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  1. Dice Rolling Thread

    All in..
  2. Dazzy Daz ain't for the face tank he likes the dance and fire off shots life. Unless there's a balls to the wall grind he's find being mid range,
  3. It's all good boss!! We will wait patiently and I need to edit my post anyways!!
  4. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    @Rin @Aleksei The man gave a hearty smile as Lemonie Tom note of his presence. There was no hiding the equally shared joy he kept pent up inside of himself for so long on his travels. He wished he could bring Lemonie with him on his trips outside the realm into planes not of their existence. “You grow more beautiful every time I see you Dearest Lemonie.” The man chuckled as he held her close being sure not to squeeze her to death. Dominic would have her owe nothing if he could but she was a stickler. He had gotten taller since their last meeting and in doing so more muscular as well. Picking her up in the besr hug he planted a firm kiss on her forehead before setting her down. “Pardon my intrusion in your conversation.” Bowing his head in respect the man stood tall once more. Robin attacked the woman next attaching his fluffy body to her neck and chest. “We’ve missed you!! We have had so many adventures since we last spoke!!” Robin was a babbling brook of emotions and information hardly noting Rin which was quite rude in Dominica eyes. Plucking the moogle off of Lemonie he flicked its forehead before turning Robin to face The Princess Rin. “Apologize for being rude!!” Dominic growled as his violet hues quaked with anger, the poor creature turned and looked startled. Bowing repeatedly the moogle apologized before clinging back onto Lemonie. “Are you both here to see the Grande Kommadant?” His brow raised lightly as he ushered both woman back towards the castle. He was on his way to greet Primera, for she was a person of immense interest.
  5. Gathering Materials [1/3]

    There was no hesitation in her movements as Noi spun round and around her enemies. Hands and feet mixed in a series of strikes and redirections as small bits of gunfire struck their own allies. A swift broken next was delivered to two bodies before picking them up with the hands from the back pack. Another set of black hands strangled the life rom another subject she desired. Quickly the body was taken and swallowed with the weapon. The path was open for the most part, taking up the pistols which remained in the holsters of the dead bodies Noi began firing off shots as if she were throwing knives at pin point accuracy. Her thick body pushed with the meat shields before her and their body armor to take shots. They would be ruined but Noi and Eleazar would be very much alive and kicking. Instead of hacking the Aureus program she simply traced it back to all emergency protocol for the seeds. The whole world seemed to open up for her to glean as she quickly emptied one gun. Several troops remained and she had but a few shots left. Her meat bags were still holding on by a thread. It was time for some fresh bodies no doubt. Bursting forward she quickly passed a full metal door to a stair case, the door burst wide open after she passed putting a wall between herself and Eleazar so he could not get shot in the back. The first soldier that came from behind her meet a terrible fate as a black hand swiped from the backpack and severed her throat. A gurgle was all she could do as her weapon was lifted from her body and turned to fire upon those before her. Chucking one torn body down the steps it weighed the on coming troops back. Using the last bulletin from the hand gun she fired upon the two pinned troops while holding the assault rife. Discarding the hand gun with a grunted toss it spun through the air and into the face of a third who peeked up the steps. Turning the assault rifle to full auto she was no amateur to ranged weapons. Her shots were on point for the most part. She suppressed the enemy giving Eleazar enough time to come back behind the door with her. “We are going down begin our drop I will cover!!” She said as she chucked the body into the remaining two soldiers. Her body burned as cuts and scrapes from stray shots left cuts on her skin. Nothing new here for sure, the backpack followed her orders picking up the dead woman’s body she used it as a shield behind her while two hands split into a set of four. They dragged four bodies and used two as a shield the other two dropped into the bottomless backpack. The Seed protocol from Aureus dictated the route of where the seeds were held. She just had to watch and wait patiently. When Eleazar was behind the door Noi chucked the body over the door and down the hall like a catapult. The sound of surprise was all she was granted to know that it worked. Her retreat was swift as she shoulder rolled back into the stair well. A pain ripped through her right shoulder as a bullet knicked the top section going through all the way. God what a fucking pain.
  6. District 102

