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  3. Of course the more the merrier. Be sure to send it directly to my pms or put t here! I appreciate the content!! @TheCalmOne Thank you for your input!!
  4. Never Go into the darkness alone. [Physcial Cont.] Distinguished Markings: She has no Tattoo's or Scars at this time. Hair Style: Mina kee[s her hair shoulder length and very clean. Having white hair can be a pain when it comes to stains and so forth. Optic Condition // Style: Her eyes are different from the general public. While many people have a pupil, she does not yet she had perfect visual comprehension. The reason behind such a change was brought about by her birth. Conditions of such a birth and family member is purely unknown, however her eyes are different. Some may need to train to sense Energy ( Chi, Chakura Etc.) yet she can see it. This makes her most usual when it comes to looking ahead behind walls and such. Like a sensor or radar scanner. Body Style: Athletic, Toned, Thick, Flexible. Skin Style: When touched her skin is smooth and soft to the touch, it's bronzed hue gives no signs of her rigorous training. Physical Ailment(s): None. Mental Ailment(s): None.
  5. Hand Maiden to the Empress // Harem of Koji // White Haired Demon 'Softly now the Leaves rustle, Gentle is the breeze that comes, Deadly is the silence which follows.' Just the Darkness and I Persona · born · · Izagi Noi. · given · · Mina · legacy · · Nationality; Renovatian. · · Genus; Nelrosis. · · Begetter; No Record. · · Sib; No Record. · matrimony · · Single. Conception · where · · Oo'Xora · when · · 3rd Cycle · (Summer) · Virgo. · present · · 22. Features & Physique · height & weight · · 5'1''. 120 lbs. · sex & health · · female. Fit. · general · · complexion + · · eyes + · · hair + Vocation · Maiden of the Empress ·· Maid // Consort · focus ·· stealth & assassination. - Resume · Shinobi Maiden ·· Shinobi. · focus ·· ninjutsu & swordplay. - Masteries I · - Stealth. II · - Poison. III · - Ninjutsu. IV · -. V Handle ·· -. · type. ·· -. · components ·· Hilt: #' · # lbs. · Size: #. Foundation i; Constitution. ii; Dexterity. iii; Psyche. iv; Willpower. v; Strength. vi; Celerity. vii; Intelligence. Innate i; Ninjutsu ·· Adept skill level. iii; Summoning iv; v; vi; - Blessings i; Mina. ·· ---------. ii; Ninjutsu. ·· Chakura // Seals. iii; Metaphysical ·· Summoning. - Empathy i; Elemental. ii; Summoning. iv; Ninjutsu v; vi; vii; - Designation: Mina. — Null — Null significance: None. — Null status: Living to Serve. Lore · present ·· Link · Happenings. ·· · past ·· Link · Happenings. ·· ·· Disclaimer. ·· Credit Dre for profile and resources.
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  7. 'Shit who let the cry baby into the Party?' At first Mars was reluctant to even look at the Light Bender.. What was his name..? Kaori? Nah.. Fuck that, Mar's made a note to call him the Pacifist. Though if Mar's understood correctly there stood a man with more war under his belt than Mar's had bother indulge himself with. The concept that this man would feel something made Mar's twitch slightly. "Jesus... When the hell did you let a wet blanket into the ranks Titus.. This pussy footer over here.." Frowning deeply Mar's was indeed half tempted to punch the man square in the jaw but to what end. Of course he noted that there would be casualties however, he had made his orders clear. An when he said orders Mar's was always inclined to spare civilian lives, yet this time it was different. Those under his command were too eager to kill. To eager to assert complete control over the situation. Titus himself also showed some disapproval to the entire method yet, Mar's could do nothing to stop what needed to be done. Either you were going to make a victory with no loss to start, or a victory with a lot of loss. Sure they were in disfavor of forcing a trade of prisoners later, but that too was a tragic marker of war. Upon obtaining new orders from Titus the man turned away from Kaori.. Sorry.. Pacifist. The Captain took each hand and clasped it on the shoulders of the two rangers. From his sleeves to flaming adders hissed into place. 'Now listen here.. When I said to injure.. An not kill.. I meant for anyone.. I understand the rules of war I get that.. Yet we must have a sense of mercy.. Now.. You will go down there and you will.. Pick up every wounded civilian an take them hostage. You will take them to the medics station and see to their needs. Never disobey me again..' The conversation was quick just like the adders as they swiftly bit the two rangers in the neck. A small reminder to keep to the code of proper warfare. Mar's may love war more than most, but he still had a strong justice about the process on how things are done. Blatantly the man had easily ignored the fire mage as he focused on the task at hand. Yet he did catch the mans name, Som.. Keeping that name in mind, Mar's