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  1. Alexithymia

    Veluriyam Updates, Timeline, & Canon

    Thread Canonized: An Expected Awakening [private]
  2. Alexithymia

    An Expected Awakening [private]

    Summary: After falling into Taen Sleep months earlier, Emperor Titus Demetrius is awoken to the sight of his daughter, Teresa Demetrius, and the woman of his past, Rozharon Parálios. In Taen Sleep, Titus meets the physical embodiment of Taen's Loci who tells him that "she" will follow him wherever he goes. This is taken to mean that the loci of the Land of Taen will expand to the territories that Titus rules over. @myselfLOL
  3. Alexithymia

    Veluriyam Updates, Timeline, & Canon

    Thread Canonized: Oil Derricks and Steam Punks
  4. Alexithymia

    Veluriyam Updates, Timeline, & Canon

    Thread Canonized: Inquiry [closed]
  5. Alexithymia

    Veluriyam Updates, Timeline, & Canon

    Thread Canonized: Wild at Heart
  6. Lol I just wanted a headcount you guys hahaha I like all the plans you guys are making! I like seeing how idealistic everyone is. Just remember man plans, god laughs. And, in this case, I am god. So bring it on 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  7. I'm using traitorous here very loosely as a way to distinguish sides, but essentially to mean those who gained from or aided in Damien's reign of terror.
  8. @Grubbistch What if Uldwar wasn't demoted because they made a deal with Titus when he took over and told him where all the traitorous houses were? Since Uldwar was once among them it would make sense for Oscar to know who they are and where they are. Would also add to his persona as a snake lol
  9. Alexithymia


    The brain is a very weird thing. It sees exactly what it wants to see. If you meet a girl who's name is, idk, Bella, you might think that it's unique because uve never heard it before. But because you're now actively paying attention to the name, you'll start hearing or seeing it everywhere. Everytime I look at the time in the afternoon it says 4:20. But that's only because I only remember seeing 4:20, while my brain flashed over the previous numbers it has looked over because they were relatively unimportant. Now, I'm not saying the numbers mean nothing or do mean something cause I'm just some random young adult so really what do I know, but just keep in mind that sometimes what you see is only what you want to be seeing 🙂
  10. Alexithymia

    A.N.T. Phase 2: The Treaty of 597

    @Roen @Tyler Did Csl's post with Rozharon satisfy your character's questions/ disagreements concerning the humans rights proposal? So, unless anyone has a specific proposal they'd like to put forth, I think Fie's proposal for having his knight group be something of an arbiter for ANT disputes/ games will be the final proposal. I'd like to wrap this up so we can all get on with our stuff. @Fierach that's what you meant, right? I read that as arbiter but I guess it's possible you meant it more as a position of oversight. Which is vastly different, so correct me if I'm wrong lol
  11. Just as a general head count, how many people here are interested in not just over throwing Titus IC but also taking over board leadership? Lemme know if that's you!
  12. Go for it. Could be a fun way to argue against the "unfair Taen rule." Titus also executed a bunch of houses so you could point to one that got rekt and be like, they weren't bad either!! Been waiting for that plot line a while now. The whole theme of UM is to become king and/ or overthrow Titus, so whatever helps to that end lol
  13. So excited to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Been waiting foreverrrr!

  14. Yoooo my guy, I hear you're interested in joining the cult and participating in some awesome shizzz?

    1. Thotification (Zashiii)

      Thotification (Zashiii)

      His character kissed Natalya's boot! That is enough proof! 😂😭

  15. Alexithymia

    Constructing a Stronghold

    "Ma'am, we have a small problem." Artemis turned to face the speaker; a young man with shoulder length brown hair and a fierce pair of yellow eyes. If it weren't for the pointed ears denoting him as an elf, Artemis might have thought him draconian. She didn't have any official standing in Taen Empire as her position in DICE required her to be many people and no one at the same time. "What's the issue Derick?" "The materials we brought from the surrounding wild lands is proving to be too unstable to support the larger buildings," he said, shifting to put weight on his other leg. "We've tried enchanting it but..." "But what?" "The enchantments are being rejected." "What?" The DICE soldier looked up at the young elf incredulously. "The Mork'Outh enchantments are being rejected? By normal wood?" How was that even possible? The Wildlight enchantments had been tried and tested in both Ursa Madeum and Lunaris. "Sort of ma'am. It's holding up for smaller buildings but after passing a certain weight limit the wood splinters and becomes useless." That was certainly odd. Although after she mulled over the possibilities for a moment, it occurred to her that due to its nature of originating from the land of Taen, it was extremely possible that it needed to be connected to Taen for the enchantments to hold. Or, at least to reach their full potential. A while back she'd overheard Emperor Titus mention something about Taen's Loci expanding to Ursa Madeum around the time they started using enchantments. "Thank you for letting me know," Artemis said, nodding toward Derrick. "I'll alert my supervisors and pass down their decision. In the meantime, try to find mainland enchantments to support the larger buildings. I'm sure at least a few of the new comes are enchanters. Let them contribute to their new home a little." "Aye ma'am."