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  1. All this time I’ve been beating myself up over leaving... Only to come to terms that we are cut from two different cloths. You will get someone who will match your cloth you simply did not match my own.. I needed a pack at my hip and you just weren’t ready for that responsibility.

  2. Hello Sadness, my old friend, we have been here at this point time and time again... This time you dug a deeper hole and I tripped right into it... Like Alice in Wonderland I curious just how far this sensation will go. How long will it take me to climb out of this void of self? I figured I'd be okay, that somehow being justified and right in my actions would in some way ease my burden!! As if these tears would stop hitting my cheeks like thunderclaps as I shoulder on to continue. I strictly remember making a pact to never cry over the same thing again, but why am I here? Crying for the same reason so many times in a row, nothing on me really broke but my peace of being. I rescued my heart but why does it still feel so broken?

    I can feel my spine through my stomach, a pit has settled into my core. I am a black hole devouring all things now, seeking to find meaning to this space now set free.

  3. Chappu

    Looking for a Cold One

    Chapter I: The Garden of Eden Her expression was the purest form of emotion he had seen since his late lover. A woman who was sentient compared to those whom he walked with on the daily; Eira was his first guest to actually see the place he called Eden. "I call the place Eden, for its beginning is pure and its intent is to remain untarnished. Stepping over to the pool his violet hues glinted with life as he exhaled slowly, shifting his body towards the Southern hallway Ydris moved in silence. The Moogles danced this way and that around the two of them, at first they eyed Eira as she touched the surface of the water. The placid surface broke gently against her tender touch sending ripples across the surface once more. "Do you like it Kupo.~" Robin said float up around her head the little Moogle danced in the air hoping for a positive answer. Many of his kin did the same as more and more magical energy filled the main center where she sat. Ydris was nowhere to be found at this point and time, he had to give her time to explore the place and get to know the caretakers of Eden. Several more Moogles flew across the surface of the water in crisscross patterns splashing water and playing around. "You must be Eira right?! Ydris said he would be bringing a guest!! Come quickly down this way!! We can show you around a bit!!" Robin dropped down to her eye level while holding out a fluffy hand with small fingers. When she grabbed his hand he would tug her down the hallways and begin pointing out in different directions. " So over here we have a lot of our edible remedies such as; berries, leaves, bark etc. Then we have more of our aloe based plants over here for rubbing on bodies or putting it teas for drinking." Robin bounced with every other word while the rest of the Moogles broke off after watching their interaction for some time. There was no time to waste, this garden was no ordinary garden clearly for the obvious reasons but for reasons she would slowly understand as she moved. With every breath, the air would be fresher and richer in oxygen for her body to function on. Toxins in her system were slowly begin pulled from her pours in a gases state of being; the section of her hand that touched the water was healed and reinforced internally at the genetics. "This place grows with magic from the well-spring of Mana that Ydris has planted right below the ground in this place. I still don't get how he does it but he seems to know how to make everything work." Robin bounced and smiled at her lightly before becoming very flustered at something behind them both. Ydris had returned but this time he was without his armor and weapons in tow; instead, he was clad in silk robes with a large book tucked under his arm. Violet hues illuminated in the dimly lit area of the hallways, how things worked here he could not exactly explain to either of them. He built it to be a proper subspace which granted life. A small little experiment that he hoped would become more successful in order to provide him some background on greater creation. "Do not concern yourself with the details Robin, when the time is right you will come to understand how things in here work. Eira come with me please." His voice rumbled deep within his chest as he reached out to a flying moogle giving it a nice scratch between the wings as a form of a good job. It wasn't long until he had a full line of Moogles each getting their backs scratched for their hard work. A kindred smile now pulled at thick bronzed lips as a hearty chuckle exited his throat. "You all are doing so well, thank you for supporting my dream. I am happy to call you all my friends!!" Ydris said lightly swiftly using both hands to itch all the backs he could until the line ended. Robin himself even got in line for a scratch before sitting upon Ydris's shoulder to join their study.
  4. Chappu

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    What the hell... when did this start..?
  5. It's time to grow...

