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  1. Taen HQ

    The final count down, @,@ Fingers crossed everyone I am about to fuck up this final exam!!!! FOR MEDICINE!!!
  2. Finals here.. Finals there.. I am kinda losing my mind. Finals are everywhere..

  3. The first of Many Time is of the Essence When Koji stopped the bird circled firmly before dropping down to the ground. Landing softly with its wings spread, the beast let Mina down onto the earth. With the scroll floating along with her movement, she stood strong before inhaling deeply. Clapping both palms together she drew her left hand back as a violet ring of energy pulsed from the center of her hand. Her optics shifted into play as she scoped out the laylines of the blood and smiled. The target was soon acquired as she thrust her left palm forward sending the magic out and into the earth. Enclosing and retracting the pieces the woman's scroll began to roll up swiftly. The preparation had been complete, now she could zap up the pieces in an neat and orderly fashion that did not require digging. Why would anyone want to spend hours digging something up when it could be obtained with ease. "shafaer ekess wer frevor sections sia ith.." Was all she said as the scroll sealed itself and placed itself into her robes. The left hand steadily fluxed with the energy to retrieve all of the shards they could find. Turning she moved off to the nearest hill where she saw that other pieces with ease. Throwing the pulse rings in their general direction it was more of a search and retrieve tactic. Now having mingled with the scent of the first batch of blood, she now understood what to look and smell for in the weaved lines of magic. @Slank44 @Al Sa-her @Etched in Stone
  4. The fight for Totenborough

    Yay though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death I fear no Evil 'Home is behind.. The world ahead.. An there are many paths to tread.. Through shadows to the edge of night.. Until the stars are all alight.. Mist and Shadow Cloud and Shade.. All shall fade... All .. Shall.. Fade!!' His head cocked to the side in sheer confusion as a person came charging in his direction. At first he was tempted to drop a crushing blow upon the lad, yet he did not as he figured the species of the beings was somewhat hume. Grasping the giant blade and shield he swiftly cut through another row of Xer with a bastard smile on his face. "I can do this all day long!" His voice roared out and bellowed as the magma pushed forth raging with his emotion and soul. Sussano howled in the distance as it danced through the Xer slaughtering them with his elemental pack. Yet everything changed when something new had arrived through the earth. The ground shook and Max held his ground firmly while gazing at the earth before his feet. Swiftly raising his sword he stopped the young lads advance while shielding him from the rubble against the flat of the blade. "Careful now youngin's.." Maximus said for everyone to hear him as the Salamander took a moment to observe everyone. Tick.. Tock.. Ding! When the Xer had made their move, Maximus he reset himself with his shield before himself and the blade pointed over the top at the new being before him. While he had confronted the King after the Hydra attack he was not there for it. Either way that did not scare him nor stop him from getting to what he wanted to do. The Queen was his objective and this creature was just one to add to the pile. A fellow fire breather from the telling of it and if he was correct. Then he would have a good tango with the creature. When the beast turned to yell at Max, the giant man responded in kind. "THRON KHA!!!!" His voice reverberated like the crashing of lighting and the snap of thunder. The force of a tsunami forcing back upon the beast as his presence grew more intense by the moment. Taking a step forward like a Spartan would the ground trembled beneath his feet. Sussano howled and growled once more as he mopped up the remaining Xer in the area before they surrounded the beast. "You leave.."
  5. Offer Declined.. I guess not.. Mina did not break her concentration to pay attention to what had happened. Yet the resounding blow made it clear that Koji was unhappy with the... What was he again? Oh right.. She did not care to remember any more. Of course she knew what he was and who he was, but his importance as a being ceased to exist with his comments. It was clear he felt that women having this one position were no good whores. Perhaps if he lacked a penis he wouldn't feel so mighty as he did, not knowing the burden of having to even be a breeding vessel. He was just lucky to be born a male in general, prideful and all her face made no expression. Her pride would not allow her to feel anything towards the comments, no matter how strong the little shit felt he could easily die without effort. Power was something but how you used it was another, be it an infinite amount of a small amount. Even a child could slaughter a village guard or even the head if done properly. What ever small bravado he felt she applauded him for it, for her thoughts were the same as his. Mutts who had no teeth had no permission to bark.. With the sun over head Mina's animal companion wheeled over head keeping an eye out as far as it could see. With an eye sight greater than most birds the beast hovered in the dry desert air on gentle breezes. "wer process ui nearly chiilipen ith koji. nomagqe wux janik tailuen jacion nomeno ir.. lae kiarf potential lae jaci tepohaic, coi ornla qe pointless ekess shartleg jacida gums seanf wux persvek krel astahii rinov xkhata jeskic. sjerit wer choice ui douta sia ith.. dout gaviric re ekess qe wiilirka.." Mina said lightly as she cracked open an eye to peek up at Koji when he remounted. "Come on Kenshin.. Differences aside.. We have work to do.." Mina said bluntly as she resumed her onward surge. The scroll itself wavered in the air as she prodded the grounds for more crystals. "mrith nomeno process sia ith mobi geou qe thric rigluin ekess dig.. si geou banprivi mirt hak de wer ordah via wer sjir vur svadrav yth return ekess wer zaneunisal si shilta warp astahi ekik sari wer recommended epanomisi. vin nomagqe yth shilta craft wux vur kenshin creolnali de wer raelgil.. jaci ui ir di dout trelkilti retainers ui jaci ti?" Blinkling lightly her eyes closed again as he listed for Koji while continuing to prod the earth for signs of the crystals. At some point she would have to change positions in order to keep her senses going at a broader range if needed. Calling out to the bird mentally Mina relayed her needs and the beast complied. Circling down it hovered off to her left side as not to disturb the mount. Rising up from the sands Mina sat upright once more upon the back of the bird. Resuming her concentration the bird remained low enough for her to hear Koji and to sense the power within the ground. @Etched in Stone @Al Sa-her @Slank44
  6. The fight for Totenborough

