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  1. Chappu

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    Growth Perk: Hardline: Given the Stress of battle without the use of his powers once more, his body has not hit overdrive. Giving him an immense adrenaline rush allowing him to perform as if he lost nothing. Diablous's presence was not felt for long as Caim cut through his enemies using their blood as other blades to mow down their numbers. Soon however the blood fountain had run out and the strength of all magic was drained from his system. At first, his objective was to deal with the beasts before them, but now the direction of their assault had changed. The explosion of vines looking to consume them now crowded his vision, the next was the sight of the Soul stone which sought to steal their powers. Caim frowned heavily at the sight of trouble. 'Odin be my Guide..' He mumbled to himself as he pulled the zipper up on the trench coat to keep it firmly around his figure. Yet even as the power faded he had power enough for one last change, turning the katana to flames it transformed into a halbert meant for his size. Spinning the polearm around himself he gave himself the forward advantage; keeping himself ahead of the rest his breathing completely reset. 'Ton ton ton ton ton.' A droning sensation rolled in his chest as the halbert began to whine and whistle cutting through the air at a blinding pace. Keeping his progression forward he did not stop twirling the halbert firmly in hand even as he began cutting through large strips of vines in various chunks. What was left behind him were large bunches of vines withering away as their life was cut short in multiple places. His fingers did not lose grip nor did the action take much energy as all he needed to do was keep the momentum of the polearm going. The ever-sharp blade did the rest of the work cleaving and cutting their obstacle down with ease. He left the defenses against the NIghtmares to the other paragons running forward with him as he maintained the steady pace towards the stone.
  2. Chappu

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    There was little to be said or done at this point, Lilith had spoken her orders and therefore they were to be followed to the T. Once the portal opened Caim let the others go first before slowly opening a pocket vortex to replace the FangBlade with his Katana. The blackened blade hummed with fury as Caim approach the bloodmarsh. Stepping through his eyes narrowed slightly in irritation at the creatures who surrounded them. The one whom sought to strike Samael was the first to fall as Caim countered the strike with a single slash at the limb. Cutting the beasts arm in two Caim’s rainbow eyes turned blood red with hunger. ‘Diablous heed my call. Feast upon the enemies..’ The severed limb shriveled up the iron product of its blood was then pooled in a orb before boy. ‘Feast on them..’ Clenching the right hand the katana was held in the left facing the enemy before them.
  3. Chappu

    Give Me that Fated Hand

    Mission Loading... There was a hint of acknowledgment from the one called Linda. Ghost did not pay it much mind however, it seemed as if this mission would be done fairly quickly with herself as the forward. Rolling both shoulders back the joints cracked and popped before the youngin relaxed in her gait. White optics viewed the sky calmly as they walked, she need not watch where she was going. Her body remained pressed between the two women as not to get lost in the morning crowd. The information about the relic was obtained and thought about thoroughly as their adventure was yet to begin. At the mention of being a bodyguard, her view changed from the sky to the people around her employer. "So basically break anyone who steps forward, but maintain some level of professionalism. Understood Ma'am." Tulari kept her walk brisk and permitted them to have some distance from herself, the girl needed some room to work and observe the people around them.
  4. Chappu

