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    Where the sea touches the sands and life is alright with me. A gentle breeze and a hammock, let the sun shine down on me.
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    Sleep is really good you know? Then there's cooking food along with more sleep you feel me?
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    Jack of All Trades

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  1. @Thotification Bump .-.

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    2. Zashiii


      ? Oh...I usually have two or three solo threads to play with whenever I got nothing to reply to...keeps my writing from rusting 

    3. Chappu


      Unfortunately most of my roleplaying when I first started were solo threads that died out. I tried doing it again and it just gets so.. Boring without someone elses addition to keep a fresh roll going. XDD Me myself and I are too comfortable with our pattern I am still trying to adopt it.  I honestly just wanna assimilate as much product as possible. So, preemptive idea do you have any materials you want to find? 

    4. Chappu


      If not I will get back to it tomorrow as well I forgot I have to work a double tomorrow and i have an early morning. 

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