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  1. Royal Birth Day

    What was this?! A request from the Crowns Lap dog? @Mickey Flash @Twitterpated @Tyler Time to stretch the limb The man Skacham had not gone unnoticed by Abiasaph who was all too familiar with spies. He often caught them upon his ship and hung them by their toes while cutting their Achilles tendons. It was a joy to watch the squirm and shout in pay while telling him everything. They never made it far once given the boat back to the land they came from. Mostly because their blood was the attractive scent that brought creatures from the sea to feast. Thus it was no surprise the man spoke up when the girl Erin seemed to be at her ropes end. Granting the permission they were already going to seize with or without his help. What a good lap dog no doubt. Keen eye on the fortress and no doubt the one who held the strings to the other lap dogs that protected the Queen. Turning away from Erin he completely dismissed her existence with a laugh and smile. "See my King Lyokos.. It was simple and easy.. Let us enjoy the festivities as Mr. Skacham has granted us.." His eyes were heavy lidded as it held a rather bored expression. There was no fulfillment now to be had. Before he was fully away from Erin he turned and nodded his head. "You can keep the coin. It will bring you some luck hopefully.." Upon hearing the words of his previous offer the mans eyes narrowed with suspicion. Now gazing at the female companion he eyed the ball in her hand. No doubt there was some danger to this ball that the man urgently wanted removed. Poison? Explosives? Neither truly matter to him at this point, the sound of treasure brought the case to a close and opened up the door way for action. "I wold be honored to help you.. My King would surely wish to keep good terms with your Kingdom and all its ilk." The choice of a smile or a flat expression remained left in air as a serious glare noted the mans movement from the lady. Things between Kingdom pets were always interesting to say in the least bit. Flexing his left hand the artifact gauntlet heeded his demands. "Seek.. Devour.. Consume.." Flipping it so his palm went up into the air, the attraction of metals in all varies began to pull. First with the orb in the woman's hand would be plucked free of her grasp and floating in the air above his hand. Once the materials of the orb had been categorized with the artifact the real pull began. "Ladies and Gentlemen.. If you wouldn't mind.. Sitting down things will be finished a lot easier.." There was a dangerous note to his voice as from separate corners of the room small metal balls were pulled. From under tables and off of pillar sides and window curtains. "I am not liable if one of you is hit by this tool of assassination.." His words were plain and simple, people hurriedly sat down and kept their heads low. Kicking off of the floor the cloak lifted Abiasaph up into the sky. This way the orbs all went up instead of into the audience of people. A few tables were shifted to allowed the orbs to escape out into his beckoning grasp. Now the most curious of things happened in that time frame. Every few orbs he found he crushed down into the first orb adding all the poison to one core while condensing and sealing the metal together. There were maybe about ten to eleven orbs that he found before the room could be called all Clear. Keeping the giant ball in the air he slowly closed his hand. "Bind.. Absorb.. Inhabit.. Craft.." As the words left his mouth the orbs were condensed and kept in a stable fashion to prevent the poison from spreading. Breaking it down and shaping it over and over the weapon of his choice would soon be made. First came the two handed hilt that remained black as the rest of the blade would be. The ball turned from a mush of black mass to a burning hot ball; the handle slowly finished before the progress had seemed to stop. Floating down to the floor Abiasaph slowly held out his right hand to Skacham and beckoned with his hand in a form of saying 'pay up.' Raising his left hand he gave a tug making the orb and hilt shake. Giving another tug the sound of sharping metal on metal could be heard. With a third solid pull the buster sword came free and the orb of hot metal formed into the rest of the blade. Turning from red to pure blade the entire blade would be entirely black from hilt to tip. Resting the blade over his shoulder he allowed it to tip back before it clicked into place over his spinal section. There the artifact connected with the blade upon his back beneath the cloak. "Task complete.."
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  3. The King's Feast [NS0]

