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  1. If there was a time to wait, now was as good as any in truth. Ydris watched with watery eyes as his attack effectively reset the map and doubled the lockdown. He appeared to have gotten a little bit of work done, just no internal damage from the deployment of new defenses. Wrinkling his nose lightly, the helmet once more returned to covering his head. Following was just about all that there was to do at this time, clutching Er and Legion in either hand the energy gathering began once more. Instead of placing it inside of himself he placed it all within the shield. The flaming face remained unmoving for the time being, he pushed to get closer to the ship. Keeping the shield at the ready his chanting remained well under his breath to prevent audible transmission. 'So, who are you Ancient one?' Ydris questioned via mental waves pecking at the Avatar to answer his question. Why not learn while he prepared and they traveled. 'I know for a fact you shall not give this up easily, nor will I..' Violet hues narrowed lightly as his grasp on Legion reversed pointing the blade downward. Reaching out his mental perception he looked to tether his own energy source to their mounting movements. No matter what he must not leave the ship behind. Thus when they decided to jump he would be coming along for the ride.
  2. The ticking in the back of his mind, made Halvar pay very close attention, his left hand slipping free of its pocket. Corvinus influence washed over him pouring anti magic strength into his body. As he watched the line he saw the flux of magic rushing towards him. The energy levels threatened to overwhelm him, yet with a bold upward cut of his hand the anti magic of the Corvinus influence cut the rippling over flow of energy in a single cut. The released anti magic did not stop there, it followed the source of the attack. Eating away the magic trail left behind by the ring closing in on Soaps location. Keeping the influence flowing through his body it began covering his body and clothing in layers. After a fifth layer a sixth took place before shredding itself to threaded tendrils. When the anti magic hits the ring it’s ability to function would be cancelled out for the duration till Halvar released the influence. @ShogiJesus
  3. This flashbang and energy ripple happening independently or at the same time??

