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  1. 'This is not a drill, this is not a drill.' Within the lands of Oo'Xora lies a sleepless malice which manifested itself in the face of a small Kingdom. The Kingdom of Dun'Kragier was home to a man with an unknown name and past. Beneath his transparent banner turmoil befell the people of the land. The scouts he sent ahead formed small bandit groups and sought to stir the tranquil lands. In doing so many fell to the blade of the village people and the guards, but two main groups remained alive and well. They thrived under the Leader himself; the other fell beneath the command of two [ @kyuri @Al Sa-her ] bandits he had not hand picked. This would undoubtedly bring about error and destruction to his plans if not handled properly. Civilian Request. 'Greetings Traveler [ @Warlock ] we seek aid in protecting our home from bandit raids. We are farmers and the city guard refuses to go outside of the city gates out of fear of losing control of the city. Please to any who read this! We will pay as we can, please help us.'
  2. I was looking back through my first ever post on Val and you asked me to join Genesaris. XD I never did and I am sorry I am ready pull me in lets go on adventures. 

  3. Know your place you Cur. An Offering. Flames marinated with mangled bodies and dying screams as the young boy ran through the streets. 'Too slow! I'm too slow!!' His mind raced as his feet slipped through the blood and mud mixture beneath his feet. Fear gripped his very chest as another scream came from further ahead. Was his route of escape cut off?! How?! Who were these creatures!? These nightmares of darkness and phantasms of pure evil!!? The soft touch of a cold hand around the back of his neck brought child to the realization he was no longer safe. Urick could still remember how it felt to be picked up in the icy grip of Lord Areder and hurled into the throng of his minions. There, Urick had been feasted on and broken into submission in more ways than one. Turning over within the vast empty bed, black sheets covered his half nude figure from sight. Yet that did not mean he was safe in the least. Unlike the rest of the people, Urick had become a Blood Doll having proved himself rather useful in more ways that one of course. Lord Areder did not appreciate wasting talent therefore he made use of it after breaking them into slavery. Fear of his blood thirsty superior was ever present even during training. His neck throbbed roughly as if bitten. No.. It was not as if, he was being bitten by another being of the house hold. The icy cold grip around his wrist forcing him down into the sheets in submission. He made no noise even as the figure suckled from the nape of his neck. "Today is your lucky day Urick.. You will be a gift to the sister of Lord Areder as a gift. Rejoice youngin you will no longer deal with my kindness, but her kindness from this moment till the day your pass on." The voice was cruel and twisted as the figure soon released Urick's wrist allowing him to regain himself. The world was spinning he was light headed but that soon passed within a few breaths. Such was the pattern of his life. Rising from the black sheets the small trickle of blood could be felt upon his ebony skin. 'I will.. Find a way..' His mind slowly throbbed as a strong sense of dehydration struct his temples. Shifting slowly he rose up to his full height of 6'4" and stretched carefully. Muscles rippled in a healthy fashion as a single scar marked his chest. The scar upon closer inspection was a torture mark from his child like years. A single claw like tool had been stuck into his chest. Interlocking with his sternum and main rib section, this tool was designed to bring about a painful death if needed. No matter how many times he had tried to undo the device it had become infused with his bones. Taking another breath, it used to hurt to breath with this tool in his chest but now it didn't. Rotating his left shoulder lightly, Urick went to bathe washing his skin with oils and soaps to properly prepare and present himself. Usually Urick wore what ever he wanted but as of today that was no longer his choice for the time being. What Lady isabella wanted him to wear he would wear. The hot water baptized his skin with bliss, this was another privilege he truly appreciated, the ability to have hot water. Of course there were times where he was tortured with scolding hot water. His skin bore the signs with large tinted marks upon already black flesh. The scent was something he did not know how to describe. All he knew is that it would be appealing to the Lady Isabella as picked out by Lord Areder himself. Once he was clean the young man stepped out of the bathing closet and into his bedroom once more. Eyeing the closet he slowly turned to examine his room. Upon one corner sat a mirror on the other corner sat his scimitar and shield. Finally the last two sections was the bathroom and shower and the other was where his bed was. Beside his mirror was a small desk with a chair and lamp, upon the chair was a neat set of clothes for him to wear. Was that a clean white shirt? The Lady must have meant more to Lord Areder than just family, black was a cresting symbol for most events but white was a rarity. There were only a handful of moments that Urick could count that he was allowed to wear white. One of these moments was the subjugation of a renegade troupe he single handedly put to death with ease. Flash backs of his sword work made the hairs on his arms stand up straight. Fighting was something he truly enjoyed and yet at a time like this, he could only tremble in fear. This was his first encounter