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    [GS] Ventus.

    "You may eat.. I command only that you listen and listen well.." Ventus knew her time was coming to an end, like an era long over due for a reworking. Fate was a cruel leader; letting immortal and mortals alike to believe they had a say in their own existence. Ambient hues gazed over her successor and sole heir to her immense power. The pain of her lost children still weighted heavily upon her shoulders to no end. Yet she would do what must be done to ensure that she would never be a memory. Clenching her hands into fists a flash of anger and sorrow coursed through her veins before swiftly subsiding. "You are to be... My living legacy.. Even after we are all gone; I refuse to become just a memory of time.. Koji with your heart and soul no matter what befalls you; never forget to pray. To use my power I bestow upon you a boon like no other.. To use my power and its entirety you must pray to me that is my sole condition. Should you accept I have blessings to be bestowed upon you ten fold for the rest of your life and that of your descendants. The gift of a mother is to breathe life into all her vessels and those after that. Should your offspring ever dare to use my power the boon remains the same. They too will pray and know my name.." Reaching down to her left she slowly pulled up a spear which she placed along the table top, allowing her left hand to hover over it she waited for him to finish. "Should you accept, this condition... I shall bestow upon you my power.. Place your left hand over the spear.." @Twitterpated
  2. Things were going very smoothly, Saito was extremely happy with the missions positive results. The woman had gotten herself back aboard rather swiftly, thankfully his clone was able to transmit the information on board the ship itself. Pressing off the board the man glided through the water and up towards the main ship with ease. "Let's get rolling." The clone said lightly as it tapped Mal on the shoulder lightly and gave a thumbs up. Saito latched himself onto the side of the ship with ease before climbing up aboard. It was a mission well done.
  3. "Combat skills required.. Sounds like something I could fill in with ease.." Tulari accepted the task picking up the coordinates the girl began her move. Raising her left hand a diamond shard pushed free of the stone and dirt that blocked its way. Stepping forth her ebony skin caressed the mineral till it pulled her into its core. Within seconds the diamond rocked down through the earth traveling towards her destination, the thought of exploring the Whispernight afflicted lands gave her the jitters. About thirty minutes passed before Tulari's diamond shook the ground beneath the other woman's feet. Several feet to her left a large mound bubbled up from the hard earth. Slowly from the top of the hill the diamond shattered forth opening up to free Tulari from its insides. The small girl stepped out adjusting her shirt and pants before giving the other a thumbs up. "Reporting for duty, lets get this party started." Tulari said lightly as she stepped down to stand beside the other gazing around the rather deserted area. @Thotification
  4. It was amazing honestly, Saito was usually a solo worker a doer of mass havoc; and yet he was managing not to kill a soul. This would have to go down in the records when it comes to speed and aptitude for teamwork and timing. It was not that he was surprised by their abilities it was more the surprise that they let him make the plan in the first place. Gazing up from under the boat he waited till he could physically see the other boat. Swimming back to the marked section he swiftly activated the tags. The floor of the boat glowed for several moments; once the light was gone the board tipped to the heaviest side flipping like a trap door. The currency rushed down into the water; Saito performed several more signs before the funnel flow to suck the wealth up and into their own vessel. The water bubbled as if it would boil before treasure washed over the edge with water filtering out. "Stand on the bottom half in a few seconds, this way we can get you out!" Saito commented as he watched the last bits of wealth flow up into the ship, his clone waited on stand by to press the button once everyone was on board. @danzilla3 @Thotification
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  6. While the sleeping gas flooded to top side of the boat. Saito continues his under water exploration. Sliding down the length of the boat he stopped about 3/4 from the stern and began placing a different set of tags along the keel. “Let me know when your past the guards and standing with the money.” Saito said with a nod, holding on to the keel he made a rectangle shape. With a few hand seals he created a clone which popped up out of the base of The Wreck. Slipping on deck the clone swiftly moved up to the microphone down below deck. “Captain I am in position just waiting on the second mate.” After the transmission was complete Saito’s clone hung up the microphone and sat at the top of the open space. Performing several more hand seals the clone waited as did Saito for the second mate to confirm her arrival.