    Smash em Post - 48 Prep - 2 D6 - 5 Class IV Goblin Shaman III - V Let it out. When the Shaman finally got up Dazkar quickly flew into the woman once more. A right hook followed by a left jab and right handed upper cut sent the Shaman chocking and holding her face backwards to the wall. Putting her own hands up Dazkar jabbed out several more times to which the shaman countered two and caught the last one in the face before his knee found her sternum. Doubling over the creature gasped for breath and Dazkar was having none of that. His right arm dropped down with the bending of his knees to strengthen his stance. Like a load of bricks he focused the power of the very enter of his elbow so it drove down hard upon her spinal cord. A snap could be heard as the Shaman cried out in pain. The beat down had just begun for her unfortunately. Grabbing her by the air blood poured from the Shaman's mouth as he pulled her behind the stone wall and out of sight. The heavy sound of impact and groaning could be heard as Dazkar pummeled the life out of the Shaman in fury and irritation. The trigger for his anger was unknown yet but it dealt heavily in protecting the young lad who lay in the bushes. Grabbing the top of the gasping Shaman's head he drew his right fist back and punched her square in the face crushing her nose. Her body slid back and before landing in a leaning position against the wall. Taking a moment to cleaning his hands with the shreds of her clothing Dazzy only frowned at her appearance. He would have told her to clean herself up, yet there would be no point in doing that. Taking a few steps back he sat down on the edge of the wall and relaxed himself. There was no need to house so much protective anger over Orin.. Right? Wrong... Orin was to be considered his adoptive son, and thus like a Father should. Standing up he quickly approached the twitching Shaman and raised his foot high. With a powerful kick he shattered her skull on the wall beneath his feet. Her brain matter covered the ground beneath her back before life left her body. Turning out and away from the body, Dazkar walked towards the river water. He had to clean himself up from the green blood that now tainted his scale. "Come Orin.. We must get moving." Dazkar said lightly as the water around his scales bleed green as it washed away the blood and saliva from his body. As Orin approach the boy put the cross bow on his back and waded into the depths till Dazkar picked him up and placed him on his shoulders. Crossing the quick rushing water they made it to the far side of the banks and onto the land. Moving towards the buildings ahead of them. The glider made its round back and crash landed with the body also exploding upon impact. The signals were just getting more and more obnoxious at this point.
  4. [ Artifact ] My Brother's Keeper

    Anti - Climatic much? Class - A Conquest - Radiant Mantle | / - - - 3 - 20?? GM - @Armada Such simple words were something rather tedious a reminder of his current standing as an Apostle. The downward spiral that gave birth to the death of many and even the utter fall of those whom could never rise. When the woman touched his hand he shook off the sensation and followed her into the Forbidden Mountain. If one thing were for sure she was either his target to start or someone he would have to deal with later on down the line. The Nether energy resumed its building folds in the base of Legion upon his back. Taking a look at the mountain top he found himself quite liking the art at hand. The pillars that stood were splendidly made probably hand crafted if anything. Something that took hours of mastery and nothing else could truly compare to their makings. Returning his gaze to the woman his violet hues reflected the mass set of steps he would have to climb to reach the top. This was going to be fun and more interesting by the moment. Keeping it simple and basic he was going to move up one step at a time. Placing his foot on the first step he pushed up and then up the second following the woman's lead if she was coming along. If she was not then she would probably be waiting down at the bottom for his return. That was if he had managed to return no doubt, such matters did not bother him. Death was only the beginning for the most part; damned that Soap character. He could only picture the smug look Soap would give not to mention the snarky comment to come next. As expected from the breaker and nothing less, if there were anything less he would assume the man was dying of something rather serious. The steps glided under foot as he ascended his way to the first small flat that was wide and somewhat broken down. Cracked tiles from age and roots lay here and there, but mostly it was clean and unbroken. The Monks as always still live here and take care of their own no doubt. Casting his gaze left and right, he scanned for enemies before taking a few steps forward and stopping. The floor had no shift in its setting thus he was confident that the ground remained solid beneath the tiles.
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  6. The King's Feast [NS0]