with a Lady Vampyre of high caliber. Reaching out his soft yet firm hands clutched the material and donned himself in its embrace. Long black pants that were lose but suitable for his muscled appearance. Black boots that easily tucked in the bottoms of his pants to be presentable. Upon the top section he wore a long sleeve white shirt made of sick, with a black vest trimmed in gold. Upon his hip was a brown belt with a holder for his scimitar on the right hand side. The shield on the other hand would be left in his room, adjusting the cuffs to his sleeves the lad smirked in the mirror. His neck had stopped bleeding and this pleased him deeply. Breakfast was something to behold!! Blood dolls were fed far better than the rest of the population. Dinning upon sweet juices and meat the male filled himself swiftly before cleaning his face and rushing to find his Lord. Upon arrival at the library the door was firmly locked into place. A single sign hung on the door reading do not disturb with a blooded hand print. 'Someone got into trouble... It seems as though I must greet the Lady Isabella myself.. I ought to do that swiftly.. I will be a painful night if I do not..' The sheer thoughts of what might happen put a pep in his step towards the front of the mansion. Quickly stepping past other maid servants, Urick slowed his breathing and heart rate. A trick he had become very accustomed to in the present of any Noble. To maintain a calmness of self was the way to keep out of suspicion. Clearing his throat slowly the large man made sure his low cut hair was in place before stepping outside to counter greet the Lady. "Greetings Lady Isabella.. I am Urick and I have been sent on behalf of my Lord Areder.. He is unfortunately busy at this time but will come to you by lunch time today. I am here to present myself as a gift form my Lord." Taking a low bow the man did not look up until told to. He was still and calm well trained what was expected of him. Urick refused to disappoint.
  4. Hoping all is well Boss Man! Sending good vibes your way! Safety and a safe return.

  5. I'm so sad, I just realized one my favorite artists was the same age as me and she was killed by a fan. I'm so torn on this it baffles me how quick life changes.. Christina Grimmie Rest in Peace March 12th 1994 to June 10th 2016.

  6. 'Victory is upon us.. We declare War upon you!' Time and Tides Maximus held Titus's gaze for a second before replicating the action back to the man. He did not much care for ritual and regulation in anyway sense or form. He was a free man like Marik, such respects to the rest differed from person to person. "Unfortunately my visit is short.. I am merely checking in upon thy Campaign.." His voice rumbled into the floor before he approached with surprising speed. Even through he was walking his steps carried him far and fast as Sussano woke up and flowed in suit. Now standing and rib height to Dragoon it was unsure of who tamed who. They followed none the less, in silence Max listened to Titus's words about Jenn and her allies plan to reduce blood shed. To him the idea was sound for those who could make this process work. Yet in these odd's even with the said old magics and old gods he doubted its durability to challenge. There still were unspoken counter measures that people had not bothered to mention. Never the less Maximus kept to himself about such things, it would not due to tell them of certain relics and how they work. Upon entering the torture chamber Maximus moved himself off to the side as he watched the man work. A vial was brought forth, the truth serum.. Such a terrifying little chemical compound. It would be only a matter of time before the Tyrant King was found and killed. Mean While.. Mars and his troops soon marched into the empty barracks as they swiftly set up shop. The grounds and soil had been razed with magic to clean out the blood stench of vanished bodies. "It is at this point my troops.. We will reduce all casualties.. No death unless it can not be helped.." Narrowing his eyes lightly, Mars slowly drew out a long curved blade of wiccan fashion. Cutting his palm slowly the droplets struck the ground forming a small puddle. "Rise Seizo.. Report to the King.." With eyes closed Mars turned and walked away back to a chair he had set up outside. The rest of the troops searched over empty clothing and other items in the outposts. This place seemed fairly stocked with the basics of supplies along with lots of spell books he had never seen. Now was the time to learn some new tricks no? It did not take long for the Imp Seizo to take formation after the order was given. From the blood came a small flaming hand the size of a babies hand. Following through shot forth a flaming body of an winged imp. The creature bounced to and fro within the air before glancing at Mar's face. Imp's were creatures that were extremely hard to control, but this one seemed to know its place very well. Upon glancing in Mar's direction the simple quirk of the mans eye brow sent the imp rushing away. Vanishing into a poof of flames Seizo traveled like no other. There was no flare to be sent up no no.. As soon as Titus's had gotten his answer the imps flame teleportation took him right into the torture room. Flying over Jen's head the creature did a few circles before floating in front of Titus and the prisoner. "Mar's has successfully taken the outpost." Floating upside down the imp was sure to give the proper arm salute before looking over at Som. "Mar's says he will see you all at the city when given the orders.. Later." Within a split second the imp was gone vanished from sight back to the outpost with Mars and the rest of the troops.