gave the man a pat on the back before walking off down the hill to do some work. The work did not detail the orders Titus gave, but rather the presets for when the process was complete. He went to lead the way and clear space inside of the Keep in order to store the wounded and see to the full torture of the guards. "Perhaps Titus we shall place them up here with the tree. Keep the civilians and soldiers separate, it reduces the Hero factor." Glancing over his shoulder at Titus and Kaoi the man moved pasted them both on the way down the hill to the Keep. [ Several Moments later. ] When arriving at the Keep the guards had already been stored inside of the jail cells. Yet they were not alone, they did not have the same number of rooms as there were guards, Thus the buddy system in came in handy for them all to suffer in unison in a small group. Some might retreat to the back of their mind to fight the poison, some might even begin to scream in fury and pain trying to make the it all go away. Much like a nightmare coming to life when one was so used to waking up and it never happening. Mar's stood at the center square of the Keep. With his arms waving somewhat wildly about he directed the flows of traffic. Bodies were being moved one way while supplies were going the other way. Medical supplies were swiftly passed out and then more and more frequently for the wounded. Turning to a few empty handed troops he gestured to the forest beyond. "Get to work on setting up markers and memorize what you see... I want to know good hunting spots and places to keep posted troops to prep for retaliation." His words were understood and soon they were off, quickly he grabbed another person and put them in his place at the center. Giving them a swift run through he had them direct the flow of traffic. Rushing himself to the top of the hill he grab several large crates by himself and carried them down the hill. He was supposed to be helping after all, it didn't matter about position or rank. Contribution was the key to everything. For now things were running smoothly, he hoped everything could be said with Titus, Som and Pacifist.
  8. Dominic was unsure if he should have been surprised to find the hooded figures here in such a place. Perhaps he should go about slaughtering those who prayed, yet who would witness the results if not them? Was that not how converters were made and deities made comebacks from the forgotten past? Yes.. Yes it was, and so it would be.. A sensation rose within his chest as he approached for the service. Should he bother speak? Nay, words were only befit by a person of action. Even people of action spoke less than he thought in silence on the daily. More.. Action.. More.. More.. Narrowing his violet hues slowly Dominic weaved behind the gathered figures as the heat touched his ebony skin. Standing tall in the isle Dominic merely raised his blade to the preacher behind the alter, the blade itself still dripped necroplasm from its faces onto the robes and floor of the two closest blasphemers. "You spew blasphemy.. What say you..?" The question and remark were simple and his intention was very clear for all those to see. Looking at the two people then the preacher he waited for a response patiently and somewhat respectfully besides the necroplasm staining their robes. The power resumed its flowing through his body and skin as he prepared himself for an encounter, an encounter that would change his life a decent bit. [ Walk Through ] Prep: [*][*][*][*][*] Prep Skill: Quick Cast:
  9. Dealings of The Dark ' Arrival at Last Chance Sir.. What are your orders?' The words trickled through his head lightly as Cortana spoke to him through an ear piece. Lidded hues now opened peered out into the darkness of his room. The only light was that of the necroplasm spilling free of Legion's thriving faces. The green tickles gave way to a blooded rain to which he paid no mind to. 'Lift the nullification field slowly.. Allow the Queen and her party member to regain their senses a piece at a time..' A firm hand caressed the moogles sleeping head as Dominic waited for the creature to slumber no more. The ship itself swiftly approached the docking ports for a vessel of its prowess. Cortana herself made a personal note to inform the crew of their arrival. Not that they couldn't already see it, it was simply good manners. "Last Chance is now before you Black Queen. The nullification field is lifting so that you made be at your peak upon touching the ground. It would be rude to not allow you time to adjust. Dominic will remain here upon the ship to attend to some business but should you need him.. Please.." Her voice trailed off as she slowly held up a set of rings with chains looped into the single space. This way people did not need to wear the jewelry they could hold it of they could put it around their neck. Either way, it was a tool to reach the man at the earliest notice. 