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    Splash!! Even as others arrived by Ghostship the lone Paragon child arrived by means of his own devices. Being one of the last to arrive obviously he had slept far too long when the departure was called by Lilith. THankful he knew where to find her even if he wasn't right next to her. Moments after the ships had made their cozy departure, the waves of the oceans began to swell and churn as if a storm were coming to swallow the beach. The moisture in the air increased as the weather itself slowly became cloudy and windy. The sand upon the beach whipped about forming into faint cyclones with no power to them. Waves receded before coming together in a large bowl shape over the surface; it was almost as if something were trying to break through to the current world itself. After a few heartbeats, the water exploded as a large Leviathan came from the water throwing someone into the sky. Water rained down as if a monsoon had just landed upon the shores. The dragon roared at Caim before curling in on itself and diving back into the ocean. Down Caim fell before flipping forward landing like a superhero. The sand beneath him erupted slightly upward as he held his Fangblade in the left hand. The right hand held a half-eaten sammich which he continued to eat silently. He was clad in the Black Cartel jacket he had first obtained when becoming a Paragon his only taxing request from Lilith. Grunts and slight moans left his small figure as he had foodgasms for days. From beneath the hood, his rainbow optics looked directly at Lilith before he spoke with his mouth full. "Sorre-- Munch munch I'm lat--Mmmpph ." A satisfied burp left the boys lips as he smiled at the group. "Who are we killing and how many? Is Samael here?! There Ankou the cheeky man." Laughing lightly Caim was ignorant to the fact that not only did he make it rain on all of them but he was also late on top of it. @vielle @Ataraxy
  5. Chappu

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    There was noise and the mention of her name, however Noi was world’s away even with Celine grasping her hand. Unease stalked her every movement while people dared to draw close to her. By reaction to presence Noi pressed herself against Celine as her smile waned. The once placid eyes slowly cracked as her nerves fired on all sides. Her breathing had already increased in pace, she was fighting for control over herself in this situation. The people smiled as they reached out to touch her hands and those daring enough her belly. Yet they were all kept back by her expression of discomfort and no doubt Celine’s eyes and Koji’s presence was enough to keep people from being too excited. Minutes felt like half hours as she continued to pace herself until Koji appeared before her. He suprised her making her take a half step back in order to kneel by habit. Yet the bump in her belly and the noise brought up forward to him once more. Was it weak of her to want to rest her head on his chest? Was it inappropriate of her to want to be carried away by his strong arms? Her thick lips faintly curled at the ends as she bowed her head. “Any for you my Emperor, by your leave I would like to retire to my Quarters.” Noi looked him in the eyes as she waited for his decision to be made. Already she had moved to the side of Celine in order to let Koji pass to lead the way. Her body was more than ready to rest and lay down while the small worm of hunger began to grow for both parties. “I should eat the baby is getting hungry.” Eye kids narrowed as Noi slowly began walking back up the steps. @Twitterpated @Aleksei @Etched in Stone @Dreamer @vielle @Hurttoto
  6. Chappu

    Give Me that Fated Hand

    Well there was certainly fear in this group! She could taste it in the air as she breathed in the heavy musk scented bar. Their attention was quickly taken on the road as hands were shaken and greetings were taken into account. A fiendish smile picked its way across Ghost’s thick lips, for once someone actually asked about herself. It was refreshed honestly, even if it was a temporary arrangement. Where would she honestly start? ”To be honest, this is the first team I’ve ever been on. So I’m a newbie as one should say; however I do know when to follow orders and when to go about my own tasks. Adaptability is key along with total annahilation of the enemy; things are more straight forward that way unless it becomes to complex.” Her emotionless face remained calm while they trooped their way down the street. Crowds of people pointed and stared at the damage done to the man who had grabbed her shoulder. A low groan left his lips as the people pulled him free of the rubble. Ghost couldn’t help but laugh at his turmoil as the women passed onward. “So do share with me the exact details here.. Clearly as gain very little from this excursion, let’s actually hope it’s worth the while and time..”
  7. Chappu

