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  1. Updated: Artimes Family added. 7/24/17
  2. Artimes Family [ NPC ] Name: Caim Artimes / Yuife Artimes Age: 10 / 10 Gender: Male / Female Occupation: Red Mage By definition a Red Mage is to be considered a fighter with magical talent. Thus Caim's ability to compete in Close quarter combat is where it needs to be for him to also enable magic to cover ranged fights. Caim fights with the main forces of his father General Marsuvues, his feats upon the field make him a valuable warrior. By definition a War Mage specializes in combat at various ranges with spells alone. While having some fortitude in close combat their presence is ranged and for good reason. All things caught between are usually torn asunder. Yuife is found with the Mages Cadre at all times, during war and single skirmishes her aid and efforts do not go unnoticed. The Story Like his sister Yuife, Caim was taken during the war of Ursa Madeum by Marsuvues Artimes. The demons intentions are still unclear as to why he desires both children, but one thing is for certain, he does care for their existence like a Father. During their time thus far with Marsuvues they are awakened unto war. An here is where they make their names and talents known as the Artimes family grows by two.
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    Death is only the beginning, ones solitude becomes their death bed. The Beginning of the End Memories that made no sense and a pressure that no longer seemed to effect Dominic; stepping closer one foot before the other Legion roared and leaked Necroplasm from its quivering faces. The darkness that enveloped them empowered Dominic to the core as he felt himself being recharged and restored. His booted feet stomped forth as the light diminished to nothing but darkness. Yet Mana would carry Lemoine forward towards the main destination of the mission. As for Dominic the man threw his right hand up into the air as purple tinted chains launched themselves into the darkness to grab hold of the being. "Come! Harken to me! I know of a place where you can truly call it home!!" Dominic pushed back the mental onslaught with a peaceful vision of the Veil and the darkness it contained. There the creature would know no bounds of torture or pain only eternal peace and freedom with all astral beings within. Metaphysical beings intangible to the flesh and bone bit noticeable none the less. "Surrender yourself to me.. Allow me to bring you peace.." Grunting he began pulling back on the chains with force. Drawing his arm back the magical binds retracted around his arm slowly. Pouring his will and strength to dominate out the man looked to siphon some of the energy from the creature. He did not want to siphon it's life therefore he substituted it for energy. There would be some ending to this mental fight but right now, all that mattered was that Lemoine was no longer under attack instead the beast fully focused on Dominic. It sought to crush his spirit and desire to pull it forth from its small home it developed within the building. Legion continued to leak Necroplasm which then turned into a slight blood mist around himself and at his feet. The blood rain led the way for Mana and Lemoine to resume the quest. Even if he was not there he would catch up shortly no doubt. Mana pushed his way forward with Lemoine making their way towards the vault as needed. He trusted Lemoine with the directions to get there as a dim glow of natural light now showed forth. Dominic was able to pulled the darkness into a singular tunnel between himself and the creature of the darkness. He hoped his offer appealed to the creature because that was the only place he had left to offer besides deep within himself in the fires.. Pushing the memories out to the beast the creature would feel the pain of consistent reconstruction and splattering under a red sun. Carbon and sulfuric acid were all one could breathe before being swatted among giant hands of corpses and bones. Splattered again and all to relive this to feel a single minute pass as a fortnight and every hour an eternity. "That is my final destination and all I offer you in a serene darkness with those who would care for you in the end. What say you!?" Pulling the creature attention and area of influence in to himself he made it so Lemoine and Mana could focus and reach the vault. "Harken to me!" @Aleksei .