    All along the Watch Tower One step.. Two step.. Three step.. Four. Flames baptized the grounds as magma flowed freely upon the earth. Had their location been a dormant volcano the man would have brought it back to life without delay. A nasty smile crossed his lips as his sword and shield illuminated and resonated with his magma element. Shield bashing forward a thick jet of the deadly substance poured roughly into the crowd of troops. Their cries and groans pitched and rolled through all bodies. His goal was the Princess of the mind.. Just where was she?! How long would she hide her presence?! Laughing evilly the man stepped forth his boot cracking the ground for several yards as his boot crushed down on the earth. Magma poured into the rift and devoured the earth below. The grounds and caverns further down were going to be under assault soon enough. "Harken to me.." His voice bellowed as he drew ever closer to the gates that were broken down. There seemed to be a massive pile up and from the looks of things, the allies were doing their best. Yet he did take note to keep his shield raised while the ranger from within fired outward. "Watch yer aim there youngin or my shield would gladly be the one thing to embrace you unlike these Xer.." Barking his frustration the giant of a man would be clearly visible for the most part to anyone who was standing to fight. The oncoming heat grew as the ground grew hotter beneath their feet due to his presence. With a mighty cleave his blade ripped and shredded several bodies in one go setting their corpses a blaze. THe man himself was painted in black stains as the air seemed to rain with the spray of black muck and mire of Xer blood and limbs. Sussano howled out once more a howl that would send a chill down the spines of any and all who had ears within the city. Yet that was not the last of the howling, for as the Dire Wolf did so the magic of its Owner kicked into play. From the magma rose seven more dire bodies. Their eyes ambient like topaz and their bodies writhing and pulsing with heat. Their bodies moved in a flash as they whipped through the crowd of Xer's without pausing. Their bodies cut and glided through the enemy like a hot knife in butter. Xer's fell left and right as Maximus kept his shield up, he doubted the novice heard his words, it didn't matter at this point. They would soon be face to face with the giant himself. With each step the ground shook as he swung his flaming sword with ease. Magma continued to spew out and endlessly multiply as ir worked it way down to the grounds below. Perhaps the princess was further down.. It wouldn't be a surprise for the man in the least.
  7. Totenborough OOC

