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  1. Chappu

    Looking for a Cold One

    A subtle laugh left Dominic's weathered lips as the woman released his hand. Her caution was dearly noted an the Zodiac took no offence to it in the least. One had to be cautious in these parts of the markets; just because the gates opened did not mean the hostile forces went to rest. Avylon was a city the predetermined the strongest from the weakest and often the most renown warriors of the Zodiac Bravada came from Avylon. Flexing his fingers Dom turned and gestured to the path behind him and before her. "Well please come with me. I will show you the way to the nearest pub Ms. Eira." His voice rippled through the air as he sauntered into the crowd; the people parted away with ease. On all sides people offered up gifts and goods for trade as the day wore on. Shifting as he walked Dominic began to point out various stands. "To the left there leads to the ports where you can take a ship or two out into the world below. Avylon is only able to be reached by airship.. A city in the sky honestly since the starting of our time and the decline of our eras. Now we welcome a new Era under the Great Kommadant.. To the right are various black smiths and hopefully in time I intend to scout out a spell crafter." Dominic wrinkled his nose lightly as the walk drew forward to a close; shifting to his left he moved up a small avenue to a few Inns. "This way Ms. Eira.." Opening the door to the inn the smell of fine ale's and wines flooded ones nostrils. The sweet scent of honey glazed buns and juicy meats filled the bar tavern with ease. "Please pick a seat.. Allow me to buy your first round." Giving her a thumbs up Dominic walked towards two open seats at a table. Pulling one out for the woman he waited till she sat down and pushed the chair in. Moving around to the other side he waited for the waitress to come to their table. "Greetings everyone! What can i get for you today?" "For the Lady, anything she would like food included. Please." Dominic gestured for the Eira to order her food. @Eternity
  2. Chappu

    Messenia's Foundation

    As soon as the man had gone in Ysmir stood post scanning the rocks and dirt for any signs of his siblings. The AI was rather concerned for the well being of the others.. Wait what did concern even mean? There was no real time to question it for the moment that the old swordsman went in so did Orion. ”Stay top side and make sure nothing gets out that isn’t human or your siblings.” The tall man’s voice trailed off as he was hot on the heels of Jed before receiving a transmission from Helen. ‘Maker!! Maker are you there?!’ ’Maker here, what’s the damage over there?!’ ’Lots of boogies boss, we are swamped down here.. While we went for the kids we fell down the metal shafts too. We found a main sworm of scorpions. It’ll take some time for us to retreat.’ ‘Be safe getting up, keep rotation and climb your way back. Let Synbad go first to cover your escape with range.’ Orion wrinkled his nose as he turned back to find an empty hallway with only himself. Narrowing his eyes beneath the nano helm Orion pushed forward till he stumbled upon an injured woman and enemies all round. From the looks she had been injured in the leg; her escape would be a long one no doubt. Jed seemed to have gone ahead leaving Orion to jump into the fray to help the injured woman. As the others approached skirting their fried companion Orion plunged down upon the first. His blade severed home through the top leaving a hole in its skull. Jumping forward he landed beside the woman leaving the beast pinned to the floor. “Shall we get you out of here?” Orion question as he lifted his left hand arching a chain of bolts across the air into the last two that approached. Their bodies fried and melted down from the immense heat. Reaching out with his right the gentle pull of air could be felt. “Please take my hand and we shall be on our way before more come. No fear my children are down below stopping the main flow of the creatures.” As he spoke the walls gave a tremble as a rifle shot echoed through the walls. Looking down the tunnel the man’s posture shifted to one of concern and worry. Shaking off the sensation briefly after he once more offered the right hand out to Vera. “Come it is time to go, I will stay behind and help secure the children and the escape route.” All she had to do was touch his hand and when she did she would be enveloped in wind and a electromagnetic sphere to protect from debris. From there the wind would carry her out like a machine on auto pilot. Far below Helen and Synbad fought blade and bullet to secure their escape. At the same token they were sure to keep all the scorpions locked into their position and direction. This would bottle neck and maintain them while everyone escaped. @Deus Ex Aizen @Howlykin @danzilla3
  3. Chappu

