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  1. Do you remember when the sun used to shine? Numbing Sensations 'Dark were the times that held me captive. My keepers were gluttons for my flesh and blood. Scars long since healed mark my body. I have no complaints for I am still alive to document the key points that would break this Kingdom to its knees. Such is the burden of The Blood doll. Lavish is the word most people would use to describe our living, I would say I envied those who died. Never to be beaten or tortured into submission. No crude machinery placed within their flesh to wake up to every night. Little is known about us because we're never to be seen on the outside. I am amazed they have no exhausted the human supply here within the land of La'Ruta. My heart goes out to the families that fell prey to the Queen and King who toured the lands. Their deaths were ones I will bear forever upon my shoulders.. Time is short for some, and this Kingdom's time will be shorter still. Death to Vampyre.. Death to the Master of Darkness.' ~ Urick Blood Doll of The Queen. Leader of the Insurrection. What was this sensation that clutched his very core? Was it the fact that death was upon him? Nay. It was the words that struck him despite his near unconscious state. The Queen sought out to devour more than his blood alone. This revived a fire in his blood as it began to clot slowly. A thrum of energy rolled faintly within his chest and mind as he put what little he knew about spells to work. Healing was in the process and hopefully he could do better next time. Even under the eyes of his captors and tormentors he had gained a small sliver of distaste. Not that he didn't already hate them; but surely there would come a time for retribution. The goal was the climb yet he still feared their works. The memories of nightmares and deep sucking pains made his head spin. The magic was feeble like his concentration. It nearly broke as blood pushed through the holes in his neck. The revived sensation of pain from how deeply he had been bitten. His outfit from his Master had been somewhat ruined by the blood. Would he be punished for such a lack of care? It wasn't even his fault but he could still be punished regardless and this startled him. Taking a low and slow deep breath he did his best to remain quite. His fingers twitched as the magic thrum picked up once more. Healing himself in order to prepare for his next task at hand. His eyes remained closed while his lips remained slightly parted. His nostrils flared from time to time showing signs of life. He thought to speak but made no motion to do so. He hoped his lord would take the lady out upon the town, no doubt he would be used later on tonight or tomorrow if the Lord did his job properly or improperly. There was a mall level of comfort knowing his presence was not acknowledged, it allowed him to remain albeit in pain but at peace.
  2. I'll jump in I guess never done it before and if I have i have never done it well enough. I will try my hand and see what i can do.
  3. 'Borne to crush thy enemy Hurrah Hurrah..' Hell or High Water! 'I keep these records as an account of the battle of UM.. We breached the gates from all sides, there was no escape.. They could not get out and with that knowledge.. They fought.. Traitors fought to keep a Tyrant for a King.. The civilians knew no casualties, there was a clear divide that day. Between those who sought freedom and those who sought tyranny. They could not get out.. An so.. We fought.' - Records of Marsuvues QN General of Taen They were like pests, flies that did not leave the food alone even with bug spray. Such beings should have been erased from the beginning! Yet Mars had made his pledge at the gates, he would not kill those that did not need killing. Thus while Titus's side might had engaged in bloodshed, Mars had ordered his men and women to use the blunted end of their weapons. If all else should fall and killing was needed then by all means, they were to keep their own heads and lives. This was as kind of a gesture as Mars could give to the enemy besides also locking its neutral inhabitants in the safety of their homes. Spacing was one thing that Mars liked about his troops. While the entire of his remaining company moved ahead he had remained in back. Allowing them to turn their energy upon those at the front of the lines. That was where they would need the most help. Thus when they had passed a certain marker point, enemy troops poured out of ally ways on Mars left and right. Turning around slowly he stopped in his place, he would be the stopper to this ass backwards assault on his precious comrades. "Oh.. My my.. You are a lively group.. Why don't you do me a solid and put the weapons down.." Raising up his left hand as a passive gesture he hoped the people would take his suggestion seriously. The sound of battle was in the air as troops swarmed the center combating one another, his troops pushed like savage beasts for the castle itself. They were an unstoppable force, but this group was no immovable wall. The armored knights looked at one another before charging the lone General without a care. "As you wish.." With a sorrowful blink the man lifted his left hand up so the palm faced the troops. The air around them rippled before the fighting force was thrown back down the hill. Tumbling with gravity more troops poured out only to run into the repelling wall that Mars held up with his hand. Once the entire counter force was in the open Mars smirked darkly. "I know you will not stop.. You will be my casualties due to your persistence. You deserve a valiant death no?" Th thought of killing these men brought Mars some pleasure to satisfy his blood thirsty nature. The air about himself quaked and shimmered as his warren opened swiftly and silently. From their crimson depths shot forth flaming arrows which pierced even their armor down to the very bone. The volley of fire did not cease until every soul had perished beneath the ethereal projectile. Their bodies and armor burned to nothing more than ash blown away by the gentle breeze. Already the slope began to trickle red with blood between the cracks in the stones. Taking note of the rich liquid Mars turned to continue his climb up while watching the blood pour down slowly but surely. "My children.. I hope you will awaken soon enough.. Let this mercy killing please be your first experience.."