    “I would not call it a rift, Dr. Icona it should be one’s natural desire to protect ones home. I do not blame them for their attempt..”A passive chuckle escaped thick lips as he eyed the woman during her process of work. Scanning a single native his eyes locked into the troops at hand. “Be sure not to use live rounds, I don’t need you block heads fucking up my future travels here.. Go grab the rubber rounds..” Roman said snatching a life round stock from one of the soldiers. Emptying the bullets onto the ground his expression said it all, one of a monster intent on crushing and erasing all who got in his way. “Carry small tasers for close combat do not strike fatal.. If done so I will have your rank pulled and you’ll be shoveling horse shit the rest of your life.” Was Roman bluffing? Of course not his influence would reach how ever far it would take to see everyone of these muscle bound boys and girls shipped off to prison alone. Dropping the now vacant stock into the boys hands he kicked the container lid closed on the live rounds stock and locked it. Hacking it with the AI he put it on max lock. They wouldn’t get their live rounds even if they destroyed the technology lock. The case was locked like a dead bolt, only one person had access. “Now where were we, oh right the passage way.. In theory I do not think your higher ups know about it. So when we dive in be sure to use your best judgement. I am working on the idea that some group stayed behind to try and stash to goods you seek. If that’s true it’s gotta be old school tech works, it’s been a few years and your access logs and so forth are very different now. We bring only enough people to handle the equipment and gear. It’s my responsibility to see that you personally make it there and back. We will use the buddy system..” Turnimg he looked at one of the soldiers with a hard expression, the confusion on the lads face was priceless. Roman sounded like a general as he spoke and gave orders in the same breath. All waited for Dr. Icona to approve of these changes after all they worked for her at the moment. Once she had given the OK, Roman swiftly took her arm in his own like a Gentleman should. “This way please and be sure to watch your step ladies and gents.” Roman declares as he led the way.” @Aziella
  7. District 102

    Just in time, to meet the Mystery man. Chapter II: The Meeting of Dr. Icona. - The sound of the approaching airship brought Roman to absolute attention as he stood up straight. Dusting his hands off there were several piles of bodies strewn this way and that. From the looks they were humanoid and it was clear that they were not alone on these lands in the least. Grey hues glinted in the light as he swiftly returned to his spot by the reef. The Hummingbird was a majestic machine in his opinion perhaps something profitable if retrofitted with the proper items. It would fetch a decent price for anyone looking for a flying strong hold of sorts, mainly for those of military background of course. Returning slightly dirty hands to pockets he retrieved a hankerchief to which he cleaned his knuckles before dusting off his pants. He made sure to leave no trace of a fight upon his clothing; his appearance as a business man had to be absolute. Taking the silk fabric he placed it back into his pocket and adjusted his stance. Once more at parade rest Roman smirked deviously as the rather appealing Dr. Icona strolled down the off ramp and up to himself personally. Her comment about him waiting was already answered with the bodies which were not more clear on either side of the path. There numbered about two dozen to more knocked out figures who sought to scare the man off of their lands. The Natives of these woods were weak but they were not to be killed; he would have to sell goods to them later in order to elevate their standing. A low chuckle rolled through his large chest as he gripped her small hand in his own. It was warm but still somewhat rough to the touch. "It was nothing at all I trust you had a decent flight? We haven't much time unfortunately.. Set your men up around the perimeter and tell em to use rubber rounds.. We don't want blood shed.." Roman was more concerned for the natives than he was for any armed soldier at hand. They were in other peoples home after all, invaders of an unknown place outside. Stepping to his left he gestured for her to walk along his side. "Our trail takes us through a said 'abandoned' city that was once inhabited by the workers.. I am unsure if they lived among the natives peacefully or if they had their own advances deeper within. That is also worth a look at, perhaps a secondary building was constructed off of the records." Roman spoke plainly while taking a somewhat blind stab in the dark for other things. He had been here before and quite early, thanks to the sponge like ground it erased his previous foot prints. He had gone and explored a bit before they arrived, having found another set of doors in town instead of out where the facility resided. @Aziella
  8. Sandy hands and salted feet

    I see more than I truly understand. So he married into a woman who was not of his world, her time here was a short one and it bother him. He wanted her here all of the time. What would happen should he need her or she need him? Could he truly not be apart of her plane of existence? The thought boggled him and caused him to subside a bit on the inside. Growing a little distant in the mind as the cogs turned and spun. There had to be something there had to be some way to increase he time on this world. Some way to make it so she could go between both without needing to be drained of energy. "So your world is gone.. I am sorry about that.. If there was a way I could help I could. But the necklace will definitely attach the strain of your life force to mine.. For the time being I will help you find some other artifact to increase your ability to stay." She spoke nonsense about him not missing her. Of course he would she was apart of him now in more ways than one. Rising out of the bed he kissed her deeply slowly pulling his clothes on and back into place. "I will be back with food okay? Don't move." Dominic said lightly turning and leaving the room swiftly to get breakfast.
  9. Joys, Toys and Jokes