  7. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    On the outside Ventus was slowly following him through his memories and emotions. A fierce envy burned within her very being but abundant joy flooded from her as well. Was passing into time so bad; honestly it was not the worst that could happen. Sympathy was the last thing she expected from such a man with a boon as his own; she was compelled to show compassion. A third realm was opened where Koji could consciously go where Ventus delivered to him peace. The marble floors and halls were clean to the finest of details. Koji himself was clad in white robes; he appeared as himself to the T as well. A single picture of cold water and food nourishment. The soon to be Demi god would need everything he could give. The halls were decorated with statues of beings long before Koji's time in various stances of combat. The sound of harps could be heard down the halls as the smell of fruits and meat beckoned to Koji's senses pulling him forward step by step. "Come forward.." Her voice sounded through the halls as Ventus herself sat upon a plush kneeling pad at a vast japanese style table. There was but one single extra seat waiting for koji to kneel and food prepped with drink for him to enjoy. Here was the beginning of the third trial, one of mental intrigue.
  8. “I am in my element here.. Listen up I am going to tell you the plan.” Saito said with ease as he reached into his pouch; retrieving a stack of paralytic poison laced needles and about twelve black balls that he stacked slowly. Next came a small pile of tags with writing on them in his native tongue. Next he pulled out a wireless water proof set of communication gear for them all to talk. Placing one in each persons hand he pushed his into his ear. Next he pulled out only two breathing masks for under water breathing and to filter out the gas. “I will only say this once.. So listen closely to the details at hand. This mission will require two people off boat and you on board Captain. First I need you to open the bay doors below deck where the storage is. I know it works while docked on water for net fishing below deck. Lass, I do not know your name but you and I have a very important job. I will work in the water and you will infiltrate on deck. That’s where this needles come in play. They will paralyze the enemy and silence their vocal cords not lethal. These twelve balls are sleeping agents mixed to explode and knock anyone not wearing a mask out for a good while. So do not take this off it will help you breathe under water too. It triples as a disguise Incase people see you before they knock out. Now these tags I will place at the bottom of the boat. This rig is sturdy it will not sink before the people wake up. I will take out most of the watchers on deck with a few of these first. If you need to use them below deck they blow up with black smoke so you’ll be covered.” Saito wrinkled his nose and chuckled lightly, he observed the girl and reserved his initial thoughts. “I hope your aim is great these needles are agile and very effective.” Sliding over a handful he handed her six of the black gas bombs. After he handed them over he handed her a pouch and gestured to the mask that came next. “The pouch will keep the contents dry. Swim fast.” Saito said with a smirk, sliding the mask on it clicked together in the back and slowly stood up. Giving a thumbs up Saito stepped back into the water slipping below the surface. Now he would wait for the others to act. When the lass had hoped into the water Saito pushed ahead of her. The water parted around him like a jet stream, if she were to follow in his wake she too would follow the current his chakra had created within the water. Their travel time would take well under five minutes to bridge the gap and draw up along side the ship. Cutting upward at a sharp angle he burst out of the water and latched on the the side of the boat. Tossing three sleeping bombs along the side the top of the ship blacked out from the gas and smoke. Thanks to the current breeze the smoke was carried off the back end of the ship and out to sea; but not before the people on deck and in the top rooms knocked out. Thus giving the lass some early free way to plan her advance. @Thotification @danzilla3
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  10. This had to be the least amusing thing Saito had done since his release from maximum security and solitary confinement. Deep frown lines crossed his ebony skin whilst both feet kicked within the water. Saito was already there just keeping to himself at the back, hanging off the edge and quiet compared to the sound of the docks and people. A single radial bone blade spun through his fingers with haste. The double edged weapon hummed gently in the wind as it gleamed in the light. Why carry weapons when every bone in his body was the weapon. Hence the major housing and consumption of chakra on a daily basis of usage. Wrinkling his nose the First Mate rolled his shoulders gently before rising to his feet on the back of the boat. Sauntering over soundlessly he crouched behind the Captain to his left. “So.. What are we waiting for now..?”
  11. *buzzes around gathering old projects.* I am going to try and be productive on here today. I did profound work on my word documents but I need to show some more love here. 

