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  1. I'm AFV for a bit and I come back to this. Boy, panties seem to have gotten in a bunch over here. I've been lurking on and off but this is spiralling out of control. Anyway, greetings people :)
  2. Ike

    Eneraith City: Dragon Rising

    The horizon was covered in crimson red and tawny yellow, spewing towards Elias and his allies a seemingly never-ending supply of foes to face. Wave after wave, professional soldiers and cultists hit against their line like angry waves in a storm, never giving them the time to even breathe. Individually, they were frail, unskilled barely posing a challenge. But they were coming at them in mass, and with the areal support of a mighty dragon no less. Leaving most of the ground enemies to him, Dryston and Kumo focused their attention on the dragon. But while the demon-kid had no problem getting to it and fighting it as best he could, he noticed Dryston wavering in the air, his beast growing more hesitant the farther up it flew. Soon enough, it plunged back down and out of sight, into the forest. What is he doing? Elias thought as his shield bashed against a file of cultists as he charged, while his sword slashed anyone that was standing on his right. That man better not be deserting the battle. A few moments later, it hit him. Lorial was not there either, and neither was Forest nor Azriel. My plans have gone to shit. Again. Elias had put all his eggs in one basket by hoping his non-human allies' sheer power could at least hold off the main body of the army while the rest of them could focus on more vital targets. Yet now it was only him, whatever was left from the town garrison and Richter and his crew fighting. Everybody else was out of the picture. Fuck. A mace escaped Elias' notice and bashed him on his right side and he quickly cut down the cultist wielding it. The veteran had been in hundreds of battles during his lifetime. Not all were victories, and this one didn't seem like one either. "Brace!" A man shouted from behind Elias. He immediately ducked, raising his shield, and a torrent of fire rained from above him, burning friend and foe alike to a crisp. The second the fire had waned enough, Elias sprang back up and began fighting again. He was doing a rather decent job occupying possibly hundreds of footmen at a time, but unless someone from the party had a concrete plan with which to end the battle, the paladin didn't really see a way out. He could only fight for so long.
  3. The thing is I usually enjoy Applebee's :c their fiesta lime chicken is pretty awesome. But that experience turned me off of briskets possibly forever. FOREVER. He'll get better soon! It's a phase all babies go through, and he'll be just fine :) it's only normal that you're worried since you're his mother and you care about him a great deal (understatement)
  4. Today I had the brisket sandwich at Applebee's and goodness gracious that may have been the worst sandwich I have ever had in my entire life. I'm not even exaggerating. It was probably literally the worst sandwich I've ever tasted. Good Lord.
  5. Ike

    The Learning Thread

    The silent majority indeed. But hey, at least this president is much, much less of an interventionist than Clinton and her posse, almost reminds me of the non-interventionist US in most of its pre-WWI years. So that's good news.
  6. Ike

    The Learning Thread

    True. I always forget about those guys.
  7. Ike

    Dragon Rising (OOC)

  8. Ike

    The Learning Thread

    Morale of the story; arguing with people on the internet is pointless
  9. Ike

    The Twilight Zone (OOC)

    So does that mark the end of the RP?
  10. -Springs out of lurking- I'm fairly certain Trump will not go through most of the ludicrous promises he made during his campaign. If he does then I might be denied entry to the US based on my name, which isn't cool. I want to attend at least one Conan taping before I die :c
  11. Ike

    Dragon Rising (OOC)

    Yeah I'd prefer that
  12. Ike

    Dragon Rising (OOC)

    Then how is it already my turn?
  13. Ike

    Dragon Rising (OOC)

    Wait is it only the three of us posting? :o
  14. I wouldn't indulge if I were you. I'm pretty sure you're not a racist and it's just a joke anyway.