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    WELCOME HOME PLEB WELCOME TO THE BEGINNING OF THE END BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Ahem! Sorry just kidding welcome home to Valucre and hopefully, here you will remain!! Look forward to seeing you bloom into a stronger roleplayer!!
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    Gathering Materials [1/3]

    Till next time!! from Noi and Dove! There was a ripple of frustration from the buildings A.I as the duo made good on their escape to freedom. One objective down and there were two more places to go before things were completely in place. Noi could only smile as she faced the unbroken clouds. She rather enjoyed flying more so than before; with Dove's new perspective the woman could appreciate the elimination of shackles to the earth. The feeling was so. Liberating. Summary: ~ With a single mission in mind, Noi and Dove infiltrated the Laboratory that developed the Alterion Seeds within Izral. Along the way during this covert operation, Noi experienced a level of bonding and acceptance she had not known. Secondly, her knowledge database was expanded thanks to the help of the buildings operating A.I system. One might say her novice acts and sincere attitude had made an impression no? Taking this into account the duo successfully infiltrated and obtained not only the seed but several items to expand their arsenal for the glory of Koji's empire. Mission Success! Exit stage left.
  4. Chappu

    The Rise

    No words to reach the soul. There was a lack of response when the Emperor commented on her loss. There was no emotion to be had at the moment, there was a mission to see to completion as her body reclined back in the chair. While her eyes remained open; the woman was not actually present in the room. Noi stood on a vibrant box of numbers and light surges that zipped around the dark area. Noi stood within the space with Nora in silence; where Koji could not see she could to monitor the progress of the orbital satellite. The sky turned from blue to black as stardust littered the cosmos which would caress the Orbital Satellite so closely. "Keep up the good work Nora," Noi said lightly as her mind grasped through the numbers before the final layers broke off of the satellite. The girl's eyes sparkled lightly as her mind flickered through calculations before arranging the weapon into place. Reaching out to the numbers she started throwing a few numbers. Slowly the satellite rotated smoothly into place before Noi returned to her body. "The weapon is in place," Noi said after a brief moment of pause. Sitting up in the chair she rose up and dusted off her coat swiftly. The operation was a huge success as Nora set the huge satellite into the proper orbital pattern; Noi took a brief moment to look Koji in the face before bowing her head slowly. "Is there anything else that you'd like me to see to My Emperor?" Raising a brow she stood at attention as the room bustled around swiftly. A few scientists buzzed around Koji then Noi having her sign a few documents that labeled the launch a success. She had to check the rings as well to double check the stress of the launch.
  5. Chappu

    Gathering Materials [1/3]

    Seize your Prize with both hands! Never let it go! Noi's eyes flickered with interest as her steps remained at a solid pace; there was no time to stop just yet. Eleazar's words barely escaped her ears as the coat flapped and swiftly transformed into a care package for the enemy below. Dividing up her optic abilities she observed the Kataphract with a burning passion. "Eleazar my dear, I am going to take one of the Kataphract's arms!!" Noi did not give Dove time to respond to her statement as her legs pushed off the wall before letting her body coast. When the guns connected to the cockpit Noi tipped backward into a backflip; tossing Eleazar up off of her back she freed up the space of the backpack. With practiced accuracy, she tucked her body together in a tight ball increasing her rotation in the air as gravity carried her down. The gap closed in seconds as the Kataphract continued its momentum up carrying it square into Noi's heels. With her Demi- Seraph strength she did two things at once. The first was the backpack opened up letting the grasping arms cut in a whiplash motion severing the left arm clean from the body. Taking hold of it with the black hand the backpack ate the piece and closed. The second was Noi using the upward force of the Kataphract to close the remaining gap between them and the rooftop. Lifting off with ease her body soared upward grabbing Eleazar as if he weighed nothing at all; the Kataphract fell down to the floor below with a loud crash. Drawing back her right fist Noi punched upwards like Superman putting a large hole in the vent overhead. Out they came into the grayscale world around them. The rooftop was not empty the cleaning crew and been retrieved and taken to medical bay for a checkup and debrief. With a solid knee to the ground, Noi landed with Eleazar in her arms like a Superhero landing from Deadpool. "We are here, let us quickly retreat to our plane. I doubt we will encounter much trouble till we try to lift off. The sooner the better!!" Her voice remained urgent as her mind quickly scanned over the building; Noi attempted to peek in on the security of the building and their escape route. Moving closer to the edge of the building she smiled at Eleazar sweetly. "Let's go neh?" Reaching out she wanted Eleazar to take her hand; how they would get there she did not know but perhaps Eleazar had a plan in mind. @Mag
  6. I should really find something to contribute to this place.. Granted helping with things and events are all good.. But what about my own original work..? What in the world should I do?