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  5. 'Awaken little Ones..' Embrace your demise of Tyrant of Ursa Madeum 'Where am I... Who am I? Please.. Someone answer me!?' The boys mind raced as his mental state expanded and contracted like a heart beat. The world around him was naught for he was not even apart of his body yet. No, he was being baptized in darkness and blood fire like his sister beside him... Wait.. How did he knew she was beside him? Was it because they were holding hands before darkness over took them in the forest? One could never tell the difference sometimes, it made him wonder what else was going on.. Wait.. Why were they in the forest again? Closing what ever metaphysical eye he could, the darkness vanished when the eye opened. There he saw Mar's standing with his arms open wide. 'F-Father? B-But how.. We look nothing like him..' His mind fought logic and the cognitive desire to tell him the truth under the influence of magic. Shaking his head lightly he tried to think of his own name yet none came to him at first. 'C-C-Caim.. My name is Caim.. My sisters name is Yuife.. That is our adoptive father Mar's.. General in the Taen military..' The information came to him like lightly as the worlds current events of note for the children were complied in their brains. Yuife made not a sound as she braced herself and embraced the gift coming to them both. Her brows furrowed as the Warrens they were both gifted affixed to their very souls. Having their own space of existence and life sustained by their existence, their waking moments were upon them during this time of combat. "Awaken Children of the Lawful Harbinger.. Awaken into the fray and take a stand to bring about change!" A lone voice called out to both kids as Mar's voice soon took place. His speaking desire of their arrival to witness what as at hand. An how could his children ignore such a request?! From what they had obtained for information they let off a vast level of hostility for all closest to them. Now was the time to strike and thus they would, the darkness that once held them disposed of their souls into their bodily vessels. "It was in these moments of my life, that things took a strange turn. I had prayed for days for them to come to be from the darkness of the Warren.. I prayed to no avail till the last bits of my hope had come. I may be the tryant that took them, but I loved them as my own." - Marsuvues General of Taen In the midst of his climb the world around him shifted on a personal level. There was an invasion of the mindset along with a burden of large hostility which made him uneasy. At first the General looked around for an enemy but the presence was ever near to him, grasping at him until he understood the depth of this feeling. Bringing his hand to his chest he pulled the carrying harness that held the two children in place to rest. As it left his back the material itself dissolved into thin air as the two twins hovered in the mid air. Their expressions blank but their eyes spoke of infinities beyond that of any being within this realm.. Save a few who've seen what could lay beyond. "My my.. Such hostility from my own children.." A coy smile crossed Mar's lips as he held the stick within his hand, he dared not point it at either one of the two for the sake of this campaigns survival. They were unstable and not yet used to the abundance of strength which now coursed through their veins. The sky itself seemed to storm almost instantly as rain began to fall from the sky. Mar's could only chuckle with joy as he brought the wooden sword up before them both. Their greedy minds nearly ripped it from his grasp as they sought to inspect the item. "Very good.. At least you show some control over the power.." He gave them a small nod of encouragement, the next did something that he was not too fond of however. The blood that had been spilled upon the ground was pulled free from the rain in small solid drops. Gathered in together by the male of the duo, he frowned deeply at Mars. Their seemed to be some incentive to challenge the older man as if the younger knew what he was doing! A giant spear was formed then condensed into a moderate size to be wielded by a child. The boy grabbed it with ease before darting down out of the sky at Mars. The girl on the other hand took the wooden sword and turned it into a staff for herself to use. Their warrens poured energy into their very core of emotions as well. "Maybe not as much control as I would have liked.." The words tumbled out as Mar's raised his left hand with the palm facing up. "I shall name you Caim and Yuife.. Those shall be your names.. As for your true names which hold power.. I will not utter them.." Chuckling once more he watched Caim slightly waver at the thought of who this figure could be. "You may call me Marsuvues.. Or Father if you please.." His words ended as he stopped Caim on a dime with the spear point centimeters from his palm. The clash of magic was strong here and the rain itself unnatural to this years current season setting. It was nice none the less a cleansing force for the streets so no trace of a battle was truly found besides mangled bodies. Lowering his palm further he forced Caim down to the ground pushing the struggling and rather excited youth down to his knees. Yuife was next in her manner of a greeting to her Father. Taking the blood oak wood she spun it around gathering up a mass amount of water. Bringing it up and around her being the water flowed in a sphere around her with various currents formed into one ball. The girl took a moment to observe her father before sending the currents out in seven different high pressured blasts. Their