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  1. Here’s to another year.. 25 and still aiming to strive 

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    [GS] Ventus.

    What was this? She was being driven out of the lands she culminated from its very start. How quickly mortal fickle minds forget. As the wall was somewhat parted to grant passage to his escape; she did not waste time. Drawing her left hand back she pulled the ice back once more. Palm facing the sky the hole he dug swiftly closed around the tail of his beast. Closing her fist swiftly the pressure of the atmosphere condensed. Like a weight added to one’s back the ice returned threatening to swallow Koji again. A lone condensed ice lance lay hidden beneath the flurry of snow and wind. “I granted man of these outsiders life because all are welcome here. An yet this is how they repay in kind. The lack of worship and the extermination of their origin.” The frowned deepened as her words seemed troubled and vexed, the right hand flipped itself palm down and she waited. The distance between the two was two football fields no doubt and closing fast. A deep breath was taken as her focus became absolute. “What do you seek outsider?”
  3. Pure was her surrender with a fearless soul and calm voice, Eira accepted his gift and her bonding with Ydris and this place. Thick lips perked up into a smile as he closed the book slowly, turning away from her suspended figure, the flower devoured her very being. Each vine released her body allowing her to be left suspended in magic in the core of the flower bud. There the magic would alter and adapt her physical abilities and magical properties boosting her affinity for life magic, there was a pairing of telepathy between Ydris and her changing figure. Yet it was almost like a video game, options were presented to her on how she could physically adapt, the gained perks in innate affinity to life magic was a given. Her choice of what ever magic variety she wished to use was limited to two more to innately work with. The rest would come with practice and lots of trial and error, Now all he had to do was wait, opening his left hand he gestured upward palm up, the barren ground sprouted a stump for him to sit upon. The rest of this area would be hers to use as she saw fit once she was done her transformation. "Sleep tight.. This process will take a while.." Ydris said getting up swiftly he went to find her some spare clothes. @Eternity
  4. Each comment she made was jotted down in a text book fashion enabling Ydris to create a small check list of goals. Wrinkling his nose slightly, the man looked straight ahead as a empathetic connection began to transpire. With a gentle pat on her head he cut her off from sensing what he hid beneath his skin. "You are not ready to read my wounds. Yet, emotional healing is very important, we shall chalk that up to soul restoration in your skill set." A faint smile played out over Ydris's lips as their walk took them down the garden path way. Plants and flowers littered either side, their petals illuminating the area beneath their feet. The mix of crystals and plant life made him feel at ease, taking a slow right so she could keep up Ydris stopped at a barren plot of the grounds before them. Another nose wrinkle exposed his deep thinking process. Reaching out time flowed differently here than in the world outside, however the node of influence did not miss a beat of said change. The fading of the Seraph gave way to the birth of pure magic potential that clung thickly to the air. Hooking his right thumb into the loop of his obi belt, the gardener dared to start a foundation of new life. His eyes widened as if the light bulb just went off in his head. "Pet ptath, ol' slumbering ptelflot si magic. Forge ptath hwee scle, abundant to unm ptelflot ou boundless to athpuck. El floock fleansim co, sa shepard so sa thlen seat ou scunn shoup. El, ydris ebonarm summon co ptath ca baptize sa sealol tosa flit si fletshi ou seel." Pressure began to swiftly build around Eira as Ydris stepped away from her in order for the work to be done. "Do not be afraid.." He told her with unblinking violet hues, they seemed almost empty but fully focused on the task at hand. The barren ground trembled beneath her feet, before vibrant green tendrils sprouted from the dirt. Wrapping around her ankles to start they climbed up her clothed body. Leaving the clothing in place the tendrils continued till they held all four limbs in place, a lone flower head burst through the earth bowing before Ydris. His feet made no sound upon the ground as he reached out with his left hand, touching the center of her forehead he left a black gem piece upon her skin. "Un tiathpoul tenn so, scleep ou so fletshi ca um cel heals tlilhweenn. Sa ol unm hweckflia hwou, eam oo set slup ou oo eam un am." Stepping back the tendrils began to shake as the magic levels increase pressing against her clothing as if trying to fill her core. Swiftly an adaption was made as the vines grew thorns that pricked her flesh with each thorn but she did not bleed. Raw magic began flooding itself into her body from the soles of her feet up to the gem on her head. The black piece swiftly began to flow a vibrant red, before turning to a warm orange. The hues did not stop changing until the process of her filling and soon rebirth would take place. "I will make you a Shepard of this land.. Second to no one but myself... Yet in order to do that I need you to do one thing.. Accept this rebirth and be filled with the magic itself.." @Eternity
