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    Where the sea touches the sands and life is alright with me. A gentle breeze and a hammock, let the sun shine down on me.
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    Sleep is really good you know? Then there's cooking food along with more sleep you feel me?
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    Jack of All Trades

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  1. In truth I am very afraid of every day I wake up. Fear creeps beneath my skin like blood flows, any minute now this world could be my enemy. Somewhere along the way something about my self confidence fell through the floor.. Daily I shake with hands out stretched doing one task after the other but the fear never goes away. I feel the safest when I’m away from people.. Somewhere where nature is my background because I’ve come closer to earth and buried six feet deep than I have with bridging the mental gap between my god child and I. Maybe it’s my imagination but this tearing feeling in my gut is a justification to modify my observation.. I’m dying very slowly and I don’t know from what.. Is it the poison of a society I do not understand? The burning press of principle keeps me on my feet. Lately days have begun to blend together, it’s crazy because my sleep goes with them. Lacking in the ability to rest I am restless like a sleep walker dreaming in reality daily. I dare not quit and build a habit that was never meant to hold me back but why am I so afraid.. I’ve had some run ins with would be assassins on my person but my body is stronger than their resolve how soon till it’s a gun point I can not tell.. All I know is if I stay to long with nature no one will hear me die.. If I stay in the city I’ll just be another dark skinned removed from a system that doesn’t exactly want us. I never saw racism so vividly till I tried to help someone get to a building.. I will never forget the words nor the look in their eyes.. A look I see every day anyone drives by and sees the complexion of my skin as if they’ve never seen it before. It is ignorant it is infuriating.. It scares me.. Even when I come home and stay in my bed I can do nothing for hours and let the moon pass me by. It’s no longer safe to sit beneath her beams and even within my own room I do not feel.. Safe.. How long till it’s over..? - Safe. -Xavier Hunter 

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