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  1. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    Idle conversation filled her final moments in the mortal realm. Deep within her chest she felt fear creeping into her chest, her senses screamed to fight to live on. Yet with the changing of tides it was best if she were a memory, no single being ever wanted to die lest something irreversible happened to change that fact. Gazing straight ahead the walls slowly began to arch out as if they were standing in a cone shaped room. Before them a large hole exposed the nothingness before. There was only darkness as the ship itself was buried so deep and covered in protective spells. If Koji were to look around different sets of abandoned tools and gear lay strewn about. "Those who found it never made it out of the darkness alive.." Unblinking her form had shrunk down to that of a little kid. "Do as you see fit with all who are left.." Even as she spoke she grimaced the spite was still fresh in her mind, but another emotion took over. Reaching out she grabbed his hand and closed her eyes. How long had it been since she had physical contact, and now who would think that this would be her last action. There were no tears to shed for this old bit, only a faint smile as her grip vanished; stepping off the edge the remainder of her form exploded into light particles. The remaining bits flowed straight into Koji's chest, a faint but final; 'Farewell..' Was all that he heard before he stood alone. Somewhere upon his body a new tattoo had now taken place. An thus Ventues, Mother of the Gods was no more. [Title Obtained: Avatar of Ventues. Trial Complete: Welcome to Godhood.] @Twitterpated 'Fair thee well of fated one. May you reach cast a shadow so vast; that all bend knee and pray. May you shake their foundations and make them yield.' 'Beware, the Harbinger has been born.' 'And his name is~' 'Wahuj Anpu' | Godhood Name obtained. |
  2. You still around fam?

  3. D:< What happened to your discord, I have spent 4 days looking for it over and over and it deleted what happened?

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    2. Ataraxy


      It was a bit of a struggle this semester but Cvid hit and now my scholarship is automatically renewed plus grades are now only pass/fail. So school is gooood lmao

    3. Chappu


      I am sure you will do super well my brother. I am excited!

    4. Ataraxy


      I'm glad you're coming back around to Val though! There's a fun update coming to Renovatio soon that I think you're gonna enjoy!

  4. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    A chuckle rolled across her lips as Koji was reborn in her presence. In a strange sense she was honored to have met a worthy successor to her powers. 'May they never forget where their strength comes from..' Bliss and spite twisted her smirk into something rather malicious. Ventus raised a brow as he inquired about her temple, the hidden bridge which connected more than man kind would ever know. Leaning forward in her seat she tapped the table top two times, light particles gathered together upon the surface. At first the gathering looked like a simple dust pile, but as the pile grew it transformed into a small gem. "Beneath your very feet.. Can't you feel it?" Tilting her head to the side she questioned if he had not noticed himself now attuned to the very location. His senses now felt every corner of this building, because it was now part of his entire being. "My power is yours now, everything that I am resides within your veins.." Ventus chuckled gently, her features reverted back to a more youthful state, standing up slowly she gestured to another room. With every step particles floated away from her form towards himself. "Walk with me..." Ventus gazed back at him before carrying on forward. When Koji did walk beside her the particles would slowly turn into double helix's as his presence absorbed her own. "More questions you have but three left before my time is done.." @Twitterpated
  5. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    As Koji moved to accept her proposal she was mildly surprised at his utter silence. Like a lap dog receiving orders. If Ventus were to give him the reason for her conditions he might chuckle. Perhaps he would not, it had been so long since she had spoken with a mortal in general. Omnipresent as she was, none could really hear her voice; even if they did they had excellent poker faces. Their ignorance of her existence was infuriating, spite was all she began to feel towards the mortal realm. On the flip side of the coin, she intended to bestow upon him this yoke of spite that she felt. With this spite would come the power of a Goddess to elevate the standing of his family to new heights. The world would soon come to pray again even after Koji consumed all that she was, it was not a bad way to go honestly. Within moments of Koji's hand touching the pole arm the fabric of his mental reality changed; the highest height he had experienced as a mere being changed as his very core became that of a Demigod. Not only was Ventus passing on her power, but she intended to impart a few of her own personal touch. Ventus Vitality earned! Undying Devotion earned! Godly Divination earned! All Seeing Eyes earned! Gained: 'Ventus Spear'! Gained: 'Crown of Ventus'! Gained: 'Pendant of Ventus'! Skill acquired: Passive: "Levitation'. Innate Skill: 'Elemental Affinity'. Innate Skill: 'Knowledge of Ventus'. Innate Skill: 'Strength of Ventus'. Innate Skill: 'Speed of Ventus'. Contract Innate Skill: 'Spite of Ventus.' [Due to accepting Ventus's contract, all Innate Skills pass down through the blood line and can be expanded upon.] God Skill: Passive: Assimilation. Bonus Skill: 'God of the Spear' learned! Releasing the spear from her grasp, Ventus leaned back settling further into her seat. "I bid you pray as you deem it right. So long as it is a prayer unto me. You shall be granted all my power at your disposal. Do you have any other questions?"
  6. If I owe you a post to content please send it to the comments here unless you have me on discord slide it there please. Thank you.