  7. 'Fly you fools!!' - Gandolf the Grey As the others landed, Mina seemi stepped back in a state of amusement at Casanda's transformation. 'Something terrifying to those who never knew the taste of darkness no?' The thought made her chuckle even as Shalia rushed by her in mid sentence. Turning to follow suit the woman was now about to leave this bi - polar pyromaniac do anything alone that might risk her life. The harem had to be a team no? Perhaps not then in a sense. Would it not have been easier to have them split up and cover all bases 1 to 1? Five hours was seemingly long in the outer scope. Yet when in the fray time could past so swiftly one might forget what time they started. Digging the balls of her feet into the earth, Mina soon caught up to Shalia as the woman threw the Chaos flames at their enemy. Time was sincerely of the essence and she would not waste it. Skipping past Shalia as she made her throw Mina kept her arms out and ready to trike anything that came to close. Her optics slowly shifted from a placid moon pool to a cracked appearance what traveled out to the veins around her eyes. Sight was everything and when it came to finding the lay-lines she was needed. 'Here goes nothing..' Mina thought to herself as she approached the gate looking left and right she slowed her pace a bit as she inspected the interior of the court yard. "We have several groups of enemies within, a limited amount! If you encounter be sure to eliminate the threat!!" Shouting out once more she made it so her voice could be heard by all. Even as she drove her self further towards the base of the tower. Bodies tumbled over bodies while fire spread to consume the other undead bodies in chaos flames.Without pause Mina veered to her left slightly jumping through the air she spun upon side down like a top. Invisible to the naked eye she arms were coated in chakura. THe blades were ever sharp and her aim was ever accurate. Cleaving the head off of a few zombies before landing and continuing her run towards the doors at the base of the tower. Looking at a few of the remaining groups within, Mina had a plan of action in mind. "As we approach guys take out the beings within the yard." Her voice carried out freely to everyone as if she were right next to them. Sliding towards another group, Mina thrust out her right hand. Keeping it in the form of a knife hand she pierced the zombies skull before dragging her arm down. Barreling through she crossed her arms over and cut deeply into the next to in front of her. Knocking them off balance she lurched forward doing a no handed front flip in order to kick out with both feet. Knocking into the bodies she pushed them over into two more undead bodies. With this pile in hand Mina landed onto her back before doing a hand spring to get up and jumped forward like a beast. Piercing their skulls with her energy blades their bodies ceased to move. Continuing with her momentum she landed on her feet once more and rushed ahead without another word. Blood slowly stained her sleeves in the process but that did not bother her. Making her way to the front door she quickly opened up another scroll and began to draw in it as she ran. She didn't have time to stop and do this work, but her artistic skills were still on point. Drawing up two four armed guards she armed them with weapons per a hand. 'Lets hope these things last a while.' Looking back she did a single hand seal before the animations came to life. Stepping out and enlarging from the paper the inked creations stood at seven feet in height and their arms moved and flexed with anticipation. "To the Death Guardians.." Mina shouted out her orders as she rolled up the scroll and stuffed the brush back into the wood segment.
  8. Deal I only have a small bit of time before work so I am gonna throw up one of the many posts I have to do right now.
  9. Just so you are all aware, I will be posting to the required threads after work today. Thank you happy 4 am to you all..

  10. Orc;s Forever! 'The Horde has perished within the food hills of the Wilds in Terrenaus. I am the last of my tribe.' -Mazoga The beginning.