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  5. M'Call me crazy, but I think Marik's gotten a little crazy..' 'Indeed we are the lost boys, who are always home.' At first Max thought that Marik might have lost a few mental brain cells, yet the more he gazed at the creature the more he began to suspect such. "I would call you crazy, but after the Queen.. Telepathy and communications like that are no longer out of the question." Settling down in his spot the man slowly began to cut and split the fruit open for cleaning and proper meal prep. Meat in these parts was something scarce or rather, the desire to find out what was and was not edible had not been reached just yet. They needed more time before they could dive into such risky factors. Taking the herbs he slowly mixed them into the grinder bowl and began grinding away. He prepared medicines for them both just in case there was something their automated magic could not fix for them. Such things in a place like this existed without a doubt. "I'd say pry it open mentally and see whats happening.." Blinking a few times his response was one of sense and logic. Taking a bite out of one of the fruits he handed a few pieces to Marik and a whole fruit to Sussano alone. The pup glared at the fruit before diving in to eat the substance, at this point he could not be picky either. Crunching away at the apple like fruit Maximus rose to his feet as he strolled over to Marik, squatting down before the creature in hand he gave it a poke with his pinkie. "I definitely think you should prod mentally but I also think you sound insane.. The Xer bugs are not far from here, a scouting party from another group has come close to our camp grounds. It's a wonder they missed it after nearly catching me off guard.." Flexing his now renewed hand, Maximus rubbed the base of his chin slowly as he finished the fruit. He had half a mind to go down to the river and scout out some fish to grab. Perhaps he would do that just thing before night fall. "Better yet, while you do that, I am going hunting once more for some actual substance.. I can't bear another day of just fruits and water in my system.. Take into account the flow of magic and our powers here have suffered little to no casualty to their use.. I suspect a odder exchange to be made. Or maybe we are just that adept at our powers." Grinning broadly he had somewhat of a toothy smile with sharper teeth than usual. Strange things where happening around here, and since the recovery Max had been at a loss for many things. The first was something his father might be proud of him for? What would be his calling weapon of the family? Axe? Bow? Sword? Spear? Knuckles perhaps? Grabbing up his bladed gauntlets the man grabbed the lone stick he had been carving out for a fishing rod. Giving a surefire nod to Marik he sauntered off into the bushes leaving Sussano behind with Marik. Perhaps those two could get some similarities.