aim and intent were to physically pierce and destroy his very existence from the face of the planet. Thus was the contracted condition for their warrens. Mar's would forever have to fight and defend himself from his children like an challenging father would until his dying day. The second catch was that only they were permitted to kill him in order to re-obtain their memories. Their was a slight smirk upon Mar's face as he quickly threw Caim to the side. Taking a hold of his Imass sword the large blade swatted the seven harmful blasts back upon her sphere cutting the currents in half and disabling her little sphere. The force of the high pressured clash knocked her out of the sky and down onto the wet ground. "My children you are so eager.. Come... Let us make our move up the hill.." Mar's said with ease and a smooth beckoning of his hand. Both kids rose up to their feet and smirked before chasing after the mans back. Coming to stand on either side of him the man had sheathed his blade and reached out his hands. Taking a hold of their own he walked with them like that. One holding a blood composed spear and the other a blood oak staff. As they reached the top the fighting was nearly complete, Mar's had nearly arrived in time for the next assault to begin. Yet he had a different idea to help out Titus and Som. Taking a gentle knee he pulled his son and daughter in close to himself. "Guys.. Listen up.. Let's put a giant hole in the center of the castle.. Not destructively though, I want the bricks to turn to dust.. Can you do that?" Looking at both of them the twins rubbed their chins lightly while trying to see the wall. "Up up! I can't see.." Yuife said lightly slightly pouting as she neglected to make herself float, Mar's was all too willing to lift them both up as he placed them upon his shoulders. By default they grabbed his horns to balance but he did not mind. "That wall right there.. Make it like sand you know?!" Looking up his rather serious exterior had cracked for once beneath this heavy ass rain and bloody ground. "Sure thing!" The kids said in unison before beginning to float over the mans shoulders. Holding out their hands they let their weapons float in the air before them. Focusing their warrens strength upon the wall the impenetrable was about to become a lie. Their chanting caused the air to shimmer and dance while the fighting began to die down even further. The force sent to stop the invasion had all but fallen just yet. Now they needed the walls which Titus did have a plan for but, Mar's desired to be of some assistance. Reaching his hand forced Mars inhaled before forcing his warren out upon the largest section of the wall. Making it the main target of focus for his target blind children, the man stepped back to let them take his place. "Focus.. Steady.. Now.. Loose..!" He shouted out loud their energy quaked as it shot forth striking the side of the castle wall. The stones at first did not move, until the rain was soaked up and the ground floors wall fell out and down. This would be their entrance of assault.
  6. Yess! Let's do this!! I am so ready to freaking bring this place up. I am no land owner no, I am merely a serf to do the Quests! HUZZZAAH!!
  7. My honor is my life. Observation Her orders had been given and thus she accepted them with ease. Rising to her feet she checked out her semi tainted clothing with mild disgust. Looking over the village area, the people who dared to watch them from places unknown. Narrowed slits focused on the meeting that was about to happen. Opening her hands she inhaled deeply before doing several hand signs. The energy she pulled in she placed over her semi shredded robes repairing the fabric with ease. Yet that was not all she did, she turned the colors from pure white to royal purple with golden trimmed inseams. Her hair shifted and looked refreshed as she did so. Reaching out she gently tapped Celine on the shoulder giving her a rejuvenated sense of strength and re-freshness. Casting the magic forth to Koji she did the same for him, both had the option to change their clothing color on desire at this point. Something to impose more fear into the mass. Another set of signs as the people approached had the crowd slowing their advance. From beneath her feet several earth drake made of rock and crystal rose from the soil. Their eyes matched her own as they slowly walked at the side of Koji, Celine and Mina. Was she straining herself? Not at all she would preform her task to the utmost. The drakes flexed their wings with ease as they looked this way and that, their mannered mirrored that of the youthful species she had encountered on her travels. Learning the Draconic language was no easy feat. Pulling both hands apart she clenched her left hand tight keeping two fingers out straight. The power would continue to flow from her into the creations, she was prepared for the very worst of the situations. Pulling minerals from the ground she continued to compile them into the drakes increasing their size slowly. "strength ekess wer shehad.. si tepoha kepla'nasa hesi vihagai ekik, riluoh astahii geou clax tairais ekess reach wer proper sizes. during sia ossaluri ekess wer darastrix realms si ocuira throden di wer ariloexokartheli vur asta vastness. si mi ti jaunus si shilta fully replicate vi darastrix shar si geou xoal.. astahii geou vsist ini hesi saurivic ifnitot, while wux tepoha ve shafaer wer crodr sia ith koji.." Mina said lightly while keeping her hands at her sides her long sleeves covered her hands perfectly. Standing to the side of Celine the woman's smirk and sense of pride did not go unnoticed. Mina resumed her quiet to focus on the task at hand.