'Give it a rub and he will be contacted, be sure to note in your thoughts if you wish to just speak or require his physical aid.' Looking to Reinhard the A.I nodded to him lightly as she placed the rings upon a lone table top. Leaving the room once more Cortana's bodies went to work with figuring out a way to made traveling in the vessel easier for those that traveled with the Queen. Surely there was a way to damper senses but not take everything from the person right? As the Null field dissipated people would feel like themselves once more. Having the grasp of their full abilities the ship soon came to a subtle stop. The hum of the engines cut out only leaving the core generator to keep the ship within the air. Leaving the confines of his room. Dominic remained clothed in complete black clothing. With a now groggy moogle on his left arm the man stood at attention at the main entrance to the ship. The side walls opened swiftly allowing a walk way to manifest itself and connect to the main dock. "Safe travels to you all.. I shall be here with the ship.. I trust Cortana gave you a means of contact. Please do not be afraid to use them." Bowing his head lightly the ebony man remained tight faced and stoic as the pain in his body slowly dropped down. The Black Queen of Patia had arrived. Last Chance beware of a vengeful woman.
  10. 'There is power here.. Home is here..' The voices within his mind rolled like ocean waves through his veins. The feeling of the darkness encompassing him made him feel safe, almost like a fetus back within the womb. Even with his eyes closed the world was not as dark as this. What ever this place was, he would like to get here within the physical sense. The thrum of Legion gave Dominic a rather vivid understanding of just how clustered this place was. From quaking faces and necroplasmic eyes, the blood fog stirred a fire within his bones. A feeling of warfare which he had not experienced in some time. The silence here was like a stadium of spectators as he walked the under tunnels. The blood christened his boots as the fog itself baptized his entire body. 'Make me wise and strong like those who dwell within the dark.. No.. I will.. I am.. The unbecoming son of the Ku'Zar household.' The thought rippled through his brain lightly as he slowly lifted up his arms. Reaching out to touch at the figures before they are gone. Such a short rain, perhaps he would have to extend it if Rifornie could bleed. His thoughts remained bent upon destroying the creature which defiled his Master’s home. Such dishonor would not be tolerated ever again.. One foot in front of the other led him forward through the astral thick of beings. Even now his body soaked up the energy which Legion fed upon hungrily. The blade was alive, but even he already knew such a thing. His optics slowly adjusted to what this darkness had to offer. After all was he not also apart of such a Vale of darkness? The Left-Hand path was all he could ever walk, a creature of the blackness. Taking a moment to stop several paces before the threshold Dominic dared to look back at the sinew and veins which thrived with life. One was never alone in the darkness.. “We go.. Legion.” Lifting the blade up slowly he adjusted his grip upon the blade. To a normal man the weapon would be hard to lift like Thor’s hammer, yet to Dominic it’s weight was like that of a switch. Breathing deeply once more he stepped out across the threshold. Opening his right hand he swiftly placed a small hex upon his palm. As he passed the threshold he placed the hex on the nearest pillar to his right. This would be an ending point to this game. The pillar itself was jagged and broken in various places but the main point Dominic wanted faced the open room. Dominic did not know this creature’s strength nor his size, but he estimated the creature would be fairly taller than himself. After all Domonic was just a man, so when his trap was set into play he would have two feet of clearance beneath the spiked section. ‘Should things go south, I will fall back on my surroundings and the Darkness which beckons to me.’ His thought remained sound as he prepared himself physically for what was to come. The sharded pillar no longer looked like it was broken but a tall standing spire that had aged a bit. Gazing this way and that Dominic’s hues glinted with joy and utter blood lust. With the darkness at his back, Dominic had little to worry about in terms of being over powered. Perhaps.. Would the Valentine's close off after he'd passed the threshold. [Walk Through ] Quick Cast: Hex: To Bewitch and alter. Hexed Object: Broken Spire with various spikes sticking out of its broken body. The lowest spike is 8 feet from the ground, the hex makes the pillar look completely normal. A trap set for later. Prep: [*][*][*][*][*] Prep Skill: Legion's change: [*][*][*][*] gained in darkness. [ Still up for editing due to questions. ]
