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  1. Swamped in class work.

  2. I see you.. I see the world and I think about just how lucky I am to have met you. It's only been a little while since I almost ended my own life and I now understand the blessings before me. I am truly blessed to have so many friends even if they are within arm's length..


  3. Chappu

    My Brother's Keeper [ Artifact Hunt - Closed ]

    The startling 'whoop' of joy roused Maximus from his rest, one eye opened while the other remained closed to investigate the surrounding area. He could not see Marik but he knew he was close, Sussano, on the other hand, smelled fresh meat to be devoured. With a heavy growl without hesitation, the demon dire wolf rose from its slumber. Peering through the bushes Sussano saw only the beast of burden soon to be his breakfast. With haste, Maximus rose from his position sprinting towards where Marik would appear. Reaching out his left hand he grabbed the other man by the belt and yanked him free from the saddle as Sussano pounced without a care. There was only a mangled cry as Sussano's powerful jaw munched on its neck. "You should really be more careful Marik. We've been underground for about two months now with nothing but Xer to eat..." Looking back over his muscled shoulder the sound of bones snapping was all they could hear. Marik's rather vicious mount looked like a pup to a mother before the reborn Sussano. The dire wolf was not taller than Max and far more muscular to boot, looking back at his brother-in-arms Max could only flash a toothy smile of joy. "I am overjoyed to see you my kin. Please have a seat, I will explain to you what I have found." Gesturing towards the wooden logs he had laid around the fire pit, Max went forth and grabbed his backpack to product the written runes. Spreading them out for Marik to read, he did not doubt the man had studied up on his Xer speech so the translation would be rather easy. "They have an artifact called; 'Shield of Rage' and I honestly want it. The history behind it is about the old gods from their primal ages, which makes me think that we were not the first to discover or there were once other humanoids here." Pointing at the runes and his own crudely drawn out idea of the shield, Max sat upon the log with his legs crossed to provide more room for Marik to see. "Before that, however, I need to find a forge so that I can repair my armor and hopefully get him a set." Sticking his thumb out at Sussano he left Marik to imagine what kind of armor would fit well upon the wolf in the meantime. Until then Max was happily set with having Marik present in order to catch up with the events at hand. "As for you, I want to know about your recent adventures, it has been far too long since we last spoke or saw one another."
  4. Personage: Maximus Purpose: Shield of Rage Long had it been since Maximus walked the surface of Taen since his prior adventure to its depths; a sense of joy and appreciation caressed his face as he gazed at the sun. A mine in which a treasure of great magnitude was forged by his joint efforts with Sussano. Battered and broken were the man and his beast upon reaching such depths. A rebirth of life was in order with the creation of such magic. Death knocked upon the very foundation of their lively hood like the wind coming to blow out the smallest of flames to cast out the warmth of the soul. Max had died once and yet he was not ready to die again, however, his companion was not so lucky. Dark were the moments in which Sussano had passed into the ethereal realm and walked with chaos and confusion. Precious were his lessons before his revival in the arms of his beloved Master. Their struggle had been slain and their reward was great for it negated the loss that was at hand. Ominous were the moments of celebration and their climb back to the surface of the depths. Max was sure to document the traces of his adventure carefully as he nursed and worked Sussano back to health to reach the surface. History beyond their knowledge lay below the surface in what Max documented as a form of catacombs. A place whereby the Xer there said to once reside their gods or beings of old. Upon the parchments and carved runes, he discovered something of worth to himself. A Shield forged by one of the beings of old that was fabled to exist long ago. The more he read about it the more the ambition burned within his veins to see it done. Upon their final day, underground Max had finally reached a depth to contact Marik in order to seek some provisional aide. They had worn through their rations and now become somewhat cannibalistic eating from the corpses of the dead after a thorough cooking. "Marik... I am in need of aide.. I have been below the surface for almost two months time.. There is much we must discuss and an adventure to be had." The voice rumbled with the deep through Marik's mind, there was a new level of strength added to Maximus that was yet to be displayed. Flexing each digit slowly the joints popped and cracked within the shadows of the tree. Fruit and fresh kill lay strewn about the makeshift campsite as they waited. Warmth radiated against his back as the newly reborn Sussano slept in the light of the sun, bathing in its warmth after months without it. Already his skin drank up fresh air and vitamins from the sun rays, his lungs felt cleaner than they had before. Last he had heard the other adventures from before had made it out safely, the same was said for the one who foolishly followed him below. Maximus was sure to send the lad off before the depth affected his casting abilities to Null. Grey optics gazed upon the foliage around them, it was strange to see actual plants instead of glowing moss growth and mushrooms that sprouted without a need for true light. His crudely fashioned armor lay in a pile dented and broken down for the time being. He needed to find a forge for himself to recraft and better construct his gear. Before all of that, however, he needed a nap and a decent bath as soon as they found a running river to also quench their thirst. Exhaustion had taken over when they burst through the side of the hill back into the world. Slowly his eyes closed, there he would rest until Marik arrived. @Ataraxy
  5. Chappu

