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  1. I am upset because that was so perfectly executed and I had no defense. #Assassinated #GotGot
  2. Xio upset it, but Xio did little more than that. He took a bit of damage, but not enough to incapacitate it. A subtle singed mark will be on it's face, but nothing else. You have 15 insects to worry about however. 15 Dog sized flying critters that want your face.
  3. Please fucking kill me very gently. I posted.
  4. The force amassed was of a variety of creatures. Many were chitten, the small, insectoid monsters of varying dark blues and purples, each as rabid and disgusting as the last but in this instance they seemed to be ordered and organized. They travelled in tightly formed columns, nine wide, three deep, like the well trained division of an army. Above them, small swarm of horrific flying insects loosely littered the skyline with about thirty bodies, with no discerning features to categorize them as any single breed. The only thing in common was a set, or several sets, of wings to grant flight. Beyond that, a variety of proboscis, jaws, maws, pincers, and scraping apparatus adorned the mandibular region of the swarm and the number of legs ranged from three to twenty, with spines, pincers, and claws on almost each one. Finally, came the Gutterfiend itself flanked by an larger, evolved creature. The creature looked unmistakably like the crawling and burrowing nuisances that seemed to litter all of Yh'mi, a chitten, but this one was six times larger, with a wider maw lined with fine, sharp teeth, and bore a heavier exoskeleton of a darker hue -- a green that struck nearly black. The legs were longer and thicker with the exoskeletal armor to match, but the engorged and pale thorax of this monster drug across the landscape giving its distinct shape only one flaw. One flaw based upon an insatiable hunger, an earned attribute, and a sign of its status and power. The gutterfiend snarled and gurgled an incomprehensible language, but something natural to his ally. "Uhgit, they suffer. Devour them." It was a very simple order, and one Uhgit responded to in the most hideous of ways. Shaking violently, the beast rocked its body back and forth which appeared to open a crease across its center. Uhgit opened its massive maw wider than should have been possible, separating its upper and lower half of its body back beyond its legs to reveal a several layered system of muscles and tendons to open a mouth that spanned almost the entire length of the creature's body. To say it was a maw with legs would be an apt description, and the maw was hungry and angry. Hatred was a constant baseline for this creature, and its higher level of thinking was based around the core concept killing and feeding. It hated outsiders and there was one very simple way to handle that: eat them. It and the Chitten then charged at Rainza, Tarin, and Tegrash, splitting up the small division into groups of three, each group in a wedge formation, attempting to flank and surround the three. They each took different routes along the battlefield, and made their strategy clear to Tegrash. They were going to surround and then collapse on their position, but with his barrier he would be able to kill at least a handful of them and keep the team focused on a forward assault. He ran into their shelter to grab a single totem, then ran out to place three more on the ground farther from the ones in the ground. Then, with a brief incantation, their powers activated. There was no showy light, or any indication other than the feeling of dread carried along between these totems that they were active, but their true strength would be made clear soon enough as any creatures unfortunate to pass through it would have their life force drained away. The flying creatures then divided up their efforts between the summoned creature Tarin had summoned and Haze and Xio in the air. They surrounded the summon and struck at with with relentless force, and the group that went after Haze and Xio attempted to do the same, whilst the Gutterfiend stood his ground and watched. Now was the time for focus and the utmost control over his units. The Gutterfiend was no fool, no mindless beast to be trifled with. The humans thought this world as theirs, and his kind tolerated their existence until it became apparent that they were not interested in cohabitation. War was on the horizon, and these were the first steps to that realization.
