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  1. You’re welcome 



  2. @Thotification Bump .-.

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    2. Zashiii


      You can join me in my Whispernight adventures arc...

    3. Chappu


      I wouldnt mind that either sorry, I realized i sound stupid as hell.  I apologize. I should also work on halvars solo thread if its still around. -Slight panic-

    4. Chappu


      Link me up if theres somewhere you wouldn't mind letting me jump in. 

  3. *buzzes around gathering old projects.* I am going to try and be productive on here today. I did profound work on my word documents but I need to show some more love here. 

    I hope everyone’s well, my fellow depressed friends the sun is coming soon. We must remain strong. Those with other problems that have clearly pushed your mental or physical capacity to human normally the sun will come.. I love you all.

  4. Hope all is well its your post you bum XDD ❤️ 

  5. Woooo!!


    Aight i hope ya'll have been good.. I am gonna go write the sad mental self abuse mindset away.

    Sending you what good vibes I got left. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

  6. Sometimes you just wanna ax kick the dude next to you.

  7. No more energy drinks, my body is literally still shaking from yesterday.

  8. super ready for to write again. 

    1. danzilla3


      Might have something for you if you're looking for something.

    2. Chappu


      Don’t be shy, pick a cast member you like and lets get cracking. 


  9. Let’s get to role playing soon 

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    2. Chappu


      You know him well I was building him when we first rped on chatango. Well at least a piece of him.

    3. Helios


      I remember some of his abilities, I know how you were always tuning his skills for fights , x.x wasn't able to touch him though

    4. Chappu


      A sheet is never done till death does it part. Lemme know when you’re ready tag me 

  10. Here’s to another year.. 25 and still aiming to strive 

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    2. Twitterpated


      Happy birthday. 

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Hi, I am a bot!

      Looks like you forgot to add a picture of a chihuahua in your status update!

    4. amenities



  11. If anyone needs someone to write with or if I owe a post I completely forgot about please just discord me or post up here. 

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    2. Chappu


      Aight @Eternity @Akako Akari Send me the links I’ll get right to it 

    3. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      You don't actually owe me anything.  Just wanted to be involved.  ^__^

    4. Eternity
  12. Whew... I have a week off from work. I can finally do some writing.

  13. This flashbang and energy ripple happening independently or at the same time??

  14. Smile.-

    The human emotion often acts on an unconscious level, like the adrenaline rush to your favorite sport or the synchronized calm of your being with music. 

    You obsession over an activity gives it validation and priority over most choices. The driven urge that makes you feel alive, I am obsessed with human joy. Most importantly the joy meter within my lover.

    Again human emotion acts on an unconscious level; so your muscles form micro expressions to the maximum of the spectrum. Between the general level of enjoyment to the full out radiant glow of energy and revitalization. 

    I’m infatuated with her happiness, there’s a common difference in the way she smiles. Between being joyful and when I say; ‘I love you.’ 

    Her beaming face and radiant hazel eyes brings me such a measure of peace. To know that someone else feels this same way is intoxicating. I want to see it all of the time. I love to love because she loves and appreciates the way I love. 

    The power of her smile brings me the most joy.

    - Xavier K. Hunter 

  15. The world does not cease to flow, thus I shall not cease to move.

    1. Praetorian


      Wow much motivate

      Many thots

      Such think


  16. I need your discord, please!!

    1. Sorano


      Who dis!?!


    2. Chappu


      Dis be Ydris!! Dre needs your Discord he has plans we must make moves!!

    3. Chappu


      Please contact me via discord so I can give dre your information!! Ydris#3293

  17. Sorry, on an extreme hiatus.. Still reorganizing life.. please discord me if needed 

  18. I feel like a broken record player, skipping over the same loop into infinity. Every day I wake up I am forever reminded that this is the age range where death and your mental state become intimate. As you grow you are never prepared for the loss of someone you grew up with. Or even the death of a classmate or parent, that shit just irks the soul. How the hell did he go? He was part lion, a kinfolk who never ceased to thrive and bring a smile to the family. 