  8. Stay woke... Enter Sandman The meeting had come to a header as one too many things took place. The first was that the two women had met toe to toe upon the sands in the evening sun light. Their accents and knowledge of the native tongue was crap really. Yet he clearly understood them both without an issue. The academy had drilled the languages of just about any land they had research on into his head. Wiggling his nose lightly the male swiftly turned when the scent of blood and screams ripped through the tent. Scanning the interior the male had begun pulling off the dead skin in order to revive his body to fully function. Moving closer to the entrance he wanted to see it fully happen yet; he was a bit late for such a spectacle. A sense of awe and admiration crossed his hidden features. Cloaked upon the sands he listened to the woman question the man while the flap began to close. As he looked up at the man he rolled himself into the tent while his Scorcher and Wraith sat on standby outside the tent. He doubted the peoples ability to sense him, but regardless he kept his defensive barrier up around his armor. With every step he moved around the dead skin and blood pile. Moving next to the horse he sat down gently besides the creature. Giving it a soothing pet he slowly let his invisibly fall to pieces as to not freak the creature out. His helmet and armor remained all black with the cloak wrapped around his chest and head. "Good beast.." Russo whispered gently while the horses ear flicked lightly in his direction. From within his cloak he produced a veggie ration that he often fed to other beasts. "There there.." Whispering gingerly he kissed the horse between the brow before remaining silent in his spot. With both legs crossed a smile crossed his lips beneath the mask. Now all he had to do was wait fro the others to make their way inside and he would meet them there. Russo had questions for Thelan.. An he would get his answers one way or another.
  9. Sandstorm ho'? Faithless Observer All in all the drop down the ground had been successful besides, an unknown being watching his descent. Yet that was not yet known to Russo as he listened to the conversation between the woman and Thelan himself. They spoke of his abilities and something about an ivory which defended him from something. Their thermal readings were low and yet Thelan's was lower as if he were something lose to plant life.. "Interesting.." Rubbing his chin slowly the Wraith pinged him alerting him of the sandstorm approach. Or was it a sand storm? From the feeling of the shifting sands and quick retreat of many smaller reptiles there was something bigger on the move. Turning around slowly he gazed at the sand wall. The optics on him increased in visualization till he saw the oncoming stampede. "Well fuck.. This place is doomed.. Unless?" Turning around the woman had just left the flaps of her tent. She had not yet spotted him nor would she as he cloaked in plain sight. Taking his steps very slowly he waited for Khali to pass him by before working his way towards the tent. The scorcher had nestled itself deep in the sand in order to remain undetected from all three beings. Taking a seat near the far side of the tent, the man remained quiet in his approach. Not even the shifting of the sands could be heard from the inside. Soon enough the stampede herd would be here and then life itself would most likely stand still for the two people who manned this tent. What ever or rather who ever had taken it upon themselves to lead such a rush surely did not seem like a friend in Russo's opinion. Lifting the right hand a keyboard flickered into place. Sending up his location his carrier rotated while still in orbit. Facing his exactly location it floated along waiting for orders to fire down and orbital strike upon the desert sands. From dirt to glass things would get hairy really soon.