    I hope everyone’s well, my fellow depressed friends the sun is coming soon. We must remain strong. Those with other problems that have clearly pushed your mental or physical capacity to human normally the sun will come.. I love you all.

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  14. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    At present Koji was well within her grasp, a puddle of atoms and soul within the palm of her hand. Like evolution herself, Ventus began her work on the man. “So you wish to be close to a god..” Her voice mumbled lightly as her very essence began to pull his apart. Within this illusion the tolerance to pain was gained but also lost at the same time. With every reformation he would be forced to watch a version of himself go through the same process; all while following in its demise. A hall of mirrors in his case a cycle of horror watching his insides be splattered out. The taste and scent of sulfur oxide over powered the ability for the lungs to function flawlessly. Here he was stripped of sentient abilities and now a mere man. What he thought he understood about pain and survival would be given a whole new meaning. Spinning into the cycle a new method of torture; Ventus replicated his conscience doubling the input of what Koji would experience. While during the first fold time seemed to not exist; the second feed to his conscience would experience time. A weathering of his sanity, here he hung upon a cross. In this version he would taste cinnamon in abundance and like wise the extreme thirst. Against his back was a briar thorn bush which grew a few centimeters into his skin every few seconds. A growing yet throbbing pain that would never cease. The bush covered from the nape of his neck and down impaling his body from finger tip to finger tip and down to his toes. The thorns avoided vital points as to slowly let him bleed out in the humid heat. The humidity worked wonders when it came to making the body sweat itself into dehydration. When the thorns had accomplished fully impaling him he again would be reborn and the method would continue again.
  15. The next step to forge was that of trust. They were going quite the distance if he were to say so himself. Stretching his hands up he drank the vial before shattering it in his grasp. Compressing the chakra around it the glass turned to dust fading away. His knees grew weak as his palms were sweaty! Vomit on his shirt this mornings spaghetti, outside he looked like he was dying but inside he felt calm knowing how it goes. Fake death right? Wasn’t his first time to say in the least. The rest as one might say was history as he bleed from the mouth mixed with foam. He shook and convulsed before soon falling quiet upon the Warden and Guards approach. Damn how he wanted to kill one or two who would come inspect his body but at this point physically he had no control over his body. Then there was absolute darkness; keeping his mind engaged Saito started counting. By time the antidote kicked in Saito’s clocked stopped. “7200 seconds.. An what do I call you..?” Saito said with a few blinks before his black optics gazed over Mel. Sitting up slowly his grey hair remained ruffled and unkept. Looking around at the area Saito raised a brow slowly. Looking from the debris to the opening he smirked at Mel. “Alchemist.. Lead the way..”
  16. Out of the freezer and into the frying pan aye? That was one way to put the situation rather light instead of his first thought. Kill the man? What did this man know of never having a moments rest? Even when Saito had been sentenced to jail time his killers still came. Solitary was the last place and quite frankly the only space where a close to successful attempt might happen. Whose to say this might be it?! The mention of no freedom was something he forfeit when he decided to take up training. “Freedom is truly a bored man’s concept of relaxation. I’ve never known such a luxury..” His gaze remained empty, the soul inside had died out a long time ago. It was almost as if Saito didn’t see the prince at all. Instead they were eyes set to greet death at any given moment. “Let us not waste time on the known knowns and the known unknowns. I accept this proposal, it’s better than waiting to be killed in a cage by another assassin.” Dusting over his orange baggy jumpsuit which was rolled up half way at the legs and sleeves; Saito held out his left hand, the ebony arm was scarred heavily but muscular none the less. A handshake always sealed a true deal even if he was just hired muscle.
