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  1. The horizon was covered in crimson red and tawny yellow, spewing towards Elias and his allies a seemingly never-ending supply of foes to face. Wave after wave, professional soldiers and cultists hit against their line like angry waves in a storm, never giving them the time to even breathe. Individually, they were frail, unskilled barely posing a challenge. But they were coming at them in mass, and with the areal support of a mighty dragon no less. Leaving most of the ground enemies to him, Dryston and Kumo focused their attention on the dragon. But while the demon-kid had no problem getting to it and fighting it as best he could, he noticed Dryston wavering in the air, his beast growing more hesitant the farther up it flew. Soon enough, it plunged back down and out of sight, into the forest. What is he doing? Elias thought as his shield bashed against a file of cultists as he charged, while his sword slashed anyone that was standing on his right. That man better not be deserting the battle. A few moments later, it hit him. Lorial was not there either, and neither was Forest nor Azriel. My plans have gone to shit. Again. Elias had put all his eggs in one basket by hoping his non-human allies' sheer power could at least hold off the main body of the army while the rest of them could focus on more vital targets. Yet now it was only him, whatever was left from the town garrison and Richter and his crew fighting. Everybody else was out of the picture. Fuck. A mace escaped Elias' notice and bashed him on his right side and he quickly cut down the cultist wielding it. The veteran had been in hundreds of battles during his lifetime. Not all were victories, and this one didn't seem like one either. "Brace!" A man shouted from behind Elias. He immediately ducked, raising his shield, and a torrent of fire rained from above him, burning friend and foe alike to a crisp. The second the fire had waned enough, Elias sprang back up and began fighting again. He was doing a rather decent job occupying possibly hundreds of footmen at a time, but unless someone from the party had a concrete plan with which to end the battle, the paladin didn't really see a way out. He could only fight for so long.
  2. So does that mark the end of the RP?
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  5. Hidden in a bush about 30 yards away from where the small cultist congregation stood, right outside the forest, Elias was ready to spring into action. There were twenty-five cultists, and Elias' was hoping he could finish all of them off before any of them could scamper off and alert the rest. He gave a few silent hand signals, pointing at different parts of the areas where the others were hidden and then back at the cultists. He'd hoped the others would remember what the signals meant and act accordingly. A few moments later, two cultists instantly fell, an arrow penetrating each of their heads. The expert archer that traveled as a performer with the troubadours understood it, at least. Alerted, all the cultists faced their dead comrades, giving Elias the opportunity to spring from the bush and charge at them, shield raised in front of him and sword pointing forward. With a loud thud, the cultist closest to Elias was knocked to the side, stunned, and a second later, a gory and crunching noise signaled another cultists being impaled. With powerful slashes left and right, Elias cut through three more cultists, before expecting back-up from the other party members. Soon enough, all of the cultists were wiped-out. The surprise attack was successful thanks to the tips given by the troubadours, who had then agreed to help them eliminate their pursuers. "Great, that should be all of them. While the others are taking care of the dragon, we'll be able to eradicate all the cultists if we continue taking them out group by group." Barely after Elias finished speaking, an arrow whizzed by his ear and lodged itself in a tree behind him. Looking up, Elias realized a hail of arrows was released in their direction, bound to bit them in only moments. "Take cover!" he yelled, raising his shield above his person and feeling the impact of every arrow as it landed on it. The feeling was eerily similar to that of being hidden inside a house or a shed on a rainy day. When the first volley ended, Elias looked ahead and saw, in the horizon, long files of men approaching, in an organized cadence that could only be military. Among the crowd of soldiers were also robed men; the cultists. "That fuckin' Count and his fuckin' army..."Elias looked behind him, hoping Kumo, Azriel or Jacen hadn't once again run off to go on some ridiculous spiritual quest, "Lads, I've seen your power and I'm confident that we'll have a chance if you don't throw this down the shitter." The confidence he had in their fighting power was, however, short-lived. One wing, then another, then a large scaled body appeared from under the horizon, in all the glory and majesty Elias distinguished weeks earlier. Their plan has always assumed that the soldiers, cultists and the dragon would be separated, so that they could fight each threat separately. Only recently, they'd hoped the cultists were clustered in little groups. I guess it's true what they say. Assuming really did make an ass of me.
  6. Alright I'll wait for your post then :)
  7. Sorry took me a while to respond to this, yesterday I was at a wake after getting off work, up until 10pm. Barely even used my computer. So I wouldn't mind posting if everyone is ok with a cutaway to the dragon/cultist fight, since the thread has been lacking in terms of action.
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  9. "You can stay with us for a while. You're troubadours right? Maybe you can play us something. Maybe you've got something that could subdue that man over there," he pointed to Richter and chuckled, "He's gone quite mad I'm afraid." The night passed without much happening. The travelling performers revealed that their pursuers did in fact look like cultists, with the robes and the chanting and the sacrifices. They hadn't provoked them, but the cultists deemed them too suspicious and began questioning them before a few of them broke off from their convoy and ran away, led by Kieran. After a few songs and a couple of altercations with Richter, Elias decided to turn in. The next day would be the day they'd all leave either to combat the dragon or to put an end to the cultists' reign of terror.
  10. B-b-but, only two posts were made since my last one :c It's okay though I'll see what I can cook up
  11. Looking around him after a few minutes of playing dice, Ferris noticed that very little had changed. Or was it hours? He could not tell, but he quickly understood what made the soldiers here so weary while at the same time barely keeping them alive. The skewed sense of time inside the room could sap the soul out of any sane man, but it left behind just enough for him not to go insane and take his life. And that was with Ferris spending less than a day there. He looked behind him and noticed Mae-Lynn and Nicki sleeping next to each other so closely together it made Ferris question if his notion of personal space was too prudish. He quickly dismissed that thought when Nicki began feeling up Mae while whispering sweet nothings. The odd one was definitely Nicki. Ferris wondered whether he should intervene, but he came to the conclusion that watching from afar was probably better than waking two ladies up form their sleep. After all, Renin occasionally stole some glances in between his scholarly-looking past-times. Suddenly, Mae sprang up from her slumber, gasping for air. A nightmare? Ferris didn't know. All he knew was that Boyle, who had joined them a while after they'd arrived, stood still staring into nothingness for a good five minutes. His mannerisms and habits irked him. What kind of creature was he? Definitely not one Ferris could trust. There was always something off about him, running about on his own, acting like he was better than everybody. Even if the butler hadn't given them something substantial to be suspicious over, the mercenary still felt wary of him. He didn't feel like he was acting in the good of the party, as if he had some other schemes he had to attend to, and Ferris, Renin and Mae were just there to ensure his own safety in between assignments. Regardless, Ferris walked over to Mae, hoping everyone was revitalised and ready to exit the forsaken tower, "Good morning sunshine. Everything okay? I feel like it's getting a little stuffy in here," he looked at Nicki, unsure of what to say, "maybe we should go speak to Boyle and Renin and get out of here? The more we linger, the more likely we'll be stuck here forever like these poor souls."
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