  11. Finally this place is back up, oh how I've greatly missed you.

  12. "My existence, knows only the sound of life and growth. Death is but a necessary evil to make space for more." ~ Apai "Herder of Souls, come forth and seek out Salvation for those Lost Souls." ~ Sigurd [ | Physical | ] Anatomy Fragile, Lithe, Flexible Ashen Skin / Paper white skin Golden Optics White hair that is unkept and fits the wild boy nature side. The lad has tattoo's that cover majority of his body. Upon his torso carries an array of jagaon to kanji symbols marked in his flesh. Upon his back is a giant portrait of a various demon masks and skulls. Upon his face he has several tattoos, one beneath his bottom lip like two mountain peek symbols. Several more of those same symbols stack beneath his eyes from largest to smallest looking like a flattened stack of V's. Over the left eye is an imprint of an angel wing while over the right a single arched flare of ink. 5' 110 lbs Physical Illness: Tuberculosis hampers his bloody preventing him from harnessing his full ability. This advanced set of TB has stunted his growth. Contract with Apai: Upon their death his parents used a combination of their blood and their son's to summon Apai. A Soul Herder who feeds off of Sigurd's disease to fill the contract bind, but Apai is there so that the illness does not kill Sigurd. Therefore he cures the man while feeding off of the illness at hand. He serves as protector and thus the Magus's exponent amount of power flows through Apai like a vessel.
  13. "Won't you.. Stay a while?" Blinking slowly the ebony man did not exactly want to be left alone. Until they had reached Last Chance, moogle would be napping for a 48 solid hours. At the same time this gave him a chance to understand her on a more personal level. "Stay with me if Reinhard will allow it?" Pinching his brows the pain was somewhat overbearing but the presence of company was worth it all. It helped him forget that there was even an issue with the necklace harming his body. Drinking up the last of his Tonic he placed the cut upon the edge of the table. A small disk of the table slipped off and sank into the floor. "Perhaps.. Tell me more personal things about yourself, or even just enjoy the quiet pace of the deck and watching the world.. You are not a bother to me.. I spend my time alone and on missions.. I did say I wanted company. So please be my company.." His voice remained low and peaceful as he inquired of her desire to stay in his presence and relax. He did not know what to speak about but he wanted to listen to her voice. He wanted to experience a deep level of peace he had not experienced in a very long time. "Perhaps.. If you don't mind.. If you aren't in too much pain.. Sing a lullaby..?" Opening his eyes slowly he was surprised at the fact that he even mentioned such things. It was unlike his character, but one could not resist the urge to be comforted. He wanted to comfort everyone on deck but for the calmness and safety he had put them in an uncomfortable position. "I will gladly come with you though, should you desire that I meet your company of people. An this Reinhard fellow who is your keeper of protection. I do admire him despite his lack of admiration for my works." Gazing up at the ceiling another trickle of blood rolled down his lip mixed with sulfur. The aroma within the room grew stronger by the minute even as he cleaned his face with a cloth. He did not like bleeding in front of people but then again he would forever be a mortal being without a soul. Doomed to be resurrected at the whim of Sarandriel's will. There was nothing worst he could possibly imagine at this point of his life.