    Will get to it today I finally have a few days off.
  8. Taen HQ

  9. Totenborough OOC

    Come on peeps lets post..
  10. Onward to the Beginning. Tides and Time Mina's lips pressed closed as she glanced back over her shoulders. She was painlessly unaware of the mans position and standing with Koji but she did not doubt his words. The way in which this person carried themselves reminded her of the past. "Perhaps you should be taking notes with her.. It is more disrespectful not to understand your Lord than it is to be angry with me. Please keep your hands to yourself.. Touching of the Harem is punishable by your death.." Her words were flat but honest no doubt, her position was one that Koji's existence validated. She was not a power hungry person no; she was however someone whose drive was to see the Young Lords dream come true. Those whom got in the way were nay insects to be crushed and buried in these sands if anything. Flexing her fingers she shook her head before her attention returned to Koji as he spoke. Her eyes sparked with agreement and joy, bowing her head low the woman responded with a strong voice speaking in tongue. "sia dastudr ui douta sia ith.. si nishka kepla'nas.. ini dout jaseve.." She said before allowing him to move forward upon his steed. Walking a few steps she watched the others through placid orbs lacking in a iris for the most part. Opening the scroll with both arms her arms remained up within the air as energy began to flow from her core. The scroll itself hovered in the air beneath the touch of her chakura, taking a knee then sitting down upon the ground the woman did not move from her spot. Rather the sand began to move her as she glided close by her Lord while prepping for a mass transportation spell. The content upon the scroll bounced and jumped and shimmered in the heat of the desert runs. The woman longed for the night to come as her pet wheeled high over head; its eyes watched the sky keeping Mina well aware of what was going on upon the ground ahead and behind them. While these two were apart of his dream she did not trust them just yet for they had given her no reason to do so. "Honestly.. If my lord permits it I would gladly teach you but that is up to his choice.." Mina spoke out loud of enough for the two of them to hear her words. There was no emotion as she spoke for it was a statement and there was no need to contain an attitude in her words. @Al Sa-her @Etched in Stone @Slank44
  11. Totenborough OOC

    Nah nah, chill keep your clothes on simply, should just inspire him to interlock his character. They fit as you make them fit. Like Max and Marik Marik is more instilled in the land Max is also a Nomad but they interact.
  12. Totenborough OOC

    So who dropped out? An why?
  13. The Fall of Ursa Madeum [3/4]

    There was little that Mar's needed to do now besides allow the rest of the forces to push on home. The trivial grounds and replicated castle of light were a marvelous spectral to see for the time being. Something to remind him that it was not by his power alone that these things happened. Blood would always be the path he walked, it wasn't choice it was sheer destiny. A small grin crossed his lips as the man slowly signaled for his men to follow Kaori into the fray. That man had a unified dream and understanding that he alas Mars did not see. Something about that mans ability to put things together to make whole, put Mars on the odds of only being able to tear things apart. There was no pitied feeling in his chest, nor a sensation of sorrow to be had. Facts would always be facts and no matter how much one wanted to fight facts, it was pointless unless it was an opinion. Looking around gently the man stroked the heads of his children with ease. Perhaps in another life he could have been something more, entertaining or maybe heartening to the people.. Rotating his left hand into the air a small hole opened like a rift. Reaching in very slowly the man pulled out a small Bards guitar. Adjusting the strings he sat himself down upon air alone. Being carried into the sky with a child on either knee he cleared his throat. Allowing the magic to pour out over the field of battle. To those were were not akin to the souls of the dead, they did not see the white heard of lights beneath their feet as they pushed in. The harder they pushed the more the souls multiplied. A feeble smile cross his lips but a strong voice spoke out over the battle field. It didn't call for pause no, it spoke directly to the dead and dying. "Home is behind.. The world ahead.. An there are many paths to tread.. Through shadows, to the edge of night. Until the stars are all alight.. Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade All shall fade.. All shall Fade" As the words rolled off with the wind, so the did coming souls slowly start to fade away with the breeze. A breeze that had not been felt until the songs beginning, it came on almost like a storm. Rushing through chinks in armor along with the bricks of the caving in castle. Soothing yet soul snatching for those whom were about to die. Even as the words ended he did not stop playing the instrument as his optics watched the battle progress. "One day my children this place will belong to our families.. An the families after that.. An so forth.." Chuckling lightly the man watched them both as his fingers moved.
  14. Totenborough OOC