  10. Thank you for the like!

  11. The Youth had gathered his energy into Legion and the stones that were responsibly placed with his left hand. Having walked through the Vale the energy gathering process was accelerated and finished before the lad exited towards the chapel. The energy itself has been stored within both Legion and the stones in his arm; when enhancing his speed and strength the energy is taken from the stones and used upon his own body to make it all possible. There are only two ways he knows how to disperse his energy and that's either in its raw form or using dark art spells. He has not specialized in an element just yet. Only in the fields of conjuring and removing things that do not belong on the same plane of existence. That is what the Left-Hand path has taught him so far and why he is able to so readily use his Summon: Mana is combat on other threads. Having been introduced into the Left-Hand arts aka the Dark Arts, Dominic has learned and given an Extrasensory of Perception or ESP. With having a novice understanding of the skill he relies upon it to pick out the knowledge that the hooded figures were not of the physical realm. Thus using the one skill he's most familiar with; Banish he sought to erase the non-tangible creatures from the physical plane. Like the wraiths before except this time he would not be using his blade but energy itself to help with touching what could not be physically touched. Banish is of the dark arts which deals with things not tangible and tangible. Energy itself can be tangible and non tangible , in this case its purpose is to be non tangible in order to preserve and erase only those who so plentifully filled pews that do not belong to them. Death to the blasphemer. As for Dominic's movements, the lad had moved himself in between the pews in order to move out of range. Respect must be kept for the Cathedral at all times, walking on the seats simply would not do. How would he look Sarandriel in the face if he had walked on the Masters furniture? Jokes.. He wouldn't he'd be vomiting a disgusting sulfur mix while trying to escape being splattered for an eternity to complete his mission. Joke aside, the Squire is not one for flash movements as of yet as I am not to sure of my skill yet using the dark arts and levitation and so forth. I'll be more detailed when striking. I am unsure if you will proceed with the place being set into flames or an alternative path. These points are my corrections to supply the where and when and how. Turned attention back to the pew that now rolled out into the snow putting itself out in the cold shadows of the snowy South. A frown crossed the lads lips as he hoped to see the place mostly empty and a rather diminished Rifornire . Placing a hand up the lad drew a small symbol into the air before calling up a transparent ward for himself through the dark arts. This would best serve him as a defense at this distance unless broken by a prepped assault. Keeping himself closer to the shadows in the back of the Cathedral he watched for progress in his idea. If not then he would be setting up a ward to help reduce some damage from getting smacked by Rifornire and getting super charred before going through a wall which would most likely reset him back with Sarandriel. Bracing himself he held up Legion in both hands this time holding the cleaver at the ready. Breathing deep he thought back to the darkness and the Vale, reaching with his mind he sought to use the shadows as a recharge point. He wasn't even sure if it were possible, but after seeing what happened to Legion in the Vale he felt that he might as well try. Using the Left-Hand establishment as a basis for his attempt to use the essence of the shadows due to its relation of being apart of darkness itself. Was not that also something close to the Vale's nature? [ Walk Through:] Q Cast(s) still in effect: Speed, Strength. Additional Q Cast: Ward: A minor transparent defense which blocks an unprepared attack but is broken once the attack is done. Prep(s): 2/5 Currently attempting to draw energy from the shadows and darkness surrounding him in the back of the Cathedral. May or May not be effect.
  12. I once had a dream, and in that dream we were all buried in black. End There was very little Mina could do for those who did not help themselves. Having ventured her way across the deathly plane of trees and torment, she had the misfortune of watching some fall. Maybe they were alive beneath all those roots and ill intent? Perhaps they could make their way across the horde when they mustered the rest of their strength! Taking up a single limp body, Mina carried one of her allies though she was not sure which. By the weight it was a woman under her arm as she slipped through the forest at a speed few could see with the naked eye. It was clear someone else had beat her from escaping these woods but, it did not really matter at this point. It seemed like majority of the force was no longer with them to boot. Upon her arrival behind the Emperor and Celine, Mina dropped the body with a heavy thud. Maybe that would wake this one up with ease? Dropping to a low knee the once wholesome white garments were slightly ripped. There were no injuries upon her body but clearly there was the blood of other things upon her skin. Moving to wipe away a blood stain from her cheek she merely smudged it further across, it gave her more of a beast like visage than before with her scar. Stepping up besides Celine the woman took a knee and bowed low as she straightened the right hand like a blade. Pressing her fingers into the earth her left hand remained curled in a fist as she looked down lightly. "my kapral.. kiarf ui sia shame.. si tiliw ergriff itrewic ir ios risk di losing jiil. si mi unsure di wer remaining jedarkic.. si vsist apologize ihk sia tardiness. petranas onelka udoka." Mina frowned lightly as she moved the white face cloth back over the lower half of her mouth. She prepared herself for orders to return into the fray and retrieve everyone before lives were lost. Mina was not afraid to die on orders and if it meant getting everyone back her alive she would do just that.
