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  1. As Above so Below. 'I found you. You look rather strong, but I honestly ponder the strength of your conviction.' Ydris took note of his opponent a massive vessel that looked more like a final boss of a game. Joy rolled through his veins as the click of bay doors vibrated across his horns alerting him far before he saw the attack incoming. Keeping himself in cloud formation the final hex had been laid and fortified during his travels. Keeping a keen eye upon the projectiles he first was not very surprised, however, the more they divided the broader his smile became. Retrieving the shield by reflex the flaming maw ignited within the smoke opening upon the many bombs flying in on his location. The pace did not slow, as the explosions chained together upon the face of the shield three of the eight hexes kicked into action. Sucking all the flaming explosive force into Er's core it rolled through being, harnessing the power his pace slowed only by a few seconds as he pressed on. Taking some of the explosive power his armor was somewhat blackened from the force as metal shrapnel fell down to the ocean's surface leaving behind a trail. Perhaps some usable pieces for whatever hunted this looming fortress from below. Seconds passed after the smoke cleared exposing the rapidly approaching smoke once again, this time he picked up to Mach 6 facing Er backward the funnel of smoke-blackened at the end as two hexes activated using 1/3 of the explosive force to propel him forward. Without hesitation, Ydris glared at the ship with irritation and slow building rage. "You shouldn't fire dangerous toys at people.." Whether these people had a force field in effect or not would determine what happened next. As he neared the back he wasted no time in hurling his shield at the side of the ship leaving legion in his grasp as his only protection. Should the shield be able to make contact with the ship itself the remaining 2/3 of the explosive power in their missiles would be unleashed upon their ship not to mention the weight of his tools was that of a dead star. A thing he had picked up in his wide travels of the cosmos and combat against Fallen Arch's. Ydris did not stop moving as he held Legion out in his left hand falling out of the smoke for a split section, he aimed to land on the deck of the shield after the explosive force erupted at their lower sections near where he suspected the engines to be. Should a shield exist he had no doubt it would weaken considerably or even break from the explosive force of both the shield and their own force given back to them. Should landing be unsuccessful he would be back in the intangible formation, he wasn't here to play games he came for one thing alone. Even if he had to take this thing out from the sky he would obtain what he wanted. Ydris began to weave beginning to barrel roll at an increasing pace, he intended to make landing one way or another. Was this ship strong enough to carry the weight of a dead star or even two should he decided to put legion down on its deck.
  2. Fashionably Late 'It's out there.. Can you hear it? A tool crafted by beings beyond human understanding, it waits for a master. Can you hear it?' A gentle whisper of a voice rolled through Ydris brain as he slumbered within the Vale. Timeless and uninterrupted by the natural order of life. The Cosmos Dweller remained at peace. Yet it was a fickle peace for beneath the calm exterior raged the burning desire for blooded altars in order to please the Left-Hand Path. Thus the being slumbered no more, the Astral beings stirred in Ydris's wake, across the back of the star cut throne was Er his shield. Its gaping mouth had kept its faint ember-like glow while Legion still oozed its ectoplasmic fluid into the nothingness. "I hear it." A deep voice rumbled within his chest as it escaped pasted parted lips. The childish voice ceased to exist fading away as the lights of the Astral beings shifted and rotated all around. There was no pain or creaking in his bones as he rose up from the throne. Violet hues flickered within the darkness before a crude smile crossed his lips. With a single gesture with his left hand called forth the many Astral forces within his control. Not all bent to the novice wielder of the Left-Hand but he had earned the respect of most Astral bodies within the Vale. Thus they offered him guidance and strength to wield for the Left hand alone. The few gathering Astral bodies blended together like a spiral; in the meantime, the Fell Knight donned his armor with haste. There was no time to lose in finding the artifact that would greatly enhance his abilities. Once the main pieces of his armor were in place he adjusted the Ring of Yedidiah for comfort bringing some of the Astral power with himself. Putting on his helm the man tapped his hands together in order to help the armor settling in nicely. Slowly the spiral reversed its flow peeling back the Vale itself it opened up onto the ocean where the Divers had retrieved their prize. With a deep breath, Ydris closed his eyes before stepping out of the Vale from the sky. Legion and Er dropped out after him free falling into his open grasp. Er onto his right arm and Legion into his left hand. As the water drew closer the man leaned back standing upright as if the pencil dive into the water, however, the graviton in his attire kicked into play. Slowing his drop to a halt the Fell Knight remained high within the sky, staring down at the water the world began to adjust as he scanned for energy levels of varying kinds. The first thing that popped out to him was the Drive fleeing existence ahead of himself, the second was another monster far below the surface of the water. 'On second thought.. Let's just get going..' Crouching down upon the air he faced forward as if he were going to race. With a quick kick, the Fell Knight soon reached a cruising speed of Mach 4, swiftly shifting into smoke the speed increased to that of Mach 5 thanks to the lack of wind resisting his onward force. The sound barrier broke as he flew towards the enemy at hand, those who would stand in his way would soon find their faults. Yet he could not be careless either, there were plenty of beings out here seeking out the same treasure. Placing Er upon his back, Ydris kept Legion in a single-handed grip keeping an eye out for possible enemies either in the air or on the water. Reaching out with the right hand he began drawing out hexes around his body as a preemptive set up for defense in the future. As the wind rolled around his figure he used the vibration off of his horns to get a better sense of the world around him in the sky. What he would found he did not know, but he would be ready.
  3. Sorry, on an extreme hiatus.. Still reorganizing life.. please discord me if needed 