    Peace and Solutions. She was a keen observer Halvar had to admit it. She could tell he had just traveled from training, one that honestly had him stumped and set on this assignment. Opening and closing his hands once more the boy watched her make some tea from herds. Her laughter made him chuckle at her glee, it felt like she hadn't laughed in a long time. It was kinda sad no doubt, but his objective now was to purely get her enthralled with his plan. Reaching out slowly the boy cracked a broad smile as crimson optics disappeared behind ebony lids. "Oh snap!! She got the medicine!! Get it get it!!" Laughing he bowed his head gracefully while holding the heat close to himself. There was comfort to be found in her very essence. "I am quite happy to see that you are willing to join up with me in seeing this through. I should think we will make to be very good friends. We gotta get you out of this basement you love so much. So more outside time looking at rather crazy happenings." The boy kicked his feet beneath himself and the large chair. As he drank the drink his core warmed up quite a bit. The previous rain from before seemed to evaporate from his pores. "You make very good tea.~ So do tell me what would I use to see to this man becoming subdued...? Does this information come with a price?! Maybe we can make cool modified adaptions to my body. I think I will trade my soul for this chance." The smile grew more intense as he held out his hand lightly. "Do you think that might be possible? You find something new you wish to test you give me a call. Plus this means I have more time to hang around. Despite being on assignment and so forth it would be fun!!" Jumping out of his chair he threw his hands up waving them around. The cup was empty as he swallowed the last bit of tea without spilling a drop upon the floor. Setting the cup down he held his hands out kinda like a; "What do you think?" posture. Maybe this would interest her along with a fruitful bond to the outside world. "Plus adventures my Dr. Concordia!!" "What do you say?" @-Lilium-
  10. I’ve only spent 2 each one upon up keep and the one previously stored. I didn’t have 4 preps to use I used the other one before hand as well which narrowed me down to 0 then the one prep upon post that I put to my 4 to make it a 3. I did ask about my two prep use on discord and you said it was ok. @Syncopy I’m rather confused my maths been pretty on point so far the Same math I’ve been doing since first form please enlighten me further. Cause at this point I am lost.
  11. I couldn't hate you even if I tried, this world is too small a place and I like too few a people.

    But please tell me plainly am I still your favorite color? Your favorite person? 

    Am I still the deep voice that rocks you to sleep, the ghost that you proclaim that you love?

    Or am I to be replaced by this ghost? Be honest with me cause you see I am a broken picture.

    Things like this have happened and I know that I was clear about letting me know up front so tell me.

    Is the blood in my veins what you desire to have with you or am I replaceable like before?

    I dare not speak the love word too much because you see my soul is invested..

    But are you?

  12. I'm back...again? Shit. I don't know.

    Welcome home.
  13. Sandy hands and salted feet

    A laugh rolled through his barreled chest as she felt her body heat and weight settle into his own. Kissing her nose gingerly he stroked her head and played with her hair. There was something off about her not needing to eat food.. Sentient if he were to be more exact there was something about her being that was different from his own. Not just the flawless works but the ability to handle all her head to throw at her completely. Rolling her hair through his fingers slowly she inhaled her scent lightly. Her interest in his scars was quite appealing he liked it when she touched his previous injuries. Amillian was seemingly lost in her ginger touches before returning to reality. "Tell me.. Why don't you need to eat?" Rolling over he looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply. The leylines of her body were different from many other living beings on this planet, it thrived and walked into a realm he had never experienced. "I should like to see your home when you go back.. Sentient I know you are.. Is that why you don't eat? Your body functions on a whole other level. It's amazing to find someone who is capable of keeping up." Sitting up in his bed with her he kissed her deeply and passionately waiting for her answers while rising up. "I am not tired but, I could go for another taste."
  14. You might wanna edit that roll post and make it a 2. 3's were first form not the second. The second are 2's 

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      Yeah so you can add or negate 3 to your dice roll for the proper amount. He allowed us to do so because naturally in D6 you aim for high rolls not low. Doing it so preps add or negate helps up survive really. He has more chances to hit us than we can hit him.

  15. Sandy hands and salted feet

    Let me sleep with the love in my chest. Unlike his lady Dominic was a heavy sleeper just like Pazzo was an earlier riser. The Nelrosis shifted in his sleep when the body heat began to diminish from beside himself. The world inside of his mind turned like the stars and wheeled like the constellations over head. The cosmos shifted and rolled as the man dreamed deeply about the world beyond his own grasp. The sensation of fall was ethereal and turning and wheeling as he felt weightless. Dom felt like he was behind a max facility locked door that had an ever changing lock that would not allow him to wake. The world was ever present outside as he rested deeply within the bed. His arms were spread high above his head, his head leaned on to the left arm lightly. Her scent it was sent him further into such an peaceful rest, when her fingers caressed his skin she would meet muscles and scars combed into one. His black hair remained thick and unkept as he had yet to wash it this was the day however. Groaning in his slip the closer the got the more alive his skin felt. As she kissed his cheek his eyes opened as she spoke. Violet hues matched her own as he leaned up and kissed her deeply sliding one hand behind her head. Pulling her back into bed he pulled her right onto his chest so she could relax. "Hello my baby.. Good morning baby. Did we really sleep that long? That's a bummer means its lunch time."