  13. Hope all is well boss!

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      Those three points you made shows that you're at least attempting to learn. Henceforth write and show me what you've learned. Don't make ooc posts justifying your character's actions and intent. I know your character. I was there when he was concieved ;) I'm simply trying to help better your approach. In a real fight I'd be able to take advantage of the situation despite what you've noted. But this isn't to scratch my competitive itch. We're building afteralll. I should have a post up soon and you may decide what has transpired thus far as my post was simply a bunch of possible outcomes and fragments I noticed on your part. You may make edits as you wish in your recent post or leave it as it is. 

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  15. 'Target acquired.. Keeping on standby until further notice. Over.' When Worlds Collide From above the scene of Thelan's fight with the Fire Elemental had Russo somewhat puzzled really. Anger was a factor he did not bother bring into the equation, even if he had left early for this solo mission there were no guarantees that the target would have been there. Thus Russo in turn gave Thelan his respect while watching him absorb and abolish the creature. Thick lips curved into a slight frown of impressiveness. "This man.. " His words were short and silent as the mecha ships computer continued its live feed of Thelan soon being helped by a lone woman figure. Her dark skin was like Russo's own skin and it appealed to him deeply. Looking into the mission file he marked this elemental off with ease. Another one down and it was refreshing to see that he was not the only hunter out there in this world. Taking a moment to adjust within his seat the system responded to his movements. "Everything alright sir?" "Perfectly Cortana, how are the system checks going? Is she firing on all markers?" "Re-calibrating some of them as we speak. Space orbit will be optional once again in a few moments. Please sir I urge caution next time.. No more asteroids belts." A smug smile rolled across Russo's lips as he thought about the mission prior, they had infiltrated a base in order to assassinate and obtain information for the black markets trade. Russo even had a copy of the data himself, having imported those files into Cortana. If anything else Russo was quite pleased with the work he was doing. Raising a hand a new screen appeared at his finger tips as he looked into the weapon he was building. Stroking his chin lightly the freshly shaven face felt sharp like glass. "Captain Russo, space orbit is now operational." "Good work Cortana.. Set your coordinates to hover over this location via orbit. Run all the tests you need. I am going down below. Ready the drone packages. i want the Scorcher and the Wraith ready in five." Sitting up in his chair the man swiped the weapons screen away. Automatically the chair tilted up as the chair enveloped around him. Closing him off from world for a few moments as his armored suit was set into place. Upon its completion the helmet was locked into place never to be removed without the chair. Com screen appeared into place before him as his vision adjusted to the interior of the cylinder he was in. "Aye Captain. Have a good trip on the ground. We will be in touch! Deployment in 3.. 2.. 1.. Go!" As Cortana said one the ship turned nose up as the bottom opened with ease. Dropping Russo out into the open air his body free fell with a large hover board attached to his. This was no ordinary hover board however, but that was simply something to explain another time. The ship itself adjusted to use energy thrusters in order to propel itself through space. As he fell the ship jetted off into space punching a hole through the clouds till it was in orbit. Meanwhile Russo enjoyed his ride down till the board itself latched itself to his feet magnetically then strapped itself to his boots. His free fall broke gradually as his body turned up right and flew down towards the sands. The suit itself utilized and harmonized with his own energy and magic levels. A soft crimson glow showed through the cracks and energy lines of his suit. The board itself swiftly broke apart exposing the Scorcher drone that hovered over the ground. An the Wraith drone covered over head so he was covered twice over. The remaining shards of the board splintered apart into several knives that latched onto his back and hips. His levitation effect took over as his body hovered just outside of the tents range. He watched it slowly as his feet soon touched the ground. Switching the sensor to thermal imaging the rune symbols soon became visible as he watched it kick out the heat from within. That was a nifty gadget to have no doubt, his own suit was ventilated to maximum comfort. "Now to observe.." Watching the woman lift a flask to the others lips he waited to see what else would happen. The Scorcher itself slowly cloaked into to be visible to the naked eye. Moving closer it looked to pick up audio feed from the two of them.