  5. And we're back ladies and gents. Posting in the next hour or so.
  6. We've had a lot going on at work, and on top of WAAAGH! I might become a deployer and do extra training and stuff like that. Neat - bonus work on top of usual training and regular work. And I have a qualification which I've procrastinated doing so now I've gotta do it, and I remember why I didn't like doing it, because any ammount of work on it DRAINS MY FUKIN SOUL FROM MY STILL-MOVING-CORPSE. SO I BEG FOR FORGIVENESS. I have 2 paragraphs written already, I'm going to adapt it a bit and then send it to you guys to overcome. Sincerely, Artisan of Soul is about to leave my body
  7. That's Fair. I'll move MegasXLR to Avvercus since they'll likely be paired. THUS IT HAS BEEN DECREED WITH DELIBERATION WITH @Kingofgames12: The new Posting order will be @Artisan of Soul @1ionFang @Kingofgames12 @Slank44 @Avvercus
  8. xD it'll be alright. I'm working with @1ionFang on the post and should have it out to you guys soon enough, as for posting order, if you guys just want to prep, maybe "roll for initiative" by taking a D20 and rolling it and seeing who has the highest number we could change the posting order for this fight. (Shit I have one right now. I could re-roll the posting order since we have new blood .)
  9. Defense | lllll Attack | llll Speed | ll Physical Abilities Psychological Abilities Tegrash rose to his feet and grunted in response to Xio's question. He was more preoccupied with Haze having entered his Void and being able to see Sedalia than he was with the Gutterfiend that they were sent to slay. He thought for a minute, and then grunted again, displeased with each answer he came up with. Nothing would be gained from pondering over aetherial concepts and hoping that some answer would magically materialize. Instead, he had a job to do. Taking a few steps to Rainza, he put his hands atop her head and ruffled up her hair and tilted his head to the doorway. "Come on runt, we gotta clear up these skies before that thing comes and finds us in this earthen box ready to be eaten." His voice was softer to her, almost compassionate and friendly, and his voice echoed fragments of thought through her mind. A few emotions and words that weren't quite memories, and weren't what he spoke out loud, resonated with her. Something about her being cute and powerful for a little battlemage. His telepathy, no doubt, she would reason, but whether it was intentional or not, she would not be able to decipher. Moving to the doorway, he focused his powers on parting the skies of rain, taking the darkness from the air around then and syphoning it into himself. That was when he felt a shift in the energies around him. Looking off to the right, the source of a chaotic rumbling and snarling of beasts, at the horizon he could glimpse a swarm of figures moving across the barren landscape. "Well Xio," he began with a tangible amount of venom, "He's out there. Why don't you go fetch our guest for us? Get nice and wet on this slick ground so you're an easy meal for this beast." He scoffed and looked to Haze, "We need to get ready. We'll leave the wards, bring the creature near here, and we'll activate them when he gets near. Should remove its vitality, regardless of what holy magic these idiots failed to kill it with to start." Then, he glanced to Tarin, smirked, and gave him a nod. "Rainza is still recovering, and she's usually my bodyguard. I would appreciate it if you would help her while Xio and Haze run offensive measures." He took a deep breath and then slowly released it, addressing everyone with his next remark. "Be careful out there. I don't actually want corpse today unless it's the Gutterfiends."