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    'Count Noi, keep counting down from 100, you are gonna get through it.' Her mind raced as her legs began to tremble and shake, the anxiety of the eyes watching her made her uncomfortable. The noise was just beginning to bother her as sound after sound assaulted her keen senses. The smells in the air confused her making her stumble before catching Celine's warm hand. Her right hand went to her stomach as her pace slowed significantly. Noi was slowly beginning to hate herself for being dramatic of being bothered but such trivial things. This was, of course, her first time dealing with all of these sensations rolling through her skin. Noi was to hold her ground she had to, there was to be no show of weakness as the new Empress was to be crowned. Holding onto Celine's hand tightly Noi worked on her breathing as she gave Celine a nod moving closer to her side. What would she do if she did not have Celine to help walk her through this trial. A true friend and ally which she would give her life for. The right hand gently stroked the small bump in her belly. It was clear for all to see from the shape of her dress. Muscles burned and limbs ached as sleep was something she sweetly desired. Today was not one of her good days to say in the least. She did not feel energized; she only felt the unease in her belly as she continued to stand before so many people. The fireworks were going to be her least favorite when they came to be. She gripped Celine's hand tightly doing her best to take it all in with her ever-present fear of her own situation. She held her peace however when the march came to a halt, Noi straightened her back and breathed deeply. Her eyes remained forward as Koji began the ceremony and the elevation of Katiya's standing to Empress. The task was indeed a great honor which Noi believed belonged to another but perhaps there was a reason for why it happened this way. There was nothing personal her only task was to do all she could now to grow this baby and handle what work was or was not given to her to do. @Twitterpated @Dreamer @Etched in Stone @Aleksei @Eternity @Hurttoto
  8. Chappu

    Give Me that Fated Hand

    'Message Obtained. . . . Uploading Information. . . Vocal Audio file found. Playing Audio Clip.' Silence resounded as Ghost listened to the message at hand. She was fairly new to these communication devices which relic hunters used. Perhaps she was still too young to be doing these activities? Nah!! Bunk all that bull shit, a proud 13-year-old stood toe to toe with her foes. Ghost was the big 1 3 in the room, and these bitches would know who this badass bitch was. Just like her love for chocolate chip cookies as the main source of protein for the body. Moments before the audio file finished the girl was already scrolling through her palm pilot screen, information floated this way and that. Pixeled words and numbers flooded sorted into various articles about the situation at hand. The artifact in question was something of a world-class marvel. The ability to boost sensory while adapting infinitely upon consumption of material. A thick brow peaked at the details and depths of the items ability. Activation upon touch would be nice addition except the terms were not to double cross upon pain of death. A giggle left her small lithe frame as her feet kicked back and forth. The trip itself was not a bad one, in all honesty, the chariot she road in on consisted of a single pegasus. The wind did not bother her as she traveled down into the town of Andelusia. The chariot made no noise as it landed upon the ground the pure diamond formation broke down like dust in the wind. Down the little girl stepped from the diamond steps, clad in all black her tank top and shorts gave way to expose ebony flesh. White iris's glowed in the afterburn of the noon sky, a curly mess of hair atop her head like a relaxed afro. Her expression flat with a cute button nose, smaller than the average child at 4'3, Ghost was akin to a little chocolate loli of sheer cuteness with a temper. Elbow high fingerless gloves caressed her lithe frame while kneehigh black boots hugged her limbs. People observed the little girl as adorable for all that she was beside her inhumane eyes. In no way did they look human. Being grey to the base the iris alone was the only thing that stood out. Pure glowing white even in the sunlight. Holding the phone up in her left hand, Ghost examined the tavern before pushing her way past the people slowly. At first, she was making progress until a large hand clapped her little shoulder. Usually, that might have startled any kid but not her, the calmest of expression painted her chocolate face as small frown lines curled down. "Excuse me youngin, but this place is not for the likes of children. Run along no-" The large man who was speaking soon grasped in pain as Ghost grabbed his hand, twisting it at the wrist and index finger she broke them both at the same time before kicking him out by the kneecaps. The sheer force of her kick lifted the man off of the floor clear across the street. The doors fluttered with the force of the blow opening wide for the wild girl. People swiftly parted ways like the Red Sea as the sweet chaotic child strolled through the doors. None dared to stand in her way as she swiftly approached the two drinking and sitting directly in front of the door. "You two must be Holly and Linda.." Her voice was just as young as people would expect it to be for a child. Reaching out she held out her hand for a shake. "A pleasure to be working with you."
  9. Chappu