    Maximus Aelius Decimus Meridius

    Familiar Sussano Weight: Over 200 lbs Measurements: 6' high 10' long nose to tail tip. Tone: Muscular Species: Dire Wolf Reborn
  6. Chappu

    Maximus Aelius Decimus Meridius

    Armory Diesus: Classification: Great Sword [1h 1/2]. ~ Created with the destruction of Draganut and reforged within the lands of Taen. This weapon is forged from a crude metal that has been cross-bred with crystal. With a two-handed hilt and rounded top, the blade appears dull to the naked eye. This double-edged blade is far from dull, the crystal remains ever sharp cutting through just about any material with enough force applied. The hilt is worn out from its consistent use by the adventurer who wields it with one hand with ease. Thalan: Classification: Orb of Power. ~ Created in the pits of Taen's undergrounds. A keepsake found from the slaughtering of many Xer and other creatures who evolved since their arrival to Taen. The orb consists of a combination of souls and blood combined, a manifesto of utter carnage.
  7. Chappu

    Things we give up. [artifact]

    Reaching out with hungry hands, the cart owner turned upon the boy. A hot set of tongs in hand whipped through the air to burn the boy's skin. Had Caim never felt pain before he would have recoiled roughly, yet he only looked at the man lowering his hand. The irresolute optics stared deep into the icy blue hues of the driver. “Scram kid! Go get money from your parents!” The man began to say as he went to shoo Caim away, yet upon closer inspection of the trench coat and insignia, the man recoiled back in shock. The growing expression of knowing fear and disbelief in the sight before his eyes. “I-I-I’m terribly sorry!!” The man started as he nearly dropped the tongs, Caim was not angry but more surprised someone had told him no. It ignited a feeling inside his chest he did not understand, was there something wrong with being hungry? Or was it something he had done that made the man burn him so? Wrinkling his nose slightly a twitch ran through his brow as the rage rolled in his brain, yet his body did not react. Bahamut held the lad in place to relax and keep calm. 'You can not simply take from a stand without money, be respectful. You know better do you not? What would your parents say?' Bahamut corrected the boy and his actions as he forced the boy to bow before stepping back. "I-I-I apologize sir. Please I am broke and I just arrived, would you spare me a pretzel to eat??" Caim asked lightly as he looked up and offered out both of his hands lightly.
  8. Chappu

    cool runnings

    After several moments the downward lift came crashing down with a heavy thud. Dust shot through the hallway like debris looking to impale a victim. Dazkar sauntered off the lift dragging. Dead Minotaur by the horn in his wake. “Ah! It is good to see you.. I trus—-.” His sentence was cut short as he gazed into the chamber with a placid expression. Their target was indeed acquired and now they had to extract them from the shackles and out of the gaping hole in the wall. Raising his arm he placed a small device in his ear from his pocket. “We have found Janos. Prepare for extraction..” After he shut off the comms he put the device away tossing the dead minatour body to the side. It wasn’t often hecsawtanother nelrosis much less one so deadly that was still alive in Janos’s case. “I hate to admit it. I know nothing about these shackles but from the looks it seems like it wouldn’t be too good for you to touch no?” Raising a brow his emerald hues flickered across the shackles. Reaching out into the air Dazkar’s hand vanished into a small void space pulling forth his rifle. “I suppose this will have to do..” Lock and loading his around he took aim at the cuffs. He aimed for the wrist section to spilt it apart with ease. With a gentle squeeze the first round fired off splitting the cuffs apart. The next shot did the same allowing his hands to drop free. Moving around he fired off several more shots breaking the ankle binds that kept him in place. Freedom was assured no doubt, however it was really time for them to go. “Let is not sit around we must depart. I figured you could use this at some point.” Dazkar spoke to Janos as he walked out the door once more. Picking up a large double blades battle axe he hefted it to the dangerous fellow. “Exit stage left shall we??”
  9. Chappu

    Things we give up. [artifact]