  4. I feel like a broken record player, skipping over the same loop into infinity. Every day I wake up I am forever reminded that this is the age range where death and your mental state become intimate. As you grow you are never prepared for the loss of someone you grew up with. Or even the death of a classmate or parent, that shit just irks the soul. How the hell did he go? He was part lion, a kinfolk who never ceased to thrive and bring a smile to the family. 

    My soul is aching, the deeper scars still haven't healed. Time is not my friend, time is the wet nurse who sadistically keeps giving me new marks to bear. This is not a cry of self-pity, it is a cry of frustration. Every time I touch the bodies I can still feel the static of their pulse as if they were alive. I can feel their life force bleeding through my fingers tips; the wind echos their words. "It's been a while, it's a pity you had to see me like this. I know we had a lot of plans, but it's your turn now. Finish our creation. Don't forget to keep walking my wishes are the last dying gift I bring to you." With a deep breath, I feel the cool embrace of one soul passing off from another. 

    I do not cry, I can't even shed tears anymore its so common place now. Death has become married to my smile, my tear ducts died with my god daughter. My laughter was whisked away with my brothers passing. My hands shake and tremble like Haitian sidewalks during the earth quakes, my life force trickles away like a stream. I am practically hysterical with the ever-present burn in my heart. They say time heals wounds, but I disagree entirely. Fuck it, I don't even know why I write anymore, I look in the mirror I can even recognize myself anymore. I'm on the ledge watching the world down below... In the back of my mind I remember the days we used to laugh and promise eachother that everything would be okay.. YOU SAID THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY! HOW THE FUCK IS THIS OKAY!!! NOTHING IS OKAY!!! How do I look your daughter in the face and tell her like you used to.. That no matter what everything will be okay? Why would you go where I can't follow... I'm not angry, I am sorry I yelled you know how emotional I get even when I keep it all inside.

    Kiara asked me today if I was going away any time soon, I am not gonna lie and say that the phrase didn't hurt. It rang of something so familiar about our conversations between eachother. I told her that I will be here for as long as she needs me, and that you were here too.. That just because your physical body is gone doesn't mean your soul doesn't live on. For a five year old Kiara is very wise and smart, she has your eyes and she even has your smile. My brother I love you and I miss you so much, I will strive to find the courage to kiss her on the head and tell her that everything will be okay.


