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    I like computer games, boring topics of science and literature, and basically a whole bunch of nerd stuff. I like nerd stuff.
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  1. I am completely smashed and is awesome. I can't control which accent I use and I'm playing games with my division and we're currently watching movies. Dead Of Winter, Heroes of the Storm BANG!, and StarCraft 2 Risk.

    The dead are quiet, as of current. 

    Aside from my division and a handful of Valucreans, I don't like the living. 

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    2. Eleri


      That's absolutely magical and a skill I wish I had. Talking to you must be a ton of fun. >u<

    3. Artisan of Soul

      Artisan of Soul

      @1ionFang can attest to that.  Beware the Void.  ~ 

    4. Eleri


      I must admit to being a little envious XD

      Tell me the stories!

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