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      Deus Ex Aizen

      What kinda work you got, slick?

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      Think about something you want to do - and then do it. Let me know what you've got in mind and I'll give you some thoughts about what to do and how to go about it or where, etc

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    The Rise

    The walk to the launch pad had ended far too quickly for Noi's liking. Seemed like in a blink of an eye the crowd of works now surrounded the group. As the sunlight greeted her brow, the woman stopped short of walking. The warm heat tickled her cheeks slowly as the cool air from the lab pressed against her back. They edged her forward to the inevitable; a reality she did not wish the bear witness to. Looking down at the little AI child, Noi bent down and kissed the girls forehead lightly. "I shall name you, Nora yes Nora it will be." Standing tall once more Noi and Nora strolled down the grated walkway till they came to the launcher. Rings hovered in concentrated space by the magic tech works from within. The small payload would soon find itself and it's passager seeded amongst the stars. Like the seed of a flower to bloom. At first, Nora did not let go of Noi's hand. it was as if the little one was reluctant to go. Yet it was Noi herself who was reluctant to let her leave. Squeezing tightly to the hand a shallow breath escaped her. "It's going to be okay.~" Nora cooed as she gave the woman a large hug. Pulling herself free of Noi's embrace she let out a small giggle and skipped to the ship. Did she look senile? She probably looked somewhat insane at this point but no one judged her for it. "My Lady Noi, the Emperor would like you to take his side in observation." An assistant piped slightly after Nora had begun checking over Noi's work before she was shortly to do it herself again. Rising off of one knee there was utter silence; her moment was now done and a bigger role was to be played. Cutting across the group the woman wasted no time in taking her route to the observation deck. What was her problem anyway? Noi had never really been a sentimental person on such occasions. Then again here she stood biting back tears that threatened to sting her cheeks. She was missing more than just her mental assistant, to Noi the AI had become one of her children in terms of needing care. What a weird connection to have. The doors slid open as Noi walked into the room. Her expression was blank as per its usual, she would not show her distress. When others cracked she could not, the face of their higher development must always be strong. Approaching a computer she sat down in the seat and began her work. Koji's voice faintly reached Noi as her only response was a curt nod of agreement. On the screen scribbles and numbers began flipping by. Different formulas and drawn designs came zipping by before it swiftly came to the end of the entire script. Noi rose from the chair and took her place by Koji's side. "Everything is complete. Commence launch... Nora buckle up baby girl." Noi's voice was heard all over the intercoms so everything began their work at the same time. Bodies scrambled left and right as ranks of works prepped for any error in energy needed in the rings to carry out the job. "Sixty seconds till full capacity is achieved!!" Someone shouted out among a choir of other voices in the room. The area was abuzz with movement as was the entire base. Nora had taken her place beneath the platings of the shuttle. Her weight and materials worked to fortify the satellite for the hot and weathered conditions. With Haven's guidance systems and the goddess of luck herself were in charge now. With her formula applied to the mechanics of the machine, the rings began to vibrate. The crystals within came to life lifting and maintaining the structural integrity of the Rings. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Launch initiated!!" The payload lifted off of the floor as a pale blue light encircled the orbital satellite. Several more of the rings dropped a secondary shell around the first, this one being of a yellow tint. From the ground, red lighting bolts arched the first ring up to the very last. As they peaked the top the satellite and its small carrier craft left the platform.
  8. The crunch of crusted ice and snow beneath booted feet gives way to troops on ascension. Growth is like summer winds in the icy slopes of stagnation.