    - RIP Sully, 6/13/1994 - 3/18/2019

  5. 'Reap what you Sow...' Chapter I: A Heavy Heart It had been a long while since Ydris had last been home, yet now in its hour of need, he could only hold his position. Death was as big a piece to this world as birth was, but this was something he did not anticipate. Clutching the hilt of the dead star Legion he slowly unshouldered Er into his right-handed grasp. The open maw of shield paled in comparison to the flames that lived around its frame. The ring of Yedidiah throbbed upon his hand as the flat of Legion shimmered to life. The onslaught of death was something that honestly excited the Dark Zodiac Knight but in this fight, it was the loss of his kin. Connor’s comments rolled past the man as his purple hues rolled with emotion. The Primal alloy and graviton mixed armor clung to his body with ease. At his back, a wanton warrior stood tall for her own height, Freydis had was not one to overlook the impending fight. At the command of the Kommadant herself, the Bravada pair set out to help quell the fight of this misfit. Her silver eyes remained locked on the skull in the sky. It lacked any means of being a terror in the day or night, again those from Avylon were bred for this kind of conflict. In both hands, she wielded two large battle axes as was the Asegir custom. With the right one to rest upon her shoulder, her primal alloy armor clung to her ample but small body. The thick black mess of her hair was set back into cornrolls which were put into a thick bun. Raising the left hand she pointed towards Keto and gazed over towards Ydris for orders. At first, nothing came from the blacked figures mouth, his eyes were focused on their necromancer now. With a deep breath he exhaled and left the ground with the aid of the graviton floating further into the air, from beneath his cloak came a single moogle. The creature floated around his figure before resting upon his shoulder. “Not a very scary sight Kupo.. Perhaps they should get out more?” A chuckle was all the moogle got in response, raising his left arm he hovered over the top of the building. Cutting down with the blade nothing appeared to visibly happen, but the moogle understood the motion. Freydis hooked one axe upon her back pulling out a blue crystal, rolling it in her fingers the object itself began to shimmer and soon shine before she tossed it up into the air. With a few quick steps back she readied the axe for a swing batting the item into the sky. At first, it did not break, yet as it traveled through the air the light it cast soon exploded from its core. “Surely the city is lost, but we do not mourn them. They died a death to help our footsteps in this war.” As the crystal reached the apex of its journey it shattered scattering an undetermined amount of light balls onto Keto in retaliation and hopeful damage to the Necromancer and her troops. The violet hues were unblinking as he watched and waited for long distance retaliation. Freydis did not wait for more orders, leaping from the balcony she skated off of the rooftops and down into the streets. The back was no place for a frontliner like herself, seeking out the fray as it drew closer was more of her speed after all. With both axes in hand, she pulled on her helmet and disappeared into the capital city. On the other hand, a single youth gazed out with crimson optics and an unamused face. Halvar was here upon the interests of Kadian and Babel Corp. Where his leaders were he did not care, both could reach him at any point in time, for now, however, the young lad sat perched between Keto and a bit before the capital city. The A3g15 armor upon his body hummed with light as the helmet rested beneath the barrel of his sniper rifle. The skull in the sky only represented heathens in his eyes as did those who were not of Kadian faith. ‘He who does not believe should perish honestly..’ Halvar thought as he changed out round kits to the silenced rounds. Once the round clicked into place the biometrics of the gun changed silently giving him the covert advantage.
  6. Making Volcano's is fun I like it a lot.

    1. Alexei


      Science project?

  7. Halvar Xavier reporting for duty with Babel and @Alexei on the defenses.
  8. While the blood requires all that maketh a being, the waters of the womb first caressed its life. Before the covenant knew itself, it too was founded in the waters of the womb. The roots should never be so easily forgotten or destroyed; when the covenant becomes lackluster; homeward bound will its believers go.
  9. You kiss me on the cheek and embrace me as a brother, but on the day I return home you attack my home nation. An of all crimes you ask of me to let it burn in its hour of need?
  10. Listen to my story, this may be our last chance. 


  11. Breaking my heart... Ever so slowly.. How does one choose between Family and Family.. Q.Q
  12. Growth Perk: Hardline: Given the Stress of battle without the use of his powers once more, his body has not hit overdrive. Giving him an immense adrenaline rush allowing him to perform as if he lost nothing. Diablous's presence was not felt for long as Caim cut through his enemies using their blood as other blades to mow down their numbers. Soon however the blood fountain had run out and the strength of all magic was drained from his system. At first, his objective was to deal with the beasts before them, but now the direction of their assault had changed. The explosion of vines looking to consume them now crowded his vision, the next was the sight of the Soul stone which sought to steal their powers. Caim frowned heavily at the sight of trouble. 'Odin be my Guide..' He mumbled to himself as he pulled the zipper up on the trench coat to keep it firmly around his figure. Yet even as the power faded he had power enough for one last change, turning the katana to flames it transformed into a halbert meant for his size. Spinning the polearm around himself he gave himself the forward advantage; keeping himself ahead of the rest his breathing completely reset. 'Ton ton ton ton ton.' A droning sensation rolled in his chest as the halbert began to whine and whistle cutting through the air at a blinding pace. Keeping his progression forward he did not stop twirling the halbert firmly in hand even as he began cutting through large strips of vines in various chunks. What was left behind him were large bunches of vines withering away as their life was cut short in multiple places. His fingers did not lose grip nor did the action take much energy as all he needed to do was keep the momentum of the polearm going. The ever-sharp blade did the rest of the work cleaving and cutting their obstacle down with ease. He left the defenses against the NIghtmares to the other paragons running forward with him as he maintained the steady pace towards the stone.
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