  11. 'It is a rarity that both Max and Marik venture so far with no return.. Not that these two nomads knew what a home was. Perhaps in their childhood, but even in adolescence peace could never be kept in just one place. This is the tail of two kin, borne not of the same mother but of the same soul. I, Eodoxous give you through my Scrying Crystal; the tale of The Lost Boys.' '21... 22.. 23... 24... 25..' Numbers rolled through Max's mind as he solidly punched his way through a gang of Xer creatures. The illness had long since faded from his veins as it did all those who were there that fateful day. Yet the other two had gone on their way leaving Marik and Maximus to once more enjoy each other's company. Sussano howled out from the corner of Max's vision is victory, the flaming fangs of his armor suited the Dire Pup. Yet Maximus himself no longer wore the tech advanced armor from before. Nay he had dauntingly crafted himself a fine set of obsidian armor through out their adventures. Using what knowledge he understood from his meditation sessions with Aurelious and his father, the male had advanced himself quite far. Making a savagely crafted chest plate that left his abdomen bare and the beginnings of a dragon helmet that guarded his face completely. His pants and boots were full out metal as well. During their travels they encountered little to no one of general kindness nor knowledgeable enough to speak with them. Thus where ever they walked and pioneered it was a new discovery. Kind of like the Europeans to the said 'America.' This could be considered the trail of black tears for the Xer who were being wiped out in self defense. Yet again, was it really self defense if they were causing the havoc? Perhaps not, they were... Scratch that.. Maximus was more than willing to be diplomatic however, Marik was all for the glory and gore more often than not. The warm sensation of blood upon his hands drew him out of thought. The man had cleanly punched a spiked hole into the creature and the wall beyond. Working to move his hand he figured he broke two fingers due to the lack of feeling. Shit happened right? Looking left and right his impassive expression began to look much like his fathers. Since his passing to death and back, new thoughts and limitations had been unlocked within his very core. No longer was there a dual mindset, he was whole from this point forward. Looking around he soon spotted Sussano sitting upon a large rock, the armor plating had shrunken down to a metallic vest for the pup. "There there Sussano.. You'll grow to be something monstrous if we keep killing at this pace." Max looked the 'pup' up and down slowly marveling at how large he had become during their time in the lands now called Taen. With a gentle yawn the pup got up and brushed into the man nearly knocking him off of his feet. 'Hey now! You know companions grow with their owner, so you should stop growing as well before I stop!! Especially in the gut section.' Sussano teased lightly with a happy yelp before dashing off back towards the campsite. The foraging and gathering of food and materials was set for now. Marik seemed to be doing better after getting into his cool off session with Over Cloaking. As much as he wouldn't admit it, Maximus was afraid of Marik dying to his own abilities. That would not be a suitable end for such a valiant soul like Marik. Shaking out his arms the man stroked Sussano's back a few times before beginning their trek back to camp. The metal shard that were apart of his gauntlets, unhinged from their locked positions and slid back into resting position. Max had yet to spend time reforging a weapon that was personally set for himself. He was unsure how he wanted to get things done. Would a long pole arm suffice more for his taste than an axe would? Perhaps.. Yet he could not deny the thrill of close combat, a quarreling fire burned within his veins over the top. Even as he walked he was vaguely aware of how fast he hat chosen this downward route. Ignoring all signs to the immediate drop into the campsite, Max turn a tumbling flip only to land on his feet at the bottom. His cloak flowed behind him as the momentum died. The ground shook lightly upon landing but nothing else happened. Sussano on the other hand had taken a more careful route back down to their dug in campsite. Dropping of the large log he had dragged back with the armors help, Maximus laid out the various fruits and herds they had already experimented and knew about. "Yo.. I am back.." He said with a chuckling have dropped the bag down by the corner of the fire pit. Looking to see the damage on his hand the male sighed as he waited for the active effects of the tattoo kick in. At first it was a slight pressure then the bones snapped and popped searing themselves back together without an issue. This was another factor of absorbing the Xer blood and the consistently active power pull of the dragon from before. For some reason the off switch to the flow no longer existed. Was Maximus becoming more like a Dragon or Drake instead of himself? Could that even happen from a tapped in point of view? Questions that need answers. Answers that needed answers. Shaking that off as well Maximus slowly took off his gauntlets and smiled. They were the only piece of his equipment to survive thankfully. Having done the surgery himself he had implanted the astral stones straight into his arms. Thus there was an ever present awareness of flowing energy in his veins. "So.. Did you figure anything out about your powers? How far does it go?" Blinking lightly his hues dulled a bit as he buckled himself down to listen to Marik speak. "It's been several weeks since we last had contact with Kaori and Jen.. I hope they are ok, but it didn't seem to be hard for them to find their way back." @Ataraxy
  12. 'My honor is my life, to betray my host is to die.' - Apai "Guardian of the Patron Saint of Lost Children" ~ Apai [ | Culmination Anima | ] Apai Species: Soul Herder . Anima Contract: Sigurd Compatibility: Apai is able to work within the known elements of existence. Taking up a form of some creature in order to keep Sigurd safe. Most of the time however Apai takes the shape of a large Forest Ent in which Sigurd rests within. Here is where Apai keeps him safe and how they normally travel. Companion: Sigurd