    Doge's Character Cast

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    Akasagi, Tulari

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    Akasagi, Tulari

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  12. Chappu

    Akasagi, Tulari

    Status Strength: Close Combat [Primary] Mid Range [Secondary] Power Classification: Demi - Seraph [Granted from consistent usage of her Diamond Dweller Skill.] Blood Type: AB Primary Residence: Nomad Primary Discipline(s): One-Handed [Primary] Two-Handed [Secondary] Sub Discipline(s): Damage Reducer [Phys/Mag] [Secondary] Creator [Primary] Stealth [Secondary] Innate Skill(s): Diamond Dweller: Tulari was granted the ability to use Diamonds as a means for survival. Being able to produce them from her own skin, the ability works as an offensive and defensive manner, for the sake of surviving she has learned to mold armor, weapons and even fly with diamond despite its dense and heavy properties. The ability to use the Diamond also includes assimilating other minerals and forms of diamond in order to produce and use for later. The more she is introduced to new material or even magic, she is able to build some type of diamond to work in her defense and offense. Assimilation: A talent she branched off from always taking it Diamond materials into her body. The ability to assimilate has now become second nature to Tulari. Given the material, she is able to take in various items and turn them into a piece of herself. From there she is able to learn, build and use the newly granted power for future use. She does not merge with living organisms only objects. Gained Skill(s) by Assimilation Skill ~ [-] Special Skill(s): Feature(s) Body Art:
  13. Chappu

    Akasagi, Tulari

    Conception Name: Akasagi, Tulari [Last, First] Designation: Ghost, Jormungand Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Gender: Female DNA: Human [Subject to change] Age: 13 D.O.B: Unknown Birth Place: Unkown Occupation: N/A [Subject to change] Vitals Height: 4'3 Weight: 35 kilos Hair Style / Color: Her hair is very curly and often times is kept in an afro. If not the hair is kept in dreads. Her hair is black. Eye Color / Style: Her eyes are a solid grey color with white for her iris. Dominant Hand: Left Skin Tone: Black Physical Condition: Perfectly Healthy Body Build: Athletic Lolicon Voice: Somewhat high pitched due to her youth. Often considered cute.
  14. Chappu

    Doge's Character Cast

    Updated: 1/23/19 The Father added The arrival of a new concept idea. . . Pending
  15. Chappu

    My Brother's Keeper [ Artifact Hunt - Closed ]

    Marik had not changed a bit honestly, there was a fire that burned within his partner's eyes. An undying flame that moved Max's soul on the deepest of depths, it was something that no other living being on this planet could do to the man. Slightly narrowing his eyes the mention of Dragon's brought a whole new level of energy to his persona. "I dare say we have a list growing now don't we?" Laughter rumbled from his lips as food traded places with words every now and then. Sussano howled in approval at the mention of a long road trip, as it was the duo were nomads. They had no absolute home which meant every day was something new to look forward to. Swiftly jumping to his feet he placed the food between his lips before opening his palm to let Thalan tumble out of his skin. Absorbing the flames the blood orb hummed in acceptance. "I am experimenting absorbing other forms of energy or 'life' as one might call it. Fire breathes air to survive so it might as well be alive no?" Winking at Marik the food disappeared into the void of his mouth and into the pit of his belly. Whistling to the now grown Direwolf he slung the broken armor over it's back. Strapping it down, Diesus remained upon his back secured by several metal clips to keep the greatsword in place. Looking back to Marik he had no doubt his friend was more than ready to go. "Sorry about your mount, if you want you can tag along on Sussano's back he can carry up to five tons. It's really something actually the demonic energy in him is astounding." A brow quirked as he jutted a thumb out to point at Sussano. Whether or not Marik took the offer, Max quickly jumped on the beasts back and gestured for Marik to point the way before they took off. The wind began to howl in their ears as trees whipped past left and right. Max had learned earlier to keep his head low ducking branches to avoid being struck atop his head.