  7. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    "You may eat.. I command only that you listen and listen well.." Ventus knew her time was coming to an end, like an era long over due for a reworking. Fate was a cruel leader; letting immortal and mortals alike to believe they had a say in their own existence. Ambient hues gazed over her successor and sole heir to her immense power. The pain of her lost children still weighted heavily upon her shoulders to no end. Yet she would do what must be done to ensure that she would never be a memory. Clenching her hands into fists a flash of anger and sorrow coursed through her veins before swiftly subsiding. "You are to be... My living legacy.. Even after we are all gone; I refuse to become just a memory of time.. Koji with your heart and soul no matter what befalls you; never forget to pray. To use my power I bestow upon you a boon like no other.. To use my power and its entirety you must pray to me that is my sole condition. Should you accept I have blessings to be bestowed upon you ten fold for the rest of your life and that of your descendants. The gift of a mother is to breathe life into all her vessels and those after that. Should your offspring ever dare to use my power the boon remains the same. They too will pray and know my name.." Reaching down to her left she slowly pulled up a spear which she placed along the table top, allowing her left hand to hover over it she waited for him to finish. "Should you accept, this condition... I shall bestow upon you my power.. Place your left hand over the spear.." @Twitterpated
  8. Return of the doge?

    1. Chappu


      Probably not for another long while.. Just tidying up some loose ends.. I have found more interesting writing on Discord and I have other things coming up with life that are sapping my attention. I will be mostly around on discord my kin.

  9. Things were going very smoothly, Saito was extremely happy with the missions positive results. The woman had gotten herself back aboard rather swiftly, thankfully his clone was able to transmit the information on board the ship itself. Pressing off the board the man glided through the water and up towards the main ship with ease. "Let's get rolling." The clone said lightly as it tapped Mal on the shoulder lightly and gave a thumbs up. Saito latched himself onto the side of the ship with ease before climbing up aboard. It was a mission well done.
  10. "Combat skills required.. Sounds like something I could fill in with ease.." Tulari accepted the task picking up the coordinates the girl began her move. Raising her left hand a diamond shard pushed free of the stone and dirt that blocked its way. Stepping forth her ebony skin caressed the mineral till it pulled her into its core. Within seconds the diamond rocked down through the earth traveling towards her destination, the thought of exploring the Whispernight afflicted lands gave her the jitters. About thirty minutes passed before Tulari's diamond shook the ground beneath the other woman's feet. Several feet to her left a large mound bubbled up from the hard earth. Slowly from the top of the hill the diamond shattered forth opening up to free Tulari from its insides. The small girl stepped out adjusting her shirt and pants before giving the other a thumbs up. "Reporting for duty, lets get this party started." Tulari said lightly as she stepped down to stand beside the other gazing around the rather deserted area. @Thotification
  11. It was amazing honestly, Saito was usually a solo worker a doer of mass havoc; and yet he was managing not to kill a soul. This would have to go down in the records when it comes to speed and aptitude for teamwork and timing. It was not that he was surprised by their abilities it was more the surprise that they let him make the plan in the first place. Gazing up from under the boat he waited till he could physically see the other boat. Swimming back to the marked section he swiftly activated the tags. The floor of the boat glowed for several moments; once the light was gone the board tipped to the heaviest side flipping like a trap door. The currency rushed down into the water; Saito performed several more signs before the funnel flow to suck the wealth up and into their own vessel. The water bubbled as if it would boil before treasure washed over the edge with water filtering out. "Stand on the bottom half in a few seconds, this way we can get you out!" Saito commented as he watched the last bits of wealth flow up into the ship, his clone waited on stand by to press the button once everyone was on board. @danzilla3 @Thotification
  12. You’re welcome 



  13. While the sleeping gas flooded to top side of the boat. Saito continues his under water exploration. Sliding down the length of the boat he stopped about 3/4 from the stern and began placing a different set of tags along the keel. “Let me know when your past the guards and standing with the money.” Saito said with a nod, holding on to the keel he made a rectangle shape. With a few hand seals he created a clone which popped up out of the base of The Wreck. Slipping on deck the clone swiftly moved up to the microphone down below deck. “Captain I am in position just waiting on the second mate.” After the transmission was complete Saito’s clone hung up the microphone and sat at the top of the open space. Performing several more hand seals the clone waited as did Saito for the second mate to confirm her arrival.
  14. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    On the outside Ventus was slowly following him through his memories and emotions. A fierce envy burned within her very being but abundant joy flooded from her as well. Was passing into time so bad; honestly it was not the worst that could happen. Sympathy was the last thing she expected from such a man with a boon as his own; she was compelled to show compassion. A third realm was opened where Koji could consciously go where Ventus delivered to him peace. The marble floors and halls were clean to the finest of details. Koji himself was clad in white robes; he appeared as himself to the T as well. A single picture of cold water and food nourishment. The soon to be Demi god would need everything he could give. The halls were decorated with statues of beings long before Koji's time in various stances of combat. The sound of harps could be heard down the halls as the smell of fruits and meat beckoned to Koji's senses pulling him forward step by step. "Come forward.." Her voice sounded through the halls as Ventus herself sat upon a plush kneeling pad at a vast japanese style table. There was but one single extra seat waiting for koji to kneel and food prepped with drink for him to enjoy. Here was the beginning of the third trial, one of mental intrigue.
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