  14. "Hey.. Marik.. Do you believe in an Afterlife for Beserkers like Us?" - Dying thoughts of Maximus. At first there was nothing but black blood and flying body parts in Maximus's tunnel vision. The beating drum in his mind and heart rang on louder that what was coming next. Cutting down his last of many opponents the Dragoon turned to face where the Queen was. A frenzy was all one could see in his eyes, down to the very core he was on a warpath of no return. From the looks of his body it was amazing his was still even alive. He had a few spears sticking through his chest from front to back and back to front. From there were several blades lodged within his legs and arms but even those did not slow his work. They were all blood stained and still his body moved. He saw the girl run and watched the light bender drop down into unconsciousness. Yet Marik stood strong as he should have, Maximus had put his life on the line purposely so Marik could get to the end. Yet everything changed he stood unprepared and deaf to all noise that went on around him. There was nothing but a white noise which soon matched the world before him. The Queen exploded and his Pupper was mid sprint towards Max before being blown off to the side by the force of the blast. The Dire Pup was indeed safe the armor lock down kept Sussano well protected, but even still the Zerker alone had nothing but corpses. Reaching out he grabbed the nearest drider corpse to protect himself but even that did not seem to help. The world turned from black to red and finally white.. The last image he saw was him holding hands with Aurelius in his mind as they had finally bonded for the first and seemingly final time. "Well.. It was a good run.. Neh?" Chuckling lightly in his mind the two melded into one solid person once more. He was whole once again, a child of the Beserker Blood. He walked on, knowing where his destination had to be. Vahalla a warriors paradise. As he walked he soon saw nothing at all as darkness and death seemed to over take him. "Sorry Marik.. There won't be a next time.." "You seem to be lost Little Mishka.." A voice... A familiar voice.. "Little Mishka. Why are you here..? You have not earned your crest yet.." His eyes within the spirit world shot open as he stood within a barren land. On all sides he was surrounded by his Ancestors and most of all his Father stood before him. A barrel chested man with eyes black as the night itself, a marred face that betrayed none of the love or kindness he had experienced from the man when he was alive. How was he to feel about it? Elated? Confused? Over joyed perhaps? A frown etched its way on to the mans face as he gave Max a hard push. Despite Max's size his father was more of a Bear than he was. His father towered over him a seven feet and pure trained war muscle. Utroque was not pleased with his sons early arrival at the gates of Vahalla. "You.. Are too soon.. Maximus.." His thick accent remained ever clear as he bore his war axe in his right hand. The one weapon his father always used, he could not recall a single time that axe had been split the skulls of invaders. Yet this time everything was different, his father had a crimson hot fire glow about him. The land itself began to transform into a blazing field, the other Ancestors armed themselves as they locked the circle around the two. "But Father!" A well placed kick was thrown at Max's chest which he nimbly avoided, unlike most he had never found a weapon to fit his liking. Even Kingslayer was not here in his grasp at the end. A warriors crest was his weapon of choice at all moments in life. Glancing at his wrists his gauntlets were no where to be found. "Maximus.. You dare defy your bloodline and die so soon? Have I not taught you well enough to die with honor?!" Growling once more the Father attacked! Swinging rapidly the man kept Maximus on his toes as the boy duck and weaved. Even if his father took large swings there was no time to really dance in and out of range. The man out ranged him and surely outpaced him in thinking and speed in general. At this point he was just holding on as the heat grew. Sliding over to Utroque's right he stepped outside of the side and threw a hard knee. The trained knee hit muscle which rippled upon impact but the man didn't seem to mind. What was offered was firm and powerful back hand that knocked him clear off of his feet. The world turned to stars as he struck a wall of shields that bounced him forward. "Get up! I did not raise a weakling!" The voice bellowed and it was at this point that Maximus remembered the feeling of Fear. The ground shook as he struggled to rise to his feet, the beat down was coming and he did not enjoy the beat down. Yet even as he rose there was a single thud to his left and a solid boot to rid contact. Once more he was bowled into a shield wall then bowled back. To which he caught a beating which he had not experienced since his child hood. Putting up his guard within the ground and pound, Max understood this was a fight for his life. Despite being already dead, one could be thrown out of Vahalla to wonder the world as a spirit of shame. He would not have that. "I am not weak!" As he bellowed his claim Maximus slammed his knee into Utroque's solar plexus and bowled the man off. Rising up he cried out in rage before taking a stomping strike down to slam Utroque's face into the floor. He mounted the mans back with firm resolve. "I have killed hundreds in the name