  9. Chappu

    The Red Dawn of Ursa Madeum [4/4]

    Death be upon you! Struggle No More There was no sound coming to Mar's ears as he watched the Tyrant King babble the last of his life away. There was no emotion to be held deep within his chest at this point either; silence reigned in the notion of sound. Feelings turned into surging energy that radiated through his veins and quaked deep within his bone marrow. Was there a breeze? Nay that was no breeze just the sensation of Titus turning to walk away.. 'Give him a taste of what it will be like to burn in hell..' The orders were given and without Koari to stop him in stride Mar's simply rocked back and forth before swaying down upon the man like a monster. To Damien he had now encountered a being far more terrifying that those in his nightmares. Clashing down upon the sniveling coward Mar's picked up the mans crown in his right hand. The left pinched the nerve just by the main vein of the mans neck to hold him still. "For my troops.. My children.. My brethen.. For Taen.." Placing the crown between the mans open mouth he melted it down cocking the Tyrants head back just enough.. Just enough to let the molten metal scorch, burn, melt, encase, destroy, terrorize the man in his dying moments.. "You will not ride the boat down the River Sphinx.. You will be down at the Rivers waters by those whom died today.." Mar's said as the man died within his grasp, blood poured out around Mar's hand to the floor. Using the right hand he took the mans head and lifted it letting the last melted tendon and sinew rip; freeing the mans weight from his shoulders.. Mar's followed shortly after Titus walked out and made his proclamation to the troops outside. "Seize all weapons and bind the troops who surrender.. Those who do not, send them to meet their Tyrant King!" Raising the head high in the air he put it for all to see the calamity of the usurper. Looking around he found his children and troops standing motionless some ready to move at a moments notice, others checking on their allies.. A pang pinched Mar's in the heart and soul.. Half.. No more than half his troops were already dead, their bodies and souls only remained attached due to Yuife's spell.. "Soldiers of Fortune!! Once more with me now!!" Mar's cried out loud stepping forward he dropped the head on a pike and threw up his left fist. All of his troops gathered into their respective lines and raised their weapons high. "NO BLOOD! NO BONE!! NO ASH!!" "NO BLOOD! NO BONE!! NO ASH!!" The chant continued with vitality and strength, but it was not to last.. Reaching out his hands to his kids he beckoned for them to come.. With a nod Yuife released the Aeon back to its resting place; and the voices died out as each one gave their last breathe to scream their victory. Victory even in Death.. Their bodies remained standing as they returned to parade rest; their souls left their bodies in a blue wisp to pass on with the Aeon of life..
  10. Chappu

    Looking for a Cold One

    There was only a smile that played across Dom's thick lips as he listened to the Medic speak. She had confirmed her interests in the tavern hub around them; she had a goal which he felt was worth his attention. A slight nod passed from the man to the waitress as he handed her a bag of gold which she took gratefully away to the desk. Drinking down his ale in a few swigs the big man wiped the foam from his mouth with the back of his left hand. One thing was for sure they differed in dominant hands which was all the better. "I am rather pleased you like this Hub and that you are a mender and not one who thoroughly enjoys breaking others. There are higher ranks among humanity for people like yourself. Chuckling lightly the nelrosis shifted in his spot, he had not fully exposed himself to the woman. A taint of corrupt magic smog seemed to dwell around his person. "Well, let me be perfectly clear.. For one I am cured by the Enigma Sarandriel.. I would not die.. Only return with the bitter taste of sulfur within my mouth.. Secondly there are few beings that walk this platform who do not know where I stand.. To take up arms against me without reason is to go against the Great Kommadant herself.. I am the Walker.. Or so I like to be called.. My history with this place goes back to the days when it was once a barren land.. With the help of the Kommadant's relative we were able to help revive the land.. Who would want to take up arms against a being whose only intent is to show them welcome to a land once dead..?" The question spilled from his lips as the violet placcid hues remained blank and unhindered in laying her bare. Dominic swiftly began munching upon the food before himself. "I am not a bragger but it would not do to attack a Zodiac either.. Such actions would mark one unwelcome and they would be cast from the edge down to the realms below.." Dominic spoke with assurance to his words, if the people did not do the deed he would see to it himself. Ill manners were not appreciated here nor would he want to keep trouble makers within his city.. As it was he was prohibited from tossing all the trash over the edge thus he had to use his discretion on the matter. "After the meal allow me to take you to the Green houses and Library to help in your research.. It would be an honor to lend a hand to one such as yourself.." His voice rumbled deep in his chest as the plate now sat empty before himself. @Eternity
  11. Chappu