    Looking for a Cold One

    Avylon; the home of many of the remaining residence of Tellus Mater. It's streets all though vast were still somewhat crowded due to the new level of trade that the Moonlight festival had brought its people. Just across from the many Gladiatorial status was now a statue of Primera herself, the people of Avylon praised her for opening up their lands to trade and flourish. Thus many eyes gazed at Eira as she caressed the walls of their honored grounds and rites of passage. The air hummed with excitement and energy while the cobbled stones slightly trembled under foot, carriages passed this way and that to their own sense of time. Traders beckoned to all who dared look in their direction calling out to make sales before the days end. As she moved away from the Colosseum the interior seemed to come to life as the sound of banging swords and gear could now be heard. Violet hues gazed down the streets with a burning joy behind them. Dominic watched the lands he desired to protect prosper and grow. Wealth would soon resume flowing through these broken parts like milk and honey through a promise land. The man himself sauntered down the road standing tall and overshadowing many who stood on either side of him. The Zodiac was out and about to enjoy his time in the city before returning to other worldly duties, his position as the Head of the Left Hand path meant there were moral obligations that might take him away for some time. For now Dom would enjoy some down time with the people of his home, chuckling gently he ruffled the hair of kids who passed him with a metal canvased hand. Some of the towns folk nodded to him others bowed their heads lightly as he walked past them with ease. So many new faces and so many more would come but one did stick out to him from afar. A woman he had been watching as he observed the crowd with ease; she had been on caressing the walls of the cities beloved proving grounds. From the looks of her she was no normal person.. Yet that depended on what one meant by normal.. She was someone who smelt of blood even at this decent distance between them. Stepping forward Dominic was very curious as to her reason to visiting his home. His weapon was not on him but at the same time he did not actually need it; stepping through the crowds he gentle raised a left hand. "Greetings Traveler!! You seem lost! How can I help you?" Dominic's voice boomed lightly as the large man soon stood in front of Eira quietly. Reaching out a large behmouth sized hand he chuckled gently. "I am Dominic.. If you should desire I will happily show you around Avylon!" @Eternity
  4. Dazkar would like to claim the: Reapers Eye and the Companion: Maelstromamba Please sir. Thank you for running the event along side @Syncopy @paradigm
  5. "They shall be brought to their knees. All of them shall be brought to their knees!" ~ Pharixus Dieus ~ ____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : Birth Name: Used Name: Pharixus Dieus Alias(es): Age: 24 Visible age: 24 Date of Birth: Lineage: Class: -- Sub Class: Occupation: Alignment: Marital Status: Birthplace:
  6. Hey everyone, I apologize but I will be taking the time out of roleplay for a bit to help plan the funeral for my brother.. Please be patient. For those I am a ST for I will resume my duty through out this funeral work  till the task is done.

    Thank you for understanding

  7. Playing some Watch Dogs, nothing like a Gaming night with some of the best news ever. Still waiting on posts to roll in to respond to. If you need someone to write with lemme know.

    Discord: Fringient#3293

  8. Chappu

    Dear Writers Block

    Yo man, can you believe this shit?! Like I woke up, I ate my some bomb arse cereal and went about my day as usual!! Then as soon as I sit down to put in some serious creative work, I find out that BOOM!!! I'mma be an 'Uncle' like holy shit! Someone I consider family is having a baby!! Whew! Talk about not knowing what to do right? -Sweatdrop- Knowing myself I will teach this child many things! Let's just hope she approves of it all as the youngin grows! Huh? Oh! You thought this was a Writers block post?! HAHAHAHA! Nah man, I am too jazzed to have a writers block! I just wanted to put some good news in a droning topic! Ps. Writers block, you are nothing but a white spec on the black canvas of the night tonight! The moon is full and a Golden yellow. There is nothing you can do to taint this roll.. Well besides put a stop to it which is highly unlikely!! Dear Writers, Do not let this little pansy work one over on you!! You can do it! Crush the block like a stone cold killer takes a bite out of ice cream!! -Shudders-
  9. Chappu

    Greeting everyone.

    Let us dabble in the realms my dear Lady Becca!! I would love to write with you if you have space for yet another eager writer!!!
  10. Chappu

    Hey, Hi, I'm new, wow!

    Welcome Home to the fold dear Minion!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
  11. Chappu

    Dancing on Moonbeams!

    'I am home.' Chapter I: Noi's return Pale optics observed every move the nurse made while holding the smol bean of Celine's off spring. Noi was ever observant now that Celine was resting else where at the time; biting her lower lip her scars itched as they always did. Her treatment at the hand of the Empire was comfortable and nothing harmful from the moment of arrival to Desmond's rescue of herself and her High Fist.. There was little to be said on her part, her dark complexion remained smooth and youthful thanks to the oils and refined baths here in Reno. There was a small measure of joy to be had in returning home upon the festival of Renovatio's grand reopening to the world! There were butterflies rolling in her stomach; an unspoken joy that brought her to a new level of strength. Adjusting her robe Noi made sure to keep the fabric clean and untouched by dirt on the floor of the castle. Her long hair was kept in a dual braid fashion while adorned with a tiara. She remained completely unarmed and unveiled before the public allowing her horns to protrude from her skin up and around the tiara. The world around her was a dazzling array of lights and music. There was so much joy to be had Noi was unsure how to honestly respond, her only task at hand was to look after the baby while Celine was away at the moment. When Desmond arrived and called the nurse forth, Noi only watched and listen to the conversation at hand. An yet as Desmond spoke Koji's presence brought her to full attention. Freezing in place she was not in view yet but she could see them both standing with the baby in hand. Pressing herself to the wall she waited and listened to what was being said. The baby did in fact need a name and thus would be Koji's choice as soon as he had the baby in his hands. This moment was one Noi wished Celine could be present for all of this goodness. To see Koji holding his first born for the first time and hear him speak the name Kaori for the baby girl. Her lips curled into a faint smile as the joy bubbled over in her chest. Keeping her back straight and her posture correct, Noi slowly walked out from where she was standing behind the nurse maid. Taking a slow knee she did not make a sound but only waited to be acknowledged by her lord. @Aleksei @Twitterpated
  12. Chappu

    Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    'An so I slumber. Till I can Slumber no more..' ~ Nazuri Chapter 1: Enter Hydra 'Here they come.. The undead scourge of greed and ambition. Should I not be perplexed by such a force? Nay, for they will fall like Wheat during the winter harvest..' How long had it been since a soul last approached the waters of Nazuri's home, protector of the blade which the King sought. Nature itself remained still along the edges of the lake, not only had the army scared away the wild life, they had alerted the Hydra of their advances. One should always try to move with nature not move nature itself; the lost ecosystem that the forest had come to know and love was now tainted in energy and magic arts. Their stench was so potent that even the most fearless of creatures sought refuge as far away from the caverns as possible. Their protector and forest neighbor was soon to awaken if it wasn't already. A snorting hiss rolled through the moist darkness of the cavern upon the lake, much of its interior was water besides the far back regions with depths unknown. One by one each head slowly shook and shifted as their eyes opened one at a time peering out to the light beyond. It could smell its enemy clearly and the stench they brought with them was enough to make anyone walk away. Who truly loved handling blood suckers with a superiority complex due to their creation? Reaching out slowly to the ancient roots of its existence the beast rose from its long slumber. The air around the lake shifted and became thick with magic energy1. A low rumbling growl could be heard before a gleaming eyes slowly appeared at the mouth of the cave. At first there were five then there were ten sets of eyes all spaced out along the entrance; the last set to appear rested in the very middle of the mass gazing with piercing fury at the King himself. A unified legion of voices ripped out through the air as the water on the lake began to ripple and tremble beneath the coming force of Nazuri. "Who dares disturb the forest and that of my sleep! You have made a grave mistake for coming here!! That which you seek will most certainly lead you to death!" The hydra growled out before coming out of the cavern. At first the beast did not look too big while its eleven heads swiftly poked out snapping and gnashing in various direction Black hide and tan scaled chest armor to protect against magic and piercing weapons. With every step the ground shook as the lake water washed over the sides and across their boots to accommodate the hydras body.The Ancient Foe reared its heads back as it's gaze fell upon the only semi living creatures present. "Be filled with Fear!2" As the hydra surged forth the beasts of the lake fled to all corners, carnivores of all shapes and sizes burst forth on all sides3. A frenzy for fear and survival demanded their partaking of removing the threats on the shore or the destruction of their home. Reptilian hunters launched themselves from the waters edge and up into the undead ranks. There was mayhem long before the main contestants locked into combat. Each head flicked this way and that in their own direction looking eyes with every available opponent. Their mouths opened and snapped closed as forked tongues licked over razor sharp teeth, it had been a while since he had eaten something decent. Yet Nazuri doubted these soulless bags would taste any good in the first place; his meal would have to be the very energy they harnessed to bring their assault upon its home. It's heads reared up and let out a massive roar which echoed to the very edges of the woods and beyond carried by the wind. "Young King do you have what it takes to obtain what you have come for?!" Nazuri bellowed out in a challenging tone. Break Down: - - - - 1: Prep: [-][][][][] 2: Fear Factor: Hydra comes with a d20 perception roll anything under 15 on the D20 the player loses a turn to being struck with the fear effect. 3: Natures Frenzy: After the awakening of the Hydra an ancient and feared creature, the inhabitants of the lake combat those who disturbed the Hydra's rest. Undead ranks are now locked in combat due to disturbance of nature. @Moonbay @HollowCipher @brokendolleyes @Twitterpated @Etched in Stone @HumanBean03 Please see updated section of spoiler.
  13. Chappu

    Dice Rolling Thread

  14. Chappu

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Enter the Hydra for the Down with the Sickness thread. D20 - Perception Checks D6 - Combat anything under a 3 is a fail a 1 is self inflicted harm due to lack of aptitude in handling the weapon or spell. Anything 3 and up is a hit. Example Post.