    Let's shred some skulls.
  15. The fight for Totenborough

    Allow me to remind you how great I am. Founder's Frenzy 'Kubleta.. Nai Kubleta!' The chanting being sauntered through the city bound in a crimson haze; at his back a beast so fierce and horrific even fairy tales paled in comparison. He moved like a phantasm from a nightmare there was some memory of him within the lands. A common thread line of magic that long since traced back to times before. Within the back of his mind he heard his name called out by the masses.. 'Maximus!! Maximus!! Maximus!!' The Colosseum days were far behind him yet remained present ever since. Where was that damned fool Marik.. The Blood Brother to which he was bound had not spoken in some time. Regardless of that factor there was a familiar scent to the city that brought Sussano and Maximus running.. The scent of beings not of Taen entirely nor that of a Xer.. Miscellaneous people were his favorite kinds of people, yet he doubted anyone would recognize him now. The once 6'5" Dragoon now stood at a over sized seven feet tall with ebony skin that matched Xer blood. He was no drow elf, the blood of a Renovatian still ran through his veins, he had simply transformed and adapted beyond the basic means. Such was the permanent factor of the Dragon tattoo that had been bound in his flesh. "Sussano.. It's hunting time.." The shrouded figure said as the crimson haze broke and exposed his monstrous figure. Muscle bound and wrapped in near impenetrable armor; Maximus stood near a crowd of Xer-Orians whom seemed to be swarming the gates. As Sussano sniffed the man initiated his sensory spell following the magic threads of the non-Xer beings. As he had learned before the Xer were not hospitable beings in the least; just like the day they came wondering in through the fog. There was a never ending battle of bloodshed till the Xer Queen had been slain and Maximus was resurrected into the full Beserker embodiment of his family. Sussano's massive jaw pulled back as a howl ripped through the city in an unearthly manner. It sounded like something so vile and so cold it brought the Xer-Orians to a pause to see their oldest yet newest threat. The banging on the door ceased as Maximus let out of a roar of his own. That which sounded like a dragon, a species that had not been found in a very long long time and thought to be extinct. Reaching back he grabbed a large sword made up of some form of ever sharpened mineral that could be found in the Taen lands. With it was a shield that matched the onyx color it glinted in the fire light of the torches. The sword itself was indeed something beyond humanly possible to lift even for the strongest of normal Hume. Still Maximus wielded the blade with one handed ease and a giant shield to match its monstrosity. "We meet again my oldest of Enemies!! Weak as ever but as numerous as the grains of sand on a beach. Fight!! Lest I tear your hive limb from limb!!" Roaring out his proclamation the Xer-orians charged without pause. The giant blade was swung with ease as his shield bashed out with joy and vigor. Black blood spilled everywhere as their bodies dropped to ground, yet slowly began to repair. With a subtle smirk Maximus inhaled deeply before blowing out against the oncoming wave. Flames erupted from his mouth as if he were a fire breather himself. At this point he had become one during his immense stay her in the lands of Taen. Sussano the Dire Wolf had grown to his full size, nearly matching Maximus in size it's weight more than tripled Max's own. The beasts claws were ever sharp yet it's magic bound ankles ignited with fury. Without hesitation the Dire Wolf rushed into the fray clawing biting slashing his enemies to bits. The flames washed over the ground like a blood igniting all blood pools to burn them into nothing. If no one could tell yet, the temperature of the place was beginning to rise. Not only that, but the gate was once more under attack except with fleeing Xer-orians who were being pressed back by the power house before them. "Perish like those before you!" Max said with a giant downward slash the shook the ground beneath the Xer's feet. Flames washed over the group once more as Max exhaled fire upon their torn bodies. The hive mind was no longer in order as memories of a horrifying past were brought back. Countless Queens and Princesses slain at the hand of the two Hunters.. Marik and Maximus. A crazed smile crossed the large mans mouth as he swung his blade with glee allowing fire to wash over all those whom stood in his way. "Die! Die! Die!!" Her voice bellowed out.