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    Where the sea touches the sands and life is alright with me. A gentle breeze and a hammock, let the sun shine down on me.
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    Sleep is really good you know? Then there's cooking food along with more sleep you feel me?
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  1. September 20th 2018.

    Today was one of my proudest days as a Godfather! I proudly stand by all seven of my God Daughters and I’m proud of every single one of them. Today’s shining star is my eldest one, eighteen and a fighter. Now I know some people here do not condone violence, well please keep your opinion in yourself. While I am not one to fight needlessly I will always train them to defend themselves from the monsters of society. In today’s day and age I have taught each a mix of martial arts on a traditional level. Which means they don’t pull punches like the sports kind. If they want to hurt you they will do it right and it will only take one go.Today my eldest was assaulted on camera in the lunchroom at her school. This chump was one of the schools “Model students” who played varsity football. He decided it’d be okay to grope her in front of all his friends in the lunch room. Surprise mother fucker.. my baby girl broke not just his wrist but his arm as well when he did not get the message to let her go. They threatened to expel her for defending herself against some perverted filmed star athlete. Well not today dude, when I arrived with full force the ruling was over turned upon further investigation that the parents  tried to pay to have covered up. The school straightened out and suspended her for violence which is fine, but the scouts who were sent to view the kid instantly turned him down and he was expelled. I don’t give a fuck if you’re President makes you feel entitled to grab women. Understand that she is someone else’s relative and loved one and we will not longer let them go unprotected or unable to protect themselves. Be careful Little rapist boys, I may have all girls and they may be my Babies but they will give you hell before they let you treat them like some sort of solution for your fucking problem. Be happy it is they who break you for they are more merciful.But anyways, I cannot wait to take her on vacation for her good work. That’s my story.

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