  6. Let's climb these towers. First Floor As all party members rolled into the building the guardians slashed and broke the entrance doors down into a heap. Locking the ladies inside without fail, there would be no interruptions at their back. The infinite flow of the mob was cut to null allowing the limited number of beings within the being to be their targets. Looking left and right Mina's energy blades fluxed around her hands as she peered across the room. Bodies everywhere and the pace of the killing would steadily grow from here. Ducking a fine toned swipe Mina cut the assailant in two with the swipe of her arm. The tinted aura cut through flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter. "We press onward everyone.. Remember our goal is the top of every tower.." The numbers had dwindled and some people seemed to have been lost or divided in the rush for the doors. She thought she counted all of them? Was it perhaps a miscount? She hoped not for the sake of Koji and the Harem at hand. "Do what you must to get there, however do not forget no one should be left behind.. We can not expect to be the strongest Harem of the Empire if we fall today.." Her words were serious and pointed at all those who would consider solo actions. Although it would seem as if solo action would have to take place from time to time. "Move out!!" Rushing forward she headed for the stairwell and main corridor with haste. Her arms were spread wide as she slice and diced through Zombies like a dual wielding master. The flow of energy resonated with all those present. A passive innate trait which allowed her to share her energy with others to boost their efforts and pace of this mission. Failure was not an option. Up she went stepping on skulls and limbs while cutting down others with ease. Her body moved like a whirlwind, her limbs stabbed and cut the enemy as energy coated her from head to toe. 'Onward I go, striving to reach the top where I was born to be..' [ Birthright: Battleborn: Beserker: Active.] The thought sent adrenaline coursing through her veins as her speed and ascension up the stairwell began to snowball. For those aiming to take the top of the first tower with her, their best bet was to follow her lead, if not going to the next tower meant taking the corridor over to tower II which had its own problems at hand. "Remember! Be way of the sentry guard!" Was the last thing she said before she took a lone corpse and threw it across the room. Using it to bowl an open path for the staircase and corridor they had maybe ten seconds to make a choice. Either climbs up or split into two groups, either way Mina was going up.
  7. Why not have a little vacation? Dry weather and excellent sands Little could be said for Mina's reasoning for being here with her Lord Koji. While the Empress Kimi and majority of the harem remained at the upcoming palace. Mina had gone purely for the sight seeing and enjoyment of warm weather, having grown up in the lands of Oo'Xora desert weather was something different. The sky was high and blue with little to no clouds in sight, this brought her a lot of comfort in knowing there was no chances of rain. The wind flowed around her roughly as she flew over head, as one might say she liked to keep her eyes on the sky. Pitless as they were her orbs glinted in the sunlight, her fingers curled into the back of her summoned hawk. The large bird gazed at the lands at a far greater distance than those in the party including herself. A comforting smile pulled across her thick lips as the Hawk banked to the left and down in several clock wise circles. Once the beast was low enough Mina swiftly dismounted onto the sands below. Her body dropped like a feather to the sands below landing several paces behind Koji and his mount. Mina's landing remained muted as he body remained hunched down against the ground. Standing up slowly she bowed low to Koji keeping her face impassive. Looking up fully she stared as his back for before speaking in a clear yet calm voice. "Fekiikiri sia kapral.." Smiling lightly she took several steps forward to stand off to the mans left side. Her clear optics took in the scene before her as her nose registered the smell at hand. This place held history that was important for the Emperor, something about a past bloodline no doubt. These details she did not fully know just yet but she would be sure to get those facts set in stone. Yet her one solid clue was his ability to speak Draconic and she appreciated the training she undertook to gain such knowledge. "Nomenoi lands re zi d'nag kapral koji, sjek coi ui kepatmasto ornla wux ricin telling ve dout gliiwr ekik dril ihk drekim tenpiswo? ui coi creolnali de wer boja ihk wer whais usv?" Raising a brow lightly Mina cast a glance at the man while the Hawk eyed the horses around, the beast had grown hungry and yet it would not eat the mounts at hand. Turning slowly Mina gave the beast a small gesture before it flew off into the distance to hunt some game for itself. Mina gave a small giggle watching the beast soar high in the sky, it was beautiful in her eyes and she admired the creature all the more. Even envied the beast for its ability to be so free and sky high.