    The Rise

    'The time is upon us.. It's time for our efforts to come to life..' Realization of a Dream 'Don't forget.. Don't make promises you can't keep..' The lucid voice traversed through the epicenter of Noi's actively running brain. Memories mixed with vibrant coding and power lines that tapped her in to just about everything concerning the Empires functions of primary defensive systems. She had designed them and crafted the blue prints for their very creation, it was only key that she hold the leash to this demon. Her slender fingers pressed pixel buttons as she reconfigured the words of a new Alterion crystal she had obtained during her outtings with Mag. Gazing at the glowing gem this beauty would serve as the AI functions port to repair the soon to be space weapon. "Pairing is almost done Lady Noi.." A small virtual AI warped into the third realm of Noi's mind where she herself sat tapping away through her own command center. Other smaller programs monitored her functions and made the proper connections as needed, should a piece not fit it was flipped opened and given the proper changes. The inside of her brain looked like an endless Tron Bike game with lines crossing over one another at light speed. "Thank you Nami.. Prepare yourself to extraction to the Gem.. Refuel the energy bay with the solar bars we've keep powered and stocked. It's a blessing we were given HAVEN after all.. It's resources are perhaps are greatest helper.." Noi did not move to look at the little girl AI who would be taking the most severe mission of all. Once the pieces she had set into motion were done the floating crystal settled into the metallic brace Noi had made for it. The brace tightened around the gem will it broke the surface feeding in power lines to begin circulating the energy through the entire core. After a few moments the creation was one, taking the new key stone physically she opted out of her mental room and back into the real world. Taking off the brain scanner gear the metal arms she had been control from the helmet went to standby. Noi strolled elegantly across her lab in a single white lab coat and a short tub top skirt beneath it to embrace her ample curves. Gazing at the various AI bodies she had hanging on the walls the woman had to pick the best equip one for this mission. Would it be a child sized worker or bigger? Nay she would go for a medium sized body that could handle orbital defense and fixing the weapon at any time. Turning to her right she placed the crystal up to the chest of the pre-teen sized body. It was created with spaces sub zero temperatures in mind along with the ability to cope with the suns rays when passing by on orbit. Sell regenerating nano bites that also functioned under the extra stress and weightlessness of space. As the crystal went up the chest of the body opened and small mechanical arms retrieved the heart; grasping it from her left hand the crimson ring given to her by Mag glinted in the light. Life was born in the primary moment as Nami came to be in the physical form. Touching down on the floor the child was wheelchair bound in the AI world a crippled program that Noi had fallen in love with. During their time in Alterion she had been given two key files from the head of the Securities AI's.. Whether or not he was amused or pleased with her Noi did not know but she was ever grateful for the input. Using them to beef up the security protocol on the entire project and weapons caches. The AI bot dropped to her knees as hair and skin took formation over the main coating of her fabrics. A porcelain child with white hair just like Noi herself and eyes of pure gold without and iris. After a moment Noi approached the struggling AI and reached out to her slowly with a smile on her face, unlike the other Concubines she was not with child nor would she be for perhaps the rest of her time in service. Clasping the hand she held Nami up to her feet and slowly taught her to use her legs one step at a time. For a moment.. Just a brief moment Noi felt a level of joy the others had already obtained and it was accompanied but the bitter sweet pang of never seeing Nami again.. For this one moment.. In this one time.. Noi walked the child around the lab a few laps with the brightest of smiles upon her face. One that would instantly vanish as the doors opened to the lab and a few assistants called out to her. "We are ready to launch when you are Lady Noi.." The woman said lightly while she held a pad in her hand checking diagnostics. Noi's eyes and expression went cold as per the usual standing up slowly she looked down as Nami looked up. "Come on baby girl.. It's time for your mission.. Are you scared..?" Noi couldn't help but ask under her breath for only the two of them to hear as the began their walk. "No Mama.. I do it to make you proud.. Are you proud of me?" The AI bot was ever grateful programmed full of emotions and now it found someone who loved her back just as much as she was capable of loving. "I am always proud of you.." Noi said lightly as she picked the AI body up with ease, her Demi Seraph strength made such feats and more childs play. Sauntering past the assistants they followed in her wake. "Lord Koji! Lady Noi is on her way down we can begin the launch shortly." A person said turning in their chair to speak to the Lord himself. @Twitterpated
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    Ain’t nothing but love