  5. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    Change, the primary stage in which all living organisms encounter. From Gods to the simple worker ant of the field, there was no escaping the passage of time. Those who dabbled in ignorance were woefully reminded that one will either bend or break when an era ends. For Ventura these past few days had become the apex of such change. Her many children blotted out on the same alters mortals once offered blessings. Blasphemy! Such change did not signify a peaceful change, the cries of her family echoed across the pages of her soul. The winds picked up their harsh sweeps across mountain tops and open sky. No normal living creature dared to challenge the brewing storm. Icicles hung in the balance periodically raining down upon slopes causing avalanches left and right. Thanks to her indefinite size such factors were trivial to her movements. At Koji grew closer she was painfully aware of his existence. A pang of irritation mixed with the sting of a tear trailing down her weathered face. With a sharp inhale her head and body whipped in his general direction. “GET OUT!!” She shouted with a concussive force shaking the very ground, altering the air itself. The force behind it was lethal in turn hitting the flurry of ice and snow worked in a few ways. The first was a physically blinding wall of snow and icicles now barred his path the second were the many icicles. At first the minds eye would make them appear to be standing still no doubt. His martial prowess was nothing to ignore, however due to the force of her voice the icicles exploded into even smaller shards picking up speed. With the loss of visibility on his target the oncoming wave of impending ice shards there was the sound itself. It sought to unnerve him, being this high in the sky the atmospheric pressure was high enough to make sound itself also lethal to the mortal brain and ears. Gritting her sharp teeth Ventura glared at the spec who dared to fly over her mountain tops and into her domain. “You’re one of them are you not?” @Twitterpated
  6. If anyone needs someone to write with or if I owe a post I completely forgot about please just discord me or post up here. 

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  7. Ambition Ydris was pleasantly surprised when Alfonso had reacted to his questioning; stepping closer he gave the man's wife a slight bow in apology for stealing him away. The Aelindra council was something incredibly important he guessed from how much information this man was willing to share with him. Alfonso carried himself very well no doubt, being in unfamiliar territory it reminded Ydris of himself back home in Tellus Mater. He often spent most of his time in Oo'Xora and Avylon he did not see any other parts of his home unless directed by the Grand Kommandant. Reaching into his pocket he began taking notes of all the lands that Alfonso had mentioned in his speech before looking back at the man who's had was not extended in a friendly manner. Now the exchange would surely begin without a doubt, first, he reached up touching the blackened helm which covered his head letting it vanish to expose his face. A broad sharp-toothed smile greeted Alfonso as the Nelrosis shook his hand firmly. As Alfonso had guessed he was Renovatian to the core, his horns for ears gleamed in the lighting of the gathering whilst violet hues stared back over Alfonso himself. "You are correct Alfonso, I report to the Grand Kommandant herself in most cases, Bravada of the Zodiac Knights. I can tell you just about anything you want to know about my home. Koji, on the other hand, you would need to speak to himself. I hear he has an impressive Harem which has moved in the darkness and light to help secure his position and the conquering of the Midlands. He even took over a part of Tellus Mater, when the Grand Kommandant came into power I met him at the festival to welcome her rule. A dangerous but influential figure none the less. Why not take a moment and I shall introduce you to the man. The best way to go about any information gathering is also to speak to the source no?" Raising a brow Ydris chuckled lightly his deep voice rumbled in his chest as he threw back his drink swallowing it in a few gulps and setting it to the side. "Come, my friend, let me introduce you to the Dragon himself.," Ydris said turning slowly to allow Alfonso to keep up he strolled through the crowd being the second tallest compare to the Behemoth at Koji's side. The people parted as he walked, the clank of his boots against the ground gave warning to his approach. Giving a nod to Celine and the rest of the group he pushed forward to then stand off to the side of Koji. Giving a low bow he took a deep breath before speaking. "Lord Koji. There is someone I believe you'd be interested to meet." @Garion @Twitterpated @dvsn @Aleksei