  4. WE GOT A RUNNER!!! @Armada Soaps movements changed on the drop of a dime, calculated and methodical. Xavier was not surprised about what was taking place, the swift denial in any future ability to scan for him followed by what he had learned while studying under him. A change of appearance and something to fit into the scene no? Wrinkling his nose he allowed his senses to now roam free from his body. An upgrade he was fond of from his ascension within his Soulseeker class, maybe even a divergence from the main path thanks to the good Doctor. When he sniffed the air he knew two things, Soaps natural scent and how to tell the difference in aura usage, after many hours of having his own face between in it was hard to forget both. Soap was a thorough teacher if not one of the best he had encountered yet; glancing around his optic vision sharpened and enhanced when focusing on the specific individual. His stride slowed only for a moment as the left hand reached into the pocket before he himself stopped before the shop of masks. First prime location to investigate for sure, stepping inside he knew he was behind but he could not help but entertain this game of cat and mouse. He might even be the mouse right now instead of the cat itself, the reality was still to be decided. Sniffing the air Xavier mentally pulled at the tale-tell signs of power used within the shop. It was, fortunately, the only one at this time which made him smile, not careless but calculated in the traces left behind. As his vision adjusted he held on to the single strand of energy that had recently been used within the shop. "Mmmm. Fashionable and neat as always Boss." Joy radiated through his core as he perked up with joy the corners of his eyes creased like crows feet. Handing over a bit of currency to the vendor he took pulled on a mask. It was that of a wolf covering his whole face but not enough to impede his ability to see. Stepping towards the back of the store he ducked behind the tent and adjusted his attire. Pulling out the AI bot, Xavier gave the creature the trail to follow swiftly dumping his nice clothing. Pulling through the pile up he found a pair of shorts a spare set of boots and a t-shirt. Putting them all on he found himself a bandana and placed it around his head to cover his hair. Placing the wolf mask back on his face Halvar was back on the street the Kbar was tucked away out of sight. Crimson optics narrowed at the iris in a vertical fashion, it was time to hunt. The mix of smells prevented a clean sniff of Soap but he wasn't wrong on who it was. His steps were light as he himself blended into the crowd nicely, after all, he hadn't exactly grown much besides reaching the 5' range. Keeping his posture relaxed and less regimented Xavier allowed himself to follow the strand to the center of folds. Looking up as he should have he was constantly being updated on the AI's distance as it floated on the outskirts of the crowd and away from people. It blended well with many of the other objects that hung from buildings and vendors. 'Some many people, what if we lost him?' 'Don't speak like that Cortana, we will find him.' The mental conversation remained unheard and secured from prying ears. Slowly but surely Halvar pushed his intent out from his core. He had but one intent at this festival now, to reconnect with the teacher and figure out the rest from there. Perhaps someone or something might pick it up and help out or Soap might even register it. Who knew.
  5. Boots shuffled upon the flowers which were crushed underfoot, one hand rested upon the hilt of his kbar while the other placed a toothpick between his lips. Crimson optics reflected the festivities as the boy simply decided to lose himself among the people. There was no particular reason for Xavier to honestly be there, yet he could not shake the feeling this was the place to be honestly. The youth wore a simple tux suit that made him slightly stick out to those who wore more traditional dress for their location. The bystander was simply there to enjoy the festival, after all, he had nothing to really hold onto since his teacher left and he himself had left Kadia. Besides the adorable doctor who helped amplify his abilities, Xavier kept to himself while here tinkering with the weapon on his hip. From within his jacket, a small orb floated about scanning the crowd. Running a hand through his hair it was no longer messy but well kept and cut low to give him a more professional look despite his short stature. Moving forward through the crowd Halvar watched the results through the contacts in his eyes, 'Nothing out of the ordinary really. Perhaps I was wrong??' His thoughts roamed before the AI picked up something unordinary. Disbelief rolled through the lad's chest as the AI picked up the traces of someone he long since believed to be dead. Then again it was his foolishness that led him to keep believing that Soap could die. From his own personal database, the facial and structural matched perfectly. Holding himself back he watched the three people get the memory wipe in mere seconds before Soap once more moved into the crowd. "I'll be damned.." He thought to himself while ceasing his meaningless wandering to keep up. @Armada There was silence as violet hues observed the grounds around Koji's gathering. It was not uncommon for Ydris to travel from lands outside of Renovatio; however, it was rare that the man traveled in a pack. Few here had gotten to meet him, but he had seen just about every single one of the crew here besides Ozu. The Renovatian accent in one of Koji's most trusted Concubines made him smile beneath the face mask which covered from his nose down from ear to ear. That left his violet hues and large horns to sit in the open while his salt and pepper dreadlocks were wrapped together in a large ponytail. Its length stopped at the lower section of his back and swayed as he paced behind the seemingly seated crew. The next was a Kadian soldier of immense strength that he admired greatly, perhaps one day he should ask to cross blades for a learning experience. Metal crunched into flower petals as he ever remained fully armored beside his helmet at this time. There had been a brief exchange of words between him and the Emperor upon the Kommadants festival, the man spoke of adventure and Ydris was not one to turn such things down. "When shall we take their heads?" @Aleksei @dvsn @Etched in Stone @Twitterpated @danzilla3
  6. Smile.-

    The human emotion often acts on an unconscious level, like the adrenaline rush to your favorite sport or the synchronized calm of your being with music. 

    You obsession over an activity gives it validation and priority over most choices. The driven urge that makes you feel alive, I am obsessed with human joy. Most importantly the joy meter within my lover.

    Again human emotion acts on an unconscious level; so your muscles form micro expressions to the maximum of the spectrum. Between the general level of enjoyment to the full out radiant glow of energy and revitalization. 

    I’m infatuated with her happiness, there’s a common difference in the way she smiles. Between being joyful and when I say; ‘I love you.’ 

    Her beaming face and radiant hazel eyes brings me such a measure of peace. To know that someone else feels this same way is intoxicating. I want to see it all of the time. I love to love because she loves and appreciates the way I love. 

    The power of her smile brings me the most joy.

