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    Where the sea touches the sands and life is alright with me. A gentle breeze and a hammock, let the sun shine down on me.
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    Sleep is really good you know? Then there's cooking food along with more sleep you feel me?
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    Jack of All Trades

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  1. How are you, old friend?

  2. How goes boss

  3. ❤️ Hope you all are well and thriving. 

  4. It's been a while i hope everyone is well..

  5. Chappu

    Noi Izagi

    Updated - 7/14/2020 9:43pm EST - First section cleaned up from prior edit. Skills rearrange into second section. Picture updates.
  6. Chappu


    It's been a while.. Yeah its been a while.. I just wanted to drop in and.. Just. Cause you are all so badass in your own unique way, I know this pandemic has been shit but keep fighting and we will get through this.
  7. LISTEN GUYS! I HOPE YOU KNOW I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL!! THAT'S DAMN RIGHT! I SAID IT! MY GIANT SOFT ASS TEDDY BEAR SELF LOVES ALL YOU!!! ❤️ So please drink water, eat good food and junk foo and please work out. ❤️ Your mentality matters.

  8. I love ya'll be safe.

  9. Chappu


    You know I am always down man!! Let's get it going! @Ataraxy I enjoy writing with those who like roleplaying with me as well. @danzilla3 Is als oa good partner. I am not sure where others have gone but @Aleksei @-Lilium- An a few others.
  10. 'Oh can you tell, can you tell me the way the story ends..'

  11. I do believe I have found and responded to everyone's threads that I have had to respond to. Please let me know if that is incorrect. I hope everyone is staying safe and sound inside of their homes. Please do go outside into the woods and let your lungs breathe in filtered air from moss or the trees. ❤️ I encourage you to start a contained moss garden in your home just to help clean the stale air. Much love. Chappu out.

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