond that, a variety of proboscis, jaws, maws, pincers, and scraping apparatus adorned the mandibular region of the swarm and the number of legs ranged from three to twenty, with spines, pincers, and claws on almost each one. Finally, came the Gutterfiend itself flanked by an larger, evolved creature. The creature looked unmistakably like the crawling and burrowing nuisances that seemed to litter all of Yh'mi, a chitten, but this one was six times larger, with a wider maw lined with fine, sharp teeth, and bore a heavier exoskeleton of a darker hue -- a green that struck nearly black. The legs were longer and thicker with the exoskeletal armor to match, but the engorged and pale thorax of this monster drug across the landscape giving its distinct shape only one flaw. One flaw based upon an insatiable hunger, an earned attribute, and a sign of its status and power. The gutterfiend snarled and gurgled an incomprehensible language, but something natural to his ally. "Uhgit, they suffer. Devour them." It was a very simple order, and one Uhgit responded to in the most hideous of ways. Shaking violently, the beast rocked its body back and forth which appeared to open a crease across its center. Uhgit opened its massive maw wider than should have been possible, separating its upper and lower half of its body back beyond its legs to reveal a several layered system of muscles and tendons to open a mouth that spanned almost the entire length of the creature's body. To say it was a maw with legs would be an apt description, and the maw was hungry and angry. Hatred was a constant baseline for this creature, and its higher level of thinking was based around the core concept killing and feeding. It hated outsiders and there was one very simple way to handle that: eat them. It and the Chitten then charged at Rainza, Tarin, and Tegrash, splitting up the small division into groups of three, each group in a wedge formation, attempting to flank and surround the three. They each took different routes along the battlefield, and made their strategy clear to Tegrash. They were going to surround and then collapse on their position, but with his barrier he would be able to kill at least a handful of them and keep the team focused on a forward assault. He ran into their shelter to grab a single totem, then ran out to place three more on the ground farther from the ones in the ground. Then, with a brief incantation, their powers activated. There was no showy light, or any indication other than the feeling of dread carried along between these totems that they were active, but their true strength would be made clear soon enough as any creatures unfortunate to pass through it would have their life force drained away. The flying creatures then divided up their efforts between the summoned creature Tarin had summoned and Haze and Xio in the air. They surrounded the summon and struck at with with relentless force, and the group that went after Haze and Xio attempted to do the same, whilst the Gutterfiend stood his ground and watched. Now was the time for focus and the utmost control over his units. The Gutterfiend was no fool, no mindless beast to be trifled with. The humans thought this world as theirs, and his kind tolerated their existence until it became apparent that they were not interested in cohabitation. War was on the horizon, and these were the first steps to that realization.
  13. And we're back ladies and gents. Posting in the next hour or so.
  14. We've had a lot going on at work, and on top of WAAAGH! I might become a deployer and do extra training and stuff like that. Neat - bonus work on top of usual training and regular work. And I have a qualification which I've procrastinated doing so now I've gotta do it, and I remember why I didn't like doing it, because any ammount of work on it DRAINS MY FUKIN SOUL FROM MY STILL-MOVING-CORPSE. SO I BEG FOR FORGIVENESS. I have 2 paragraphs written already, I'm going to adapt it a bit and then send it to you guys to overcome. Sincerely, Artisan of Soul is about to leave my body
  15. That's Fair. I'll move MegasXLR to Avvercus since they'll likely be paired. THUS IT HAS BEEN DECREED WITH DELIBERATION WITH @Kingofgames12: The new Posting order will be @Artisan of Soul @1ionFang @Kingofgames12 @Slank44 @Avvercus