  8. 'How easily they forget, the name of the Marshal.' Marichi Rayne She asked irrelevant questions that Mari did not feel like answering at the current time. Letting silence reign supreme his gaze remained unblinking. Thankfully her bleeding had stopped seen as she was living and breathing for two here. Curling his fingers lightly the knuckles popped before he turned and left her alone. Grabbing yet another blood packet the lad handed it to the Queen swiftly still leaving the question to the open air. "Simply put, you don't smell anything like a Blood Thirsty eater like myself.. The clean scent of life reeks about you." Narrowing his gaze the man paced around the room silently. He waited for her to resume herself and well being. "Have you already forgotten my name Black Queen Gabriela DuGrace of Orisia.." Her name rolled off of his tongue with ease and grace as his hand slowly graced the window frame. "For someone who is said to be dead, your fame out runs you by word of mouth." Rubbing his neck lightly he did not care for the blood that still soaked his clothing. He would change it soon enough when the time called for it. For now he waited for her to ask more questions. "You owe me nothing at all, your life is your own. Rather I ask of you one simple thing.. What are you doing here in Last Chance? Why are you still alive yet so far from home..?" With narrowed eyes he wanted to know the truth, but even that might have to wait till the morning. Rather before she could say anything else to the man he held up his hand firmly. "Better yet.. You must get some rest first.. We will discuss this information more in the morning time how about that..?" Turning away from the window swiftly Marichi chuckled lightly as he walked past her and towards the secondary bedroom. Setting the bed sheets up properly the man slowly set the window open a crack for a breeze. Taking her by the arm he led her into her room quietly. "Now get yourself some rest.." Releasing her arm he closed the door behind her slowly closing it with a gentle click. Turning slowly away Marichi made himself busy with stripping down out of his blooded clothes. Moving to his bed room the used his own personal bathroom to begin washing his flesh free of the blood.
  9. I guess I should get to work then on making my mark. I'll be pming you @Jesus Negro also bump on our ascension thread
  10. I once had a dream, and in that dream we were all buried in black. Show time Thick lips curled into a crude smile as Mina gazed left and right at the forest. Something had been amiss since their arrival but it was more apparent now than before. The hand signs she had been weaving were slowly bubbling to life around her sleeves. 'Judgement by trial of survival.. How... Interesting..' The thought sent a shiver down her spine as her feet left the ground in a subtle jump. Throwing her arms up to chest height the sleeves rolled back over her arms. Energy pulsed from her arms and out into a small circle around her person, shimmering slowly the circle was barely visible to the naked eye. Letting gravity drag her down the woman began to spin swiftly with the breeze. Down she went into the nearest tree slamming the energy blade into the tree top then down to the roots. Cutting it clean the energy circle flickered slowly before morphing towards her limbs. 'As I thought.. These trees are thicker than the usual living Ents..' Narrowing her gaze Mina swiftly strafed to her right to avoid a root whipped in her direction The previous tree she had cut down did not rise from its fallen state. Already two trees had taken advantage to devour their partner. The carnivore within would always win when hunger was a factor. 'Feed your foes and they too may be come a friend in the end. Circumstances always change..' Grinning broadly the woman shifted again avoiding another root while lifting her left arm up. Encasing it within the energy she gathered naturally it acted as a shield and cutter against the next root that had come to hit her up high. Thus when the root struck at her arm, the density and defined edge of her energy guard severed the root clean from the body. That was more like it no? A full body suit should do in order to combat her way to the end. Yet there were other factors that had to be considered? Were their points to be gained from helping allies? Of course the answer would be yes, but that depended on where one wanted to be placed and ranked. Lunging forward he thought process did not fail to comprehend the different values to consider when fighting to the end. Placing both hands together she began to spread the energy she already within out and around her figure. To the naked eye she looked as if she had a royal purple hue around her entire body. The layers folded as she ducked and rolled out the way of branches, at one point she stumbled over a dead branch. With agility and grace she caught herself