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  1. Evil deeds by evildoers wrought my life with more pursuers, I can't believe they'll get away with
    Spiteful acts seem to be, the usual in my story, but can't I find a way to make things 
    Better quickly hide your name and remember from which paths you came, I'd hate to see you get turned around and 
    Face the music, but it's not your song, yet this is how we got along -- No longer will I for Tyranny! 

    Now will the shadows treat me kind or will death's cool touch release my mind, I cannot say I know for
    Certain traits are better left unspoken, hearts are cruel and can be broken, does this mean my life's destined for
    Pain and sorrow seem to cling to what little is left of my heartstrings.  I will not say that I deserve it but no good deed seems avert it -- Is bad choices or is it Fate?  Will my last stand be my last date! With that which has shown me nothing but hate? 

    But Alas,
    There is nothing for which this world has asked,
    So there's nothing to fear from beyond here.

    Chin up, Chest out. Tears within, breathe without. 
    Remember your purpose, remember your prose, 
    For you are nothing, if not those.

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