    - Xavier K. Hunter 

  7. The world does not cease to flow, thus I shall not cease to move.

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  8. Be patient The rejection was a sensation best served cold and uninviting to the enemy. Perception via heightened abilities showed telltale signs of incoming danger; flawless is execution Ydris was struck. Convulsions begot what appeared to be a painful impact on the metaphysical aspect. Le Kaiser Bolt, however, struck what was an empty Vessel without a soul. A shell if one felt so inclined to make the statement, and now this shell was fully charged. It started with a thought not born of his own conscience; 'Call upon Leo' was all there was. First, the helmet opened to expose Ydris’ blotched face albeit beautiful in the same token. His chest, throat, and stomach heaved. There was a grotesque bone shattering noise as Ydris' skull snapped backward with his mouth ajar. Beneath the armor, his chest swelled and convulsed before his throat distended and expanded like a toad. Sounds of gagging could be heard while rivers poured from their tear ducts and rolled down his face like a crying fountain of marble. The veins grew tumescent and began throbbing with his heartbeat. His jaw unhinged like the undead, drool flowed down the sides of his mouth showing no signs of relenting. After the whiskers came the maw of fury and eyes that screamed for the blood of his enemies. Consequently came the large mane granted to only the Alpha of the Pride. Leo had come, inspecting his surroundings, a pitiful gaze fell upon the vessel that was his vase. The moist nose twitched as the whiskers bobbed lightly, a deep breath was taken hostage waiting for the moment to escape. Then it came, what appeared to be a roar the release of what was within. The unveiling blend of all that existed to make what mortals called color. It started as blotches on an empty canvas pure and white as the snow itself. Almost as intangible as the clouds which lazily floated across the sky. Crashing down like the rains in African desert lands, causing life to bloom; rescuing it from the brink of death itself. Forward it all spun like a pinwheel with the wind, a sundering blow upon the skin. So it happened in reverse, a kaleidoscope came to life unleashing havoc upon the naive. Shake the box till its contents spilled free like spilled guts. Upon the outside, all looked calm, but within there would be a much different story. The assault began in earnest. The current state of the Avatar and ship would undergo change. At first, the world might seem a bit off to the Avatar as physical motor skills and clear processing of stability perished. What is more the contents within the shutdown vessel were submerged in vibrations rattling from the eye drums to the very contents around them. Glasses shattered screen cracked, and their weapons underwent dramatic change. Thanks to the high atmospheric pressure the vibrations worked hand in hand with the atoms boxed within the Null shield. Fission bombs from rattling atoms ruptured against not just the people but every inch of matter within and on the ship. Anti-Air weapons were prone to sundering and misfire blowing up in chain reaction one to another. It remained unclear how the Divinity Drive might react now with all altering of the vast ship that held it captive. During this time, sound cascaded through to the Avatar swiftly followed by the carnage of reaction was now at hand. In conclusion due to the lack of sound being blocked out, and the supercharged refill to max capacity; the Avatar and the ship underwent an attack of sound at full blast on all spectrums.
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  10. Bad news, worst news. When the shield and explosion made their connection, Ydris was not at all surprised about the effectless results. At least they had made their shields stronger before their weapons no doubt, the best defense was often a good offense on some measure. Yet Ydris did not have much time to think, the presence had gotten steadily closer and without delay the monster that was The Avatar had arrived before him, skyrocketing past him and overhead for him to see. At some points, one might rejoice for a new company but not this time, there was no call sign for joy to be held here. Reaching out his right hand Er, soared back into his grasp as he continued his low patrol of the ship while being sure to keep a consistent watch on the Avatar above. Keeping his senses on the shield he worked to find a way within, the Space-Time deal was really messy if one considered the level of jumping it would take to by pace the encryption. If there was any reason to get risky, now was the time to do it. The first was the activation of the Fallen Arch ring upon his hand, calling to the 12 seraph within he turned to smoke and pressed against the Space-time shield at hand. Upon connection, he opened the last two hexes at the same time having them coupled with the shield and then flip going in different directions. He aimed to flip parts of the encryption while picking up his physical energy levels in order to hopefully counter the gargantuan above. If his hexes managed to open up even a part of the way the smoke formation would slip through the shield leaving him within their bounds while Bull sat outside. Should they fail he had no doubt they would have a better read on his abilities but perhaps even smoke might be able to slip through as smoke, after all, it was the most intangible thing he could accomplish. "Sarandriel hear my prayer bring me fortune.."