maintaining a single hand seal over her chest while she cartwheeled into a balanced stance. For something as endowed as herself, one might had said it was impossible to move so nimbly but she was expected to as a young girl. Once she was back onto her feet, he smile only increased in fury and hunger as her optics cracked further. Insanity knew no limit besides the death of its container. Chaos knew no master besides those who nature was its very root. Mina moved like nothing less than a beast that lived for the fight and nothing else. Her entire body became a weapon encased in energy to allow her to combat these trees. Her limbs moved like a well oiled war machine, hammering to and through the base of another assailant the girls robes flowed with her movements. 'Kill and hurt as little as can be managed..' The words rang out to Mina as a large branch swung for her abdomen, leaving the ground swiftly Mina landed firmly upon the branch. Running along its length she swung and leapt for of the tree's masses. Evade and protect yourself and most likely your comrades no? Yet as she looked around the party that had once accompanied the now distant emperor, was engaged in the fray at hand. Telling everyone apart would become easy in a matter of moments. Nine other people were accounted for and yet she could not give full account to each situation at the moment. The amount of attention it took to see through objects took a considerable amount of focus which at this point she was in no position to do so. Mina would eventually get there, but for now she needed to scope out the presence of the Empress and Emperor, thus her eyes darted all over till she found the traces of their ley-lines. Running to where they once stood, the woman ducked another branch and cut into another root in order to force the tree back. The spot she approached remained empty but this only meant that the two were completely safe. With a small gesture, Mina waved to them off before resuming her march forward.
  11. Beelzabub Marichi sniffed the air lightly as he observed her stance and blooded arm. She had seemed to have a hard time staying on her feet. The scent of blood was all too fresh for his comfort. Checking himself he now found the blood leaking from the wound in her arm. Yet he waited till she had finished introducing herself.. A Queen was in the slums of Last Chance without guard? How odd and peculiar indeed. Stepping closer to the woman he brought himself very close to her body, sniffing her slowly he had to be sure. The scent she gave off was like rose petals and a specific taint of youth to soon spawn. Closing his eyes he could imagine the blood splatter creation of such a being, the subtle scent of a monster far more deadly than himself. Pressing a hand against her wounded arm, Marichi slowly circled the hole with one finger. Thrumming up magic he made quick work of the bullet pulling it free of her skin. Holding it up in his hand, the Guard threw it back into the dirt. "Come.. Let's get you fed and rested..." Picking her up in both arms he had swept her off of her feet. [ Haha.. ] Walking up the steps he kicked the large metal door open wide, and proceeded inside swiftly. Kicking the door closed once more the man slowly laid Gabriela down to rest. Picking out a bag out blood it had no markings on it. Yet from what he could smell, she had not devoured human flesh in a very long time. Animal blood would be the best choice, thats the most blood she's had besides a fae. This fae must have been very friendly to agree to giving the Queen its blood.. What a curious life this woman lived it seemed. Yet who was he to question her in anyway shape and or form. Stepping close to the side of her bed, he held the pouch to her lips. "Drink.. It is lambs blood.." Narrowing his eyes his nose was far sharper than it should be. Yet it helped him distinguish many things, his eye brows pinched roughly as he observed Gabriela's movements and reactions.
  12. [ Level 10 [6/10] Prep: *****. 'Unhappy Guests, Unhappy Measures.' Iroh's gaze remained unbreakable as he watched the woman move with difficulty. He felt no satisfaction in the actions that had taken place. The little Lady was beyond him now, slumbering in a darkness he could not reach. Flexing his paw slowly the guardian took Hope and laid her to rest. There was little to be done or said at a time like this but Kuma would surely see to the safety of Hope over anyone else. "I warn you.. Should things turn badly.. I will not rescue you.." The accent in his voice did not hide the hostility and malice due to the situation. Flexing his paw once more Iroh turned and sought to take off the mount backpack before going to polish his weapons by Hope's bed side.
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  14. Someone said red.. -Looks around.-
  15. I hope you are doing well!! I look forward to continuing the thread! Be safe