    My soul is aching, the deeper scars still haven't healed. Time is not my friend, time is the wet nurse who sadistically keeps giving me new marks to bear. This is not a cry of self-pity, it is a cry of frustration. Every time I touch the bodies I can still feel the static of their pulse as if they were alive. I can feel their life force bleeding through my fingers tips; the wind echos their words. "It's been a while, it's a pity you had to see me like this. I know we had a lot of plans, but it's your turn now. Finish our creation. Don't forget to keep walking my wishes are the last dying gift I bring to you." With a deep breath, I feel the cool embrace of one soul passing off from another. 

    I do not cry, I can't even shed tears anymore its so common place now. Death has become married to my smile, my tear ducts died with my god daughter. My laughter was whisked away with my brothers passing. My hands shake and tremble like Haitian sidewalks during the earth quakes, my life force trickles away like a stream. I am practically hysterical with the ever-present burn in my heart. They say time heals wounds, but I disagree entirely. Fuck it, I don't even know why I write anymore, I look in the mirror I can even recognize myself anymore. I'm on the ledge watching the world down below... In the back of my mind I remember the days we used to laugh and promise eachother that everything would be okay.. YOU SAID THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY! HOW THE FUCK IS THIS OKAY!!! NOTHING IS OKAY!!! How do I look your daughter in the face and tell her like you used to.. That no matter what everything will be okay? Why would you go where I can't follow... I'm not angry, I am sorry I yelled you know how emotional I get even when I keep it all inside.

    Kiara asked me today if I was going away any time soon, I am not gonna lie and say that the phrase didn't hurt. It rang of something so familiar about our conversations between eachother. I told her that I will be here for as long as she needs me, and that you were here too.. That just because your physical body is gone doesn't mean your soul doesn't live on. For a five year old Kiara is very wise and smart, she has your eyes and she even has your smile. My brother I love you and I miss you so much, I will strive to find the courage to kiss her on the head and tell her that everything will be okay.


    - RIP Sully, 6/13/1994 - 3/18/2019

  19. Making Volcano's is fun I like it a lot.

    1. Alexei


      Science project?

  20. Listen to my story, this may be our last chance. 


  21. Unless requested, the main characters will be put on hold for a fresh mental development.





    [ PS: All other characters again are open for use and you need only send me a message. I am currently out of steam on the other characters right now. I apologize. ]

  22. I know it took me a little while, but I am back guys! I promise I will do better to avoid my depression holes. ^.^

  23. Now that I am somewhat back on track with my life. I need your help I have missed somethings and I need to be filled in. @Twitterpated @Eternity @Ataraxy @Aleksei 

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    2. Eternity


      Posted. Your turn.

    3. Zashiii


      Eh...we missed you! Black heart mirror! ??

    4. Hurttoto


      Yeh black heart mirro boi

      We gona get it

      With a really long stick

  24. All this time I’ve been beating myself up over leaving... Only to come to terms that we are cut from two different cloths. You will get someone who will match your cloth you simply did not match my own.. I needed a pack at my hip and you just weren’t ready for that responsibility.

  25. Hello Sadness, my old friend, we have been here at this point time and time again... This time you dug a deeper hole and I tripped right into it... Like Alice in Wonderland I curious just how far this sensation will go. How long will it take me to climb out of this void of self? I figured I'd be okay, that somehow being justified and right in my actions would in some way ease my burden!! As if these tears would stop hitting my cheeks like thunderclaps as I shoulder on to continue. I strictly remember making a pact to never cry over the same thing again, but why am I here? Crying for the same reason so many times in a row, nothing on me really broke but my peace of being. I rescued my heart but why does it still feel so broken?

    I can feel my spine through my stomach, a pit has settled into my core. I am a black hole devouring all things now, seeking to find meaning to this space now set free.

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