of our Family line.. I have crossed thresholds of other worlds to which you have never seen! I have fought creatures that people made tales about! I am not weak!!" Growling he put the man in a choke but the Father thrashed on. Using the handle of his axe he jabbed Max hard in the ribs, breaking two and knocking the air out of the young man. Effectively he weakened and lose his grip as he gasped for air but found only blood and pain. It shocked him that one could still bleed in Vahalla, there indeed was a death beyond Death itself. Dropping to the ground Utruque did not stop and Max did not think to breathe. Trade for trade was how it went, locking the axe arm down Maximus wasn't taking chances. Headbutting and kneeing the guts and ribs, he was running out of air. Running out of time and place, he had to find his way to victory. Brute strength alone was not yet his and he needed it. Clenching his fists he dug deep within himself and lashed out. Aiming solid strikes to his fathers face he knocked the man back a few feet. Getting into his more brawler stance the boy gazed into his fathers empty eyes. "You think you can beat your old man with that shabby style of combat.. Unarmed you called it..?" Utroque chuckled lightly while spinning his axe in hand he was accepting Max's challenge. Feeling the world rock and sway beneath his feet Maximus slowed his breathing to get the most out of every breath. This was it.. "Thron Kha!" They both cried out as they went in for the clash. Utroque swung and Maximus countered the strike with stepping on the outside of the swing once more. Giving a solid cross from right to left. He then upper cut the man with a solid left fist from the gut up. Maximus did not give the other man time to recover his right fist pounded again striking at the ear drum before he locked his left arm around the mans right shoulder Locking that arms into place he slammed the left leg and hip behind Utroque's right extend and pivoted. Working with the off balanced figure he throw the man to the ground backwards and head first. CRASH! Maximus followed the man down as their bodies rolled. Utroque was still somewhat in shock by the power of Maximus's punches. Getting his side mount he flipped into a firm armbar on the right arm and shoulder to prevent weapon use. SNAP! The bone broke without an remorse or sorrow, Maximus was in this to live and even if it was his father he would not fail. Utroque cried out but Maximus would not hear it! Chopping down with his right heel he crushed in the mans windpipe with his ankle. The cry was cut short as all watched on in utter silence. Utroque began to thrash as he tried to breathe, but could not do so. Max let go of the man as he only had his legs and one arm to work with. Utroque rose slowly but surely, caution was now something he would be taking very seriously when it came to his son. "What were you saying about me being weak?" Growling back in a challenging manner, Max stepped forward without fear as Utroque took a step back. Rushing forward in his cockiness Max, lunged for the man who side stepped and tripped the lad. Down Max tumbled but he quickly recovered and turned. Yet when he turned he was once more reminded why his father only ever used one weapon. Upon turning to face Utroque, Maximus was cut down to size. His left shoulder experienced a slipping pain that forced him to his knees. The axe buried itself in his skin before Utroque kicked him hard in the chest. Ripping the axe free his father went to work he cut off Max's left fore arm and severed his right leg at the knee. His cries rang out as pain flared through his body. He struggled to move and shift but Utroque kicked and swatted him with the flat of the axe keeping him centered beneath his feet. The battle was clearly decided and Maximus feared for his life at this point. Gazing up with bloodshot eyes he questioned the reason why Utroque didn't kill him at birth! Gritting his blooded teeth he groaned but dared to rise up. A solid steel boot struck him square in the temple sending stars before his eyes once more. "You are too early my son.." Utroque spoke again as the Spirit world sought to his recovery. Mending all bone and tendon the old man sauntered over his butchered child. "You have work to do back in the real world.." Utroque picked Maximus up slowly into his arm's leaving the limbs upon the ground the earth sucked them down. "Where are we going..?" Maximus questioned in pain as he felt weightless in his fathers arms. "Back to your body..." "Remember something Max.. You are my son.. I know you are no Weakling but you would never have done any of that had I not put your life on the line.. You will do greater things still, but for now.. You must stay alive.." Utroque smiled down at his one and only Heir to the name. Coming to the top of a small hill with a well, Utroque let his son go. The weight of gravity carried Maximus down back into the living realm. To those who found his body it would be riddled with holes and his helmet blown clean away from his head. For the next ten minutes he would show not a single sign of life. Kingslayer in one hand and a random double bladed axe in the other. Nothing covered his muscled chest and only woven tatters of pants covered his lower region. His eyes were still open and glazed over with the distant bottomless expression that his father carried. "Vahalla will accept you back, but only when your time has truly come.." The words followed him down.