  10. Holy shit is my stove still on? It smells like you vegetables are overcooking your tiny veggie minds. (Obvious satirical quotes are OBVIOUS >>) "Well, technically once magic is used to create the lightning, it ceases to be magic, so you can't counter it, because it's lightning." Or "My ice sword isn't actually magic since it's made out of ice, so you can't be resistant to it -- you didn't specify ICE magic, or even just ice, so you can't counter me" OR THAT PSIONICS -- I.E. SOMETHING THAT DOESN"T EXIST -- IS NOT MAGIC? NOT THE SAME AS JACE-FUKING-BELEREN and BLUE MAGIC? BUHSCUSE ME? Ahem, allow me to clarify, While it is fine and dandy to discuss the finer points of things, by over complicating how and where this person draws their mystical, arcane, otherworldly, or hyper human powers from -- this bitch is fuken havin non of it. "But Artisan!" you may happen to cry out, "Magic is just something that science can't yet explain! But I can explain it! According to Amazing X-Men, issue ..." -- Good job you overqualified window licker, however it's not for us to debate over. Not here at least. I have tried to bring reason to this table; while satisfying all needs for each power source, I have explained an overarching theme behind them, defined magic, gave examples, asked for input and theories to build upon my idea and have been denied. Those opposing my motion stated that it simply did not feel "right" to them, or make their characters feel "special enough." The argument was not over possibility of my theory, the opposing argument didn't attempt to validate or invalidate my argument and proof through example of these possibilities, instead it chose to wholly ignore what I proposed. And, in it's place, the arguments provided through emotion and does not satisfy all, or even many, subsets and facets of power with any degree of accuracy. But let's ignore that. You got this information from some dude that almost died. No doubt he used "Holy" power against it, and perhaps he called it magic. Maybe they used "Fire" power against it, and perhaps they called that magic, or perhaps they called that a thrown-torch-to-the-face. But, to prevent metagaming, and to prevent people from overthinking things and making the creature, all creatures, and the essence of space time obsolete, the ruling is this: Anything that involves Magi-Tech, Arcane Forces, Blessings from The Divines, Curses from The Damned, Hyper Advanced DoctorWho technology that shouldn't be in Valucre but somehow you got your hands on it, etthetera, will all be adhered under the rules of magic. Meaning, this creature is resistant to it. "But Artisan!" you continue after I THOUGHT three stab wounds to the chest would DETER THIS BEHAVIOR "We can actually whittle it down to the argument over how molecules vibrate against, and are affected by, any kinetic force being applied to it, or any radiation effects that are applied to them, and that there is no known resistances to THAT, save perhaps what cockroaches are made out of. So really, when you think about it, the Gutterfiend can't even be resistant to magic!" So congrats, this creature now has the blessings of the Roach Gods, or hell, IS THE ROACH GOD. Anything that involves Magi-Tech, Arcane Forces, Blessings from The Divines, Curses from The Damned, Hyper Advanced DoctorWho technology that shouldn't be in Valucre but somehow you got your hands on it, will all be adhered under the rules of magic. So, look, I get that we all want neat characters that are "unique" and don't fall under any cliches, but we all already fall under archetypes and cliches AND THAT IS OKAY. You're going to have a hard time with this creature and that's the point. If a team of paladins that LIKED each other couldn't kill it, prove that this group of assholes that loathe each other are different. Prove, through some way, that they deserve victory, whether it be through hard work and execution, or PFM (pure fucking magic). Not by arguing that molecules are what make up every living things and that by hyper actuating their magnetic bond through the electron fields you can actually pull the Gutterfiend apart at the molecular level and thus, he isn't actually even a threat, or actually even real. NOW IT"S LATE FOR ME. I HAVEN"T SLEPT FOR A DAY AND A HALF AND I HAVE WORK TONIGHT. I'll finish the post tomorrow at work and send it off to be scrutinized. Best of luck, Artisan of Souls that I have devoured to keep my youth and vigor.
  11. >.> Damn, Bamboozled again. You were paying attention during orientation? No one pays attention during orientation! That means the next lesson will be especially hard, for both you and me. For you to overcome the now complex challenge I MUST DESIGN to both be horrific and terrible while still adhering to the previous "don't hug" and you'll "be safe" rulings.
  12. I have created the attack base of the creatures and I have been working on balancing the physical and mental attributes as well as finding a way to balance story telling ideals. I'm thinking of merging the dice system for success and failures, but without any direct levels of damage, more like a percentage of success and failures. Once I have the complete schematics of the GutterFiend, and after I watch Logan, I will work on the post. (I've been on leave handling family things, and now I'm being dragged along to manda-fucking-tory-family-fucking-fun-time whether I like it or not. x^x )
  13. HEAVEN SEND! And I have received, Thusly my post shall come in a day or two. I am currently tending to family matters in Florida and DYING... ahem... I also need to update my lore archive and send it up to supernal, paroxysm, and hummingbird for permission of revision, because it's gotten out of hand. ;-;
  14. Ah, then I'll change his thought in a moment.
  15. Mhhh, pretty sure your character sheet said he was a demon that could take human form. And like painting a Zebra all black, it doesn't change the fact that it has stripes.