  6. Chappu

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    Time had elapsed at a pace that Noi was not yet ready for, her body quaked as she finished her time in the bathroom... again. Her irritation was much more noticeable now to this in attendance to her needs at this moment. Adjusting her posture the woman did not like the whole need for being super dressed up, at most, she would not make it through the festivities of the night. Perhaps her only able body direction was dinner time, but to not show her face before the Lord and Celine was her greatest distaste. Biting her lower lip she nodded to the attendants to finish their touching up of her makeup and tea mixture to sooth the shifting of her stomach. At first, she was handed her original black outfit but this time she turned it down pointing to one she had put together herself. Allowing the assistants to strip her of her nightgown she was swiftly wrapped in her kimono of choice. Once the royal purple outfit was placed upon her bronzed flesh Noi allowed her aura to grip her nerves and body, she would do her best to make it through the night. When the time had come for their appearance with Koji, Noi had indeed been one of the last to arrive behind Celine but perhaps that was for the best. The festival would be one of revelation she knew that much, the people could not hold their calm for long thinking about the aspect of who might sit beside Koji soon enough. If she knew him as well as she thought she did, Noi's guess about the events of the tonight would be right on target. Perhaps she might be able to slip away back to her room in the process of the festival at hand. The sweet lotions and scent that clung to the hairpin she had obtained from her mother as a child clung to her like a radiant afterglow. Her snow white hair had been pinned into a bun upon the back of her head lightly. White optics gazed out over the gathered assembly of Lord Koji himself and the other concubines at hand, not to mention the little one who had obtained her blessing as well. A faint smile crossed ever thick lips as Noi bowed her head lightly toward Koji and slipped herself lightly into Celine's shadow and side. She did so with making her presence very clear to the woman before approaching just off to her right-hand side. "Sorry I am late..." She said in a light tone of voice holding off the queasy sensation that dared sneak past her energy restraints. @Dreamer @Aleksei @Etched in Stone @Twitterpated
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  8. I'm not sure how this happened, I don't know what went wrong but I surely followed those red flags to freedom. When did the relationship get so toxic to the point I had to tell you to get out. As amazing as you are you did horrible things to me and I still begged to love you in hopes you would change your ways. Trying to be the older partner and help you learn instead of letting life's banhammer have its way with you. 

    You spit in my face repeatedly then asked me to give you the world when you did not deserve it. No matter the proclamation of your efforts you never tried to get things done until you had to do it yourself. When I cleaned my hands of taking care of the world you suddenly became what I asked of you beforehand, but too little too late for that now. Lack of honesty and disrespect that causes me to question loyalty are not what I need in this life. Even in my flaws of said 'toxic' behavior, I amended everything you asked of me but it was you who never chose to listen and take the equal steps. So please, by all means, I will wish you the best, I harbor no negative emotion because at the end of the day, no matter what you say the reality is you did nothing that you say you did. Go claim what you can to ease your soul but the facts will remain and the truth will out. 

    I wish you be best life going back to the toxic waters I fished you out from out of love and hoping for your growth. I am honored that you thanked me for treating you better than the rest of the people who abused you, I have no energy to give you a reality check on your twisted self-image that is no longer my burden to bear, life will have you now. I've climbed out of these trenches to save myself from drowning in the waters that you made to make me unstable to become myself again.  No matter, the times of change are upon us and my hands and arms can no longer carry the weight which should have been handled by you.

    So to you, I offer up wishes of peace between the inhale and the exhale may your roads be what you need to grow. May you find people who will build you and teach you what you wouldn't learn from me. I pray for your safety and that at the end of the day you regret nothing. I do not wish our paths to cross again, but maybe they will. If they should I pray you have grown to be a strong intelligent and wise young woman.

    I can finally go as I need to go and grow as I need to be, I will hold no reserves of these emotions. To do so would forbid me from being free.


  9. Just gonna take this negative energy away and be alone with it till it's gone. There's no reason to bring it around here.

  10. Chappu

    The Father [ W. I. P. ]