    Close Calls Post - 47 Prep - 1 D6 - 2 + 2 = 4 Class - IV Goblin Shaman IV - V On the Lamb 'Hell hath no fury like a Woman's scorn.' Dazkar sprinted through the water cutting closer to the edge to reduce the noise he could hear the crackling burn of the woods behind him. Cutting up along the edges of the small island he jumped through some bushes and kept low to the floor. Letting off a gentle whistle he called to Orin. At first the boy did not know if it was safe to come out but when the gentle whistle rang out with more urgency the lad knew it was Dazkar. Getting up slowly the boy ran to the nearest wall in a crouch before peeking out the side to see Dazkar with his face in the dirt. A rather unhappy expression told the lad that the man was not fond of being in the dirt even though he came from darker dirtier roots. he had made his life one that allowed him to avoid the ground level. Humility was about the only thing and the fact that he needed Orin to be safe that kept him from going Gun Ho on these bitches. Once Orin's head peaked out enough the man beckoned for him to hurry. Making hand signals to make sure he kept low and moved quickly Dazkar closed his eyes and began to spread out his sensory ability. For now they were clear beckoning quickly he heard the boy move and rush into the bushes beside himself. A low smile crossed his lips as he pressed Orin to the ground and waited. The faint sound of whirling could be heard as a glider flew past over head. Opening one eye he saw the glider but no rider. That was a damned shock for sure, narrowing his eyes the sound of feet could be heard on his right side. There just where the boy had been came the Shaman witch. Looking left and right she remained oblivious to their location as Dazkar re positioned himself quickly. Taking a explosive start from the ground he shocked the Shaman with his sudden appearance followed by a solid Haymaker to the side of her skull sending her down to the ground. Disarmed off her crossbow the man kicked it into the bushes with Orin so the boy could hold onto it. Standing tall Dazkar prepared himself in his south paw stance and smiled. It was time to rumble.
  7. "Son of a bitch." The jolting pain of the sensation sent a groan through his body as he sat up instantly. Keeping his arms up to guard the lad pulled his left leg to try and get tree. Keeping his right leg dug in to the floor with his heel he did not want to be pulled any closer than needs be. Escape regather himself this was not a meal. This was a mother fucking slaughter house at this point. Frowning lightly Halvar pulled once more to try and free himself before pitching over to his right side. Pushing up and to one foot he went full into Soap. While the man as on his ass Halvar twist his hips and threw a right hook aimed to slam Soap in the face while leaning forward in order to close the distance. Yeah he might go down but he went down swinging. @Armada
  8. No thank you.. Were the only words that came to mind as the man dropped his weight down to pin Halvar to the floor. With his body twist as he began twisting back he pulled his left arm up and to intercept the haymaker aimed for his kidney. Exhaling what breath he could he wouldn't risk the air being knocked out. Fire.. Fire.. Red Alert the red light district is calling its wants its money back. The pain in his left hand coupled with the partial to the kidney made his body seize up but still not enough to put him totally out. Shit it was time to move as much as possible. Despite the weight bearing down upon his mid torso and down to his legs the lad began to wiggle side to side. Doing his back to scrunch and slid his body out from under the man's sprawled guard. Keeping both arms up and ready he wiggle and dug his heels into the floor and pushed as he could. Little by little inch by inch as much as he was granted with the strength he possessed to get out. Bending his left leg into submission and working order he brought it up enough to hook his foot on Soaps thigh using it to push of to continue his shrimp escape. Once he had freed himself enough he brought the right knee up to as it to push off the other leg but instead he drew the knee up aiming to nail the man in the chin if possible. He had to keep shrimping out and he had to keep moving. Survive. Survive. Survive. Post 6 @Armada
  9. Taen HQ

    I second this as I sit here and post while typing up papers.
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  11. The King's Feast [NS0]

    Cluster Fuck Post - 46 Prep - 3 D6 - 4 Class - IV Goblin Shaman IV - V Something in the Water 'Well shit that wasn't supposed to happen..' Dazkar thought to himself before quickly rising out of his spot and to his full height. Jumping back into the thick of the woods the man didn't look back as the crossbow let off a few twangs. The bolts landed hard into the woods on either side and one just over his shoulder nailing the tree before him. She was not as good a shot as he sister was he could tell that much. Even with his spacial awareness advantage he could tell he did not need to use it to avoid these shots. Dropping down into a slide he avoided a bolo shot towards his back which hit the tree's beyond. Power sliding home into the river water once more through the gap he came through Dazkar was met by the other Shaman. Without second thought he didn't even use the gun motion instead he kept his hand flat. As the water rose up he swiped his hand sideways in a slashing motion at her neck. To which the droplets responded in such to cut her head clean from her shoulders sending her glider off into the forest behind. Upon impact the body and glider collided with a shot from her cross bow causing the machine to crash and explode with impact. The forest turned from green to a brillant orange blaze of fire and black smoke that kissed the sky in a rather disruptive manner. "Shit now everyone knows we are here dammit!!" Dazkar cussed under his breath before running back towards Orin he had to pick the little man up no matter what. This area was no longer useful for fighting. They would have to cross over and onto the next land mass as quickly as possible. There were houses and lots of coverage from air assault.
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  13. The King's Feast [NS0]