  8. Whew... I have a week off from work. I can finally do some writing.

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  9. Ydris had little to add in the transpiring events. The dark figure remained silent for the most part, the vibrations from the festival trickled along his horns permitting him the ability to eavesdrop as he so picked. The Nelrosis sniffed the air gently as of to find something or someone of delicious taste, the result was yet to be seen. Violet hues churned as he followed @Twitterpated and the group in silence keeping to the back as best as possible. The only reason people ignored his existence was because @dvsn dwarfed him in height. Being the perfect cover Ydris used this as a moment to slip away. There were other connections to be found. Violet hues with s piercing gaze coupled with an resting bitch face worked wonders for warding off people he had no intent to talk to. With Legion and Er clad upon his back he was as bulky as Evaristus himself just shorter. With every step he found himself with more and more new people. Genesarias was still somewhat of a mystery. Casting a backward gaze he made sure his presence would not be missed by the rest. @Aleksei @Etched In Stone @danzilla3 Turning back he sniffed around once more, there was one scent he was interested in. A well clad lad who looked to be of high ranks in the Genesarias community. Stepping around a few groups Ydris rolled his shoulders letting cosmic energy alter his clothing. Wearing a silk long sleeve shirt and a black vest, his pants changed to black with a golden belt. His armored boots remained the same as he approached Alfonso. @Garion “Greetings, this is a lovely festival.. I’ll cut to the point.. My name is Ydris and I have hardly touched the grounds of Genesarias. Could you tell me the best places to go for some adventure..? You have a warriors sense about you, I figured it would be wise to ask you.” Ydris said kindly with a deep rumbling voice.
  10. Shadows and Dust. Halvar's quarry disappeared without a trace, the anti-magic line broke rather swiftly as Soap's traces vanished with the dispelling of the influence. Corners pulled tight as the once frenzied smile vanished altogether, replaced by an even meaner scowl. Eyes were everywhere watching him now. There was a difference however, between the eye of the people around who questioned his odd movement and that of Evaritus whom he had not seen in a long time. Supposed to be dead actually, was this too a joke of his imagination? Should he be put down for losing his mind? Nay, something about the life force told him he was not wrong this time. Taking a few steps back he turned to gaze at the formless apparition of the man. Taking a few steps both hands flexed within his pockets before he took the leap of faith. Stepping into the life force he willed himself to travel into the same location of the user of the skill at hand. Within seconds he vanished from plain sight for all to see, within seconds he apparated into existence before the older Soulseeker. Yet he was not alone to say in the least, there were several figures he did recognize. The first was Evaritus's student the other was Celine whom if he recalled correctly, was an assigned kidnapping by Corvinus himself. The God Emperor along with himself and Evaritus had gone to the Dragonlords domain to steal her away. Picking up the mask he exposed his crimson optics and buzz cut white hair to the giant of a man. "It has been a while Evaritus.. Since our last missions. I thought you had died." Looking the man over roughly Halvar was still very unconvinced that the other was actually alive, then again after what he had just witness it would be no surprise if it were not true. @Aleksei @dvsn @danzilla3 @Twitterpated @Etched in Stone
  11. I heard my name what? Ohhh neato I'll just skip over my greeting with armada i don't think he is around anymore again so. Meh
  12. If there was a time to wait, now was as good as any in truth. Ydris watched with watery eyes as his attack effectively reset the map and doubled the lockdown. He appeared to have gotten a little bit of work done, just no internal damage from the deployment of new defenses. Wrinkling his nose lightly, the helmet once more returned to covering his head. Following was just about all that there was to do at this time, clutching Er and Legion in either hand the energy gathering began once more. Instead of placing it inside of himself he placed it all within the shield. The flaming face remained unmoving for the time being, he pushed to get closer to the ship. Keeping the shield at the ready his chanting remained well under his breath to prevent audible transmission. 'So, who are you Ancient one?' Ydris questioned via mental waves pecking at the Avatar to answer his question. Why not learn while he prepared and they traveled. 'I know for a fact you shall not give this up easily, nor will I..' Violet hues narrowed lightly as his grasp on Legion reversed pointing the blade downward. Reaching out his mental perception he looked to tether his own energy source to their mounting movements. No matter what he must not leave the ship behind. Thus when they decided to jump he would be coming along for the ride.