    Ingenuity Passive Red Marshals Curse>: An innate ability passed down through his bloodline. Upon physical contact organic and non-organic matter the object in question is broken down from its original force. Separating it from its usual composition. Depending on what stage of composition the matter is at, sometimes it is broken down to a molecular level if too low. Berserker Syndrome>: If not contained by Nicotine he enters a fit of rage that is not easily maintained. Upon entering the Berserk mode his senses are heightened along with his offensive and defensive capabilities. Nicotine Addiction>: He is always smoking cigarettes to keep him mentally and physically balanced. Mesmeric Fog>: Upon entering combat there is a mesmeric mist the shrouds his body in mystery. While invisible to the naked eye to those trained to see the energy he would be an unidentified figure. The properties of the mist work as an absolute defense, it defends him against almost everything throw in his direction. The mist does use a considerable amount of energy, due to such a tax it lessens his ability to function during its life cycle. It does not get in the way of his physical abilities. Ingenuity Active
  11. Growth Perk: Second Wind: Even after being turned down by a cutie pie who he deemed to like, he would not let his youth be tarnished. Never cease to move forward. Confusion flooded the lads' mind as he listened to Little Sans words about how creepy and dirty he was. Of course, he was dirty he enjoyed the travel of the world and the murder of all innocence!! He would not be stopped now with her rejection of his personality though. With a quirked brow, the lad slowly moved behind the group. A plain expression upon his face rendered him void of emotion when it came down to it. He was too young for this and he still had other tasks to see to, shifting his hands into his pockets the silence resumed. 'Are you sad Caim?' Bahamut chimed as Caim walked on to follow the group towards their destination. There was silence from Caim as Bahamut watched the world through the boy's eyes. The silence was almost unsettling had Bahamut been an entity beyond human bounds. 'I will be fine, so long as we find some interesting toys here I do not mind at all... As Ankou told me we can't win everything can we...?' Caim retorted to Bahamut with ease as a smiled pulled across his lips with ease. Flexing his fingers slowly the lad began to skip as he did before waiting for the chariot to take them to the destination while following the troop.
  12. Chappu

    When a Cult Absorbs the Fallen

    'Give thanks for your survival. Praise be to the Mistress.. Welcome to the Paragon.' There was silence as the Mistress moved to turn those into Paragons of the ranks. Caim's eyes glittered with anticipation and joy as he slowly turned to look down at the huddled group. Reaching out his hand slowly, they followed in suit reaching out their hands to touch his own and take up Lilith's mark. Yet Caim was not so kind of a person, instead, he reached past their hands and grabbed their faces palm to center mass. The energy and mark burned itself into their skull somewhere out of view. Their heads ignited in white flames before being put out once he released their skin, their freedom locked away and now bound to Lilith's bidding. Their screams rang out through the snow as he grinned and laughed manically at their coming anguish. Heaving the Holy sword over his shoulder once more the boy slowly stepped away from them all as they remained on their knees in waiting for orders. The rainbow hues of his optics ignited with ambition and flames of passion before dimming down to the usual vibrant rotation. Looking away he slowly pulled the coat up revealing the sheath on his lower back, placing the large blade in one of the slots at hand. "If that's all... There is much exploring to be done." Caim said to himself slowly as he himself sauntered off while humming a little tune. [ Exit - Caim ]
  13. Chappu

    The Rise

    Silence enveloped Noi as she lay in a large pool of steaming water, rose petals and water lilies lay all along the surface in colorful conflagration. Her thoughts floated away with every inch of grime and scent of the lab which was sweetly replaced by the oils and soap that caressed her scarred flesh. Deep breaths caused the water to ripple about her half sunken figure while her long white hair flowed around her head. This was paradise in her eyes, a long bath without interruption, or so one might hope however there was still work to be done. There was a ping that rang out through her mind as Koji and the lab called her for Phase II of the operation. With a twitch of her left index finger her mind plunged into the neural network of their database. There upon the third plane she looked at the numbers in silence, double checking the system functions she gently caressed the androids persona which watched with her. "Initiate the gathering phase.. Pull up available targets in the process and send it down to the Lord and Lab." Her voice remained soft as she shifted some numbers and reserves over to compensate for possibly lost time and conservation of stealth. The last thing they needed was someone else targeting the orbital weapon during this phase. Reaching out upon the plane she broke the charts down into power levels and the ranges they might reach with what ever power was harnessed at the time. Next she broke down the probably of how much damage might be done at different power levels for different ranges. Ultimately she worked out an entire spread sheet for when, how much damage to how much energy it would cost per a target. Next she began fixing up possible replica model or add on that would increase efficiency and output upon usage. Waving her left hand over it she let the program run its course as she resumed her bath. The orbital weapon pulsed with life as it sucked in energy from the surrounding cosmos to power its cannon. "Weapon power levels are currently at 39%, it will be fully charged in two minutes.." Her voice sounded back over the intercom of the lab before clicking off of the network to resume her bath. Reaching into the water she grabbed a sponge applying it against her skin. Her eyes remained closed as she rose up in the water, her breasts bounced in adjustment while her hair fell around her shoulders to cover her chest from onlookers. Her assistants came forth to comb her hair and cloth her in her nightly robes for the evening to come.
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