  11. As Above so Below. 'I found you. You look rather strong, but I honestly ponder the strength of your conviction.' Ydris took note of his opponent a massive vessel that looked more like a final boss of a game. Joy rolled through his veins as the click of bay doors vibrated across his horns alerting him far before he saw the attack incoming. Keeping himself in cloud formation the final hex had been laid and fortified during his travels. Keeping a keen eye upon the projectiles he first was not very surprised, however, the more they divided the broader his smile became. Retrieving the shield by reflex the flaming maw ignited within the smoke opening upon the many bombs flying in on his location. The pace did not slow, as the explosions chained together upon the face of the shield three of the eight hexes kicked into action. Sucking all the flaming explosive force into Er's core it rolled through being, harnessing the power his pace slowed only by a few seconds as he pressed on. Taking some of the explosive power his armor was somewhat blackened from the force as metal shrapnel fell down to the ocean's surface leaving behind a trail. Perhaps some usable pieces for whatever hunted this looming fortress from below. Seconds passed after the smoke cleared exposing the rapidly approaching smoke once again, this time he picked up to Mach 6 facing Er backward the funnel of smoke-blackened at the end as two hexes activated using 1/3 of the explosive force to propel him forward. Without hesitation, Ydris glared at the ship with irritation and slow building rage. "You shouldn't fire dangerous toys at people.." Whether these people had a force field in effect or not would determine what happened next. As he neared the back he wasted no time in hurling his shield at the side of the ship leaving legion in his grasp as his only protection. Should the shield be able to make contact with the ship itself the remaining 2/3 of the explosive power in their missiles would be unleashed upon their ship not to mention the weight of his tools was that of a dead star. A thing he had picked up in his wide travels of the cosmos and combat against Fallen Arch's. Ydris did not stop moving as he held Legion out in his left hand falling out of the smoke for a split section, he aimed to land on the deck of the shield after the explosive force erupted at their lower sections near where he suspected the engines to be. Should a shield exist he had no doubt it would weaken considerably or even break from the explosive force of both the shield and their own force given back to them. Should landing be unsuccessful he would be back in the intangible formation, he wasn't here to play games he came for one thing alone. Even if he had to take this thing out from the sky he would obtain what he wanted. Ydris began to weave beginning to barrel roll at an increasing pace, he intended to make landing one way or another. Was this ship strong enough to carry the weight of a dead star or even two should he decided to put legion down on its deck.
  12. Fashionably Late 'It's out there.. Can you hear it? A tool crafted by beings beyond human understanding, it waits for a master. Can you hear it?' A gentle whisper of a voice rolled through Ydris brain as he slumbered within the Vale. Timeless and uninterrupted by the natural order of life. The Cosmos Dweller remained at peace. Yet it was a fickle peace for beneath the calm exterior raged the burning desire for blooded altars in order to please the Left-Hand Path. Thus the being slumbered no more, the Astral beings stirred in Ydris's wake, across the back of the star cut throne was Er his shield. Its gaping mouth had kept its faint ember-like glow while Legion still oozed its ectoplasmic fluid into the nothingness. "I hear it." A deep voice rumbled within his chest as it escaped pasted parted lips. The childish voice ceased to exist fading away as the lights of the Astral beings shifted and rotated all around. There was no pain or creaking in his bones as he rose up from the throne. Violet hues flickered within the darkness before a crude smile crossed his lips. With a single gesture with his left hand called forth the many Astral forces within his control. Not all bent to the novice wielder of the Left-Hand but he had earned the respect of most Astral bodies within the Vale. Thus they offered him guidance and strength to wield for the Left hand alone. The few gathering Astral bodies blended together like a spiral; in the meantime, the Fell Knight donned his armor with haste. There was no time to lose in finding the artifact that would greatly enhance his abilities. Once the main pieces of his armor were in place he adjusted the Ring of Yedidiah for comfort bringing some of the Astral power with himself. Putting on his helm the man tapped his hands together in order to help the armor settling in nicely. Slowly the spiral reversed its flow peeling back the Vale itself it opened up onto the ocean where the Divers had retrieved their prize. With a deep breath, Ydris closed his eyes before stepping out of the Vale from the sky. Legion and Er dropped out after him free falling into his open grasp. Er onto his right arm and Legion into his left hand. As the water drew closer the man leaned back standing upright as if the pencil dive into the water, however, the graviton in his attire kicked into play. Slowing his drop to a halt the Fell Knight remained high within the sky, staring down at the water the world began to adjust as he scanned for energy levels of varying kinds. The first thing that popped out to him was the Drive fleeing existence ahead of himself, the second was another monster far below the surface of the water. 'On second thought.. Let's just get going..' Crouching down upon the air he faced forward as if he were going to race. With a quick kick, the Fell Knight soon reached a cruising speed of Mach 4, swiftly shifting into smoke the speed increased to that of Mach 5 thanks to the lack of wind resisting his onward force. The sound barrier broke as he flew towards the enemy at hand, those who would stand in his way would soon find their faults. Yet he could not be careless either, there were plenty of beings out here seeking out the same treasure. Placing Er upon his back, Ydris kept Legion in a single-handed grip keeping an eye out for possible enemies either in the air or on the water. Reaching out with the right hand he began drawing out hexes around his body as a preemptive set up for defense in the future. As the wind rolled around his figure he used the vibration off of his horns to get a better sense of the world around him in the sky. What he would found he did not know, but he would be ready.
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