  17. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    Given the transforming situation, Ventus was not yet ready to give him the ground yet. Taking from the ten walls left Ventus compressed two light walls and two air walls into one turning it down to 6. Throwing these four walls at Koji and his explosion she altered the shattering quality of the air pressure and instead changed it to implode. Sucking the vast wall of magic energy and fire into itself the light energy snuffed out the magic properties in negation. Thus the smoking debris was few and far between, the space she had once given him to breathe was removed. Shoving the remaining six walls forward his free fall would be his undoing. First he was hit with the last wall of light and pressure which sucked him in like a whirlpool. Throwing him down into the last 4 Magic’s walls his aura was stripped from his flesh and the mind was consumed. Dropping the right hand down she kept it open gathering power at its epicenter. For Koji his world would splinter as his very reality turned to hell itself. The mental hell of Sarandriel in which the young lord would find himself flung and splattered a thousand times over. The pain center of his body was heightened, for every splatter he would experience rebirth only to be splattered again with no power to call upon. The cries of legions could be heard ringing in his mind as he was subjugated to the mental abuse. What happens to the mind the body will later experience.
  18. When the guards slowly retreated, the silence and removal of his cage made him quirk. This was highly unusual, Nike before had dared to open his cage much less give him the key to his freedom. Curiosity was slowly starting to get the better of him. Slowly reaching out he caught the key in his lap and began opening the locks around his body. With a loud thud each hit the steel floor beneath him. The air with seemed to shift and shimmer as the reservoir of pent up chakra began to bubble to life. He had earned Saito’s cooperation for the time being. Stretching his limbs he went too to bottom allowing joints to pop and relax. “Honestly, I doubt there’s anything left for me in Alterion.. Going home is not an option. Perhaps I might find use of my skills I’d still have my whole life to live.. But let’s not talk jokes. Why are you here? Clearly your station is one of importance to the warden.” When the shackles on his ankles dropped the air got denser before Saito inhaled and suppressed the rushing flow. Standing tall to Grant he looked the man up and down before giving a raised brow expression.
  19. “Vanilla..” Ydris mumbled to himself lightly, violet hues gazed upon the woman as she admired herself in her robes. Keeping his gaze modest and above the neck he fixated on the features of her face; the addition of the gem was something he also admired. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder, age would no longer play a factor into her physical growth, only the markings of choice be they good, neutral or evil. For example if she were to be measured on a percentage scale; Eira would be considered 100% good for her intentions during creation. Ydris on the other hand would be 50% good the other 50% would be neutrality. His choices to live a chaotically neutral life ruled such influence. A faint smirk crossed thick lips as his body swayed before turning to walk out of the gate. “I’m glad you feel so great. Rest is surely one of the best healing factors the mortal body has to offer. A timeless remedy that is often robbed by the mind itself.” A chuckle tumbled deep within his chest as he led the way. “Do not forget to name your Moogle. Everyone has a name it would saddening to not have a name. It is one thing each greatly takes pride in.” Gesturing to his very own Moogle, Robin bobbed happily up and down in the air before flying in circles around Ydris’s horns. “What is your next order of business I have no real plans at the moment. I intend to find some artifacts soon.. First I need to do some research..”
  20. Chappu

    [GS] Ventus.