  13. The ticking in the back of his mind, made Halvar pay very close attention, his left hand slipping free of its pocket. Corvinus influence washed over him pouring anti magic strength into his body. As he watched the line he saw the flux of magic rushing towards him. The energy levels threatened to overwhelm him, yet with a bold upward cut of his hand the anti magic of the Corvinus influence cut the rippling over flow of energy in a single cut. The released anti magic did not stop there, it followed the source of the attack. Eating away the magic trail left behind by the ring closing in on Soaps location. Keeping the influence flowing through his body it began covering his body and clothing in layers. After a fifth layer a sixth took place before shredding itself to threaded tendrils. When the anti magic hits the ring it’s ability to function would be cancelled out for the duration till Halvar released the influence. @ShogiJesus
  14. This flashbang and energy ripple happening independently or at the same time??

  15. WE GOT A RUNNER!!! @Armada Soaps movements changed on the drop of a dime, calculated and methodical. Xavier was not surprised about what was taking place, the swift denial in any future ability to scan for him followed by what he had learned while studying under him. A change of appearance and something to fit into the scene no? Wrinkling his nose he allowed his senses to now roam free from his body. An upgrade he was fond of from his ascension within his Soulseeker class, maybe even a divergence from the main path thanks to the good Doctor. When he sniffed the air he knew two things, Soaps natural scent and how to tell the difference in aura usage, after many hours of having his own face between in it was hard to forget both. Soap was a thorough teacher if not one of the best he had encountered yet; glancing around his optic vision sharpened and enhanced when focusing on the specific individual. His stride slowed only for a moment as the left hand reached into the pocket before he himself stopped before the shop of masks. First prime location to investigate for sure, stepping inside he knew he was behind but he could not help but entertain this game of cat and mouse. He might even be the mouse right now instead of the cat itself, the reality was still to be decided. Sniffing the air Xavier mentally pulled at the tale-tell signs of power used within the shop. It was, fortunately, the only one at this time which made him smile, not careless but calculated in the traces left behind. As his vision adjusted he held on to the single strand of energy that had recently been used within the shop. "Mmmm. Fashionable and neat as always Boss." Joy radiated through his core as he perked up with joy the corners of his eyes creased like crows feet. Handing over a bit of currency to the vendor he took pulled on a mask. It was that of a wolf covering his whole face but not enough to impede his ability to see. Stepping towards the back of the store he ducked behind the tent and adjusted his attire. Pulling out the AI bot, Xavier gave the creature the trail to follow swiftly dumping his nice clothing. Pulling through the pile up he found a pair of shorts a spare set of boots and a t-shirt. Putting them all on he found himself a bandana and placed it around his head to cover his hair. Placing the wolf mask back on his face Halvar was back on the street the Kbar was tucked away out of sight. Crimson optics narrowed at the iris in a vertical fashion, it was time to hunt. The mix of smells prevented a clean sniff of Soap but he wasn't wrong on who it was. His steps were light as he himself blended into the crowd nicely, after all, he hadn't exactly grown much besides reaching the 5' range. Keeping his posture relaxed and less regimented Xavier allowed himself to follow the strand to the center of folds. Looking up as he should have he was constantly being updated on the AI's distance as it floated on the outskirts of the crowd and away from people. It blended well with many of the other objects that hung from buildings and vendors. 'Some many people, what if we lost him?' 'Don't speak like that Cortana, we will find him.' The mental conversation remained unheard and secured from prying ears. Slowly but surely Halvar pushed his intent out from his core. He had but one intent at this festival now, to reconnect with the teacher and figure out the rest from there. Perhaps someone or something might pick it up and help out or Soap might even register it. Who knew.
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