    Give no grounds to retreat. Run, run until the sun kisses your back and the wind caresses your cheek. "Go now child, now is not the time to be sleeping..." Bahamut's voice rolled through Caim's mind as the boy shifted in his hammock which shifted with the shift of the train. It had been several hours since his departure from the castle. Why he was not fully sure, however, he did not doubt that Bahamut would give him more information as their adventure progressed. When he had told the others of his choice, they said someone would be here to help him; and yet he could not simply wait around. The urge to move and be young brought his body to thud on the floor landing heavy upon his feet. Grabbing the weapons case he reapplied it to his body along with his backpack which sat atop the trench coat Sera had given him. Eyes scrutinized the youth in his cartel outfit, weary were the onlookers who parted out of habit for 'dangerous folk'. Caim did not mind this sort of attention in the least bit, he was but a kid walking in a dangerous world. His irresolute optics flickered from one building to the next while his teeth nibbled on the inside of his cheek. Where the ever-living fuck was he supposed to go?? 'Goddammit Bahamut, can't you give me more to go on? What the hell am I actually looking for? Does it involve killing people perhaps?' Caim questioned the ethereal being in his mind. Walking aimlessly down the streets his nose picked up on various scents he was not used to for the most part. Spending most of his time outside of cities and more time in nature allowed him a keen sense of smell. 'This place smells terrible. I can't imagine why people would want to live here...' The remark went unanswered as did his first set of questions, the only thing he got was a tugging sensation. Well, it wasn't exactly a tug it was more like a hair-raising sensation that guided his body. With every turn around corners and down streets, the sensory for the item picked up in strength... Or was it a person he was sensing? At this moment the boy did not really know, all he did know was that the smell of hot food tickled his nostrils making his mouth water. Wild eyes gazed for the source of nutrition as his stomach rumbled heavily. What happened to the food you had packed?!' Bahamut question the child with irritation edging its words with every breath. 'I actually do not believe I packed one. I only grabbed my backpack weapon and coat for the entire trip.' There was no hint of a lie in his words as Caim soon found himself at the cart of a pretzel stand drooling like a mad dog. Cael/Caim Objective: Odin's Mask
  10. Chappu

    accretion. (3/3)

    The boys expression made Noi’s heart flutter with emotion. She remembered her first time dealing with such a sensation, yet it was different. Her world was a shadow realm and it involved harsher details than this training contained. Perhaps it was for the very best that Severus did not cross paths with her training until he was able and ready to deal with it. Her projectiles were marvelously deflected till the duo came down with a crushing slash to cleave her in two from head to toe. In preparation the woman took a half step back in order to skip the range of the slash, distance was on her side. With ease Noi met their charge with one of her own, the Cross head of the tonbonkiri swiped from right to left through the air intending on parrying the blades downward slash. In the same fluid motion she used the butt end of the tonbonkiri at medium force keeping her seraph strength down. The counter strike aimed for the ribs enough to knock the air out and perhaps fracture if not properly guarded. Should this movement connect the pair would be sent off to her left side while Noi’s feet carried her to the right. Her body never stopped shifting taking half steps to quarter steps without a pattern.
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    Doge's Character Cast

    Updated: 10/7/18 Cael Added
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    Here comes the Murder! WIP

    Learned Skill Sets: (Passive) Growth Perk: Heated Ambition: As a growing child he has now found something else to be passionate about. As they always say, the best things begin with B. Growth Perk: Burning Passion: He has found someone to chase after. A crush of sorts that may break his heart but he’ll damn well try. Birth Perk: Summon Conduit: Cael, is the conduit to various summons due to the mysterious placement of his eyes. When placed under stress the child is granted the ability to harness the abilities of a single summon at a time. Current Summon(s): Bahamut. Gifted Perk: Mark Of Darkness: Granted upon acceptance of Lilith's hand, the child was granted the mark of the Cult. With this gift, the child is granted power from Lilith's aura.
  15. Chappu

    Steeped in Moonlight (Artifact)

    There was a quirk of the boy's brow as he listened to Sera's heartbeat through her chest. His naughty behavior seemed to be frowned upon by the one they called Mistress.. Wait wasn't her name Middy, if he remembered correctly the woman called Lilith had called her that before giving him his mark. Opening one eye he looked up at his gorgeous savior then back to the Mistress. "My name is Caelian.. Please just call me Caim.." He for some odd reason preferred the name Caim over Cael, but even if he said such words he doubted the people would continue to call him as such. Sticking out his tongue to Middy he nestled back into Sera's chest and resumed his rest with gusto, there wasn't a second to waste in his opinion. "This castle sounds awesome, I hope the other kid likes to fight.." Grinning broadly their perfect little angel was about to meet a hellion of devious behavior.