    What was this feeling that throbbed in her chest? It was somewhat fuzzy even exciting; almost as if she had found pride in his all our momentum. The ice continued to swarm even after impaling his body. Yet as he transformed a good portion of the shards not in his body were melted away from the heated aura. The ice that had struck home iced him to the bones, melding with the transformation cutting down some of the aura circulation. The first step was done, even now as he blasted against the walls the first layer of air extinguished his flame while the light collapsed in on the energy and Koji himself. The first magic layer of magic activated the ice in body further. Altering the bodily temperature dramatically he would soon feel as if he were dying of cold. With the growing lack of ability to breathe as he hit the next wall of air the making of oxygen cycling the body on his next inhale would be cut down to half. The light barrier shard at this point was set to daze the enemy with burst to help set her plan into motion. The next wall of magic he crashed through would strengthen the hold of influence upon his very core. Should he not divert some energy to resist he would soon find himself tasting sulfur oxide. His mental grip on his transformation would also find itself weakening as she threatened to turn his back into his humanoid form. Sliding her hands closer together and more to the center of her chest Ventus created some breathing room for the young Dragon. “The ice has settled to your bones and core. Your body will go last but your brain and senses will go first. How strong is your will?!” Ventus hissed lightly, the space she granted him was a few feet, but with the air pressure built walls he would find those few feet to be a saving grace. @Twitterpated
  21. Sometimes you just wanna ax kick the dude next to you.

  22. No more energy drinks, my body is literally still shaking from yesterday.

  23. Bump bump, bump bump, bump bump.. The only sound he heard was the blood running through his veins. The opening and closing the the left and right ventricles as oxygen enriched the blood. Saito has been in meditation since the day of his arrival on this black site. The molding of chakra had been sealed beneath the shakes yet it flowed deeply within his core. Manifesting and layering waiting to explode in an instant. One might get the shakes like too much sugar in the blood stream yet he was calm and quiet. “No voices. I like the silence, you can feel the nervousness of the guards stationed outside the walls. Each one already anxious enough to make a move..” The fear of those who guarded him was tangible beyond belief. Stone faced as always they showed nothing when Grant arrived, however each had an itchy finger to draw from the holster and fire without hesitation. “You don’t sound like the warden, what are you? The shrink? When did they let kids into black sites??” The question was ignored as he remained in darkness keeping his eyes closed. The shackles remained tight around his athletic yet lean figure. The black jumpsuit granted to prisoners was all he wore with bare feet. “Better yet, I’m surprised the Warden granted anyone to speak to me.. So what brings you here fresh meat?” Saito questioned his brow dared to raise at this point. The situation was pathetic and laughable almost but he was happy to have his own space. Adjusting his back slightly he had an odd idea. Without hesitation as kicked both legs forward making the loose chains snap forward in a loud crack. The walls shook a moment, the vibration rolled though the floor next and out to the other walls. Of course he did not attempt to break the chains, but for Grant there was a clear change of posture in every guard. Each quickly rounded upon the cell weapons drawn and safeties were off without hesitation. “See what I mean.. So damn tense.” @danzilla3
  24. Chappu

    District 102

    “At the end of the day.. You are the boss, this is your expedition. I am simply here to see it through to the end.” Roman said his grey optics flickered with ambition as he considered her position. Turning away with ease he stepped towards the control room door, placing a hand against the frame he patted it down. There were no weak points which gave him some comfort, it meant the room itself should be mostly intact on the interior. Reaching for the handle he took a deep breath once more he grasped the Golden Power within his veins. The door itself groaned slightly before the joints and bolts turned with the handle. Without power to the building the door itself was heavy as hell to the normal body. It’s systems ran on a different breaker than the doors they first went through. Prying the door open the pipe in his left hand emitted a bright glow working as a torch for the way. The hall was long but clean still, dust had built up along the walls and panels but that was the least of their worries. Stepping forward Roman began the trek inside, observing the roof over head some panels were cracked some had dropped down to the floor. Yet the space above were only pipes and wires. Too small for a creature to crawl through unless there was something here he didn’t know about. “Doctor.. Were there any other creatures in this facility with this Relic of yours? If granted the option I would like to be fully briefed about this base. You may want to drop by the medical bay after this, however should more than one type of adversary prevent itself we may be limited to our options.” Roman chimed as the hallway bent to the left, there was a soft blue emergency light that shone further beyond. What was with this place? Either it was fully out of power or it wasn’t.. @Helios
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