    Listen who ever did the map work the coding work the intense rewrite for lore!! All you talented motherfuckers!! I love you damn straight!! You are some fucking interesting appreciated people right now!! I come back to this beautiful rework and I am moved with joy! Fuck yes!! Bless all the people of this forum cause damn I can’t even begin to explain how fucking happy I truly and to read all of your work! It fills my soul!! All of your talents and passions move me and reminds me why I have my motivation and passion! Stay amazing!!
  13. There is absolutely no rival to reading your classmates posts during a Topic discussion then dropping in like a mother fucking boss with lasers! Watch out mother fuckers Chappu is in the building!!  

    GANG GANG!! -Random books open and pages turn; a gentle 'shush!' could be heard from the librarian in the front. Throws on his shades and drinks a capi sun-  fuck it up!!

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    cool runnings

    As destructive as a Tsunami. Idle hands Save no one. Taking into account the utter silence that rolled through the ship, Dazkar did not bother to looking back at the giant again. Moving to the front his placid face cracked into that of a rather disturbed smirk. "Forget it.." Gently touching his lovers hand he carefully kissed her lips as not to impale her cheek with his horns. "My beloved please man the ship and maintain altitude in order to extract.. What ever the giant decides to do, please convey to me through the Maelstrom.." His voice rippled through the air like waves ripple on the surface; attentive captains and so forth started the ships halting process. "Captain! Open fire upon the Prison.. Aim to disrupt the ground and open the gates for me to get inside.. Next will be the mission of pulling out this.. Janos.." Dazkar ordered before adjusting his attire, turning the clothes into his hard leather top and bottoms his naturally scaled hands and feet flexed into the floor. With a raise of the Captain's hand the airship unleashed hell!! Crystal spears pointed out from the wings of the ship; from the tip of the crystals came glyphs of various style and shape. When the hand dropped the ship fired off with full force; from straight beams to scatter shots which disrupted the tranquil snow below. Debris and smoke rose into the air as the ship unleashed an immense assault upon the building. Meanwhile Dazkar had gone to prepare; shifting slowly he was beginning to channel his magic through his entire being. Inhaling deeply with every breath he felt the mana welling up within his veins. Thanks to the armband as well the amassing of magic was not hard fought. Step by step he descended down towards the hanger bay where the doors waited to open. Stepping to the very edge of the ledge he watched the doors open, the gust and fury of snow and wind caressed his ebony skin while ruffling his white hair. Jaded optics focused upon the enemy before him, a giant mountain side with a super max prison built into it. Reaching out with his left hand his fingers curled into shape as if he were holding a gun. From his palm a rush of mana flooded forth as Reaper's Eye was brought forth into his grasp. "Come.. Maelstromamba.." Dazkar whispered as the serpent creature unveiled from his armor. The hills shook as snow fell from high places and explosions from the crystal shots brought forth water from melting snow. The elements were deeply in his favor as he dropped from the sky down towards the earth. Allowing the weight of free fall to take them over he did not yet relax the levitation spell he had placed upon the Maelstromamba. The creature itself was only half exposed the remainder of its body sat in a mana pocket he usually stored the beast in. As they got closer to ground Dazkar kicked forth his heels while circling his right hand over the snow and water below. Pulling it up towards himself he let nature take its course as the water soon turned to ice. Upon him touching down he landed first upon an arched slope of freezing water. Skating down the main face of the ramp he made, he took aim with the rifle in his left hand. Free fire was what he would do for now, aiming for any offensive crystals that locked to destroy him upon his approach. For the most part the ground had been devastated as the the main monument was unaccounted for. It was unclear if the constant barrage would work but it was worth a try was it not? The airship remained as far back as possible while aiming to inflict the most damage with its long range weapons. Dazkar was alone on the ground so far, if the giant joined him then perhaps they could run with their plan. If not then well he would have to dive in solo. The information of the prison itself rested within his head, he had one solid chance and downward would be his guess for finding Janos. @paradigm