    Double Trouble Post - 45 Prep - 2 D6 - 1 Class - IV Goblin Shaman V - V As Dazkar made his little escape the Shaman cried out in fury as she has now lost track of the Nelrosis. Keeping himself low to the ground he hid beneath the thickest parts of coverage with brush and leaves. This way the crone couldn't find him from up so high in the sky as she intended to fly. Dazkar pressed himself to the earth as he crawled slowly across the grounds. This had to be one of the worst times to be caught off guard an unable to fully combat the enemy. He had cargo in tow and this was not the safest place for them to stay. On a small section of land surrounded by the low flowing river water that swept the banks gently like a calming breeze. The sound of whirling machinery would never leave his mind now at this point. He knew the sound and he marked it as such for future purposes. If only he had snagged a few grenades from the dead shaman from before. Perhaps she would have provided him some good ammunition. Bah! Now was not the time to think of such things oh no! Dazkar had to find a way to take the witch out before he could go back and get Orin from his little hiding spot. That also increased the chances of them finding the young man and possibly ending his life if he had not hidden himself yet. Belly crawling his way forward, Dazkar peeked under brush and bush alike to make sure he did not stumble into something rather unexpected. With his large side that was almost impossible but he made it work with the thick coverage of the wooded area and the little bit of housing that had been over grown. Taking a shallow breath the man peeked out of the last bush lightly. Giving it a slight rustle he did his best to reduce the sound of shifting within the woods. For all he knew there could be plenty of other Shaman's near by no doubt. An as he peaked out low and behold he had come face to face with another Shaman who had been watching the bushes for food. Instead she found her sisters target and let out a whooping cry before running for her closest weapon to strike at Dazkar. Now instead of one enemy he had to deal with two. What a joy.
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  15. The King's Feast [NS0]

    So High. Post - 44 Prep - 1 D6 - 3 + 1 = 4 Class - IV Goblin Shaman V - V Weightless Taking a moment to fix their heading Dazkar slowly patted the young Orin on the top of his head lightly. Giving him a light smile the man ruffled his hair. The air itself seemed to buzz with something distant, something that somewhat threw him for a loop. He remember the noise but not whom it belonged to.. Yet as he continued his walk he gazed around looking left and right for the source. Orin watched Dazkar's expressions shift from confusion to irritation as the whirling sound of gliders remained unmarked in his mind. Without further delay a feminine laugh broke the silence that surrounded the two of them like glass shattering on pavement. From behind a row of trees came a single Goblin Shaman with her cross bow in hand. Cackling like a witch on her broom stick the woman fired off several shots. Dazkar picked the boy up without delay jumping for cover behind a broken section of a building. Rolling down on the ground he released Orin to stay there alone while he ran off quickly. Grabbing the nearest flat object he found a broken part of a pot lid. Using it as a small marker shield he guarded the next two shots before the wood splintered and fell apart. Having traversed the length of broken housing he quickly made his exit back down towards the water. Jumping behind a set of trees the Goblin Shaman followed having forgotten about the boy for now. Her prey was on the run and that was what she liked no doubt. Zipping around the trees, Orin did his best to hid himself as fear took over once more. The innate hiding of his own presence took fruit and making him invisible to the other senses besides sight. Scaled feet struck water before the glider was on his tail once more. Jumping off to his right he avoided two more shots before turning around with pointed fingers. Firing off in a gun motion the water bullets sprayed the witch down a few hit the glider one cut the crossbow string the other nailed the Shaman in right shoulder. Stumbling back he regained his footing and continued to run as the Goblin cried out in pain and tried to regain her balance. Using this moment he dove into the nearest set of trees and began to weave his way through leaving the water behind.